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 5  Insomnia None I loved this for insomnia--it was just the right strength to allow me to fall asleep within a normal time frame without making me overly sedated should I stay up on it. I could fall asleep in 20 minutes on it whereas without it took me hours. If I took it and chose to stay up and read or watch TV, it did not incapacitate me. Very smooth, very mellow, and it worked. M 29 4 months
N/A 1X D
 3  Chronic Insomnia due to Lupus None. I've been on benzo's in the past and have tolerated them well. I have a complicated medical history and take meds to help with symptoms. There doesn't appear to be any contraindications by adding this drug. I will say that although I fall asleep quite easily with this dosage, I wake in 3-4 hours and cannot fall back to sleep again. I've requested a bump in dosage with the hope that my doctor will continue to prescribe 15 mg, but 2x/night. I can live with 6 good hours of sleep. My mind is clear. I'm motivated during the day. Overall it's working much better than Lunesta and doesn't give me the night terrors that Ambien did. I'm a vivid/lucid dreamer, but as a writer am happy that this med hasn't changed that. It's obviously not for everyone and when the day comes that I've built a tolerance to it, will be proactive in weening off of it appropriately. Many comments have been posted about sudden withdrawal related to benzo's. People- read the drug information!! Talk to your doctors and pharmacists. And NEVER abruptly stop a prescription med. The warning is in black and white. Hope this helps. F 44 7 days
15 mg

 5  Sleep I believe I am more groggy tired out of it in the morning even after 12-14 hours goes by from the time I take it. But seems I need 60 mg to keep me sleeping a good -8-10 hr sleep. My body does not seem to need more over time .. Maybe because Iam on such a high dose. I would like to take less actually. Need to talk to shrink about that. F 59 2 years
60 mg

 1  Severe Insomnia None; have not resumed taking this drug due to both its severely addictive properties and the complete lack of its being able to resolve my insomnia. I was prescribed 30 MG, and after only two weeks, the drug entirely lost its effectiveness--which is very common for all benzos. Stay away from this drug! I would recommend in the strongest terms that anyone considering or being prescribed Restoril will decide not to take it or any other benzodiazepine, as it will cease to work in the long-term, you will have to take more of it, and then you will have to go through withdrawal from it, which is horrific. F 49 0 days
30 MG 1X D

 3  Insomnia M 89 1 days

 5  Insomnia None I sleep like a baby for the first time in a long long time. I went they a couple other medications that made me too groggy to function the next day or just didn't work. I sleep 5-6 hours. But most important I stay asleep. I use to wake up and stay awake for hours at a time and fall asleep right before the alarm clock went off. F 33 7 days

 5  Insomnia None I take it 2 - 3 times a week as needed for sleep. Works great. Make sure to get in bed immediately after taking. M 27 6 months
30 mg 1X AN
 3  Restless Leg Syndrome Loosing cognitive abilities, memory and energy. I feel really stupid a lot of the time...and yet I know that I am an intelligent person. Increased appetite at the onset of taking my 30 mg......no other times. Complete mental BLACK OUTS if I take 45 mg. I have gotten up the next morning and to my horror realized things that I had either done or food I had eaten the night before...it was the same as when I used to get drunk. WOW. Well what can I say...I love the feeling I get from Restoril. It only takes 10 minutes to work and I love the drugged feeling I get. I make sure not to eat dinner until I take my 30 mg., otherwise I will not get such a strong feeling, I will however still sleep great. I never had a problem with sleeping....just began getting RLS a few years ago and this works great for that, but now I don't know what to do, because I am tired of feeling stupid and not being able to remember things. I tried Trazodone and it really knocked me out, but the memory and drugged affects are even worse for me than Restoril is. F 62 3 years
30 mg 1X D
 4  Severe secondary insomnia A bit groggy, also makes me need excessive amounts of sleep (10 hrs instead of about 8.5 -9) I was on "Lunesta" (Zopilcone) for 8 years but when it no longer worked I had to go onto this. I also tried various sedative psycho drugs and some of them helped for a few years. I was on and off this for years too, as it's only effective for max 1 week at a time. At the moment it's the only way I can get undisturbed sleep at night. I tapered off all hypnotics twice this autumn and it wasn't difficult for me at all, but I had to go back on them since I wasn't able to get sufficient amounts of natural sleep and the other sedative alternatives all give me restless legs. I really don't want to be on this kind of thing but my insomnia is due to fibromyalgia and so I see no hope and don't think CBT will help in my case either. F 47 6 days
5 - 20 mg 1X D
 1   Cold turkey after 35 days, no instructions from doctor! Horrific side effects, felt like brain was on fire, brain squeezing, hot flashes, gagging, hand tremors, panic attacks, exaggerated depression, no sleep. Doctor didn't know what was causing this... What a load of crap!!! Evil drug, do not take, doctors hand it out like it is safe and don't explain what it does if you stop, are clueless about withdrawal. F 49 35 days
15 - 30mg 1X D

