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 3  Quit dipping Sore jaw, headache, some insomnia I came across this site to try to find an explanation for the symptoms I've been experiencing. I had tried Nicorette gum in the past year for a day or two at a time to give up a 20+ year dipping habit, but then started to use it full time almost 3 months ago and haven't dipped since. Felt great until about two weeks ago when my mouth and jaw started to hurt a lot. Just went for a dental exam because I was scared it might be oral cancer and thankfully was given a clean bill of health. Now am convinced it's the Nicorette and I WILL be done with it within the next few days. I am scared about what this seemingly safe product might do to by body. I would advise avoiding using this gum because it is very addictive and may not be as safe as many believe. M 41 3 months
4 MG 4X D
 5  to stop smoking the only side effect I experienced was not wanting to smoke. This worked very well for me and i did not gain any weight when i quit smoking I have not had any side effects, but I am completely addicted to the gum. I went from 4mg to 2mg (10-15 pieces a day) a few years ago to "ween" myself off the gum. I wanted to stop because it literally controls my life - i had to have it at all times. ALL times - on a hike, at my wedding, swimming, gardening - you name it, i also chewed the gum. I was petrified to stop, I knew the withdrawals would be terrible. MUCH to my surprise, there were no withdrawals. I started chewing regular gum and I am fine. I am a "mind over matter" type of person though. I realized what this was costing me and did not want to continue putting chemicals in my body. Once i internalized that and made my decision, I was fine. I chewed A LOT - taking one out and immediately replacing it with another. This is a mindset, as is the decision to quit smoking. Quitting smoking was WAY harder than quitting the gum. JUST DO IT. F 38 8 years
2mg 10X D
 3  to quit smoking - increased heart rate - nausea - hair loss - pimples (mini cystic acne) on face - dizziness It helped me quit smoking but now Im addicted to Nicorette. Damnit. I have to chew at least 6 a day. Now I really have to quit because it's expensive, not meant for long term use, and I don't feel as if it makes a difference when I chew since my tolerance have gone up (chewing 4mg per time). Besides, my jaw's starting to hurt a bit. I guess the best thing to do is keep your mind occupied and stop thinking of smoking or chewing. F 32 1 years
 1  Quit chewing tobacco Throat swelling, heart palpitations, frequent sore throats, enlarged lymph nodes, painful gums, receding gums, enamal wear, muscle weakness, sore neck, My only advise is to either quit smoking/chewing cold turkey, or to slowly wean yourself off by reducing consumption. I have used these lozenges since November 1, 2012 and never noticed withdraw symptoms from quitting Skoal which I used for 10+ years, smoked for 10+ years before that. Reason is that this is basically just a different "brand" of what I have been trying to quit. This isn't a tool to replace, this is a more expensive "Brand" of additiction which no doctor will say is bad for you. They all will say use only for required time (12 weeks or so) then quit. Yeah, whatever. I've fallen asleep at night with a lozenge in thinking these are just fine for you! Hey, they only have one harmful chemical in them (nicotine) compared to the hundreds in tobacco! Only this is concentrated nicotine, unregulated (sure it's FDA approved, so was DDT, sucralose, and others). This stuff will cause cancer, straight up. I have a son, and do not want to die before he graduates high school, so I quit chewing tobacco. I was very proud of myself. Now, these things are going to cause me harm and it is impossible to stop. I am going to slowly wean myself off them and be done, for good. No more of their poison, thank you. M 41 2 years
2 MG 10X D
 3  9 years of Nicorette addiction Nicorette started out as the perfect alternative to smoking while at work. Clean, discreet, fresh breath and my much loved nicotine buzz. 9 years later I'm 30 years old and chewing 10-15 pieces of 4 mg a day. That's a lot of nicotine I've realized!!! I'm chronically dehydrated, nauseous all the time , have unexplained weakness, low blood sugar, food cravings, dry mouth, racing heartbeat at bedtime, heart palpitations and random tremors in my chest throughout the day and lightheaded ness a couple hours each day. All around I feel like something is not right but I've learned to live with my symptoms and tolerate then. Hard to remember what I use to feel like. If I don't chew the gum my symptoms drastically improve... Only problem is, I'm addicted. Yes, I will cry without my gum and the day just doesn't go on without it. Something that makes me so sick, yet I allow it. This stuff is a bad thing to get started on, especially if you really enjoy the sensation nicotine gives you rather then the actual act of smoking F 1 days
 5  to stop smoking I got the runs!! Better than cancer. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS ME STOP SMOKING. I FEEL GREAT! M 42 4 weeks
 1  As a "safe" source of nicotine Insulin resistance, weight gain, inability to lose weight, dental problems, lowered estrogen levels, reduced libido, tinnitus, swollen lymph nodes in neck, utter dependence. Vastly more addictive than cigarettes. After years of not smoking (was never a heavy smoker) I stupidly bought a box of Nicorette gum thinking it would help me through a stressful time in my life, as cigarettes had done in my 20s. I also hoped it would help me control my weight. Not so much. Turns out even moderate use led to hormonal changes and insulin resistance - both of which led to weight gain. It took two attempts at quitting this gum to succeed, and I was a light user compared to many. It took a major effort that included exercise and nutritional approaches (controlling blood sugar with supplements -- cinnamon and alpha lipoic acid -- daily aerobic exercise, and a diet rich in Omega 3s and low in carbs) to succeed. I did a ton of research, then waged all out war against this addiction and finally won. The weight fell off in the process. My libido is back. The tinnitus is gone. Nicorette is poison. DON'T START. It is very, very difficult to stop, and the stuff takes a serious toll on your health, even with moderate, but prolonged use. F 44 2 years
1-2 10X D
 2  gum, inhaler -massive wrinkles, aging almost overnight -gums receding considerably -did manage to quit smoking for over a month but skin and gums in disrepair...My skin and gums almost look worse after than before quitting smoking. -I beg you to remove Sucralose even if gum will taste bad...remember that smokers inhale distasteful smoke..we are used to it, so gum without artificial sweeteners would benefit us much better without the dangers of artificial sweeteners. As a former smoker, I never, ever, never, never wanted sweetness when smoking. I enjoyed the inhalation. I hate sweet, sugary substances. Get rid of that dangerous substance of Sucralose, Aspartame...these chemical substances are dangerous whereas the body can't metabolize them. -Results of using Nicorettes on a daily basis: massive wrinkles, aging almost overnight -Results of using Nicorettes on a daily basis: gums receded considerably -Results of using Nicorettes on a daily basis: did manage to quit smoking for over a month, but looking in the mirror, my forehead has wrinkled considerably and my gums have receded to the point of no repair. Over the time span of quitting smoking, my face and gums have aged considerably. I am worried I may loose some teeth as the gums have risen far too high yet I cannot afford a dentist for a consultation F 47 2 months
4 10X D
 1  Stop smoking Horrible. Horrible. I have chronic hives , high blood pressure, still joints,stomach aches , diarrhea all due to this gum. Get off it today. F 52 8 years
4mg 20x a
 1  to quit smoking cigarettes I have lost a lot of hair, I used to have very very thick hair. I also have tried many times to quit without success. I have withdrawals sick & cranky F 57 3 years
4 mg

