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 2  endometriosis and fibroids Mood swing was certain from the first week, constant crapms and pain, headaches, blurry vision...not a good feeling for the 1st month. F 39 4 weeks

 1  fibroids, heavy periods HORRIBLE!!!!! Gained 15 lbs in 3 weeks!! Massive migraines, unbelievable hot flashes, no sleep, acne, extreme hypoglycemia. I have been off the med for a vew months and my body is still screwed up!!! Can anyone help?? unable to control hypoglycemia and extreme hunger and still gainong weight - even though I have been dieting and exercising! NEVER TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!!! F 6 months
 4  irregular bleeding Had to take 2x per day for 20 days, then stop and restart next month 1x/day for ten days. Am on Day 8. When taking 2x per day - very moody, breast tenderness but lost weight and cramping went away. Period was heavy but that was supposed to happen, as too much was built up. This time, I have gained weight, about 4 pounds, in just a week ! Can't wait to finish. Also feel crampier, but no breast tenderness or moodiness on the lower dose. Completely stopped all spotting, though, which has been wonderful. Hoping I won't need to take this any more but doctor prescribed for ten days out of each month for six months. Going for second opinion and may try stopping, hope this has corrected the problem as I await menopause to kick in. F 48 2 months
5mg 1X D

 5  Ovarian cysts Felt calmer, less anxious, stable mood I loved this medication. I was afraid to take it because of the listed side effects but took it anyway. I was so pleasantly surprised that I felt LESS moody than normal. I actually asked my dr if I could stay on it long term to treat the hormone imbalance causing the cysts F 49 12 days
5 1X D

 1  Bring on Period Cramping, headaches, severe mood swings with worsening depression, dizziness. Super heavy period after. I would not recommend taking this medicine! F 35 10 days
5mg 1X D

 1  bring on menstrual cycle Headache, pain and swelling in my legs, fatigue,mood swings. Horrible, horrible drug! F 35 10 days
5 mg

 4  endometriosis No period at all while on this med. Mood swings. Anxiety. NO sex drive. Actually had aversion to sex. Stopped taking because I wanted to decrease amount of meds I was taking. Took 2 months for period to return and 6 months for sex drive to return. Haven't had much endo pain. Will probably do hysterectomy soon. Pleased with med for endo pain- took it all away. Almost killed my marriage, however, due to loss of sex drive. F 35 7 years
5 mg bid
 2  Prolonged bleeding Extreme appetite decrease. No motivation for exercise. No motivation for anything. Depression. Cry spells. Headaches. Dizziness. Nausea every day. Weight loss. Increased sex drive. Cramping F 17 3 weeks

 2  Endometriosis Nausea, no period, mood swings, major depression F 26 2 months
 5  fibroids Headache in the beginning Mood swings Has stopped my very heavy bleeding and ridiculous clots. Has anyone gotten pregnant while on this? I want to get pregnant but I don't know my cycle and if I get off if the problem will come back... F 32 4 months
 1  Endometriosis Weight gain: I was only able to maintain my weight with extreme dieting and exercise. Irritability, extreme depression, anger, exhaustion/fatigue. F 26 9 months

 4  prolonged heavy bleeding Migraines in the evening usually after my second 5 mg dose. Had nausea and vomiting day 3 to 6. Dosage changed to 5 mg per day. Still feel fatigued and lost interest in going to the gym. The bleeding is gone along with the painful cramps. Don't think I would stay on this longer than 6 weeks because of the headaches. My other option is hysterectomy which I am postponing for now. This medicine did what is supposed to but with the above side effects. F 51 2 weeks
10 mg

