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 1  migraines/depression weight gain! more than usual dreams, feeling jittery and withdrawn at times I had never taken an antidepressant in my life until about a year ago when my migraines got so severe and frequent. I have been taking 300 mg. of Wellbutrin XL and am glad that so many people have lost weight on it; however, I could look at food and gain weight. When I first started on it, I felt like someone must feel on crack cocaine -- it was horrible, but I thought I just needed to get used to it. It also made me quick to anger and that feeling never went away and did nothing whatsoever to ease my depression or help with migraines. I had tried Prozac for a few months, which did help wonderfully with depression, but I didn't like the side effects, which is why my doctor tried Wellbutrin XL. I may as well have been eating a chocolate truffle and enjoying it instead of taking the Wellbutrin -- it would have made me feel better than that overpriced, overrated junk! My doctor has now prescribed Cymbalta and if it doesn't work, I'm not trying another antidepressant. My depression isn't that severe anyway and I'm now going to a neurologist who is trying other medication to control my migraines. F 42 4 months

 1  Depression, OCD, Anxiety I started hallucinating, I was apathetic, paranoia, decreased appetite, rage, fatigue. This medicine put me in a psych ward. M 16 4 months

 1  Depression decreased appetite, inability to control my anger, severly increased irritability When I took this I noticed that I could not control my anger. I felt like a pressure cooker, I had to let it out. So I would hurt myself. I became very violent and took my frustration out on myself. I had bruises lining my arms, gouges out of my legs and head. I was also incredibly irritable. F 34 4 months

 1  Depression Bipolar I headaches, weight gain, suicidal thoughts, made me feel dark and lonely, actually made me smoke more than normal. I started taking 300mg twice a day as a round of medications. When I first started taking it I could get over the side effects. I was fine until one day my thoughts got dark really dark. So dark that I woke up one day and decided that the only solution to life was to kill myself. I have ALOT to live for ( great kids mother and husband) so I knew it had to be something. Since this was the last thing I started taking I stopped had alittle bit of withdraw but the thoughts went away. F 25 4 months
 1  depression Very anxious... would worry about everything F 23 4 months

 5  depression and ocd a few anxiety, brain fog, irritability. best antidepressant ever taken. but it's better put in therapy with a mood stabilizer to avoid hypomania or mania. give me concentration, attention and help in solving problems. M 23 5 months

 5  Anxiety, depression low grade headache (ibuprofen works), dry mouth, shakiness at night, insomnia give it time! Side effects should go away in a few months. It has taken away my unrealness feelings, anxiety and given me my life back. I take it with Lexapro, and use Ambien to sleep. F 44 5 months

 5  Depression None! Loved this, i had been on Lexapro and Symbyax, which both made me gain weight, but Wellbutrin us notorious for making you LOSE weight, which i did. Best antidepressant, never trying anything else. M 18 5 months
100mg 1X D

 5  Depression Slight headache first couple of days and a bit of anxiety ONLY at first. I've tried zoloft ( worked great for a few years), paxil (decent but horrible sexual side effects), however both of these did work well for Major depression but most of the side effects eventually caused me to continually stop the medicine. WEllBUTRIN- i've had no problems while on this medication, the anxiety I got first is gone with a few days, and there are NO sexual side effects. Very happy with this medicine. F 27 5 months
 5  anxiety, anger, depression No side effects on Wellbutrin XL 150/day. The anxiety is nearly gone, anger-much less: hard to get me going now, however, sometimes it comes out of nowhere. The depression is much less, however, it is still there. Previously was on Lexapro which was a wonderful drug with regards to its desired positive effect. However, the sexual side effects were absolutely terrible. Nearly non-existent labido, was essentially impotent and when erection would occur, couldn't complete the task. Also tried a few other SSRI's however, ALL had the same terrible sexual side effects. The side effects are major and only make your life more miserable. I noticed several comments regarding hives/allergy like symptoms. Be careful of manufacturer. I had been on Wellbutrin before, (different psych), and had terrible full body rash and horrendous itching after 3 days whereupon I had to discontinue. Long story short, got a new psych. who wanted to try me on Wellbutrin XL because of my experiences with the SSRI's. He wrote a Rx. was for the brand name: Absolutely no problems/allergy like symptoms, etc.. I thus have to attribute the side effects I experienced previously to something different in the generic version. M 42 5 months

