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 4  bipolar Weight gain,no energy,experienced seizure first time ever. Creativity gone. When wellbutrin was added to my regimen, I felt great. Body only likes taking 500mgs. Of depakote. F 50 10 years

 1  Seizures I have severe hand tremors from this drug. I am. Always writing and it is almost impossible. I can't hold a glass or anything still. Picking up a fork to eat is impossible. I also have weight gain and have been dieting. Doctor lowered dosage from 2,000'to 1500, still terrible. I MUST get off this drug. Don't take it if at all possible. M 68
1500 1X D

 4  Bipolar Occasionally weird dreams/talk in sleep, short term memory loss, major weight gain My doctor just upped my dosage from 2,250 to 2,500. Seems so high compared to what I'm seeing on here does anyone else take this much!? Reason was I told her I have hard time concentrating F 37 5 years
 4  bipolar 1 I had taken Depakote ER for about 6 years asking with lithium. Altogether atv one point I took a 1500mg of Depakote ER and I think 750 or 1000mg of lithium. I was very stable. But hand tremors were extrem. So I eventually was taken off lithium (because I thought i might be pregnant) and stayed on Depakote at the lowest dose of 750mg er... and things were good I was very happy I was not in any danger of getting into manic phases. I don't drink or use drugs in almost 8 years sober. I had a busy job that I loved which looking back I think made a HUGE difference. And had to switch my medication from the ER to the regular because of medication cost. So I took my 750mg 2x day once in the morning and 2 pills at night. I eventually lost my job and became extremely depressed so my dosage was upped. To 1000 mg one the am one in the afternoon 2 in the pm. But lately. I'm tired again my moods are extremely all over the place. I just want to sleep my life away. Im not sure if I'm over medicated or under medicated. I know pills are not magic but I've been really good about being in tune with my body. My dude affects errre different than most I used to have a b&b major sweet tooth but when i started Depakote it took that away...I was happy and sad about it. I do feel like lately I can't think I have headaches all the time and im having trouble processing things at my new job. I also am not really happy at this job. So I plan on reaching out to my Dr. And asking if I can decrease My med F 42 8 years
 3  Bipolar I - manic episode Worked great for mood issues but I have IBS and other stomach problems and it made those a million times worse. I was throwing up and constantly nauseated and had heartburn. I never have side effects other than the same kind with lithium. Onto the next drug.. F 24 3 weeks

 5  anxiety hair loss good stuff M 39 3 years
250 3X D

 4  bipolar I In the beginning my appetite increased exponentially, and therefore so did my weight. I also had slight nausea, & I had trouble finding words and had mild brain fog. But after about 2 months those side effects disappeared and now the only side effect is a pretty persistent drowsiness. It's worth it to continue this drug for a few months at least, because it does work. My moods are so much more stable, they don't fluctuate the way they used to and I'm able to experience emotions in between just the black amd white. F 25 4 months
500 mg

 3  Bi-Polar Lack of ability to concentrate / focus, Depression, Fatigue, some tremors - but most only at start M 43 3 years
2000 mg 1X D
 1  bipolar Weight gain, drowsiness, slight hair loss M 27 1 years

 1  Bipolar II rapid cycling Major hand tremors - was embarrassed to even hold objects in public my hands would shake so badly. Total loss of passion for my work as an artist. Literally my drive for life evaporated along with my usual energy and humor. Confusion, memory loss, inability to complete thoughts or sentences (I literally felt myself becoming stupid), major fatigue and lethargy, wandering thoughts - feeling like I'm in a weird trance, brittle hair that just started breaking and falling out. Didn't really gain any weight but did have acid reflux and constipation. No sex drive. I was on Lamictal and Tegretol, ended up in a psych hospital after an episode. I was taken off the Tegretol and put on Depakote. It definitely DID HELP my rapid cycling but turned me into a zombie with terrible side effects that caught up to me. So manic, depressed and crazy or a zombie with no hair?? I'm currently withdrawing from it now but was tapered off in only a week because it affected the Coumadin levels; the blood thinner I had to take after recently ending up in the ER and hospitalized for 10 days after having mini strokes due to a dissected carotid artery with NO EXPLANATION. Depakote? I had migraines every night for two months and went through 3 very decorated doctors before they found the dissection. I could have died. Could I have been that 1% or whatever that could have had a stroke because of this toxic drug that stole a year+ of my life? Withdrawal: flu like symptoms, no energy, tremors, headaches, backach F 29 1 years