 5  chronic long term insomnia Hunger a half hour after I take it so I take it andGO ToBED right away. Only benzo without either a tolerance or hangover 45 10 years
 3  Insomnia No side effects. The amount of sleep was moderate only about 4-5 hours so not ideal I took this for quite a while but finally decided to switch to something else and Ativan was the answer. M 30 3 months

 2  insomnia,vivid dreams Insomnia, nightly vivid dreams Restoril was prescribed to help with insomnia and the nightly colorful, vivid dreams. It's like watching a movie all night long, every night. Ugh. 15mg hasn't done much for me. I'm not dreaming in color anymore, but I'm still dreaming. I've been fighting my cpap mask at night on this Rx. I never had that happen with Klonopin. I've been upped to 30mg and will see if that allows for some quality sleep and respite from these dreams. F 48 30 days
15mg 1X D
 1  minor insomnia Drug from HELL! After about a month began waking up in terror. In the day started getting side effects I had never had. Brain fog, derealization, severe anxiety, cognitive impairment, depression, worse insomnia, headaches. Was in psychosis within three months. Stupid doctor cold turkeyed me off after ten months. I am 5 1/2 YEARS off and still suffering every second in protracted w.d . This pill had DESTROYED my life for the last 6 years. Doctors need to be sued for handing out benzos like tic tacs. ALL benzos are EVIL poison. Stay far far away! M 45 10 months
30mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia none It works for me to fall asleep, but I can only stay asleep for 3 or 4 hours. F 36 2 months
30 MG 1X D
 1  pain at nite could not sleep Addicted can't sleep without it. M 44 2 months

 1  Sleep Insomnia - waking up at 4 every morning, extreme RAGE/panic, suicidal thoughts This drug is from the devil himself. It doesn't help with insomnia at all and instead gets your body used to its effects and when the effects wear off at about 4 AM you wake up suddenly in a panic and/or rage. It also gave me extreme suicidal thoughts for no reason at all. F 36 10 weeks
15 1X D

 4  Prescribed for insomnia I have been taking this medication for three years and find it works pretty well, with almost no side effects. Sometimes, it doesn't work, and sometimes, I feel groggy in the morning, but I usually get 5-6 hours of good sleep when I take it. It can take up to an hour before I fall asleep, so I have to time it carefully. Take it too early, and I'm wide awake at 4:30. Take it too late and I'm still awake at 1:00 am. F 48 3 years
30 mg

 3  Insomnia/RLS None? Even in combo with antihistamines, pain medd, and RLS meds it was useless This drug is useless. Even in combination with requip and tramadol, nothing happened F 31 1 months
60mg 1X D
 1  to sleep during overseas flight Rapid heart beat, cold sweat,vomiting This occurred @ 30 minutes after taking this medication to help me sleep during a long overseas flight. I was in a cold sweat and my hair was dripping. Not a pleasant experience on an overseas flight. I will NEVER take this again! F 62 1 times
30 mg 1X D

