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 5  Anxiety and depression None. I am 450mg a day. I have been on Effexor, Cellexa and Zoloft and had very bad side effects with all. This is the best. I have no depression or anxiety. Much more energy and great felling of well being. Dreams are vivid and sometimes bad, but not freak you out bad like I had on Effexor. I have been able to lose 27 pounds since being on just Wellbutrin, instead of the combo with Cellexa that I had prior. M 6 months

 5  Depression There was no side effects It helped me alot. I am more happier. I am very satistfy with it. M 15 2 years

 5  depression Bad tast in mouth M 41 3 years
 5  anxiety None. Great drug!!! Makes me feel very energized and enthusiastic about life. Wonderful in combo with sertraline which removes any jitters and makes me feel at peace centered and muffled the hyper-self-critical superego which is common for driven high achievement people like myself. M 59 3 years
 4  depression no side effects I was feeling depressed and the wellbutrin xl generic made it so I feel good about myself again ,I do not feel ugly anymore and rather love myself now physical and I am not having anymore thoughts of suicide. M 44 21 days
300mg 1X D
 4  depression, SAD Tinninitus, After working through 3 SSRI's (zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro), my Dr and I finally settled on Wellbutrin for the last 10 years. While SSRI's let me get a good nights sleep, felt a little zombi-like, and made it almost impossible to orgasm. Wellbutrin also normalizes my sleep, and ability to orgasm is back to normal. I know Wellbutrin is leveling my sleep, because I have tried to stop several times over the years, and my sleep very quickly goes to insomnia. 150mg stops me from hopeless crying, and improves my depression down to low, from medium, but does not cure it entirely. When I tried 200mg, I started to feel buzzed and agitated. Went back to 150. Did not experience any headache on Wellbutrin, but a constant killer headache on Effexor. I started this journey 15 years ago with panic attacks and Zoloft to stop them. As soon as I got a stable nights sleep, panic attacks stopped, and my dispair improved. I have stayed on depression meds ever since, for me Wellbutrin has turned out to be best. M 58 10 years
150 XL 1X D

 4  mild depression, obsessing M 50 2 weeks

 4  Depression Irritability, Mood Swings, Gas, Bloating, Brain Fog, Insomnia I am a man who has been taking the generic form of Wellbutrin for about 6 months. It has cured my depression! I actually have the energy now to get out of bed and live. I've been exercising and have lost 50 lbs! A lot of the emotional eating has stopped. However, the medicine has come with a price. The mood swings are pretty bad. Some days I'm friendly and outgoing. Other days I'm so irritable, I bite people's heads off if they even look at me wrong! Honestly, I'm surprised I still have any friends left. I have a crying spell at least once a week. My brain is often foggy, also. And the gas and bloating of my stomach is pretty bad. I'm taking Ambien to help me sleep at night. I'm going to see if I can afford to switch to the name brand Wellbutrin instead of generic and see if that helps relieve the side effects. These meds have been a wonderful thing for my depression but I don't want to lose all my friends and have a bloated stomach, to boot! M 38 6 months

 4  smoking/possible anxiety/ocd The first week I felt a little woozy I think, can't remember much. Cigarettes tasted horrible and made me nauseous. That went away after a few days and I felt fine, continued smoking like normal. I'm taking the generic. First week - 75mg. Second - 150mg. Third and forward - 300mg in the AM. The smoking cessation property is just starting to kick in after 3-4 weeks. This week my smoking has gone down from 15+ to 12,11,10, (a day) and today 1 cigarette as of now. M 25 3 weeks

 4  Treatment-resistant depression severe agitation, hearing voices at higher dose This is actually my 3rd time trying this drug. In the past, I felt AMAZING for a almost a week (the only thing that's ever done this), and then the side effects hit. I talked to my doctor though and she suggested taking it with another antidepressant might help prevent the agitation. So far, both I and the people around me have noticed a definite improvement in my mood with no ill effects. Such a relief. It's been a long time since I felt like myself. :) M 23 2 weeks

