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 4  Panic Disorder None Xanax stopped my panic attacks in their tracks, especially when dissolved under the tongue. For anxiety management on a day-to-day basis, I felt my dose was not high enough to prevent -all- anxiety, but it was strong enough to keep me from panicking. After taking more than my prescription allowed, I felt calm and euphoric, but unless I wanted to run out of my prescription early this was not something I did often. Occasionally I used it to help me sleep and it worked. M 29 5 years
0.5MG 2X D
 1  Anxiety Drowsie, sleepy sometimes, disconnected, high, little drunk feeling. Listen, this should be used last case scenario for long term use. Ask yourself, do you want to be on this forever? With everyday use, it will become an addiction, I promise with withdrawls being quoted as, "just as bad or worse then opioids (heroine)" a credible source says. They make you dumb, a zombie. again, last resort drug with a doctor closely involved who really knows and understands addiction an benzodiazepines. Remember doctors often have zero first hand experience with taking the drug. A COLD TURKEY WITHDRAWL CAN RESULT IN DEATH. do you really need this? If yes, good healthcare you will have long term is a must. Then withdrawls were the symptoms I took them for (panic, depression, anxiety). multiplied by 100. Plus new physical pains as well It's a drug highly abused, and the reason is it can take a very small time, as little as a week, depending on dose, to become physically and mentally addicted M 30 3 years
2 mg
 5  panic disorder, anxiety drowsiness, memory loss, worked really good except made me feel too drowsy at times. felt sort of intoxicated like i drank a few beers. never any nausea or unpleasant effects. i took this as needed for about 1.5 years at different times. did not seem to last very long. imo one of the best medications for social anxiety. M 30 18 months
.5mg 3X D
 1   F 10 months
 2  anxiety Rebound anxiety. It's addictive & hence not appropriate for long-term use! Also lowered mood. Not appropriate for long-term use. It's addictive. And it causes depression. But it's fine for one-dose use (dental anxiety, fear of flying). M 62 8 months
.25 mg

.25 1X D

 1  Heart palpitations Terrible anxiety, irrational fears, iatrogenic illness that lasted for over a decade. This drug worked beautifully. At first, then it became a nightmare. Don't take it. Don't let anyone you care about take it. Please. This is a mind-altering, highly addictive drug that changes the way your body calms itself down. So much so, that you may never be the same, even if you stop taking it. NEVER stop this drug 'cold turkey'. It is dangerous and can lead to a very painful withdrawal syndrome that can last years. More information at www.benzo.org.uk F 53 1 years
.25 mg 2X D

 3  anxiety attacks Drowsiness, irritability. I took xanax 2 years ago, but stopped because my anxiety attacks stopped as well. Now that my depression has gotten worse, my anxiety attacks have come back even worse. It's only been a week back on them, but I've noticed I've been becoming very irritable and quick to anger when the xanax starts to wear off. Even falling asleep sitting on the couch. I'm wondering if this will stop in time? I hope. F 32 1 weeks
.25mg 2x D
 1  anxiety. I went to bed around midnight and woke up at 5:30 convinced it was am but surely enough it was pm. Don't waste your time or life all for an alternative F 19 2 days