 1  Seizures Weight gain, stomach aches, hairloss. Seizure free now and off meds, but still losing hair after 4.5 months without meds. I was told it would reverse! Never lost the weight. Hyper and memory issues. F 9 10 months
125mg 6X D

 1  Bipolar Sheer poison, tremors, disturbed sleep, nauseated,hair loss, no improvement. Would like to sure the bastard that prescribed it. Off medicine now, just take klonapin and receive therapy. Feeling relatively good. F 75 3 months
30 3X D

 2  headache shakey blured vision fell out of bed confussion short of breath chest pain F 58 6 months
2X D
 5  bipolar I was on depakote er for the majority of my time on the drug. Initial side effects included intense hand shaking, intense sleepiness (I should not have been operating a vehicle, I'm lucky to still be here honestly) and irritability. recently the new doc screwed up and gave me depakote delayed release. There IS a difference. In my experience it has been a good one. I have only taken it for a couple of weeks but my mood has been better than before on the er. my hands have gotten the shakiness back unfortunately. I was glad to be over that. and my chest feels funny sometimes. I talk more now and for me that's really good. I hope I don't have to rely on this medicine forever but for now, it has changed my life for the better F 23 7 months
 4  bipolar Much more pleasant mood but it's only been a week. Appetite has increased. It does make me sleepy but not to the point of interfering with daily chores/work F 34 1 weeks
250 mg 3x/

 3  suspected bipolar Nausea increased appetite weight gain, I felt calmer first few weeks but the last couple of weeks my moods are changing more often but Im having problems to do with work F 50 2 months
 1  Calm me down , help me sleep Stayed awake for 2days & nights when first started taken it. I had tremors,loss of appetite,& after 2nd week of being on depakote I started hallucinating and still am after 5months of getting off it.I do not recommend this drug for anyone. F 28 2 weeks
250mg 2xd
 2  Bipolar disorder Tons of G.I. issues my first month, regardless of my diet or intake. My memory is gone. Depakote sucked my memory out of my brain. The doc says it's ADHD...I disagree. I didn't have a memory "problem" until Depakote entered my body. No weight gain. Make sure you get your blood work done while on this med. In my situation, the con's are worse than the pro's. I took a combo of Remeron and Prozac before Depakote. My wife and I agree that the AD combo was more effective. I wanted off Prozac due to e.d. and anorgasmia. M 30 3 months
1500 MG

 5  Bipolar NOS At first, I was kind of zombie-ish for 1week. And had a lot more hunger the 1st month and gained weight. After the first month, these side effects went away. After very low level and infrequent bipolarity for most of my life, bipolar NOS with recurring depressions took over my life after being triggered by significant family traumas. I used marijuana to deal with the symptoms. Worked pretty well. But not as well as depakote. I have to say that the vast majority of my dysphoric hypomania symptoms (if not all) have disappeared from taking depakote ER (brand) 250MG 1X/ day after dinner. I really hope it continues to work. My family has noticed the significant positive change as well. I wish I tried this depakote instead of years of antidepressants (which did nothing). I did try abilify which made me extremely anxious. Depakote has really helped me. I didn't expect it and was hopeless that I would ever get better. M 47 4 months
1X D