 1  To quit smoking without gaining kgs Bloating, heart palpitations and irregularity. Mouth sores in the beginning and it chewing too many. Painful joints shoulders/ fingers. Constant Pins and needles in big toe left foot. Broken fillings/ teeth. Hiccups. Mood swings when I run out of gum. I am on day 2 of quitting cold turkey ! I ordered some Big Red gum online ( cinnamon) set the date for quitting (the day after Australia Day) so far so good?? Have had a few cravings but they pass quickly. Had really bad insomnia last night. I am determined not to be a slave to the gum for the rest of my life. NRT has controlled the last 15 years of my life, not any more. F 50 15 years
Up to40 mg 1X H
 2  To stop smoking Ruined enamel on my teeth, and I never had any dental problems! I have been using this sine 1990, I have not had the urge to smoke, but as time went on (like any drug). I required more and more of it. Originally was using 2 mg, then started using 4mg in 1997 to present. I have been weaning myself off it for the past 2 weeks. I am down to 2 to 3 pieces a day. Highly addictive! If you are going to use it, monitor yourself. I have spent easily over $60,000 on this horrible addiction. F 47 22 years
4 mg 2X H
 4  To Quit Smoking I have had multiple crowns and root canals. I often get bad canker sores. I assume these are due to the Nicorette. I need this like a drug addict needs Meth! F 52 14 years
4mg 2X H
 4  To stop smoking I have used intermittently for 8 years. I still get the urge to smoke but instead use Nicorette gum. I have experienced no side effects although I believe I am still addicted to nicotine but am now taking steps to reduce the amount of gum I use. F 34 8 years
4mg 10X D
 4  To stop smoking cigarettes. My blood pressure was normal before i.e. when I used to smoke(110/70). Few days ago I had difficulty breathing and mild pain right between my chest. I got myself checked and the problem was elevated blood pressure (150/110). Right now I am on some blood pressure medicines ( ACE inhibitors etc.) and Klonopin (1 mg ). It was hard for me to quit but now I stopped chewing gum and smoking cigarette altogether. My condition is improving these days. I found it more addictive than cigarettes but can not blame it completely. It depends more on the will power of the user. Does what it says. M 26 2 months
8 MG 7X D

