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 1  nausa Made me feel jumpy& out of my mind! don't take this drug! it was introduced to me thru IV in emergency room. Nurse gave it to me & left room. 2 min. later i didn't like effects& i was still sick too. F 56 1 days

 1  Lactation WORST.DRUG.EVER! I had restlessness, insomnia, blurred vision, drowsiness, exhaustion, cottonmouth, headache, pain in my jaw, trouble sleeping, and increase in sweating. F 30 2 days
 1  Migraine Agitation, dread, fear, horrible panic ... I wanted to rip out IV and leave urgent care right away. I didn't even care if my headache wasn't gone. I was given benadryl which immediately took the edge off but I felt uncomfortable and anxious for the next 24 hours. I never want to feel like that again. It was horrible!. I will definitely add it to my list of drug allergies. F 40 1 days

 1  Sleeve surgery hallucinations, anxiety and insomnia. I was perfect sleeper before I started taking this and now well I hope to go back to my sleep pattern! F 27 2 weeks
 1  migraines Shakey, jumpy, nervous, jittery, scared F 17 2 times

 1  Nausea Anxiety, depression, jitters, diarrhea, drowsiness, lack of concentration, fatigue. I was given this drug after a stomach bug where I continued to experience nausea. The doctor did not tell me of any side effects, yet at my age I am at higher risk of experiencing them. My grades slipped at uni and I stopped taking it after 6 tablets, I saw another doctor who thought the idea to prescribe this to me was wrong, but it was too late then. It took about a week for the anxiety and other side effects to disappear, I wish I never took it. I'm just so glad I'm feeling better, I've never experienced anxiety like this in my life it was the scariest time of my life. Would not recommend unless absolutely necessary. I know side effects only affect some people, but these side effects made me feel like I was going insane, only 1 week later do I feel happy, and back to myself. Never again!!! M 18
10 1X D

 1  Gastroparesis For several months I've had a ache in my chest, gurgles in my throat and a slight sick feeling when eating. The doctor's diagnosis of a gastric motility problem made sense. He prescribed Metoclopramide (aka Reglan). I was feeling a bit depressed prior to taking them. After the first two pills (the first day) I was feeling a bit delirious. By the evening I was wishing I could just quietly die. After day two (another 2 pills) I was suffering severe mental anguish and feeling very tearful; I couldn't face going to work. I don't take any medicine normally, even painkillers, don't smoke or use recreational drugs. I drank a small amount of wine (100-200ml) both days, 4 or 5 hours after taking the pills (which I read may amplify side effects, so may be a bad plan). I didn't feel any benefits at all (interestingly, I got hiccoughs for ten minutes at lunch during day 2 - I used to get hiccoughs whenever I ate a big meal when this whole problem started), but I probably didn't give the pills a long enough time to work, though they seem to have worked on my brain! 3 days after stopping I'm back to the mild depression I had before taking the pills. And there's MAYBE a slight reduction in gatroparesis after I've stopped too? M 43 2 days
10 2X D