 2  bipolar 1 disorder, migraines Extreme nausea, panic attacks, short-term memory loss, 'brain fog,' weight loss. I was prescribed valproic acid during an acute manic episode, since previous treatment with lithium had caused hypothyroidism and kidney problems; although it started to stabilise my mood, I began having panic attacks several times a week, and was frequently too nauseous to eat or would throw up whatever I ate. The gastrointestinal side effects were meant to subside after the first few weeks, but they persisted the entire time I took Depakote, and I lost almost 20 pounds (I was small to begin with, and now weigh less than 100 pounds). I was tired most of the time, had difficulty waking or staying awake, and my grades suffered due to memory problems / fatigue. Ultimately I would not recommend this drug--the detriments outweighed the benefits for me. F 20 6 months
1000 mg 1X D

 3  Simple, partial seizures Osteoporosis, low free testosterone (from high SHBG levels), mild tremor, mild weight gain (10 lbs.), elevated red blood cell indicies ((e.g. MCV), reduced platelets (although still in normal range) Total seizure control, i.e., zero seizures in 20 years, but significant side-effects from long term use. M 63 20 years
250 MG 4X D

 1  Seizures 1.short term memory loss and terrible cognitive skills........also my two children had birth defects from depakote......I hate this poisonous drug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz don't take this! F 46 10 years
 5  Epilepsy Hair loss, cold to hot ( when first started), used to make me drowsy a lot but once dosage was perfected I lost that. WORST SIDE EFFECT IS SHORT TERM MEMORY. Took during college and grades suffered. I cannot remember a persons name unless I ask them multiple times upon meeting. It totally controls my grand mal seizures though so the trade off is worth it!! M 26 10 years
1500 mg

 5  Migraines Tender breasts, some hair loss, some fatigue, but a really content and mellow feeling, which is a great side effect for me. Some minimal weight gain in the first 2 months (2 kgs), but I workout daily and eat very healthy, so it has gone down again. I slept more with the almost daily migraines and its just hair, and I still have enough, so I am definitely not complaining! The only thing is if I forget to take it, I immediately get a headache. Also, I talk a lot more in my sleep and have more vivid dreams, but my hubby calms me down, so I go right back to sleep. But my quality of life is so much better with this medication and its the only medication I take, so maybe that's why it works better on me than most people here. I'm very happy with it! F 46 4 months

 2  stress related siezures side effects are sleepy constantly, tremors throughout morning, lack of readiness, memory loss, hair loss, appitite hikes, weight loss, irratable.... BUT CONTROLLS SIEZSURES... GO FIGHURE. I HATE THIS PILL F 28 10 years