 1  Quit smoking severe stomach pain M 54 1 days
30 mg 4X D

 2  Quit smoking Started 4mg 10x per day 6 years later about 30 2mg a day. I quit when I found it has caused Rosacia and a very red face after taking. Also went to dentist for what I thought was a filling that fell out, turns out it was a hole in my tooth, dentist says I have worn 25%-50% of me teeth, they though I was grinding teeth when I slept but when I am in deep sleep I have my mouth open. M 35 6 years
30 2 mg

 1  To help quit smoking cigarettes Asthma, foul breath, insomnia, unpleasant dreams, bloating, gas, constipation, possibly contributed to stage 3b chronic kidney failure (glomerulosclerosis) This "medicine," manufactured by Big Pharma, is just as addictive as tobacco cigarettes. I've been chain-chewing these things for 8 full years, and I'm now done with being a slave to this product! I've switched to e-cigarettes -- vaporizers -- which is a much gentler nicotine delivery system. (I use the Volcano brand of e-cigs; their e-fluid is made in the US, -not- in China). Seven days now with no gum, and I already feel much better! Don't start chewing Nicorette because you might end up with a brand-new addiction and a whole host of health problems. F 54 8 years
4 mg 2X H
 3  Quit Smoking Initially no ill effects. Effective in stopping smoking. I didn't follow the regime, and continued to use Nicorette after quitting smoking. It led to loss of taste, especially the loss of taste of salt. After 8 weeks of not using it, taste returned. Using one last pack, I began to have sensitivity in the mouth and noticed a marked reduction taste. I'm done with nicorette. Use as directed, and make sure you taper and quit use as directed. If needed, join a support group. Nicorette is for eliminating addiction to nicotine. It is not intended as a substitute for nicotine. M 57 12 months
2mg 8X D

 3  To give up smoking My gums are bleeding and they are receding at a fast rate - very addictive . I would not recommend this product although it's helped me to cut down smoking . I would not use this again or recommend nicotine gum !! Doctors and nurses don't warn u of receding gum a M 28 49 days
2mg 9X D
 3  To stop smoking many years ago F 46
2 mg X 15+ 1X D

 1  Stop Smoking I gave up smoking many years ago (15+) and took up Nicorette gum. I became totally addicted and was only able to stop about 6 months ago. this process was extremely difficult as I believe that Nicorette is much more addictive than smoking. Do not touch this product to give up smoking Very expensive. These guys are making a fortune by selling and extremely addictive product at substantially more than cigarettes M 56
80mg 2X H

