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 3  Anxiety/Seasonal bipolar Loss of breath, increased blood pressure, chest tightness, dizziness, loss of appetite, weight loss, menstrual changes, panic attacks, sweating episodes My doctor started me on 150 mg to try out and all was great the first few days. I had so much energy and nothing bothered me at all. After about a week, my menstrual cycle started 2 weeks early and now I have it again when I'm supposed to get it (I am on birth control too) and I also felt like I hit a wall. I couldn't get up the stairs and once I did, I had to stop and catch my breath. This is not normal for me since I am a zumba dancer and can handle intense cardio workouts. I called my doctor immediately and she decreased the dose to 75 mg. The lack of breath isn't as bad, but I am still lacking energy. Nothing seems to bother me, but I also don't feel like doing anything. I had one panic attack on the higher dose and have not had one since. I am still sweating at random times during the day, mostly at night though and the lack of taste is something I can deal with. I am giving it a few more weeks and hope it is worth my time. My body is way too sensitive to these types of meds and I hope this one does work out. For now, I carry around a bottle of Inderal, Xanax, and an inhaler for desperate times. It scares me too many people are having bad reactions, but for those it helps, gives me some hope. F 26 3 weeks
75mg 1X D
 3  Severe Depression, irritability Positives: Rapid weight loss, Better outlook on life and looking forward to the future, Manageable anger fits, Increased sex drive, Better, more restful sleep. Negatives: Extreme loss of appetite, paranoia, moody, sleeping A LOT, memory loss, blank spaces in my day. I get sick whenever I think of eating, going as far as thinking that I hate food in general, when I do eat, I'll get half way through my meal and then have to stop because I get nauseous, even the smell of anything food related makes me sick, EXTREME paranoia, to the point where I was pacing back and forth being worried that I was going to die, harder to wake up in the morning, always aroused for no reason, I have periods of time in a day that I cannot remember, increase muscle pain in my legs, including tingling. In general, I'm better off than I was. I'm stable, but when the side effects kick in, they kick in really hard. I am on the generic version of Wellbutrin. After reading other posts, I think I might try the real deal, although, I think if that if there is THAT much of a difference, the pharmaceutical companies should stop and think REAL hard about playing roulette with people's lives. M 26 3 weeks
150 MG 2X D
 3  Depression and mild ADD F 26 4 months
75 1X D

 3  anxiety/ celexa sde effects initially- severe dizziness,increased anxiety and depression, ability to orgasm returned, loss of appetite, decreased desire to smoke, irritability, agression, hostility, severe nausea, increased desire to be alone Initially I was ready to kick myself for switching from Celexa to WXL 300mg. I was wondering if ever having an orgasm again was important enough to feel like crap. The dizziness was unbearable as was agression, irritability, and hostility. Once those were gone, the nausea kicked in. Today is the first day I feel somewhat normal (for me). I can have an orgasm again, which is great. I am still waiting for my anxiety to be as subdued as it was when I took celexa 40 mg. I did feel increased depression and anxiety initially, which really pissed me off. I was ready to call it quits and then I read some of these postings and it made me feel better to know I wasn't alone. I actually am starting to feel better. If anyone is going through this and is feeling like it will never end, I have been there and in 9 days they are gone and now I can just sit back and let it do it's thing. I don't know yet if this is the medication for me, but at least I am feeling relief from the side effects. F 26 9 days

 2  antidepressants increased anxiety F 26 3 months

 2  Severe depression, extreme anxiety trouble staying asleep, shakiness, headaches, cloudy headed, nausea, no appetite!! I currently take 40 mg of fluoxetine the generic form of prozac, .05 of clonezepam 3 times a day, and now wellbutrin xl 150. My doctor put me on this because my panic attacks were coming back, and I was starting to have crying spells, and anxiety was getting bad again. He says my clonezepam was wearing off after almost 2 years, thats why I was put on Wellbutrin. Am on day 4, and hopeful from what I read..The sleeping disturbance is the worst part of all, since when my clonezepam worked, I had NO problems sleeping through the night. I do feel more focused, and have more energy. too soon to tell though. F 26 4 days
 2  Depression extreme sweating this drug made me feel like a zombie. i've been off it for 2 months and my armpits are still constantly sweaty. F 26 4 months