 4  failed back Sx/chronic sciatica mild/mod morning anxiety; guilty feelings for needing to take a benzo. some weird dreams lately. Want to keep sleeping in morning rather than get up,not every AM though. I have taken Ambien first 5mg way back in 1996, off and on; worked great, then stopped working in past few years. Xanax worked great .5-.75 to fall asleep 5 hrs at least, but also stopped working. Restoril seems to work well at this dose; 15mg wasn't enough to keep me asleep past 3-4 hrs. I worry about needing this to sleep forever...tolerance and withdrawal scare me. I am a retired PA w/lots of med experience and just wish I could fall asleep easily(spouse falls asleep in 1 minute, stays asleep all night) and stay asleep. Hot flashes, my snoring husband, my plugged up nose (pollen) and back pain all keep me awake. Restoril helps a lot though and am glad for it, all things considered. I swim 2 miles a day to wear myself out, but even that doesn't work. I hope this med keeps working. F 52 20 days
30 1X D
 4  Insomnia No side effects so far. I was on interferon therapy for six months, which causes insomnia. Also I am a shift worker and haven't gotten enough sleep in years. Restoril really has been helping me alot. If my doc will let me continue taking it I will be pleased. M 58 4 weeks
30 MG 3X W
 1  chronic insomnia Addicted to Klonopin2mg@HS-but couldn't sleep more than 2 hrs. Added Seroquel-gained 25 lbs in 6 months-stopped that and tried Restoril that not only didn't work, also^agitation. This drug may work for those who aren't chronically sleep deprived. For the "hard core" insomniac, this drug is worthless! F 65 1 days
15mg 1X D
15 MG 1X D
 4  insomnia calming, drowsiness, sometimes mild hangover/slugish feeling in the morning I seem to get a relaxed feeling about 45 to 60 min after taking it...my insomnia due to failed back surgery pain was so bad I'd go 3-4 days without a single SECOND of sleep, only to then suffer what is termed "microsleep" - where you nod off for a few seconds. The mmicrosleep was incontollable, and came without warning, so I was having frequent car accidents, and falling out of a chair onto the floor at work. After a few microsleep episodes, I'd simply begin having grand mal srizures due to lack of sleep, so restoril/temazepam has been a godsend. Even after a full year, it's still fairly effective, tho I'm sure my tolerance has built up, no doubt about it. There are some nights I need to take 1, then a second one an hour later, or in the middle of the night, but "most of the time" the one 30 mg pill works fine. I DO notice I get a little anxious towards the end of the month, afraid the doc won't refill it, but so far, he's been perfectly understanding of the sequence of events that happen without any sleep aid at all. BTW - another thing that might be good for anybody reading this would be to try something called "phenebut" - it's available on-line, and it's what the Russian cosmonauts use fo sleep in space. Perfectly legal in the U.S. M 56 365 days
30 MG 1X D

 4  Insomnia The only side effect that was somewhat bothersome was I would get very hungry. Sometimes Restoril would not work either. Sometimes I would want to take another capsule to make it 90 MG but I don't unless I really need to sleep as in for work or another early event. I did take Xanax for years and I think that my tolerance just built up with that and I think that is what sometimes happens to me with Restoril. I am currently not taking Xanax anymore, but the reason I was on it was for anxiety, not to sleep. I was on 1 MG three times a day, but overall Restoril has worked the best for me for the most part. I have had insomnia forever. I have tried a range of sleeping aids. I have tried Ambien and it works but I don't like the drunk and sleep eating side effects it had on me. I have tried Trazadone, Remeron, and even Nyquil and Benadryl, but the diphenhydramine in those drugs had a paradoxial effect and made me more wired then anything. My doc said that Trazadone and Remeron act simlarly to Benadryl (diphenhydramine). So even OTC drugs like Nyquil and Benadryl (diphenhydramine) did not work for me. I have even tried natural sleep aids like Kava Kava, Valerian Root, and Melatonin, which just weren't potent enough for me. F 27 3 years
60 MG 1X D
 2  Insomnia due to other meds Dizziness, increased appetite, headache, grogginess in the morning This sh*t sucks. I started at 15 MG, didn't work. Doc bumped me up to 30 MG, still didn't work. So again another increase to my current 45 MG. It takes forever to work even if you take it after you've digested your supper. I take it & while waiting for it to "work" I develop an insatiable hunger. For sweets. It takes a little over an hour for me to fall asleep. Then I sleep for about three hours and wake up with a pounding headache. But three hours of sleep is better than NO sleep, and I've tried all the other stuff, including Ambien, which was like taking caffeine pills. The only thing that works for me is Xanax, but I got addicted to that & had to go through horrible withdrawal. I'll keep taking this crap until my doc can think of something that might work. F 45 1 months
45 MG 1X D
 4  Insomnia I have not had any side effects. This works well and I wake up feeling refreshed. I have tried to wean off this drug, but cannot sleep at all without it. I started taking it after my husband passed away. It was prescribed before but was afraid I would not hear him during the night so I did not take until after he passed. I have been on it for 2 1/2 years. F 64 3 years
30 MG 1X D

