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 1  Acne vulgaris started on 10.11.14 faced Dy lips, Dry skin, and sever join pain in my right hip joint. Stopped taking it on 25.11.14 and went to arthopedic who said joint is infected and gave me augmentin and oxidil antibiotic IV for one week Now im on oral ciprofloxacin 500 two times for 4 week. Pain has gone but some time i feel little bit. DONT TAKE THIS MEDICINE M 35 15 days
20 mg 1X D

 4  Acne From week one until I finished the treatment: Dry chapped lips. From about 2 months on accutane and until I finished the treatment: Feeling og being tired and exhausted most of the time. Every now and then: Dry or watery or red eyes, stiffness: ancles, hips. Chest pain It cleared my acne after I had tried everything else. My skin hasn't been as soft as it is now since I was 12. But the side effects are horrible. I just finished my treatment. If the acne is gone forever or at least for 1 year or more it was worth it. F 24 132 days
60 1X D

 2  severe facial and body acne Chapped lips, dry eyes, nosebleeds. Unusual itching and peeling of skin (to the point of bleeding)inside of one ear, which I still dig at out of habit. I did also expierence neck, shoulder and backaches which I subsequently saw a chiropractor for, and did not realize it could be due to side effects, until I read this rating! My cholesterol skyrocketed during treatment. I am left with severe depression and anxiety. Seeing a therapist and phychiatrist for treatment and possible medication to help these effects. My grades in school have suffered and I no longer participate or have interest in my usual school sports. I feel very sad and seeing my reoccurance of acne hasnt helped matters. Of course my dermatologist wants me to try this medicine again at a higher dose! My mother will not allow it. Acne is back on forehead and will not go away, I was clear for 3-4 months only. Dermatologist has put me on an oral antibiotic now. Definitely not worth the side effects. F 17 5 months
40/10 2X D

 3  acne 1 days

 5  Mild acne A bit of redness, dryness, chapped lips, bachake, and peely skin. This isn't for everyone, so do your research, ESPECIALLY if you're a woman. If you take any other meds, just go look up if it reacts with the other in a negative way. It's cleared me up great, only took about a month. F 19 5 months
40 1X D

 4  Pretty bad acne on face Back is a bit sore, sometimes headaches, lots of poo (maybe it's just me that's been going on before I took this) peeling skin on my face, chapped lips (the corners of my lips are the worst at the moment) constantly sleepy (but I'm always sleepy being a teen) If you want the results you want, then you should deal with the pain. Many good things come with a cost. It may not be for everyone. Hell, I don't even know if I will get the FULL results with me being on 3 more medications. It's been only a few weeks so far, and it's actually doing well, therefore I would recommend this. F 14 1 months
forgot .-. 1X D

 1  Years of cystic acne Acne was clearing up, but my joints began to ache after one month. My doctor told me it was common but went away with every patient she treated. It got so bad she took me off. 6 months later and I have severe joint pain in my feet, knees, wrists, elbows, shooting pain and burning sensations. I have now seen an arthritis specialist who is running a battery of tests. I never had any joint related issues prior to taking it. My cysts are slowly returning and now I'm trying to figure out how to deal with all of this pain I never had. I hold out hope that maybe these horrible side effects will begin to go away, or at least doctors can help me manage my pain better than they have so far. I know this medicine has helped people, but if you begin to experience pain in your joints, you better think hard about continuing the medication and as my doctor asked me to tough it out, as I needed 6 months of treatment for it to work, I wish now I never went for help. I wanted to feel more self confident M 50 3 months
40 MG 2X D

 4  Mild Acne on Face Back pain while lying down, mild. Fatigue constantly ... Showing signs of slight depression. Sleep alot. Dry lips and skin. Burning sensation in scalp, hair isn't oily at all anymore. Dry nose. Very dry eyes, got pink eye twice and have red eyes daily. Poop normal .. Lol so far I'm fine and see improvements, these side effects are easy to live with, you just gotta have faith. F 19 2 months
40 mg