 2  Depression Rapid heartbeat, Problems breathing, shaking, anxiety, lightheadedness, insomnia This drug made me feel like crap. I thought I was going to faint when I started taking one whole pill at 60mg. I felt like my heart was going to explode and I couldnt catch my breath. I felt like a had drank 10 cups of coffee. It was like a coming off a bad caffeine high. F 26 7 days

 2  smoking cessation Dry mouth, foggy brain, metal taste in mouth--were all tolerable for the first 2 weeks (on 300mg). At the 3 week mark, however, I began experiencing panic attacks, severe nausea and vomiting, headache, nervousness, crying for no reason, paranoia, loss of appetite...I had to force my doctor to take me off it. I have a hypoglycemic friend that this medicine worked wonders for. She never experienced any of my side effects. So, it seems to be a mystery why some people respond positively to it and others do not. I did quit smoking though, so I'm calling it a hard lesson learned. F 26 3 weeks

 2  smoking cessation I was fine for the first 3 days, since upping my dosage on the fourth day I've been anxious, irritable, have dry mouth and bad taste. Today is the worst yet, I cried for absolutely no reason and I feel like I'm on SERIOUS uppers. I have no appetite at all and have to force myself to eat. I called my Dr. and asked if I should continue to take the pills and she said the side effect usually lessen within 7-10 days, is this true? I'm not yet noticing a huge change in my desire to smoke although they are starting to taste a bit strange. F 26 5 days

 2  depression speedy heart rate, paranoia, increased anger, loss of libido, extreme memory loss, feeling flat emotionally(as an opera singer this sucks!) I am grateful that Wellbutrin has been able to help me quit smoking (5 mnths clean!), but the price has been too much. It has really dampened my sex drive - I normally have a high sex drive. But since taking WB my drive has disappeared. Moreover, I've developed some really anxious behavioral traits. I'm really anxious and can have a difficult time making eye contact with people. My thoughts race. My memory sucks. My PMS has skyrocketed and I'm almost dangerous during that time. Most of all I no longer feel like myself. I'm going to stop taking the WB, with the guidence of my doctor, and go the route of talk therapy and spiritual exploration. F 26 5 months

 1  depression/anxiety increased anxiety, suicidal thoughts, agitation, increased sweating DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! I have taken prozac, celexa, paxil, zoloft, and effexor in the past. I've been on lexapro for a while and wanted to switch due to feeling fatigued. My doctor raved about the benefits of Welbutrin XL and urged me to try it. I started at 150 mg for 2 weeks and have been on 300 mg for 2.5 months. I haven't had a major depressive episode in over two years. I have been suicidal and EXTREMELY anxious and agitated. Get as much info as you can before you decide to take this poison!!!!!!!!! F 26 3 months

 1  Depression Insomnia, heart palpitations, panic attacks. I took Wellbutrin 200 mg/day for about 4 weeks before I got the heart palpitations. I awoke in the middle of the night thinking I was having a heart attack (I was 25 at the time). It felt like my heart was skipping beats. I had never had anything liek this before, so I went to the emergency room and they told me I was having a panic attack. I backed off the wellbutrin a little but would still get heart palpitations througout the day. My doc put me on another anti-depressant and it made my heart feel like it was vibrating. I stopped taking anti-depressants altogether and I am happy again (thanks to my wonderful fiance), but I STILL have heart palpitations sometimes, esp. if I see something upsetting on TV. The effects last long after you stop taking the drug, so beware! F 26 2 months

 1  Anxiety and Depression Panic attacks I have never had such bad panic attacks as I did with Wellbutrin. I felt like I was going to pass out and sweat was dripping off of my neck. This happened twice in two days. I do not reccomend this medication to anyone. F 26 2 days

 1  depression Did not work, depression more intense, anxiety, insomnia, irritable, emotional I was put on wellbutrin to try and fix the sexual side effects from lexapro....which I was still on. This medication made my depression basically come back. I cried for no reason, could care less about anything, and it did not come close to helping me. I got off wellbutrin after just 3weeks. I've been off it for 2 days now. Back to lexapro and things are already so much better. Id rather deal with 1 side effect with lex than spiral back into my depression with wellbutrin F 26 3 weeks
150mg 1X D