 1  Sleep Rebound insomnia, akathisia This drug makes you sleep but it is not a restorative kind of sleep. After a few days you develop a tolerance to it and cannot sleep at all...Stopping it is very difficult too as with any benzo. You suffer rebound insomnia plus extreme anxiety during withdrawal. Not worth it! It also gave me akathisia which is very scary. F 34 60 days
15-30 1X D

 4  Insomnia strange dreams/nightmares. morning drowsiness. Restoril worked great at first. I would get a full night of sleep and wake up feeling well. I was usually a little bit drowsy in the morning but not too bad. Now it doesn't help me fall asleep very fast. I stay up late and oversleep in the morning. I wake up feeling drowsy. I don't have as much energy. The dreams can be very vivid and scary. M 23 3 months
30 MG 1X D

 2  insomnia since childhood lethargy in higher doses began @15mg,upped last year to max. dose of 30mg.but the tolerance built quickly and now i sometimes take 2 to get only 4 hours of sleep and run out of pills early.hardly seems worth it.any suggetions?like asking my doc to let me take 60mg or finding (is there one?) a stronger sleep aid?really-this is serious-is there something stronger?and i'm not trying to michael jackson myself i just want good sleep. F 37 3 years
30mg 1X D
 2  insomnia for years! None really This drug has made me more tired but I still lay in bed for over an hour trying to sleep. I have tried trazedone, impramine, clonopin, remeron, all of them worked for like 1 night and then stopped working. Except trazedone which made me have no memory. Truly so far this drug sucks. I would like to sleep, but like my brain is still in overdrive thinking about every little thing. :/ sucks. Yes, I'm young, but insomnia runs in my family bad, and I have had it for years. F 16 4 days
15mg 1X D
 1  insomnia Makes me feel a little more relaxed,but does not put me to sleep......bummer. ambien worked a lot better until my tollerance got so high I had to stop taking them. M 34 2 days
15mg 1X D

 1  prior to dental surgery I was instructed to take it 1 hour prior to my appointment and to have a driver take me to the dentists office. I took my medication at 6am, my appt was scheduled for 7am, and my next cognitive thought was at appx 530pm, when I woke up in the ICU of the local hospital. I had NO idea how I'd gotten there, why I was there, or what had happened. Later, my medical doctor said this was a dangerous medication I should have never taken. F 50 1 days
.5 mg 2X O
 3  Insomnia I do sleep sometimes. Though, for 4-6 hrs. I take 1/2 more than the FDA recommends.So, It's 4-6 MG Klonopin during the day and the tamz taken @ night.... Usually, I just stay up all night long and watch Adult Swim because it rarely works unless I'm a little tired. To be honest, I could take 20 MG of Aderal, and drink 3 cups of coffee 6 hrs before going to bed and sleep -sometimes- most of the time. I'll say 2/3 x's throughout the week it'll work. Sometimes even 2 to 3 MG of Klonopin with 75 to 90 MG of tam doesn't even do the trick. ); Talk about having a problem, but at least the lack of sleep doesn't tamper with my 4.0.... yeaya! I am a rare case do to my high tolerance to seds, hyps, and benzos. These effects may not apply...... M 34 10 months
60 MG 1X D

 5  chronic insomnia None. Works best if I only take it every 10 days and alternate with Lunesta 2mg. I take one or the other about every 4 to 5 days. I usually go through H in-between with not much sleep. I get a good 7 hours sleep with Temazepam and it also calms my anxiety. Lunesta does nothing for anxiety but it is a good sleeper. M 61 7 years
15 mg 1X D

