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 4  migraines I took this for migraines and later found it helped with palpitations, too. I didn't realize this caused dehydration - until I saw reviews - which I've had almost as long as I've taken this drug. I worried it might be diabetes, which tests always came up negative. My doctor never suggested it was the Inderal. Hmm. The other side effect is impotence, total lack of interest, which really didn't start until my early 50's. It definitely helped my migraines, which were severe. The last 10 years, I've only had 2 when I missed a dose of Inderal. F 63 22 years
60 mg. 1X D

 2  in the morning Alright in the morning but sick at night M 32 4 days

 5  High blood pressure & headaches I do not have any side effects, maybe vivid dreams, though. Satisfied with this medicine. Took away headaches and lowered BP. F 54 2 years

 1  Headaches Headaches every day, anxious, tired as not sleeping more than 4 hours a night. Weight gain. F 34 1 months
60 MG

 3  Migraine Weight gain, insomnia, dreams, tiredness, dizzy spells, lack of concentration. I think it has helped in the fact that most times pain killers will now have some effect on my migraine where they were having none, but I now cannot sleep at all without sleeping tablets. I still have chronic migraine everyday of my life so I am now considering not taking it anymore as the weight gain is so depressing. I am going to look for another solution, the side effects are just too high a price to pay for the minimal benefit. F 55 365 days
80mg 1X D
 3  Migraines Excessive weight gain, fatigue, dizziness, feeling feint, pins and needles in hands In the two years I have taken Inderal I have gained 3 stone. I have tried every diet and I excercise a lot. The weight gain has really got me down because I was always skinny before this even after having a child. I was diagnosed with acute migraines by a neurologist and put on the tablets and I have not had an aura migraine since, however, I have had a lot of migraines where I am sick and see wavy lines regularly. No doctor seemed to want to admit that inderal was the cause for the weight gain but finally I saw one last week who is going to prescribe me an alternative. The fatigue is also a nightmare if you lead a busy life. I would advise anyone who is thinking about taking these tablets to take the side effects into account as they really have made my life miserable and it has taken me nearly a year to get a doctor to listen to me! F 26 2 days
80 1X D
 4  Migraine prevention none really helped reduce the frequency of my migraines. also helped with physical symptoms of anxiety. F 25 3 months
120 mg 1X D

 3  Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia I did not notice it initially, but looking back, this drug has made it impossible to lose weight. I used to take this for migraine headaches from the age of 5 to 17 when they calmed down. Then in my late 20's I was diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. I started the drug to slow my heart down so it wasn't always racing. I learned that it is a non-selective beta blocker and inhibits the ability for you to burn fat. I gained 30 pounds and I can't even lose 10 on this drug. I tried every diet and I have NEVER been overweight. I asked my cardiologist to take me off it. I am now weaning off at half the dosage. Hopefully the heart rate issue is gone, because I have tried everything to lose weight. I eat healthy, work out 6 days a week for an hour and the weight should be coming off. I'm only 30 years old! F 30 3 years
80 1X D
 4  Hyperhidrosis Have to say this drug saved me, my condition was literally ruining me life, I merely existed if you get me. Side effects are complete lack of energy which I'm hoping will pass in time and bowels a bit ropey as in on a vacation and need to get back to work!!! The key with this drug is taken it on an empty stomach I was taken it for 2wks before I coped this. I take 160mg about 7am back to bed for 40 winks and then get up 8.30 shower and brekkie and off for the day, I hope everyone with the condition finds a solution that works for them it's a hideous life crippling thing that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy F 27 6 weeks
 3  Hypertension, tachacardia SEVERE windedness. Couldn't get off the couch without breathing heavy. Complete lack of appetite. Vision "weirdness". Nervousness in the mornings. Feelings of chest "congestion" "pressure" resulting in claustrophobia. Discouragement. Diarrhea. Skin on trunk became scaly and flaky, elbows cracked and peeled. Some dizziness/lightheadedness. DID control my pulse/ BP nicely. Side-effects not conducive to raising 4 little boys. F 33 1 weeks
20mg 2X D
 5  Migraines and Daily Headaches A little tired and trouble staying asleep at night. This drug changed my life. It took about two weeks to work, but then it greatly reduced my migraines. I was having headaches about 5 days a week and now every once in awhile. F 39 3 weeks
60mg 1X D