 2  migraines obvious hair loss, upset stomach took this for chronic migraines, it seemed to help but then I noticed bad upset stomach and then hair loss.. tried cutting down to 500 mg a day but then got migraines back again, discontinued it F 61 60 days
1000 1X D
 5  Bipolar 1 disorder Combined with ZYPREXA, I experienced MASSIVE weight gain and heavy sedation, sleeping 14 hours a day. Comatose, zombie-like state. But after cutting out cold-turkey on both drugs for 13 mths, lost 97lbs, and am now 118lbs. It is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT drug when combined with Abilify, or alternatively as a monotherapy. My only gripe about it now is that I have had a bit of breast enlargement & soreness; but my weight has remained steady @ 118 regardless of that fact. Also a bit of constant chest congestion - but as I am a smoker, yes you could alternatively blame the smokes! For those posters who feel they can survive on natural remedies only, well, it IS a gamble. I had a great year of 100% normality for the time I was taking nothing at all. But this bipolar thing often DOES ambush you out of the blue, which I discovered after suffering another manic episode after the cold-turkey experiment. First time I was diagnosed, it was BAD - a psychotic break nine years ago @ 39...when I was diagnosed w/this. But I give it top marks when contrasted to Zyprexa, Abilify (which has caused me an array of health problems), or Saphris, another deadly drug. After 8 years, as far as I can see, it's the best of the lot for what ails me! (Plus, unfortunately DID have yet another serious manic episode lately, & with just one increased dosage, brought me back to the realm of normality FAST; and it feels SO GOOD to be back with the world again! F 39 8 years
1,250 MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar Disorder None to date I was prescribed this shortly after my stint on Lithium. Started at 750mg and eventually moved up to 1000mg per day. Smooth sailing. Still get irritable now and then, but hey, that's life. I don't know if I would be experiencing weight gain or not, as I'm taking Topamax and it seems to be counteracting the weight gain aspect of this med. M 34 4 months
500mg 2X D
 1  biolar rapid cycler I thought this Med worked at first stopped major mania and finally slept. However I read pharmacy info. Never see hair loss or half symptoms people say on This site. Over time I noticed bruising. Excessive bleeding from like a shaving nice. Recently broke pinky toe. 6 weeks later feet and ankles of BOTH FEET SWOLLEN AND BRUISED. been in er for chest pain. Got all. Heart attack tests-deakote. I have occasional tremors. Handwriting no one can read. My almost photographic memory-gone. Just called my doctor wean me off This poison. I seem to get ant weird side effect it can cause sinus infection which I get ear infection. My main point its POISON Ans has cost me tons of ER visits . Primary care dr visits. Hair loss. Friends -GONE. FAMILY-stressed. Caused nothing but trouble F 47 9 years
1500 mg

 1  Bipolar Depakote Helped only help bring me out of manic mode and it was only temporary. Little did I know it would destroy my life forever! Symptoms, I became suicidal, Lost most of my Hair gained weight never really balanced my brain as the so-called Doctors who really did not care said it would. Over time I noticed I had very short-term memory. Always had pain in my side as well as my back kept going out! I muscle relaxes for back issues. This cost me a 15 year marriage which we were together for over 20+ years Lost my Kids as I could not take care of my self anymore more or even help my kids. I pretty much lost all will to live. I am now on natural things, which I am a lot better, but now I need answers. I have a burning sensation in my brain all the time, which I never had before I took Depakote. Did Depakote ruin my brain? This burning sensation is mentally taking a toll on me and is like a chronic brain pain. Some days I seem better and it seems more and more days it is getti My only comments Why take a Drug in the first place if I only would of known the natural ways which do work. For me-drugs have done there Damage and I need answers help and the real truth. Did Depakote stave my brain from the natural things I was lacking. Why the Burning sensation after Drugs? I will never work again or better myself as it is a struggle to hold onto my only Job. M 45 3 years
1250MG 1X D
 4  Bipolar I've been on depokote for two weeks now and while taking 500mg I stayed kind of.. Light in the head and dizzy. My doctor upped it to 1000mg and it made me very nauseated and sick so he cut me back. I have a problem with weight gain so I have gone back to being a vegitarian and am going to start hitting the gym. So far the medicine just makes me feel dull.. Hopefully I'll see more of a difference in the long run. F 22 10 days
 4  2500mg daily Tremors, weight gain, decreased sex drive When I first started taking it my doctor just prescribed 1 250mg daily. It helped some but she wasn't very aggressive in my treatment. I changed doctors and he finally got me where I needed to be. The tremors are bothersome at times. The decreased sex drive is probably a good thing because that was a major problem when I was manic. I also take Wellbutrin to help with the depression. F 47 3 years
500 5X D
 5  BiPolar I The first month I was doing 500mg/day and felt no side effects. I researched the heck out them, so I knew that weight gain was very possible. I immediately quit soda! lol I love soda. I did not lose nor gain the first month, so I think that I counteracted the weight gain. The last 2 weeks, I have been increased to 750mg per day at bedtime, and I have experienced some quickness of the digestive system. No problem, though. Makes me feel detoxified! I do not feel sleepy, rather more energetic. Sometimes mildly manic. For the increase these last 2 weeks, I have started running again (well, it is 1/2 run and 1/2 walk right now). Still, no weight gain, but I am ready with more ammunition if I see any creepers. I was on Lithium 750mg for over 2 years, from when I was first diagnosed, but my blood tests showed that my thyroid went haywire (hypo) and my kidney(s?) started struggling, so we switched me to Depakote. I was nervous because I FEAR change, but I honestly feel better! I feel like there was a fog (maybe from the Lithium) has cleared and I am happier. I went through a few different antidepressants the last 2 years because I think the Lithium had me a little smothered. When I first switched, I went through a couple of weeks where I was EXTREMELY agitated and irritable...over-sensitive and over-reacting. I think that was the withdrawal from the Lithium. I feel better now, although I will admit to some excited anxiety...another scary way to say mania. My biggest fear of all of the side effects was weight gain, but I hope to be able to control it. Most of the other side effects were the same as Lithium, so I have already been dealing with swollen hands and feet, hair loss, and tremors for over 2 years. My hair fell OUT with Lithium. I lost half my density...but I got a shorter style and did a Keratin strength treatment and my hair has not felt better in 10 years. The Depakote is better than Lithium for me, so far. Should have tried it sooner, but the weight gain scared me away. F 36 1.5 months
750MG 1X D
 5  bipolar Been on depakote before quit because of weight gain but back on it with 1500 mg of lithium 100 mg of lamictal 40 mg Valium 300 mg neurontin and 20 mg celexa....they seem to work with alot of sedation but no mood swings F 38 1 months
2000 mg

