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 4  Depression The only side effect I experience was a "wired" feeling for the first couple days, and then again when I increased the dose from 150mg to 300mg. I was very worried about side effects but have only experienced that one. It is also helping my depression. F 26 1 months
300 MG

 4  Adhd, depression I used wellbuturin with 150 mg of effexor xl. The first week on it I felt the honeymoon stage which I had a little euphoria and was able to get up and go in the morning with a lot of motivation. It works good for my adhd but at times I felt moody, paranoid, sensitive to sound and tight muscles. I believe most of those side effects just mentioned had a lot to do with mixing energy drinks and coffee The moodiness is from not getting a good night sleep. Emotionally I feel more "love" for people, organized, and can concentrate. I think this drug helps most with motivation and concentration for me. Side effects dissapear with no caffeine use and a good night sleep. F 35 1 months
300 mg

 2  Bipolar depression Hypomania and the worst side effect was sleep interruption , every night I would wake up around 2am and it would take me an hour to fall back asleep. This recent trial was my second time with wellbutrin and I had prev sleeping problems with it also.. M 54 3 weeks
Not sure

 2  severe depression At first it gave me Energy .I take prozac 20mg with it. I did good for a week then started fatigue crying within 10 mins of taking them. My Dr lowered dosage an it worked for a little while. Now I'm back to crying fatigue depression worse. Awful dreams. Crazy thoughts an absolute paranoia.going to Dr tom to talk about it. I really wanted the wellbutron to work as over the years I've had to change my meds quite a few times. F 57 4 months
150mg1/2 3

 4  mood swings unable to focus Dry mouth.slight constipation.i notice a more rapid heartbeat when i increased the dosage to 300 mg first 3 days was 150 mg F 51 4 days
300 mg

 3  depression none Helped with mood relatively well, and somewhat with energy and motivation, though not a lot. M 28 6 months
450mg 1X D

 5  Depression When I started bupropion in addition to the fluoxetine I'd been on, within 2 days I had side effects of chattering teeth (no chilled feelings though), general shakiness (handwriting got terrible), pretty significant loss of appetite, and worsened my already present insomnia. Also, my eyes would randomly become dialated as if I was high as a kite. It was a lot of weird side effects, but they did go away after a couple weeks. I find that the medication is worth it, it did a great job of regulating me and I feel like I was let of tiny cage ever since it kicked in, it's awesome to feel human again. F 26 10 months
150mg 2x d
 5  depression Bad tast in mouth M 41 3 years
 4  Depression Oddly enough, I actually gained weight while I took this. The one side effect that is not expected. Good for me though - I lose weight when depressed. It does cause pretty bad sweating in my hands during the day and all over while I sleep. So bad that I have to get up and change clothes so it disrupts my sleep. No other complaints from me. Easy to take as far as antidepressants go and very easy to come off of it if you need to. No head buzzing like Paxil or Cymbalta. Really helps with depression for me. I have taken it two different times in my life and both treatments started to help significantly within two weeks although I felt a bit better before that. Helps with overall anxiety, helped my appetite, no sexual side effects and no nausea. Does cause terrible night sweats but most of them do for me. Pretty happy with it. F 42 2 years
75mg 1X D
 1  Depression I took Wellbutrin for about 2 months or so when I suddenly had a Grand Mal Seizure and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. I have never had a seizure before this. I also have a rare spinal cord disorder called Syringomyelia, so I spent 3 days in the hospital because when I had the seizure I fell off the couch while convulsing and with my spinal condition they took it very seriously! The doctors determined that the seizure was caused from the Wellbutrin cause it was the newest medicine I had been taking. This was the first depression med that I had took that didn't make my head feel weird, so I thought I finally found something that I could take with out all the bad side effects, boy was I wrong. My doctors all decided that I shouldn't take ANY type of anti-depressants cause none of them agree with my body!! Just be careful when taking anything like Wellbutrin. F 32
150 1X D
 4  Depression I am currently taking this medication. I am coming off of Effexor XR 150mg and having a hard time of it. Wellbutrin is helping to lessen the horrible withdrawal and is curbing my appetite and giving me more energy. I am not eating emotionally like I used to. While I am not severely overweight, I have already begun losing weight. It does cause me some dizziness if I don't take it around the same time every day, but so far through the withdrawal I am seeing positive changes. F 22 2 weeks
 1  Depression Unable to sleep, constant hunger, VERY, VERY, VERY irritable. Couldn't take it a day more! F 38 7 days