 3  acne I have been taking roaccutane for the last 2 months and my face started to clear 2 weeks into taking it.. But a few side effects I have experienced are: dry eyes, dry lips and lastly the one that's freaking me out is the pain behind my ankle it's super painful and I also have muscle pain in my thigh. Ps. This is only happening in one leg. Seeing my doctor next week so he can explain to me what the hell is going on with my ankle.. The pain just won't quit. F 27 2 months
10 mg
 5  severe acne dry skin everywhere, thinning of hair, extremely chapped lips, facial flushing. I absolutely loved taking accutane. It made me feel so much better about myself just 2 months into treatment. i recently got pregnant and my skin broke out terrible and it looks just like it does before accutane. I plan on going on a second course of accutane after i have my baby. this is truly a miracle drug. The side effects are worth it when you have clear skin in the end. The only pain about being on this drug is how expensive it is, and the fact that you need monthly drug tests. i can't wait to go on this drug again and clear my skin back up. F 20 5 months
40mg daily 1X D

 5  Acne on face, back and chest Thumb nail split right down the centre from top to bottom. Skin on my arms and legs got thin. I am 33, took the drug when I was 18. Although it completely cured my acne and made me a much happier person, I am now still suffering from side effects. The nail on my thumb still sometimes splits lengthways, although very rarely and it isn't really an issue, just looks horrid. But my main problem now is my skin on my arms and particularly my legs is so thin that I just scratch an itch and I draw blood. My legs look absolutely awful, so I tend to keep them covered. Which I suppose is better than having to cover my face and not being able to wear strappy tops etc. F 33 4 months
1X D
 5  Severe Cystic Acne Dry lips, bloody nose, extreme pain in my rib cage, severe night sweats (although that wasn't until month 4), rectal bleeding, hemroids, sweaty palms, eczema on the tops of my hands and my forearms, and slightly dry skin. It was all worth it though. I'd had acne for ten years, (since age 12) with nothing ever succeeding in clearing it up. With Accutane, my acne cleared up completely in month 2. Side effects were scary when I didn't know exactly what was happening, and they were inconvenient, but Accutane was my only hope and it changed my life for the better. F 22 4 months
 3  back acne In the first 2-4 weeks not much, dry skin, dry lips. Week 4-8 dry nose, dry eyes. I recently started getting skin rashes on the top on my hands and realized I've been subconsciously itching myself creating these rashes. Also in the last week I woke up one morning with a puffy lower eye, it looked like I got punched in the eye. After it didn't look swollen the skin around it was dry & that eye looked like it lostit youth & looked old. I suspect that I was itching & rubbing my eye in my sleep & may have been dehydrated. Now I'm dealing with my eye issue & try hard not to itch my eye or hands & arms. So far on my body I've exp no improvements taking 20mg a day currently inweek 6. I got a prescription for 40 mg a day to carry me into month 4. So 2 months 20mg+ 2 months 40mg. Everything I've read is that within 6months to 1 year your body regenerates & gets back to normal so I'm not worries about this stuff. I just have to stop itching myself! M 25 2 months
 1  Severe acne I took Accutane for 9 months when I was 14, then again at 16. When I was 17 started experiencing unexplained muscle loss, twitching, pain, aching of bones, sensitivity to light, heat intolerance... I'm 20 now and am scared I'm dying because of the muscle atrophy. I can't leave the house, especially when it's warm outside and spend most of the time in bed. Also my heart rate is over 90 unless I take a betablocker. Don't take this drug, it has ruined my life. F 20 9 months
 4  acne back and stomach pains, dry lips and peeling skin. I have a ways to go but all these side effects are worth it. the key is to keep drinking alot of water and put on chapstick alot since your lips dry out extremely fast. M 23 3 weeks
20 mg 2X D
 5  Yes This is my 2nd round. I took it over 15 years ago. horrible cystic acne from the deprovera (sp) shot. It cleared my skin. Dry lips and joint pain. However I had a baby and my acne came back but not as bad. This time- bloody nose and very dry lips..my lips are grey. Beauty know no pain. If you have tried everything and nothing has worked..give it a try. F 37 10 days
20 1X D
 3  Face Eye itching, red skin, depression Please can anybody tell how long does it take for 22 pills of this medicine to get out of my system so i can make a tattoo please reply M 18 10 days
 4  Moderate but persistent acne Dry skin, peeling lips, pain in rib cage, night sweats, eye dryness and irritation, joint pain, fatigue, muscle soreness. Results have been good for my skin. Looks good. I'm worried it is aging me but I am still on it and so I'm not sure what it will be when I'm finished. My skin cleared up in the first month and I'm on month 5 now. My doc believes I need 6 months for results to be more permanent. F 39 6 months
40 mg 2x