 4  Migraine For the first 6 weeks, I was extremely tired, had very little energy and felt faint but was able to combat this by eating little and oftern in order to prevent my blood sugar levels from dropping and by taking the tablets at bedtime. After the 6 weeks, this has gone but since then I have found excercising more difficult (I can still do high impact aerobics but just find it more difficult-almost as if I am doing it with weights strapped to me) and find that I pump more, paticularly just after taking my tablets. The migraines are now under control and I am hoping that I can start to reduce my dose and come off inderal in the near future. Before taking inderal, I suffered mild migraines which lasted on average 5 days at a time. Since taking inderal and giving my body 6 weeks to get used to it, I have had a hadful of migraines lasting 1-3 days and they are very mild to the extent that I can get away with just taking ibuprofen and I am fine. I also came off the pill and think any woman suffering from migraines should look at non-hormal contraception (I got the coil which while it was sore getting fitted, I feel so much better since coming off the pill and think that this was the cause of my migraines). I would definately recommond inderal to migrain sufferers but would advise taking it easy for the first 6 weeks to allow your body time to get used to it. F 26 6 months
80mg 1X D

 3  Severe Hyperthyroidism No problems with weight gain, which is good, but the cold legs (like frozen sides of beef up to mid-thigh) and hands - I felt I had to half the dose to get rid of those symptoms, but I STILL have cold hands and cold feet, just not cold LEGS. Lethargy, "kind of" depression - I am just... indifferent to EVERYTHING - I don't care... about anything... Painful to walk due to frozen feet - they feel swollen when I wake up... No additional sleep problems, but I was already on temazepam for my long term insomnia... I haven't had a dream in EONS, fantastic, scary, intense or otherwise... :( It definitely helped my heart palps and flutters, and the craziness of severe hyperthyroidism, but the icy hands and legs has become intolerable (walking is painful and awkward...) and so is my indifference to everything... and I HATE not dreaming.. oh, and it never did get rid of the mild daily headaches I get, either... altho' I didn't have a problem with that as far as I'm concerned. But: I AM NOT ME, ANYMORE. I'm seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow to discuss this mess... F 42 6 weeks
120 mg 1X D

 5  Migraine Vivid Dreams Ever had a drug that changed your life? Well this certainly was a game changer for me! I wonder why I suffered for years before any Dr. thought to prescribe this for me..such a shame they hadn't done it sooner! Initially the drug made me VERY VERY tired (at probably the time in my life when I needed the most not to be any more severely exhausted than I was as a mother who works full-time and had an 8 month old and a 4 year old!) My Doctor told me to stick it out for six whole weeks and that I wouldn't be dissapointed...Those 6 weeks were really rough (and it was the full 6 weeks, I tell ya!) and I so wanted to give up, but I am sooooo glad I stuck it out! All of you people who give up on it after a short time...I'm here to tell you, don't. The Dr.'s goal was to eliminate my migraines completely. While I can't say it has eliminated them, it has hands down reduced the severity of my migraines and eliminated the naseau that I had along with it and for that alone I am greatful. I no longer live my life fearing the next migraine or cutting short a vacation in the middle of the night to go home because of a dibilitating migraine attack. So, please give it a chance. Stick it out for a whole six weeks, if at the end of six weeks you still don't like it, then stop. But I'll bet you'll probably be thanking me, instead. :) F 38 5 years
160 MG 1X D
 5  outward signs of anxiety none. maybe low energy but that is not unusual for me anyway. worked perfectly at immediately stopping the physical symptoms of performance anxiety. F 34 3 years
1X D

 3  generalised panic disorder upset stomach, nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath, sleeping disturbances including crazy crazy dreams! Slight confusion like your brains gone on a short holiday and left you behind, this was particularly bad when i accidentally took two one day. Mixed feelings, i was having mild panic attacks daily which were getting steadily worse and desperate for somehting to help, at first the medication was a relief but the side effects, especially nausea and sleep disturbances are driving me mental. Also although my rapid heartrate and other psysiological symptoms are gone i still get anxious for no reason, so i dont think il continue with it. F 20 6 weeks
80mg 1X D

 5  Chronic Migraine Feeling more calm, slightly harder to do cardio workout, vivid funny dreams - overall negligible! I have not had a headache for 1 week straight. This is a miracle as I am used to 2 or 3 per week. I even enjoyed a glass of RED wine and was fine. WOW that is like a another miracle. Sleep has been fine as long as I stay on my regular schedule, which is what I find to be key to anybody's good night's sleep. As per the weight gain, I have not had any. As a fitness nutritionist and fitness instructor I believe that if you eat calories according to your BMR and work out regularly including cardio 3-4 times a week you should not have too many problems with weight gain, no matter what drug your on. If you are still gaining weight drop the calories! We will see how the long term effects are of Inderal LD 80mg (generic), but so far it has given me a better quality of life. F 30 21 days
80mg/LA 1X D