 2  depression Anxiety, acne, constipation Did not help with depression, but didn't gain weight. Had a lousy doc that didn't see this wasn't the med for me. Never again. Anxiety through the roof. F 29 1 years
1X D
 1  depression Welbutrin put me in a very bad mood; irritability, lingering fatigue, inability to think clearly, very anti-social, self isolating. F 41 10 days

 2  depression Anxiety, energy, abnormal behavior, tension, increased depression, crying to the point of hysteria, severe headache that did not respond to otc painkillers and persisted until I stopped taking it, mood swings, emotional numbness, irrational thoughts, severe insomnia I started taking it to supplement Prozac. I had very little energy and wanted something to give me a little extra do-ativeness First day I felt very ADD, couldn't focus on anything. I wasn't acting normal. My boyfriend complained that I was very distant and not 'present' when we were together (though my behavior didn't feel strange to me). I had severe anxiety, started clenching my jaw constantly (had to get a mouth guard to keep from grinding my teeth at night), and the tension gave me a headache that only vicodin helped soothe. Finally stopped taking it after two weeks because my boyfriend was so upset by the change in my behavior. I had to promise him I'd never take it again while we are together or risk destroying the relationship-which is a LOT more important than a little extra energy. F 27 2 weeks
150 mg 1X D

 4  depression, SAD Tinninitus, After working through 3 SSRI's (zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro), my Dr and I finally settled on Wellbutrin for the last 10 years. While SSRI's let me get a good nights sleep, felt a little zombi-like, and made it almost impossible to orgasm. Wellbutrin also normalizes my sleep, and ability to orgasm is back to normal. I know Wellbutrin is leveling my sleep, because I have tried to stop several times over the years, and my sleep very quickly goes to insomnia. 150mg stops me from hopeless crying, and improves my depression down to low, from medium, but does not cure it entirely. When I tried 200mg, I started to feel buzzed and agitated. Went back to 150. Did not experience any headache on Wellbutrin, but a constant killer headache on Effexor. I started this journey 15 years ago with panic attacks and Zoloft to stop them. As soon as I got a stable nights sleep, panic attacks stopped, and my dispair improved. I have stayed on depression meds ever since, for me Wellbutrin has turned out to be best. M 58 10 years
150 XL 1X D

 4  mild depression, obsessing M 50 2 weeks

 4  Depression Slight agitiation at the start, which improved over time Like another reviewer mentioned, be careful about the dosage you're taking. There's regular Wellbutrin, Wellbutrin SR (sustained release) and Wellbutrin XL (extended release). Having taken the once-a-day XL in the past, I failed to notice my new prescription was for SR. I was taking 2 pills at once, rather than 1 pill twice a day. No wonder it wasn't working as well as the first time! Good results now that it's all sorted out. F 44 3 months
150mg 2X D

 2  depression, anxiety, OCD I started with 100mg and I'm currently taking 300mg a day. It hasn't improved my depression at all and I've had an increase in anxiety and panic attacks. It really helps with controlling the intrusive thoughts caused by OCD. The side effects are terrible:constant trembling hands, insomnia, very dry mouth all the time, restlessness, and it's hell on my eating disorder. F 19 4 months
300 mg

 3  Depression It helped when I needed it. Insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss(went from 29 to 26 inches around my waist in 5days), dry mouth. Learned to force myself to eat within the first 10 days. My suicidal thoughts were reduced into merely cutting myself 3 times when panicking. Increased panic attacks. I enjoyed being more active and the weight loss from being terribly depressed and trying to end my life. However after a while insomnia kicks in and it's no longer fun, so my doctor and I decided the side effects were outweighing the benefits after 4months. Recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder II. F 24 4 months
150 MG