 4  to fix Luvox sexual side effects none Wellbutrin has worked well to help remove the delayed orgams I experienced from Luvox. It isn't a perfect fix for everyday (ie. I can't orgasm 6 times in a row anymore or for 6 days in a row) but it has restored both my sex drive and orgasm ability! I love this med! LOL M 33 5 months

 4  Depression, general malaise Loss of appetite late in the day and a feeling of bloating. A little agitation. I have a mild to moderate case of Rheumatoid arthritis and take Arava and Hydrocodone 7.5/500 (5 per day). Also Norvask 10mg for blood pressure and Xanax for anxiety that comes on at night. The doc started me off at 150SR twice a day. I used to drink too much and had been cutting down over the past 6 months or so. Now I don't even feel like drinking but still have a couple glasses of wine at night - habit I guess. Also I used to smoke about 8 or 10 cigarettes a day and now I have no urge and am down to 2 or 3 - maybe I will stop altogether. I do feel better and the best way to describe it is that I no longer feel 'dark'. My dreams have returned to normal and I am getting up earlier. It seems as if I am getting my life back. I see the doc in a couple of weeks. I have no trouble sleeping but I take an ambien so that probably helps. I am more active and have been cutting down on the painkillers. Less alcohol, smoking along with a little weight loss is probably helping keep the M 52 16 days

 4  depression Fast heartrate first couple of weeks, irritable and decrease in appetite This is my third time trying this drug. I usually end up taking it for about a month or two and get tired of taking a pill everyday and hate being reliant on something. recently thought about actually sticking it out on this stuff and see how it goes. So far just some irritability and decreased appetite. Mood seems to have lifted up a bit and seem to start feeling a bit better and focused. Get distracted easily. Taking the 150mg generic. Wanna see how things go with sticking with this dose. M 24 14 days
 4  anxiety, stress dry mount, increased sweats, inability were it not for my Ambien CR to get to sleep. After taking Pexeva for 3 months or so, at first I though things were great. I could deal with dry mouth no problem. Then my dosage was upped to 150. I started feeling this sense that nothing had concesequences, at least in terms of purchases. Late nights on ebay, you find a kitchen set you want but it's only a single piece, so you get it, but then you find a complete set and you must get it too, and so on til you feel like you're hoarding the stuff. Oh forget about that little thing called money. So I'm tapering off pexeva (which leaves me dizzy if i go too fast) and onto wellbutrin 150mg 2x/day, I'm hoping that the weight i gained from pexeva will be countered by the wellbutrin (and my workout regime). M 30 1 weeks

 4  depression agitation primarily... I just wanted to suggest to those who have not been taking wellbutrin very long (shorter than a month)that it may get much better. I have been taking it more than a year, and it pretty much saved me initially .. and is still helping. I had very bad experiences with other medications (paxil, lexapro) but my doctor kept working with me. We have to realize that we are individuals and so it may be different for everyone, but for me things did not improve for a couple of weeks -- and then got much better. Talk to your doctor and people you trust. Good luck to everyone --- hang in there! M 57 18 months

 4  depression The first few weeks were tough. "Speeding" feeling, anxious, and still depressed. After about 3 weeks things started to feel better.After 60 days it seems to have helped but I still don't feel that I'm "there" yet. Does it get any better as the months go on? M 52 9 weeks

 4  Depression/fatigue insomnia, ringing ears, anxiety, occasionally headaches In my experience wellbutrin has addressed the fatigue that accompanies my depression rather than the mood––its a perfect fit for this most recent bout of depression--my mood was fine, but my energy was low. I also took it in my early twenties. At the time I had both mood and energy symptoms––wellbutrin seemed to help with the energy which in-turn got me out exercising which in-turn helped my mood a bit. Overall a pretty good drug. M 31 3 months

 4  tired none provided a gentler wakeup that provigil M 51 1 months

 4  Anxiety I have started having the most awesome vivid dreams of calm, cool sexual encounters and best of all, even better than the sex...... everything I own is neat, clean, organized and in it's proper place. VERY Fulfilling dreams!! Have used it a eight years ago to quit smoking. It worked and seems to be helping with the anxiety and it's related problems. M 44 2 months