 4  for acne since after completing treatment i always experienced dry skin which sometimes gets worse and extreme red M 19 6 months
1 kg
 5  Severe Acne Dry cracked lips, very dry face Accutane is a God send. It cured my severe acne in 4 months after trying EVERYTHING for 3 years. F 4 months
40MG 1X D

 4  acne Bloody nose, back aches, dry skin, eyes burning, lips cracking I just use a cotton swab and dip it in vaseline or vaporub for bloody noses and also my lips it works great! Everyone tells me they see results in my face had acne since 11 and barely turning 17 and still have it and I also got dermabrasion and that also helped my skin scrapped off all the skin I didn't need!I do have alot of redness under makeup also but that should go away after my treatment. F 16 2 months
40 mg

 3  Darier's disease Dry chapped lips, nosebleeds, SEVERE depression to the point of being suicidal. Major mood swings that couldn't be solved by antidepressants. Stopped taking it and it took a month for moods to return to normal. It helped the Darier's disease but my quality of life was horrible. Never again. It works, but at what cost? F 40 30 days
30 MG 1X D

 1  medical malpractice (mild acne) DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. Ruined my life. My hair thinned, my skin thinned. Caused me to have worse breakout than i have ever had in my entire life prior to accutane. My face becomes easily red now (rosacea). Eyes are so painful in the sun, id rather just stay in. Wrinkling all over my face. Bloody stool. Dry sensitive flaking skin, dry peeling scalp, dry nose, stomach issues, thyroid problems. Severe Depression. I was perfectly normal before this ridiculous ignorant use of a drug. I would trade anything in the world to go back in time and have my acne back. My acne wasnt bad at all, my doctor was a complete idiot. I never took antibiotics or any prescribed topicals first, just straight to accutane. They (Roche) doesnt even know what it does. Everyone who ever took this drug should recieve compensation and massive studies should be done to figure out how to help everyone out. Dont take it. The absolute most horrific drug ever. I probably wont make it until im 25 because i can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore. I cant play all sports like i used to because of shoulder and back pain. I cant workout like i used to. I cant be out in the sun or i painfully burn. I cant style my hair or you can see my scalp. If my girlfriend tries to scratch my head it just showers her with dry flaky bs. Im not normal anymore. This is poison. M 21 5 months
60mg 2X D

 5  Acne My son was given this drug after he had acne for 4 years. Headache . Dry lips. Sore back and muscle ache . However nothing that he couldn't cope with . Excellent results M 17 4 months

 1  Acne Joint pain,chest pains. Bone pain, insomnia, eye lashes falling out. Stomach problems. Permanent Migraine for nearly 2 years and Tinnitus. Fit type episodes which ended up in A&E twice. Depression because my sons life has Drastically changed from being athletic to a young man sat indoors with a blindfold on because of dry sore eyes. Never had health issues until taking Isotretinoin. Check out the link of other users http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/accutane-long-term-side-effects-191307_s2.htm?ts=798961 M 16 6 weeks
 4  Server cystic acne Out of the blue my nose would just start bleeding, going into the sun would make my skin red, skin on lips would peel off an entire layer at once, scalp was very dry as was face. It cleared up my acne but it came back did one more round and it came back again. F 32 1 months
30 2X D
 5  HUGH CYST pimples Whole Face dry, ears, neck etc.,nose bleeds, joint pain knee area I can say that this medicine does the job, if you can't handle the side effects, then continue to be ashame of your looks..... It's worth it. M 46 6 months
40MG 2X D

 5  Acne, OIL, cystic acne Dry lips sometimes, soft non-oily hair, happiness, normality I am on LOW DOSE Accutane for the last few years. I'm a professional in my 30's & didn't want to deal with acne anymore. If you don't want side effects, take low dose & you will be happy. ANYONE who says Accutane causes depression (or any other ridiculous thing they blame it for) is not right & needs to get help to find out what actually did it & what's wrong. This drug is a miracle & helps millions of people. F 33 7 years
10 MG 1X D
 3  acne Was on a 30mg for 6 months, amazing results for acne, however, it was temporary. I have to go back on it. My side effects were horrible - constant nose bleeds (heavy bleeds) mood swings and I'm currently still suffering from depression. See a counselor if you wish to take this drug. F 20 6 months

