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 3  colonoscopy No side effects. I was given it with Fentanyl. I still wonder if they gave me the Versed though. I rememember almost all of the procedure and the pain it caused which lucky for me wasn't too bad and the doctor slowed down when I asked her to. I remember watching the screen of all what she saw and all of her comments. I was drowsy from the Fentanyl but was up and out of the office in a short time. I would be scared to take it again since it didn't seem to work for me. F 48 1 days

 5  colonscopy Mostly out for the 15 minute procedure. Awoke towards the end --- saw some of the procedure on the monitor. Dr. proclaimed everything to be normal and that he wanted to see me again in 5 years. The sedating effects of the combination of fentanyl/versed was appropriate---- and seemed less severe than similar sedation I had for some oral surgery back in February 2007. Some recollection of the beginning and end of procedure and no measured memory loss. Remember the names of the nurses who admitted me and put me under, so short term seems to be working fine. M 54 1 days

 5  colonoscopy No side effects at all went out almost immediately,woke up refreshed with no drowsiness or any feeling of having been given it.Amazing drug. M 62

 1  Colonoscopy Like many posters here, my father said he did not want to be "out" for the procedure, but they gave him versed in the drug cocktail anyway. My whole family is now angry. Two weeks later he still has short term memory issues and is very upset over this. M 62 1 times

 5  Setting a broken wrist No side effects at all After being given two shots of Demerol and not feeling any effect from those, I heard the doctor instruct the nurse to give me Versed (I don't know the specific amounts given). I don't remember a burning sensation when given the Versed and I very quickly felt any and all pain in my wrist vanish. I was able to stay awake and watch the doctor (very violently) reset my wrist. I remember watching the procedure and being entertained by it. I can only imagine how much it would have hurt if I was not given the Versed. Went to sleep when I got home an hour later and felt fine when I woke up the next day. M 23 1 times

 5  Colonoscopy none Was given in combination with Fentanyl. I went out like a light and was awakened to dress feeling only a little groggy. After I was taken home, I ate breakfast and slept 5 hours. Woke up feeling great. I've had a sigmoidoscopy without sedation and would never, never consider an unsedated colonoscopy! I can't even imagine how painful that would be considering the agony of the sigmoidoscopy. Versed and fentanyl are definitely the way to go for me! F 55

 5  colonoscopy I got sleepy, consious sedation, I was told I may remember things, pain is not a side effect of versed, but a side effect of the procedure. Blame the doctor for poor technique, not the drug. My doctor never told me I wouldn't remember, and he never said versed was a pain killer. They used fentanyl for that, but I sill had some dicomfort....but thats to be expected!! Get honest doctors and nurses, if you're not "going to sleep" with general anesthesia, you will have some pain or memory of pain. It's still safer than going completely asleep. F 40 1 times

 5  Colonoscopy I was given versed and demerol. I had said I wanted to be out as much as possible. I remember being given some versed (I think), still awake, then the doctor said to give some more (not sure which of the two), I remember the room and nurse being a little fuzzy. Next thing I know I was in the recovery room, and my husband was talking to the nurse and me. No memory of procedure. What I wanted. They had told me that would happen two days earlier when answering medical questions. I think versed and demerol worked perfectly. After-effects: upon waking up, confusion, slurred speech, poor memory (my husband said I kept asking the same question over and over), later in evening tired. Next day, some light-headedness when walking, some confusion, some memory problem, and some naseau. All in all, I am very glad for the drugs. I was scared going into procedure and at beginnnig of the sedation process that I'd be partially awake and hurt. However, fortunately for me, I am glad it worked. F 53 1 times
 5  sedation dentistry sleepiness. This medication has been used by my dentist. I have had no problems with versed other than the sleepiness for the next day or so. I rather deal with the sleepiness than the anxiety attacks for either dental hygiene or surgery. For a while, prior to sedation dentistry, I didn't go to the dentist for 3 years due to the severe anxiety attacks I experienced in the dentist's chair. F 38 1 days

 1  colonoscopy This was the worst experience of my life, and I've had two spinal fusions and a ruptured appendix. I was given demerol and versed and felt every minute of the procedure. It felt as if my colon was being scraped raw with a metal claw with shapened knives on the end. I remember saying "oh, my God" over and over again. The nurse patted my arm and told me to stay still. Medieval torture could not have been worse that this. My doctor said everything went fine and sent me home. Four hours later I started experiencing anxiety attacks which are still continuing. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain and this was light years beyond anything I have ever experienced. My first and last colonoscopy. M 59 1 days