 4  Schizoaffective(Depressive) No side effects really, I took this along with Seroquel, and I was doing alright. The only mild side effect I had at first was mild states of anxiety that were only temporary. Was prescribed 75 mg twice daily. It helped a lot with my depression, even though took awhile for my body to adjust to it. You just gotta keep taking it. M 18 2 months
 4  Weight Loss Paranoid episode, weight loss, numbness to pain First of all, let me admit I went to the Doctor for weigh loss, because I want to lose 40lbs. And he asked me if being heavy made me sad: of course. So, I got this anti-depressent. And I loved it. Suddenly I could exercise for a long time and feel no pain. It didn't hurt my memory, in fact, I was sleeping better, and doing better with my memory too. I was losing weight. And I liked it so much, I decided to increase my dosage from 200mg a day to 400mg. After all I read on the internet, that 450mg was the max and that in test groups, those on the max dosage had lost the most weight. This contravened my doctor's advice, and boy, was he right, and I, wrong. On that day, I went into a severe paranoid episode, I thought I was going to die. Now, I'm happy to just take 200mg a day, and it works great. M 37 120 days

 4  ADD, Depression Dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, joint pain, agitation, increased frequency of urination. This drug commonly requires 4-6 weeks to achieve full effect. Until then, the side-effects seemed to outweigh the benefit. All side-effects except for joint pain have ceased. For me, this is a wonder drug. I have been taking it for over a year, and it has changed my life. M 49 18 months
 4  depression i began with wellbutrin xl (150) and i had the typical side effects like little waves of nausaea here and there and the feeling of being on caffeine and not being able to get to sleep till around 2 or 3 in the morning. these side effects went away when i switch to wellbutrin 75mg. i've been on it for 4 months now and i'm noticing that i'm getting really tired around 5 pm and have stopped going to the gym. i'm more social in the mornings but tend to avoid social situations after work and on the weekends. i'm usually in the gym at least an hour a day 6 or 7 days a week so this is a little unusual. i'm also really into cycling but the last two times i have ridden, i've ended up throwing up like crazy and then barely have the strength to pedal back to my car. i can't tell if these issues are due to the drug or due to something else - like getting older. otherwise, i'm happy with the drug - feel great emotionally (good spirits) do my current side effects sound familiar to anyone? i've been on 75mg for a few months now so my body should be used to it. just not sure if what i am experiencing is due to getting older (33) or if its due to the drug. i'm usually known for being mr in shape, mr outdoors, mr adventure - now i'm content to come straight home from work and watch tv or play video games (something i have never been into). i'm wondering if this drug is taking more away from my life than adding to it - or if i've become lazy. M 33 4 months
 4  Depression and Social Anxiety 2 weeks: Sudden, intense headaches. Irritability. Strained breathing (felt as if I could not take a full deep breath). 3-4 weeks: Now at about 275mg (I cut my pills into portions, so i dont take too much too fast) Slight irritability, but wearing off. Weight loss, approx. 6 lbs so far. Decreased appetite I started out very slow with this medicine. I had bad experiences in the past with other meds, so i wanted to start at a low dosage and move up slowly. I started at 1/4 of the 150, and moved up by 1/4 about every four days. After about a month now, I am at 275mg. My side effects have definitely faded. I experience occasional irritability. My appetite has remained smaller, and I've lost about 6-8lbs. I am already feeling better. More motivated, more energy, generally happy and satisfied. I would like to see more improvements though on my social anxiety. But, so far, I am very satisfied! M 19 1 days