 2  Acne It's my 1st month on isotretinoin.. 20 mg twice a day. .. But I haven't seen some good results. My acnes are more severe now.. And I didn't see any decrement. Do plz help me! When it will start working ! F 21 1 days
40 MG
 5  Acne I was 14 when I started taking it and I had really bad acne! In about a month I could see my face a lot better as for side effects contrary to what people say... I had none... No mood changes, nothing... My face did got a bit drier but nothing noticable and it happend just on the 6th month M 16 6 months
 5  I had a dry skin and lips F 16 1 days
 1  Acne I took roaccutane 8 yrs ago and it destroyed my health. I had the usual side effects while on it but the worst side effects came in the year after finishing treatment. I developed lower back pack which has spread to every joint in my body, i have a chronic pain in neck, shoulders and knees. I have arthritis in all my fingers. My skin is constant dry, irritable and gets red very easily. I have constant dandruff. My hair and fingernails are extremely weak. Ive suffered a lot of hairloss. About 2 years after roaccutane i developed chronic ibs. My eyes are constantly dry and extremely sensetive to light. I also have frequent pressure headaches and erectile dysfunction. There is no doubt in my mind roaccutane caused or played a major roll in all of these problems. Roaccutane is a toxic chemo drug that is not worth a clear complexion. You have no idea how your body will react to poison. I thought it worked great right after taking it, boy was i wrong. Roacuutane is one the worst things a healthy young person could put in there body. Please DO NOT take it. M 25 6 months

 5  Acne Slight headaches in the first month of treatment. Chapped lips. Dry sinuses. Hip & back pain (mild). This is my third month taking Accutane (out of eight) and it has already helped a significant amount. I was reading some of the reviews that are posted and I've come to the conclusion that I can't really base my opinions off of other peoples experiences because everyone is different and different things happen to different people while in treatment. If you have real bad acne or you aren't happy with your skin and nothing else worked.. I would definitely recommend this! F 18 3 months
40mg 1X D
 4  Acne Dry Skin/Lips/Nose Hand Rash Muscle and back pain Slight fatigue Headache Hair Thinning/loss Redness of face Dry eyes Sensitivity M 17 6 months

 5  acne Dry skin but moisturizing helped, dry lips Vaseline lip care helped this, dry eyes occasionally sore achy muscles but not unbearable the only thing bad about this is I am a little more short tempered than before but I am on my last month and would recommend to anyone it works amazingly!!!! F 24 5 months
2x daily

 5  severe acne Very dry lips and nose over all very dry Skin.full body itching dry couch ,mouth ulcers .mood swings.sore back. My 3rd time taking the medication this time side affects seem worse,but worth every minute of discomfort. As it truly is an amazing drug for acne,acne wasted so many years of mg life hidding a way or covering it up as good as i could with expensive makeup.knocked my confidence.however still not perfect but so much better and happier.so plzzzzz stick with it . F 28 5 days
40 mg 1X D
 1  Acne Accutane completely ruined my life, these are just a few of the permanent side effects i have- dry scalp, eyes, lips, sinuses and skin, pressure headaches, joint and muscle pain, severe back pain and severe depression. If you value your health stay well away from this poison. M 24 6 days

