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 1  Colonoscopy I was given this drug against my wishes because i had a bad experience with it in past. The experience this time has been horrific / dizzy, 1 full day of non coherent sleeping, 2nd day of sleeping . Inability to perform normal tasks , suicidal thoughts and running away thoughts , hysterical 3 rd day in a fog, severe headaches, inability to concentrate and complete tasks, got lost driving a well known route, memory losses, 5th day hysterical , extremely tired, forgetful . It is a horrible drug. F 52 1 days
 1  colonoscopy and endooscopy DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! IT MADE ME HAVE A FULL BLOWN PSYCHEDELIC TRIP! was completely calm because I have done 4 procedures years before this with general anesthesia and the doctor said ill just fall asleep so I thought it would be the same as before. I waited and then the drug kicked in a little I felt weird and dreamy. The doctor said stay relaxed, then suddenly I fell into limbo ( pure blackness) and was screaming because I was scared then I was thrown through a window into infinite whiteness. I could feel my body tensing up and was in terrible anxiety filled pain. I saw a huge reflection of my self , I looked absolutely terrified and confused. I was hearing chaotic noises and my yelling for help just echoing in my head . Suddenly both my parents the doctor, nurses and some random guys faces were floating intensely fast around me floating in the whiteness screaming and making demonic unreal faces. I then fell back into blackness and kept living and dying mentally. I was so scared I thought that I did indeed die from i don't know what because I was so confused and that I was stuck lost in a chaotic never ending loop of me living my whole life really fast then dying then it happening again and again. Once I woke up I was completely clueless what truely happened and if I was just going to die again. Ever since that day I've had anxiety and the days and month following I thought I had lost my mind and was just stuck in the loop of dying again. Every time I heard someone's voice M 18 1 times
 1  back surgery x2, thyroid surgery Given to me three times in about a 10 year period. My memory will never be the same. I lost the majority of my memory prior to 15 yo. and it got worse each time I was given it. for me it was like a memory eraser and I still have a really horrible memory now. My memory was just fine prior. F 36 3 days
unknown 3X O
 1  forced to take it during minor surg Very traumatic to me experiencing significant amnesia about the entire day, nightmares and panic attacks for many months following surgery I really do not believe this drug is necessary for most patients. It does not stop or prevent pain, it only causes the patient to forget the pain experience. I truly believe it is only used to make the doctor and the medical staff have a more convenient experience, knowing they can do and say anything and the patient will not remember. F 54 1 days
unknown 1X D