 2  Migraine preevention Excessive and extreme flatulence - so bad that I had a total GI investigation and was being treated as if I had IBS )Which I don't have), SOB on exersion, weight gain, bloating. I was supposed to be taking a higher dose (140mg per day) but I felt too tired on a low dose and thought I couldn't function to go to work etc on a higher dose. The flatulence became socially crippling and I stopped the Inderal cold turkey about three weeks ago. Although I have had the flu, I have also had shocking, bursting headaches at night and have to sleep upright, intense fatigue during the day, emotionally labile and nauseous. The gas has stopped (hurrah!!) but the aftermath is making me feel totally despondent! While on the Inderal, I did not notice a reduction in frequency of my migraine but there was lessening of their intensity. The one other plus was that I did not have stage fright! F 57 2 years
30 2X D
 3  migraine prevention Initially very tired, weird dreams, weight gain and tough time exercising. Overtime was able to combat most symptoms, although still fighting to not gain weight. Took to prevent migraines with aura. Have had some minor headaches but not one migraine with aura since I began taking it. Also had borderline high BP, has brought it into normal range. F 32 4 months
60 mg 1X D

 3  chronic migrane prevention I have been having a lots of allergies lately to the point that I become allergic to any shampoo that contains amonia. Dundruff become extrem to the point that I was using tar shampoo then I decided to slowly take my self off I been ok. I am scared about my migranes because I am in school, but I can not keep all these other problems. Hives, cold all time, tired, no energy, weight gain, hair loss, allergies, sore throat 90% of the time, palpitations. But the migranes were gone. F 28 7 years
120 1X D

 2  Anxiety/Panic Attacks Feel tired all the time, no energy at all, can't concentrate. Dizziness and often feel like I'm about to faint. Have been eating a lot more sugary foods than usual - cravings possibly due to lack of energy caused by drug? Suffered from panic attacks for a few months, the physical symptoms of which were shaking, throat swelling causing inablitity to breathe, sweating and headaches. I have been on the drug for eight days 80mg dose per day, It does stop the physical symptoms of panic attacks but I have no energy whatsoever, feel very depressed and can't concentrate. I need to find an alternative as I can barely get through the day in college. Would not recommend this for anyone who is slightly depressed or has a tendency to get depressed, as not having energy or the will to do anything could worsen depression. F 21 8 days
80mg 1X D

 2  PVC Inderal lowered my heartrate down to 40 times per minute and I had NO energy at all. I had to come off of it. It did help control my PVC problem but I had no energy to function.Now I avoid all caffeine and even decaf tea and coffee and my heart functions a lot better without a drug. I am very sensitive to medications and cannot take much of anything. F 55 1 years
40 1X D

 3  Panic Attacks Significant weight gain Has stopped the panic feelings which is great, but have gained just over one stone in a year. Going back to the Drs to ask to come off it and change to something else. F 37 1 years

 3  PVC's and hypertension numbness and hypersentivity to outside of arms intermittently, weakness, tiredness, calms arrthymias and lower BP well F 26 10 days

 2  Inconsist HBP/Headaches No anxiety, Vivid Dreams, nightmares, insomnia, sudden waking, horrible headaches, body aches, weight gain. lightness of head during cardio, tightness of chest and throat. 80 mg. I'm a kidney transplant so needed to control high blood pressure. Loved the anxiety being gone, did lower hbp, hated the side effects. first time with a beta blocker. F 35 30 days