 1   *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~***75mg/2x daily***~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* felt like bugs crawling all over my skin. auditory hallucinations. Unable to perform any task that required concentration. Extreme insomnia. Heart palapitations. Loss of appetite. Loss of short term memory. Can't taste food. Quit smoking. Headaches that would last for days and days. Developed rash on face. it comes and goes. Felt disconnected from my body. BREAST TENDERNESS. Paranoia. I was very scared to be alone in my apartment (I have a giant window and i was deathly afraid of it-at night). Mood swings. The stuff made me feel crazy. Increased sexual desire and increased sexual sensitivity. Caused vivid dreams. The pros just didnt outweigh the cons for me. 26 2 weeks

 1  anxiety/depression hyperactive, irrational thoughts, suicidal thoughts, dry mouth, tremor, insomnia, extreme hair loss, major mood swings/crying episodes I was prescribed Wellbutrin from my primary care doctor because I had gone to him with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately it was the WRONG drug for my anxiety (which was the primary issue) -- the drug made me super hyper and just completely miserable. I felt like I was on a speed-like high all the time but couldn't concentrate or remember anything. I couldn't sleep and had several crying episodes a day where I just felt absolutely desperate. This drug made my anxiety much worse -- it should never have been prescribed to me! I'm on Zoloft now and am totally back to my normal self. Please be cautious when using Wellbutrin -- it's a scary, scary drug. F 26 14 days

 1  Depression Severe headaches and severe nausea. First couple of days on Wellbutrin were great. Then it was all downhill. I had severe headaches, with pain in areas of my head I could actually pinpoint, I was not able to eat much without throwing up, I was afraid to drive for fear of getting dizzy ( something I have NEVER experienced). I was so scared I went to urgent care. Was told to get off Wellbutrin, works differently for everyone. F 26 5 days

 5  Depression Slight headache first couple of days and a bit of anxiety ONLY at first. I've tried zoloft ( worked great for a few years), paxil (decent but horrible sexual side effects), however both of these did work well for Major depression but most of the side effects eventually caused me to continually stop the medicine. WEllBUTRIN- i've had no problems while on this medication, the anxiety I got first is gone with a few days, and there are NO sexual side effects. Very happy with this medicine. F 27 5 months
 5  depression from quiting smoking the only side effect I have had is an itchy rash on the backs of my hands and on my forearms I quit smoking 5 months ago on my own but found myself getting more and more down. I wanted just a little help to get me over the depression from quitting. The medication is wonderful. I feel great and have noticed many changes in my disposition since being on it. I really am concerned about the itchy rash. I've had the rash for about 2 weeks now and am hoping that it will go away. I really don't want to stop taking the medication because I am having such great results. Does the itching go away? If anyone has any info, I would greatly appreciate it. F 27 30 days
 5  depression/anxitey the first 4 weeks were not fun...very quick to anger, bigtime moodswings, just didnt feel for me this is a great alternative to the slugishness/weight gain/obliterated sex drive experienced on the ssri's. its rough in the begining, but well worth the discomfort. it has a very refreshing energizing effect, allowing me to accomplish much more during my day and still have energy to exercise and play with my daughter, wich in turn help keep depression at bay. highly recomended. F 27 8 months

 5  Major depressive symptoms mildly increased sex drive, increased thirst, insomnia I really like Wellbutrin. It's been about the only thing that has worked for a long period of time for me. I've been on Zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro, and Paxil. Zoloft and Lexapro were the only two that didn't create major side effects, but did not even out my moods. Effexor changed my eye sight and made me paranoid, and Paxil created a chemical bipolar change which caused hallucinations. Wellbutrin has not made me gain weight, which I love since I am trying to lose weight. I will have to take depression meds for life, and I plan to take Wellbutrin as long as it works! :) F 27 30 days
300mg 1X D

