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 1  insomnia It worked great for me until recently. I slept really well and felt good as a result. In the last month I have steadily been getting diarrhea. Two weeks ago I had an irratic heart beat for 4 hours. I think it is the Ativan. I got an irregular heart beat from cold decongestant medicine and the "horse linement" I got from the health food store. I took a sleep med called Sonitta or something of the sort at one point----it worked until I started getting diarrhea from it. I quit taking it Sunday cold turkey after a day with 3 bouts of diarrhea and a really "green" feeling of a day. It is day 3 without the Ativan. I feel dizzy and weak. My thoughts are just a little confused. My appetite is down. Sleep is restless but better than the first night without. I don't think that Ativan is worth taking for insomnia. F 48 1.5 years
.5 mg 1X D

 1  anxiety TINNITUS, tolerence anxiety, headaches. Quickly develops tolerence. I quit taking this drug 10 months ago and am still having ear troubles/tinnitus. ENT can't find anything wrong. Do not take Benzo's for more than a week. Very addictive. Check out benzo.org.uk for further info. M 39 1.5 years

 5  Panic Disorder/Insomnia Very fast relief for my panic attacks. I take .5mgs twice a day and I swear it's been an absolute God send! F 41 2 years
 5  anxiety, panic drowsiness my dosage is 0.5mg, symptom triggered. I have never felt that I was addicted and only take it, at most, twice per week despite the prescribed twice per day. Works great at calming me down and reducing my anxiety M 36 2 years

 5   a little sleepy at times , but gave even more anti anxiety releif an awesome drug for anxiety, have been on and off it for 2 years, no bad side effects. keeps racing thoughts at bay, so you are able to get on with the task at hand. The only problem is trying to get yr psychiatrist to give out the medicine, they seem to think its worse than heroin!!! this can be annoying and it is the only bad side effect i can think of.My advice is to get it through different doctors, and be honest about any side effects that u may have(as it will react differently with some people) For me even if there are bad health side effects , i would rather die 2-5 years early and have a life without anxiety than be a healthy wreck. M 30 2 years

 5  anxiety/sleep none whatsoever,,except some drowsiness if taken enough this drug is very safe and effective! i have known many people over the years who have taken ativan and not one has had a bad side effect. i only wish they would make a 24 hr release tablet of it! M 36 2 years

 5  anxiety none This has been a very helpful medicine for me. I only take occasionally (.5mg) on very bad days and use in conjunction with my Paxil cr 12.5mg. Takes a good 30 minutes before you get the effects, but well worth the wait..imo.. M 35 2 years

 5  on prozac,alleviate anxiety take 1mg to sleep, .5mg during day for PMDD, if missed dose body aches, feel agitated helps a great deal but makes me sleepy.. F 32 2 years
 5   shakes, benzohead, breathlessness, jerks. I have on 3-4 mg of ativan per day for 2 years. I am not bashing the med. I worked really well in relieving the anxeity/panic disorder. I tried stopping this medicine recentely and had horrible withdrawl symptoms. I am now trying to taper real slow off of this stuff. M 44 2 years
 5  severe panic attacks none This is my miracle drug- it is fast acting so its great for panic attacks- it also helps withdrawls from other medications. it just creates a strong calming effect. Be careful though- it can be addictive. F 29 2 years

 5  pelvic floor muscle spasms Some agression F 35 2 years
.5 - 1 mg 1X D

 5  depression/social phobia/anxiety sedation/elevated mood/calm This is as close to a wonder drug for my problems as I have used.I have been stopping and starting taking the drug for two years with no withdrawals whatsoever. The longest period of use has been 5 months every day, then with a month break, I had NO withdrawals at all!- it takes the edge of racing thoughts/anger/frustration- Do not let idiot doctors or psychiatrists tell you how bad it is.Worst case scenario-you get addicted- who gives a F++K if you have had any serious mental illness-addiction is better than the illness its self. I will try to get scripts for this med for life or until i feel better. PS. if you suffer social phobia-and live in a liberal state/country, consider medical cannabis it is also a wonder drug for panic/anxiety/phobias. M 32 2 years
1mg 2X D