 1  Migraines/MAV/High Blood Pressure Didn't lower heart-rate as much as other beta blockers have; light headed upon standing; shortness of breath with any amount of exertion (more pronounced than with other beta blockers I've tried); extreme moodiess/sadness/depression/anxiety. I wrote a similar review for Inderal...I also tried the LA version (since my headaches returned 3-4 hours after a dose of regular Inderal...apparently it has a very short half life). Background: I've suffered from migraines and high BP for years. Migraines & BP were previously under control with 50 mg of Atenolol once per day (took this for a year). 6 months ago, had sudden dizziness and worsening migraines. Numerous tests have concluded it's MAV (migraine associated vertigo), and I have been working from home for the past 6 months because I can't drive due to the dizziness. I tried Inderal LA after having some initial success with regular Inderal for a few weeks. I took it for 2 days, and was honestly afraid that I would hurt myself - I became so sad and depressed...like I would be cooking dinner or cleaning the house, and I would suddenly burst into random tears for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Granted, I'm a little down due to the MAV and headaches, but I've never felt so hopeless and depressed in my life...ever. It scared the hell out of me, and I quit taking this drug immediately...I went back to Atenolol (it doesn't control the headaches as well and makes me a bit light-headed) until I find something better, and I haven't had this happen since. Many people swear by this drug, but for me, it was definitely a bad fit...just goes to show you that drugs affect everyone differently! F 25 2 days
 4  tachycardia Well..I am not sure but I do have dry eyes and mouth and fatigue. Not sure if this all related to Inderal. When I was in the hospital in Sept. 09 they said my BP was too low and they lowered my dose from 120 mg to 80 mg I have only had one episode since on it that landed me in the hospital and I attribute that to the FLU and being dehydrated. Now I am more worried about other health issues and wonder about fatigue from it and other symptoms. F 38 8 years
 5  Migraine headaches Small weight gain, some loss of energy Really helped to prevent migraines. I have not had a true full blown migraine since beginning this medication. I still get the aura and very mild pain, but that is certainly tolerable! F 46 23 years

 5  PTSD none helped anxiety a great deal for my son. He used to freak out going anywhere unplanned M 10 1.5 years

 1  vestibular migraines OMG! I only took it for 3 days. 80 MGS. pills. I had shortness of breath, and I got very dizzy. I do suffer from vertigo, but it was just as bad. It took 4 days to get out of my system..My heart also raced and was so uncomfortable. F 55 3 days
 4  Anxiety (Public Speaking) At first none really, but now after a few years, I am worried about mild depression and a "fuzzy" head. I have also recently had strange headaches that may or may not be attributed to the Inderal This is a great drug for me and virtually eliminated the physical (outward) signs of nervousness I used to get before presenting to large groups. No more shaking, sweating etc just leaving me to concentrate on delivery. I started on 80mg about 1 hour before needed, but quickly moved up to 2x80mg (taken slightly apart). Perhaps this was unnecessary, but I originally felt one was not enough. Anyway, the "build up" dread about a meeting has now gone (this was sometimes 2 weeks BEFORE the presentation!!), and I may only get slightly nervous 10mins before speaking. Once I get going I generally can deliver (what seems to other people) to be a confident, self assured speech. I do worry about the long term side effects though and aim to reduce my dose soon. Not sure what can take Inderals place though... M 34 5 years


 3  anxiety tried, weight gain, lack of energy i have been on 80mg once a day for 2 years after suffering a long time with panic attacks they have helped alot but i am really tired all the time and my weight just keeps increasing thinking of coming of them. F 29 2 years
 5  BP/Migraines None after first 2 months. Commented back in March regarding the product and was having issues. Once they adjusted the meds not only has my blood pressure been lowered, but I have been migraine free. I've also managed to lose 15 pounds....not sure if it's related, but I have the energy now that I didn't have before. If you on it, hang in there as it may take awhile to get the right dosage, but once you do, you'll feel great. F 40 4 months

 4  migraine prevention head rush when standing quickly Has worked very well for me for migraine prevention F 48 5 years

 3  migraine preventative Tired; below normal blood pressure; less exercise tolerance; possibly related to heat intolerance for me At first, reduced number of migraines; this was temporary. But it has reduced the severity of most of my migraines. It also helps with panic attacks that I suffer from -- have less racing heat, eetc. F 61 15 years

 3  Migraines/BP Insomnia, slight pressure in my chest and tired walking distances. Due to the drug company no longer making Metoprolol SUCC ER (to treat my migraines) after 19 yrs. & having a bad reaction to Toprol XL & Metoprolol Tartate (rushed to the ER 2x in 1 weekend due to my BP in the "danger zone"), I was switched to the Inderal LA to deal w/both migraines & the new BP issue. The 1st day I was increased from the 80mg to 160mg and within 2 days my BP dropped. I have had an ongoing pressure in my chest, but have been told it's my body adjusting to the new medicine after all these years & the trama of the reaction to the other 2 meds. I am extremely tired and wake up faithfully @ 2am unable to go back to sleep. I was out of work this week due to my BP readings, but hope to return next week, if I can stay awake. After reading the comments, I'm nervous about the weight gain as I also have PCOS and it's induced by insulin levels. Hopefully I can start decreasing the meds once my stress test is done. F 40 7 days