 5  depression first couple weeks on 150mg i had dry mouth and absolutely no appetite, up to 300 mg now and no more dry mouth, still no appetite. I sleep much better now and no jittery feelings. I have tried many of the SSRI's and they never worked for me and took my sex drive completely away. I am now on 300mg of wellbutrin for depression and 10mg of lexapro for anxiety. I have no sex drive, which i think is from the lexapro so i'm gonna stop it. I have lost weight over the last month as well. I really think this drug has worked really well, you never know how something is going to affect you until you try it. I recommend doing just that. F 27 1 months
 5  Stop Smoking / Depression / Anxiety At first, I had horrible stomach cramps and even barfed once, but in retrospect, probably could attribute that to one-a-day weightsmart vitamins, which contained those speedy ingredients that cause that. Once I stopped the vitamins, the stomach pain stopped. The only real side effects, then, were increased sex drive & satisfaction and weight loss (which are very welcome side effects!). Have not had a single cigarette in 23 days! Have not obsessed over them, or the variety of other things I used to obsess about over the course of the day. I feel like a normal human being for the first time since childhood! I have also taken Paxil and Celexa for depression, and this is by far the best solution for me. This is a miracle drug for my purposes, and I couldn't imagine not having it now. F 27 1 months

 4  dpresion/add the only side affect I ever had was tremors in my armes It's a great drug.I still have depresed times. I'm bi-polar. but when I'm on wellbutrin my depresion never reches the point when I feel disprate. bacicly it takes the edge off so I am ablie to funcion and have a normal life like other people F 27 3 years

 4  Anxiety & weight loss I just started today and i am nervous but anything can make me feel better then I do currently. I was not to smart and I cold turkey stopped my Celexia 8 days ago. I have been plaqued with depression ( never before), anxietym, hard to breath,headaches and pure sadness I hope this works for me...any advise F 27 1 days
 4  Depression When I first began taking Wellbutrin XL (150mg), I felt inexplicably anxious, perspired more than usual (especially my feet) and had dry mouth. All of this went away after the first couple of days. Then, I would have slight dry mouth and would occasionally suffer from headaches and very slight nausea for 20-30 min. at a time. It might've increased my libido, and I think it may have helped me keep my weight down. After awhile, it was only very rarely that I had adverse side effects. Now, after 2 years, I was put on Bupropion several weeks ago (the generic version, same dosage), and I experienced jaw tension 1 time, increased anxiety, and muscle pain in my legs and buttocks for the last five days. I'm not sure how the two versions are different or if my recent problems resulted from the switch to the generic form. I do know that the non-generic form was perfect for me, and I'd still be on it if my insurance would permit it. Before I began taking Wellbutrin, my depression would often make me feel overwhelmed. I would lose my concentration really easily, was often late to work, and would end up lying on my bed because I lacked energy and motivation. On Wellbutrin, I am better at keeping things in perspective. I still have my moments of depression, but they do not overwhelm me. I do not get everything done that I want to, but I have the energy to get more things done. The only side effects I experienced on the NON-generic form were slight and rare, and the positive effects far outweighed the negative. At first, I felt a little ashamed for "popping a pill to be happy," but it was what I needed to succeed in life, and it was the right decision. This made a big difference in my life. F 27 2 years

 4  PMDD, Anxiety, Mild Depression First of all, DO NOT take the generic Budeprion SR. I took this for 4 days and was borderline suicidal, crying, upset, zombie.. you name it. Worst experience of my life. On 150 mgs of Well XL for one whole month: Drymouth, Nausea, Dizzyness, Lightheadedness, very upset stomach (esp when taken with caffeine), some trouble falling asleep but would sleep well when I did. Almost all of these disappeared after 3 weeks. On 300mgs of Well XL (in my second week now): Late afternoon breathing difficulty (or feeling like I need to burp but I can't), but I soon realized that if I eat something substantial, this goes away. Some slight tremors, difficulty talking, spaceyness. BE PATIENT!! It took a good 2-3 weeks for the side effects to go away, and they come back when you increase the dose. It takes a few weeks for your body to adjust. For the first time in a few years, I was not a raging b*tch the week before my period. I can focus (think I have some mild ADHD too), my sleep/wake cycles are much better, I no longer have anxiety attacks when I have to present something, and in general, has made me a much happier person. No more negative ruminating! Definitely helped arousal (though not sure about orgasm... not sure if I've ever had one!). I'm going to persist at least until the end of this month and see how it goes - if the 150mg was any indication, I should feel like a 10 in about 2 more weeks. Good luck and get well soon! F 27 7 weeks