 1  insomnia none. no drowsiness, no euphoria as one might expect on a higher dose with benzo-naive pt. fewer sides than benedaryl or mirtazazpine, at least, which was a complete and horrifying disaster. no effect. not tired, not sleepy. doubled prescribed dose (15-30) in 30 minutes increments. very disappointed since ambien worked like a charm for me for year and suddenly just stopped, i have severe insomnia for years precded use of meds which were a last resort, tried lunesta and sonata no luck, something like temazapam was my last resort. back to 1-2 hours a night if i am lucky. hopefully i will experience some kind of miracle but on this swing shift i kind of doubt it. hoping in a month ambien tolerance will wear off but wanted something i could use in the interim. F 45 1 days
60mg 1X D

30 MG 1X D

 4  Insomnia Side effects have included minor loss of short-term memory. Feeling a little foggy in cognitive process. I wish I wasn't totally dependent, but I simply quit sleeping "without help" a few years ago. I can't function without good sleep. About 4 years ago, I started on half of an Ambien, and would find myself getting up around 2AM to take another half to stay asleep. Then I switched to Restoril 30MG. Worked great at first, but now I'm waking up around 4AM every morning. I can usually go back to sleep on my own. So, I can live with that. I am concerned about weaning off one day, because I feel like I've lost the ability to fall asleep without it. I am interested in alternating sleep meds, using Lunesta one day and then Restoril next day to increase effectiveness. Waiting for an MD appointment. I am also interested in alternative therapies and have been practicing yoga for relaxation. F 40 1 years
30 MG 1X D

 5  Chronic Insomnia none significant. Best hypnotic ever tried. Has never lost efficacy, nor has any tolerance developed. Sleep 8 hours a night, going on 12 years. LIFE SAVER!!! M 28 12 years
45mg 1X D

 4  insomnia and restless leg sysndrome I have more dreams that I do remember after waking up in the morning and I wake up because it makes me want to urinate. I developed the insomnia because my roommate sleeps with the television full blast the entire nite and even though I use earplugs and an eye mask I could not stay asleep without the restoril. I wake up refreshed and ready for my daily cup of caffeine to get me started. F 58 3 years
30mg 1X D

 2  insomnia opposite reaction; "instant tourettes syndrome in a bottle", i had uncontrolled movements, jitters, sweating, headache, throat/face discomfort and no sleep. i wanted this chemical out of my body. i was perscribed after previous sleep meds (ambien, halcyon, and trazadone in that order) lost effectiveness. now officially on my personal "do not take" list. i have had other opposite effect side effects with some other medications. M 44 2 days
75 mg 1X D

 2  sleep cant think concentrate feeling wierd all day feeling lke i am dying confused scared of losing control of brain a sinking feeling hopeless puffy face F 43 5 days
30 or45mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia Vivid strange dreams, somewhat lethargic feeling. I've been taking this for maybe a little over a year and the dreams I have are ridiculously vivid and strange. It has come to the point where I actually have trouble getting up in the morning because I don't want the dream to end or want to hit the snooze button and slip back in. It doesn't leave me feeling hungover like other sleep meds, but I definitely don't feel energetic in the morning. M 29 1 years
30 1X AN