 4  Feeling sluggish/lack of motivation Some insomnia, lack of appetite. This is my 3rd day taking it, and at 3AM this morning, it hit me. I feel like I have a rocket pack strapped to my back. I lied in bed, trying to fall asleep again but meanwhile, all I could do was think about anything and everything. The good thing was I could direct and focus my mind on anything I wanted. So I tried to think of the most boring thing possible, (creating a new cover letter for the job hunt) and I created it all in my head in a matter of 5 minutes in bed!!! I used to sit in front of my computer for hours trying to design a new one! Anyway Im liking this stuff, and I feel a productive day of work ahead of me....aaahhhhh!!! The only thing that concerns me so far is the inability to sleep for more than 3 hours a night. Otherwise its doing EXACTLY what I want it to do. M 30 3 days
 4  Depression Switched from Wellbutrin 300mg XL to Budeprion 300mg XL in January. Not sure if this is 'real' side effect; seem to be having a bout with hypo-mania/impulsive spending. Restless, hard to stay focused on one thing without getting up and wondering around. Some nausea & less appetite. Quit alcohol about 3 weeks ago, started on Naltrexone & Campral for craving & GABA reuptake balance. (These drugs work!) Not sure of the nausea because they both have that side effect listed too. Anxiety is also listed. So my perceptions are skewed. My doc is concerned I've been treating mania with alcohol for past 4 years. I choose 4-Satisfied because I am better but still have nagging issues which I feel are not being treated. Libido is good but not relaxed or what I'd call maritally normal. [No affairs - married almost 15yrs.] M 52 13 years

 4  dysthymia Insomnia, Shakiness, Narcissism (lol) I love how Wellbutrin makes me feel -- I've been in a funk for over a year now and I suddenly feel like I have a personality again, I want to be more social and I have a LOT more self-confidence. Here are the two complaints: I started it to help with focus & concentration and if anything I feel more distracted now (esp. by sex), also I love coffee but caffeine doesnt play well with Wellbutrin -- I feel really shaky, almost like having a petit mal seizure and I worry that too much caffeine or Wellbutrin could cause one. Now switching to decaf. Still pretty happy with the med -- Zoloft did nothing for me so it is so nice to have energy, ambition, confidence in excess. M 20 2 weeks

 4  menopause M 51 30 days

 4  Smoking Cessation First Week: Difficult sleeping thru the night. Vivid dreams (not bad ones, just intense). Wake every couple of hours. Get up early. Feel energetic, sleep 2 hours less per night. Third Week: Sleeping more This is an AWESOME aid to quit smoking. Using Wellbutrin and a good program, it has worked beautifully for me. Also, I think I have been mildly depressed for a large part of my life, and taking Wellbutrin has provided a welcome side effect of lifting that M 50 6 months

 4  Stop smoking Chest heaviness. Hard to catch a breath M 42 3 days
 4  Quit smoking and depression Disturbing chest pains and uptight feeling, insomnia which is no worse than my normal insomnia. I take 75 or 150mg of SR formulation 3 to 5 mornings a week to minimize these affects. Originally prescribed to quit smoking, I took the recommended 300mg a day for that purpose when I was not depressed, and it made quitting very easy. I'd tried only twice before, and both failed attempts were really agonizing. 300mg a day was damned unpleasant, and I discontinued Wellbutrin ASAP after about 2 months, but it really did just make me almost indifferent to cigarettes, after 30 years of smoking 2 - 3 packs a day. About 6 months later, I started to get really depressed; I had some Wellbutrin left over, so I tried it, and it literally relieved depression in a matter of a half hour like an amphetamine without any addictive or "crash" affect. I used Prozac for 3 months after running out of it, but I now take the small dosage of Wellbutrin I use now as maintainance/relapse prevention. It's affects are energizing for 3-5 days in a row, then it turns "mean" and I take a few days off it. I remain in a good mood for 2-3 days during these "drug holidays", then resume taking it again when I start feeling down. It continues to bring virtually instant relief whenever I resume taking it. (If I felt that I could stop, I would.) I have ADHD also; Wellbutrin has slightly helped some of those symptoms, but is far inferior to amphetamines for that purpose. M 44 6 months