 5  Pre-Surgical & for minor treatments Just a state of grogginess & being tired, knocked me out quickly and have no memory of the procedures & surgeries which I don't want to know anyways. That is the whole reason the Dr gave it me was to calm me and make me forget. I have to have major neck surgery again next month and the Dr will use Versed once again which I highly welcome and look forward to. F 49 7 times
unknown 1X D
 1  I did not consent. I'm considering suicide as I never consented to this and the hospital says its ethical to give it without consent. I'd rather be dead than be someone they can do whatever they want with me patient. M 44 1 days
 4  Sedation for colonoscopy Right after waking up- sleepy, unsteady, a bit nauseous I was scared of all the negative things I've read online about Versed, so tried to do the colonoscopy with Fentanyl alone. It was painful to the point I was gasping and screaming (it didn't feel like the Fentanyl had any effect) and finally asked for the Versed. It felt like a miracle- the next thing I knew, I woke up with the procedure already over, in a calm state without pain. It was like the Versed-free beginning was a nightmare, and I finally awoke from it. The pain level can be different for different people- not everyone will need this drug, as I know people who got through the procedure with just mild discomfort. However, it's a good idea to have the Versed as an option just in case. The after effects included some nausea, feeling unsteady/dizzy, but having slept for a couple hours afterwards made these effects diminish quickly. F 23 1 days
not sure 1X D
 1  colonoscopy/endoscopy I was awake on and off for the "horror", agitated for hours afterward, and traumatized at waking up on the table in excruciating pain and unable to communicate with Dr. I told the Dr. I didn't want versed, he sneaked it in anyway. I was awake on and off for excruciating pain that I can only compare to labor and unable to tell anyone. I was crying and moaning. I was furious when it was over and before I stormed out of recovery (before being cleared) I told the Dr. that I remember it, I am not sure what action I will take. Had another bad experience with versed in 2002 when I was having surgury for a torn cervix after childbirth. I woke up on the table hanging upside down naked, freezing cold and in so much pain. I said "I am awake, I don't want to be awake" and next thing I knew I was out again. When I told them I remembered being awake they wrote it off saying I was in and out and that was normal. Nothing normal about what I went though. Wondering if this drug is the cause of the severe anxiety disorder I have developed. Will never take it again! F 41 1 days
1X D
 1  sedation for dental treatment agitation, aggression(hitting, kicking, biting), attempt to leave treatment area, unable to talk, crying, screaming, thrashing about, vomiting, headache My 5yo son was given Versed in combination with Demerol as a sedative in order to have some cavities treated at the dentist's office. Approx. 15 mins after receiving meds he was laid back in chair and given nitrous, at which point he started to become agitated, and ripped off the mask and refused to keep it on. Hitting, kicking, screaming, tried to get up from chair several times (though unable to actually keep his balance or walk). Very aggressive. On the way home I had to stop the car several times to strap him back into this car seat, and if it weren't for the child proof locks he would have opened the door and exited the car while it was moving! I was not fully informed of these possible side effects, as well as others (such as long term memory loss), and if I had known I never would have subjected my son to this. M 5 1 days
13 mg 1X D
 5  Cataract surgery Was given injection into IV during cataract surgery. Had no memory loss. In fact didn't think it did anything. Was alert and conscious during procedure and in recovery. Dr said it works differently on each system. Had no problems at all. F 66 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy VERSED was administered to me before a colonoscopy. “Just something to relax you,” they said. When the procedure was over, I learned the name of it and realized that it had put me in a state where the doctor could talk to me and get my cooperation, yet, when I came to, I didn't remember the pain or the fact that my mind had been manipulated. In the recovery room, everything was “spinning.” Several times, the nurse asked how I was feeling. Each time, I asked for something to counteract the nausea. Each time, she said, “We’ll just wait a little while and see how you feel.” I finally told my husband to get me out of there. The ride home should have taken 45 minutes; it took 3 hours because I couldn’t stand the movement of the car. That was back in 2009, and I am still feeling the effects of the VERSED--not nausea, but loss of memory. I am a writer, and I find that simple words and phrases that I had always used are “lost” to me at times. There have been other little incidents, too, but nothing as drastic as Alzheimer's - yet. They “say” that memory loss caused by these drugs is only temporary, but do they ever check to really find out? Is it possible that many elderly people who have medical procedures with the use of VERSED become victims of Alzheimer’s? I expect to see a class action suit against the manufacturer of VERSED and doctors who use it without warnings. F
1X D

 2  For a Colonoscopy I had had Versed many times before for endoscopies and pre-surgical sedation. My own father, an anesthesiologist, even gave it to me once before surgery while his partner was readying the OR. I never had a problem with it, and found it to work well as light sedation. I could speak if necessary during a colonoscopy, but was really mostly out of it. THEN, about 15 years ago, during a routine endoscopy, the anesthesiologist began slowly administering the drug, while I remained conscious, and very calm...the drug was working. Unfortunately, my O2 sats began to drop like crazy. The GI Doc and the Anesthesiologist went berserk and started screaming at each other. LOL The nurse found the syringe of Flumazenil, the antagonist to Versed, and injected it into my IV before I passed out from hypoxia. Now I have LOTS of Ativan and Dilaudid and Phenergan for light sedation, (which actually turns out to be much heavier sedation), and Ativan for pre-op sedation. I will only use ONE particular anesthesiologist...they LOVE being requested by the way...and he knows all about my drug allergies, etc. I had a VERY atypical reaction to this drug. It has been used very safely for years. If you have any kind of bad reaction when receiving Versed, just tell the hospital you are allergic to it and broke out in hives at your IV site the last time you had Versed. They will NEVER give it to you again as they would be liable for a lawsuit. Just make sure you write Versed as a drug allergy whenever you go to ANY physician, and list hives as the reaction. F
1X D

