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 1  Sholder/Neck/Back Extremely sleepy. Spacey and lifeless. I lost my drive, Fine for at night. good night sleep, Although I am taking this to numb the shoulder/back pain and I really cannot say that it did a thing for that. I had 1 Tylenol 3 leftover and took that - it at least numbed the pain for a while so I could loosen up my back. I hate being a test bed for all these new drugs. I don't understand why doctors don't just stick with what works. M 35 3 days

 1  sprained rotator cuff depression (mild to severe), body felt very heavy, insane dreams, extreme sleepiness, irrational thought, suicidal definitely awesome for falling asleep, but that's about it unless you can lay in bed for several days in a row. it took me feeling suicidal before i realized what was going on and snapped out of it. UGH. works for some but not all, as with most medicines. M 21 3 days
 1  back pain I took it for three days all total. The first night before bed I took it and was asleep within 1/2 hour. Next day fine, but felt a little out of it, wasn't concerned. Day three. Complete anxiety, felt like I was in a dream..hard to concentrate and wanted to ring my kids' neck for absolutely no reason. Day four, still feeling really weird, wondering if I will ever feel like myself again. Depressed. This website makes me think though, that is just needs to wear off. Doctor's only repeat what they are taught. You can tell them over and over again that a certain drug causes problems, but if it isn't in the manual, it is certainly in your head. By the way, I don't have any history of major depression or anxiety. F 34 3 days

 1  Muscle pain/spasms I took this medication for three days, it was a nightmare. Upon taking: Relaxed, comfortable and no pain; 2 hours later (after eating): Couldn't breathe or catch my breath, mind couldn't stay focused, paranoia, seeing things that weren't there, not at all lucid, tightness in chest, tiny pupils, nausea, tight muscles, EXTREME vertigo, dizziness and blurred vision; 4 hours after taking: VERY rapid heart beat, tired but could NOT sleep, anxiety, confusion, couldn't drive because I was too dizzy, couldn't catch my breath. It was TERRIBLE. I'd rather experience pain than the not being able to breathe and the feeling that I was going to have a heart attak or a stroke! The following morning: I woke with the WORST HANGOVER I'D EVER HAD IN MY LIFE AND I DIDN'T EVEN DRINK!! I had a SEVERE headache, blurred vision, vertigo, couldn't walk straight, severely swollen lips, face, hands and feet plus a nose bleed. (Nose bleed!?) I drank tea, soda and water; anything I could to rehydrate myself. Too Please do not take this medication. I drove my fiance insane for the past 4 days, researching over this past weekend this and other medications I am taking trying to find out whether or not I was going to DIE. Turns out, it's the Flexeril according to the doctor and about 20 websites. It is NOT the others I am taking, it's the Flexeril. For the love of God, please do not take this medicine. Take anything but. ****** LET MY WASTED TIME AND LESSONS LEARNED BE YOUR GODSEND. IF YOU TAKE THIS MEDICATION: YOU WILL SEE THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE. PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU ARE CRAZY. YOU WILL THINK YOU'RE CRAZY! YOU WILL HAVE TERRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS. YOUR EYES WILL GLAZE OVER AND YOU WILL BE DEPRESSED, PARANOID; ACT LIKE YOU'RE ON SOME PSYCHOTROPIC DRUG. IF I'D GONE TO THE LOCAL REHAB, THEY'D HAVE SURELY ADMITTED ME. THIS IS NOT A FUN EXPERIENCE. YOU WILL THINK YOU'RE HAVING A HEART ATTACK OR A STROKE. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE A CAR. PLEASE, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! ****** F 34 3 days
 1  back pain slow thinking process/itchy drugged up feeling face This medication made me feel drugged up. My thinking process was slowed, my body movements were slowed, my speech slurred. My face was also really itchy, and in a drugged up fashion I would try to itch it by stretching out my mouth as apposed to scratching it. I think maybe I was alergic to this? I stopped taking it because these wierd side effects were to much for me to handle. F 32 3 days

 1  TMJ depression, agitated,cloudy head, unmotivated, anxiety, and hard stools. I would not take this drug ever again. Too many emotional side effects, it's not worth it. F 28 3 days