 1  increase milk supply restlessness, crushing sadness, extreme crying spells, very sad thoughts Was prescribed this med in the hospital after giving birth. Was told it was Motilium (maybe it was) but at any rate the prescription I was sent home with wasn't Motilium but Metoclopramide. Both increase milk production, etc. Shortly after returning home a midwife friend of mine told me not to take it because it was an antipsychotic and to try some natural things instead, etc so I did but still took some off and on (mostly because I'm terrible at remembering to take pills) for next month or so. |I had pretty bad baby blues for about a month and now wonder if it wasn't somehow related to taking this stupid drug. Long story short I recently started taking it again but more consistently for like 10 days or so to see if I can boost my supply and keep going with some breast feeding. About 5 days into it I started having intense feelings of sadness that kind of washed over me, would come in waves and very sad thoughts of how time is moving too fast etc. Fearing my baby growing up too fast, Sadness over not being with her etc. Just irrational sadness and nothing I did seemed to be able to lift me out of it.I will be doing something very benign and all of a sudden there it is, intense sadness and crying spells. Also feelings of not being able to sit still and just over all feelings of "not being right." has anyone healed themselves naturally from this pill and how long about did it take to feel normal if your story is similar to mine. Nice to know i'm not alone F 37 10 days
10mg 3X D
 1  Increase Milk Supply Utterly crippling depression. Bouts of anxiety at times. I didn't want my child. I wanted to take her back to the hospital. I thought I ruined my life. I COMPLETELY unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I was lost in grief for my "old life". I resented my child. I struggled with low supply. Lactation consultant suggested I take Reglan. my OB wrote Rx for it. LC told me that depression was reported as a small side effect but if I had no history of depression (which I didn't) I shouldn't be worried. WOW. I took this pill for 30 days. 1 pill every 6 hours. I kept a daily diary at the time and you can see how my mood got lower and lower and lower. As if it wasn't bad enough to struggle as a new mom, have trouble breastfeeding, and THEN get dumped into a huge depression? I ran out of pills after my 30 day supply and by that time had decided to quit breastfeeding. I didn't wean off (wasn't told to). Well, 2 days after stopping I hit a brick wall. I couldn't stop crying all day. Could barely take care of my baby. UGH. Went to my OB. She said she doubtd it was the Reglan b/c she prescribes it a lot. Hmph. I was put on a low dose of Zoloft bc she figured it was PPD (which it might have been combined with the extra boost of depression from Reglan). Glad to say 7 months later I LOVE MY BABY and I LOVE my life. Zoloft was great, it worked like a miracle. I'm starting the weaning process of Zoloft now. I hope it goes well. Reglan is POISON. New motherhood is hard enough. Do NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Just go to formula. It is better for you and your baby if you are happy and healthy!!! F 31 30 days
10mg 4X D
 1  Increase milk supply Severe anxiety, insonmia, constant fear, loss of appetite. Drug should be banned!! I've been off 2 weeks after taking for 30 days and still have these symptoms. I just got buspar anti anxiety pill to help. F 37 10 days
 5  delayed stomach emptying Greatly helped with stomach issues. Only side effect was generalized lethargy. I just napped a lot. F 41 7 days
3 x per da

 1  migranes This drug is so bad. I got a dystonic reaction going on month two with severe insomnia and tremors. I ended in a psych ward and now I'm hoping the new meds will help stabilize me. I have two beautiful kids and I can't even care for them from lack of sleep and mobility. The guy who gave me reglan was a med student!!! It brought my bipolar disorder out if only I could change from going to the er that day for headaches !!!this is hard on everyone I need my body back and sane mind!!! F 26 2 days
10 mg
 1  migraine I went into psychosis, had depersonalization/derealization, suicidal and major depression, could not sleep whatsoever, entire body was writhing in pain, GERD and stomach aches, constant headache, forgetfulness, severe tremors, impulse to constantly walk and move, extreme exhaustion, anxiety attacks, agitation that leads to psychotic episodes, numbness, loss of appetite. I got reglan through an IV. This will probably go down as the worst experience in my entire life. It's been 21 days since, and I still struggle every single day. And of course, the doctors at the hospital were too careless to warn me about the possible side effects. Being a person that is very sensitive to any medication, only from this one time, was I thrown into Reglan hell. I think it is a toxic medication that should be put to rest, once and for all, considering the side effects completely outweigh the intended 'positive' effects. It has ruined my entire summer, and sometimes I fear it will ruin my entire life, considering healing from the trauma has been a very slow and draining process. I still have a majority of the side effects. NEVER take this drug. I would rather suffer through what I'm taking it for, than taking Reglan. I was a completely normal/happy person before this, and I wish I never took this drug. F 20 1 days
1X D
 1  Slow Motility PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION!! Reglan or Metoclopramide was originally utilized as an ANTIPSYCHOTIC and when the medical community realized its side effect profile i.e. ability to speed motility, it was quickly marketed/patented as a GERD med or tool for those suffering from gastroparesis--which is why my wife took it. This drug was tested on rats years ago, and the side effects these animals endured are equally horrifying when you read the literature. After 6 months she withdrew from the medication and suffered horrifying side effects including depression, anxiety, psychosis induced by insomnia, loss of memory, and too many other cognitive detriments to list. It took her several months to recover and this was only after a visit to a psychiatric unit!!! My wife is a brilliant professional, and is still suffering the effects of this horrible drug. I beg of you DO NOT TAKE THIS FOR ANY REASON....the risks DO NOT outweigh the benefit. Trust your instincts and avoid this med because M 48 6 months
10mg 2X D
 1  To increase milk supply I had horrible anxiety with lots of gastrointestinal side effects. Was having diarrhea several times a day. I was also nauseous a lot. I look back on that period of my life and am so sad. My anxiety was so horrible, I couldn't enjoy my baby. My OB never told me about any side effects, so I took this med for a year and never connected my symptoms with the med. I went to a gastroenterologist and he finally told me this was the Reglan causing all of this! F 28 1 years
 1  stomach issues Horrible side effects! My mother has been on this for several months and is currently sitting on the psychiatric unit! Extreme anxiety! Figity ! Nervousness! Depression! Suicidal thoughts! Do not take this drug it has my mother a mess!!! F 66
5mg 3X D
 1  Migraine I was given a one time dose for migraine and experienced many lasting symptoms of anxiety and depression. I am trying to figure out if these symptoms resolve over time or if they are permanent. I am trying to figure out if these symptoms are treatable with other meds or best left alone to heal on their own. Please contact me if you have information. I'm suffering. F 35 1 days
 1  had gastro,bypass serious nausa sweats,anxiety,could not pass anything pass my mouth down my throat,these symptoms on the 5th degree, how do i come wean off?never want to go through this again,HELP F 52 5 years
 1  Nausea Scariest side effects ever! Never take this drug! True horror :((( https://www.facebook.com/groups/reglansufferers/ M 37
1X D