 4  depression fatigue decreased appetite, slight weight loss, vivid dreams, dry mouth, sweating, mild anxiety, decreased desire for smoking, insomnia This has helped me a great deal with my anger and depression. Some slight appetite decrease and weight loss (but not enough). At first, the intense dreams were freaking me out and I wanted to discontinue but these have quit (after approx 2 months on). Not noticed any libido change. One problem was that if I missed a dose I would immediately experience increased symptoms- rage and a general horrible mood, so I am now careful to never miss doses. Has not been as effective as it was previously and so am going to ask for an increased dose. Am currently on 150 mg Wellbutrin XL F 24 5 months

 4  Major Depression increased anxiety, vivid dreams,muscle pain in neck and shoulders Wellbutrin stopped my suicidal thoughts/plans. For the first 2-3 months, I had some mild anxiety. Now having intermittent muscle pain F 50 5 months
150mg 2X D
 4  moderate depression In the beginning, headache, trembling, increased heart rate, jitteriness, mild anxiety, eye twitch, insomnia, none of these symptoms severe enough to significantly affect daily functioning(except for the insomnia, which I treated with Ambien for about two weeks until I no longer needed it.) I took 150mg for the first two weeks and am now taking 300mg daily. I noticed a marked improvement in mood and a huge change in energy and concentration in the first couple of months. Since then they have leveled off some and I still have mild depressive episodes but in general feel better. Find myself better able to fight these episodes once they start. I also can't say enough about the positive "side effects" of Wellbutrin: I have effortlessly lost weight and experienced a marked decrease in appetite, effortlessly quit smoking, and my libido is through the roof, accompanied by much greater sexual satisfaction. Although I can't say that Wellbutrin has completely cured me of the ailment it was prescribed for (depression), I have definitely improved. Definitely worth a try. F 22 5 months

 4  Depression First month or so: insomnia if I drank any wine at all. Now ((5th month) having significant sexual side effects. WB has been incredibly effective against my depression. Within two weeks I noticed a dramatic lift in mood. However, within the past month I've noticed that it takes a loooonnnggg time to reach orgasm or even to lubricate. I must be one of the 22% whose libido takes a hit. It is bad enough that I'm going to ask my doctor to start tapering me off asap. F 49 5 months

 4  to fix Luvox sexual side effects none Wellbutrin has worked well to help remove the delayed orgams I experienced from Luvox. It isn't a perfect fix for everyday (ie. I can't orgasm 6 times in a row anymore or for 6 days in a row) but it has restored both my sex drive and orgasm ability! I love this med! LOL M 33 5 months

 3  Depression Jittery for first several weeks but that subsided. Great energy, weight loss, HUGE increase in libido. Definitely helped depression, but threw me into mania, which of course I loved for a bit, but then it got worse and really messed up my life. Now on Zoloft and Risperdal for Bipolar and I don't like this combination. F 37 5 months

 2  depression speedy heart rate, paranoia, increased anger, loss of libido, extreme memory loss, feeling flat emotionally(as an opera singer this sucks!) I am grateful that Wellbutrin has been able to help me quit smoking (5 mnths clean!), but the price has been too much. It has really dampened my sex drive - I normally have a high sex drive. But since taking WB my drive has disappeared. Moreover, I've developed some really anxious behavioral traits. I'm really anxious and can have a difficult time making eye contact with people. My thoughts race. My memory sucks. My PMS has skyrocketed and I'm almost dangerous during that time. Most of all I no longer feel like myself. I'm going to stop taking the WB, with the guidence of my doctor, and go the route of talk therapy and spiritual exploration. F 26 5 months