 4  Major Depression Upset stomach, headache, dizziness, ringing in my ear, This is the first and only anti-depressant medication i've ever taken. It felt really strange on my first day because after just an hour, I felt a difference. I had a rush of energy and then after a few minutes my stomach started feeling funny and I started getting dizzy. I had a headache throughout the day but strangely enough it didn't bother me as much. I was also a bit spacy and loose track of time easily. today is my second day. I didn't a headache at all, my stomach gets funny when I get hungry but if have something light to eat, it goes away. My advice is eat something substantial and healthy before taking the pill to avoid upset stomach. F 27 2 days

 4  Depression Itching on hands, scalp, genitals, back of knees, chest, and neck. Different spots at different times, comes and goes. I am on week 4 of Budeprion XL (generic) 150mg. It has been working wonderfully until the last two days when the itching kicked in, apparently one of the more rare side effects. Every day of the last three weeks has been great. I feel calm, centered, positive, and focused -- no more severe depression, crying fits, mood swings. I'm not having trouble sleeping, no dry mouth, no ringing in my ears. Just this sudden onset of itching, especially the palms of my hands, groin, and my scalp. Not sure if I should stop taking it or not. F 27 4 weeks

 4  ptsd/anxiety/add very energetic, nausea i've tried 7 ther medications and i think this will be the one. i take 150mg of wellbutrin and 25mg of lamictal. my husband saw a difference the first day. you could talk to me without getting your head chopped off. less angry, but so energetic i don't know what to do with myself. i can't sit still at all. F 27 3 days

 4  Smoking cessation I'm experiencing them right now and can't decide if I can live with them for three months, if they don't subside. I can't concentrate on anything, I feel like I can't think. I'm dizzy all the time, and nauseous. I have a constant headache in my temple. It's hard to tell exactly what it's from with the smoking, of course, because I'm going through nicotine withdrawal at the same time. I don't have the urge to smoke very often. After meals and with coffee. I cut down drastically on my coffee, which probably has contributed to the headaches. I really want to stop smoking, and I think I can do it with this medication. But I don't know if I can feel muddled and sick like this for three months. F 27 2 weeks

 4  Depresion / bulemia poor appetite, hard to catch my breath, easy to anger, a feeling of wanting to stare at the wall all day.Not able to sleep. I am still waiting to see what the overall outcome will be in about a month. F 27 5 days

 4  slight depression/quit smoking headaches, lack of appetite, dry mouth, slight insomnia, increased sex drive, anxiety, annoyed/angry i have been taking this for about a month and most of the side effects have susided except the increased sex drive (i mean waaay increased---i was alright in that dept to begin with but now it is distracting---dreaming of sex, wanting it ALL THE TIME)and decreased appetite. i have to remember and force myself to eat, once i start to eat i am fine. i have also noticed my memory has gotten bad. but besides that i have increased energy and overall happy with the effects. if my memory keeps getting worse, i may stop, that freaks me out. in the first 2 weeks i must say i wanted to stop b/c of anxiety and out of control anger and crying bouts. i had two episodes of this at my dosage increase, but after that i have been good. i have not wanted a cigarette since day one, and alcohol doesnt appeal to me either. F 27 30 days