 1  Neck pain disturbed sleep,bad dreams, too drowsy to work M 42 3 days

 1  TMJ and neck pain/spasms Severe anxiety and depression. Couldn't stop crying. Noises were louder, dreams turned into nightmares, the pain became unbearable, and it made my muscle spasms worse! My doctor didn't warn me that this "muscle relaxant" shouldn't be taken with SSRIs(I take Zoloft)as it can cause Serotonin Syndrome. I felt very agitated when I took Flexeril. It felt like a bad drug trip and I was scared that I might do something desperate. Take this drug off the market! F 40 3 days

 1  Lower back muscle spasms Ridiculously dry mouth and spacey feeling, even 2 days after the last dose. :^( This was prescribed to me as a muscle relaxant for lower back spasms and, quite honestly, it did nothing for my pain. It did make me sleepy so, I suppose, while I slept I wasn't feeling any pain but it didn't induce a deep sleep or long lasting sleep (took one 10 mg tablet at 10:00am each day, got drowsy and sleepy by noon, slept until 1:00pm) therefore, it was not an effective medication to relieve my lower back pain. The 10 mg tablets were prescribed for 10 days (one table every 8 hours), I only took one tablet a day for 3 days and stopped because the extreme dry mouth and spacey feeling weren't worth it because it didn't relieve my pain. I am really bothered by the fact that it has been two days since I took the last tablet and my mouth is STILL very dry and I am still feeling spacey. Not happy with Flexeril and can't recommend it; I see others here at this site have posted success with it so it must have different effects on different people but, it's not for me. F 47 3 days

 5  Post Partum Back Pains Slight drowsiness, possible drastic mood swing in the evening. When I took this medication, my severe back pain melted away in about 45 minutes. Later that day, I decided to take a nap, and I slept for a full seven hours, which I haven't done since the baby was born! I woke up refreshed and happy. I took another one today, and the pain that I felt 'coming on' is gone. How wonderful! My husband wanted to blame a mood swing on this drug...but I don't know if it was just me or the drug! F 22 2 days

 5  leg muscle spasms drowsiness and irritability completely relieved terrible painful leg spasms I was having in the morning after the first night I took it F 51 2 days
10 2X D

 3  Back pain Extreme drowsiness Took 10 mg last night (I weight 120 lbs) around 11 pm. It is now 12:15 pm and I just got out of bed, and barely woke up to begin with. My arms and legs feels heavy, and I can barely type this. Definitely do not take this medication if you have work or anything you want to get accomplished the next day. F 23 2 days
1X D
 3  Muscle injury/spasm Grogginess, broken sleep, bloating constipation that causes back pain. Taking along with Naprosyn for a back pull/strain. I cannot tell if it is doing any good over the 500mg Naproxen. My shoulder is better but I have some bloating and constipation that I normally never get. It's making my low back ache now. M 35 2 days
15 mg 3X D

 3  Muscle spasms in my neck Severe depression, anxiety, depersonalization, vivid nightmares, extreme dry mouth/exhaustion Made my neck feel all nice and Jello-like, which was great, but this medication left me dragging half-way through the next day. After a night's worth of realistic nightmares, I awoke feeling more depressed than I had in a long time. I had several anxiety attacks, and never left my room that day. I suffer from depersonalization normally, but on Flexeril, it was much worse. I decided to try it again for one more night, hoping it was just a fluke, but the same thing happened. Worst weekend ever! F 23 2 days
 3  Back, rib, hip pain Abdominal bloating with weight gain Med helped to relieve pain spasms. I only take it when the spasms get bad. M 53 2 days
10 1X D
 2  neck & trapezius muscle sprain/spas Extremely drowsy and seemed to make spasms even worse and tighten up even more. Took in combination with Tramadol 50 mg x4 per day. The combo just wiped me out! Can barely function and am dizzy and have extreme loss of appetite. F 55 2 days
10 3X D