 1  Culdoscopy (infertility procedure) After the culdoscopy I woke up with much of the skin missing from my shins. I asked the doctor what happened, and he said, "That's from when you tried to get away." Afterward I had dreams about being tortured and screaming curses. I think it's appalling that physicians will let us experience this much pain, but blow it off because they've erased our memory. I'm certain that part of us does remember, and is affected by the experience. Wasn't a form of this drug originally called "twilight sleep," promoted to "help" women through childbirth? Some help! All it did was impair maternal-infant bonding. I NEVER want to be given Versed again. F 32 1 days

 1  Umbilical Hernia Repair I went into my operation with the understanding that I would not be knocked out. The anesthesia was described as a 'twilight' sleep and I was told that I could be easily roused if necessary. I was given Versed in the pre-op holding area with no explanation of the drug or it's effects - I got the standard 'something to make you relax' line which I have since learned is a common deception. I was very confused and disappointed when I 'awoke' in the recovery area with no further memory past the Versed injection. I was irate to learn that I was supposedly 'awake' on the way to the OR and supposedly had conversations with the staff right up to the point where the actual surgery began. I would have never consented to an amnesia drug if I had known what Versed was. F 33 1 days

 5  facet & SI joint injections A very gentle descent into a light, floating/pleasant semi-consciousness, yet still able to respond to doc's commands & hear the others in attendance, albeit from "far away". Felt no pain from procedures whatsoever, even w/ the SI injection, which transverses a lot of buttocks tissue (long needle). Yet I was able to walk back to the recovery area & get dressed---altho my spouse says I laughed/talked/joked with the staff... I can't recall that , nor recall getting into the truck to go home, either. No other effects than blessed & welcome amnesia while they poked a lot of 4" - 22 gauge needles in my tender post-surgery back. (They told me about the needles, etc...I was never aware of what they were actually doing.) Great stuff! F 57 2 times

 2  Colonoscopy I remember talking to the nurse that was by my head when I asked her what she was about to give me, she said... "Oh just some versed and demeyrol..." As it went in, I didn't really remember much, everything went to black. However... I woke up in the middle of the procedure, and I felt everything going on. I could barely move my body because of how groggy I felt, but i was able to open my mouth and call out "nurse". She told me to 'just hold on, that they'd be done soon." I did NOT enjoy this experience, waking up and partially feeling violated (even though you know what is happening) was a very bad time for me.. I've got another one scheduled later this year, and have already talked to the doctor about being given something stronger, and a higher doseage so that this time I won't wake up. M 23 1 times

 1  Colonoscopy They never really explained what was supposed to happen - I learned this after the fact. What was supposed to happen didn't - I recall the whole procedure except I felt like I was in a chemical straight jacket. I was barely able to move and when I tried, they just told me to be still. I wanted to communicate, but the words would not come out. The pain was never intolerable, but there were moments where I was glad it didn't get any worse. I think they were less professional about the procedure since they thought I would not remember anything. M 50 1 days

 4  2- Colonoscopies 1st time it had little effect - I remember the complete procedure. The other drug dulled the pain enough to make it manageable but very uncomfortable for me. The 2nd time it worked as advertised. No memory of the procedure and woke up in recovery shortly after the procedure ended. Even though I retain full memory of the first procedure, Versed, in combination with the other drug did reduce my discomfort - I also had a flex-sig (only the first part of the colon) with no anesthesia and experienced far more discomfort than with the Versed combination with a full colonoscopy. The amnesia was an odd feeling, but since I expected it, and was fully aware of the effect I only found it mildly disorienting. After all three procedures, I'd say the bowel prep was the hardest part for me... For my next Colonoscopy, I fully expect to take Versed. M 44 2 times

 5  colonoscopy,gastroscopy and ht cath none that I know of I am terrified after reading other's comments---I told doctors that I do not want any pain during the procedure at all--and dont recall having any either--"woke up during procedure?"--I would have died!!! M 57 1 days