 4  Stop Smoking I would be up till 2 in the morning and wake up for no reason like 2 hrs before my alarm went off but not be tired all day, after several days lost desire to smoke, now smoke free for 1month 1 week and have stopped taking wellbutrin 2 weeks ago For some reason while taking it i never got mad! M 19 3 weeks

 4  depression could not sleep 300 mg , overall very good, lately it's been tapering off might need to up the dose. M 33 6 months

 4  stop smoking & depression felt great on 150mg for two weeks, switched to 300mg for the last week, and tried to quit smoking. Since trying to quit have been increasingly irritable, developed a head cold, may be unrelated but isn't making things any better. Felt better on 150mg but want the cigs even less on 300. I like it, hope these aches and pains don't have anything to do with it. When that wasn't around I felt great. M 30 23 days

 4  depression, ADHD, anxiety None Helped with depression and focus but not with anxiety M

 4  depression major insomnia first two weeks muscle twitching began after about 8 weeks serious constipation gave me much more energy, but slackened back after being on it for a few weeks helped my depression almost immediately made me much more social, more impulsive (sometimes in a good way, sometimes bad), talkative made me want to get things done, alleviated attention deficit, helped me be more organized M 43 90 days

 4  Not motivated, Lexapro petered out Amped up (but manageable on lower dose), slight appetite loss, blurry vision, a little dizzy, slight twitchiness, excitibility (not all bad), increased dreams and libido (nice) I take 20mg Lexapro, which took some of the edge of depression. Fortunately had some really good psychiatrists and learned a lot about different meds. When Lexapro petered out decided to try to add A LITTLE Wellbutrin, the generic 100 mg tablet was prescribed. I know to GRADUALLY go on meds, so I split the 100 into two doses of 50. First day felt like I woke up. Second day drank coffee and my hands were trembling. I didn't have much of an appetite until i remembered to eat and felt much better. Believe some people are very sensitive to meds, have known this my whole life, so if a small dose doesn't work it doesn't mean to up it. The Nurse Practitioner intially wrote a script for 2 150 mg wellbutrin XL a day. Instead I convinced to write it for generic, which was really reasonable. I don't think I'll up the dose, just wait for the side effects to even out. I actually think maybe LESS than 100 mg a day might work. I like the idea of making a solution and taking it throughout the da M 50 8 days

 4  chronic pain, depression, anxiety decreased appetite. After taking it for 9 months, I developed a hand tremor. Wellbutrin helped me a lot and right away. Unfortunately after 9 months I developed a hand tremor and had to stop taking it. I then went on a frustrating journey of unsuccessful meds for more than a year before I just gave up and stopped taking anything. M 37 9 months

 4  depression My only negative side effect was a little anxiety. Benefits have been a healthy weight loss and incredible sex drive. I was suffering from severe depression and lethargy. Within a week that was gone and I was a little anxious. Now, after about 6 months, I'm really happy, focused and committed to my business and life! M 42 6 months

 4  Depression (major) As soon as I started taking Wellbutrin, I immediately experienced severe insomnia and must take Ambien in tandem to get any sleep. I used Celexa previously and felt like a walking zombie - not so with Wellbutrin. I do have increased energy and I'm experiencing somewhat improved focus and libido - which was basically nothing previously. Wellbutrin was not an instant fix for me - I still have had bouts of mild depression and crying spells, but more under control now. At least the thoughts of suicide have turned to thoughts of turning my life around. M 42 3 weeks

 4  severe depression incresed energy. insomnia, irritability, increased sex drive, have been on 150 for 5 days now .i have also been on 200mg zoloft for 4 months. the welbutrin has taken off the rest of the edge an helped with consintration. tons of energy. cant really sleep at night wake up fully about 2-4 times a night but dont feel tired in the morning. incresed sex drive but the zoloft brought that back to normal so its high now. slight irritability with everything. i want to get up in the mornings an cant wait to work. times of just feeling really good hard to describe just feeling really good physicaly an mentally just a really good feeling. M 5 days