 2  back pain auditory hallucinations, narcolepsy, waking dreams, extremely dry mouth I take lamictal and abilify which are psychoactive drugs. When the dr. added flexeril for my back pain it caused horrible and frightening mental side effects including auditory hallucinations, narcolepsy, and waking dreams. Basically I become sort of hypnotized, my thoughts would become voices, I would nod off and hallucinate, waking myself up when I would attempt to answer the voices. GOT OFF THIS ONE FAST. I was really afraid the schizophrenic changes could become permanent. Later dr. switched me to Robaxin, which worked great in a low dose and did not cause any psychiatric problems. F 45 2 days

 2  TMD -Jaw pain from anxiety Drowsy, Neausea It helps the muscles in my jaw to relax but it makes me feel too sick to my stomach for me to want to take it anymore. Also, I feel SO tired the morning after I take it. Does anyone know something that would be better? I hear valium doesn't have as bad of side-effects. F 25 2 days
 2  Neck pain/TMJ I took it 1 hour before bed (5-10mg) made me sleep well, But after 1 month of taking it with Lexapro (already on) I was having irregular heartbeats, very fast,then slow,extreme anxiety, and blurred vision. A doctor had told me It was the combination of the flexeril and the Lexapro that caused these side effects. Who knows ? So I quit the flexeril and up'd my Lexapro. F 26 2 days
 2  neck pain/muscle spasm mild sedation I experienced minimal side effects with Flexeril, mainly just sedation which is normal for this type of drug. The reason the rating is so low is that it didn't really help at all. I'm still in pain and still cannot move my head or neck in normal ROM without extreme pain. It's only been 2 days though, so maybe I'll give it another 24 hours, but the pain is really a drag. F 39 2 days
10mg 3X D

 2  Leg achiness caused by MS This drug really helped out relieving the aching in my left leg. I had been sleeping with my leg elevated to help with the discomfort, but did not really need any elevation after taking Flexeril. The BIG ISSUE/side effect with me was the EXTREME sleepiness/drowsiness this drug caused: I took only one 5mg dose at night and got a very good night's sleep, but while watching TV at about 10:30am the next day I just could not stay awake -- I dozed off and on for about an hour before finally going back to bed and took about a 2 hour nap. I felt better after sleeping, but began to feel very fatigued again by early afternoon, whereupon I took another nap! This is extremely unusual for me; even with my MS I am a "morning" person; I am usually very awake and alert until about 2-3pm when my daily fatigue usually sets in. The other morning after I took another 5mg dose I was grocery shopping and was again very fatigured -- I felt like a zombie in the store, barely able to concentrat M 53 2 days

 2  neck muscle sprain tired, sleepy all day after waking, brief shortness with other people, overall rundown feeling the day after taking at bedtime i may one of the lower percentage people effected this drastic, but my side effects tell me the drug needs to be looked at closely. M 42 2 days

 2  Muscle spasm pain. Just one and another half dose of Flexeril caused me to be so knocked out I couldn't wake up. It also caused serious worsening of depression and irritability. I think this is a very bad drug. It did relieve muscle pain to some degree but even at 1/2 dose these side effects make it impossible to tolerate. F 51 2 days

 2  lower back pain crawling out of my skin, anxiety, insomnia Took the first dose and it knocked me out for most of the day and did alleviate the pain. 2nd day of taking it, didn't help with the pain and started to feel anxious and having a hard time sleeping. Also nauseated on the 2nd day of taking it. 2 days

 1  lower back pain dizziness, vertigo, mental confusion, anxiety, rapid heart palpitations, panic attacks, depression, visual problems. I do not recommend this drug to anyone with or who has suffered from depression, anxiety or emotional problems like post traumatic stress disorder. The withdrawal effects are very hard on your nervous system. I felt i was going out of my mind, like a bad trip. I was moving in slow motion and could not concentrate, in a deep scary depressed state, making simple decisions became a big challenge, heavy anxiety, visual disturbance and awful vertigo -my head felt like a big balloon in the sky. I took it for 2 days (5mg each) and it was not until 4 days after taking the last dose that i slowly came back to my normal self. I am not taking this drug ever again, it helped me with my back pain but the emotional chaos is not worth it at all, i rather stay with the back pain than go thru that nightmare again. M 35 2 days