 5  Sedation for lumbar epidural None I was very nervous about receiving Versed after reading about people's experiences here and other places online. However, I had a perfect experience with it. I received the dose after lying on the table. I remember the anesthesiologist talking to me about my name, heard my doctor ask for lidocaine (I think!) and the next thing I knew I was dressed and back in recovery where I was monitored for a bit. After someone drove me home I slept for maybe an hour and that was it! No ill side effects whatsoever!! I can understand why folks who are prone to anxiety might be nervous about "losing" 15 or so minutes (at least that's how long my procedure was) but for me, it was no big deal. I only regret that I didn't ask if I talked through the procedure! F 39 1 days
1X D
 1  pre surgery I had what I presume to be a paradoxical reaction. I do not relax but get very anxious and cannot control my body movements which after surgery is a very painful situation. I have been given Versed twice pre surgery. The first time no one had any idea I would have this terrible reaction but the second time I met with my anesthesiologist and told him specifically not to give me Versed and I explained why. He gave it to me anyway and when I filed a complaint with the state medical board it took them a year to determine the doctor had done nothing wrong. I have suffered ever since with concentration and memory issues. My husband has noticed a marked difference in my ability to find words during the course of normal conversation. I wish the legal community would put together a class action law suit because I know I have been permanently damaged from this drug. 63
1X D
 1  Given pre-surgery I never made it to surgery. Immediately began dry heaving violently. Felt like something exploded in my head. I could not go into surgery, because the dry-heaving continued for hours. I did however receive bills from the hospital, the doctor, and the anesthesiologist. I had told all of them and the nurse that I react violently to the amnesia drugs. They did not tell me what they were going to give me. I got the usual "something to relax you". NOT! Not only did have the opposite of relaxation, but I was unable to go to sleep until after 4am the next morning, and then I woke up after about 2 hours from a nightmare. I was never prone to nightmares. The disrupted sleep continued for weeks gradually letting me sleep a bit longer each night, but having multiple nightmares every night. It has been more than a year now, and I am still having nightmares more frequently than ever before. In addition, I have developed what feels like mild altzheimers. I have difficulty focusing They told me the amnesia drugs help me to not remember the surgical procedure so I don't get traumatized. I have had about 19 surgical procedures no counting colonoscopies dating back into the 50s. I have never been afraid of surgery or needles, and have elected to have local anesthesia whenever possible, so I don't traumatize that easily. However, I still need the surgery I never got, but I am terrified to have it, because the medical professionals do not take you seriously, even when they interview you 4-6 times before the surgery and you tell them every time that YES you have had problems previously, and please don't give me the new amnesia drugs. I did not know what they were giving me until a nurse sneaked into my room after, while I continued to dry-heave and wrote it on a business card. The doctor and anesthesiologist never came in to check on me. I was discharged and billed. And I am still suffering from the after effects. F 62
1X D
 1  knee scope Anxiety suicide afterward M 44 1 days
 1  Eyelid surgery Surgeon, Nurse RNCA, and I agreed to no anesthesia during pre-OP. The surgery I had was no more painful than getting a tooth filled. Conscious sedation and lidocane was enough pain control, Once they strap you down and sedate you - they give you the anesthesia they promised not to, but only after half the surgery is over. That's right, I was conscious , like I wanted thru half the surgery! Two months later experienced severe headaches, loss of concentration, inability to focus, Impulsive rage, depression , suicidal thoughts and a loss of self-control. This lasted about 3 weeks as the drug absorbed in to the tissues during the surgery got released. I think the hot summer weather triggered this. I hope it does not come back and that all of this bad drug has left my body. This is a real scam because I got an anesthesia I did not want, did not need, and there were no complications requiring it. The only motivation for slipping it into my IV line was to be able to charge a This drug should be banned because of it's long term effects. M 59 1 days
2 mg 1X O
 1   Weeks of emotional distress, memory loss and anger issues. Fear of any future exposure to Versed. Refused Versed prior to recent outpatient surgery and had no problems at all. The anesthesiologist acted like a little child deprived of his favorite toy. M 68 1 times
7 MG + 1X D

 1  pre-op only I didn't consent to it. I mostly notice I forget what day of the week it is and have to think for quite a while or count the number of bananas I have left on my desk. M 43 1 days
 4  neurological My mother is having seizures they can't control with meds, so they only can control them with versed. We dont know the side effects yet but praying and praying her seziures stop. She is still sedated and on a breathing machine . F 57 10 days
 2  Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Apparently I screamed for 20 minutes during my endoscopy after receiving Versed for twilight sleep sedation. I agreed to twilight sedation and Versed was given for my endoscopy/colonoscopy 2 days ago. I do not remember any of the procedure which is a blessing. However when mentioning my excruciating sore throat today to my son, who was with me, he said I screamed for 20 mins during the endoscopy - everyone in the surg center including people in the waiting room could hear me. The GI doc said I had a "rare reaction" to the med. I am sure I must have been in pain and very aware, i.e., fighting the scope which probably made this sore neck/throat issue worse. I did not remember any of this being discussed with me post-procedure but will be addressing this issue at my follow up appointment. My GI doc knew I had to receive extra meds during my procedures several years ago but this was a different doc. He told my son I must have future colonoscopies/endoscopies done at the hospital where more meds are available when problems arise. He called it a paradoxical reaction to the Versed. I will make sure I am never given Versed again. F 49 1 days
unknown 1X O
 3  colonoscopy None Since ask-a-patient was a great source of information for me before my colonoscopy, I want to post about my experience. Based on what I read about potential side effects of Versed, I decided to try the colonoscopy without medication. The procedure went just fine and, for me, it was mildly uncomfortable, but not anything I would even call painful. The Doctor was great and talked to me, before the procedure, about the meds and what meds they would use if I decided I needed them in the middle of it. We agreed that it was most important to finish the procedure and not have to go through all the prep again. After discussing it, I left it up to the doctor to choose what meds to administer, if I decided I needed them, in order to minimize side effects. The Doc explained that there might be a higher risk of side effects (such as nausea) in using Fentanyl alone, rather than paired up with Versed, because it might require a higher dose of the narcotic. I think it was great that the Doctor spent the time to talk with me to understand my concerns about the meds beforehand and to come to an agreement that completing the procedure was the most important thing. M 49 1 days