 5  panic attacks and anxiety Sleepy at first ,but I'm good now F 46 1 months
1.5 mg.
 3  panic depression drowsiness, clouding of the mind, forgetfulness, lethargy It did relieve panic disorder for me but eventually it just made me lack energy and felt like doing nothing but stay at home all day. Has a mild antidepressant effect which I enjoyed at times. Getting off Xanax was unpleasant. It took two years to get it out of my system completely. I never want to take it again...not even occasionally. M 50 7 years
0.25 mg. 3X D
 5  GAD, Panic Attacks, Agoraphobia No side effects except for occasional drowsiness. This is seriously a miracle pill. It has helped me get my life back. Before I would not get on an airplane, drive long distances, I avoided social situations, and could barely sit down and relax or focus. I have been through two extremely stressful situations over the past 4 years I.e. my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which came back after initial diagnosis. I was also assaulted and sexually harassed at work. This has gotten me through it all. Please don't believe the people who say it's dangerous. It is only dangerous if you abuse it! If you use as directed it works as it should. I've tried Klonopin which gave me nightmarish side effects, Lexapro which made me gain 30 lbs and that gave me more anxiety and borderline depression, Effexor which made my BP go up so high I was hospitalized for 4 days (high bp runs in the family, and Buspar which didn't even touch my anxiety. I can go for days without taking xanax and I dont get withdrawal so maybe I am just lucky and it agrees with my body chemistry but it has truly made a huge difference in my quality of life. F 33 4 years
 5  Anxiety None. This is a wonder drug if used as prescribed. Xanax saved my life. I was on this drug for 12 years without ever having to increase the dose. No anxiety, no depression. About two years ago I decided that it was probably of no benefit to me any longer because of all the literature about the body building up a tolerance for it. I weened myself off it 1% a week. Took me two year but absolutely no withdrawal symptoms at all. After I got off it all my anxiety returned. My conclusion. Like any drug it will affect different people in different ways. Just because it can be addictive doesn't mean you will get addicted. You may become dependant but if it works, keep using it. I should never have stopped using it. Now I am on Valium which my Doctor says is safer. Time will tell. M 51 12 years
1mg 3X D

 5  Anxiety and Panic attacks Its a horrible detox off of them F 44 5 years
2 mg 3X D
 4  Anxiety When it comes to dealing with severe, recurring anxiety, this drug works best than many that I have. The only problem is that the longer I have taken it, the more the dosages have been increased. I currently take 4 1 mg tablets a day. I have a new doctor that I am now seeing and he is trying to see if he can get it lowered from 4 times a day, down to two. He wants me to try another medication in addition with Xanax to see if this combo will help to better lower my anxiety. I will be seeing my doctor next month to talk about this, as I already have an appt scheduled with him. I have a sensitive stomach, and alot of pills don't agree with me. Plus, i currently have a healthy appetite and i would like to keep it that way. Hopefully, I will end up with a pill that won't cause me to catch severe dizzy spells or severe nausea or vomiting, which i fear the most when it comes to taking pills period. The best medication out there for anxiety. However, once you get on it, its hard to be without it. F 39 10 months
1mg 4X D
 3  Anxiety Couldn't really feel anything, just a little relaxed, i guess. Will probably all dr to up the dose. Im sensitive to medication & was really surprised if the low effect. Will post after i up the dose. F 32 1 days

 4  Anxiety (also insomnia) Drowsiness I don't take this every day, but when I'm going through a rough patch in life, I can take this at night to help me relax and go to sleep. I also use quick meditation and deep breathing in conjunction with this medicine. F 27 6 months
.25 mg 1X D

 5  Anxiety This stuff is the best when used in moderation. Seriously, the best! Calm collected and nonchalant I can still go about my daily tasks but with glee and no worry. I love it! F 27 7 years
,5 mg

 5  G.A.D., Major Depression, etc. I have had absolutely no ill side effects. Along with other meds (Pristiq, Wellbutrin) my anxiety and depression are very much under control. I recently had to increase my Xanax to 2mg three times daily. Along with my pain meds for multiple cancer surgeries and back surgeries, I have finally found some semblance of normality in my life. M 43 5 years
2mg TID

 4  For sleep Sleepiness ocasionnaly F 52 1 days

 5  Panic disorder/agoraphobia A bit drowsy but def helped when having a panic attack which happens to me at least once a day with unknown reason. F 22 2 weeks