 1  colonoscopy I have had several colonoscopies, all donewithout sedation-amnesia drugs like versed without any problems. Unfortunately, after moving to another state, the gastro doc that I saw insisted that this drug be used, despite my objections, (my error for ever letting them use it)....Long story short....agitation, severe idiosyncratic reaction, felt extreme pain and difficulty breathing and despite my objections, they just kepy giving me more versed....I remember the doc joking "he won't remember a thing" ..gee, I sure do, an incomplete procedure, bumps and bruises from them trying to restrain me and a sheepish call from the doctor apologizing for such a horrible experience and they finally agreed that colonoscopy can be and is done with just pain-killer (fentanyl)andthat they basically lied to me about the need for this terrible drug............I work in a responsible health-care job; FDA: where are you?? this drug needs a black-box warning... too many people are being brutalized b This drug (4mg for a 180 lb healthy adult) almost killed me.........For colonoscopy, fentanyl only works great or get propofol from an anesthetist if you want to feel that you were "out" for the procedure..... M 53 1 days

 1  knee scope irritation, difficulty breathing, no sedation. just extreme agitaiton versed is a terrible drug.....avoid it F 1 days

 5  bunion surgery I've had other surgeries with general anesthetic and always felt groggy for days afterward. With Versed, I went "to sleep" and woke easily, never knew what happened. Within an hour of the surgery being finished, I was ready to go home. I'm sorry to hear of others having bad experiences, but mine was completely positive. F 56 1 times

 5  endoscopy 100mcg of Fentanyl and 5 mg of Versed about 2 minutes before the procedure started. I remember biting down on the plastic that the doctor feeds the tube through and then nothing until I woke up in the recovery room. I was very nervous about the procedure but now I won't be in the future. Worked very well. Not sure if the combination of fentanyl and versed is what made the experince easy or the versed. If I have to have a procedure like this in the future I will ask for fentanyl and versed. M 40 1 days

 1  Heart Catheterization Supressed breathing; low blood pressure; extreme pain; nausea after procedure; extreme agitation; recurring nightmares. Patients and medical staff need to be aware that his drug CAN and DOES have terrible side effects for SOME (but NOT all) people. After a minor procedure, I had a serious reaction to the Versed, despite the fact that I was very clear with the nurse-anesthetist that I had had a prior problem with medication administered to me once before for an "awake" procedure. Unfortunately, I did not then know the drug was Versed and the NA did NOT bother to look at my records. In addition, he was extremely patronizing, telling me, "I'm the professional here, your job is to be the patient so just relax." Had he been more educated, more compassionate or more professional, he could have helped me avoid both medical and emotional trauma. Under his care, I did have another, even worse reaction to Versed. In response to my medical crisis, the Cardiologist who performed the procedure had the gall to write into my chart that I was "paranoid" about surgery and unable to withstan F 45 1 days