 1  back pain paranoia,nervous,anxiety,depression Wow! What a trip~! U all shuld have been there!(or was that u all?) I thought everyone in Starbucks was a zombie,and the lady asking me for my money was talking in rhymes and riddles that i had to figure out...I thought i passed her test when she smiled and took my money,but the customer zombies were not happy with that at ALL!!! They were like drooling meat hungry(mine!)maniacs just waiting for me to get to the end of the counter to get my latte! I tried to act like i didnt know that they were zombies form hell,and just stood there smiling at the brownies,and i guess it worked,because i casually walked down the isle whistling a happy tune,and they let me pass!!! "sheww!!"~stay off this stuff,!acid has a better chance of a good trip! what a zombie nightmare!!! M 37 2 days

 1  chronic neck muscle pain/spasms Foggy. Like I was living in a dream. No concentration. Sleepy. Only mild relief. The zombie feeling was so awful that I stopped taking it after two days. I drove past my driveway without realizing it. Felt "lost" all day. Made dumb mistakes at work, looked incompetent. Amrix is a little better, less foggy but still some. Amrix is Flexeril Controlled Release. F 32 2 days

 1  back pain I was very drowsy after the first dose at the E.R and when i got home fell rigth to sleep but woke up a about 1-2 hours later and felt very anxious and could not sit still In total i took only 3 of the 24 pills the dr perscribed to me. I would have never been able to function at work and i know i was driving my boyfriend crazy in bed cuz i could not sit still and was always very anxious. I dont know how anyone could function on these pills. To make it worse i was already depressed from having a second miscarrage only 2 months after having a still born then getting put on the depo shot which caused all the pain i was having, and know i would have to waite atleast 3 months to try again to get pregnant, this pill made my depression worse...Luckly my b/f was with me the 1 night and the next day otherwise i probably would have harmed myself because i was feeling exstremly depressed F 24 2 days
 1  nerve pai This was the most severe drug allergy I've ever had. I woke in the night to severe sweating clamminess that changed to extreme heart tightness/pounding. I almost fainted, and then felt nauseous with chills. We almost called paramedics and then symptoms started to reduce. It scared me terribly and I'm an otherwise healthy adult. I realize it was severe but if thus can help anyone then I want it shared. F 40 2 days

 1  pulled muscle in lower back Groggy, night sweats and no appetite. My legs ached almost as soon as I took it. I also felt nauseated and I almost passed out several times. I missed school and work because of this crap. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!! F 22 2 days
10 mg

 1  threw back out Groggy, tired, anxious, caused seizure disorder M 23 2 days
10mg 3X D

 1  Neck Spasms Took 1/2 a pill (5 mg) and had major anger/irate for no reason. Not worth it.. was way scary mood swing. F 36 2 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  back spasms severe mood swings, anxiety, anger, yelling at my family for no reason, inability to function, insomnia on the 2nd night Luckily my back pain started to feel better with heat and massage, so I was able to quickly stop this medicine. I've never felt like this before, I was doing things (like yelling at my family for no reason) that I knew was wrong, yet I was unable to stop myself from doing it. It was as if I was observing this different person in my body. I will never, ever take this medicine again. I would rather deal with the pain I had then feel this way again. It's been 24 hours since my last pill and I'm still agitated and get frustrated very easily doing very simple housework. M 39 2 days
10mg 3X D
 1  shoulder injury The drowsiness was bad but the blurred vision is awful. I can't see clearly at all!! F 39 2 days
10mg 3X D

 1  Restless Leg Syndrome Leg Spasms Total and complete insomnia. Loud, pounding heartbeats. Agitated. Stopped the calf muscle spasms but I could not sleep - at all. After two nights of absolutely zero sleep, I was wide awake and had more energy than I can ever remember having. My chronic low-back pain even eased up but I seriously need to sleep an entire night and wake up refreshed and rested. Told my Dr. to note in my records to never, ever prescribe this medicine for me. I'm afraid I'm doomed to a life of severe calf muscle spasms from having Restless Leg Syndrome AND Period Leg Movements. F 51 2 days
10 MG 1X D