 1  Migraines Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, stomach pains/nausea, depression, difficulty concentrating, aggression, vivid dreams, loss of personality. I began taking this because I was having migraines everyday. It didn't help my migraines any, but I didn't really give it a chance to. After 5 days of the side effects I decided they weren't worth it. F 17 5 days

 1  portal vein thrombosis confusion, can not concentrate, short term memory loss, depression, insomnia, strange dreams that make me wake up in a cold sweat, trouble falling to sleep and staying to sleep. I took Inderal first for about 8 months, the side effects of this was about the same. Doc changed prescriptionn to Inderal LA thinking that it might be better. NO WAY! Last night I had a very strange dream, woke up in a cold sweat, not knowing where I was. Had to lay there for a few minutes to realize that I was in my own bedroom. My short term memory loss really scares me to, I sometimes I forget the name of very simple things. I am supposed to try Inderal LA for two weeks, that's up on Monday and I'm telling the Doc that I am not taking it anymore. M 54 2 weeks
 4  migraines None I take 120 mg Propranolol a day. It has helped with my migraines. When I begin to get one, I take a Maxalt and it always works. Whereas before using Propranolol, Maxalt didn't always work for me. F 61 7 years
 5  anxiety great for anxiety when public speaking, use only when facing stressful situation M 30 4 years

 1  migraines Shortness of breath, have to sleep sitting up, tiredness, constant cough w/vague taste of blood, noticable bruising of skin....and to think that my physician told me to continue for a little longer. I asked him if he remembered that this medication was primarily for ones with high blood pressure and that I have extremely low blood pressure and he said...yes, but I've given you an "infant dose"...the lowest possible. I took myself off it....slowly, but completely. I feel much better and would rather tolerate the migraines if that's all that's out there for prevention. Way too many uncomfortable side effects listed here. Be very careful. F 58 30 days
 4  migraine prevention upset stomach, nausea, insomnia, tired Haven't had a headache for the past 7 days. Hoping the side effects will subside and I can take this long term. I have tried all other migraine prevention medicines without any luck and this one is my last hope. F 37 7 days

 4  Migraines Extremely vivid dreams-waking up talking and seeing my dreams occur in the room after I've woken up. Listlessness and lethargy. Worried about long term effects of taking medication that effects your heart! don't want to be on medication for the rest of my life, but super happy that I haven't had a migraine in 4 months!! F 25 4 months

 5  Migraine Extreme exhaustion which subsided after reducing mg I started taking 80mg and was so tired that I could not get out of bed after sleeping 10-12 hrs per night, but did notice an extreme reduction in my severe migraines. So, under the care of my neurologist, we lowered the dosage over a month's time and ended up taking 20mg. I have had no side effects and it completely eliminated my migraines for approximately 3 years. I get some now, but infrequently and the severity is much less than it used to be. F 30 6 years

 5  Essential tremor and HPB Sometime a lack of energy. And long time to ejaculate too. My doctor was an old man with old medecine:). I've started to have essential tremor at age of 20 after years of cocaine abuse. When i've stop to take drugs , my hands was like a hearthquake and mu bllod pressure was around 170 on 100. My doctor put me on Inderal LA 160mg. This medication probably saved my life. My shaking hands has stopped after 1 week. My blood pressure is normal. The only problems with Inderal is that you can't ever stop it. I've tried 1 time and it was like a nightmare. I went back on Inderal after 3 day. It cause me problem in my sexual life by a anormal long time to ejaculate.New beta blocker are probably better now but for me, Inderal LA was the right drug. M 30 10 years

 3  Chronic Migraine Prevention Got rid of my everyday migraine but am having side effects of itching all over my hands, feet, and legs, and extreme insomnia. No more than 4 hours a night and I take it at night, anyone know if taken during the day helps? I have been having migraines everyday for the past year and have been on Maxalt but since I take so many insurance quit paying to refill anymore than 7 a month. I just switched to Inderal LA two weeks ago and immediately my headaches were gone, I have had to take only 2 Maxalt since then. I just started having strange and severe itching on my legs, feet, and hands that is really starting to bother me and I havent been able to sleep more than 4 hours a night. I take 80mg every night before bed, does anyone have any suggestions on another time I could take it to lessen the insomnia? Please let me know!!!! F 20 2 weeks
 2  anxiety WEIGHT GAIN!! tiredness, lack of concentration being a student it is essential to be able to concentrate and be alert. This has made my studies get worse. Don't recommend to students. F 18 6 months