 5  colonoscopy I was lying on the table hooked up to various monitors for about half an hour waiting for the procedure to start. Shortly before the start of the procedure the nurse set up the IV line in my right arm. The doctor walked in and we exchanged pleasantries. Then a "tech" prepared a needle to inject me. He injected my IV line and I immediately asked him: "What was that you injected me with?" He said: "Versed and Demerol." I said: "Okay; I was just curious." I waited for what seemed to me like about two seconds to ask another question/make some comment and then said: "Well, what's next?" To my great surprise he said that the colonoscopy was finished. I was quite pleasantly surprised; I had no memory of anything at all between my Question #1 and Question #2. My driver drove me back home after the procedure and on the way home we stopped at a restaurant and had a wonderful meal; I felt no "hangover" whatsoever. M 59 1 times
 5  Colonoscopy/Endoscopy None. I was very, very nervous about having the Endoscopy. I made the mistake of visiting this website a few days before my procedure. While being prepped for the procedures I had a panic attack. Well, it turned out to be the best experience one could have while under sedation. I do not remember a single thing. I actually do not even recall my husband helping me get dressed, drive home or arriving home. After a good 3 hour nap I felt fine and had zero side effects from this or the Fentanyl. I hope this will help others who need to have an endo and/or colonoscopy rest easy. It was a breeze. In fact, the colon prep the day before is far worse! F 35 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy I had my colonoscopy 4 days ago. Starting the night after the procedure, I have experienced waking during the night with a feeling I can only describe as "dread". I am in a state of anxiety and can't stop thinking about the procedure. I also have a large painful bruise on the inside of my right thigh that I didn't have before the colonoscopy. I had none of these episodes prior to the colonoscopy, and none at any time in my past. I lay awake for hours, and sometimes cry. I don't know why. I am normally a very sound sleeper, and sleep through thunderstorms that keep everyone else awake. I have never had this much anxiety before, despite having several surgeries in the past. I didn't know that I was given an amnesiac until I called the surgical center today and asked what medications I was given. I was told before the procedure that I would be given drugs to relieve pain, and to relax me, and that I probably wouldn't remember anything. I was not told that I would actua Today, I called and talked to the doctor about my concerns and experience and he laughed and said that everyone gets versed. He said the definition of anesthesia is pain medication and an amnesiac. I also expressed my concern that my questions about the procedure were not answered, and that the procedure was not adequately explained to me. To my horror, he said that everything was explained to me in the endoscopy room and that I was asked if I had questions and they were answered. The reason I didn't remember any of it was that the versed has a "retrograde" effect and you don't remember anything that happened in the last 5 minutes or so BEFORE they give it to you. He said that they ask your consent to do the procedure during this time and that your giving consent is considered legal because you are awake and aware while giving it. It doesn't matter that you don't remember being asked, or what your answer was. It also doesn't matter that whatever questions you asked, a F 52 1 days
 1  Pre-op for laparoscopy I had a paradoxical effect.Instead of making me calmer,it made my anxiety worse.Gave me more versed. Never should have had it in the first place.No memory of kissing my husband. Had communication been clearer in the first place I would have said, please do not take my memory away.I wanted to remember the entire pre-op routine and hear my music that my surgeon was playing for me.This is like a sci-fi movie.People should just start saying they are allergic to it and never be given this again!! WRITE TO YOUR STATE BOARD!! WE HAVE TO DO MORE THAN JUST COMPLAIN!!!!! F 41 1 days

 1  Surgical Abortion Depression, and the biggest thing is skin sensitivity. Half of the time, my skin (all over body) feels numb, the otehr half of the time, it feels as if everything touching it is sandpaper. Heat-aggrivated, chills, etc.... It's been over 30 hours since my procedure and I'm still epidermally aching. F 20 1 days
 5  colonoscopy Had my second successful colonoscopy. Was given phenergan by IV first, which made me very sleepy. Then was given 4 mg. Versed and 25 mg. Demerol. Completely knocked me out, and I have no memory whatsoever of the procedure. My first memory was of the nurses asking me to wake up and get dressed. Remember vaguely getting helped with dressing and getting into a wheelchair. At home, I drank water, then slept comfortably for a couple of hours. Woke to eat a little lunch, then back to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. The drug worked wonderfully for me. I was also thrilled to have my doctor tell me that by the time I was due for this procedure again (4 years), they would be able to do it with scans (MRI). But meanwhile, I am an avid fan of Versed. F 57 1 days

 1  ercp woke many times during the procedure, woke everytime i felt pain, vomited a few times, became very angry and if i hadn't been strapped to the table i would have ripped the tubes out of my throat and the iv's off of me, it was all a nightmare i don't recommend it at all F 24 1 days

 4  Out patient colonoscopy No side effects, other than I just don't remember the procedure itself. I do remember seeing the attending nurse facing away from me shortly after she injected my IV. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes she was facing toward me, and the clock on the wall showed forty minutes had passed. The procedure was completed. I have no memories other than talking with her before and after the colonoscopy. After about ten minutes, I was taken back to my room where I got gatorade and water to drink and one hour later went out to lunch with the friend who was there to drive me home. (The best sandwich and iced tea I ever had!) I spent the afternoon mowing my yard and slept well that night. My short-term memory is no better or worse than it was...I'm somewhat forgetful, but my wife assures me it's always been that way. From my perspective, the drug (in combination with another drug which I don't recall...maybe demerol?) worked just as the Doc and RN told me it would...no complaints from me. M 55 1 days
 1  colonoscopy woke several times during the procedure - gave me more with NO response at all - I was in great pain - never again will I have a colonoscopy without TOTAL sedation!!! F 53 1 days

 5  operation Euphoria, feeling fabulous, no discomfort I was "put out" for about 3 minutes, initially, then given a "bit" via IV, during, and again, to close down. I remember a great deal about the operation, and my conversation with the AN. While there is a warning on this drug (I have Myasthenia) this is the second time I have been given this drug, and have had positive results. F 54 2 times

