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 3  Stress-related stomach pains A little spacey I've taken it sometimes in .1 or .5 mg doses to relieve what seem to be psychosomatic stomach pains related to anxiety and stress. It seems to work fairly well although I'm never quite sure. If I take doses over consecutive days I end up feeling a bit queasy but no big deal. M 43 3 years

 3  Anxiety None Ok...first of all...I really liked my ativan and what it did for me...I first began taking it approx 3 to 4 years ago for anxiety which was something that I had never experienced until then. It did wonders for the shakes and anxiety. It even helped me rest better. For the most part I only take it at night before bed unless I have an attack during the day which is very rare. I would sometimes even skip my dosage at night because I began taking ambien for insomnia. Ive noticed if I go a few days without taking it I become extremely irritable (complete B****) and wake up with anxiety attacks. I believe it has ruined my relationship...this weekend was horrible and I do believe that for the first time I realized that was I was going thru was withdrawals from not taking it for 3 days. I almost came unglued last night...and for some reason now if I dont take it...the ambien doesnt work maybe because the anxiety is too much! I havent slept in two days...LITERALLY! And today Im a wreck at work...I refuse to take the medicine at this point because of how Im feeling...I dont like this...Ive never done drugs and this is much like what I assume drug attacks feel like once they go cold turkey! Im not going to report it to my doctor just yet because believe it or not I feel like I really need to take it and I fear she will take me off of it...am I crazy or is this the lack of meds talking? At this point Im not sure but I know right now I feel like I need it just to function since Ive F 37 3 years
1 mg 2X D

 1  reaction to Celexa, akathisia Too many to list, but three years on and then after a slow taper (if you are tapering please see the Ashton manual, it could save your life) I have: severe memory impairment, both short and longterm memory (I can't remember what someone has said to me within minutes of them speaking, can't remember names of common objects, can't remember proper grammar, etc...); severe balance issues--I can barely walk; severe eye issues--my eyes appear to be permanently out of focus, I see blue lights, they twitch and blur a lot; restless legs; severe caffeinated feeling; I can no longer reason properly or understand even simple ideas a lot of the time; can't read, words appear to move on their own; hair loss; really bad dry skin; feet/hands/body will twitch/move without my control; involuntary swallowing; low vit. D; legs feel like they are made of lead, depersonalization; derealization; obsessive thoughts; profound dysphoria, etc... I can't possibly list all of the issues this drug caused. This drug destroyed my life and my family. If you have a script for it BE AWARE THAT TWO WEEKS OF CONTINUOUS USE IS ENOUGH TO CAUSE AN ADDICTION THAT IS HARDER TO TREAT THAN HEROINE ADDICTION. BE AWARE THAT THIS DRUG CAN RENDER YOU SENSITIVE TO A WHOLE SPECTRUM OF MEDICATIONS, AND FOR SOME EVEN SUPPLEMENTS AND FOODS LIKE SUGAR AND CAFFEINE. BE AWARE THAT SOME PEOPLE SUFFER PERMANENT EFFECTS FROM USE/WITHDRAWAL OVER AN ABOVE THEIR ORIGINAL PROBLEM; THIS INCLUDES PERMANENT MOVEMENT DISORDERS LIKE TARDIVE DYSKINESIA AND AKATHISIA. BE AWARE THAT MOST DOCTORS WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE EXTENT OF THE INJURIES THESE DRUGS CAN CAUSE SO BE PREPARED TO DO YOUR OWN MEDICAL RESEARCH IF YOU BECOME DISABLED BY THIS DRUG. ALSO BE PREPARED TO BE INVALIDATED BY FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHEN YOU TRY TO EXPLAIN WHAT THE DRUG HAS DONE TO YOU. Many people have lost their families, homes, jobs and dreams to inadvertent addictions. F 32 3 years

