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 4  Back Pain - Severe Scoliosis Flexeril has been very effective for me. My doctor initially prescribed 10 mg to take at night as needed for back spasms. It works great for getting rid of back spasms - by the next day they are gone! But over time I realized that 10 mg was too much because I felt groggy and irritable the next day. Cut back to 5mg and that works just as well without as much grogginess. As I said, I realized that 10 mg was too much for me, and I am a big person (~225 pounds and 6'1" tall), so I started taking only 5 mg on my own. That works much better for me - still relieves my back spasm, and I am not as groggy or irritable the next day. I do not take flexeril every night - only when I have a spasm. F 47 10 years
5 to 10 1X D
 4  back and neck strain this drug really helps my back and neck pain...I take it at night because it makes me very drowsy... Since I have such bad reactions to meds and get side effects like crazy, I break the pill in half...The only thing I notice is occasionally I feel a little nauseous in the mornings after I take the pill but other than that, it really helps ease the muscle aches when I get them F 62 3 days
10 mg 1X D
 4  tore shoulder muscle very tired could sleep for days,loss of appetite, overrall Flexeril helps with my spasms,just gotta make sure that someone is watching the little ones.. F 44 3 days
10mg 1X D
 4  Muscle strain from auto accident Extreme hot flashes/sweating, constipation, blurred vision, confusion/memory problems, stomach upset F 58 10 months
10 MG

 4  Muscle spasms Fatigue, vivid dreams, grogginess Flexeril did help with my back pain. I took it at night so the fatigue wasn't really a big deal. I did feel kind of groggy in the morning, could've slept all day. I would take this drug again. F 27 2 weeks
25 mg 1X D

 4  back pain M 50 7 days
50mg 2X D

 4  Torticollis-Neck strain Inability to focus, extreme drowsiness, blurred vision, dry skin, mood swings, mild hallucinations. I didn't really have too many problems with Flexiril, I'm still taking it, in fact. The severe neck pain I was exhibiting when I entered the emergency room went away after taking the pill, however, it also made me extremely drowsy, so drowsy I didn't even know that I was falling asleep. I don't know if it was because I was also taking it with Norco for the pain. I was reading the other reviews, about suicidal thoughts, and mood swings, I've never experienced any such symptoms since taking the medication, however, everyone can be different. I've recently started experiencing mild hallucinations, and my body feels as if it's moving, or floating, when I'm setting still. I'd recommend this if you ABSOLUTELY need to take it to make pain more manageable. Otherwise, the side effects definitely outweigh the benefits. F 19 2 weeks
10 MG 2X D
 4  sacro-illiac joint sprain side effect was dry mouth, but that is a minor inconvenience. It didn't completely relieve my lower back pain at night, but it was a BIG improvement over the pain I have been experiencing. I am doing a daily regime of physical therapy exercises, resting more than normal, not lifting anything and avoiding sitting, so probably these things have helped control my pain as well as this medication. F 58 2 months
10 mg 1X D

 4  abdomen pain/lower back pain anxiety, depression, blurry vision, anxiety, sleepy/groggy, irritable I take 3 times a day for a few weeks, each pill is 10mg, I can't take less otherwise I can't move. But to feel ongoing anxiety and depression is what is driving me crazy. I'm a general person, who has a cranky personality, so Im use to being cranky, but Im not use to snapping at people and I noticed I only do this on this. Also, dry-mouth is crazy on this too, drink so much water without any sanctification. It does help with the pain, which at the moment in my life I would rather struggle with the effects than with the pain. Only take this if you're not suffering already from depression or suicidal thoughts..it's very hard to distingush from how you really feel to how this is making you feel. ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE DESPERATE AND RAN OUT OF OPTIONS. F 21 3 weeks
30mg 3X D
 4  Severe back and neck spasm I never had any side effects from this drug. Nothing. It does help the spasm's but I am unsure how long I can be on this. I have been on it off and on for two years. M 59 2 years
10MG 3X D
 4  TMJ bloated belly, 2 lbs weight gain not associated with overeating, mild constipation 20 years ago, when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome, I was prescribed this medicine and HATED IT! However, the last 4 days, taking 10mg at bedtime has allowed me to sleep so much better and it has helped my TMJ flare and Knee injury heal really quickly. My mood is happier because I am getting a deeper, more restorative sleep. After reading all the negatives, I will not continue this as a daily treatment, but I plan to use it for flares! A bigger belly is a small price to pay for the improved mood, increased happiness, and more energy that I get from good quality sleep. I believe this medication does help one get more deep sleep which is very healing. F 54 4 days
10mg 1X D