 3  heavy prolonged periods Dizziness upon laying down;mood swings;no interest in sex; laziness, not wanting to workout (and I do regularly), weight gain and terrible migraines daily;heartburn and lower back pain. Even though it stopped the bleeding which is great I am not going to take this anymore due to the side effects but I have noticed the symptoms increase especially the dizziness once the meds are stopped which is strange. My period came right after I stopped taking the meds but tapered off after around 7 days and has not come back YAAAY! But the dizziness and lower back pain are still here. It also makes my fingers swollen and very sore at the joints. Once bleeding starts it takes 3 pills a day to stop it then I can go down to 2 1/2 pills per day to keep it away F 46 6 months
 5  90 days Heavy bleeding Maybe a little angry. But that could be do to the fact that I read a lot of reviews for the side effects. Other than that no side effects at all! Praise GOD!!! I have had some very bad experiences with medications so I am afraid to take anything! Even too much caffeine freaks me out. I was bleeding so heavy and for so long that I had a blood transfusion. This pill saved my life! I highly recommend you try it. I always relay on ask a patient for reviews and am so grateful someone took the time to make one I promised myself I would pay it forward. Hope this helps someone who is afraid to try it like I was. F 42 9 days
5mg 4X D
 5  Bleeding & cramping Eating all the time. F 43 10 months

 2  Endometriosis Adenomiosis. Fibroids 1st time in 2007 after laparascopy #1 with Depo Lupron I bled out for 30 days. Discontinued both. Had acne and hair popping out all over face and chest. Good cholesterol was slashed in half from 80 to 40 ( really bad ) with my high LDL( bad cholesterol) I soaked my work suits that summer in sweat. After Laparascopy 2 &3 Bleeding returned with insane familiar cramping as if the world was ending. Painful sex, bowlel movement and even with urination. Restarted Aygestin( generic form ) 5 mg. bleeding stopped for 6 month and returnedWeight gain:5 lbs in a month with a 5d/wk cycling and diet.Irritability and impatience/hotter temper:immediate. sweat drenched night &day ,UTIs, Acne:month #7.Cramping/bleeding:month#5.HDL dropped 20 points to 40 by month #5 despite statins, palpitations,Chondrocytis left sternum,chest pain, EKG showed right atrium enlargement,tachycardia with elevated blood pressure.I will wake up with my right knee so stiff and screaming in pain despite regular pain meds.Joints: lower & upper back ,flanks, gluts,lumbar area in unbelievable pain.Insane sinus/migraine headaches.low grade fever.Sleep: I wake up randomly ,sleep walk despite being under sleep meds. Vaginal dryness, hard to orgasm anymore) normal 5 to 10) At a time and was very wet down there always . After my 2 nd 8 month try. I am getting back on my estrogen Zovia pill and calling my wonderful OBGYN tomorrow. Report your side effect to the FDA please. Www.fda.gov F 35 8 months
 4  endo and ovarian cysts I had severe bleeding for years and multiple "soccer ball size" ovarian cysts, one ovary removed. i was anemic at one point. Cramps so bad i would vomit and be stuck in bed for 2 days each month. I went thru hell. This med had stopped my cycle so i am pain free. But now i have the weight gain, hot flashes while sleeping, dark patches on nose and around mouth after a day in the sun (it fades). It took a while to get my body ajusted but most have eased up. I would choose those side affects over the MISERY i was living for years. I was always in some sort of pain. Always. I do feel like its time to up the dosage tho so i will discuss at next doc appt. I was too scared to try lupron so im glad i did this. F 29 9 months

 5  Heavy Bleeding This medication has been very helpful to me. Basically holding back my periods and preventing me from having a hysterectomy at this time. I just hope to use these to get myself into menopause which I don't think is very far off. I have had the worst heavy periods in the past few years and this stuff just stopped them in their tracks. Although, I did have one 2 day breakthough very heavy, but It stopped. I have had noticed my skin is more acne prone, so I have switched to acne products and for the most part it is under control. I seem to have a little joint pain, but I am not sure this is the med doing it. I have to say I am more depressed than usual. I cannot comment on weight since I have been eating out a lot the past few months, so I don't think the few extra pounds are from the aygestin. Overall it has made a huge difference for me. F 48 9 months
10 1X D

 4  Prolonged Bleeding and Polyps Mood Swings, Sweating, Mild Headaches, Sleep Problems Started taking 5 mg of Aygestin to stop prolonged bleeding, after two weeks the bleeding had not stopped so my doctor increased my dosage to 10 mg. Bleeding stopped about 30 days after starting the medication. The worst thing about the medication for me has been the mood swings and waking up in the night wide awake which I have never done before. F 53 45 days
10 mg 1X D