 1   Blurry Vision, Dizziness, Light Sensitivity, Memory Loss, Trouble Walking, Siezure, Migraines, Muscle Pain, Balance Issues, Motor Skill Imparement, Cognitive Imparement, Exhaustion. This medicine is fine until your body develops a tolerance to it and/or you try to go off it. Then you wish you would die. This medicine should be illegal. Do yourself a favor and don't ever take this poison. M 36 3 years
2 1X D

 1  insomnia, anxiety anxirty, fear, insomnia, bad thoughts, derealization Dont let the "seemingly"low dosage (.5, 1 or 2 mg)tablets fool you. And dont think "oh ill just take this now and then" THIS STUFF CREEPS UP ON YOU.It is strong and quickly addictive. RESEARCH IT! at first it was very relaxing but sooo gradually that I didnt even notice i became more and more anxious and fearful. I didnt put it together in time to know that it was the medicine itself that had "turned on me" and was actually causing the things it was supposed to stop but by then it was too late, if I didnt take it the symptoms were even worse and now im STILL trying to get off of it 3 years later (lost years)THIS AND OTHER BENZOS LIKE XANAX AND KLONOPIN and even VALIUM ARE THE HARDEST DRUGS TO QUIT AND THE MOST DAMAGING!. DOCTORS WONT TELL YOU THIS, ITS LIKE THEY DONT KNOW OR WONT ADMIT IT. IF you havent started it yet then DONT! Find out about NATURALor NON BENZODIAZEPINE ALTERNATIVES or COUNSELING.If you have then take heart, go to Benzo Buddies.org or other sites for support and advice on how to quit. theres hope. M 50 3 years
1 3X D

 1  Fear of flying, panic attacks Paranoia, rage, snowballing emotions, loss if short term memory F 38 3 years
 1  Anxiety Addictive Drug It was like functioning on a chemical roller coaster. Severe memory loss as a result of 3 years at .5mg If you are on Ativan go to a support group or contact benzoisland.org for assistance tapering. It gave me a burst of energy for about an hour (paradoxidal effect) then i would crash and not be able to function til the next dose. F 43 3 years
 1  stress/gastrointestinal issues no obvious feeling of being high or altered. less prone to anxiety and panic attacks and lessening of insomnia, very little effect on gastrointestinal problems. took after hurrican katrina wiped me out and with it my job and marriage. doc did not tell me it was meant to be short-term and blithely refilled for 3 years. when i was unable to find him after he relocated i had no choice but to quit cold turkey not knowing how potentially dangerous this could be. it was like kicking heroin except with more psychological symptoms. my (redone) marriage almost ended again and after admitting the reason for my renewed anxiety to my boss she decided to fire me anyway. i fought the withdrawel symptoms with everything in me (including my faith) but only after almost 4 months has it begun to get better. i had almost all withdrawel problems (before i had seen what they were). do not take this drug without being extremely informed and do not consider it long-term. F 48 3 years

 1  anxiety tolerance, needed to take more, this drug is HIGHLY addictive. It ruined my life. 52 M 3 years

 1  anxiety/depression BE CAREFUL!! I am going into my second week in the hospital, psychiatric ward, for an agressive taper off of ativan...that says a lot Please please be careful with this med....I always saw myself as a very bright together take care of everything person and now, here I am...with sweats, trouble talking at times, memory very bad, anxiety bouts as I can never remember, and all because I found a Dr that didn't mind prescibing it almost as much as I wanted it, I was up to 10 plus mg,s a day but it just wasn't working as it use to...suicidal thoughts were high, hence my asking my mom and son to take me in because the last thing I wanted to do was hurt my family but I could no longer cope...in reading other posts I see that I got myself pretty darn in doses compared to some and the side effects and withdrawel symptoms were/are enormous...but I'll make it! F 47 3 years
 5  Anxiety This pill is a lifesaver. It really calms me. The only side effect is a little drowsiness, but I only take .5mg. F 34 4 years
 5  Anxiety slight drowsiness within maybe 15-20 minutes after taking then it goes away and I feel fine. I'm 29 and have had a prescription for Ativan/Lorazepam (generic) for about 4 years now. My script is for only .5 mg. I take it only as needed, when I know I'm going into a situation that is going to make me anxious...maybe once a week. I like how Ativan works for me, in about an hour after I take it the nervous/anxiety I get is gone and I feel like my normal self and not neurotic! I had tried a low dose of Xanax once which I actually slightly prefer more but I think its because of the slight high you get with it. I don't have an addictive personality but I had an additional boost of confidence with the Xanax...probably the "high" effect. My new Dr. wouldn't prescribe me Xanax though. She even informed me at my visit today how addictive Ativan is because of the Valium family it comes from. She would only give me 30 pills and no refills and she expects this to last me 6 months. I guess I'm glad she's proactive and watchful of what she prescribes. F 29 4 years