 5  Depressive anxiety It can make one a bit tired if you either take too high a dosage or have not taken it in several days. I take it as need (usually 1 or 2 times per week). It completely makes me feel normal, calm, and peaceful. All anxiety felt in the area of my solar plexus vanishes. Xanax is not addictive as some have written, but one can become psychologically dependent. Unless one has panic attacks or extreme anxiety, .25 or .50 mg once maybe twice a day should be very sufficient for the vast majority of people. My physician prescribed .50 mg up to three times per day. The most I ever took was 1 mg once or twice when my anxiety was high. It really helps with my depression as well, and the affect lasts about 24 hours for me. Some begin feeling anxious in 3-8 hours after initial dosage. M 54 1 years
.5 mg 1X AN

 1  Anxiety/Stress For anyone out there trying to seek an escape from life's problems, please don't take this. You'll ruin you're life. Not only will you grow a literally deadly dependence of this drug(whether you think you will or not) but it will almost completely erase your memory from the previous night/day. If you take this with alcohol then you will most definitely regret this as it is not like any other medication with alcohol. This will completely floor you and you WILL do something that risks your life or others. Xanax is helpful IF you actually have severe stress/anxiety problems. I know someone out there reading this doesn't fit that criteria and wants a good high. This isn't a good high. Save your life and take this very, very sparingly. M 21 5 weeks

 5  over working, worry what a perfect drug for me, I have taken for 13-14 years now. NO side affects, what so ever. Thank god this drug came on the market M 52 14 years
1mg 3X D
 4  panic attacks None other than the main reason I was taking it was fear of hep c and planned treatment. Treatment was a success but can't seem to be motivated to withdraw, slowly. There's more to this story. I have also been on methadone for years after a series of accidents. Motorcycle, cut some of thumb off and kidney stones :(.sometimes I think it would be easier to just accept it. I'm not 20 any more. M 56 4 years
3 to 5mg
 5  anti-anxiety/panic/depression nothing 8 past years were prescribed 2mg 4x a day before that started at .25 @ 20 years ago here and their for anxiety and body built tolerance over years. Works great but I hate to see newbies get addicted and tolerance build up. I'm said cause a detox dr got me down to 4mg a day but I don't feel anything. we all have our issues and are different. I need my 8 mg at times..sad but true "like metalica said" Klonopin also isn't bad and works longer again take it when needed not for a regular regimine unless your dr tells you. my dr told me and look where I ended up. You really need to be your own eyes and ears. I was a healthy teen with supplements for bodybuilding,etc..then I saw a phychiartrist and that .25 turned into hell besdes him using another off lable drug to treat my depression social aniexty issue and that famous drug way oxycodone got me up to 80mg a day then told me go detox and let me tell you what hell I went through... If I can help educate just one of you I will feel like I did justice. You think a dr u can trust???? I don't know anymore. I must omit I felt very well but was in a whole state of denial with those 2 mixtures. anyone going thru or have similar experiences feel free to email me. Namaste!!!! M 40 20 years
8mg 4X D
 5  Anxiety Attacks Social Situations i have never had a side effect. i have taken this off and on for 7 years and my life is better because of it. If you take the drug only as needed and dont abuse it, it is a godsend. People, some of these reviews have to be made up. such as i took .5 once a day for a week and almost died...really. i have quit cold turkey several times and never ever had a problem. Dont be scared of a drug that can fix a problem, be scared if you abuse it. NOTHING is good for you if you take to much. I have piece of mind knowing in case of a panic attack I have a simple solution. F 55 7 years
.25 or .50 1X D
 1  anxiety After taking this for awhile, I developed chronic insomnia and couldn't eat or taste. I lost 50 lbs in 2 months. Never suspected Xanax was the cause. I am now emotionless. My psychiatrist sent me to sleep studies and all types of tests. He said Xanax wouldn't do this. Go to Benzo Buddies.org. Do not take for more then 2 weeks. You'll become an addict. It will make your original anxiety worse. When I stopped sleeping, I was actually in withdraw, although I didn't stop medication. Your body builds a tolerance fast. You'll have to do an expensive hospital detox ($7K cash) and you'll still be screwed up for years. XANAX is a POISON and it will destroy you, you family, your finances. This is no joke and I am sane (although the damage done to me is overwhelming). Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac says Xanax destroyed 8 years of her life. Xanax permanently changes how your brain works. Google benzo, gaba, receptor and anxiety to find out. M 52 2 years
.5mg 2X D