 4  severe acne My son took this for 5 months when he was 19. No apparent side effects while taking it. Had to have a blood test every month to test his liver function before doctor would give the next month's refill. Acne is now completely gone. However, he has been experiencing anger outbursts (uncontrollable)for a while now. We have just started to think that this might be related to the Accutane. He is now 22 years old so it has been a while since he took the drug. This anger thing is very worrisome and we are looking into counseling for this. So far the Accutane worked wonders. This acne thing was terrible for my son and made him very depressed - had him always looking at himself in the mirror studying the outbreaks. M 22 5 months
40 2X D
 1  folliculitis I was given accutane (amnesteem) for folliculitis that had failed to respond to all other treatments. My face was always very greasy, so the doctor felt that a low dose of accutane for a short period would cure it. Pro: Within 2 weeks my face cleared. I have been off the drug for two weeks (after a 6 week course) and no recurrence of the folliculits, but its a bit soon to tell if I'm "cured" or not. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stopped taking this drug as soon as I had the result I wanted. Con: My inner sense of well being was completely destroyed. I could not sit still without panicking. I lost the ability to be happy about anything or to sense any enjoyment or sense of well being at all. I have never in my life experienced the type of anxiety and depression that I experienced when on this drug. If I had knowledge of my experience before I took this drug, I would never have taken it at all. I want nothing to do with accutane at all. Howe I started taking the drug 11/5/12 last pill was 12/16/12. While taking the drug, I noticed that within 1-2 hours after taking it I would get very irritable, so I decided that I would take it about a 1/2 hour before bed, so that the aggression would express itself while I was sleeping. Within 2.5 - 3.5 weeks I started waking up in the middle of the night with a sense of utter despair and hopelessness. I'd tell myself it was just the drug and to shut up and go back to sleep. By 12/10, I wanted to stop taking it, but I had a Dr. appointment 12/17, so I kept taking the pills. The Doctor prescribed a different type of accutane to combat the depression.. The next morning, I woke up in a total panic at about 5:30 am. I went to the fridge and drank a lot of water and then laid back down, but the panic would not subside. For the rest of the day, I was experiencing sheer terror. I decided to skip the pill that night for fear of the side effects. By the week of Christmas, I was still having panic attacks that last for about 4-6 hours each. The panic was accompanied by a tingling and throbbing sensation in my head. Thankfully, there were parts of the day where I felt nearly like my old self again. Now on December 28, the panic attacks are much more mild and last about 1-2 hours. My fear is that they will never entirely go away. This drug has changed me and I hope and pray that the effects are not permanent. If you went though what I did, there is no WAY y M 40 41 days
40mg 3X W
 5  cystic acne. Blackheads. whiteheads Gloopy eyes, dry lips, dry elbows and knees, muscle and joint aches (minor), rib pain (minor), dryer hair (bonus) F 31 9 months

 3  To clear mild, but persistent acne Dry, disgusting skin, mood swings, bloody nose, mild hair loss and psoriasis. Not worth the side effects unless acne is severe M 17 4 months

 5  Persistent Facial Acne During the course of treatment, I experienced the usual side effects of dry skin, lips, a few nosebleeds, and some temporary headaches. I took Accutane 3 years ago as a last resort (80mg/day). I tried antibiotics, creams, etc. Nothing worked. I had bad facial acne since I was about 16 and it persisted into my early 20s. Three years later, and my face remains clear. I don't have to explain the kind of effects having acne can have on quality of life. It holds you back from so much. This drug has been a miracle to me and my only regret is not taking it earlier. F 24 5 months
80mg 1X D

 1  Mild Acne Severe hair loss, Severe tight dry crepey skin, recurrance of acne after 12 months, severe depression from physical side effects, muscle wasting in face & upper body, MADE ME UGLY. Premature aging of skin, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!Roaccutane has runied my life. 3 mnths after stopping 10 mnth tx, hair began shedding like crazy and continues 18 mnths later I have about 25% of my hair left ( was long thick and healthy before accutane), my skin has become like a kabuki mask - tight and severley dry and Ive aged about 20 years in 18 months. SUICIDAL does not even begin to describe how depressed I feel. severe dry mouth, yellowing of askin on face, eye brow & lash loss - VERY patchy and not looking like they will grow back either. ROCHE, I hope you all burn n hell for eternity. My life has been robbed from me and I had a great one before this medication F 31 10 months
60mg/40 1X D
 5  Acne Aches in my back, hands, feet, knees etc. Extremely dry lips, severe eczema all over my body, severe dandruff (with scabs from having to scrub the flakes twice daily), dry hair. Fantastic results. My skin is beautiful. Prior to accutane, I had such terrible acne on my face, neck, back and chest after two pregnancies. The cysts would never heal or would heal, then return in a couple of weeks. I tried every over the counter product and oral and topical antibiotics to no avail. It was miserable. I have beautiful, glowing skin. Even the blackheads that covered my nose are gone! I would highly recommend this medication. I am very healthy, vegan and exercise regularly. My cholesterol levels actually improved while taking accutane! F 35 10 months
30mg 3X D

 1  For acne and it worked! Changed my life forever, physically and spirtually. All I gotta say is fuck this drug and i hope nobody takes it. M 18 3 years
70 2X D
 1  Acne It caused anger problems. I got more violent and moody than ever. I never had a mood problem before taking acutane. It has been over a year and that problem has still not worn off. I would rather have felt with the acne than have anger problems for the rest of my life F 17 6 months
 5  Adult cystic acne Dry lips, dry skin I changed my skin care regime to Cetaphil face wash and cream and noticed very little dryness. My lips remained dry throughout treatment, but I used Aquaphor on them and they were fine. My skin is clear for the first time since having babies and other than minor dryness I had no side effects. Totally worth it! F 33 5 months
40 1X D