 5  Panic attacks. None. If you have panic disorder and need occasional relief from acute panic, this drug may work well for you. I take it only as needed (30 pills last 6 months or more) in doses of .5 to 1.0 mg depending on the circumstances. It works just quickly enough for me. If you don't want to be addicted, don't take it every day. It's that simple. M 36 4 years

 5  anxiety none really...helps alot! use on and off over the years. this has helped me through alot. anxiety can be scary. heart can feel as if it 'skips' a beat...ativan takes care of it! F 37 4 years
 5  panic none. never been happy until now i dont care if it is addictive . it was worse living and feeling so much panic F 40 4 years

 5  bipolar disorder anxiety Makes you sleepy (depending on dose) Ativan is aces for anxiety! My former doctor kept insisting that Xanax was the ultimate anxiety med, well it did fuck-all for me. The first time I took an Ativan (while hospitalized) I knew I had found gold. A small dose of .5 mg calms and cools me out; 1 mg gives me a nice night's sleep. Relaxes the body and mind. Plus is available as a generic! F 44 4 years

 5  Anxiety A little groggy at times. Mind a bit foggy too, but that could just be my age. Ativan has helped me tremendously. My panic/anxiety was horrible and this drug gave me my freedom back. The only thing I dread is the day I have to go off of it. Yikes! F 46 4 years
1 3X D
 5  anxiety none great for anxiety, but though i take it may be once a month, even after 4 years i think i've built tolerance to it and it doesn't help as much any it used to be. F 24 4 years

 4  PTSD /sleep None I take Ativan sublingual and not generic named Lorazepam. I was told by a pharmacologist that many people can't take generic due to liver enzymes being different in everyone. I tried generic and what a difference between the two, many side side effects I read here. If you can permit yourself the trade names, it's worth every penny. While trade and generic names and their active ingredients are the same the other components aren't, and that's why people react to most of them. Email me with any question. I have a no substitute rule on meds. F 4 years
1mg 1X AN
 4  anxiety and insomnia drowsiness (this was desireable at night). otherwise no side effects that i know of. I love this medication! With my anxiety I would like to take more often if it would continue to work the same but just take on a PRN basis. M 37 4 years

 4  Anxiety and panic attacks A great "washing over" of the panic thoughts after taking 1mg in the morning. Very very difficult to taper off. Have been on 3-5 mg/day for about 4 years. Some memory disruption; but nothing major. It really works great for stopping my panic attack thinking. Sometimes causes an increase in sexual desire....strange, but nice. I worry though about comming off of it. My doctor says I am in a constant state of minor withdrawal when tapering off. Sooo be carefull when you decrease!!! Maybe a bit of Valium would help with the withdrawal as it stays in your system longer. M 62 4 years

 4  Anxiety For the most part, sleepy. Please note that this pill can and will cause weight gain, because it has steroids in it. I gained 15lbs with it. Please ask your Doctor about this. I recently stopped taking this pill cold turkey and lost the weight. F 34 4 years

 4  Insomnia I want to stop taking this drug but withdrawal is horrible. I ordered my refill by mail and ran out before I received it. Like the worst case of flu I've ever experienced. I'm addicted and am afraid to stop the medication. F 60 4 years