 3  Depression,Anxiety Very hard time getting on this med. I stuck with it and it helped more than anything else I tried. Now I am quitting wellbutrin because I have been losing hair since April-alot of hair. Be warned that regardless of the drug makers claims of hair loss as a rare side effect, it is much more common then they would have you believe. Try it because if it works for you it will make life so much better. Just know if you start losing hair after 3 or 4 months and it's falling out longer then the 3 month normal shed cycle, it is probably this med. causing it. (I've lost about half my head of hair). I read about people losing hair on wellbutrin but of course it wasn't going to happen to me. So just a heads up guys. F 38 9 months
300mg 1X D
 5  depression, anxiety, OCD Just a little weight loss... but no other side effects.. F 28 3 weeks
125 mg

 4  Depression Severe dry mouth, dry throat and dry eyes at 300MG. Some bouts of nausea. Very helpful for depression. Works quickly. Does not make me hungry or bloated like SSRI's. Have to lower dose to 200mg due to drying side effects. M 36 6 weeks
300MG 1X D
 2  Depression My anxiety went off the charts. I loved that Wellbutrin gave me energy, but the burden of anxiety wasn't worth it. I also had spikes in my blood pressure. Overall I would only recommend this to the depressed who can't get out of bed. M 40 4 months
 5  depression I feel so much better in regards to depression. I have been beating my self up, saying I'm no good loser. I would never speak up at team meeting at work even though I had things to add, just a lot of self doubt. Now with Wellbutrin, at my last teem meeting I smiled and talked and felt amazing not an awkward lady. I did get rage bad in the begining. Threw a bag of chips at husband for example. Its calmed down but not gone away. My family would rather deal with a little anger than a depressed mom. Also dry mouth and heavier period than usual. F 37 10 days
150MG 2x

 3  decreased libido, lethargy, bipolar Irritability (in beginning), nausea (must take this after a meal), short crying spells (sentimental reasons, mostly). F 35 4 months
200 mg
 1  depression Crying spells and servere panic attacks F 32 3 days

 3  ADHD Over the nine days I took it, I got more and more restless, and had severe outbursts of crying. Just sat there, listening to iTunes, crying, crying, crying. Felt good somehow, though. Like a release of suppressed feelings. So the cying was acceptable. I'd assume it would stop after a while. But on the 9'th day I had a panic attack. Couldn't sit still, was restless, and panicked. Felt really drugged. I should maybe have continued, to see whether the panic attack was a one-time affair. Wellbutrin seems very unique in effect. Might have been worth it. M 33 9 days
150 MG 1X D
 3  To come off of cymbalta Dr put me on Wellbutrin to get me off of Cymalta, which I was on as a pain med, but it changed the chemicals in you brain. Cymalta caused me to gain 30lbs in 1.5 years, so Wellbutrin is to help me lose that as well. I am going about 2 weeks now, today it just started bloating me, I look 9 months pregnant and I am a little gal. I am hoping this will pass. I can say that it has completely taken away my appetite and I have already stopped smoking. F 29 2 weeks
 4  depression/smoking cessation itching, insomnia, dizziness, nausea Pretty good med. It seems almost fairly common (according to the internet anyway) for some people to get itching or rashes around the 3rd week of taking wellbutrin xl. F 42 27 days
150 xl 1X D

 4  depression Okay i have given this drug a good while to see it true effects and i would like to be very honest with those reading. I like this drug BC i have more energy, i believe that i take things in more stride than i once did and i believe i feel happier with it. Now here is what my husband and friends say. They want me to stop BC the suicide ideation is more real than ever. When its good its good, when its bad its bad. Strange i know for me to like taking this drug. But in truth drugs that alter chemical balance also alter perception. If anyone else believes they may be experiencing similar thoughts plz email me. I don't want to put everything on here but it is always positive to speak to those with similar experience. That being said, i still find it a helpful drug. People just need to be careful with any of these types of drugs. F 26 6 months
150mg x2
 3  mild depression Very little side effects--thirsty in the first few days. i am waking up 1 hour earlier than normal with no need for an alarm, but it could because I moved to a new apartment and still am adjusting to space/light. I was a little spacey for the first 1-3 days and now I pretty much don't feel anything, except I'm a little more industrious. On my doctor's recommendation, I am going to up the dosage to the 75mg 2x a day and I will repost after a few weeks of that. F 36 12 days
75mg 1X D
 4  Depression Horrible migraines, i felt like my head was swollen, pressure and tenderness around my face, vision problems, sharp head pains F 25 1 months