 4  Epilepsy Paranoia, waight gain, dry mouth M 36 10 years

 4  temporal lobe seizures Over the years I gained a lot of weight. I am a lot older since I began my Depakote treatment, but my hunger is so great at times it scares me, Memory loss, hand tremors and hair loss. I have been on the drug so long that I do feel that I have to push myself to get going. I do have vivid dreams and ones that do ocurr very frequently, but I don't mind most of them. I do take Lexapro and Lamictal also to help my moods and seizures. I used to have terrible temporal lobe seizures (TLE) having as many a one hundred events a day. I started to self-medicate myself but my mind just got worse. Thanks to my Dr who had enough insight, and asked the proper questions I can live a somewhat normal life. Anyone that wants to learn about TLE look it up. It is a living nightmare to experience. I got it when I had chicken pox and the virus laid inactive in my brain until I had my first seizure at 20. I didn't know what it was so I drank alot to cover up the effects. Thank God for this drug,...it has saved my life!!! M 55 21 years
2500mg 1X D
 1  bipolar disorder I was failing physically and mentally for about 3yrs. My neurologist called my symptoms "Parkinsonian" After being confined to bed my neurologist finally figured out that I had "depakote encephalopathy" It is considered very rare but as I read postings from other users I think it as also not caught often enough. Everyone experiencing mental confusion or slow down or tremors should ask their doctor about the possibility . F 58
1000 mg 2X D

 1  catamenial epilepsy Immediately experienced weight gain of 25 lbs in one month w/o changing vegetarian diet of 800 cals / day. After about nine months, yellowing and darkening of skin. Skin very fragile and experience ruptures and bleeding and bruising for no reason. This, according to manufacturer is a sign of liver toxicity which should be tested at least every six mos if dosage is greater than 250 mg.; my neuro has not done it even once. Dry mouth which according to dental experts, is a direct side effect of Depakote; has resulted in $4000 dental work to date and $3500 more to come. Dry mouth affects my ability to speak and, being in a career that requires continuous contact with the public, not being able to speak or speak clearly because my salivary glands are shot is a burden and threat to my job. Tremor when I try to write, which never happened before the Depakote. My urine is increasingly darkening...dark brown now first thing in the morning after taking my dose at 10pm each night. Severe I would NEVER recommend or suggest this poison to anyone for any condition, medical or psychiatric. F 56 26 months
750mg/day 1X D
 3  Bipolar It worked great at first along side with adderall and viibryd. Once taken off viibryd I had SERIOUS nightmares and then stopped taking for a few days once I was back on an anti depressant. We will see how it goes tonight. F 25 4 weeks
 1  bi polar 2...allegedly massive low moods, angry, irritable, spiteful. so cruel to husband I've ruined my marriage, he said it was no good, I didn't listen.sleep all day, erratic sleep at night. I was"diagnosed" after one meeting with a psych. I've never felt so bad in all my life.at my appointment tmoro I will be talking about getting off these, being re-assessed and hopefully I can rebuild my marriage and my life. F 38 6 months