 2  anxiety none 190lb - barely touched by 1mg in high stress times. Im guessing 3-4mg is going to work for really manic times or act as hypnotic (knock me out). ambien is my hypnotic choice when melatonin doesnt work. M 44 4 years

 1  Insomnia due to hyperactive thyroid I started taking 2 mg per day at bedtime. After about a year, I experienced anxiety during the day, and my doctor thought that my thyroid condition was getting worse, so he doubled my Ativan dose. A few months later, I became anxious again, and it turned out the anxiety was caused by the fact that I had reached tolerance to the Ativan and needed more in order to feel Ativan should only be taken on a short-term basis. It's actually possible to become addicted to Ativan after taking it for as short a time as a month. It is very potent and highly addictive. Had I known it would affect me in the way it did, I never would have taken it in the first place. I tried to wean myself off Ativan, but was unsuccessful in doing so because I suffered from severe interdose withdrawal symptoms. A kind, caring doctor in an attempt to wean me off the Ativan switched me to Valium so that I could taper myself off that drug. Valium has a longer half-life, so it's much easier for people who are addicted to Ativan to get off Benzodiazepines by switching to Valium. The website, www.benzo.org.uk contains a copy of the Ashton Manual, which is considered the best resource to use if you're considering tapering off a Benzodiazepine tranquilizer, such as Ativan. I am 58 years old. I never took recreational drugs in my life, and I discovered at age 55 that I was a geriatric junkie because of the Ativan. Patients should exercise extreme caution before taking this drug. It took me three years to beat this addiction. F 58 4 years
 1  Anxiety Loved it at 1st. Really helped... then... HELL. I was told ativan could be addictive. But I was very careful how I took it. I started having worse and worse anxiety bc of mystery symptoms appearing. This happened for 3.5 years! Bad crazy mystery symptoms! Finally a few months ago I had tolerance w/d! It was like someone opened the gates to Hell and kicked me in. You see.. since I was a yoyo user... I had been going through Benzo w/d off and on for 3.5 years! It also causes anxiety from hell withdrawaling. I had to reinstate the ativan and ween off if it over a 2yoyo month period. Im 50 days Benzo free and still suffering. It could take a year to heal. I was a fool. These pills will bite you in the butt one day guys... they are ONLY supposed to be prescribed for 2 weeks MAX! Thats how fast the gaba receptors gain a STRONG dependency! Do NOT take benzos! Its an epidemic! Drs are handing them out like candy! They say they are harmless. And they will deny you are going through w/d after 50 days clean. Its insane! Do your research folks! There's a 100+ page manual out there called the Ashton Manual how to get off these drugs. And lists over 270 w/d symptoms that can last for years! W/d symptoms wax and wane on and off... its hell. Anxiety, depression .. shocks ... insomnia ... twitching ... grrrrr! M 28 4 years

 1  Job stress/anxiety. Minor erectile dysfunction, poor judgment/decision making, coordination loss, emotional blunting. DO NOT TAKE ATIVAN OR ANY OTHER BENZODIAZEPINE LIKE KLONOPIN, XANAX OR VALIUM DAILY!!! Daily use is what eventually hooks approx. 60% of us, and the majority of doctors are clueless in this particular area of medicine. Though great in the beginning, I underwent a series of spinal surgeries requiring detoxing from the pain meds as well as benzos, and any detox center that says they can get you off of them in a matter of weeks doesn't know their neurochemistry about benzos. I began the Benzodiazepine (Benzo) Withdrawal Support Group on Facebook three years ago, and of the 500+ members which include doctors, psychiatry professors, lawyers, stock brokers, teachers, and we plain old mom's & dad's, none of us have gotten off without significant symptoms, and usually after only 4 months daily use. As happy as the newbies who just started taking them are, they have no clue what's in store if they ever try to quit. Magellan Behavioral Health Blue Cross/Shield in North Carolina's study states, "A large number (40%-80%) of patients treated with these medications for 4 months or more develop tolerance and can have a discontinuation or withdrawal syndrome. Patients may experience rebound or withdrawal symptoms, which include tremor, anxiety, agitation, and dysphoria." That's not a small risk to benefit ratio, but a huge one!!! My daughter takes a Xanax or two once every few months for long drives due to a panic attack on the road years ago, but it's the daily use that wi M 57 4 years
8mg daily 2X D