 1  Colonoscopy What I do remember of the procedure is periods of discomfort. I did get the impression that the staff wasn't very concerned - probably because they expected me to recall nothing. Like other posters here I felt a weird anxiety that came and went for weeks afterwards. Never again! I do not recommend it. Readers of this site should also see http://colonoscopywarning.com/ . M 52 1 times

 5  Wide excision for Melanoma loss of memory very soon after injection until in recovery room I def. prefer over general anesthesia. I was also plesantly surprised how quickly I was alert after the procedure. No groggines that I usually experinece with general anesthesia. F 47 1 days
 5  Dermoid Cyst removal left eye None i was given the IV line in pre-op. no sedatives were given at that time. i was wheeled into the OR and given a nasal oxygen tube. my doctor said she was going to put me under then for the cyst removal really put me under then bring me out of it alittle to have me take verbal commands to blink my eye, etc as a graft had to be done where the cyst was removed from the surface of my eye and also for a little cosmetic eye lid work. then the anesthesiologist said he was going to make me sleepy. the next thing i know i'm awake in the post op room. before i woke up though i remember this feeling of having a dream that i was coughing and the doctor said stop coughing! i couldn't see her or anything around me it was like i was asleep and dreaming. when she came in to see me she said i woke up fast and i asked her if she told me to stop coughing and she said she had. she said i was coughing because i wasn't swallowing enough. i had no nausea and dressed myself got a ride to my nieces house and sl M 50 1 times

 2  Colonoscopy Combination Fentanyl/Versed for routine colonoscopy. Post-op vomiting/nausea/dizziness. Procedure late afternoon--sick into the night. Next morning I felt like someone hit me in the head with a 2x4. I remember nothing of the procedure now, although immediately post-op my husband said I said I watched the entire thing and thought it was fascinating. I don't like the idea of total memory loss and knowing that I was "awake" and talking during the procedure. Doctor called that evening to follow-up and indicated to my husband that I needed "extra" during the procedure. Would not use this method again as, obviously, I reacted poorly. I will be happy to pay whatever I need to to avoid these drugs again. Virtual colonoscopy here I come. F 51 1 times

 5  Sedative before surgery I asked for something before surgery because I was a little scared. He gave me some Versed. I asked him what it was because I was immediately relaxed and calm. I remember everything that happened after that, including speaking with the OR nurses, until they gave me the general to knock me out. I have had no side effects whatsoever and will ask for it if I have surgery again and am feeling apprehensive. F 38 1 days

 5  Endoscopy The nurse injected 5mg Versed and 100 Mcg Fentanyl. The first thing I remember was getting really lightheaded. Then the nurse told me to relax and I told her that I was waiting for meds to kick in. The nurse gave me another shot of versed and fentanyl again, same thing, then she injected another one. Then my world got upside and I woke up in the recovery room and was telling the nurse that the meds aren't working and didn't realized that I was actually in the recovery room. Versed's working like a magic. M 21 1 days

 5  dental work I was very groggy for about 2 hours after the procedure. For me this was a great way to have my dental work done. After reading some of the reviews here I was scared to death to try it but for me it was wonderful. I remember nothing of the procedure or the couple of hours afterwards but now, three hours later feel fine. I would recommend it for someone having a quick procedure with no other health problems or previous problems with anesthesia. F 46

 5  Outpatient Colonoscopy procedure None I layed there after being given the drug expecting some sort of change in conciousness but was not able to detect anything even though I remained awake throughout the procedure. I recall only a few things that took place during this time. I remember seeing the inside of my colon on the monitor. I vaquely recall moaning a few times. I recall hearing the staff tell me the procedure was over and also asking the Doctor what he found in there. I have a faint recollection of him telling me that he removed a few pollips that would be sent to the lab for analysis. That's about it. If I experienced any significant pain I have no memory of it. Overall I found the procedure very tolerable and would not be at all hesitant to do it again in the future if that should become necessary. M 59 1 days