1X D

 5  To help with acne I read a woman who said the depression side is a load of crap and I want to say to her that she's full of crap actually, I am a terrifically upbeat person in living relationship with happy job and can tell you this drug mixes up your emotions in waves. I would say that if you are a sensitive character your natural worries and feelings will be enhanced and you will pass from waves of feeling worthless to feeling angry. Despite this and the incredibly sore dry lips this is the absolute cure for acne. My sister took it ten years ago and has not needed another course so far. I am into my second month and my deep dark blackheads and pores have almost disappeared entirely something I never thought possible. Thank god my nightmare is finally over. F 29 2 months

 5  Only option that worked Extreme fatigue, very chapped lips, nose bleeds, dandriff,eczema, conjunctivitis, overall dry skin, hair loss (eyebrows and eyelashes specifically). I also had some changes in vision, as well as sensitivity to sun. One of the worst side effects was that the corners of my mouth got really dry to the point where I couldn't eat without causing it to bleed. Depression was another thing, but I was also dealing with many outside factors that could have played a part in getting the depression, but I think that the accutane had some effect on it as well. However, most of the side effects were treatable and I have been able to cope with them and I think that it will be worth it to have clear skin. I have been told that my skin had cleared up, but for right now the psychological side effects of the drug have kind of made me feel like there wasn't much of a change, but as soon as the side effects wear off, I will probably be greatful that I decided to go on accutane. F 17 4 months
40 MG
 4  Face Acne, very mild back acne I have bad acne on my face and nothing else worked to clear it up. I finally decided to take Accutane. I have had zero bad side effects, but i am super healthy. I workout 6 days a week to stay active. I have not lost any weight, or had any joint pain so far. This medicine did make it worse the first month i was on it, but it seems to finally be clearing up this week. I think the depression side effect is a load of crap. I believe everyone who claims they got depressed from it probably already had a mental issue. I would also like to know about everyones diet when they were on accutane. If you treat your body like a temple it will stay healthy and repair it self. M 24 50 days
40Mg 2X D
 5  Because its the best solution I have chapped lips and dry skin but easy to fix with lotion an blistex. I do feel pain but only from my knees down. M 17 1 years
40 mg
 4  Severe acne since age 14 Mild joint pain. Dry lips and very sun sensitive skin, especially arms. Got a severe sun burn on hands that took more than a month to heal. Just stay away from Sun - hat, hat hat!!! and Sunscreen too. Just avoid any optional trips that will expose you to sun. I had a horrible burn just with the sun rays falling on my hand while travelling in a car for few hours. I have had acne problem since age 14 - tried various medications and stopped going to the dermatologist since 2002. Finally decided to do something about it in 2011. The pain of having acne was so suicidal - there was not a day/night that I was not conscious about my face. I felt so horrible and my self esteem was so low. I was terrified to meet people, go to weddings etc. I moved from US to Australia and was suggested to go to this derm in Sydney. It has been 4 months since I have been on Accutane. I still have the scarring from years of damage. But except for 1 breakout, my skin has cleared up. I have a habit of picking, so some dry spots on the face is taking time to heal. I can look myself in the mirror now, take close up pictures and no longer get scared to meet people. My dermatologist said because my condition is severe, I might have to be on the drug for another few months. But I already feel so much confident. My acne cleared up so much and with little make up, I can totally look nice. I did think I was depressed/had a lot of joint pain in the beginning. But I try to stay hydrated, active and confident and not to think about the side effects. Having Acne is more suicidal than the cure by accutane. So, I am glad that I am taking this drug. This was my last resort and I am glad it is working. For a period of 2 weeks, I had stopped the medicine, as I did not get a refill. Believe me, the chapped lips got better and my face was much smoother. I have heard that on F 37 4 months
40 2X D