 4  Back problems Pretty much gave me a hair trigger as far as anger goes. It helped a lot early on but I've stopped taking it because though am pretty laid back, I kept wanting to yell at pretty much every client I talked to at work. Most of whom didn't deserve it. M 30 6 days
10mg 1X D

 4  Bruxism (teeth grinding/clenching Very weak in the legs the next day. Overall sluggish. More sensative to touch. (tingly feeling, sometimes, when I scratch my body. Sneezing would have my entire body tingly. Left leg feels slightly weaker than right. I actually haven't been taking flexeril, I've been on the generic version (Cyclobenzaprine). Been taking it for about three weeks for bruxism. I have definitely noticed a difference in my headaches/ tension. My migraines (or whatever they are) are much further apart now. I used to have pain almost all day. Now, it's been cut down drastically. They're still there, but not nearly as often or severe. The only downfall of his pill for me is how fatigued I feel the next day. I take one 10mg pill before bedtime. Knocks me out. The doc actually told me I could take 2 if I wanted. Yeah right. I'd be asleep 'till next week! Lol anyway, overall, I would definitely recommend this drug. Really, the only pronounced side effect is the lethargic feeling. It's a small price to pay for relief of constant headaches though! Oh, and it's not expensive! M 31 3 weeks
10mg 1X D

 4  Muscle tightness & Spasms No side effects observed I was in extreme pain when I saw my Dr. I have been on Flexeril for a week and am sooo relieved that my pain is gone. I do have bit of dry mouth but nothing serious. I will keep u posted if I do acquire any nasty effects F 37 7 days
10 MG 1X D
 4  chronic back/neck pain constipation, facial muscle tension, headaches, irritability/anger One of the first side effects I noticed was the consipation. Additionally I have had facial muscle tension and short lasting headaches. I have also been very irritable, which is not normal, and did not realize that this was probably a side effect, until reading this site. I was concerned about hair loss as this usually occurs when I take a prescription, but have not noticed this, yet. It does help with my back pain, sleeplessness, and does not seem to cause drousiness. F 27 20 days
1X D

 4  lower back pain/pelvic misalignment groggy in the morning, hard to wake up helped with the pain of pelvic misalignment but i did not like the grogginess i got since i only took this at night because of it making me sleepy F 28 7 days
10mg 1X AN

 4  Back spasm At 5 mg, nothing major, just sleepy and hard to wake up until about 12-14 hours after taking the drug. At 10mg, very sleepy and numb body with depression, lack of motivation, and slow ambulation until 16-20 hours after ingestion. The package insert should state how to dose the drug by body weight. 10mg is way too much unless you are obese. M 33 3 days
5mg 1X D

 4  DDD,Scoliosis,Labral Tear Shoulder Groggy in the morning. I prefer Zanaflex (Tizanidine)but I found a few of these in the med. cabinet. They do help me relax and take away some of the pain. The reason why I am commenting is because of the dreams I've had while on this med. I've had some awesome dreams the last few nights and they seemed so real. Last night in my dream, I was partying with guitar wiz Zakk Wylde. And then some women I didn't know took off their shirts/bras and let me feel their breasts. I can't remember too much else about the dream but I didn't want to wake up:) The night before last, I also had a dream I enjoyed. Flexeril and Zanaflex are probably for you if you have addiction problems. Stay far away from Soma if you do. I can't wait to go to sleep tonight. I hope my new girlfriends are back! LMAO! M 30 1 weeks
10mg 1X AN