 1  Neck Muscle spasm Nervousness (not able to sit still), extreme depression I was on Ativan and Valium for a week during a prior extreme spasm. Dr. offered me Flexeril as he said it was "safer". It was prescribed 5 mg three times a day. The first pill didn't touch my pain. After the second dose I was feeling better but I was trying to watch a movie with my boyfriend and just couldn't sit still. Within 12 hours of starting the med, I was feeling very "down". I was withdrawn, didn't feel like speaking, and generally didn't want to be around anyone. I remember thinking I wish the doc had given me valium because at least I would have been drugged and happy! Suicidal thoughts crossed my mind a few times. I will NEVER take this drug again. F 31 2 days
5 mg 3X D

 1  Neck pain Extreme dry mouth, groggy, depressed. I NEVER take pills, but my neck was in so much pain so I went to the doctor. The first day I took the pill I woke up in a great mood, but felt a little "spacey". Kind of like I was watching myself in third person. The second night, it did absolutely nothing for my neck pain. I also woke up in the most depressed state. I cried for almost an hour. I didn't want to go to work. I do not recommend this medication to anyone. M 29 2 days
10 MG 1X D

 1  back pain fogginess, irritability, clumsiness, loss of coordination, change in urination and IMPOTENCE!!! Beware... this is bad stuff!! M 44 2 days
10 2X D

 1  pain I took this drug twice, about a month apart. Both times, the next day, it was if my brain just wanted to go back to sleep. I had to fight extreme fatigue from it. It was so bad I even looked in the internet to try to find a way to get it out of my system. F 55 2 days
1X D
 1  tight muscles in back very depressed, uncontrollable crying, had no reason to live, dizzy I am usually a very happy person but this stuff missed my world up. I will never take it again! F 47 2 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  Whiplash diarrhea, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness, loss of appetite I have been off of this medicine for 4 days and I am still having diarrhea and dizziness. It did help my neck a little. F 12 2 days
10mg 3X D
 1  whiplash, backpain, chronic pain made me unable to function at any level for a good day after the last dose. Made me groggy, weepy, and irritable with a pounding heartrate that kept me up all night so I was a zombie, awake in bed .. yes it helped some of the muscle spasms. but death would also stop them and I wouldn't prescribe that... this is living death don't take it... this isn't the first time I've tried this drug with similar horrible depression, weight gain and increased heart rate dry mouth and basically walking dead.... F 48 2 days

 1  sacrum spasms 10mg tablets terrible experience with waking up gasping for air heart pounding but at a very slow rate. F 25 2 days

 1  piriformis / sciatica For a muscle relaxant, it is extremely weak but it knocked me down into sleep for an hour and that was the extent of it. Impossible to function on this drug. The ultimate muscle relaxant and pain killer I have ever had is SOMA but doctors are completely paranoid prescribing it or do not know better, or the puppets do not care. See reviews for SOMA and be the judge. M 47 2 days
2X D

 1  back sprain my girlfriend was actually taking this. and she experienced vertigo, inability to walk, extremely slurred speech, swollen throat, numb tongue, numb legs, hands and feet. they were very scary side effects. they still have not cleared up and it's been about 3 days since her last dosage was taken. I love my girlfriend very much and I hope and pray to god she turns out okay. if anyone has any similar stories, please email me and let me know please how it all played out. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. I can only hope this reaches people before they take this. F 20 2 days
10 mg
 5  Back pain. I kept dozing off while trying to eat a 5 course dinner. Great other than falling asleep while eating. I use it as needed. M 23 1 days

 5  leg pain at night I do not take it everyday but just before bed evry once in a while my legs just ache and really all the flexeril does is knock me out I haven't had any bad thoughts or anything F 29 1 days

 5  NECK PAIN TIREDNESS DON'T CARE ATTITUDE I have never taken a muscle relaxer and was a little scared. but the pain in my neck was unbearable and I would rather be dead than suffer this much. It helped me sleep but I did not want to wake up. I'm at work now and very dazed but can still work. Not sure if I should have drove. I like this feeling of calmness and I don't give a crap attitude. Not at all like me. F 54 1 days
10 1X D
 4  lower back pain None I took the medication at 9pm and went to bed at 10pm. I slept as usual, though felt as though muscles were very relaxed and heavy. Woke at 8am feeling like I could have slept more, but was able to get up and begin working with no problem. My back is feeling better. I'm hesitant to take this medication during the day. F 28 1 days