 5  Epilepsy None. Have had epilepsy for about 40 years. After various medications I have gone from 140 lbs to as high as 295. I cannot blame the weight gain on medications but on diet. I have had no hair loss. When I am tired I think slower. It is not a problem when I am well rested. I also take low dose thyroid and blood pressure medicine and vitamins. In 2009 I had two bouts of pancreatitis, the first was misdiagnosed and missed. The second time they took out my gallbladder. The pancreatitis was likely caused by small gallstones blocking the pancreatic duct. The gallbladder problem was possibly caused by diet. Reading tonight that Depakote is being tested as a mood leveler on Alzheimer patients and may prevent formation of the amaloyid plaque and tangles that cause Alzheimers. I didn't find any thing definitive on the neuroprotective possibilities. Dosage clarificaition: 2 250 mg ER tabs in AM and 3 250 mg ER tabs in PM. M 56 25 years
250mg x 5 1X D
 3   It does help slow down the seizures but it has real bad side effects like hairloss, memoryloss, and weight gain I see a lot of hair in the shower and on my pillow. I don't have a very good memory. Everyone thinks I've gain a lot of weight M 30 2 days
1200 mg
 1  seizures terible memory loss.......my main reason is that it causes birth defects.. my son was born with crainosynotosis and now has cerebral palsey..he is 12. also a daughter with boutneirs deformity and autism..she is 8. please do not take if your planning to have a baby.. im now in a lawsuit with depakote… God bless.....brenda .........ps I do not have emal husband has email work. my phone is 704 283 8609.. call please if u hav had simulair experiences.. F 45 1 days
 2  Bipolar II weight gain (20 pounds in 3.5 months), increased hunger some of the time (crazy hungry pre period time), tiredness, bloating Feel more "in control" than I was on Lithium. Helps with anxiety. Would prefer to have stayed on Lithium, but had to switch due to potential kidney problems (on it 19 years). Lithium also caused weight gain and hunger. F 46 1.5 years
250 4X D
 4  bipolar 1 and borderlinepersonality mild tremor,increased appetite and mild weight gain, good quality sleep I've had very few side effects on Depakote other than initial increased appetite which seems ok now. I didnt kick in at all untill 1000mg when i started sleeping 12 hours a day and eating alot. This has now passed and i fine on it - much calmer and happier person. F 39 3 months
500 2X D