 5  anxiety none. This is a wonderful drug for anxiety, depression, insomnia...all of that stuff. My advice to someone who just started using this drug: start with a very low dose, don't increase it unless you absolutely need to, and try not to take it every day. My doctor started me on a high dose, told me to take it everyday, and I became addicted. There's nothing wrong with being addicted to this particular drug, but it's a lot easier if you're not. So just be careful, and it will work very well for you. M 28 2 years
2 MG 1X D
 5  Panic Attacks and Insomnia No SIgnificant Side Effect of ANY Kind! This is an extraordinary medicine, with absolutely no noticable side-effects at all. The "panic attacks" run in my family, as does severe insomnia. My Mother and all of her sisters took this as well and for over 20 years easily. I would have to say (my personal opinin of course -- just to be clear I am no MD but I am a scientist and am no lightweight at objective analysis) that this is a truly magnificent drug with a long history of success! M 41 2 years
1MG 2X D
 5  Anxiety I had no more anxiety. I have been using Ativan safely for well over 2 years. I use as prescribed by using it when needed for things like an anxiety attack. I don't really anxiety attacks that much anymore however, after reading everyone posts about this drug, I am having one and think I will go take an ativan right now. I may have to double the dose to get through this one. (Seriously people, you are shocked that you have anxiety when you stop taking the pill that helps control anxiety? Perhaps its not the pill causing it but rather the condition that caused you to be prescribed it in the first place) This drug is an amazing drug and if used as prescribed you should not get addicted and it is impossible to continue having withdrawal symptoms from a drug after it is out of your system which certainly doesn't take a year as some people have described. F 36 2 years
.5 3X AN
 5  Sleeplessness/anxiety Drowsy. Calming. Addictive in that it is so wonderful and easy for bringing relief for my sleeplessness and occasional high anxiety. I am highly sensitive to drugs and this is the only medicine prescription I currently have filled. I love being able to take .5 to 1mg Ativan before bed, sleep well all night, and wake up refreshed. For my occasional PTSD type symptoms(self diagnosed)this helps me be calm and helps me put out the sudden fire of thoughts. I am going off caffeine, don't drink alcohol, and will stop late night dining to see if I can sleep without Ativan because I have been taking it more regularly this month. I don't want to depend on any medication that becomes addictive and my Dr advised me to be aware of this possibility. However Ativan works and I will continue to take .5 to 1 mg when necessary. I prefer a regime of good nutrition, herbs, teas, and yoga but since perimenopause/menopause I have needed more help for sleep and anxiety. I am grateful for this drug's availability and affordability. F 53 2 years
1mg 1X AN

 5  Panic attacks Ativan is a fantastic drug. It calms you without knocking you out like Xanax. I take .5mg every night because I would have horrible panic attacks in the middle of the night, but none since I've been taking it. I have a severe dental phobia and took 2 mg yesterday at the dentist and was able to get a shot for the first time in ten years! I was not "out of it" just calm and able to get done what I needed to get done. I don't recommend driving on anything more than .5 mg because it does make you drowsy. This drug has been a life saver for me! F 49 2 years
.5 1X D

 5  anxiety None at all. Seems to effectively relieve anxiety without feeling drugged. I take it only as needed (maybe a couple of times a month) when I feel stressed and anxious. M 47 2 years

 5  anxiety/depression It is very addictive. On the occasional nights I dosed off before taking the medicine I woke up feeling as though I'd been hit by a truck - just from one night without the pill. It saved my life through the stress of college. Although I still felt anxious about normal things, it certainly lessened my anxiety overall and eliminated the physical manifestations (hives, weak stomach, etc.) of stress. F 22 2 years

 5  insomnia, some anxiety none. Felt agitated when I took it for too long and then stopped. Excellent and useful drug. Use carefully, however. Regularly take a break from it or you'll develop tolerance. Breaking that WON'T be easy. M 37 2 years

 5  Panic Attacks/Agoraphobia Drowsiness until my body got used to the medication Ativan is a godsend for anxiety issues. I couldn't leave my house for years until I started taking this & it gave me my life back....HOWEVER, I made the mistake of taking it a few times per day & I had withdrawal symptoms from hell when I tried to get off of it. If you start taking this I would recommend it as needed and NOT daily, if you need something for daily use trying another medication would be your best bet. F 23 2 years
1mg 4X D

 5  GAD following prostate cancer surge None. Very effective as opposed to 5 SSRI's & 2 SSNI's. M 69 2 years
1mg Dailey

 4  Anxiety Fatigue Loss of care Works well. I really have no complaints. F 22 2 years

 4  anxiety none BUT drug is highly addictive, as are all Benzodiazepines M 32 2 years