 4  moderate depression for 10 years No side effects from the start. I've always had a low libido and recently learned my free testosterone was 0 instead of a more normal 300 for a F, so I don't hold wellbutrin responsible for that. I used to cry myself to sleep several times a week and went into a "self pity" spiral after an upsetting event occurred. Since wellbutrin I've cried maybe 2-3 times in 3 yrs and over an appropriate event. I'm able to let arguments and mean things people say or do only mildly upset me. I use exercise to get over those things. sometimes I'm still sad for no reason, so I'm considering asking my doc to increase my dose. F 53 3 years
150XL 1X D

 5  stop smoking Nausea..vomiting ...lightheaded ...dizzy...kind of a floating feeling...sleepy...no appetite ...and no desire to smoke. Hate the side effects...but worth it F 36 2 weeks
 5  Depression, extreme Fatigue Anxiety, insomnia, increased sex drive, decreased appetite, shortness of breath, heart palpitations. These side effects are mild and for the first time in 6 years I finally have the motivation and energy I need to get through the day. I'm happier and the increased sex drive was a wonderful side effect. F 26 2 weeks
300 mg
 4  Severe Depression & anxiety Trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, reduced appetite, headaches, feeling of weakness after very little movement (such as climbing a flight of stairs), dry mouth, some intermittent irritability, some intermittent shaky hands, increased libido. Most of the side effects I am experiencing are not bad enough to make me stop taking the med, and I'm not having the side effects that would cause me to stop (nausea & vomiting - I have emetophobia). What I have noticed is that the constant anxiety I was having is either gone or muted....as in, I can feel that there is anxiety there but it is not affecting me. I am having less suicidal feelings and thoughts since starting this medication. My feelings of extreme hopelessness have mostly disappeared. I have eliminated caffeine from my diet because it seems to cause anxiety symptoms & I am not a big drinker of alcohol but I have had no issues with the occasional social drink. Overall, this drug is working well for me so far. My depression and anxiety are both long term health issues and situational. I have hope that after the situational issues are resolved, I may be able to drop from 300mg/day to 150mg/day. F 43 4 weeks
150mg 2X D

 1  adhd just started to take it 6 1 weeks
30 1X D

 3  depression, suppliment to celexa Most notable side effect is tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Also bad headache the first two days. Otherwise, no other issues. I do feel a bit more alert and engaged in daily activities. The feeling of brain fog is slowly disappearing and I can focus on tasks and conversations better. M 46 7 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Depression Headache, nausea, lightheadedness, drowsiness, discomfort, anxiousness, anxiety, excessive perspiration M 18 4 weeks
150 2X D
 5  Depression, GAD, Bipolar Disorder Temporary insomnia on commencement Extremely effective in comparison to SSRIs: minimal side effects maximum benefits M 50 30 days
150 2X D

 3  major depresion Loss of appetite F 34 6 months
300 mg

 3  Major Depressive Disorder It took 4 days to have enough in my system to stop crying all the time. May have to back down dose because it causes a little mania. I was told I shold take it in the morning but it makes me very sleepy so I make sure to take it at night. I sleep all the way through with no problems. (2mg Klonapin) I so want a drug that will work for me and want this to be the one, but I'm not sure it is. At least I'm not severely depressed today. F 44 7 days
450 1X D