 1  Nausea True horror! Severe panic,loosing my mind, cant rest,too tired to cope, nightmares, night horror, waking up in the middle of the night with extreme shaking. Feeling like Im burning in the neck,cant be alone, too scared to move my body.stiffness in the back,severe depression, nauseous, suicidal.. Will it ever stop? :( Join "Reglan sufferers.." on Facebook. F 37 1 days
 1  episode due to gastroparesis Anxiety, restless, depression, nonstop crying, little to no sleep and sudden symptoms if urinary retention. F 31 1 days
1 10mg
 1  Increase milk supply Creeping Depression, anxiety attacks, dry mouth, loss of appitite, severe sleepiness I asked my doctor for this script because I was having trouble producing milk and a girl I work with was given Reglan and it helped her tremedously. I've never really read the side effects of medications before because I've never had any real issues with taking anything. I feel so naive now!!! I've NEVER had depression or anxiety before. The first thing I noticed was being so so tired but I brushed it off to being a working mother of three. Then came the random bouts of depression, it would last about 20 minutes or so then go away. Then last Monday happened. It was the worst day of my life. I couldn't stop crying, I wanted to quit my job, push a rock over my front door and never come out of my house again. This was NOT me, I knew something was wrong. The last few weeks I've been battling horrible thoughts and feelings that make me physically ill. My dear friend said she looked into taking Reglan for her milk supply but didn't because of the side effects. Thats when the lightbulb went off and I researched what I had been taking. I was dumbfounded by the results I found. I should have looked BEFORE I took this horrible drug. Now I'm trying to research how long it will take for me to get back to normal and praying that I will get there sooner than later. Can anyone tell me how long it took this drug to leave their system and for their well being to return to normal? F 29 6 weeks
1 3X D
 1  Anti-Nausea Full on Panic Attack and shivers I was given it pre-op to help with nausea after surgery and they gave it to me and walked away. I started freaking out like I was going to die in surgery, I thought I didn't want to be there and that the surgery wasn't worth it. Took 3 nurses, 2 warm blankets and an hour nap to get over the reaction. And in the end I still ended up getting sick after the surgery. M 18 1 days
1X O

 1  Morning sickness Severe anxiety. I coundnt sit down or relax. My heart was racing felt like I could jump out of my skin! I only took 1 tablet. I forced myself to exercise and by 4.00pm the following day 12 hours later the tablet was finally out of my system. F 27 1 days
3X D