 3  Quit smoking Instant and intense heartburn. I've been smoking for only six months. Maybe I'm on too high of a dose but not even smoking itself gives me such intense heartburn. take some fast-acting heartburn meds along with your gum! F 51 2 days
8 mg 2X D
 1  To quit smoking Addiction. Tmj. Ache, hives and rashes. Throat inflamation and hard to treat infection. Extreme dry mouth. Repeated Sinusitis. Stomach upsets, bloating, gas, pain. Insomnia. I gave up smoking in the hopes of becomming healthier, my only complaint was asthma. The gum has left me with more problems than I had before and I sincery regret ever touching it. Even if I try smoking again I still crave the gum and have been known to smoke and chew the gum at the same time. Although I now crave the gum more than ciggerettes even though I loved smoking snd oked heavily for 15 years! Ive been getting reocuringly poorly since shortly after starting the gum, the severe sore throat and infection and ache being the worst, previously I had never suffered from spots or ache ever before in my life, not even as a teenager! im now 33. I suspected the gum may be csusing me problems and eventualy its gotten so bad it propted me to curiously find out online if otherd were having similar issues with the gum, and I found mamy were having similar problems. Its made me realise that nicotine is a poison, and there is no 'safe way to ingest a poison' ridiculous to even suggest there would be. As far as Im concerned I had my last piece of gum an hour ago and the rest is going in the bin. I just hope now eventually I get rid of this latest severe 6 week throat infection, thats if it isnt something worse caused by the pure poison in the gum. I also think that nicotine from the gum stays in your body longet than it would from cigerettes, at least the bsd effects may well. F 33 7 months
2mg 1X AN

 1  Quit smoking addicted to gum 5YEARS I finally found someone actually many others addicted to the nicoteen gum honestly thought it was just me i quiet 5 years ago have not had a cigarette in 5 years but chew the gum every day approx. 15- 20 pieces a day 4MG I don't know what to do I'm so scared, I just am begging to find answers, I had cancer once that's why I quit smoking in first place... But was ovarian cancer... But decided to quit to be safe, smoked for 25 years I am a 39 year old single mother and I am just begging for help! I don't know what to do or where gotten anymore I'm losin my mind, I went and bought an electric smoke today that so didnt help, I couldn't go more then a few hours without my nicoteen gum.... If anyone knows what to do please contact me riverlee74@hotmail.com would be greatly appreciated!! I tried to chew normal gum past few months.. But it's just not the same... Please someone anyone that understands... How can we quit the gum??? Or should I just start smoking again I'm so stressed out!!!!! Please help F 39 5 years
4 5X H

 1  Smoking cessation Insanely itchy scalp, which is followed by several strands of hair coming out after I scratch. The hair has no folical on the end. I now have bald patches around both ears, and sides. Hair is falling from all over my head. I also experience a 'tightness' and hot feeling on my scalp. My teeth have also deteriorated, and that I put down to the constant chewing. I have been smoke free for 5 and a half years now and I am sometimes tempted to start smoking again to ease the hair loss. I would be gutted if I did start again. F 54 5 days
2mg 1X H
 4  quit smoking due to pluerisy Have gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramps. Tried getting off gluten but not that. Think it's from the mannitol. Had tests done & all they found was possibly irritable bowel. Can't seem to get off these.. F 61 1 years
2 mg
 3  Stop smoking The foul flatulence was bad enough, but I think I may have some bowel problems now. I recently went from 4mg lozenges down to 2mg, but I think I need to do like I read someone else did and cut them in quarters and slowly wean myself off them. I have had pain in my joints for the past year and feel bloated most of the time. The pain in my back feels like extreme gas pain. It's worse in the mornings. I'm glad I don't smoke anymore because I can breathe alot better, but I can't help but think the pain in my gut is from the lozenges. My friend swears that the lozenges killed her gall bladder. I still think about smoking until someone who smells like stale cigarettes crosses my path. :-) F 49 2 years
 2  to combat withdrawal symptoms Addiction to this product is the most severe side effect. I cannot go anywhere without this product.. Addiction is worse than with cigarettes. F 2 years
2mg 10X D
 4  to not smoke I have used it before trying to quit smoking and it helped but I wasnt ready to quit the cigs permanently so I went back. This time I am through w cigs forever I know but I used the gum to quit anyway because it does makw the process kinder on your system and i can deal w the lifestyle arrangements and risk of overeating and sugar cravings routine of lighting up, then tackle the gum nicotine afterwards. I was using about 10 pieces a day ... now im down to 2 pieces. Of course its addictive, its nicotine. I think it would be bad for my teeth to keep chewing it beyond what's recommended. F 42 6 weeks