 2  Depression and Anxiety Anxiety, Restlessness, Jittery Feeling, Racing Thoughts, Weight Loss, Stomach Pains, Abdominal Pain, Significantly decreased libido, impaired sexual functioning Was taking zoloft (75mg - 200mg) dosage dependent on stress or , for 5 yrs. Switched to Cymbalta this yr. Gained ~ 15 lbs on SSRIs. 7/08, I started Welbutrin---150mg SR, down to 100mg, now 75 mg (all doses 1x/day).Been on Klonopin for sleep .5 - 1mg pm. Sober from alcohol-20 years. Wanted to end the Klonopin - feel dependent for sleep. I feel SSRI's work great for Depression, OCD & anxiety, esp. if spinning thoughts cause anxiety but you may find fatigue, lethargy & decreased libido & decreased sex response. The discont. of Cymbalta was among the worst discontinuation I've ever had. Zoloft also has discontinuation syndrome. Now Wellbutrin is 75 mg 1x/day.I'm very anxious, restless due to the med- the jittery feeling & lack of any direct stimulus to produce anxiety. I'm going to go off the Wellbutrin & Klonopin. I lost 20 lbs (while going to gym, changing diet, reducing coffee to 2 cups before 10am) I hope w/ focused relaxation, exercise, journal, therapy, environme M 44 5 months
 1  Severe depression My boyfriend has been taking this drug now for quite some time. At first it seemed to work. He seemed happier, had a better attitude, less anger. His concentration level was much better. Everything was going great. But we are now about five months in and I am scared. He is a mess. Wants to sleep all the time. Has completely disconnected himself from me and our children. His anger is back but it is accompanied by a great sense of "I don't give a f***". He is foggy headed and very dramatic about how it is that he perceives daily encounters with people. The slightest noises send him over the edge. He wakes up at about two in the morning and stays awake for at least an hour because he can't sleep. He has no pleasure in anything but work (and even the I don't think he is very happy with that). Wants to be alone all the time, when he is honestly a great people person. He has an appointment to see his doctor in a week, and because he isn't hurting himself or anyone else (even though I'm scared for him and can't reach him because I am nothing but an annoyance to him at the moment) they won't push the appointment ahead any sooner. Does this sound even remotely close to anything anyone else has experienced on this drug?? I urge STRONG CAUTION in trying any psychiatric medication, this one, or any at all, and proper knowledge of changes to your mental state and how to seek help at the first signs!!! Because as much as the people around you love you, they can't do it for you! M 37 5 months
300 mg
 1  Depression and anxiety Nausea, headaches, severe mood swings (super happy to suicidely depressesed), severe sensitivity to sounds- even quiet chatter, couldn't concentrate, apathy, extreme paranoia, constant need to sleep- even when I wasn't tired, severe panic attacks that lasted days instead of an hour or two, constant insomnia, extreme fluctuations in body temperature, my feelings shifted from ravenous hunger to vomiting at the thought of food. Thank god my family was looking out for me and took me back into the doctor. He stopped the Wellbutrin immediately. I thought my anxiety and depression were just overcoming me, I didn't realize everything I was going through was a severe side effect of the Wellbutrin. I have been off of it for a little over a week and I am finally beginning to feel a bit more normal. I thought I was losing my mind. I have never been so close to checking myself into the hospital for a psychological evaluation before- I was terrified of what was happening to me. I will never take another drug without reading the side effects first. Be careful when taking this medication. Make sure you have someone you trust watching out for any unusual behavioral changes you might experience. For a lot of people this medication works wonders, but make sure you are discussing any changes in your mood with your doctor. F 36 5 months
50mg 1X D
 1  depression Slowly growing feeling of anxiety. After about two months complete anhedonia followed by constant day-long panic over the anhedonia. Had to seek out diversions such as TV's 'Fear Factor' to try to get my mind off of the panic. One morning woke up and knew that I would kill myself; told wife to put guns in gun safe, locked it and told her to hide the key. Two days later checked into mental hospital for severe depression. Great for weight loss; during my months long panic I lost over 45 pounds. M 52 5 months
150 1X D
 1  depression didn't want to kill myself anymore but wanted to kill everyone else. i would go into a screaming rage and I believe igf I still was on this I would have killed someone loss of appetite, lost weight, stopped smoking with out trying, sex dive went into high gear since I went off of paxil and on to this unfortunaletly had to change to a differen anti depressant Only on for 5 months, been on many other antidepressants, nothing made me feel like this F 32 5 months