 1  possible fainting/seizure&dizzines Anxiety/panic attacks, stiffness on left side of my neck, fell like something stuck in my throat,cant sleep, don't go outside cause every thing I do it feel like danger or im gone die.I went to the ER for a possible fainting/seizure and dizziness which all happen the day before I went to the ER. on 2/23/14 they gave it to me thru a IV n soon as it reached my blood I felt the worst I called baby father( which was up stairs seeing a friend) and told him i wanted to go home cause i felt like they was trying to kill me i wanted the IV out plus the burning of the medicine goin thru my arm my baby father came to see what was going on they tried to explain saying they seen this before and they could of gave me to much and they tried giving me some else but I wouldn't let them just wanted to go home its 4/11/14 & im still having theses side effects can any one tell me I want to know do anyone get over theses side effects with out taking medicine im afraid to go to the hospital or take any medicine now after my experience.Don't know the dose they gave me but only took it once and this medicine need to be took off the market cause its dangerous and not healthy at all seems like they don't care for people or they health cause them making the problem worst I rather have a headache then go thru what im goin thru.Man I just want to go back to my normal life F 25 1 days

 1  Migraine Very anxious, agitated, couldn't control my breathing, wanted to rip the IV out of my hand F 35 1 days

 1  Vomiting Panic; crying. TERROR; wanting to leave! Red, flushed appearance, sweating. I am writing this review for my 11 y.o. daughter. I had taken her to the E.R. for persistant vomiting. She had already been given 2 Zofran which did not work. I had asked the dr. not to give her compazine for the exact reasons listed above (I had those same reactions to compazine previously; and I DID NOT want her going through that). Little did I know that Reglan would have the same effect on her. Had I known, I would have said not to give her this crap as well. It stopped her vomiting, but I was so sad for how it made her feel. I had to hold her to keep her from jumping out of the hospital bed. She will never get this medicine again! F 11 1 days
Not sure 1X D

 1  Nausea due to stomach flu Terrible anxiety, racing heart, feelings of passing out, feeling like I was going to die and that I needed to escape and run from nothing. Hallucinations while standing, almost like a real day dream. Very bad headache/neck pain, dry mouth/tongue and very sore throat. Feels like the roof of my mouth was burned I wouldn't recommend this medication to ANYBODY! F 22 1 days
10 4X D
 2  GERD Dystonic reaction and ER visit. Very scary. M 43 4 days
10MG 1X D