 4  epilepsy Severe mood changes, weight gain, and curve in appetite. I can't eat things I used to be able to eat. Have taken it for almost 2 months now. F 21 2 months
 3  seizure I was on it all my life n got taken off 3yrs ago.well after i lost all my teeth. From it n now doctors say that coould not cause it F 37 10 years
 3  Cyclothymia Weight gain, hair loss. After reading some of these comments, I realized that my functionality level is probably attributed to this as well. There are some days where I just don't feel like functioning at all, (I call these my dark days) and others I'm completely fine. Fortunately I am on disability so this does not affect my job. I'm going to talk to my doctor again. I went down to 750mcg, but that increased my moodiness. Maybe we'll see about tapering off altogether. F 34 3 years
1000 1X D
 2  Migraines 500mg for first 4 months - no side effects but I was still having migraines. Increased dosage to 1000mg a day and still had migraines, memory loss/slowed mental processing, tired, dizzy/faint headed and tremors (increasing every day). F 34 8 months
500mg 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Weight loss, hair loss, stop in menstruation, mood swings, short term memory loss, headaches, anger, and tremors. I was only on Depakote for a very short time before I went and saw an actual neurologist before I was switched to Keppra. I suffered horrible short term memory loss, to the point where I would forget what I was going to say in mid sentence. My period COMPLETELY stopped for those 3 months and when I would shower I would pull hand fulls of hair out. My hands would shake uncontrollably to where when I would eat I could not eat anything that required a spoon otherwise I would not be able to keep it on the spoon. I had kidney stones while on it as well and the smell of cooking food made me barf. Since I have been switched I am back to normal for the most part, still getting use to the new medication. F 18 3 months
250mg 3X D
 5  migraines hair loss, weight gain, all side effects went away after about 6 mnths started depakote for daily migraine treatment and it ended up stabilizing my mood and helping my anxiety panic and other issues i was on other meds for. i asked to stay on depakote for my mentality and do not want to go back. F 31 2 years
1000 mg 1X D

 5  Bi-Polar type II Weight Gain from 230# to 290# in first year, then gain subsided, but cannot loose it again. Almost no sex drive, nor ability to orgasm. It has greatly stabilized my mood. I no longer get wildly angry, and throw things, nor do I do crazy things like cut oddly shaped holes in the outside walls of my house, drive on city sidewalks late at night to avoid stoplights, etc. After I was on Depakote for a year or so, doc wanted me to try Lamictal. I went out of my mind titrating down from Depakote, then back up to theraputic dose of Lamictal, and finally back again. I don't want to go off Depakote again...ever. M 53 6 years
1000 MG 2X D
 2  Bipolar Disorder absolutely NO sex drive, feeling no emotions at all (zombie-like), loss of interest in the things I love, painful, denser breasts, feeling of boredom all the time, having a hard time falling asleep (smoke weed before bed to help, or else have crazy dreams), and when I wake up in the morning I can't stay awake, I just want to go back to bed...always feel tired and weak, just want to curl up in a ball and go away. At first I thought this drug leveled me out because I always had extreme bursts of hyper-ness that was out of my control, then would get very angry, then depressed...and the Depakote seemed to help. I believe now that it was just all in my head because it was the first actual drug I've ever taken (aside from birth control) and the doctor made me believe it was so great. I hate how anti-social I've become, and how I can never enjoy sex with my partner. This drug makes you feel like a zombie all the time...you think your happy and won't smile, or you will find something funny in your head, but not actually laugh at it. I am now on ritalin because im having a hard time concentrating in college and want to stick to just that. I would much rather have mood swings than feel like this...I just feel like nothing, like a plastic bag floating in the wind. PLEASE reconsider taking this drug especially if you are a young woman. I believe I was mis-diagnosed, and doctors love to brainwash you. Try to cope with it on your own with the help of friends and a well balenced diet. BELIEVE ME...your sex drive is worth SO much more than this drug, especially when your young like me and shouldn't be "like a 60 year old woman", as my partner says. Look up natural remedys...It's so much healthier for you and I am seeing the doctor tomorrow and telling him what I want...I recommend everyone do the same...YOU get to decide what you want out of life...noone else. F 20 3 months
250 MG-ER 2X D
 5  Bipolar, depression, mania mild hand tremors, mild weight gain, mild hair loss, short stomach cramps I experienced the traditional symptoms, but not to any great extent. My hands are a little shaky, but not so much that it effects daily living. I lost a little hair, but I was going bald anyhow. I gained about 15 pounds, but no one really notices. I get a belly cramp if I take it on an empty stomach, but a lot of medicines do that, so it's no big deal. This drug has worked wonders for me, though. I take Prozac for the depression end of things, and take the Depakote for the mania and agitation end of my symptoms. It works very well. The psychiatrist had me taper off Depakote, to see if I still needed it I suppose, and symptoms of paranoia and agitation returned very quickly. After restarting Depakote, the symptoms were relieved quite quickly. I'm very happy to tolerate the side effects from Depakote because it works very well for me, make me more tolerable to be around, and I credit it for saving my marriage. M 38 6 months
500 mg 3X D