 1  endoscopy No one described to me that I would have amnesia after the IV sedation for an endoscopy. It is 12 days since this procedure and I cannot sleep or eat properly and have almost passed out on several occasions, I also feel tearful and extremely agitated/ A Warning to everyone please do not agree to be sedated by this drug I feel my cognitive state has suffered . Apparently I gagged during the procedure and was almost sick begging them to take the endoscopy tube out. At first I had no recollection of the endoscopy but now I feel frightened of the vague flashbacks that I am experiencing, F 51 1 days
 1  colonoscopy Have drug allergies & atypical responses to drugs. Had versed for c.scope 4 yrs ago & strong mood swings for 2 wks afterwards causing problems at work. Because some precancerous growths found (am breast cancer survivor) had c.scopy again 1 yr later. Did research & discovered that versed could cause mood issues. Told pre-admission interview nurse, anesthetist, nurse & doc at 2nd scopy I didn't want versed & why. Wrote on anesthesia form NO VERSID OR AMNESIACS. Because I mispelled it? still gave it to me--had detailed post-op talk with doc which my husband witnessed that I have no memory of or of anything for hrs afterwards. Had worse mood swings that took month to get over. Started doing more research for c.scopy scheduled tomorrow & discovered long-term side-effects can be depression & continued memory problems. Have been experiencing those for the past 3 yrs (even therapy/anti-depressants (which didn't help) attributing depression to things that prior to this would not have been problem.) Also, had not had memory issues until then. Now, inability to recall events & conversations (which may have some effect on depression although doesn't account for severity). I feel like my brain has been permanently chemically altered. Decided I will not have this c.scopy because quality of life issue here & obviously cannot just make concerns known verbally/in writing & have them respected by this medical facility, their anesthesia staff, or doc who F 66 1 days
 4  Colonoscopy I went this morning for my Colonoscopy. They gave me Versed 8 mg and Demerol 50 mg in my IV, but during the procedure I felt pain and said it hurts, it hurts! My body stiffened up cause they told me to relax and I said I couldn't. So next they gave me Fentanyl 75 mcg and I went to sleep I guess, don't remember the rest. I was so thankful I got that after feeling all that pain! Oh and it was my 1st Colonoscopy to get! F 51
8 mg 1X D
 4  3 different procedures I believe that this website, along with websites like versed busters, are really, really bad for people with anxiety disorders, like myself. The experiences posted on these sites do NOT represent the vast majority of patient experiences with Versed. If this medication has been recommended for you, please do not be scared. It is used ALL the time, and the vast majority of people have positive experiences. I have have had a versed/fentanyl combo three times: 1) Epidural blood patch: I received a small dose, and was awake, but quite "loopy" and disinhibited. I still felt things that were happening to me, but I didn't care. I had no amnesia with this dose (I believe 2mg versed and 50mcg fentanyl). My memories were somewhat dream-like, though. 2) Colonoscopy: Heavier dose, but not sure what that dose was. Don't remember anything about it, except "waking up" near the end of the procedure. Mild abdominal discomfort, but no distress. Happy/warm/sleepy mood after waking. Did not feel like I had been traumatized or in pain at all. No crazy behavior. Sleepiness for the rest of the day. 3) Wisdom tooth extraction: I asked for a "light" dose, much to the consternation of my oral surgeon. He went a little heavier than what I wanted, but it was ok. I remember bits and pieces of the procedure, but not all of it. Minimal pain during elevation of lower tooth. No pain at all during bone removal and suturing. Again, I was relaxed, and just did NOT care that some F 31 1 days
Not sure
 1  colonoscopy I was awake the entire procedure experiencing discomfort the whole time. I remember watching the monitor and the staff telling me the scope was going around the bend and to take a deep breath while they pressed on my abdomen. This drug did nothing for me. I did not sleep at all and was awake throughout the procedure. I called the doctor's office afterwards to let them know and the nurse said that she had heard that before and next time I should let the doctor know that it did not work for me. F 67
1X D