 4  Fibromyalgia No side effects. I have taken Flexeril for 2 years, 3x a day, daily as an adjunct to the pain medication I take for Fibromyalgia. It helps, not a huge amount but it does help. It does not make me sleepy and I have no negative side effects from taking it. F 49 2 years
10 MG 3X D
 4  sciatica Drowsiness, dry mouth, increased anxiety I've been taking Flexeril/Cyclobenzaprine on an as-needed basis for about a year (usually about once a week), but due to a pulled muscle in my back, I've been taking it daily for a week. This is not something you want to take regularly on a long-term basis! I have problems with depression and anxiety, and Flexeril definitely increases both of those. It's okay to deal with for a few days (I just increase my Xanax, with doctor approval) but not something I'd recommend long-term. F 33 7 days
10 3X D
 4  slipped disk in neck HORRIBLE dry mouth; some sleepiness. It works. There's not much else to say, except the HORRIBLE dry mouth it causes. Have plenty of fluid on hand to drink, and brush your teeth frequently, else the dry mouth will cause tooth decay (as it did to me). F 47 2 weeks
10 3X D

 4  constaint muscle tension When I wake up in the morning every thing seems to hurt a little bit more but works out of it quickly enough. It deffinatly helps relieve the pressure raising the pain level. My spelling was bad before being put on all the meds. F 48
10mg 1X D

 4  Chronic Tension Headache Neck Pain Makes you extremely sleepy. Small weight gain (assuming from eating more from feeling less pain) Take at night and get at least 8 hours of sleep. I get 7 and in the morning it's hard to get up but once I get started I am okay for remainder of day. It has helped my chronic tension headache and neck pain and decreased frequency. I'm okay with this med! F 31 45 days
10 MG 1X D
 4  severe TMJ very drowsy relaxes the jaw muscles greatly F 20 1 years

 4  sciatic nerve compression This drug knocked me out the first time I took it only. After that I was able to take it and carry on with my day. I either have a herniated disc or Piriformis syndrome which is compressing my sciatic nerve. I was in pain for about a month and a half before I started to take Flexeril. It hasn't been a week yet, and I'm already starting to feel better. The sciatic pain is still there, but I don't feel nearly as disabled as I was feeling before. The only negative side effect I've experienced with Flexeril is severe dry mouth. I definitely recommend this drug for others with similar experiences to my own. I am hoping that another few days of taking it along with ibuprofen and some stretching and light exercise will completely relieve me of my ailments. F 22 6 days

 4  accident dry mouth F 53 3 weeks

 4  back injury- 10 mg at night drowsyness in the morning if I took it after 9 pm Helped my muscle spasms and TMJ a lot post back injury. I got used to the drowsyness after a few weeks- I was even able to take 5 mg while at work. If I couldnt get in for a massage often enough, I would take some during the day. Never had any other side effects. F 30 1 years

 4  Muscel Spasms Back Pain Very little drowsiness,not much I really do well on this drug, it all ways amazes me how drugs effect people differnet. It has helped me alot with muscel pain.I stoped for two days and really notied the differance. At least for me I'll continue taking it. M 53 6 months

 4  bulging lumbar discs (back spasms) 5mg: none. 10mg: very drowsy 2 hours after taking it. Slept 11 hours and woke up with a headache and slightly dizzy. Far more effective in helping with my back pain than painkillers. F 27

 4  back spasm Slight drowsiness (but not nearly as much as results from anti-histamines). Very slight loss of balance when standing or walking, but nothing serious. TAKE IT WITH FOOD to lessen the side effects. M 49 4 days

 4  Muscle Spasms I've been taking Flexeril off and on for years with no side effects. F 27 5 years

 4  herniated discs in neck little trouble waking up...i use it to lower my intake of addictave painkillers. it helps me sleep though the nite pain free. i have lowered my 15mg oxycodone intake to 6 per day and do not run ut early anymore. i like it at bed time only. i drive for a living and it lets me sleep through the nite pain free on half of a 10mg tab. i restart my day with one tylonol and a 15mg oxycodone, then take them thoughout the day. i do not run low on meds anymore for the last couple months. M 48 2 months

 4  Bulging cervical discs w/spasms Took 10 mg about 8 pm- I was knocked out by 10! Briefly woke up between 11 and 12 when other family members went to bed. I remember yelling at them to be quiet. The was out until 9 am. When I got up felt like a hangover- tired and felt emotionally unstable- a little depressed and weird. The spasms and major pain had subsided. This was the first night I had been able to sleep laying down in 4 days! Went back to bed slept another 2 hours-got up felt a little better. Now a full 24 hours later I feel mentally normal and with a pain now controlled by tylenol/cod. This is a very powerful drug. I am not taking any more since the single dose gave me much needed relief. Funky side effects- I could see being really depressed and suicidal on this stuff if taken longer. It did what I needed it to do, would use it again under extreme circumstances knowing that you had better devote 24 hours to being out of it. F 46 1 days