 5  Generalized Anxiety Disorder None that I know about Helps a lot. F 46 5 years
.5 1X D
 5  for sleep I felt a little sleepy when i first started taking ativan, But now I have no side effects to report. In my opinion this is a mild relaxant that would work well for alot of people. F 49 5 years
.05 1X D

 5  Panic/Anxiety disorder Not much. Some drowsiness, but that could just be the panic wearing off. It seems to be the miracle cure for everything anxiety related. There is a lot of warning about ativan being habit forming. I don't doubt that it is. But if you're smart about it you can use it sensibly. I've been on this drug as needed for five years or so now without a problem. You just have to use it only when you absolutely need it. If you find you're taking it regularly you might want to talk to your doctor about changing any other anti anxiety meds you may be on (like Zoloft, or Paxil). Don't compensate for more anxiety by taking more ativan. All you have to do is be careful and this drug can be a great help. F 20 5 years

 5  insomnia None Can take 1mg at night and sleep all night!! Wonderful drug!! F 53 5 years

 5  Anxiety/panic disorder None This medication has been a Godsend for me. It stops severe anxiety or panic attack in its tracks. I take it only when needed -- usually a couple times a month. F 52 5 years

 5  Anxiety I haven't had any of the side effects that is listed here. It is the only medication that has helped me get restful sleep and with Fibromylagia, you really need to sleep well. You do have rebound insomnia when you quit taking it. F 58 5 years
2mg 1X D
 5  sleep helps tremendously with sleep. no side effects for me and i've been on the same dose for several years. M 41 5 years

 5  anxiety Drowsiness . Sometimes a morning hangover feeling. I've taken ativan on and off for 5+ years on an F 53 5 years

 5  anxiety, trouble sleeping, nausea sleepiness Works great even at very low doses (like .5 mg). I've been taking it off and on for 5 years now, and have never had to increase my dose, and have never had any F 37 5 years


 5  Severe Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia No negative side effects. Does it's job. By the way...I take 2mg po tid. Sometimes I take 4mg po tid. It's VERY VERY safe. I read these reviews & I'm beginning not 2 like this site. Just bc something doesn't work 4 u u shouldn't discourage other people from trying it. Every1 is different. I read a post where 1 person said she was allergic 2 valium & was given ativan instead & had an allergic reaction 2 that bc they r in the same family. But, guess what? I'm allergic 2 klonopin & take Ativan. The begging & pleading of people on here 2 get people 2 not try a med is pathetic & can be detrimental 2 1's health. Ur Dr obviously thinks a certain drug will work & outweighs the benefits & risks. Yes some may have side effects but, u have 2 try it 2 know. This med is EXTREMELY safe, save 4 the ones allergic 2 it. Overdosage is almost impossible & hospitals use it 4 just about EVERYTHING. Trust me I know. I'm a Med student. One KID got over 100mg & was fine. It calms U down however, it has no effect directly on ur cardiovascular or respitory systems. And it DOES stop racing thoughts. After 5 years of SEVERE panic attacks 2 the point of calling an ambulance twice a day EVERY day, it is the ONLY drug that does that. Ativan is a miracle drug. Shame on any1 who tries 2 deter u from help. If u can't take it fine...Move on 2 something else...Don't scare people off of meds. U r NOT a DR & know nothing about any1 else or their medical history.U just have 2 keep trying different meds 2 find out which 1 is 4 u & the 1s that r not 4 U doesn't mean they r not 4 some1 else F 29 5 years
 5  insomnia, anxiety, depression none This was a wonder drug for me and I slept good without waking up in the night with fears and anxiety. I have had to increase the dosage over time and the doctor is concerned and wants to switch me to xanax. M 76 5 years