 1  stop smoking lose of hair and teeth I cannot stop chewing it, I need help F 54 3 years
4mg 1X AN
 1  to quit smoking, then addiction Several teeth rotting at the gum, eventually causing me to lose most of my teeth, nessetiateing my having to get dentures. My mental and physical health has been affected deeply by this. I called the company after using for about two years to ask if lozenges contained sugar because I wondered if they were affecting my teeth. They told me they didn't contain sugar and did not cause tooth problems. F 65 3 years
4 mg 8X D
 3  to stop smoking Insomnia, weight gain, bloating and gas, hair thinning, developing insulin resistance/elevated blood sugars, hypertension, loss of interest in sex I'm so glad that I'm not smoking but now realize what this substitute is doing to my health. My abdomen is hugely swollen and I keep gaining weight, my right foot/ankle has been swelling all summer. I have to take melatonin AND a sleep aid to be able to sleep. My Doctor wants to add additional medicines for elevated blood pressure every time I go in to see her. I have been chewing regular gum as a replacement to the nicotine gum and hope to get off this stuff for good, soon. I'm glad for this web site so I can review problems from long term use of the nicotine gum. I thought my problems were related to aging and menopause but now realize that it is most likely from nicotine gum. (denial) I desperately want my life back and to be rid of the nicotine gum permanently. F 52 4 years
2 7X D
 1  To quit smoking Tooth enamel seems worn I would just suggest that people follow the program. My doctor said there were NO health concerns so I just kept chewing it because I liked it. M 40 5 years
4 10X D
 3  to quit smoking Hair loss F 63 12 months
4 mg 6X D
 4  to quit smoking Hair loss, I had very thick hair and noticed a gradual thinning , now I am trying to get off the gum I am very addicted to this gum, wish I would have quit smoking cold turkey, because now I'm trying to quit the gum. It is expensive and I chew more than 10 pieces a day. F 60 3 years
2 mg 10X D
 3  smoking cesseation Worked well -- as opposed to all the problems with tobacco I could use it when I needed it in any place. (I was using habitrol which I find more chewable than nicorette).It did wean me off cigarettes, but I'm afraid it loosened some critical teeth -- a side effect I didn't know about until someone mentioned it to me a few days ago. I think more research needs to be done on nicotine gum and patches. They are now exploring it for use in dementia and Alzheimers -- because it does increase alertness. And of course, it's a better idea than smoking. But the other side effects?....not so sure they know. I may now have to get dentures because of the problems caused. While I knew that smoking wasn't great for my teeth - this seemed to accelerate the whole process.. M 61
2 mg 7X D
 4  to quit smoking I feel as if I am becoming addicted to it , instead of smoking. I am going to try my best to quit it. F 46 21 days
2 mg 2X D
 1  to quit smoking Hair very dry and brittle, falling out. Bloated, painful stomach, cramps and flatulence. I finally managed to quit smoking last year but have become hooked on the gum. I used to smoke 10 low tar cigarettes that had 0.1mg of nicotine in each. Consider one piece of gum has 2.0mg I would have to smoke a whole pack of 20 cigarettes to get 2.0mg of nicotine! So I went from approx 1mg per day to 20mg. I noticed my hair starting to fall out a few months ago; I've never had particularly thick hair so I can't afford to lose it at this rate, my scalp is now visible through my hair. I didnít think it could be the gum until I read this. In addition I would have painful cramps and bloating. After reading this forum I have stopped taking the gum. I did this by gradually taking less by cutting the gum in half then into thirds. It took about two weeks to get off completely. This stuff should not be available over the counter, it should be prescription only. Iím hoping my hair will stop falling out and hopefully will re-grow, I have defiantly noticed an improvement in the amount of hair Iím shedding. The cramps and bloating disappeared immediately. F 41 1 years
20 10X D