 5  Anxiety and panic None cut .25 pill in half so I could take .125 dose. My breathing from a sinus infection caused me to start with a panic attack when I became breathy and couldn't take a deep breath. .125 works F 72 4 days
.125 1X D

 5  panic attacks/generalized anxiety no adverse side effects Klonopin is too easily and quickly habituated to, and doesn't break the blood/brain barrier for an entire hour. Valium is far more sedating but just doesn't do the trick for panic/anxiety. A combination which I am now on of 3 mg of Xanax XR 2 times a day and Xanax 1 mg 3 times a day in between is ideal. The Xanax doses in the middle relieve quite rapidly my panic/anxiety, and the morning and evening doses of Xanax XR provide me with an undercurrent of long-term day/night-long anxiety/panic relief. Do not expect sedation, but then again, that is not why I take these drugs. Xanax and Xanax XR trump all of the other benzos barnone. M 30 6 months
1 mg 3X D

 5  Depression/Anexity Not sure but get mild pain in stomach hut this med help basically erase ur thoughts n allows you to sleep ;) I need it . Fit hit by a car n life changed even where I love n I'm mostly alone n get many panic attacks so I basically just sleep it off n now I notice memory also is an issue but I had that before it's just increases with meds F 36 1 years
.5mg 2/3x
 3   1 days

 5  nerves none F 63 3 years
5 mg 2X D

 5  Situational anxiety, panic attacks none negative Doctor prescribed 0.5MG 1 - 2 x.day as needed but I have been very careful to leave the emphasis on AS NEEDED. I have only used 10 pills in total over the past 12 months. I can see how people could become addicted to it because the effects are very calming. I try to exercise and do other activities to keep my mind healthy and only take Xanax when I know I'm going to be in an overwhelming situation. One .5 mg pill works within about 20 min and lasts 4 - 6 hours for me. M 40 1 years
0.5 mg 1X D

 5  Anxiety Panic attacks A little sleepy but other than that works great F 30 1 years
0 25mg

 4  Anxiety Attacks Taken continuously for long periods or too high a dosage can leave me feeling a little spaced out and forgetful. Puts me in an incredibly calm state. Very effective. Be careful - it's highly addictive. Should only be used in an emergency. Herbal remedies are better for long term use. M 52 10 years
.25 1X AN

 1  Anxiety & Insomnia cause by Anxiety No side effects. I guess everyone is different Xanax didn't work at all for me made me lightly drowsy for an hr and then I was back to normal. M 30 7 days

 4  Anxiety/restlessness This medicine helped me with my anxiety and sleep when i had racing thoughts and no sleep. Its a slippery slope though. The lowest dose can feel like the highest when first taking. Not something to take every day. I reccomend never taking more thsn 2 days in a row to not build tolerance. Never had issues with withdrawl on it 6 months. Just dont take it every day. If needed everyday look else where for longer lasting like clozepam. For quick desperate relief a few times a week or month it can work well, but used more it doesnt work and will just make your anxiety worse with a new addiction. M 30 7 months

 5  Situational Anxiety, Panic Mild fatigue When facing a difficult task or criticism, my mind tends to freeze up and anxiety spikes to an uncontrollable heights. Only 1/2 of 0.5mg pill keeps me from loosing it totally in front of others and gives me back good control of my emotions. In an extremely stressful situations, I add another half of the pill. It takes about 15 min for X. to kick in and lasts close to 8 hours. I have tried several antidepressants with rather unpleasant side effects and Xanax seems to be the only med that works for me. F 38 2 years
0.125 3X W