 4  Heavy, prolonged bleeding Bloating, blurred vision, headaches, cramping throughout month, fatigue, dry mouth, irritability, crying, depression. I was prescribed this medication due to prolonged menstrual bleeding for over a month due to fibroids. Which caused me to become anemic. This medicine is wonderful as far as controlling excessive bleeding and managing cycles. The downside is the mood changes: Irritability, crying spells , memory loss, and slight depression. I hate the negative side of this med because the benefits help save me. F 33 4 months
 3  Extremely heavy bleeding Unbelievable headaches every day not cured by motrin or caffeine. Weird calf and knee pain. Uncontrollable appetite. Acne and some weight gain. Slight moodiness. I smoke so I thought the calf and knee pain was from a clot starting. It stopped the bleeding slowly though. F 32 2 weeks
20 Mg

 2  Endometriosis Weight gain, acne, mood swings. F 21 3 months
5 mg

 5  pcos & irregular & heavy periods No major side effects. It actually helped me keep my weight down... Decreased appetite. Stopped pain from cysts. Shut period off completely. No spotting. Wonderful drug. F 27 4 years
 1  PCOS, endometriosis, heavy bleeding Breast milk, Extreme moodiness, crying, depression, leg pain (like growing pains), insomnia, weird dreams, NO interest in sex, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, constipation, shakiness, anxiety, weight gain, increased appetite, lower back pain. My ovaries hurt even worse. This has been Horrible! F 42 7 days
5 mg

 2  Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Severe bloating, leg pain, cardiac discomfort when trying to lay flat, extremely agitated. Although it has stopped the bleeding, it is wreaking havoc on my body and mood. I feel absolutely miserable and want to crawl out of my skin. F 40 5 days

 5  endo Swelling of d legs. I liked this side effect because I have chicken legs =D...after my histeroscopy surgery d swelling went away.I wwonder if I could continue taking it 4 that purposes only? To have my legs thicker? =) F 46 1 months
 2  Endometriosis I took this in conjunction with Femara. I experienced abdominal pain, water gain (about 12 lbs, all in the abdomen), and dizziness. I didn't like it. It didn't help with endo pain, and the drug itself was a pain. F 24 14 days
1X D

 3  endo heavy bleeding. crying, headaches, tried, feeling afraid. This medicine made my ovaries hurt. I do have a 2 inch centimeter cyst on my left ovary. I'm praying that I don't have to have a DNC in the next couple weeks because I'm still on. a lot of frequent cramps bleeding constantly. 38 2 weeks

 3  Endometriosis, Fibroids, cysts Depression, breakthrough bleeding, Melasma, weight gain, Sleeplessness, night sweats, Deciduous Cast, hot flashes A lot of bleeding and cramping the first few months. Slowly upped the dosage to 15 mg a day, whenever we upped the dose, I would bleed and once had a decidous cast (so painful!). Now that I have been on it a few months and the dosage is stable.. I have reaches amenorea and am not bleeding at all. Weight gain, sleeping issues and depression are the worst side effects for me. But this drug has stopped the pain associated with endometriosis and has shrunk my ovarian cysts. I will stick with this drug despite the side effects for now, because the other options (lupron, surgery) have worst effects. F 38 4 months
5 mg 3X D

 2  Fibroids/Endometriosis Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Irrability The pill stopped my bleeding right away. I took Aygestin in comb/w Lupron 3 month injection. I had "break through" bleeding after one month on the medication, it was light to where I could where a panty liner. That started June 5, 2012, I had a laproscopic myomectomy on July 9th my bleeding never stopped for the 5 weeks leading up to surgery. The lupron has run it's 3 month course and I stopped Aygestin on Aug 5, 2012 and I am STILL BLEEDING. I esentially have been bleeding/spotting for 2 months. My doctor says it's normal, but there is nothing normal about bleeding for 2 months. I read it can take up to 2 months after you stop taking aygestin for it to leave your system. So does that mean I will bleed for another 2 months a total of 4 months non-stop and then I have my period to look forward too. I will NEVER take this agan!!! F 32 3 months
5 MG 1X D