 1  Tension Headache & Neck Issue on 09/07/2013 I had gone to ER for Tension headache & a Real bad neck issue & they said before I go into the CT scan to take this weird long name started with a M (Metoclopramide) which was generic form of the REGLAN they said (I am no doctor and the Cute Nurse said it will help a lot) So they gave it to me threw an IV they set up for the CT injections Dye, and 10 mins later I had no control over my whole body. felt like I wanted out of my own body & I immediately hit the nurse call button and at this time flopping around in bed & continued to do so for 20 or so minuets ( I wanted to run out and yell at the top of my lungs So bad at this point but I was in a professional setting) the nurse saw me like this finally, the benadryl calmed me down some for me to go to get a CT scan 2 hour later so when they injected the Dye I lost consciousness, woke up & I was done but the scan did not go threw right & had to do it again, same thing, the dye then lost consciousne To anyone who has taken this or reading this tell everyone you know or send a text message to your phone book list and Facebook to not take this or any other form of this Black listed Drug!!! M 28 1 days
1 IV shot 1X D
 1  seasickness suicidal thoughts, loss of appetite, problems swallowing, tongue sticking out, facial grimacing, terrible twitching all over the body: legs, face, neck, trunk, fingers, lips would pucker/smack, heart palpitations, feelings of a seizure about to happen, near-panic attacks, rapid heartbeat, sweating, stiff and painful neck, eyes unable to focus, severe depression and anxiety, shaking like Parkinson's Disease, horrible bizarre dreams, visual hallucinations, terrible mental dullness, lethargy, mind is numb and fuzzy, strong feelings of sleepiness, hopelessness, fearful all the time. Instead of Reglan for seasickness, I would recommend just eating a green apple or some ginger before you get on a ship. This helps and there aren't any long lasting side effects. I took a total of 40 mg of Reglan. This past year was very challenging for me. I spent the first 4-5 months of recovery talking myself out of a suicidal depression and anxiety attacks/fear. The one thing that kept me fighting was my sense of perseverance and hope...that one day things would get better, and they did. Although it's been about a year since I took Reglan, I still have some side effects, but 98% of them are gone. The mental dullness lingers, but I barely twitch. When I twitch, it's very, very small. All of the other side effects are gone. I'm sure to say that by this summer, things will have healed completely. I measured my recovery not in hours or days, but in weeks and months. I've been to several neurologists and one of them suggested that there might be a genetic predisposition/intolerance to metoclopramide, the chemical that's in Reglan. This would explain my temporary condition. When you hurt the brain, it takes a long time to heal because of the blood-brain barrier. I'm posting this to help people. The doctors wanted me to take their medications. I told them no because I wanted my brain to heal naturally. Because I'm not a doctor, I can't tell you what to do with your body. I can only tell you what I myself did to get through this mess: I took Omega-3, E, C, and B complex vitamins. I ate bananas and salmon, went to the gym often, kept a journal, avoided being alone, went outside a lot. Hope this helps F 26 4 days
10mg 1X D
 1   Ok I realize that this drug is posion, and the fact that it hasnt been banned yet is astounding to say the least, but some of the stuff on here just doesnt sound right. 1 dose of reglan, a drug that is out of your system in a matter of hours ruined your life forever?!?!? If you think this is bad then try a high potency dopamine blocker. This is mild stuff compared with haldol and droperidol which are also used for nausea. This drug is terribl,e and should not be used over a few days if at all, yet one dose is not going to "ruin your life". That is called hypochondria. Its having a bad reaction and thinking you will never go back to normal. A low potency dopamine blocker, one dose will in no way ruin your life. So as long as you did not take it long term, you should be fine. M 25 2 days
1X D

1X D

 1  administeted by anesthesiologist In 2007 when I was 21 years old I went into surgery for nothing serious and before the anesthesiologist administered the general anesthesia she decided that since I had briefly mentioned I was nauseas, she would give me anti-nausea medication through my veins, without even notifying me of this decision of hers. Well, as a result of the Reglan which she administered I had a full blown cardiac event in which I had tachycardia and i felt like I was dying. My heart rate went over 200 and I was clutching my heart and the back of my neck was on fire, and I ultimately went unconscious. I had never experienced such an overwhelming sense of fear and dread in my life. I have no history of panic attacks or any allergies. But that experience traumatized me because I never fully understood what happened until I read the literature on Reglan. How this drug is available on the market is beyond me. It causes panic in patients and cardiac problems and many anesthesiologists aren't aware of these side effects. What a terrible drug. F 26 1 days
 4  Nausea "Buzzy" Feeling. No better way to describe it, sorry. I was put on this drug originally by my GP for nausea before I had an endoscopy that showed ulcers in my esophagus and stomach. After the GI, I tried at least 6 other anti-nausea meds before I asked if I could go back on the Reglan. It was the only med I found that allowed me to function with little or no side effects. I am aware of the "Black Label" side effects which do make me nervous, but am hopeful that I will only be on the drug for another few weeks while the ulcers are healing. All in all, I have found this drug to be very helpful to me. F 36 2 weeks
10 mg 3X D
 1  Given for migraine in ER I was given Reglan once with benadryl in the ER for a terrible migraine. Within seconds, the worst feeling of panic/dread and most severe anxiety came over me, my heart beat so fast that it hurt.I wanted to kill myself. I thought I was going to lose my mind, it was like something totally hijacked my normal, rational thoughts and there was nothing but feelings of terror, total panic and a desperate need to get the hell away from the hospital. My husband had to stop me from ripping the IV out of my arm so I could leave. I begged him to get me out of there and thankfully he did. It's been a week and I am still having residual panic attacks from the one-time dose. This drug should be banned! F 40 1 days