 2  Colonoscopy F 50
Don't know 1X D

 5  Colonoscopy Very slight nausea as it wore off. No other negative effects. I was apprehensive about Versed since I did some homework prior to having the colonoscopy and read horror stories about it. However, when it was administered I was relaxed within minutes. I was not completely unconscious, it was more of a half sleep and I recall seeing the monitor during the procedure. I asked the nurse at one point if they removed any polyps and I can recall her answer. The clinic I went to is top rated in my area for patient satisfaction. The doctors and nurses were very caring and treated patients respectfully. The nurse informed the friend that drove me home about proper aftercare. I came home and slept for a few hours. When I woke up, I felt very slightly nauseous but that was short lived. I'd allow this drug to be administered again. M 58 1 days
Uncertain 1X D

 1  chest tube insertion extreme anxiety, agitation, aggressive and violent thoughts, crying for no reason. I will NEVER take this again. I seriously might be risking my life if I do. Towards the end of my procedure, when my eyes were closed, I saw stark white and then all yellow and my mind was racing like it was doing continuous somersaults. I was in so much terror that I would have wanted to kill myself if it lasted any longer - it was THAT BAD. I asked the doctors what they gave me. They said it was Verced and I pleaded with them while yelling and crying to give me something to counteract it. They told me to relax, that I was having a panic attack. I asked if this happened to some people and they said "yes". I was thinking why in the world do you give this to people then? I felt like getting up and knocking over all of the medical equipment and I'm not a violent person at all. It took all had had to control myself. I was soon whisked up to my hospital room crying for no reason the whole time. For the next few hours, I was so afraid I was going to say or do something bad. I felt like I didn't have control of my thoughts or actions which was so scary. I was convinced I had some brain damage. At some point, I did say I was going to break my 3rd floor hospital room window and jump out. Because of that statement, I had to have a hospital 'sitter' by my side for 24 hours. The nurses were all so shocked because I was such a calm laid-back person before the procedure. All of these side effects wore off within a few hours but it was the most terrifying experience of my life F 49 1 days
not sure 1X D

 2  Dental surgery Woke up during procedure. Afterwards very agitated, confused, depressed, crying, bewildered, anxious, dizzy. Thought Versed would be the answer to my dental phobia but now scared to ever try it again. I was relatively calm before I went in and was looking forward to feeling sleepy and relaxed as promised but I woke up during the procedure. The rest is hazy but when I came round I was very agitated and upset and told them I had remembered parts of the procedure. They said I hadn't. I continued to be very distressed in the recovery room, asking the nurse why it hadn't worked but she said I maybe had been extra anxious before(which I wasn't). I cried uncontrollably for the rest of the day, and was just so traumatised by the whole experience. I thought I was going out of my mind, I kept replaying the fragments of my memories over and over. As the day wore on, the amnesia kicked in and I could remember less and less, but this made me more and more anxious as I tried to make sense of everything. The following day I was still in a state of trauma, over anxious and unable to move on and also had severe dizziness. Thinking back, the waking up part doesn't bother me as much as I had several numbing injections so didn't feel real pain, but the effects on my brain and personality have been truly scary. F 41 1 days
5mg 1X D

 1  colonoscopy Severe panic attack the following day. Happened while driving. Stopped twice in severe distress not wanting to have an accident. Heart racing, shaking, light headed, sounds seemed muffled and strange. Very scary. Had never experienced this before When I called the office where the colonoscopy was performed, I was told these symptoms were not related to the drug. On further research on the internet I find that is NOT true. F 63
1.5 mg 1X O
 1  colonoscopy I'm a physician and I have recommended "sedation" for colonoscopies and was not apprehensive when I was coerced *in a nice way by my nurses) to get one myself. The "sedation" was what most patients receive..Versed 4mg plus some fentanyl...this was a total nightmare! I was not relaxed or sedated at all..it was a drug combo that rendered me unable to communicate and tell the doc that the pain was intolerable...I was thrashing around so badly that the colonoscopy could not be done..........they told me thta: "you did great"........what a joke, I was soaked with sweat and experienced the worst pain of my life...the Versed made it hard for me to communicate......I will NEVER recommend that ANY patient underdo colonoscopy or any other procedure with "conscious sedation"..Versed is a terrible drug and it appears that many docs exploit it's "amnesia" properties to treat patients in a rough and abusive manner...they hope that the "patient refuse this drug F 44 1 days
4 1X D

 5  Dialysis catheter exchange I always use this with the 50Fentanly n I enjoy the way I feel I smk soo much weed so I'm always loosing my memory n I take NORCO so this is not enough I always ask for more shit y not? F 24 1 days