 5  head injury stress I felt like not like killing my self anymore 2 days after car accident i lost my mind, i was traveling in a Jesus freak town, at church they told me god would fix it, these self appointed experts tried to take me off my Xanax, and i almost had a heart attack from the stress. As for all these comments-you are you, they are them, i took Zanax 5 years at 6 mills a day, i tappered my self with zero discomfort down to 1 mg a day. learn your body, learn your mind, you are no one else but you, even throw the friggin TV out if reading wholesome books seems more your style. in this country you have to make your own culture, war, grave yard art, and music that goes no where can make you worse. Let no person part you from the truth so you may have a friend. all my side effects went away after 3 months. walking 3 miles a day in a beautiful area kept my health fine, and my sex life stayed fine walk in the woods, stay close to beauty, watch thyroid, Xanax can make it FOR ME it is great stuff. for you it may be very bad.. M 58
1 .5 4X D

 5  Generalized Anxiety Disorder Don't drink alcohol on this drug unless you intend to black out. Xanax has helped me in many situations that I would normally lose it in. I'm an extremely nervous/volatile person and Xanax has been very useful especially in my line of work dealing with high maintenance egotistical television execs. I would not be as successful or able to cope with half of the milestones I've reached in my life thus far. There have been times where I've begun to take too much but I recognize when this is beginning to happen and cut back. F 26 5 years

 1  Anxiety panic attacks It doesn't matter why a person would be prescribed this medication. Never allow your dr to fool you because with long time use it caused me depression lack of sexual sensation or want also it caused me to not have my period for a whole year and half . I would not ask my worse enemy to take this . I'm now working with my dr to taper me off and even when you tamper off it is so hard even with medical help. But I'm trust in God to help me regain my life and my health back. I am praying to be off Xanax it's ruined my life. Please use a different medication don't fall victim to Xanax F 31 7 years
1.5 mg

 3  anxiety attacks, insominia This drug worked well for calming anxiety. I quit taking Lovastatin after I learned that's what was causing my anxiety, depression, insomnia and suicidal thoughts. Then I no longer needed the xanax, F 61 3 weeks
50 2X D