 5  Depression Very fast heartbeat when starting on Wellbutrin. Headaches that feel like a clamp on the left side of my head. These seem to come and go and are much worse if I drink coffee. Alcohol also increases the frequency and intensity of the headaches, even in very small amounts. I have tried all the SSRIs and hate the side effects. 10 years a go I tried Wellbutrin and had great results. This time when I tried to go on Wellbutrin I had terrible side effects - rapid heart beat, insomnia, inability to remember things. I was going to give up and live with depression and all my suicidal thoughts when I finally found a patient psychiatrist and he suggested that I go on Wellbutrin very slowly to avoid the side effects. I went on Wellbutrin by making in into a 1% solution (crush the tablet and disolve it in 150 ml hot water) and then going up 1 ml at a time (1 mg). It took me 6 months to get up to my current dosage of 15 mg per day. This allowed me to get on the drug and to take the right amount which for me is 15 mg a day - 10% of a "normal" dosage. My depression has dramatically improved, I no longer sleep all the time or have suicidal thoughts. My doctor tells me he doesn't know of anyone else taking such a low dose, but if it works, go for it. F 48 6 months
 5  Depression Started at 150 mg XL and the first 3 days I had a deblititing headache. Then had a bad headache again when I was up to 300mg/day but I could still function. I had some trouble sleeping for the first week or so after when I first went on it and when it was increased. Since the first side effect went away I have had no problem with the drug. It been great and real has help me out and made dealing with my depression a lot easier. It is not a happy pill just makes it easier for me to deal with it and not to get suck into it. Over all it really has made my life better. M 24 6 months
 5  Depression The first two weeks very vivid dreams, anxiety, heart palpitations, some unusual thoughs, weight loss (losed 25 in 3 months lbs but i needed it). After the first couple of weeks the side effects are minimal. Slight increase heart rate, some anxiety, occasional weird dreams. My miracle drug! Lost weight that I need to, brought back my sex drive and no longer depressed... I can deal with the minimal side effects it causes. F 39 6 months
150 mg 2X D

 5  Anxiety and depression None. I am 450mg a day. I have been on Effexor, Cellexa and Zoloft and had very bad side effects with all. This is the best. I have no depression or anxiety. Much more energy and great felling of well being. Dreams are vivid and sometimes bad, but not freak you out bad like I had on Effexor. I have been able to lose 27 pounds since being on just Wellbutrin, instead of the combo with Cellexa that I had prior. M 6 months

 5  Moderate Depression Constant burping and nausea for the first few weeks, but it eventually went away. Slight weight loss. Increase in sex drive. I went on this because talking about my problems wasn't enough. I was reluctant to go on an antidepressant because they usually cause weight gain and a decrease in libido. (just what a depressed person needs, right?) The side effects are well worth the benefits. F 33 6 months


 5  smoking cessation/depression I noticed when I took it in the summer I would itch horribly to sun exposed areas. So I waited to take it in the fall to quit smoking. After the suggested time to set the quit date, I could quit "cold turkey." It worked wonderfully, took away those jittery feelings you get when you just have to have a cigarette without gaining weight, in fact I lost weight. It seemed to take away my appetite which I didn't mind at all. I continued on Wellbutrin along with Paxil to help with some depression after the breakup of a relationship. F 38 6 months
 5  depression None I hope there will be weight loss, because I gained 28 pounds when taking Anafranil for 4 months F 58 6 months

 4  Smoking Cessation First Week: Difficult sleeping thru the night. Vivid dreams (not bad ones, just intense). Wake every couple of hours. Get up early. Feel energetic, sleep 2 hours less per night. Third Week: Sleeping more This is an AWESOME aid to quit smoking. Using Wellbutrin and a good program, it has worked beautifully for me. Also, I think I have been mildly depressed for a large part of my life, and taking Wellbutrin has provided a welcome side effect of lifting that M 50 6 months

 4  depression could not sleep 300 mg , overall very good, lately it's been tapering off might need to up the dose. M 33 6 months