 1  acid reflux shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, palpitations, parestesias, diarrhea, trouble thinking, nervous, numb in feet, stomach, arms, hands, feeling of going crazy, panic attacks, agoraphobia, suicidal thoughts In 2007 I started having panic attacks after 1 week of reglan, i was 15 years, a month after my dr. prescribe me zoloft, trileptal and clonazepam, I completely recover in 3 or 4 years and stopped the meds, I was normal again and happy... In October 2012 I had GI problems and I was at hospital and they gave me reglan and my panic attacks came back!! I don't want to take drugs again, I want to be normal again, do I go back to normality again? My life is a hell cause the panic attacks gave me agoraphobia... I hate the person I am bc reglan :( email me: paujimmychoo@hotmail.com F 21 1 days
10 10X D
 4  For digestive/gas issues It helped me with side effects from the gas they put in me when I had a full hysterectomy in April. Now I only take it when I'm afraid something is going to upset my stomach or I have gas so bad I feel like I'm having a heart attack! Had an endoscopy the other day, found out I have ulcers but haven't talked to the Dr. about the biopsies yet. I'm sorry but this dose of Reglan has been the ONLY thing that has helped so far with the issues I've been having for a long time. F 54 5 months
10 mg

 1  gastroparesis Complete loss of control of emotions. Anxiety and panic attacks. Shaking/ tremors. Was given this in ER I've and a prescription. After what happened in er will never take again. Felt like I was dieing. F 36 1 days

 1  nausea and vomiting My eyes kept looking up even when I closed my eyes. I tried to sit still but my body kept moving on its own. kept smacking my face and smacking my feet together. My boyfriend would try talking to me calmly and I would yell at him. Wanted to desperately take the IV out of my arm and wanted go home. I am not normally an anxious or violent person, but I felt like I had no control over my actions. I was pacing back and forth and talking like a madman when I got out of the hospital bed. This continued for hours. DO NOT TAKE REGLAN. IT'S HELL. Not even once. If they tell you they are going to administer metoclopramide into your iv or give you it in pill form, say NO. it is reglan, the other name for reglan. my boyfriend knew what reglan does because it happened to him, so he lists it on his allergy list. if we knew that they were the same drug it would have never went in me because we would have refused it. took in ER one time through IV for nausea/ vomiting F 19
10 1X D
 1  Severe migraine Soon after getting an IV of reglan, , I became restless. EVERYTHING I did or even though about doing made me want to die, literally. I couldn't stop moving and feeling like something was terribly wrong. My boyfriend left the room to grab my charger and all I could think about doing was ripping the IV out of my arm and running as fast as I could. But I felt so f*ed up I could barley even thing about moving. I finally fell asleep, ( I was given Benedryl and toradol also) about 20 minutes later. I woke up feeling better (no weird feelings, I didn't want to run away, or anything I felt before) but I felt oddly chipper. Fell asleep after I got home and I feel like I can still feel the IV and meds being pumped into my hand and arm where I had the IV. The feeling reglan gave me was the worse I've probably ever felt. I can't imagine going through it all agian. F 22 1 days
30 mg
 5  TEMPORARY relief from drug overdose after being hospitalized for drug overdose and dehydration, this was given to me for nauseau and it was wonderful, worked great and allowed me to sleep. The negative reviews on reglan, are for people who take it regularly, which is not recommended. But for occasional relief from temporary sickness, this was a great pain reliever, sleep inducer. M 41 1 days
10mg 1X D

 3  gastroparesis much anxiety i was diagnosised with gastroparesis many years ago and have been put on both of the medicines that are currently on the market for this problem... reglan helped to an extent but as a patient who already has essential tremor the side effects of possibly getting parkinson's disease are tremendously scary.. my GI doctor is fantastic and he is aware of my concerns which is why i only take this drug PRN now but my gastroparesis affects too many aspects of my life and i just wish they would come out with a better drug F 22
30 mg 1X AN

 1  Gastroparesis Left Temporal Lobe Seizure, twitching, anxiety, Very high BPand heart rate, tics I should have taken Cyanide instead of Reglan. 2nd time in writing this. It was on a post in Jan 2008 and I still can't believe this POISON is still being giving to innocent patients! Filed a complaint with the DEA because 2 other people besides myself in the same county had similar effects the same month? High BP 180/115, heart rate 160, then everything went black. Told I had a seizure. Took 3 months to get this crap out of my system. Had body tics for a week after? F 60 1 weeks
5mg 2X D