 2   F 34 11 years
2 MG 4X D

 5  panic and anxiety no side effects It always calms me and works fast. F 58 4 years
.05 2X D
 5  GAD (and occasional insomnia) 1. Alcohol GREATLY increases effects. Took .5 mg at 3PM. At 7PM had a glass of wine. Almost passed out. I use Xanax only once or twice a month for Anxiety and/or insomnia. It is a great help. However, I have found that if I take it too often then I develop a dependence and also need to take more to get the same effect. To avoid this, I keep very close tabs on how much I take and how often. If, I need to take it more often then it means I am not coping well and need to go back on an anti-depressant/ psychotherapy. F 56 8 years
.5 -1mg 1X AN
 3  anxiety After stopping I had anxiety that bad would not Leave house talk to anyone,I wanted to kill myself literally becoz of the agony I was going through it took 8 weeks to leave my home and feel some relief its hell.I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy M 30 4 years
 5  anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia This has been a Godsend. The only issue is if I take one in the morning to help my pain meds work better, rather than just in the evening; it can make me a little groggy. Great for taking before a dentist appointment! F 56 3 years
 5  Panic Attacks I have no side effect, It make me feel good. My baby daddy like it too. We be not fighten and all of that. He not hit me and me is not hit him. I rippin it more often but that otaky I still have my baby daddy who is support me and buy my shoe. F 43 2 years
1 mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia, occasional anxiety Some sluggish feeling in the morning, goes away after an hour or so after showering or a cup of coffee. A little memory recall issues the first month or so taking it, that went away though, now I notice no issues. I did a ton of research out of fear of addiction, where I believe a lot of people go wrong is thinking they need a higher dose when really their body has simply adjusted to the medication but is still getting a proper effect. After a month or so I wouldn't "zonk" right out from my 0.5MG pill, but instead of freaking out and insisting upon a higher dosage, I just rolled with the flow and soon realized that while it took me 15-20 minutes longer to fall asleep, I was still falling into a nice deep sleep and staying that way all night. It's when you increase your dose, start to build that higher and higher tolerance that you run into addiction issues. I also skip it on nights when I feel really tired, for example if I've worked outside a lot on the yard, etc. I don't feel tied to taking it "or else". When I take it for anxiety I always wait until I really fee like there is no other option. It's a personal choice - no one holds a gun to your head to to pop that pill. F 40 1 years
0.5 mg 2X D
 5  PTSD Drowsiness, short-term memory problems, minor loss of balance This drug has been a godsend. I started having severe anxiety after returning from the Gulf War. I was diagnosed with PTSD and placed on every SSRI and SSRI-like drug. None of them worked. For 15 years I lived with flashbacks, intense anxiety, and killer side effects from the SSRIs (they are poison. Avoid them). In 2006, I finally said "ENOUGH!" I did my homework and I knew I was risking a terrible addiction, but life was so horrible that I was willing to take the risk to get some relief. Though I suffer from the side effects mentioned, Xanax has given me back at least some of my life. I am addicted, but I went into it with my eyes open knowing that could happen. I can do at least some of the things I enjoy again, and can function on my job (which was in jeopardy before Xanax). I have not needed a dosage increase since I started the drug, so I'm not developing a tolerance. My advice to you is this: try everything else before you try Xanax. But if nothing has worked, I mean absolutely nothing including non-medicinal things like psychotherapy, and if you cannot function any more due to your anxiety, and you have no life left, then go on Xanax. But do so knowing you may be on it for a long, long time and may go through hell getting off. In other words, Xanax is a LAST RESORT only. M 55 7 years
1mg 3X D

 1  Anxiety I was prescribed Xanax for situational anxiety, or one or two times a year moderate anxiety. Something I now know I could have handled myself.. I wish I had! It started off GREAT, worked wonderful for so many years.. I didn't know the Devil was at my back! I started not feeling well, getting some depression, worsening of anxiety, I Ended up in the Psych ward..I unknowlingly became an ACCIDENTAL ADDICT . I was in tolerance for 1-1/2 years, Dr's. increasing my dose, which only helped a few months at a time. I'm a 59 female, had to w/d from the evil little bastard pill. OMG!! I cannot or nor would ever in a million years contemplate or believe anyone telling me what they had or have gone thru in benzo w/d, if i had not experienced it myself.. I have had heroin addicts on the psych floor tell me they would never put another Xanax in their mouths because of how horrendous and LONNNGGGG the w/d and recovery was!These are people that have gone on and off Heroin and coke MANY times, becau The class of drug SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN BY DOCTOR"S AT ALL. F 59 10 years
3-4 mg.a d 1X D
 1  Anxiety Increased anxiety, fear, terror, development of phobias, muscle problems, dizziness, caused me to become completely disabled...the list of side effects is too long to list. This drug is pure POISON!!! It destroyed my life so fast I didn't even know what was happening to me. Of course the doctors never told me how bad this drug was, how insidious. I lost my life to Xanax and am now off of it but the damage has been done..literally, the damage has been done to my nervous system and my body is trying to heal. It takes so long. Do not even be tempted with this drug unless you are into playing Russian Roulette. Believe me when I say, the pre-existing anxiety I had was a cakewalk compared to the terrors of the Xanax experience. F 35 2.5 years
1mg 1X D
 1  anxiety Tolerance withdrawal soon developed. Very very sick for 5 years before anyone identified the cause of xanax tolerance withdrawal. Took me almost 2 years to get off this awful chemical. Major GABA receptor damage. Symptoms were tachycardia, chest pain/pressure, major GI pain, nausea, cramps, diarrhea, skin rash, itching, insomnia, rebound anxiety, burning eyes, tingling in hands and feet, headaches, joint/muscle aches, fatigue. Had to keep increasing the dose to not get these withdrawal symptoms. M 67 5 years
.25 1X D
 5  Depression, Anxiety A little tired (sluggish) in the morning after taking Xanax to help me sleep at night. Other than that my experience has been very good taking Xanax. I was prescribed Xanax after losing both my parents within a 18 month period. I found that as I got older I was less able to cope with stress at work and stressful situations. I was becoming depressed and had bouts with anxiety.Xanax has been a life saver for me. I am able to take it when needed and have had little if any side affects. M 59 3 years
.5mg 3X D
 5  Panic disorder with agoraphobia Sedation I was prescribed Xanax to help calm me down whenever I would have severe panic attacks in public and needing something to work quickly. I used to go to the ER afraid I was having a heart attack and that got expensive real quick. I kept the Xanax on my person as an emergency backup in case an attack hit, and sometimes just knowing it was there in my pocket if I needed it helped and I didn't have to actually use it. When I did use it, it helped stop the panic attack quickly and enabled me to regain my composure. On the rare occasions I took it at night, it made me very sedated and complacent and I slept heavily. This could easily become addictive. Now I still have a script for it but I rarely ever take it. Great for panic attacks, but be careful. M 28 2 years
0.5 2X AN
 5  MS and meniere's nothing other than sleepiness. With the dizzy feeling that I get with both the MS attacks and the menierie's, this is the only medicine I use to get through the attacks. I take either one or a half if I'm not at home. At home I take one, just relax and close my eyes and try to drift off for awhile. It certainly helps stop the nausea and spinning. A lifesaver! F 67
25mg 1X D