 4  acute anxiety/ depression did not really experience any side effects. It helped with acute panic attacks I was getting. Unfortunately It goes in to your system quick and out quick as well. Get Withdrawals within 10 hours of taking 2mg tablet. Take 5-6 MGs a day. Good medication when used as directed but should only be used for a short term and tapered off. I wish I did not need it as I have tried to substitute Klonopin with my DR and it did not work at all. Not sure how I can stop taking it, I hate taking medication this long. M 35 2 years

 4  nausea caused by depression/anxiety drowiness but manageable I already take an antidepressant for depression, however, ativan helps settle for stomach so I can eat. Unlike many others, I have not gained weight. In fact, I would lose weight if not for the ativan's calming effect. I take 1mg at bedtime and sleep real well. Before I couldn't go to sleep, or if I did, I would wake up every couple hours. I depend on Ativan to help me eat, sleep and try to live a normal life. F 67 2 years

 4  Atypical Facial Pain This drug works for my atypical trigeminal neuralgia. I don't like using it everyday but it is the only thing that works for the pain and does not feel as damaging as nuerontin. I still prefer not to be on it if I had a choice b/c it supresses emotions and causes brain fog. I also hear the withdrawals are pretty rough. at first I got euphoric from the drug. Found out that when I exercise a lot (like 8 miles a day for a week) I get high off of it again even after chronic use. M 24 2 years

 4  Anxiety Can be addictive I first took this to calm my nerves on airplanes. I now take it when I feel really anxious about things. I try and limit myself to only taking it once every few days because tolerance increases fast. If I took it too often, I'd easily become addicted (if I'm not already). I do get the best sleep ever while on Ativan. I try not to take it during the day because it kind of makes me lose touch with reality, which isn't cool when you're trying to look professional and such! F 26 2 years

 3  Anxiety Relieves temporary anxiety. Has a numbing effect. like drinking a couple beers without the down. Xanax is a similar drug but gives you a high. Don't take with alcohol, you'll black out and/or vomit. Pro: reduces anxiety, Con: addictive, lasting effects. I started taking ativan/lorazapam(generic) at 19 yrs old. I was in college and experiencing anxiety. Took small doses (0.5mg) on and off for several years. Good part is that it'll get thru that nerve wrecking ordeal. You still have to get rid of the underlying issue. Im no longer on ativan, but I still get anxiety. This pill is addictive. After I stopped, my body twitches at times. I also have jaw/ear problems. Neck strains. Recommend being weened off. F 27 2 years

 3  sleep disorder, anxiety None This is a great medication for anxiety, but not so great as a sleeping pill. F 37 2 years

 3  Paxil Induced Anxiety Disorder In a nutshell: started with 2mg once a day. Worked up to 8mg a day (don't laugh it may happen to you). Got horribly addicted. Couldn't stop. Had to go into detox/rehab. Screwed up my life. You will suffer some Ativan addiction in as little as one month. You will not be able to stop taking it. You will start denying you have a problem. You will start stealing pills from others. You will crave more. I'm not kidding - never thought it would happen to me. Ativan is a fun medication, until you try to stop taking it. M 35 2 years

 3  Anxiety Cognitive dysfunction, memory issues, feeling "doped up". I take Ativan only once a day, in the evening. Most times I take 1 mg., but occasionally 2. I'm presecribed 1 mg, 4x/day, but there's no way I could tolerate that. Like a lot of other people reviewing here, I enjoy the effects very much, but I'm concerned about the side-effects. I only take it in the evening to get myself ready for bed. In my history, night is when "the bad stuff happened", so when evening falls, the frequency and intensity of my stressful thoughts/morid scenarios, teeth grinding and tics go way up. The Ativan effect wipes all of that clean away and gets me in a nice mood to go to bed. It's difficult to say if it's only the Ativan that's causing me to have difficulty with my cognitive functions because I also take Trileptal (900 mg. 1 x day), which definitely exacerbates the situation. Unfortunately, I've tried life without either, and it's a difficult trade-off, as I'm sure most of you know. You take the side-effects so that you can function like a noral human being. Anyway...I'm very concerned about the addictive nature of Ativan, but at this point in life, the trade-off weighs in favor of not being in a highly agitated state 24 hours a day. The information contributed to this site has been very eye-opening, and I appreciate everyone's contribution. I wish you all the best. M 48 2 years
1 mg. 1X D
 3  Panic attacks Very addictive but necessary when panic hits you ! M 26 2 years