 4  Severe clinical depression Doc just increased dosage to 450 mg and switched me to Wellbutrin xr from sr. I feel like my stomach is constantly in knots and I want to cry. On the plus side I have more energy and I am losing the weight gained on zoloft. Haven't had much libido, which is unusal. 13 years on these kinds of meds and side effects still suck. What happens when the cure is worse than the illness? M 34 7 days
 4  Depression Dry mouth, very sensitve inside my mouth and on my tongue, anyone else get that? Mild constapation. I have a very high tolerance for drugs so I jumped right in with the 300mg. Not had any problems at all so far, slight increase in sexual desire but havn't noticed any change in my disposition so far but still early days yet. M 41 2 weeks

 4  Bi-polar depression Jitters, insomnia, pounding pulse in head and neck. I had taken it in the past, but obviously never at a high enough dose. Finally my current Doc got it right. I am more energetic - physically and mentally - though still fighting symptoms. But now the fight is to change behavior, not to gather together enough energy to face the day. I save a significant amount of money buying 3 months worth at a time from Jandrugs.com in Canada. M 56 3 months

 4  Double Depression/ Suicidal very strong dizzy feeling to the point where i couldnt walk, nausia if i ate anything, jittery all the time, no feelings about anything i was on Zoloft before, and that made my depression worse, after switching to welbutrin i feel better, but the side effects are killing me M 19 6 days

 4  depression Unfortunately, as with Effexor, I had sexual side effects---difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. M 36 10 days

 4  Depression, Social Anxiety, BPD Dry Mouth, Occasional Anxiety, Mood Fluctuation First thing I did was stop drinking. I had a long time six pack a night (often more) habit. The doctor gave me librium for the insomnia and anxiety that come from the DT's, later switched to Xanax (Librium will put an elephant to sleep- too strong.) The Doctor put me on Paxil 25mg for the depression. She later said she uses Paxil first because it is fast acting. The Sexual Side effect had me back in her office 10 days later, when she gave me Wellbutrin 150mg XL. There is a noticeable change when transitioning off of Paxil and on to Wellbutrin. She also gave me Xanax to counteract the possible anxiety side effect of the wellbutrin. (Had one today, took half a 1mg Xanax and was cool again.) Wellbutrin takes a bit longer to kick in. 1 week so far and I only feel half as good as I did after 3 days of Paxil. I've been told it may take as long as 3 weeks to really start working. Staying 100% sober makes a big difference too, so I'm willing to wait it out. M 33 7 days

 4  depression none excellent. I could be "happier" but I started on 200 mg/day and went up to 300 mg/day and noticed no difference. Should I go off it and see where I am at? M 50 5 years

 4  depression weightloss, more focused, slight anger i took this a couple years ago to quit smoking. It worked like a dream! I quit smoking in the first week. I noticed it had great side effects, such as better focus and I didn't eat as much. I recently became very depressed and have started the drug again. So far so good. I had nightmares the first couple nights but don't any longer. I do notice I am easier to anger at times but it doesn't seem to be unmanigable. I have lost 10 pounds so far and am VERY much more focused and productive at work. I have to say though, I don't know if it helps my depression or just the side effects make me happier?!? M 32 3 weeks

 4  moderate depression TINNITIS! Otherwise, I notice less despair in my mood after only 2 weeks. Actually want to get out of bed. Minor effects: dry mouth, vivid dreams (both bearable) I can't believe there's only one other post mentioning ringing in the ears. By evening it's almost unbearable, followed by headaches (but I was already prone to them.) MD added Lamictal for mood swings and says it should help with the headaches. We'll see... M 42 2 weeks