 1  colonoscopy Not a sedation drug at all; it forces you to lie awake, in pain, an unable to communicate I'm high-risk for colon cancer and require frequent colonoscopies..but after the way tha I was abused (yes, abused, the endo staff laughed as I writhed in pain begging for tem to stop the procedure..but the Versed/midazolam prevented me from resisting)..this is a nightmare drug..and it's commonly used..I'll NEVER get another colonoscopy or any procedure that required sedation of ANY kind due to my horrible Versed experience. Wake up: this site has hundreds of horrific Versed experiences.... F 33 1 days
5 1X D

 5  Pre-op for multiple ortho surgeries Short-term memory loss for a few weeks. Slight tremor in my right hand long-term. I would recommend this to anyone - it sure helped me relax pre-op, and I have absolutely no memory of the procedures. M 53 1 days
50 1X D

 1  Surgery no memory. but that's what it's for. I asked what they were putting in the I.V. Response was "Versed". I wasn't informed what it was or what it did. Not a good experience. I will never trust a doctor again, and I will refuse all "health care" in the future. M 53
1X D

 5  several medical procedures i've had 6 sinus surgeries, 3 wrist surgeries, appendectomy, 2 EGDs, wisdom teeth, and a few other surgeries and versed has been used every time. no side effects! totally relaxed me and it calms me to where i get confused and slurred speech and i actually start talking a lot until general anesthesia licks in. great drug! F 21 1 days
not sure
 1  Sedation for cardiac catheterizatio Impaired memory since administration, now 2 years Never again M 56 1 days
1mg 1X D

 1  Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy Felt awful pain but could not move or see anything. Worst experience ever. F 37 1 days
1X O

 5  various medical procedeures Over the years I have been given versed for 3 colonoscopys, 1 facial surgery, lung surgery and most recently a broncoscopy. Never had a bad experience. Always woke feeling very comfortable with no memory of procedure, except for the facial surgery. I became aware of what was happening during the surgery and had a conversation with doctor. When he finally realized that I was truly aware he inquired about the pain level, which was zero, and then increased the versed dosage. I will always be thankful for being given versed. M 65
1X D

 1  colonoscopy, endoscopy woke up during procedure in extreme pain. Completely aware of entire endoscopy procedure but could not speak or motion for help. I was told after the procedure that I was screaming and tried to grab the doctors arm to pull out the scope. I have memories of pain. I was awake and afraid during the endoscopy. I could feel every part of the procedure but could not express myself. I was told that I wouldn't remember any of it. Later I was shaky and had trouble with flash backs and insomnia for 2 weeks. I will be having a bone marrow biopsy soon and am very afraid of experiencing pain again without the benefit of letting the medical staff know that I am in pain. Not sure how to proceed as the medical community thinks comments like mine are ridiculous. F 48
1X D
 1  colonoscopy I'm an advance-practice nurse who has always told patients that Versed is safe and effective. I no longer do so; in fact I would not recommend this drug at all. My first colonoscopy with 4mg Versed/100mcg fentanyl was a nightmare; the Versed caused extreme agitation, panic,shaking even before the colonoscopy was started. The test was not even started because I was so terrified. Read: TERRIFIED. I have seen every surgical procedure and had confidence in my endo team (I work with them daily), but after receiving Versed and being told that: "you are doing fine..while I was terrified, shaking, my BP thru the roof etc", I do not trust and form of sedation withthis amnestic drug. And weeks later,I can't remember my kid's birthdays etc. Want a terrible experience during a colonoscopy? Want to be terrified, unable to move or communicate (a chemical straightjacket?). Sign the routine sedation consent form and they will give you Versed and laugh at your distress. F 45 1 days
4mg 1X D

 1  coloniscopy anesthetic?if so this h Seems that a mild trembleing has been happening upon awakening,and at times of stress,sleepiness. M 59 1 days