 1  acne, open pores. I took isotroin 30 mg (cipla), 20 capsules [oct/2008], at the age of 20 for acne as recomended by my dermatologist. Even today [ie jan 2012] after 3 yrs, i am not the way i was before taking isotroin (in terms of energy level,concentration and many more aspects) ->side effects i suffered- lack of concentration, unresponsive muscle, often get angry, pain in gums sometimes, nose bleeds during cold, heart beats too fast some times with difficulty in breathing, poor night vision/ takes time to adjust in dark, rarely sptos are seen when i blink, skin heals in a different manner, dry eyes / red eyes, thin skin/hair, nails break easily, very very very painful acne with colourless gel around jaw with bad smell which was not earlier, bleeding while passing stools, not able to memorise easily, face,voice keeps on changing, loss of patience, sleeping rate keeps on changing, cant work for a lo it is much much better to have acne rather than living horribly due to side effects. 23 20 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Light acne I had some acne, not lots, but acne that wouldn't go away. I was prescribed this drug by doctors (outside the US) who are incented to prescribe it because there is probably a majority rate of success, and in their perspective the benefits outweighed the risk. I started getting depressed but not realizing it was from the accutane which is not as highly monitored overseas. I started trying to figure out ways to committ suicide as everything irritated me. I began to hallucinate that there was a man inside my apartment and needed to stay with friends. I began having severe memory loss where it disrupted my daily activities. For instance, I'd leave the house, forget where I was going and have to go back home but I'd realize I'd forgotten my keys and locked myself out and couldn't remember phone numbers etc. I'd forget whether I'd already taken my accutane that day so I'd have to write it on post it notes ie date and dosage. I'm sure I'd taken multiple doses on days I'd forgotten to write it down. My brain felt like Swiss cheese. I couldn't remember names of people. I eventually did commit suicide and woke up in the hospital. This is in addition to severe weight loss ie my shoe size went from an 8.5 to a 6 and I had dry chapped lips and still do to this day. I lost years of my life from this drug since even after stopping it, my memory didn't immediately return. There are still times I wonder what happened when I went out with friends or on a date- I imagine it must be like getting F 22 1 years
30 mg
 5  Horrible acne for 7 years Starting off I only had very dry lips, but after the 4th month my nose got horribly dry and my skin started to get very very dry and red almost like a rash that burned badly in areas (mostly my arms and neck.) My face got dry as well although there were no "burns." You have to suffer through the dry skin and chapped lips, but in the end, for me at least, it was well worth the clear up of my acne. I used to have it on my back, chest, face and neck. It was completely cleared up except for tiny bumps that would come up once in a great while. F 17 6 months
120 MG 1X D
 4  Hidradenitis suppurativa Dry lips/nose/eyes; slight loss of vision due to dry eyes; difficulty walking; extreme (to the max) fatigue; very bad back ache; joint ache; heartburn; loss of appetite; nausea My HS lumps are finally drying up -- i am no longer leaking blood and fluid out of my lumpy areas. Some areas are even clearing. However, the drying effect comes with a price (dry skin, nose, lips, eyes). Recommend for bad hs not curable with antibiotics or surgery F 36 3 months
120 mg 1X D
 5  Cystic Acne I suffered from severe chapped lips and sensitive skin. I have suffered from acne since I was 13, through time, it progressively got worse and I was diagnosed with cystic acne. How it was explained, the cells in my body which produced sweat was somehow mutated and produced it at 2x the normal rate. The excessive amount of sweat caused oil to often fill up my pores and cause cysts all over my body. I was told cystic acne was incurable, my dermatologist suggested Accutane. At first I was hesitant because of the immense waiver I had to sign, but I had reached my limit and willingly signed. This drug changed my life. I suffered from chap lips and sensitive skin, but after 1-2 months, it reduced the production of cysts on my body about 95%. I am not saying this cured my cystic acne, but dealing with a bad cyst 2-3 times a year, is better than dealing with a cyst 3-4 times a month. This helped my self-esteem immensely because having such a severe case of acne causes unwanted attention constantly. "Did you get punched in the face?" , "Did you try to pierce your ears?" My dermatologist mentioned side-effects such as depression, and wanted me to notify him immediately if I had any feelings of increased depression. What anxiety / depression that occurred during the period, it was caused by having the acne for so long already, and in my opinion, had nothing to do with the drug and did not increase during the treatment. I would highly recommend this drug. M 24 3 months
30mg 2X D
 5  REALLY bad acne I started taking Accutane because my acne had reached it's peak. My doctor said I'd see a difference after two months, but it worked after the first two weeks. I had severe dry lips and I was VERY sensitive to sunlight(when i was unaware of this i had gotten 2nd degree burns on my face and back.) But SUNSCREEN and LIPCHAP worked to help these side effects. Now, if you feel side effect that a normal over the counter drug will help, don't complain about it, lol. Also may I add if you know about the side effects and stress about it your head can impose those side effects and it would be all in your head, it's not necessarily the drug. F 17 6 months
30 MG 1X D

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