 3  quit smoking horrendous gas pain M 39 2 months
4mg 6X D

 1  to quit smoking total addiction; came to the point where i popped a gum ten min after throwing the previous gum out after using; ended up chewing more than pocketing gum in side of mouth; woke up with terrible breath; feeling very fatigued; breathless; mood swings big time; yellowing skin; aged look in the eyes; dull eyes do not take! do hypnosisi if u must before ever considering this medication F 51 6 days
2mg 10X D
 3  I wanted to quit smoking Dry mouth, sore throat, tooth decay, bad breath and lung pain I am now off the nicorette lozenges but it has been so difficult to stop. I stopped 2 weeks ago and I am really motivated not to take it again. I used to have it in my mouth all day long and I used to get aggressive if someone would tell me I was addicted. I got tired of paying 14 euros for a box (I am in France but nobody seems to be aware of the side effects here), having bad breath, stomach cramps and tooth decay (fortunately, according to my dentist my teeth are really strong). Once you start this, it is really difficult to stop as everybody tells you it is less dangerous than cigarettes. For me, if you liked very much cigarettes, it is better going cold turkey to stop. Nicorette is only good if you know how to stop. After 12 weeks, it should be stopped. I tried to quit several times but each times it was a failure because I wanted my Nicorette. This time, I am going 4-5 times at the gym per week, instead of 2-3 times and I am drinking a tea when I want a nicorette but I am not really missing it. I am also taking a mint when I want one, as I don't want to put on weight, I avoid eating instead of taking a gum. Anyway, I feel much better now and I don't have bad breath again ! F 29 6 years
2 10X D
 1  To avoid smoking Hairloss, poor healing, anxiety, insomnia, Irregular heartbeats and several unpleasant heart related symptoms like chest pain, skipped beats etc, racing pulse etc. It is a horrible medicine. It makes you so much more addicted than cigarettes and you can even take both these and cigarettes. EVERYONE I know that uses nicorette cannot stop and continues for years and years. Noone stops after 3 months as recommended, and noone gives any help to quit the gums, there is no talk about the dangers, they just wanna earn money!! F 38 10 years
40 10X D
 2  To quit chewing tobacco Dry mouth, trouble sleeping, heartburn, bleeding gums, dry thin skin, headaches, etc,. It seemed fine for the first year. I didn't want to admit that the side effects were from the gum, but in the last year especially, it has become apparent that this crap is effecting my life. I have cut back significantly in the past 10 months, chewing a smaller & smaller bit, but still have it in my mouth almost constantly. I am finishing off my second day cold turkey. Really bad headache all day today, but feeling a little better now. I am determined to be done & get my life back! M 57 3 years
4mg 3X D

 3  To stop smoking sore mouth; sore throat; occasional blood blister on inside of cheek; sore tongue; bloated stomach I never saw any danger in taking Nicorette and so continued for many years. I quite enjoyed it - gave me the same buzz as smoking. Recently however, I began to think it may be doing me harm. I had muscle weakness and joint problems. At any rate I guessed the nicotine and toxins were not going to help a condition like that, plus I thought there may be a possibility of throat cancer if I continued chewing. First I cut down to half a 2mg piece three times a day. Not easy but bearable - just! Did this for 2 weeks and then went cold turkey. This was 2 days ago - day 1 was worse than I thought it would be - intense withdrawal symptoms plus I felt really sick plus I slept for England - day 2 was about the same with the addition of night sweats. It is day 3 today and I feel a bit better. I think I can do this now. Good tip - drink fizzy water to help with the nausea. F 57 22 years
2mg 7X D

 1  to stop smoking Been taking for 4 yrs come of them gone cold turkey side affects headaches feel faint sick so tired no energy should not be able to buy over counters should only get from doctors F 40 4 years

 4  Quit Smoking None Weaned myself off nicorette mini lozenges as quickly as I could. Still took a lot of willpower, but it worked for me. After reducing to around 4 a day I started cutting them in half to reduce the dosage. Basically stretched out the withdrawal over weeks so that it was easier to take. I did not follow their prescribed plan. M 30 3 weeks
2 6X D

 1  To stop smoking It scares me, I feel sick, my jaw, neck and shoulders are so tight and in pain all the time, my stomach is burning, is bloated gassy, I am so tired, i have a headache most of the time, no energy, tightness on my chest, I have insomnia. I want to quit, and I will, no matter what, if not, I think it will kill me. I wonder if somebody knows if you can reverse all these symptoms once you quit and bring your health back. F 56 1 days
30 mg
 1  To stop smoking Teeth problems, skin, stomach, heart , etc Why is this poison still on the market ? If I had known the hell it would put me through, I never would have started it. I have tried for years to get questions answered, the manufacture has never even had the curtsey to reply to my questions. I need to get off this ASAP ! F 57 25 years
5 mg 10X D