 4  Quit smoking and depression Disturbing chest pains and uptight feeling, insomnia which is no worse than my normal insomnia. I take 75 or 150mg of SR formulation 3 to 5 mornings a week to minimize these affects. Originally prescribed to quit smoking, I took the recommended 300mg a day for that purpose when I was not depressed, and it made quitting very easy. I'd tried only twice before, and both failed attempts were really agonizing. 300mg a day was damned unpleasant, and I discontinued Wellbutrin ASAP after about 2 months, but it really did just make me almost indifferent to cigarettes, after 30 years of smoking 2 - 3 packs a day. About 6 months later, I started to get really depressed; I had some Wellbutrin left over, so I tried it, and it literally relieved depression in a matter of a half hour like an amphetamine without any addictive or "crash" affect. I used Prozac for 3 months after running out of it, but I now take the small dosage of Wellbutrin I use now as maintainance/relapse prevention. It's affects are energizing for 3-5 days in a row, then it turns "mean" and I take a few days off it. I remain in a good mood for 2-3 days during these "drug holidays", then resume taking it again when I start feeling down. It continues to bring virtually instant relief whenever I resume taking it. (If I felt that I could stop, I would.) I have ADHD also; Wellbutrin has slightly helped some of those symptoms, but is far inferior to amphetamines for that purpose. M 44 6 months

 4  ADHD None Has worked very well for my son in treating his ADHD F 24 6 months

 4  depression/ ADD One of the side effect I noticed was an increase sensitivity to the sun in which I had wear sunglasses consisantly. Another side effect I noticed occured as the blood sugar rose,(over 200)(I'm a diabetic) I had to wear my glasses.(Before wellbutrin-I didn't need the glasses as much.) Taking wellbutrin gave me a CAN DO attittude I didn't have before the medication. I noticed this effect within the first couple of weeks and was able to accomplish projects that I would not normally do. It also allowed me to focus more attention in longer spurts. In addition, the stress that normally was on my shoulders was relocated to the left shoulder blade. (For me,it was great NOT to have stress on the shoulders for once). (I switched to prozac, to see if the medication changed the side effects- yes, the side effects of sun sensitivity,increased glasses wearing HAVE GONE AWAY,in addition, the stress IS back on the shoulders again.) F 40 6 months

 4  Depression Dry mouth, nausea, headache/eye hurtings, inability to sleep, extreme jitteriness at times, strangely focused other times. Accelerated heart rate. I started taking Wellbutrin a couple of months ago for depression. The side effects were horrible but I hung in there. I was taking about 150mg a the time. It helped a lot, gave me that extra boost so that I could see tasks that are extremely difficult for me through to the end. Recently, I hadn't been benefiting from it lke before so I went up to 300. Taking this amount has brought back the side effects and given me, so far, a few days of eery focus. I am scatterbrained, never finishing a task that i begin. Well on wellbutrin I have definitely been improving in that regard. I'm just desperately hoping that these new side effects will diminsh as my body adjusts. F 29 6 months
 4   F 59 6 months
 4   F 59 6 months

 4  Depression Irritability, Mood Swings, Gas, Bloating, Brain Fog, Insomnia I am a man who has been taking the generic form of Wellbutrin for about 6 months. It has cured my depression! I actually have the energy now to get out of bed and live. I've been exercising and have lost 50 lbs! A lot of the emotional eating has stopped. However, the medicine has come with a price. The mood swings are pretty bad. Some days I'm friendly and outgoing. Other days I'm so irritable, I bite people's heads off if they even look at me wrong! Honestly, I'm surprised I still have any friends left. I have a crying spell at least once a week. My brain is often foggy, also. And the gas and bloating of my stomach is pretty bad. I'm taking Ambien to help me sleep at night. I'm going to see if I can afford to switch to the name brand Wellbutrin instead of generic and see if that helps relieve the side effects. These meds have been a wonderful thing for my depression but I don't want to lose all my friends and have a bloated stomach, to boot! M 38 6 months

 4  depression Severe dry mouth, poor appetite, weight loss, anxiety, feeling generally "off", loss of concentration Side effects passed after about 6 weeks. They were a terrible thing to endure and I understand why many people quit this drug. After the side effects Wellbutrin works great for mild depression. F 31 6 months
150 2X D