 2  45 day period from fibroids/polyps weight gain irritable acne I hade a 45 day period with extremely large clots, heavy flow and painfl cramping. Aftrer 2 ER trips and 4 trips to pcp, and three different estrogen hormones, I finally had an ltrasound revealing large polyps/fibroids. Taking 10 mg/day for a week didnt not stop bleeding or change cramping/clots. I am now taking 10mg in AM and PM.I had break through bleeding every day. Recently, incredible pain/volume/clots returned despite 20mg/day. I have to have a hysteroscopy and then a d&c. I want them to jst take it out. I have no insurance. $112 out of pocket for one med is rediculous. F 37 5 weeks
10 MG 2X D
 2  To regulate period The first couple days I noticed that I was very bloated and so bloated that it hurt my feet walking. I gained 6 lbs within the first 4-5 days. I also started breaking out and I look like a high school student with bad acne right now :( I couldn't sleep well and started having some crazy dreams. NO sex drive whatsoever and random cramping as if I were going to start my period. As soon as I noticed the weight gain, I started drinking water like crazy, eating healthier choices and continued my normal exercise routine. The weight was controllable. My other side effects remained the same but the acne worsened. F 25 3 weeks
5 2X D
 4  Heavy Bleeding and clots Bloating, extreme increase in sex drive, shakes initially Very thankful that this medicine stopped my bleeding. I was soaking 3-4 pads per hour. I was able to finish my Masters Degree without worrying about bleeding through while in class F 41 20 days
10 mg 2X D

 1  abnormal heavy bleeding Extreme abdominal tenderness and (searing),tearing pain with movement as if guts could bust and fall out ,extended up the sides of ribs hard to wear bra from pain even ,extreme bloating heavy feeling , 25lb wieght gain in 3wks.,swelled legs and calves painful to touch ,loss of appetite, nausea,Moody,Cry at nothing . F 40 2 weeks
.5 mg 2x d

 4  Abnormal Periods My sex drive increased while taking this medication. I would often have several oragasims throughout the night to the point that it would wake me up out of my sleep. My cycle regulated itself and I am now back to normal. F 34 12 days
5mg 1X D

 4  bleeding for several months major weight gain, alittle acne, tired all the time and a headache every day F 47 14 days
5mg 2X D
 3  2 months missed period Abdominal pain that comes and goes, hard nipples non stop, irritability, PMS I didn't experience this the first time I took this the only thing that happened the first time was a sever case of PMS for about 3 periods after taking this, but then it subsided eventually. F 22 5 days
5 MG 2X D
 1  Endometriosis Irritability, leg pains, anxiety, nausea, headache I expressed significant concerns about aygestin affecting my mood to my doctor who assured me that it would not be an issue. I took it for approx 2 weeks, 5mg a day. I experienced noticeable irritability. I had leg pains (sort of like growing pains) and didnt realize why til after reading some of the other reviews. I also had anxiety. I stopped taking it two days ago...started my period today (even though I just had a period 2 weeks ago) and I have had EXCRUTIATING headaches both days. I am also experiencing nausea and still having anxiety. I hated this medicine...now my body is all out of whack. F 24 14 days
5MG 1X D

 1  No period Terrible insomnia, it is 3 a.m. Right now. Exhausted during the day, zero sex drive, irritability out of control. Weight gain and ravenous appetite. Bloating and constipation. Stopping this medication today. F 28 6 days
5 mg

 5  Heavy Uncontrollable Bleeding Highly satisfied. No weight gain. A little acne but controllable. Stopped my bleeding! Diagnosed with Von Willibrands Disease and had an IUD placed and was put on a taper of this medicine. I am down to 5 mgs this week and started bleeding. Rather stay on the higher dose!! I would recommend this medicine in luie of a hystorectomy any day. F 33 3 weeks
10mg Day
 1  Endometriosis/bleeding and pain Bleeding, weight gain of 10 lbs, irritablity, migraines, swelling of extremities from fluid, bloating, increase in appetite, always tired, and abdominal pain. I also get tingling in my one foot, and easy bruising. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OFF THIS MEDICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 38 14 days
2X O
 1  Heavy menstrual bleeding I find that I am extremely depressed and very irritable. Weight gain. I cannot wait untill I am done with this medication. F 40 15 days
5MG 3X D