 4  Depression In the beginning--it made my head have this tickle sensation when I would look at certain things or in certain lighting conditions. Loss of appetite, no real change in mood. I couldn't perform athletically like I did before taking the med--became winded after 10-15 minutes. Poor memory. No change in not feeling anything/experience any joy. All of that changed after 5-6th week. Currently--No longer sad or angry. Regained some focus at work. Being more proactive in my life and making choices. Lost 13 lbs so far. I still cant really perform where I used to athletically--I get winded so fast and my heart races uncontrollably. Over the past week I have experienced constant nauseousness. I fall asleep generally within 20 minutes (used to take hours). I get up better in the morning. It has made my periods change a little, nothing drastic or for the worse..just different. I have been experiencing some head-cold like sensations in my head the past few days (unsure if it has to do with the me I haven't had any bad reactions when having alcoholic drinks on this med. I do get buzzed after one or two drinks now (where I used to drink 3-5 on average), so if anyhting it has limited my social drinking. The only weird thing I can say has changed, is I remember everything visually, but I can't remember much mentally. It's so weird! I did abstain from consuming drinks the first few weeks of going on the meds (was terrified of the seizure stuff!) as I wanted my body to adjust to it first. F 27 63 days
75x2/75x1 2X D
 4  Depression I went out to dinner and had a glass of red wine and within 20 minutes was covered head to toe in a rash. The doctor then took me off the medication I really enjoyed Wellbutrin and have not found an antidepressant that works for me since. F 27 60 days
75 1X D
 4  Depression/Anxiety none so far Even though I have only been taking this medicine for a short period of time I have not experienced any of the scary side effects that I hope I never have to. I have noticed a slight change in my moods...I dont have as many bad thoughts,my crying outburst have lessened and for the first time in a while I feel hope. All of the other antidepressants I tried in the past made me feel jittery and worse than before. I hope I finally found something that works. F 27 5 days
150 1X D
 4  depression in the beginning: (these didn't all happen at the same time) nausea, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, ringing in ears, constipation, dizziness, weight loss (10 lbs), insomnia, increased urination, headaches. currently: nausea (if i haven't had enough to eat), constipation (but eating foods with fiber helps immensely), ringing in ears (it only happens when it's dead silent), dry mouth in the morning, maintaining weight lost. i wouldn't say that i'm overtly happy all the time but i do have energy to get what i need to get done and i'm not as anxious/depressed. mind you, i'm also in therapy. before i started wellbutrin, it took forever to wake myself up each morning and i absolutely had to have my coffee to function. i don't even think about drinking coffee now and i have more energy that i ever did before. F 27 2 months
150 2X D

 3  ADHD symptoms Weight loss; occasional paranoia ; increased energy & productivity; shaking/trembling feeling; auditory hallucinations Of course the weight loss and increase i'n energy was phenomenal bc it came off it seemed like w/out even trying and the increase in energy certainly helped my workouts but w this came tremors and frequent auditory hallucinations- it was so strange! I would have this song playing like it was playing right beside my ear & sometimes songs I swore I had never even heard before!! It was so crazy- this would occur almost every night right before I would fall asleep- it got intense to the point where I heard voices- thinking that someone was yelling my name is another room- that was it for me!!! I stopped cold turkey- F 27 7 months
150mg 1X D
 3  depression Headaches first 2 days, marked tiredness after increasing dose and some jittery feelings. No problems sleeping, no increase in libido as of yet. Started at 150mg and just increased to 300mg two days ago. After increasing, last two days I've gotten really tired in the middle of the afternoon. I'm still feeling as depressed as before, haven't really noticed much of a change in mood yet. I was irritable before from the depression and I don't think it's gotten worse, but not gotten better either. I don't think I've lost any weight (no scales to check) and I do seem to still have my same appetite. I'm hoping to see some positive effects soon. First time I've taken anything for depression. Don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm taking the generic form. F 27 8 days

 3  stop smoking and headaches emotional i crave less cigs hard time sleeping i feel shaky and just mellow it has helped my headaches. My emotions are very happy or very upset kind of feel like im on a rollercoster im gonna give it 2 more weeks.I hope everything evens out I really want to quit smoking F 27 6 days

 3  dysthymia, major depression tooth pain, disorientation, confusion, terror attacks (far beyond a panic attack and lasting for hours), fear, difficulty sleeping, nightmares, headache and sharp pain in head, woozy, dizzy, arm and hand tremors, jittery, nervous, crying outbursts. decreased appetite and increased libido. Not everyone can take the drug cocktail recommended in the previous comment. Depending on what other psychological and physical health issues you have, taking some things might make you really sick or send you right over the edge. I definitely feel that bupropion is making me crazy in ways I never was before, but I'm trying to stick it out until the 2 week mark, at least, and my next psychiatrist appt. Hopefully the side effects will abate and I'll see some *improvement* in my mood. But just so everyone knows, it can make you feel all that stuff I listed -- and that really sucks. I rate it as somewhat satisfied only because I don't know yet whether it'll help me or not, and I had to pick a rating. I do know some people that it has definitely helped. F 27 10 days