 5  Anxiety/Panic Disorder I been on ativan/Lorazepam which is the generic version of ativan. I been taking 4 mg's a day 2 when i wake up 2 when i go to bed. side EFFECTS : short term memory loss, pains in heart not saying the drugs doesnt work but its very addicting if taken to much wouldnt recomend upgrading/downloading the dose without medical advise I started a anxiety/ panic disorder charity if u need help u can visit www.usanxietystressnetwork.org good luck everyone M 33 5 years
 5  Panic Attacks I only experienced negative effects in the first few months - sleepy, sluggish - until the right dose was created for me. Other than that....nothing. Wonderful! I had panic attacks for 4 years, everyday. I tried everything - exercise, meditation, psychologist, breathing exercises, support groups..nothing worked. I had no idea why the attacks were happening. Then I read a book on anxiety, and learned about medications to control it. I really didn't want to go that route, but talked to my doctor. We tried Effexor, which didn't work and I had bad side effects. Then we tried Ativan. 5 years later, I am still on it. I take 2mg a day. I don't even notice that I am on it. No side effects at all - unless you count not having panic attacks. I have experimented a few times by not taking it (to see if I still needed to be on it), and the attacks come back. I carefully have it controlled with my doctor - and my life is amazing. I can go out with friends, visit family, work well at the office - not having severe panic attacks. F 35 5 years

 5  Epilepsy Drowsiness, slight fogginess I've not had any problems with this medication and have been prescribed everything from 2 mg every day to taking the medicine just as needed. I've not had any withdrawal symptoms, but I've generally tried to take one day off a week of this medicine to keep from building tolerance. It helps stop the seizures, but doesn't cure them. F 31 5 years
.5 2X D

 4  GAD Terrible withdrawal symptoms after stopping cold turkey. diarhea,stomach pain, horrible back pain, panic attacks and could not sleep for 17 days. Other than the withdrawal symptoms, this medication is great and I got so addictive to it, that I would I am not ever planning to go off of it, not after trying to quit unsuccessfully for the past 5 years. F 34 5 years

 4  Fibrpmyalgia Take it 1/2 hour before bedtime so the only effect is a brain fog in the morning. Am fine by noon of the next day. I am allergic to aspirin (ASA)so Ativan is the only thing that helps stop or slow down my musle spasms when they flare. Particularly when I get them in my chest plate. I only take it when absolutely needed which translates to approximately 1 (.5mg) pill a month. Sometimes 2 a month. F 47 5 years

 4  anxiety, panic attacks nothing, other than puts me to sleep Even though I don't take it for sleeping problems, I can always count on a thorough sleep when I take one. I sleep longer than 4 hours and awake more refreshed than normal. I don't take it regularly, only when needed and usually 30 tablets last me over a year. F 52 5 years

 4  Bipolar Disorder-Aggitation-Anxiety Calming, euphoric, dizziness, very comfortable, sleepy, vision disturbance, Works quickly and even quicker if left to absorb under the tongue. I am supposed to take 1/2 mg 2 x a day whi I rarely have to. But, This drug is great to have on hand for Bipoars in mixed states to calm anxiety and increase resistance to irrational thinking and ideas. F 40 5 years
1 2X D