 3  Prolonged period (over 1 month) constant state of PMS: light cramping, decreased libido, lower energy, cravings, irritation, light acne, etc. I only have to take it for 3 weeks to kick my cycle back into gear. It has stopped the bleeding but added on these other side effects. Can't wait until I'm done with it. F 35 3 weeks
5 mg 1X D

 4  Heavy prolonged bleeding from fibro It has controlled the bleeding very well. Also the pain is almost completely gone. I have noticed small dark spots on skin. Recently diagonosed with high blood pressure but that was after taking for 6 years. Weight gain of about 20 lbs. Hoping to soon go off aygestin because I am going thru menopause and should be able to quit taking this medicine soon. It has saved me from a hysterectomy. F 48 6 years
2.5 mg 1X D

 5   extreme weight gain, super tired at random times, brain farts, hot flashes, mood swings in the beginning, leg cramps at times i had uncontrolled bleeding to the point of needing a blood transfusion (a new Dr,) and a D&C, Two weeks later it started up all over again, Fourth trip to the ER later, I was finally given this and was told to take 4 the first day, until the bleeding subsided and stopped. It took a few days but it finally stopped and was an answer to my prayers. I went from "bleeding a river" (said by an ER Dr.) to not having to stress over it anymore. I wish there weren't side effects, but I certainly would take them over the alternative ANY day, F 48 2 years
5MG 2X D

 5  adenomyosis After 4 months my blood pressure went from 100/70 to 180/110 with severe tachycardia when combining this with Advil. This med spared me from bleeding to death. I posted here to warn other users about the hypertension risk when using this at high doses, especially when combining it with Advil, Tylenol or other NSAIDs. The side effects went away a few months after discontinuing both aygestin and advil. F 53 5 months
5 mg 3X D
 3  longterm bleeding Nausea, loss of appetite, weight gain, mood swings, depression, anxiety, leg pain, back pain, cramping, headache, weakness, and shakes. I started taking Aygestin after having my second child and after two months I was still bleeding. Soaking up to a pad a hour. My Ob wrote a Rx for this medication. Instructed to take it every six hours til bleeding stopped, than twice a day. I stopped bleeding after a day. Almost a week later I started bleeding again very heavily. At first it was like a miracle drug, than the headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness. The shakes hit almost instantly. Now with a three year old and a two month old I could not function like this. However with also going too school I can not keep getting up every half hour to forty five mins to check my tampon. F 24 1 weeks
5 MG 1X H
 3  fibroid/heavy period at first it seemed a miracle, within 5hrs of starting pills, the bleeding stopped after 5 unbearable days! I seemed to have no real side effects besides some weight gain but then the leg pain started in the left leg and it was constant and at times increased so bad I cried. After 1 week of this my doctor told me to stop the med as it seems that it was causing damage to my common peroneal nerve. The next day the leg pain was gone but unfortunately the bleeding started again. cannot wait until surgery! F 40 3 weeks
5mg 2X D

 5  uterius ceis I was so very nervous about taking this medication but, it have work great for me. I think you got to workout at the gym or do some type of walking etc. I notice the water wght gain, but, other than that it has work wonderful for me. The key is working out with this medicine will help. Drink alot of water and workout is the key. I did notice a weight gain but, thats it and it was only 5lbs no more. F 40 9 days
5mg 1X D
 4  Endometriosis,Adenomyosis, Fibroids weight gain, irritability, depression, insomnia I have been on Aygestin for 3 months now. The first month I was very pleased with it, as it took away a lot of my pain. The next period I got lasted for 2 weeks and was very painful. I almost stopped taking the medication, but decided to go for 1 more month. I haven't had a period now for 2 months, and am pain-free. My biggest complaint is the weight gain. I am very pleased with the medication now F 44 4 months
5 mg 1X D