 5  pvc's, headaches none F 44 4 years

 3  migraine prevention At 60mg, experienced insomnia/trouble falling asleep, and weight gain. At 80mg, experienced insomnia, weight gain, trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and extreme depression even though I've never been depressed before this. Helped with migraines somewhat but had to get off the medication because of the side effects. Migraines returned four days after stopping the medicine. F 37 2 years

 3  panic attacks, migraines weight gain (10-15kgs)tiredness, not thinking clearly F 44 1 days

 3  Rapid Heart Rate I feel extreamly tired even after a good nights sleep, I wake up feeling tired and lightheaded, almost feel like I am going to pass out, when feeling this way I check my BP and heart rate and they are fine. Confused at times over simple things , NO sexual desire at all, awaken by panic attacks, Trouble falling asleep, I feel very sleepy and tired and then cannot go to sleep. I have gained about 30 pounds since starting this medication in 2001. Some shortness of breath. Inderal LA 120 definately took care of the rapid heart rate. At resting rate I was around 120-130 BPM, I felt like I was having a heart attack my heart would pound so hard. My chest just felt very weird and heavy feeling. I now stay around 80 BMP. I had frequent headaches before starting med and now very seldom have one. After reading all the comments and side effects others have descibed like mine, I will discuss with my doctor. F 31 7 years

 4  tremors and high BP Weight gain. Took 40 mg once daily for 15+ years for tremors, no problems. 3 months ago high BP, Dr switched to 160mg once daily. Can't seem to control weight, gained another 10 pounds or so. Controlled tremors somewhat but when I went to 160mg, tremors are a lot better and I can write. Haven't checked BP to see if it is down yet. M 50 3 months

 5  tachycardia (from hyperthyroid) slowed down feeling; weight gain I think anyone with serious tachycardia ought to ask doc about hyperhyroid issue, too; I started with the inderal and it did ease the heart symptoms, but we still needed to treat the underlying disease, not just the rapid heart. Inderal worked great to slow down the heart and I think also my general metabolism. I was weaned off it once the hyperthyroid condition was also treated and began to improve. F 48 6 months

 2  propranolol for essential tremor Wheezing. No more beta-blockers for me. F 5 days

 4  miagraines/mitral prolapse valve some weight gain the first couple of years, about 15lbs,tired, headache, a bit confused on higher dose. This medicine does work if done slowly I started with propranolol 3 times a day for about 6months, then took 120mg of Inderal LA once per day(to make life easier) That was about 9 years ago.I always felt drugged and confused on that high dose so I decide to try and wean off the drug. You need to do it very slow as it can cause stress on your heart. I tried to get to 60mg and was unable, the miagraines wouldn't stop. I did however get to 80 mg which made me feel better and my miagraines were better. The last year my headaches have returned and sometimes miagraines that I have put my dose up to 120mg. I'm use to it now but still having headaches. I'm now searching for another drug to add to the inderal. If any one is on Inderal LA for a number of years be carefull trying to come off of it. I now know I will take it for life as I can't get off of it. F 48 10 years
 5  tachycardia severe fatigue and memory loss My tachycardia was so severe that I will deal with the fatigue. My resting heart rate was, on average, 120. I couldn't sleep or do daily activities. Now, I feel normal and my resting heart rate is 80-100. I take 80mg bid. I'm 5'8 and weigh 125. F 31 7 days

 1  Essential Tremor Controlled the tremor effectively. I took this drug for 20 years. 80 mg per day. This drug causes Pulmonary Fibrosis after long term use. I now have the disease. Was not explained to me at the time or they did not know then. Google Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and look under causes. I don't recommend you take this long term. M 57 20 days
 3  PVC - (abonormal heart beat) weight gain, lethargy, vivid dreams I was prescribed propranolol for abnormal heart beats (60mg/day). I have migraines, and it doesn't affect their duration or severity. I had not changed my diet or exercise pattern, but about 3 years ago I started gaining a lot of weight (probably at least 20 pounds). Lately I have vivid waking dreams almost every night. If I miss a dose, I will experience the abnormal heart beat, so I know that either I need to take less, or try another type of med. F 49 5 years

 5  Hypertension / anxiety Minimal dizziness and tiredness the first day I have had high BP for many years, about 160/100. I have been a bit prone to stress and anxiety too. I tried reducing my BP w/ diet and exercise with no success. I was reluctant to take meds because of side effects. I finally gave in and my doc prescribed Inderal LA 120mg. I feel great, my BP and heart rate are normal now and the anxiety is gone. I wish I had tried this med years ago. M 36 5 days

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