 4  Anxiety Sleepiness & Lack of Concentration I've been taking Ativan (1 mg 3X/day)for 5 years. I was previously on Xanax (2 mg 3X/day) and it stopped helping so my doctor switched me to Ativan and it has done wonders ever since. It helped with the anxiety and allowed me to sleep better at night. I did not experience too many side effects...just sleepiness and occasional lack of concentration. I recently decided that I do not want to take it anymore because my husband and I would like to have a baby in the near future. I decided to wean myself off of ativan 3 weeks ago. I started by taking just 1 mg/day for the first week, then dropped to .5 mg/day for 3 days, then down to .25 mg 1X/day and then .25 every 2 days. I stopped one week ago. I went to my dr. because I was worried about the withdrawal symptoms. He put me on Celexa (10 mg 2-3X/day). The first few days I felt very anxious, very sensitive to noises and light, weakness, insomnia, heart palpitations, shakiness and restless legs. I am on day 7 and much of this has gone away. The Celexa has helped quite a bit. Overall it really wasn't that bad. I feel so much better now. I have more energy during the day and feel good overall. After reading other peoples' comments, I thought that sharing my experience would help others who are trying to stop taking it to be encouraged vs. deterred by the bad experiences. I hope this helps and good luck! F 29 5 years
3X D
 4  claustrophobia on airplanes Well, I expected to feel sleepy, and I was def hungover the next day. Constipation short term also. My mother took ativan and it was bad for her. She was 70. M 55 5 years
10 4X D

 3  anxiety M 35 5 years

 1  anxiety dry mouth, drowsiness, insommnia, impaired gait and falling, paranoid behaviours, addiction, urinary incontinence, poor judgement skills My 80 year old father is on this drug. I have been a hospital nurse for many years and am aware of the uses for ativan. It is usually meant for short term use and in controlled setting, and NOT for the elderly! I have been trying for years to get him off. Last year he began to fall quite a bit and I worked with a pharmacist friend to wean him down. He had been taking 1 mg, 4 to 5 times a day. I had NO cooperation from his family doctor. Not surprising. My father was also not pleased, but since at this point I was picking up and dispensing his meds and bringing them to his home, he had no choice but to take what I gave. He has now been in hospital for a week after another fall. He can hardly walk and is extremely paranoid. His doctor has now agreed to wean him off onto something else, with my insistence, and, under recommendations from our pharamacist. If the doctor does not follow through I will go to our Chief of Staff. Unbelieveable. My father made this decision years ago to take something for his anxiety, and now I am left picking up the pieces...... With God's help, we WILl perservere!!!!!!!!. F 54 5 years
1 mg 3X D
 1  ANXIETY MY ELDERLY FATHER TOOK THIS FOR A FEW YEARS BEFORE I KNEW. He was making his own visits to the doctor. I am a nurse and knew about the dangers of it, so when I found out 2 years ago I tried to wean him down with the help of the pharmacist. My father was hooked and refused, but when he started falling I had had enough. We took his ativAn and brought it over to him several times a day and tried to wean him down. He slept 24 hours a day and only got up to eat and take his med. He became so deconditioned he could hardly walk. He became suicidal and very paranoid (the phone, the neighbours, etc) He fell again and we sent him to the hospital where he spent several weeks going through detox. It was horrible to watch! He then went to a nursing home where he fell the first day and developed some serious bloodclots in his leg. Due to this, and his deconditioning he doesn't walk at all anymore. His mind is now clear, he is awake all day, and could be home if he could walk. M 82 5 years
1 MG 3X D
 1  My mother was Insomnia, paranoia, fits of rage, not thinking clearly, shaking, anxiety...... I can not believe this drug is on the market. It is a dangerous substance & physicians are prescribing it like candy. There need to be stricter guidelines for physicians to educate their patients before writing the script. Patients trust their doctors. I understand that as a patient you need to be responsible as well, but my mother was given that in the hospital after almost turning septic, & then her doctor continued to prescribe it. I'm so angry right now & watching my father trying to deal with this is heartbreaking. My mother was an active woman and to see her so distraught is beyond sad. I'm absolutely disgusted at how pharmaceutical companies are valued more then the actual patient! F 42 5 years
1mg 1X D
 1  anxiety Worked fine at first, but tolerance quickly sets in! Spent a few years thinking I was going crazy, only to find out that interdose withdrawal and tolerance brought on the worst anxiety I have ever experienced along with a ton of other side effects! It took me over 2 years to withdraw and every step of the way was HELL! Do not take!!! Do not take ANY type of benzodiazepine as they all work the same way!!! I lost 5 years of my life!!! A few months of relief at the beginning is not worth many years of a totally ruined life!!! Do not take!!! F 54 5 years
1mg 3X D