 5  chronic lifelong insomnia amazingly, none whatsoever I have been an insomniac all my life. No matter how hard I try, I have to take a sleeping pill. In the 70s I took Dalmane, which gives you a horrible hangover, then the 80's came with the wonder drug halcion, which i took for a very long time, but it started not to work. I went on restoril 30 mg every night, and to this day it works perfectly. I don't care about the addiction aspect, any chronic insomniac like me would tell you that you're better off being addicted to a sleeping pill than not being able to sleep. I have no intention of ever going off of these. M 42 10 years
30mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia No noticeable side effects I don't take Temazepam everyday, only 30mg (initial 15mg did nothing) as needed, 2-4 times every couple of weeks. MY MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS: Slight GAD (not too bad, mostly when trying to fall asleep), Panic Attacks (Xanax for that, not so often once diagnosed & treated for ADHD - my H=HYPERreactive & HYPERsensitive), Adult ADHD (Adderall 10mg 2-3 times daily). Work Evenings/Nights in a Hospital for the past 13 years. I have been prescribed Ambien, Lunesta, and tried natural alternatives. Restoril is one of the older prescription sleeping aides on the market, it's been around for a long time. ****SAFETY NOTE: Temazepam has been proven unsafe for anyone trying or just not protecting themselves from getting pregnant. It has been shown to cause birth defects.**** My saving grace... I had a hard time falling asleep on Ambien and when I did I only slept for a few hours; Lunesta put me to sleep but I would wake 2-4 hours after and would have terrible anxiety. Neither one ever made me feel "rested". I have even tried doubling my xanax dose (@ 0.5mg) it does put me to sleep but I have terrible grogginess/drugged feeling the next day. Restoril is the only prescription sleep med that has worked. I sleep through the entire night and like some other people here if I do wake I dont feel anxious and can fall right back to sleep. I think it depends on your body/brain chemistry as to what will work for you. F 36 1.5 years
30mg 1X D
 4  Insomnia None Works very well but need to take "days off" as I build tolerance to it, then I go back to 15mg, work up to 30mg, then take time off or it will not work as well. I also find that at 30mg I feel very tired the next morning. This is best when you don't have to get up in the morning for work! F 40 1 years
30mg 1X D

 5  waking at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. Some grogginess in the morning until my cup of coffee. It's a relaxed grogginess, so not bad. I take it when I wake in very early morning (1-3:00a.m.). It gives me another 4 hours or so of sleep - wonderful. I've had to take breaks, a couple of days at a time, occasionally, to keep it effective. I learned that it works by increasing the efficiency of the brain's GABA receptors, so recently when it began to wear off too quickly I tried taking GABA (750mg) along with it. It worked so well that I haven't needed a break and haven't needed to increase my doseage of temazepam beyond the half capsule I've always taken (7.5mg). For me it's as close to natural unmedicated sleep that I have found. I love it. F 59 2 years
7.5mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia I was extremely thirsty. I could not get enough water. Up all night and the next day. Bloodshot eyes and dilated pupils. I had excessive thirst for the next day. I drank 2 Brita pitchers of water that night. I was up until 6 am when I had to get up for work the next day. The next time I took it I could not sleep again. I was more awake after taking it then I was before I took it. I plan to go back to the DR and get my Ambien prescription refilled even though it did not have the effectiveness that it did when I started it. Much better then taking Restoril. F 24 3 days
30 1X D

 3  Insomnia No negative side effects. Relaxed me a little. My doc put me on this to give me a break from Ambien. The Ambien was not working as well after 2 years and he said taking a month off would get be good for me. The tamazepam he prescribed was to help me sleep during this process. Well, I don't know if I am just having Ambien withdrawals, but after taking 30 mgs per night, I have not slept much at all. I don't want to take a higher dose because I don't want a tolerance to that one too. I am very tired, and not totally happy with the results of this drug. It may work better for someone who has never taken a sleep aid before. Just didn't work all that well for me. F 33 7 days
30 MG 1X D

 2  insomnia This drug will put you a sleep if thats what you want, but if you take lets say 30mg you can easily stay a wake and be very relax and you will fall asleep where ever your at. But with stress and if at 60mg you will experience voices upon waking, BAD night terrors and you lose your short term memory- not nice- Yes it put you to sleep like a baby but beware of the side effects and addition. F 52 2 days
30-60 1X D
 4   Tiredness, lethargy, agitation, depression, mood swings, and increase in anxiety. I have worked in the medical field for 27 years and currently work in a MD office. I was prescribed Restoril when I was unable to take any other sleep aids, i.e. Lunesta, Ambien, etc. I have a paradoxyl effect (opposite effect) to sleep aids and they would make me hyper and keep me up all night. As Restoril has been known to be prescribled with people who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome, the physician I worked for told me to try 30 mg. nightly. The Restoril worked great. I slept 7-8 hours and woke up feeling good. I have been taking it for a little over a year, every night, and I am now experiencing mood swings, agitation, severe depression and increased ADD symptoms. I now need to start tapering off the medication but have anxiety about what I will do and how I will react. This medication works great for some people but should not be taken for a long period of time. I had no idea I had become as dependent upon it as I have. Be careful when taking this medication. It should not be taken every night like I have been taking it. F 44 1 years
30 mg 1X D