 3  Mild depression Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, seem to need less sleep than I used to. Physical restlessness, tension in muscles. Increased sex drive, but trouble reaching orgasm. Periods where I am spaced out. Weight loss, reduced appetite. I'm not sure if I will stay on this medication due to the side effects. F 27 3 months

 3  to quit smoking lightheaded, euphoric (day 1), agitation, quick temper, mood swings. I took Zyban 3 years ago to quit smoking and loved the results--I lost weight and felt great about the change I was making in my life. I picked up smoking again last year and thought that I could just go on wellbutrin and quit gracefully again but the first few days have been tough. I find that I'm having mood swings and for the first time in my life I have a really short temper. The temper thing sucks because after I get angry, I get really sad that I hurt the person's feelings, thus the mood swings. I'm going to give it another couple of weeks though because I can tell already that my desire to smoke is gone--I just miss feeling like me. Ironic that an anti-depressent has made me such an emotional basket case... F 27 3 days

 3  Depression, anxiety Dramatically INCREASED libido and orgasmic capability, increased anxiety, depersonalization, jitters/increased energy for the first week or so. For the first month or so it was great- it was like a light had come on and I was free from the awful depression. The dramatic effect gradually passed and it seemed like the drug stopped working for me. I'm doing better now on Celexa, but I do miss the libido boost and extra energy I got from the Wellbutrin. F 27 3 months

 3  Depression insomnia, anxiety, running thoughts, slight depression, constipation, nausea F 27

 3  bulemia Sweating at night, talking in sleep, rapid heart beat, more energy in the first month which goes away, decreased appetite, less urge to binge and purge. About 5 years ago i started on prozac, which was supposed to help with eating disorders, but I could NOT have an orgasm, which is very important to me! So my dr. put me on Wellbutrin. With Wellbutrin i have no sexual side effects. I stopped taking it (suppose ignoring my problem) but have started up again. I went 10 days without vomiting and felt like a million dollars, then I had to go to another psych for insurance reasons and she wouldn't write me a prescription because it specifically says do not take if you have bulemia! SOOOOO, i was devastaed and started back in my old routine. I pretty much called her and cried on the phone, I was willing to take the risk to feel better and worthy of living! I am trying so hard, but I have been dealing with this for, lets see, 9 years. Sad, but true. F 27 8 months

 2  depression Anxiety, energy, abnormal behavior, tension, increased depression, crying to the point of hysteria, severe headache that did not respond to otc painkillers and persisted until I stopped taking it, mood swings, emotional numbness, irrational thoughts, severe insomnia I started taking it to supplement Prozac. I had very little energy and wanted something to give me a little extra do-ativeness First day I felt very ADD, couldn't focus on anything. I wasn't acting normal. My boyfriend complained that I was very distant and not 'present' when we were together (though my behavior didn't feel strange to me). I had severe anxiety, started clenching my jaw constantly (had to get a mouth guard to keep from grinding my teeth at night), and the tension gave me a headache that only vicodin helped soothe. Finally stopped taking it after two weeks because my boyfriend was so upset by the change in my behavior. I had to promise him I'd never take it again while we are together or risk destroying the relationship-which is a LOT more important than a little extra energy. F 27 2 weeks
150 mg 1X D

 2  bipolar depression headaches, head pressure (as if my brain was being squeezed), irritability, negativity, fatigue, increased libido and sensitivity for the 1st 3 days and then slight decrease today. also noticed a heavier depression when drinking First day was like a stimulating coke high w/out all the extraneous nonsense (i.e. drips, making brunch plans with losers you've never met). I was smiling, laughing, yapping away, complimenting everyone and had a bright and beautiful outlook on the future. The next day, the excitement died, like an inevitable come down. Very aggravating since I was so excited about the initial effects. My prolific doctor girlfriend says I need to stick it out for at least a month. That the side effects will subside and the drug will kick in. I'll give this bullshit 3 more weeks, and if i'm not singing to the moon and laughing at garbage cans, i go back to fish oil, exercise, and percaset champagne. M 27 4 days