 3  anxiety Profound depression, constant thoughts of suicide, heaviness in my limbs, sleepiness- could sleep around the clock if allowed. Rebound anxiety. Ativan works beautifully on my aniety. I feel relaxed and pleasant after taking one. It's the after effects that are awful. Deep,deep depression that effects every aspect of my being. I'm currently suicidal, as I type this, and know it's because I took ativan twice yesterday. I wouldn't care if I got run over by a bus. Becase of the rebound anxiety (a jittery over-caffienated feeling) I often feel the need to take another dose. So you see the viscious cycle. F 37 2 years
.5 MG PRN 2X D
 2  atypical facial pain this drug increased the pain i originally had and its hard to get off after taking for a while so beware... M 24 2 years

 1  anxiety sleep walking, insomnia, F 51 2 years

 1  nocturnal seizures I was taking 2mg of ativan at bedtime for 2 years because I had seizures when I slept.After being seizure-free for a while,I weaned myself off(I am a nurse,and knew I needed to) and have been unable to sleep,with terrible night sweats and headches.Please consider another medication,and be aware of the physical addiction when quitting. F 46 2 years

 1  depression Hghly addictive. My doctor kept increasing dosage, mistaking Adivan withdrawal for panic attacks. Got worse and worse. Two months in hospital. Never use this drug under any circumstances. M 70 2 years

 1  anxiety and chemo I was depressed to the point of uncontrollable crying, daily suicidal thoughts, not talking to best friend for 6 months, brain fog, flu-like feeling, difficulty breathing, fatigue. I thought it was from the chemo. Not True It caused neuropathy in my fingers and toes to not go away. It can take up to a year to get mental function back, if ever. Takes 6 weeks to clear body. Addictive. I stopped due to news about Ativan and dementia from long term use. My brain felt better in 3 days. The 5th day I thought I would die from the withdrawal symptoms. You can go into convulsions I found out later. I wanted to die every day. I prayed for it. I stopped on September 10, 2014. I read it is more difficult to get off than opiates. F 66 2 years
1 1X D
 5  insomnia none Dr prescribed it to get me off the Xanax (1 mg per day) that I was taking every night to go to sleep. Went immediately from Xanax to Ativan, with a few days of dizziness/anxiety inbetween. 2.5 years later, I still take Ativan every night for sleep. Just recently went up to 1 mg from 0.5. Sometimes take 1 mg during the day if I am having a horrible anxiety ridden day. Very rare though. F 33 2.5 years

 4  anxiety disorder/ insomnia sleepiness I started using Ativan to help with withdrawl from Ambien which was a nightmare! I was taking 1 mg, twice per day, for about a month. As I began to feel better I tapered off to about 2-3 times per week and eventually was only using maybe 4 or 5 times per month. Didn't have any kind of withdrawl at that time. About a month and a half ago my anxiety started to become debilitating and my insomnia was making it even worse, so I started taking on a daily basis once again. I also started taking Lexapro at the same time which has really helped alot with the anxiety, so I have been taking the Ativan mainly for sleep. I feel like I am becoming too dependent on them though and so last night I didn't take one. I was up most of the night but the couple of times I did fall asleep I had terrible nightmares which resulted in some mild panic attacks. I was hoping I could stop using them without any problem like before, but I guess I will have to wean myself off slowly. Though I plan t F 44 2.5 years

 1  reaction to an antidepressant AMNESIA, confusion, cognitive problems, dulled senses, loss of muscle tone, dry skin. As I tried to reduce the dose, I had obsessive thoughts, tinnitus, akathisia, suicidal thoughts, rage, sensitivities to light and sound, brutal agoraphobia, etc... This drug is not meant to be taken every day! It only takes two weeks of daily use to become addicted, and then it's harder to get off of than heroine. Please try alternative treatments for anxiety, such as acupuncture, yoga, chamomille or valerian tea, magnesium supplementation, B12 shots. F 33 2.5 years

 5  Bipolar Induced Anxiety Sleepiness. Ativan is, for me, a wonderful drug. I take it no more than 1 x per few weeks, but when I need it it is there to help those irrational fears die. The fear of flying? Check. Of MRIs? Check. Of clowns in the shower? Check. Of crowds? Check. It has you covered. Don't take it every day - it's addictive and you build a tolerance to it. But at 0.5 mg it's really helpful, an 2 mg for things like MRIs that are stressy. F 31 3 years