 4  neck pain (Pinched nerve) First night, very calm. I slept very soundly and it helped with the pain. After that, I had insomnia for two nights. Now I have stopped it. Also dry mouth F 44 7 days
 4  herniated discs in neck None I have been taking this drug for four years with no side effects. I still have neck pain but when I stop taking it, I have horrible muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder area. F 46 4 years

 4   Constipation, Light headedness Great drug! M 39 4 days

 4  unexplained midback pain with spasm Drowsiness at first. Extremely hard stools, difficult to pass. I am taking the extended release version of flexaril called Amrix 15 mg. I have had terrible mid back pains for two years, and taking flexaril/amrix have made sudden flare ups disappear. i have noticed though that my stools are extremely hard and painful to pass, and the medication is the only change in lifestyle that could explain this symptom. F 27 2 months

 4  Shoulder tendonitus Extreme drowsiness/sedation. I took this back in 2001 for tendonitus in one shoulder. I had lost part of my range of motion. I don't remember the dosage or how long I took it, but I think it was about 2 weeks. What I DO remember so well is that it practically knocked me out. I don't know if it was from Flexeril alone, or in combination with the Naprosyn and Tylenol w/codeine I was also prescribed. Anyway, I could only take it at night. Even watching TV took effort, since I was so doped up. All this medication was necessary to make the exercises I had to do more bearable. Without them, the pain was excruciating, and sometimes even after taking it, it was still painful. But I had to do the exercises to get my mobility back. Physical therapy was also painful. This medication seemed to relax my muscles alright, but it also relaxed my brain too much! F 46 2 weeks

 4  back pain, headaches This medicine did help me..it does totally relax muscles. I have two complaints though. A: To me it takes too long to "kick in". When I am hurting, I need relief quickly. Which leads me to B: Buddy, when it does "kick in" you own it for about 24 hours. This stuff sticks with you. If you work in any kind of field where precision and alertness are important to you i would recommend avoiding this particular drug. It may work...but isnt practical for those of us living in the real world. F 39

 4  Lupus, Fibro, RA body pain racing heartbeat, seeing things The side effects I described took about 5 months to subside but finally did. Now I only occasionally have to deal with either. And the side effect of seeing things... it was like seeing a bug crawling near me so that I'd jump a little, but wasn't terrified. Just startled. Not really that bad, and obviously not bad enough to stop taking it. Also, the side effects were drastically reduced just going from taking 10mgs to 5mgs instead. I now take 5mgs with Lorcet 10/650 3x a day every day. F 30 1 years
 4  Degenerative disc/lower back pain sleepiness I haven't had any bad side effects. It does make me drowsy, which helps me sleep, but it has helped the pain. F 40 3 weeks

 4  Neck pain sometimes groggy. More prone to extreme anger and rage. This is the only drug that has consistently released the bunching up of my neck vertebrae, alleviating the excruciating pain of a pinched nerve in my 4th cervical disc. M 56 5 years

 4  Chronic Neck Pain drowsiness, weakness in muscles can become addictive. it got to the point with me where i had to have 3 a day no matter what. it's very easy to start popping these like m&m's because they're pretty good. i'm on skelaxin now, which is a better approach to my problem. M 19 2 months

 4  lower back pain None I took the medication at 9pm and went to bed at 10pm. I slept as usual, though felt as though muscles were very relaxed and heavy. Woke at 8am feeling like I could have slept more, but was able to get up and begin working with no problem. My back is feeling better. I'm hesitant to take this medication during the day. F 28 1 days

 4  lower back pain drowsy (helped with sleep) some irritability lasting up to 3 hours after I woke up. This medication works really well for my occassional mild lower back pain caused by muscle spasm. F 28 1 years