 1  pre-op surgery Severe shivering, disturbing memory fragments, fear, anxiety lasting weeks, brachycardia I am ENRAGED at the common misuse of this drug! I asked the anesthesiologist to hold off on all drugs until they inserted a urinary catheter. She agreed to wait, as she was standing behind me by my IV line. She obvously administered this drug while lying to my face because I began to get sleepy immediately. My memory is fragmented up to the point where I turned my head to the side and gave up trying to protest the fact that I shouldn't have been sleepy yet. After I awoke in Recovery, I had severe trembling that quickly diminished but kept coming back periodically for 2 weeks. Crying (I believe as a side effect of Versed) in recovery because they could'nt "find" my husband in the waiting room even though he was there anxious to hear how the surgery had gone for the 7 hour duration. F 28 1 days
? 1X O
 5  Colonoscopy No side effects. I had a colonoscopy this morning and had absolutely no problem with Versed. It did exactly what it was meant to do, I'm sure I had some demerol with it. I slept through the procedure and I do not remember anything about it. I woke up in the recovery room 30 minutes later, got dressed and came home. Slept a couple of hours, ate lunch, and slept a couple more hours just because I wanted to. There are parts of the experience I don't really remember exactly, like getting dressed and getting in the car. I have had Versed for four colonoscopies and each experience has been the same. It gets my vote! I'm just pleased that it's all over now. I'll miss that brief little euphoric feeling! F 65 1 days
unknown 1X D
 1  scope for stomach ulcers I did not I was fine just before I was given the the drug through an IV, but when I woke up in my hospital bed I was shaking so bad that the bed was shaking too. I was unable to walk unassisted for months, I used walls to get from one room to another. I shook so bad that children would ask their parents "What was wrong with that lady?" I scared them. I was with my mother who was in her sixties and I was in my forties at a plant sale. I purchased several plants and was picking them up to put hem in the car when a bunch of older women came running to help me. No one assisted my sixty something mother, just me because of my whole body shaking. I couldn't even write because I did not have control of my hands. Even today the limbs on my right side have tremors that are very visible. I shake so much that it is very painful because it never stops and my muscles cannot relax. It is now more than fifteen years later and I'm still in pain. I am scared to death of taking any sort of medication. A Never, ever tke this drug. F 45 1 times
Never told 1X D

 1  Hysterectomy In September 2007, I refused surgery and did not sign surgical consent due to the wrong surgery being listed on consent. I asked to speak with my doctor and my nurse said she would get him. As soon as she left my pod area, a CRNA came over to me and said he was going to give me something to relax me. I told him that I didn't want to be given any medication since I had not signed the surgical consent and since I was waiting to speak with my doctor. As I was protesting being given the medication (Versed), the CRNA injected my IV. That was my last waking memory. When I woke up two hours later, I was told by a nurse I didn't recognize that a total hysterectomy had been performed on me. All of my healthy sex organs were taken without my consent! I was 'castrated'. Versed was not a part of my pre-anesthesia plan. My doctor ordered Versed when he arrived at the hospital. (I can guess why...). He noted in my record that he ordered it for 'anxiety'. However, my nurse noted in my record that my mood was 'calm'. I believe it's crystal clear why I was given Versed. I am disabled now due to the many consequences of Versed and surgery I did not consent to. see my site at www.hysterectomyconsequences.com F 51

 1  pre surgery rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, fear and terrible gross motor clumsiness prior to and after "amnesia" period I am so sorry I didn't know to ask more questions because I stupidly believed the anesthesiologist and nurses were actually interested in my well being. They weren't, and they tried to lie about what drugs I received. I wasn't anxious, and I certainly didn't appreciate the threatening tone used on me in recovery when they didn't think I would remember. Scolded me and said I was acting like a baby and needed to "settle down" when I could not breathe, a side effect of versed by the way. Awful drug, and bad attitude from medical people that seem to think it is a miracle. Maybe it is for them, certainly not this ex patient. Take your veins and RUN from this drug unless you like been scared and paralyzed with spotty recall except for fear and pain. F 59 1 days
4 mg 1X D

 5  Internal Radiation Cervical Cancer Didn't remember anything...just like they told me beforehand. If it was unpleasant or painful, then I'd rather not remember. I have faith in my doctors and know that the procedures are necessary. I woke up relaxed, happy, and with no pain. Will have to repeat procedure 5 more times so I hope to have the same results. F 44 6 days

 1  colonoscopy PTSD, anxiety, oversedation, memory loss I will advocate strongly against this drug. It ruined my medical experiences for life. F 37
1X D

 1  partial thyroid lobectomy total amnesia after surgical procedure Had very bad results from this surgery. PONV, bronchspasms, you name it. Suffered a paralysed vocal chord but didn't remember anything at all post surgery. Only found out about the drug later. All day in Post Anesthesia Care Unit and I remember nothing. NEVER AGAIN! F 72 1 days
1X D
 1  partial thyroid lobectomy total amnesia after surgical procedure Had very bad results from this surgery. PONV, bronchspasms, you name it. Suffered a paralysed vocal chord but didn't remember anything at all post surgery. Only found out about the drug later. All day in Post Anesthesia Care Unit and I remember nothing. NEVER AGAIN! F 72 1 days
1X D
 5  Pre-surgery Sleepy, relaxed, happy M 27 1 days