 5  Hep C treatment side-effects None. I fell in love w/ this drug. It got me through the six month Hep C treatment program, which gave me major panic attacks. I continued to take it because I felt the Hep C drugs gave me permanent side effects such as Restless Leg and leg muscle cramps, and Ativan helped relieve me of the discomforts. After being on Ativan for 3 years without any interruptions, a new doctor is trying to ween me off with Buspar, which has been a nightmare of side effects these past 6 months- and it hasn't helped. Now I'm being weened off Buspar. I'm still taking Ativan twice a day. I see Dr on Thurs. Any advice to get off of Ativan without too much difficulty? (withdrawals) Please respond with subject-Ativan user. F 56 3 years
 5  Panic Attacks None. Just very relaxed and calm. Ativan is a miracle drug for Panic. It is fast acting and kicks a panic attack within minutes. It also tends to help with nausea- I find it to be much more effective than valium, clonopin, xanax, or any of the other benzo's. I think its better because it works faster and doesn't make you as tired. F 29 3 years

 5  Anxiety over flying after 9/11 Makes me tired, but I have insomnia so that's a plus. Does cause some memory loss, worsens if I drink wine when taking it. This drug has been great for me. I have to fly across the country twice a month and Ativan (2mg) taken 1 hour before flight allows me to get on a plane with no (or very manageable) anxiety. It also allows me to sleep on the plane and through the night (I have insomnia too). Sometime when I am worried about getting to sleep I will take 1/2 a pill and within 2 hours I am very sleepy. F 39 3 years

 5  Mild, Intermittent Anxiety None I've been taking Ativan on and off for 3 years and only take 1/4 mg (1/2 of a .5!) and find that's enough. I don't want to feel euphoric, just "not anxious". Works like a charm. The most frequent I've taken it is 4 days in a row, but only one time each day. I'm one of the lucky ones; don't need it for sleep, don't need it every day. I had already done the research regarding addiction (as I do with any medication) so I use my own coping skills as much as possible to avoid any complications or need to up the dosage. I don't feel any change when I don't take it. If you start to feel high when you take it, then cut the dosage in half. My 2 cents' worth! F 55 3 years

 5  Anxiety and Sleep Disorder No side effects, you want to stop taking it...taper the doses I am a cancer survivor among other things, and have taken ativan on and off for three years, more on in the last nine months. I am having anxiety issues and am thinking about going on the lowest dose of Paxil, split in half, and going off the ativan all together. I take less then the prescribed dose of Ativan, and it helps. I know that I have to wean myself from one and half mgs a day to .75 mg and so on and so forth, SO WHAT? NEWS FLASH: any anxiety or anti depressant medication is habit forming or addicting and can not be stopped COLD TURKEY, wake up. F 51 3 years

 5  anxiety No noticeable side effects on this medication. Taken occasionally over the past several years. Works well at easing my anxiety in as little as 20 minutes. I take 0.5 to 1mg PRN. Taken only when anxiety is excessive. Can be very addictive so I try not to take it often. F 36 3 years

 5  Sleep F 47 3 years
 5  Panic Attacks Sleepyness I am taking this med as a PRN for panic attacks. I don't need it every day, but it is a great help when I do need it. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to take affect. It has really helped me live a happy normal life. M 42 3 years

 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks drowsiness I can't imagine my life without it. Prescribed 1mg, three times/day. You build up a tolerance to the drug quickly. In order to avoid that, I only take 1 or 2 mg on "normal" days. On days where anxiety/panic attacks will be likely (for me it's public speaking) I will take 3 to 4 mg about 1 hour before the event. It works great if used in this manner. Don't bother taking this medication long term if you can't do this (regulate). You must be willing to use it on an as needed basis, but you will still need to take some each day (lowest possible dose) to prevent insomnia (when I take just 1 mg I take it before bedtime). M 49 3 years

 5  Panic Attacks/Anxiety Sedation, fuzzy feelings, relaxation and some inhabition. It has helped me during panic attacks, when having problems sleeping and during travel by car and air. M 23 3 years
1mg 2X AN
 5  anxiety None Has helped me manage..I became a new mom at 52 and I have twins F 56 3 years
1mg 3X W