 4  Low back pain, sciatica & spasms Makes for a very restful deep sleep and is deeply relaxing for bedtime. During the day, a bit of light-headedness was felt so I opted to only take at bedtime. I take 20mg at bed time and it did stop the spasms and pain in my lower back greatly, but does not make me overly drowsy, just very relaxed. Difficulty in sleeping on certain nights I often add 2mg xanax and together, I sleep incredibly well with no hang-over effects whatsoever in the morning. This works better than the narcotic pain relievers I was first prescribed. I gave those up and switched to the Flexeril and this seems to be the fix I needed. For really bad intense pain, Flexeril and Cataflam (a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory) together work perfectly and last a long time for pain relief and the ability to rest.....and is a God-Send for my Endometriosis! F 45 2 years

 4  fibromyalgia degenerative disc dis none helps me sleep better at night F 55 4 years

 4  musil spasams in back sleepy it makes me feel better in my back and legs. F 35 6 weeks
 4  Back Pain, Insomnia Drowsiness. Deep sleeping. Slow to get started in the morning after taking it. A bit of Dry mouth. Flexeril does what it is supposed to do, but it will knock you on your butt and you will build up a tolerance to it quickly. For moderate to severe back pain it can be a life saver however it won't do anything for bone or tendon/ligament pain; it is definitely not a drug to be abused or used for recreation. Also, if you're taking it be sure to not have to operate heavy machinery or vehicles afterwards until you know how it will affect you, especially when taking the 10mg one. M 30 2 years

 4  muscle spasms extreme fatique always help my muscle spasms I get in legs and arms plus allows a good nights sleep. Only can take at night due to extreme fatique. been taking off and on for 6 yrs M 57

 4  Strained IT Band and Knee/hip pain I Slept for 13 hours, stayed awake for 2 then took a 3.5 hour nap, stayed awake for 5 and went to bed. overall almost 17 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period and still tired. Also, very depressed, very out of it, negative attitude, totally unmotivated, grogginess all day. Definitely helped my pain, a lot, but the side effects are bad F 18 2 weeks

 4  Back/shoulder pain drowsiness at work. Very good medication. Took me from a pulled muscle pain of 9 out of 10 down to 5 out of 10 almost immediately, and now I am healed to a 1. Great medication, just don't take it before work. It will make you want to sleep M 39 60 days
 4  back spasms extreme dry mouth , blurred or double vision , constipation which caused/worsened hemmoroids , definitely doesn,t mix well with alcohol experienced several blackouts one of which resulted in OUI , also had several occasions of moody/aggressive/violent behavior with friends while mixing with alcohol don't drink while taking you may blackout and have no control over your alcohol consumption M 51 3 months

 4  chest/back/shoulder pain Dry mouth and sleepiness. I took 5mg only at bedtime but was still drowsy after 8-10 hours of sleep. Some mild sadness/depression during the morning that gradually wore off during the day. Definitely helps with my chronic pain. I reduced dosage (by breaking the pill) back to about 1.5-2 mg at bedtime. I have maintained this dosage for about 6 months. M 42 6 months

 4  Lower Back Pain /Neck Pain No side effects EVER except sleepyness, so I only take this drug at night. Do NOT drive if you have not tried this drug first. I almost drove off of the road first time! Would give it a 5, except need a anti-inflamatory drug to kill the total pain. Wonderful release of tension and most pain. Take at night and wake up relaxed. I had no carry-over reaction. I do not take a lot of drugs, so perhaps those sleepy after 12 hrs have drug interactions. (works as good as a sleeping pill for me!) F 59 5 years

 4  tension headaches; whiplash taking 5mg. lowest dose - sleeping 12 t 13 hours - hard to wake up - groggy all day - made me depressed, weepy- will discontinue would not recommend for persons who are proned to depression and dont normally have any sleeping problems. However was very satisfied with the way it reduced the pain in my neck and increased flexability in neck movement - but sideeffects outweigh the advantanges. M 50 2 weeks
 4  Sleep and muscle relaxation drowsiness in morning after 10mg at bedtime after several months on 10mg a day, withdrawal caused severe intense itching F 40 6 months

 4   32

 4  Fibromyalgia(Chronic Muscle Pain) Extreme dry mouth, but seemed to get better while I took the drug longer, constipation. I was told to take flexeril at night, to help me sleep and for my mucsle pain. It did help me sleep better and was able to wake up for work feeling fine. It helped a little with the pain I suffer from but never made it go completely away. I was taking a 10mg dose and found if I was in alot of pain to take one and a half tablets. Never felt droggy in the morning. F 22 1 months

 4  back muscle spasms F 60 3 years

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