 5  Anxiety..Clinical Depression None It gave me back my life..a wonderful drug..like a pillow and comforter in the middle of a war zone..I can cope again..this drug saved my life! M 45 6 years
 5  Anxiety, IBS,Panic Attacks and HBP None.....Miracle drug...onset of 20/30 minutes, peak of 1 to 3 hrs...it will erase your memory if u take it in large doses...made that mistake once..Been on and off of it since 2001. I don't get addictive to it. I only take .05 2 x a day for controlling High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and IBS..I sometimes can get away with breaking the 0.5mg down into 4 equal doses..READ ALL COMMENTS>>>>>>>>>> GREAT FOR INSOMNIA......Great for Manic stages of Bi-Polar..It's really is the only drug I can take without any side effects..I cannot even take asprin without feeling it..I have OCD and have severe sensitivity to meds, this one is great.. M 37 6 years
 5  Anxiaty and Panick attacks, OCD Drowsyness Was first given in ER for panick attacks. Then by script from doctor. Works great to take that edge off without being so powerfull like Xanex. I take it when needed mostly at night to help me rest, it quites my mind down. F 43 6 years
 5  panic disorder You can experience withdrawal symptoms and mistake them for a panic attack. Ativan does induce sleep. Ativan is a god send. It stopped my panic attacks in their tracks when I first got them. Now I take Ativan as needed, maybe 0.5 mg once per day, if at all. Never take Ativan the day you intend to have a drink, it puts you over the edge. You might be surprised but 0.5 mg of Ativan is very effective. M 56 6 years

 3  Adult on-set Cervical Dystonia Walking,Pharmaceutical junkie. Lights on but no one home. Fell asleep driving home from work. I was very self-absorbed, I had nothing to offer via conversation except my own medical woes. Oh & I lost my appetite which made me gradually lose weight to the point I looked Anorexic. My Cervical Dystonia hit me like a ton of bricks July of 2004. I felt funny in my neck area starting in January 2004, 6 months prior to full blown Dystonia. I ended up in Emergency where I was diagnosed by a Neurologist who had me doing various tests to get more data. I wasn't able to see a Neurologist who specialized in Movement Disorders for awhile so while I waited, my family Doc. prescribed me Flexeril (20mg 3x/day)& Ativan (2mg 3x/day). I was on Ativan for 6 years @ that dosage. Last year I managed to cycle that down to 1mg 3x/day & recently I've lowered it again to .5mg/.5mg/1mg per day. I must say I can't believe the difference. It's like coming out of a fog. The withdrawls have quite a few of the same side effects of Ativan, but I have some withdrawls that are worse. Like abdomen dystension, I look pregnant!! It's horrible. I look at food & my stomach automatically goes to "auto-pilot". I have terrible grinding and clenching issues & my teeth are becoming an unwilling casuality. I hate this drug & I can't wait to be done with it. F 38 6 years
60 mg/day 6X D
 2  anxiety disorder I have been on the medicine for alot of years. My tolerance went up so I asked my Dr. for more. After 4mg I was told I was at the maximum dose. I went to rehab. I could not feel normal while off ativan. I was a Zombie. I shook all of the time after weeks of being off it. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. Eventually the Dr's took pity and put me on Klonopin. I felt relaxed but I was not functioning at 100%. Eventually I quit Klonopin and went back to Ativan. I was never 100% on this drug and got hurt at work twice in one day. Now I have no job. You can't tell people about your psyche meds because of the stigmatism related to such a revalation. I remain addicted to Benzo's without any hope of not using again. What the hell do I do now? I've tried detox 3 times and failed each time because my reaction was so severe that the Dr.'s felt the only humane thing to do was to put me back on them. I have sufferred the withdrawls from this medication and I can't get off. I hope you M 46 6 years
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