 1  Daughter given to "calm" before MRI She began having uncontrollable shaking, severely painful muscle cramping (causing back to arch in almost unnatural way), screaming, completely out of control for an hour till Haldol given Dr intially tried to insinuate that she was throwing a fit, "acting out", but she was in horrible pain, could not stop her body from convulsing. Benadryl given in case of allergic reaction but it did NOTHING. It was the most terrifying hour of my life! Just because the reaction is not what they "normally" see in "thousands of other people" that have received the drug doesn't make her reaction invalid. My normally stoic child with an extremely high pain tolerance was turned into an out of control, screaming, muscle contorting person. She remembers it ALL and it's unsettling. F 16 1 times
50 mg 1X D
 1  colonoscopy This drug is given as a "patient control drug" not to relax the patient. I could hear other patients who had received Versed moanng, crying in pain, but being totally ignored by their providers. I asked one nurse why she was ignoring her patient who was in obvious distress, she told me: " that patient won't remember any of this for a while so it doesn't matter" and they just treat the patients roughly and with contempt. When it was my turn, I told the nurse to keep the 4mg of Versed that I was supposed to get and I had a discussion with the GI doctor about the obvious patient abuse that was happening right before my eyes with Versed. She was embarassed when I asked her: "why would you give me Versed after failing to tell me of it's side-effects?" Why would you treat me with such contempt? I was off the table and politely "in her face"; one of the nurses said: "he's a provider, you know" and the GI doctor immediately said that I sho When the anesthesiologist cam in, I asked her about Versed; she basically told me thet the endo nurses give it because they aren't credentialed to give propofol. Yes, a LOT of patients have horrible long-term memory and PTSD issues after Versed and many feel traumatized. No, she would not want Versed herself. I then loudly berated the GI doctor for using Versed to insure that patients become cooperative (but possibly terrified) and in pain (but unable to communicate)..the love Versed, it forces compliance and gets the patient out the door to deal with the psychic trauma at home. The GI doc was very flustered by my speech and she was really upset when I grabbed my clothes, pulled out my cannula and tossed the IV in the sink, loudly proclaiming that I would risk colon cancer (which killed my wife) rather than be treated by a so-called "doctor" like her who is totally dishonest about the Versed that gives during colonoscopy...what else is she lying about? this "doctor" was sobbing when I left; I guess it's because she was good fiends with my wife.. M 50 1 days
4 1X D
 1  colonoscopy I am an RN, if that means anything with these comments. This is the dumbest drug I've ever seen. It's primary "help," in my opinion, from personal experience and hearing from friends, is to put you into such an apathetic child-like state that you can't speak for yourself honestly when you are in agony during a procedure! Very convenient for the doctor and staff. Maybe they are in denial about it's effectiveness? The amnesia wears off for me and many others I've encountered, leaving you with a sense of being victimized and traumatized. If the nurse is saying: "are you okay?" after hearing you moaning like hell, what's wrong with the picture, even if you are so dumbed down that you answer (because the doc has momentarily stopped the procedure) that you ARE okay. Then, immediately the agony starts again. Only later are you smart enough to care, when they are on to the next patient!!!! Never again!!! This was IV sedation. F 66
??? 1X D

 1  cataract surgery I was immobile, but could still feel the procedure on my eye. I could hear myself moaning, but was unable to do anything about the discomfort or pain. I was initially just given Versed orally, but I had insisted on having an I.V. inserted prior to the surgery due to my nervousness about the procedure. The anesthesiologist said that they only use Versed intravenously for extreme anxiety cases. I think, after I started moaning, they gave me more Versed through the I.V., but that didn't erase the horrible memories of the cutting and suctioning of my lens that I could feel. The doctor and the nurses all acted as if they didn't really believe me when I told them I could feel things afterwards. They doctor even said that someone wouldn't just lie there and say nothing if they were in pain! I was insulted and disappointed in his reaction and his lack of belief in me. F 54
20 mg 1X D

 5  Oral surgery Did exactly what doc said it would. Felt a slight burn at ob sight, next comes tingling mind and senses, then as I was praying my last appeals to Jesus, I felt pulled away from my thoughts. I fought for control for all of about ten seconds and the very next thing Im aware of is the nurse rubbing my arm telling me how good I did. I had four impacted wisdom teeth removed and was locally numbed during procedure as well. Long story short, I eased into sedation despite my extreme anxiety about it, and woke up warm under a blanket feeling rested and in no pain. M 28 1 days

 4  Upper Endoscopy and Balloon Dialati Blackout, awakening at pain, nausea and dizziness for hours later. Have had 4 identical procedures during the past 10 years and never experienced nausea afterward. Perhaps got too much of the drug this time. I did feel pain and "awakened" as I was told to swallow the scope, which was painful, but once I fully swallowed it, the pain was gone and I went back "under." F 38 1 days
1X D

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