 4  Depression I first took this years ago at high doses (150 mg or more), and this made me agitated and irritable. But trying only 75 mg per day made the difference. You have to work to get the dosage right. Too many drs start people at a high dose when they are sensitive to meds as I am. My current dr was wise enough to try a baby dose, then said I can step up if I choose. I did once step up to 150, but went back down because 150 mg is too much for me. You can't always tell by weight how someone is going to respond because I'm average weight. I can't take SSRIs or SNRIs because of nausea, lack of sex drive, feeling lethargic, etc. This drug doesn't cause any of those nasty effects for me, just have to deal with the stimulating effect, which is sometimes a good thing because depression makes me lethargic in itself. Try it, but work with your doc to find the right dose or if this drug is right for you at all. F 46 6 months
75 1X D
 4  depression nervousness, dizziness, increased appetite relieves depression quickly not for anxiety though , had to take xanax too to calm down M 60 6 months
75mg 2X D

 4  depression Okay i have given this drug a good while to see it true effects and i would like to be very honest with those reading. I like this drug BC i have more energy, i believe that i take things in more stride than i once did and i believe i feel happier with it. Now here is what my husband and friends say. They want me to stop BC the suicide ideation is more real than ever. When its good its good, when its bad its bad. Strange i know for me to like taking this drug. But in truth drugs that alter chemical balance also alter perception. If anyone else believes they may be experiencing similar thoughts plz email me. I don't want to put everything on here but it is always positive to speak to those with similar experience. That being said, i still find it a helpful drug. People just need to be careful with any of these types of drugs. F 26 6 months
150mg x2
 4  depression My only negative side effect was a little anxiety. Benefits have been a healthy weight loss and incredible sex drive. I was suffering from severe depression and lethargy. Within a week that was gone and I was a little anxious. Now, after about 6 months, I'm really happy, focused and committed to my business and life! M 42 6 months

 3  depression very few at first, had been through Paxil & Lexapro but both gave me horrid headaches. Am supposed to be taking 150 mg of the SL twice a day but usually only take the morning pill--never remember the second one. while i was away on vacation i had time to take the correct dosage (150 mg 2x day) and about a week after that i had the most gawd-awful headache and nasea/vomiting. am very prone to migraines anyway so i don't know if this is coincidence or the effect of taking the higher dose, but i am going back to 1 pill a day. as for helping w/depression, i guess it's okay, i am still likely to cry easily but i don't feel as negative/angry/hopeless as i used to F 54 6 months

 3  major depresion Loss of appetite F 34 6 months
300 mg

 3  with effexor for depression teeth grinding I was taking this with effexor to help with the sexual side effects of the effexor. I ground my teeth so bad I had to be fitted with a $400 night guard. When I ran out of wellbutrin, the grinding stopped and I realized that the med was causing it. My doc had never heard of this before. It didn't really help witht he sex drive, either. M 29 6 months

 3  depression none Helped with mood relatively well, and somewhat with energy and motivation, though not a lot. M 28 6 months
450mg 1X D

 3  Depression Increased agitation. I have to take Valium (5-10 mg/day) to calm me down. Increased sweating indoors which causes me to be very cold when I go outside (I live in the NE). I have to wear summer clothes if I'm going to be indoors. And although I'm normally sensitive to fabrics, many of those fabrics I used to be able to wear are now uncomfortable. I used to take Prozac (for 15 years) and increased to the maximum dose in the last few months I was taking it, but it wasn't having any good effect (lots of the side effects). Since I've started taking Wellbutrin, I've been a lot less depressed, I've been a lot more energetic, and my libido has significantly increased. Aside from having to pop Valium 2x per day and being uncomfortable in my clothes, the Wellbutrin has been a big help. I'm taking 150mg XL. M 48 6 months

 3  depression Increased libido, weight loss...hey, what more can you ask for? Can cause irritibility. Don't take with any ephedra drugs (like Sudafed) or you can become a bit manic. F 44 6 months

 2  depression mini seizures, muscle flinches I felt this medication worked helped me start to overcome my depression. Unfortunately after about six months of taking this drug. I felt uneasy all the time. I couldn't keep my head in a comfortable position. I felt like my head was always twitching. I went to the doctor and he told me he had recently seen a patient on the same medication with the same side effects and she was having mini seizures from this medication. If this medication works for you, great, but be careful. F 23 6 months

 2  Depression Shortly after taking Wellbutrin XL 150, I felt like I was on speed. I couldn't sleep and it seemed like everything was moving too fast. Considering I had pretty severe depression, my doctor kept upping my dosage to 450mg. I honestly believe it did nothing to help my depression. I was able to work through the problems myself, and after my doctor suggested I I've been stepping down very slowly with this medication-it's very important to do that with all anti-depressants. F 22 6 months