 5  Husbands death caused 1 yr depression None Sex drive is the same (normal-high), I feel more clear headed and productive at work. I seek out others to converse with at work more. I am very happy with it and I'm glad its working positively for me so far. F 32 1 weeks
150 1X D
 5  quit smoking. None. I lost all Desire to smoke after a week of taking it. I couldn't stand smokers around me even. Awesome med. If you need to quit smoking, stay away from the Chantix, yet Wellbutrin first. M 34 3 months
100 mgs
 5  Clinical severe depression The best side effect of all: relief from clinical major double depression (severe depression and dysthymia). An activating drug, which was perfect for me as I was previously too tired to do anything. After I started taking it, I actually wanted to get out of the house. It was my own personal miracle. I pay cold hard cash for brand name as I believe generic in this drug is not as effective, and I have no interest in risking it. It's the only drug that has worked for me, and I've felt normal for years. But I will never, ever forget the absolute and complete dreadful misery of depression. I don't ever want to go back to feeling that way again, and I will never take this medication for granted. Thank god for Wellbutrin. F 45 12 years
450 1X D
 2  Severe Depression Horrible headaches Dizziness Apathy Sleep problems I took Wellbutrin in 2003, and it was wonderful. I was taking SR twice a day. It gave me energy, I lost weight, and I felt very happy. This XL is horrible. It helps the depression, but I get terrible headaches from it. It takes two Ibuprofen and two naproxen together to get rid of them. Dizziness is another problem. I thought the headaches would go away after a couple of weeks, but they haven't. Sometimes I have to skip a day just to have a pain free day. At first, my concentration and energy was off the charts, but now I'm really apathetic and have no energy at all, but can't sleep at night. I'm going to the Dr. end of the month and ask to be taken off of this medicine. F 60 6 weeks
150 xl 1X D
 3  Depression/ Anxiety The most noticeable side effects early on were inability to sleep (was then prescribed Trazadone, which helped) and irritability, which lasted off and on for the first 2 weeks. Also, while I wasn't taking it for smoking cessation, it naturally made me smoke considerably less because the desire for smoking just didnt enter my mind nearly as often. Having used drugs recreationally in the past, I was really wanting to 'feel' Wellbutrin right away... like popping a percocet, but of course that wasnt the case. You will notice the benefit of this drug in retrospect, i.e. "wow I drove 50 miles in total silence with the radio off (its usually ALWAYS on to keep my mind calm) and didn't get pissed off at a single driver!". This NEVER would have happened without Wellbutrin. Its just a small example... Ive also noticed much calmer demeanor in general, increased energy, more of a desire to do stuff (randomly clean the house, pick up after myself, and "care" about how my house looks--being so depressed I never have anyone over so its nice to see that I care more about improving my surroundings for my own benefit). M 32 3 weeks
 1  depression Jitterness, trembling hands,nausea. Appetite loss, headaches, extreme anxiety and sadness, crying F 30 9 days
 3  To quit smoking. I was on wellbutrin for years until I lost my insurance temporarily and couldn't afford them, then when I went back on this drug, the entire reaction was different. I have every side effect that was possible with this drug and I'm thinking of just not taking them. Everything tastes bitter, I can't even think of food without feeling nausea, and I feel shaky and weak. I didn't have any of this the first time I was on them and I'm wondering if taking the full dose right away was a mistake, perhaps I should have gradually went to 4 a day, I'm not sure if that would have helped but I know I can't go on like this. F 53
4X D

 1  depression Slowly growing feeling of anxiety. After about two months complete anhedonia followed by constant day-long panic over the anhedonia. Had to seek out diversions such as TV's 'Fear Factor' to try to get my mind off of the panic. One morning woke up and knew that I would kill myself; told wife to put guns in gun safe, locked it and told her to hide the key. Two days later checked into mental hospital for severe depression. Great for weight loss; during my months long panic I lost over 45 pounds. M 52 5 months
150 1X D
 1  Depression Increased anxiety, jittery, felt like I was on speed, changed the taste of food ad beverages, trouble sleeping This medicine cause my anxiety to increase drastically. I felt like I was racing on speed while taking it and caused my hands to shake constantly. I got no relief from this medicine at all, but instead it made things worse. F 37 3 weeks
150 2X D