 1  Milk production Depression, Anxiety, loss of desire to live, inability to take care of my child. I have been off for 4 days now, fortunately have not experienced the withdrawal symptoms other than intensified depression and anxiety. I am starting Zoloft, hopefully that will get me through until the symptoms wear off. F 27 3 months
 1  Nausea Extreme restlessness, wanted to run of the hospital. I was in hospital during lung surgery, and had severe nausea and vomitting, they gave me this drug through iv, and it was just terrible, I have never had such a terrible feeling before, I felt so restless, like I just wanted to jump of a cliff. Truly horrible times, and to this day I have slight feelings of restlessness, which I never had before. F 15
30 2X D
 1  Nausea Long term anxiety and feelings of derealization. etc. Anyone experiencing long term mental and emotional side effects please look to the therapy in the link below. Detoxing is also very helpful to get this drug out of your system completely. Your HPA axis has been set off by this chemical trauma, Reglan crosses your blood-brain barrier. Also supplement with a B complex to get your proper levels of B5 and B6 to help the feelings of akathisia some get. Good luck to all. This is an evil drug. But I am making progress due to a very understanding Holistic doctor who understands what has happened. You will get better. http://curezone.com/forums/fm.asp?i=1865493#i M 1 days
 1  recovering from surgery tremors/shaking in my arms/legs, heart pounding, depression/suicidal thoughts, hallucinations/anxiety/jittery feeling/trouble staying still, feeling short of breath, insomnia yet tired, nausea/vomitting This drug is straight from the pit of hell. STAY AWAY! They were giving it to me through my IV after surgery, so I have no idea how much or how often or for how long. All of my symptoms occurred in the first 2 days. F 32 2 days
unknown 1X D
 1  My husband My Husband of 17 years change completely when he took this drug all the posts of the suicide depression hear really disturbs me. A suit was filed over 2 years ago for my husbands suicide while taking the medication. I recently been told by the lawyers that they want to dismiss the case. They say its a viable case with just cause but to expensive to take to trial. I do not know how this will turn out and he is not hear to defend himself but no matter what happens my story will be told. Anyone wants to chat I would appreciate an email to hear you personal stories. This drug needs to be off the market and people need to act against the big pharma putting profits before peoples lives. They knew this all along. M 46 4.5 months
10 4X D
 2  Gastroparesis Burning/stabbing joint pain, restless legs during day that transitioned to all-out thrashing at night, electrical "buzzing" feeling up and down legs/arms/back of head, itchy feet, anxiety, severe insomnia, total loss of motivation to be productive, complete loss of sex drive Does this medication stimulate my stomach to overcome its paralysis and force food through into my intestinal tract? Yes. Am I going to approach my doctors tomorrow and tell them to install a feeding tube because I refuse to take Reglan anymore due to the horrific side effects (and due to Domperidone not working for me)? Yup. I've had a lot of serious health problems, but nothing has been as difficult to deal with emotionally and psychologically like the side effects from Reglan. I'd rather go through cancer treatment again a thousand times over than EVER use this drug again. My advice: if you take it once and immediately feel like you're going to jump out of your skin (or at least can run laps despite being ill), tell your doctors immediately, drink as much water as possible for the following week to flush it out of your system, and list it as a severe drug allergy with all of your medical providers. At this point I'm just hoping the damage isn't permanent. F 30 20 days
10 2X D
 1  To Increase Breast milk supply Severe Depression, Suicidal, Forgetful, Loss of Sex Drive, Weight Gain, High Blood Sugar (Type 1 Diabetic), Rapid Heart Beat, Dry Mouth, Very Easily Agitated, Mood Swings, Tired yet Can't Sleep I did Not experience these side effects before this medication. Some symptoms happened rapidly while others crept up and increased. I would NEVER recommend this medication. Sadly, I could not produce breast milk without it so that is why I didn't quit F 32 10 months
10 MG 1X D
 1  digestive disorder Suicidal thoughts, akathesia, severe depression, severe anxiety, agorophobia, irritability, memory loss, zero appetite for 3 weeks This medicine was prescribed to me almost 2 years ago. I have been through hell as everyone else describes, including a trip to the pshyc ward. I have made marked improvement but am forever changed. Before I took this drug, my life was amazing, now i struggle to drag myself out of the house. I have tried benzos, anti depressants, supplements and anyhting else that might have worked, and now I have to go through withdrawal from benzos that I had to take for over a year to be able to function. If you have recently been affected by this terrible nightmare of a drug, please try to take as little medicine as possible to get through it as I ahve learned that the meds that are meant to counteract this will put you through hell when you have to come off of them also. This drug should be illegal and its a shame that there is little that can be done to get it off the shelves. God bless all that are suffering M 30 45 days
10 mg 4X D
 1  Gastroperesis Total mental breakdown, hallucinating. Could have locked me up in the psych ward Never take this drug!! F 36 2 weeks
10 3X D
 1  GERD/Esophagus disorder Loss of motivation, depression, anxiety. Loss of of creativity--I'm a musician/entertainer. I was on on Reglan for a year or so. It was several years ago. I don't remember. I had been listless, without inspiration, anxious, feeling desperate. Difficult to function. I never dawned on me that it was the reglan. My GP, GI, Docs --even a couple of shrinks denied it was the reglan. I went through several antidepressants, benzos, alcohol (bad choice, I know). 3 (?) years later I struggle with alcohol and benzo dependence. I want to be my old creative, motivated self, can't afford rehab. this crap turned mt life upside down and the docs all denied it. M 62 2 years
20 1X D
 3  morning sickness Horrible anxiety and diarrhea, lost weight, which I couln't afford to lose. Side effects went away about a month after stopping. Had to be on lexapro for another 6 months to feel normal again. Worked great for the constant nausea, but the side effects were not worth it. F 28 6 months
10 mg
 1  Migrane and stomach trouble Racing heart! Couldn't collect my thoughts! Couldn't si still. NEVER take this. The docs brushed it off and just kept telling me it would pass. I needed ativan to calm down. F 36 1 days