 5  Oral Surgery Nothing bad... I didn't remember being under at all (about 1.5 hours) and Versed supposedly has some amnesic properties. However, I remembered everything prior to surgery and everything after surgery, which was ideal. A little woozy when I was coming out of it but that's to be expected. No nausea, change in mental status, shakes, etc. I came to this site the night before surgery and was a little nervous after reading the horror stories, but I have to believe that the very few people who may be predisposed to have a poor reaction are just more likely to come on a site like this and voice their strong feelings, so I really doubt that the rankings on this site are representative of the overall experiences of the general population -- a bit of "self-selection bias," if you will. I just want to let readers know that my experience with Versed was not remarkable at all, and that is exactly the point. I'm glad my oral surgeon chose Versed. M 26

 1  Research Paper on Versed I am writing a paper on the use of amnestics like Versed in medical procedures. I would greatly appreciate any help from actual users of Versed: specifically, long term effects, what the doctor told you about the drug, and copies of consent forms (block out any personal identification). I turn my paper in around the first of December 2007, so I will need information up until that point. Thank you! Email me at: melismasboreme@gmail.com I have already contacted those people on this forum that listed an email address. F 33 0 days
 5  Epidurals-preop-Discgram-colonscpy No side effects... - made the procedures quick and painless- writing this 4 hours after an epidural injections at S1-L5 just this morning.. Versad and Fentynl mixture every time.... If the proceedure hurt more the Doc would say "another one and one" or two and one (cc's)..... Sometimes only small amounts used.. Half life fast and back on feet within hours. I, too am sorry about the bad effects some people reacted with the Versad... but having no anestelogists in Op room????? This is not Clint Eastwood movies with 5th of cheap whiskey and biting on a rusty bullet... Most of time, I was coherent during the procedure, And why would you want to be 100% awake and alert while in there? Who cares if it is a temporary amnesic class benzoid.. Relax - you are having surgery, after all .... M 51 14 times

 5  setting a broken ankle in the ER Ended up on oxygen for several days after surgery due to low sats but i don't know if that was from the Versed or something else. All I know is that I don't remember anything about my ankle (which was broken in 3 places) being set in the ER...and I don't want to! Thanks Versed!! F 33 1 times

 5  colonoscopy A little nausea afterwards, but I was a bit nauseous before the procedure too, probably from the Phospho Soda I had to drink. I could hear the voices but not discern words, like a dream when you don't understand the language. I did understand when the doctor came to my side and said, "Okay, you're all finished." No pain at all, I would highly recommend this in combination with the fentanyl. F 51 1 days

 3  Oral Surgery My oral surgeon gave me Versed for a very painful tooth removal. I remember nothing but flashes of moments after receiving the IV of Versed. I was dating a new man who agreed to take me & bring me home from the procedure. One of those memory flashes after the procedure was of being forced to preform oral sex on the man who brought me home. I thought I had had some bad dream & didn't understand why I would dream such a thing. The bloody gauze from my surgery was on my nightstand & my mouth & throat hurt in ways that had nothing to do with surgery. I never went to the police with any suspicions because I couldn't prove a thing. It has bothered me constantly since the day it happened & I finally went to my oral surgeon's office to ask them what it was they gave me. Part of my delay in asking them was out of humiliation & embarassment of trying to relay to them what I did remember. I asked them if what they gave me could cause me to semi-function like I had with The drug worked as it was supposed to but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! make sure you trust who you are around after being given ANY amount of this drug at all. You are putting your health, well being & personal safety in jeopardy if you don't. It's been a yr & I still can't recall everything. PLEASE BEWARE!!! F 40 1 times

 4  Pre-op relaxation Extreme uphoria, lightheadness, sedation I have had 11 kidney stones, yeah 11. I have had versed for pre-op relaxation & it helped "take the pressure off" so much that i didn't even care where i was. I'm going in for a minor procedure today for my throat & am going to have it again by request. F 34 6 times

 5  CT assisted biopsy They gave me just enough to relax me but not enough so that I don't remember the procedure. I loved the effect, relaxing and feeling no worries for once. One hour of heaven in the last few weeks of testing hell. F 53 1 days

 1  Post SI injection I was completely catatonic when this was given to me. I was aware of time passing, my surroundings and what people were doing in the room around me but I was unable to respond to anything. It lasted for approximately two hours and was very frightening. It also left me with a 'hangover' that lasted much of the day. F 36 1 days