 5  Anxiety Ive struggled to control anxiety over the years. During the really bad times I turned to Zoloft and Celexa. These days my life is more in order so I don't need a daily medication. I have been using this drug for 10 years for various anxiety issues as needed. I can honestly say that I can still take half of a .25 and feel normal 80 percent of the time without needing more. I never allowed myself to take it more than 3 days in a row without a break fearing an addiction or building up a tolerance like many of the people I know. If used correctly it can certainly change your life for the better. I recommend it to anyone that doesn't have addiction issues that suffers from anxiety. F 34 10 years

 5  Anxiety Sleepiness I was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and though was allowed 1-2 daily as needed, I have chosen to only take half to one pill as needed when I start to feel overly anxious. I have also tried to resolve my anxiety by participating in a cognitive behavioral therapy clinical trial, as well as personal research on that method of treatment. When I start to feel anxious, I first try to calm myself with CBT and that usually works. However, there are times when no amount of mind-over-matter will calm my racing heart and half a Xanax does the trick. I'll take a full pill if I'm flying anywhere. I understand the medicine can be addictive, however, anxiety can be treated in so many ways that I highly recommend trying a non-medicinal approach to try for lasting results and using the Xanax on an as-needed basis. Doing so eliminates the risk of dependency as you learn ways to calm your anxiety without medicine. Using Xanax (or any other drug) as a supplement to behavioral therapy or even talk therapy, rather than as a substitute, is, in my opinion, an effective way to address anxiety. I hope to some day be skilled enough at CBT and at being able to recognize and avoid my triggers (when reasonable) that I can eliminate the need to medicate. Until then, half a Xanax every other week or so hasn't given me a single side effect and I haven't had a single thought or action that hints at addiction. F 41 2 years
25 mg 1X D

 5  Bipolar panic and anxiety disorder Xanax has been a blessing to me. I struggled with severe panic and anxiety attacks. The take your breath, feel like you're having a heart attack kind. After taking a Xanax I would feel much calmer within 20 minutes. Some days are worse than others so I may not have to take my entire prescribed dose every day, but I always make sure I take a couple to prevent anxiety from coming and prevent withdrawal from happening. My life has been livable, I am able to go to a grocery store and shop without feeling like I am going to die! F 35 10 years
2mg 6x day
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