 2  dysautonomia, difficulty focusing Don't fall asleep until later than usual, but then sleep ok. First few days were fine, but then have had one bout of anxiety and 2 of dizziness in the last couple days. The weird thing is that I also feel like I'm sick when I take it: feverish, with hot/cold flashes, nauseaus, muscle pain, and even have a weird taste in my mouth that is just like when I'm sick. The one day I didn't take the drug, these didn't happen. I don't think it's been long enough for the benefits to kick in. I'm just wondering if these side effects are at all normal or whether they're a sign that this isn't for me. M 27 6 days
 2  Depression, AD-induced SSEs Agitation, Agitation, agitation, sexual side effects (!) If you like speed, this just might be your thing M 27 10 days
150mg 2X D

 1   Dizziness, Numbness and tingling in face. Blurred vision. A headache that lasted several days. Difficulty sleeping. Crazy dreams. I took t his drug for all of 4 days and I will never take it again. By the fourth day I felt like I was going to have a stroke! Even as I'm writing this I still have a headache. It is not a good drug. I took it to stop smoking - I think i'd rather smoke than be on this drug! F 27
1X D

 1  anxiety/depression insomnia, nausea, dizziness, crying spells, rapid heartbeat, racing mind, irritability, brain feels stuck in a fog/dream state, increased anxiety and depression, loss of appetite Do not start taking this drug while looking for a job/trying to make good impressions; I've been taking it for 7 days now and I feel like I'm going crazy. Due to all of the side effects I've experienced, I've had to cancel a job interview, and I feel completely stuck and unproductive. I can't even think clearly enough to continue with my job search, let alone type this sentence. I have NO appetite; I basically have to force feed myself and I CANNOT handle another sleepless night! I gather that it seems to take at least a month for the side effects to subside, but I literally can't afford to wait that long to feel like myself again, so I'm done with it. F 27 7 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Depression No effect at all, did nothing for my depression. F 27 2 months

 5  Situational Depression mild nausea (goes away if you eat while taking the meds) and mild anxiety My therapist recommended that I start an anti-depressant to help me deal with my divorce. I fought this suggestion for a while until my GP encouraged me to try this medication. I can not speak highly enough of this medication. I am now able to handle my emotions much better and feel much more positive about my life. I have experienced increased energy level, and sex drive. My side effects were mild at best. I would highly encourage anyone that is considering this medication to give it a try. It's been amazing for me. F 28 3 weeks

 5  depression, anxiety, OCD Just a little weight loss... but no other side effects.. F 28 3 weeks
125 mg

 5  ADHD Terrible headache until I adjusted to the dosage that works best for me - two 100's twice a day. I have slight hand tremors and some thirst. The headaches went away and the other symptoms are well worth the results. I feel like it changed my life by making me able to keep track of things, pay bills, and concentrate on what I'm doing. Everyone is different but this really works for me. F 28 9 months

 5  Depression Felt awake and alive and had energy again. Stopped obsessing about food all the time and lost weight. Love sex again. Love it. If you hated Paxil and the weight gain from that try this one... F 28 2 months

 4  Seasonal affected disorder, overeat First 3 weeks were miserable: daily headaches, spotting, serious bleeding post-sex, dizziness, GI distress, irritability, stomach pain. First month was rough, and dosing up was bad. Almost stopped but wanted to give it time to work. Depression icnreased first 2 weeks. After leveling out at 50mg/2x a day for last 8 weeks, I have more energy, fewer nights on the couch doing nothing, and yes, increased libido. I love red wine but one glass now gives me a pounding headache. Small price to pay. F 28 10 weeks
50mg 2X D

 4  depression My sex drive and orgasmic response has increased incredibly. Taking Prozac really took away my body's capacity to respond to my husband, but it's back and better than ever. THe past week or so I have been wanting to have sex at least once per day and I have amazing orgasms now. F 28

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