 4  depression tinnitus (ringing in the ears). the main reason i'm adding this review is because after 6 months of not taking it, i'm still experiencing tinnitus. i'm wondering if it's permanent did help take the edge off of the depression and allow me to function so i could get better. M 47
150 2X D
 4  Depression Severe dry mouth, dry throat and dry eyes at 300MG. Some bouts of nausea. Very helpful for depression. Works quickly. Does not make me hungry or bloated like SSRI's. Have to lower dose to 200mg due to drying side effects. M 36 6 weeks
300MG 1X D
 4  Depression, social anxiety, 1st two weeks - insomnia, headaches, felt like it couldn't get a deep breath, slight panic attacks when mixed with too much caffeine, alcohol or over the counter cold medication. full month - cannot mix any caffeine, antihistamines, sleeping medication etc. Triggers slight panic attacks, irregular heartbeats, tunnel vision, etc. These side effects have not subsided. Had crappy common side effects the first two weeks; headaches, insomnia, etc. Also, I can hardly have any caffeine or take any time of sleeping medication with this drug or over the counter antihistamines etc.. It triggers mild panic attacks. Also, alcohol is a no no on this drug for me. If I get drunk, I'll have irregular heart beats the next day, have mild panic attacks, etc. Definitely not worth drinking heavily on this medication However, I was able to get back to a fairly regular sleep schedule about 2.5 weeks in to taking the medication. I rarely get headaches now... but occasionally at the end of a work day I will get a slight headache. I definitely focus more and am able to bust out some serious projects at work in half the time it took me before. I definitely feel lots better (and felt better almost instantly). Way more motivated to be social, hardly irritable at all, focus on thins better, not as fidgety, and generally just have feel better about everything. I was on lexepro before and had no sex drive, couldn't get off and felt almost manic. Here's my issue. I cannot mix ANYTHING with this. I took a generic day quil one day for a cold and got angy, agitated and wanted to bite someones head off. After two hours, I was back to normal. Caffeine is a no no (at least in large amounts), it triggers mild panic attacks. I didn't even realize I was having panic attacks because i had never had them until now. Has anyone experienced crazy drug interactions M 26 1 months
150 XL 1X D
 4  Deoression initial headache, lethargic Was on Zoloft for 3 years, became sick of sexual side effects, switched to Wellbutrin for 3 months, with good results. Then was given generic while on vacation. Continued on generic with bad results. Back on Wellbutrin XL. Feeling better, slowly. Wellbutrin and generic are NOT the same !!! M 48 4 days
300 1X D
 4  diabetic neurooathu none Does indeed work better than the lyrica class of drugs and without the side effects. M 73 5 days
150mg 2X D
 4  depression nervousness, dizziness, increased appetite relieves depression quickly not for anxiety though , had to take xanax too to calm down M 60 6 months
75mg 2X D

 4  Depression, anxiety Dizzy at first, cant smoke pot anymore or i get panic attacks.. not mentally, but just waves of anxiety I started on 150mg and now im at 300mg. Im wondering if anyone else had to get used to the medication again after going up in mg. M 30 2 months
300 1X D

 3  A.D.H.D. & Depression Insomnia, waking up much earlier than usual and not being able to fall back asleep, skin rash all over stomach and arms, gas I have only been taking for 8 days, and antidepressants usually take a few weeks to kick in, so I don't know whether it is actually working M 16 8 days
150 mg 1X D

 3  Depression Later in the day (3pm) I started having chest pains and rapid heart beat. My BP is fine but still rapid heart beat. Sleep interrupted. Anxiety is common 50 % of the time. I have been feeling an increase in tingling in my hands. Yes it does help my depression and weight control, but i don't like the anxiety feeling and rapid heart beat. I was more active with the meds, but with chest pain it's too much of a distraction. M 54 4 months
150mg 2X D
 3  bupropion ER no side effects that I know of. I have been taking Bupropion 200 MG once a day. The first week I have noticed an up in my mood, but later on (about 4 days later) I experienced one day when I was at the gym euphoria, I was extremely happy and smiling at everyone, I was making great plans for my business and everything was fine. Later there on, I have been noticing a huge lift in my mood, and also days of severe depression and hopelessness. One day I'm happy, the next no hope at all. This really far from what I was hoping for. I think this drug is making me realize more and more that I have bipolar disorder, I haven't experienced any euphoria before the meds, but now. It's rediculous. M 23 34 days
200 MG 1X D
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