 4  Uterine septum resection (pre-op) fluid retention, depression, suppressed appetite F 29 19 days
5mg 1X D

 2  Hyperplasia Shortness of breath, depression, fatigue, blurry vision I was was told to take this drug 3x per day for 7 days, then 2x per day for 7 days, then 1x per day for 7 days. I'm now on my 14th day. The bleeding has stopped but I'm experiencing depression and fatigue to the point that I can't really handle my daily activities. I don't feel like myself and can't see staying on this drug, I need an alternative. Have been told an IUD may be a possibility to help with the hyperplasia. F 49 28 days
5 MG 3X D

5MG 1X D
 1  PMDD & Nausea, Depression, Terrible Cramping on one side, loss of appetite I was prescribed Aygestin to help with mood swings associated w/PMDD and with irregular periods and directed to take it beginning mid-cycle. Since I'm so sensitive to medications, I was also instructed to only take a 1/2 of a pill. Each day I'd wake up with nausea & by the 4th day depression kicked into high gear. I found it difficult to even get out of bed. Last night I didn't take it at all and today I feel a lot better though not 100% yet. F 34 7 days
half of 5m 1X O

 5  heavy bleeding, horendous cramping No side effects! This was a miracle and I avoided having a hysterectomy. Periods stopped completely - no side effects at all and only had to take 5 mg. per day. I went from periods so bad I could not function to feeling great and no periods at all. I have just stopped taking this a few days ago as I am now 55 and hoping all this is fially over - but it really made my life so much better! F 55 5 years
5 mg 1X D
 4  Endometriosis/Heavy bleeding/cramps Acne, spotting, moody, weight gain, dark spots on face, extra facial hair I have been on this drug for a very long time. I had 6 endo surgery's a D&C and had horrible periods for years. This has cured all of that but I am a smoker and I read that I should NEVER be taking this while I smoke and am over 35years old (because of blood clots and stroke). I will be going to my Dr next week and will go over this fact with him. It has never been mentioned to me that this was such a risk. I want to come off this medication but my only hope is a hysterectomy and then I will just be on another artifical hormone anyway. F 43 7 years
15 1X D

 1  Menorrhagia HOrrible mood swings, depression, swelling of feet and hands, drop in blood sugars. Irritable, very sad. I like the fact that I have some relief from teh bleeding it does help, but the sadness that I have experience is overwhelming. I have been very depressed and iritable. I can hardly bend my hands and toes. The swelling is painfull and isn't going away even though I quit med 2 days ago. I will not ever take this med again. F 27 5 weeks
5mg 1X D

 3  Endometriosis My pain during my cycle were like "birth pains". I bleed for 7 days HEAVY. I have been on this pill now for 3 weeks. The pain is gone. The HEAVY cycle is gone. Yet I have been bleeding for two weeks, I am always crying, I have acne now, and I do not know when I will stop bleeding. I have a husband and two children. I try not to show them I worry but I am scared! F 36 3 weeks
5 1X D

 3  Prolonged and heavy bleeding It helped to stopped the bleeding. Although, by simply taking 3 Advils in the morning and 3 Advils at night (I didn't know tha Advil helped a lot with bleeding from the uterus) would have helped, before taking Aygesting. Again, it did help the bleeding, but I will probably stop today or tomorrow after 6 days of taking this horrible drug. My doctor prescribed for 12 days, but I cannot do this to myself. It is toxic to me. This is NOT a natural hormone is synthetic and has many side effects. For me, it has given me insomnia, hart palpitations, shortness of breath, tingling in the face as if I had touched something caustic + bad dreams, mood swings, especially irritability! This is must not be good for my health. I cannot take 12 days of this! Better try a higher dosis of natural progesterone. F 54 6 days
5 mg 1X D

 3  Endo I had weight gain, serious increase in appitite, terrible mood swings and irritibility, insomnia,headaches, and acne. It worked well for my pain but I began bleeding yesterday and have decided that the bad more then out weighs the good for me. I will be stopping medication as of today. Good Luck! F 26 3 months
5mg 1X D
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