 4  Severe Anxiety & tension state No adverse effects After 3 years of having Ativan keep the anxiety & aggression in check, doc office staff decided I was using it too much and cut me off. Doc told me if I need it more than 3 times a week he wants me on Paxil...HUH? I never abused it, I never sought it from other doctors. Without warning, without a call to discuss it-he cut me off. The aggression and anxiety have returned with a vengeance. The verbal fights with family & loved ones has torn relations apart and cost me a couple of friendships. Why did this ASS &*^E do this to me? I had 3 good years on it, now he ripped it out from under me. I am pretty much non-functional now. VERY short temper, very destructive. I went to this doc for help & he's made me more of a mess than when I started out. DO NOT let a GP give you benzos-they don't know what they're doing & it's not pleasant when they say NO MORE with no warning. A psychiatrist should be the ONLY one with the authority to prescribe these. I was honest, I was responsible and I got kicked in the teeth for it. Now I need to find a psychiatrist to put me back on it and I'm scared to death I'm going to be made to suffer. Why would they withhold a med that allowed you to be functional? I've not left my house since being abruptly taken off it, 3 months ago. M 41 3 years
1.5 MG 1X AN
 4  anxiety Moderate drowsiness. I have to laugh when I read some of the reviews from people on here who clearly were prescribed this drug for anxiety - they took it once or twice or for only a couple days and then post a horrible, scary rating. You have to give it a chance - when I first started taking it, I was half out of my mind with anxiety, unable to cope at all! The first few days, I didn't like it at all. But now it is a wonder drug for me and made it possible for me to function and get through my anxiety episodes and panic attacks. Yes, it makes you drowsy (it's a sedative) and yes it makes you not as anxious which in itself can be alarming at first - we're used to panicking! It's a strong drug so start out with .25 and work up to what feels comfortable. But don't pan the drug if you've only taken it once or twice - unless you had an allergic reaction or became homicidal!!! F 36 3 years
1 4X W

 4  anxitey makes food and flaovred drinks taste strange. black outs M 27 3 years
2mg 4X D

 4  anxiety, PTSD It makes me drowsy and a little euphoric but the one that bothers me is the bad taste that coats my entire mouth. What causes this? M 33 3 years
2.5 mg
 4  anxiety none--works well. It seems like I have to have it now--definitely can cause a dependency. F 32 3 years

 4  Anxiety, Panic Disorder Withdrawl between doses could be intense Look I do not BELIEVE THAT ATIVAN IS THE CAUSE OF ANY MAJOR NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECT OTHER THAN WITHDRAWL BETWEEN DOSE. Been on it for four years, started out at .5 for a few months than same dosage of 1 mg a day sometimes 2 mgs, noticed when I uped it to 2 mgs, it was quite hard to ween back down to 1 mg but I successfully did it EVERYTIME WITH NO DRASTIC OUTCOME (atleast 6 times). I am confident I can ween off this drug completely if I wanted to.. Yes I would feel intense anxiety but it would dissapear.. If a drug addict can recover from heroine or oxycotton , I think you'll survive weening down a 1-2 mg ativan "addiction" if you allow yourself to. And for those who have ridiculous stories with this drug, I seriously think you have other conditions you are unaware of. THIS DRUG WORKS FOR ANXIETY PERIOD. I DONT KNOW IF ANY OF THE NEGATIVE STORIE TELLERS HERE KNOW WHAT SEVERE AGORAPHOBIA/ANXIETY DOES TO SOMEONE, BUT REST ASSURE IF YOU TAKE THIS DRUG AS NEEDED KEY WORDS "AS NEEDED" FOR ANXIETY/PANIC DISORDER IT CAN SERIOUSLY GET YOU BY... BUILD A TOLERANCE AND DONT JUST POP AN ATIVAN WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE IT, BECAUSE YOU HAVE MILD ANXIETY WHILE DISREGARDING YOUR DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS. NOT EVERY BEER DRINKER BECOMES AN ALCOHOLIC AND IF YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME DRINKING AND SERIOUSLY RELAX FROM IT THAN THERE IS NO HARM, SAME FOR THIS DRUG, TAKE AS NEEDED, DONT ABUSE IT AND YEAH YOU'LL FEEL ANXIETY BETWEEN DOSAGES SOMETIMES, BUT ITS NOT ALL BECAUSE OF THE WITHDRAWL FROM TH M 23 3 years
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