 4  Bulging cervical discs w/spasms Took 10 mg about 8 pm- I was knocked out by 10! Briefly woke up between 11 and 12 when other family members went to bed. I remember yelling at them to be quiet. The was out until 9 am. When I got up felt like a hangover- tired and felt emotionally unstable- a little depressed and weird. The spasms and major pain had subsided. This was the first night I had been able to sleep laying down in 4 days! Went back to bed slept another 2 hours-got up felt a little better. Now a full 24 hours later I feel mentally normal and with a pain now controlled by tylenol/cod. This is a very powerful drug. I am not taking any more since the single dose gave me much needed relief. Funky side effects- I could see being really depressed and suicidal on this stuff if taken longer. It did what I needed it to do, would use it again under extreme circumstances knowing that you had better devote 24 hours to being out of it. F 46 1 days

 3  lower back pain I took 10 mg flexeril before going to bed. The next morning my back felt better, but I was spacey, disoriented, and experienced abdominal cramping. These effects did not wear off until the following morning, that is about 36 hours after the initial dose. Is effective but the side effects were horrendous. M 55 1 days

 3  upper back muscle spasms With just one dose I slept for 13 hours, then finally woke up feeling groggy, disoriented, and Helped with the pain a little, but not worth it with the cognitive side effects. F 32 1 days

 3  upper back muscle spasms Extreme drowsiness, severe cognitive impairments (mental slowness, felt like I was in a fog all day for 2 days after taking one dose). With just one dose I slept for 13 hours, then finally woke up feeling groggy, disoriented, and F 32 1 days

 3  Muscle Spasam,Thoracic spine..+ I'd never taken a flexiril prior to Friday, and I assure you that I will NEVER take one again. It is now Monday and I still don't feel like myself. I took the 10mg pill aprox. 7 am Friday evening as instructed my the ER Doctor. I then laid down at 8 pm, and went directly to sleep. I awoke at 5 am, scarred to death of *something* Myheart was pounding, I was seating, I woke up my husband go talked to me long enough to settle me back down, and right to sleep I went again. Around 11 am, I jumped straight out of bed and went running through my house, to get away..from what? I have no idea. My Husband caught me in the yard in my boxers and a t shirt, it was 34 degrees here. He called the Doctor who claimed that there was no way possible that the flexiril was causing this reaction. I take no medication of any kind on a regular basis and try to avoid any unless absolutely necessary. So there were no other medications in my system that could have caused this type of behavior. I slept on an PLEASE I implore you to always ask questions about possible side effects that one may encounter, on a new drug. F 38 1 days
10 1X D
 2  endometriosis--cramps/back pain I felt like I was on another planet--after taking one pill in the morning before work. Felt like I was hallucinating/confused/dizzy/exhausted. Co-workers told me I actually sounded like I was completely drugged and not like myself. I don't see how I could take this and function normally. Upside is every muscle in my body was relaxed. Great. For me, this medicine would be good combined w/bedrest, or when there is no other solution to controlling the pain. However, a friend takes it, is smaller and weighs less than me and has none of the side effects that I had. Go figure. I think that I am just very sensitive to medication... F 29 1 days
 2  TMJ Severe anxiety attack, dizziness, nausea Used for to relax jax due to TMJ the night before a dental exam. Although it may work for some people, a horrible experience if taking SSRI's. F 34 1 days

 2  muscle pain Hideous exhaustion and spacey feeling F 59 1 days

 2  muscle spasms exhaustion, spacey feeling and no pain relief will never take again M 59 1 days

 2  Back Pain Vivid dreams, extremely drowsy,disoriented, dry mouth. Took one pill at 8pm and 12 hours later I had to get up for work the next morning, when I woke up my eyes couldn't focus on anything, the room was spinning, I felt terrible. I couldn't think straight or focus on anything properly until the early afternoon. How anyone can function taking this is a mystery! F 25 1 days

 2  lower back pain anger, screaming, I hate everyone attitude, mood swings, sleepiness, groggy. It helped the back pain, but my family had to put up with this monster in the morning. F 37 1 days

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