 4  fystula surgery extreme attack of restless leg syndrome prior to being put out. This has happened twice other than the RLS, the drug worked great M 59 2 times
 1  endoscopy procedure bad hallucinations, nausea and vomiting, no wonder they call this the date rape drug. was used for a 'twilight' sleep to break up a gall stone. It didn't work, made me sick as a dog and my throat is permanantly damaged from this. F 49 1 days
 5  Corto-Steroid Injections, Epiderals Memory Loss. "Goofiness". *EXTREME* Calm and relaxation. Extreme Weakness for length of procedure only. Very tired for lenght of procedure only. Confusion. Confusion and "Goofiness" lasted for about 2 hours. Later on in the night after one of the procedures, I had a brief, major bout of confusion, but it was actually pretty funny. **It looks like most negative comments come from colonoscopies...do these doctors not know how to use it??** **Also, one very poor rating was from an abortion patient saying she had extreme depression...I don't think the drug caused that. Think about it...** I remember watching it being put in the IV. Literally 20 seconds later, I got dizzy and slumped down. They gave me some O2 via nasal canula to help breathing. They asked to lifet my arm for the BP cuff and I could, but it was hard. The first time I had it, they had to give me more as I was not relaxed enough (I **HATE** Needles). Then I remmeber nothing but being wheeled to recovery. Oh...and ONE time, I vaguely remember groaning in pain and the nurses were saying "It's okay your tough. Your strong... Give him two more mgs" I LOVE VERSED! M 17 4 times

 1  endoscopy and colonoscopy Remembered everything - the doc snipping lab samples from my stomach and colon, the doc yelling at me to breathe, the pain of the tubes, the movement of the instruments. It was ghastly. I was in tears during the whole procedure(both)- my sinuses congested from crying so that I couldn't breathe anyway. Doc seemed unconcerned. NEVER, EVER AGAIN! F 55 1 days

 1  Hernia fix I have used versed before, had a horrible paradoxical reaction. The one poster may be right about "selection bias" - since a person with a complaint is more likely to post to a site like this. Also most people don't even know what they are getting. Therefore, I conclude that the flood of recent 5 ratings are mostly phony. M 46 1 times

 1  Dental Work Bad reaction - I could not remember I was at the dentist's office and generally freaked out. What I recall is like broken pieces of a dream - moments where I was confused and just wanted to be at home. The work was not done because of it. I will not attempt to use it again. There are other options. F 37 1 days

 5  dental extraction ran around like a nutter in the office when they let me out of the chair to leave! mood swings were strange, ranging from crying to giggling my head off. and I was an annoying passenger in the car on the ride home. 25mph was too fast. Versed was a very effective benzo used for me in a joint IV sedation during an in-office dental extraction. I am a dental phobic patient and appreciate all the efforts taken by my healthcare team not to repeat an incident that happened with me as a child. F 36 1 times

 1  Cataract surgery I have had lots of outpatient surgery and never had a reaction like the one I had to Versed. Was totally nauseous and light headed for the day of the surgery and the day after. Stayed in bed to stem the nausea. Would never have this again. F 64 1 days

 3  Vitecomy eye surgery I had versed along with a local, I felt no pain however, apparently I talked through the entire surgery and said things I should not have said. I can't remember what I said, but it left me with a very negative feeling, It is like a dream that you just can't put together in your mind but you have the general idea of the dream. A very uncomfortable feeling. I have not been able to sleep since the versed. I would say take this drug with caution. Read other peoples experiences and make your own choice. BE EDUCATED, just because the doctor or hospital says it's good doesn't mean it's good for YOU. Had I known the side effects I would not have taken it. F 47 1 days

 2  Upper Endoscopy Post operative confusion and dizziness to the point that I needed assistance to walk. Got home and was extremely groggy, began vomiting and had dry heaves for about 6 hours. Woke up the next morning with a headache that persisted through out the day. Was given Versed during a operation. F 44
 2  Colonoscopy This medication didn't work for me. I was given Versed and demerol for a colonscopy. I remember EVERYTHING and I felt EVERYTHING. The nurse gave me a second dose of Versed for a total of 7 mg. She said "It should have been enough to knock a 300 pound linebacker...I screamed in pain, told them "you are killing me", ask them to "please stop"...they didn't stop! The next day I called the hospital and talked to the same nurse who administered the drug and was told. "I felt so sorry for you during the procedure, but there was nothing more I could do for you." She could not explain why I had such a reaction or non reaction to the meds, she stated "you are one in a million that it just won't work for. I would never knowlingly take versed again. F 44 1 times

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