 1  stomach upset after procedure done AWFUL! eyes rolled back in my head and set to ceiling, awful leg movements could not stop, now years later still have leg movements when trying to sleep and sucking on lip! I would never take this again! And strongly advise anybody to ever take this, They need to take it of shelves!! F 30 1 days
1 pill!
 1  Migraine due to flu SEVERE Insomnia, couldnt think straight, dry mouth, shaky... I was given this bc I had become dehydrated from complications of the flu... I had headaches associated with it and didnt think anything of it as I have had this 3 times in the past.. I received this via IV and almost as soon as it hit my blood I started feeling horrible.. Even with the benadryl and toradol I still felt horrible. Only slept 6 hours that night and I am on day 5 afterwards and still having trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep... I have to take sleep aides and I have NEVER took meds like this before. I hate meds and this has really pushed me to hate them even more... Please feel free to email with any questions and what you have done to fix what his poison drug has done to u... I am praying this goes away quickly bc I have school and work and really cant afford to mess this semester up... F 28 1 days
10mg 1X D
 4  severe migraine/nausea virtually none, except some sedation, and discomfort at IV site. I had never in my life had a migraine this severe. The Reglan IV with Toradol and Benadryl relieved the pain and vomiting in about 15 minutes. I am extremely grateful that this drug was available but after reading about TD and other potentially serious side effects and complications, I will hesitate to take it again. F 53 1 days
10mg IV 1X D
 3  Gastiopersis Nothing yet. But I've been so deathly I'll from GP I had no choice. I'm only on it 1 more week out of 3. Has there ever been any good come from it. Any positive feed backs? Seems insomnia is all so far and a little twitch above right elbow. I was told my GP was caused by my long term marijuana use. I also lost like 30 pounds in 45 days and tried all meds and nothing worked. Does it ever fix anyone's GP? I've started putting the weight back on now. 850-376-2480. I'll listen to any doctor in here. This is my personal cell and would like to talk to GP patients. I'm just scared if I don't take it ill die for I was not able to hold anything down for a month. The doc said if this works I'll know in 24 hours. That was 10 Days ago and I take the med till jan 1st. Please email me or call me. M 46 9 days
3x daily
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