 1  bi-polar From the age of my mid 20's I have been on psycotropic medications. Fist it was prolyxin. Used as a punishment drug while I was briefly hospitalized at a hospital for the criminally insane. It's a long story but after selling my blood a few times I had held up a gas station with a toy gun. That was used allegedly for my "psychotic behavior". I have had ECT(the doctor who first gave me those later committed suicide after he was found to be "playing around with his female patients), lithium, haldol, abilify and between 50 to a 100 others by now. ALL of them I have found to be poisons to a brain which was once, and I like to think still is remarkably compassionate however bitter and betrayed I know I have been by the minuscule number of psychiatrists who define what reality is suppose to be for everyone. I just got out of doing a 3 week stint in a hospital where I was told if I did not take the depokote again I would be confined to a psych ward and treated over my objection. It is another long story that will be coming out I am sure after my death from the sum total of all of these mind numbing chemicals which seek to have traumas suppressed rather than deal withe them or to just medic ate undesirables out of the social fabric by shutting them up. The economy of the world is going down the toilet hatred is no where to be seen on the DSM as the only really bizarre mental illness meanwhile nuts who become psychiatrists point to a degree as valuable as TP to "p M 63 1 years
500 3X D

 1  Bipolar 2? Tremor and clumsiness. Major Hair Loss. Been off almost 3 months and the hair is still coming out in clumps. Lost half the hair on my head. It's been a nightmare. F 40 3 months
250 mg 3X D
 5   Weight gain , no sex drive, tremors Has controlled my agression, and makes me feel under control . M 52 20 months
500 3X D
 5  depression, mood disorder EXTREME nausea at the start - then no side effects Have been through numerous anti-depressants. Their effectiveness just seems to wane and stop working after 6-8 months. I thought Depakote's nausea would kill me but after a few weeks it abated and lifted my mood so I could function very well. I'm also on 10mg Lexapro daily. I asked the Doc if we could go slow in increasing Depakote dose and we ended up just keeping it at 250 mg per day and it worked like a miracle drug for 8 months. From other posts, I expected hair loss etc, etc. Nothing, except some weight gain. In the last month, I've noticed a gradual downturn. I'm more likely to isolate, focus on negative, distract myself, get nothing done, eat/sleep not as well, not leave the house. Don't know if dosage needs to increase or it is not going to work anymore, as has happened with other meds in the past. Will see Doc today for next step. I'd urge folks to try to stay at low dosage IF it's working for you. Some Docs are too quick to up the dosage just because that's the protocol. M 60 9 months
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 4  epilepsy drowsiness, memory problems, I was prescribed Depakote after Tegretol (unfortunately) stopped working. I am always groggy and have forgotten what it is like to feel wide awake and full of energy. My friends joke with me all the time because I have a hard time remembering things. I also forget words and lose my train of thought easily. Thank you for the comments about the drug..now I know that there is a high probability that Depakote is causing these issues. I will say though-I haven't had a grand-mal seizure since I've been on the drug and so I count myself lucky. F 38 10 years
250 MG 3X D

 5  bipolar mild hair loss, mild nausea and mild tiredness I started this medication after they tried to put me on ativan. Later they found out I needed something for bipolar. The side effects are easing off after my two weeks and I feel so much better. I was having panic attacks. I felt like I was about to have two since starting the medicine but they subsided! So not only do I feel better with the depression, but I am not struggling with the panic attacks. I am sorry for the ones who are having problems, but I am happy that I am starting to feel somewhat normal again!! F 36 2 weeks
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