 4  insomnia extremely vivid dreams, mostly pleasant I have only taken this drug for 3 nights but so far it has been great! Having had insomnia off and on for years the dr. finally prescribed me trazodone which did not work at all. I didn't like the idea of having to take drugs to sleep and after trazadone figured i was condemned to a life of intermittent zombie sleepless-states. But temazepam worked! someone complained that they still wake, and this does happen to me after about 5 hours, but 5 hours is fantastic for me compared to 0. I haven't taken it long enough to notice any dependence but I do plan to use for a few more days, and hopefully by then i will be reset to better sleep mode and will only have to take it intermittently F 29 3 days
15-30mg 1X D
 4  insonmia feeling loopy in the moerning as if i did drugs ot dranks the preiviue nght. hadhit a mailbox and had a fendd bender. sI BE CAREFUL M THIS DRUD. Som loss of memory its like i kno what i want to say but cant GET IT OUT.... i sleep all nihgt on this drug F 33
30mg 1X D

 5  For a more restful sleep NONE - NADA - NIL !!! As long as I take it early enough to get 8 full hours of sleep, I'm all set. If not - just like any other sleeping pill, I'll feel groggy. 30 mg - 52 yrs old - 5'6" - 130 lbs. I have taken Restoril for over 20 years and it still works for me. I began with it because I was waking up with migraines - my husband reported to my doctor (and to me) that I was clenching my teeth (not grinding) in my sleep - job stress ?? So he prescribed it as a relaxant. 10 years later - I became a teacher - still stressful, but for 10 weeks in the summer I wean myself off of it and only take it if I have a PM migraine (actually Advil PM works better). During the school year I return to taking it every night. It has not lost its effectiveness for me (probably because of the break I take from it in the summer). That's 20 + years of success !! F 52 20 years
30 mg PM 1X D

 2  Insomnia None. Couldn't tell I'd taken a pill. Have been a life long insomniac. Laying awake at night one of my earliest memories. After years of using Ambien, I wanted to try something else primarily to see if I'd developed any addiction issues to Ambien. (No, btw.) Well, even the 30 mg. dose does nothing for me w/out a boost. I take no other meds so two nights ago I tried combining with a OTC sleep aid at 8 p.m., then the restoril at 10 and I slept but even then only for 4 hours and with waking several times. On it's own, it's done nothing for me. I hate that it's a capsule. I'd like to try and up the dose one night and see others have, but jumping from 30 to 60 makes me nervous. Wish it was manufactures in pill form that could be split. F 52 6 days
30mg 1x 1X D

 4  Insomnia associated with bipolar Vivid dreams, anxiety dreams, sweating in my sleep. I switched to Restoril after running through pretty much every sleep med on the market. Once I hit the benzo's I started with Serax (too weak) and then Xanax (too much half life + hangover) and was switched to Restoril. I'm not getting fabulous sleep, but I am getting sleep, and more importantly, I'm able to get up and moving in the mornings which I couldn't do previously. F 31 10 weeks
22.5 1X D

 1  insomnia I have been prescribed Restoril for 7 years. My doctor prescribed it at a time in my life that i wasn't thinking straight. Now that i am thinking straight, it is too late. I now have to start the processing of beating this addiction. I have stopped cold turkey taking the restoril and i haven't slept since. I am on day four with little to no sleep. Find another way to deal with your insomnia. This is a very addictive drug. When you try to stop taking the medication, you will not be able to sleep at all. F 48
15 mg 1X D

 5  insomnia i love this, it has been the only effective sleeping aid for me. I have struggled my entire life with sleep loss, and i have never been so happy, the only thing is that, i have a high tolerance for this drug, as i take it every night, and i am worried since the perscription is so high, that i may be taken off of it. F 20 2 years
30 mg 2X D

 5  Insomnia None at all. I don't think I could function without this drug. I have had 26 surgeries in my life and was put on Restoril after a pulmonary embolism due to a fall in Nov. It has worked wonders. I have a busy life running a home and a large business. I can finally rest at night and function at 100% during the day. I thank God for the rest this drug affords. F 62 6 months
30 mf 1X D

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