 1  Depression Very sick to stomach, head ache, tiredness, Steven Johnson's syndrome I had been on this 21 days when I broke out in huge blisters. Started on my shoulders and progressed. By the time this reaction was over I had been put in an induced coma, on life support system, had kidney failure and my skin sloughed from HEAD to TOE!!! F 45 21 days
150mg 1X D
 4  Depression So far no appetite change, I now have a quiet mind and I'm focused. This has brought me so much relief, I didn't know I wasn't able to focus! I do get minor palpitations but I'm used to it as I've had panic disorder since 2006. These palpitations are hardly noticeable compared. The bitchy edge has been lifted and I'm able to relax. I laugh more and things don't irk me like they used to. I'm able to feel love and sadness still unlike SSRI drugs, I don't feel like a zombie. The first day I experienced the high people are describing, I was super SUPER productive that day! That didn't last, I haven't felt it since. I'm waiting to see if it'll pick up my motivation. That hasn't improved much yet. I'm pretty chill now for the most part and if this is the most I get out of it, I'll take it! Better than ripping people's heads off at the drop of a hat and hating life! I am not experiencing sweating like I did with Prozac and celexa, that was so horrible I couldn't take it. I'm definitely not feeling the full effect yet which is why I gave it a 4. Who knows what could happen in the next few weeks but for now I'm very relieved! F 32 7 days
150 XL
 3  Depression HEADACHES! AND DIZZINESS. but it gave my tons of energy. F 17 8 days

 4  depression tinnitus (ringing in the ears). the main reason i'm adding this review is because after 6 months of not taking it, i'm still experiencing tinnitus. i'm wondering if it's permanent did help take the edge off of the depression and allow me to function so i could get better. M 47
150 2X D
 5  Severe clinical depression, smoking Started out feeling a little "high" from these, but after a few weeks I felt more normal again. My depression did not just go away, but I have felt less hopelessness. I have also taken Lexapro, which didn't seem to help but gave me severe night sweats and lower sex drive. I sometimes have a hard time sleeping, and my appetite is very low. I may be agitated sometimes, but overall my mood is better. It took me a couple of months to quit smoking, but I finally did. I think this has been very helpful and the benefits outweigh the side effects, at least for me. F 31 3 months
100mg x2

 4  Depression Head ache, weird taste in mouth, dry mouth I was so scared to take this because of the side effects I've read about, but I'm proof that everyone is different. I'm usually very sensitive to any kind of meds, but I'm tolerating this better than an antibiotic! I just took my third pill and hour ago and feel so good! I get a boost of energy but at the same time a sense of calm. I do not recommend drinking coffee while taking this however. Caffeine seems to bring on anxiety symptoms. I tried Prozac several years ago and it made me so sick I had to stop. With Wellbutrin, I wish I had started sooner! F 33 3 days
150MG 1X D

 1  supplement to lexapro severe reaction...loss of balance...loss of speaking ability...hosp two days... M 52 10 days
150mg 1X D
 5  Depression from Pituitary Adenoma On the very first day I experienced a slight version of the "Wellbutrin Honeymoon," when I felt almost like the 'real' me again - even though there was a little dizziness or weird feeling like my head was a little heavier. I also was lucky I was next to a sink about 7.5 hours after my first few doses because my stomach convulsed so hard & fast, I projectile vomited for a half a second & then it was over, like it never happened! I thought, 'WHOA! Where did THAT come from!?' I decided to stick with it because people who have that honeymoon experience will generally be helped by the drug & stabilize a few weeks into treatment. I also experienced a 4 PM crash but that went away when I started the 2nd dose started after the 3rd day. This is the 2nd time I tried it. The 1st time the initial effects of it scared me & I quit before I got to experience the benefits. I also came to this site after googling my side-effects & this site is actually what made me overreact. I think that sites like these can contribute to people's anxiety & fear. This time I will hang in there. Anything's better than being depressed! Just give it the appropriate length of time & DON'T PLAY INTERNET DOCTOR! Just relax... It's not a drug being pushed by sales reps right now, so I'm sure if your doctor prescribes this, it's because he/she thinks it will help. (Obviously use common sense & if something is really wrong, then talk to the dr & switch; but don't let sites like these be the reason you don't hang in there because you could actually be closer than you think to feeling better!) F 30 6 weeks
150 2X D

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