 4  quit smoking F 70 2 years
2 MG 4X D

 3  Stop smoking I was using lozengers (4mg) per tab and must say it helped me stop smoking but these are just as bad. I started noticing bloating issues and weight gain in past 3 months as my usage increased from 6 lozenges to about 15 per day. Plus heart would feel like it would doble beat or echo... feeling... almost as if it was in water. As of two days ago, I am only taking 1/4 lozenger at a time and limiting myself to 2 maximum lozenges a day... I am going to quit this too... I know it is tough but I want to be here for my kids. M 53 2 years
50MG 1X D

 1  Stop smoking prior to operation Hair loss, Enlarged spleen, I.T.P. - low platelets, constipation, eating disorders, irritability, addiction, I am sick with panic after reading from this site. I have been poisoning myself for 22years... Spoken to doctors about nicorette and been told its better than smoking... But I think it should be monitored.. The more I have the more I want. It is in my mouth 24/7 and I still smoke up to 10 a day. I developed ITP in 2005, cause unknown! I don't think I ever told the specialists about nicorette because I've never thought of it as a medication! But after my current problems, enlarged spleen, gallbladder removed, problems with eating, hair loss with no explanation! And god knows what else going on with my gut/stomach! It's got to stop! And people should not be able to buy it so easily and self medicate! You can buy it in grocery stores now! F 51 21 years
4 mg 10X D
 1  to stop smoking I should have never started the nicorette gum, now it's harder than smoking to quit. I should have never started the nicorette gum, now it's harder than smoking to quit. How can I get help. Thanks F 56 13 years
2 mg 4X H
 1  To quit smoking Loose teeth and fillings falling out, hair brittle and falling out, racing heart, dry itchy skin, developed type 11 diabetes, sore jaw and mouth sores. Nicorette gum is designed to be addictive and corporate greed is the reason. People wean off the patch in a month or so but the gum is harder to quit than cigarettes. The longer a person is addicted the more money Nicorette brings in for the shareholder thugs. Moral of the story? No morals. F 10 years
2X H
 1  To quit Skoal I used it initially to stop dipping and it worked great. However, I soon became addicted to the gum. At first I had heartburn, but, that went away. Now, I'm getting horrible ulcers all over my tongue. Also, the left side of my jaw constantly aches and it feel like nerve damage is extending from it, through my ear, and up the side of my face. The combination of the aching jaw and tongue ulcers, make it torturous to even eat. After reading everything on here, I got out some old patches, some regular gum, and will be quitting tonight. M 33 2 months
 1  Smoking cessation. HORRIBLE!!! I quit tobacco only to become addicted to these 4mg Lozenges! I actually use these at least 12 per day, which is more than I used tobacco! Stomach pain and cramps, SEVERE MOUTH ULCERS/sores. Severe cravings if I run out. What a nightmare! Don't use unless you are under the very strict watch of your doctor!!! These are highly addictive- even more so than cigarettes- and more socially acceptable due to no second hand smoke etc... I am trying cold turkey quitting these 4mg lozenges F 41 3 years
$mg Lozeng 10X D

 5  To not smoke None, really. Much easier than cigarettes to quit, mild craving for only a day or two. But then I gained 30 lbs. Now it's like a diet pill. F 61 10 years
4 mg 8X D

 3  to quit smoking heart palpitations, severely dry throat, anxious it's helped me stop smoking but given me scary heart palpitations and my throat is extremely dry to the point where it's hard to speak and makes me cough. I am also disappointed that I'll have to "quit" this soon too, but it is better than smoking as far as I can tell. F 27 26 days
4 mg 5X D

 4  to quit smoking low white blood count, swollen lymph nodes highly addictive F 53 8 years
2 mg 1X H

 3  to quit smoking heart attack atherosclerosis, tmj , high blood pressure M 60 10 years
2mg 10X D

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