 2  for depression; I also take Prozac Mostly constipation. I don't feel a difference. I'm doing about the same. My doctor just increased it to 150 mg. twice daily. F 6 months
 2  depression sore stomach, bloating, sweating, tiredness I have heard great things about Wellbutrin but it did not have a positive effect on me. I experience a sore stomach, loose bowels and extreme sweating pretty much from the start. I kept taking it it hopes of things improving but they did not. F 30 6 months

 2  depression/anxiety extreme agitation and increased anxiety. I take 150mg in the morning and it seems to be making me extremely irritable to the point that friends have mentioned to me that "whatever you are taking for your issues you might want to consider quitting because it's making you go off the deep end." If you suffer from anxiety you might want to discuss this possible side effect with you physician or pharmacist. M 46 6 months

 2  anxiety, depression Increased anxiety, constipation, tremors, facial tics, strange thoughts, irrational anger, increased libido but decreased sexual enjoyment, made me feel like a Stepford Wife I probably shouldn't have been prescribed this, the only reason I was depressed was due to the side effects of the anti-anxiety medication I was on previously. On the upside, I did lose 35 pounds but honestly I'd rather be overweight than live with the side effects. F 41 6 months
300 mg 1X D

 1  depression Shortly after i started welbutrin i became extremely paranoid,extremely moody, and stoped sleeping. When i would sleep id wake up at about 3am and stay up all day. At first i couldnt place why i was so paranoid and the feelings i had were very real to me. Welbutrin almost destroyed my relationship with my boyfriend. I started accusing him of cheating, of not caring and loving me enough. When i play the last six months back in my head i remember my boyfriend telling me that there was something wrong with my thinking and that i had changed. I became very mean to him and wanted to fight day and night sometimes to the point of wanting to b violence, thank god i never did. I was going crazy. I went from being a very happy loving person to a paranoid angry that never slept and im sure not sleeping made things worse. I thank god my man didnt give up on me even though at times i know he wanted to, he just kept saying honey there is something wrong with you and you need to figure it out. Well it took me six months to do so and nearly ruined my life. I sat and began to think when it was that i started to change and what i came up with was it all started about the same time i started the welbutrin, so i got on line and typed in can welbutrin cause paranoia? What i came up with shocked me. All the symptoms i had were right in front of me and as i read othe people's stories i started to cry. I cryed to two reasons one being i was angry that it went on for so long and nobody could tell me F 33 6 months
 1  depression Took Wellbutrin XL for 6 months. started at 150 mg. then went up to 450 (after 300 mg). Very irritable. Easy to anger. Also lost some weight. Libido slightly increased after years on Prozac. (I was on Lexapro before this and that did zip for me) --- My anxiety (another problem I have) really skyrocketed and my blood pressure increased. Finally put 2 and 2 together and bet the Wellbutrin caused the spike in my B.Pressure. My Dr. finally took me off of Wellbutrin XL and now I'm on Paxil CR (25 mg.). We'll see what happens. M 42 6 months
 5  GAD/Depression None. This has neutralized my GAD and the depression has lessened a great deal. Other meds (Effexor/Pamelor) were not effective. Still have a bit of anhedonia at times, but I recognize it for what it is and move on...eventually things improve. I accomplish more, can maintain my focus and function well in situations that were impossible to deal with before I began to use this medicine. My advice is to give it a chance to work and hang in there. M 52 7 months

 5   None whatsover All of you on here, with the exception of myself must be real nutcases or hypocondriates. There are NO side effects associated with Wellbutrin or any anti-depressant for that matter. It's all in your screwed up heads. Depression is not real, it's not a chemical imbalance it's a state of mind. You create your own happiness. Stop popping a pill thinking it's going to magically make you ALL better and start digging deeper into your soul to find out why you are the way you are. You probably screwed up somewhere along the line and now feel guilty well guess what? Everyone messes up - it's called life. Get over it. Stop looking for pity. I take this medication for ADD, a legitimate brain disorder and I felt no side effects at all. It's all in the preception of this drug. Power of suggestion. M 7 months

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