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 5  Anxiety, Sleep disordersr blurred vision when exceed 1.5mg dose, blurred vision above this dose did go away after a couple of days This has been a wonder drug for me. If you take these drugs, one thing you should try is to keep a dose on you. In your wallet, or purse, you'll be amazed how often you DON'T take it. Just knowing it's there is enough. Remember it takes about 3 to 4 days for this drug to get out of your system. I try to never, ever, take it more than twice a week. I noticed that if I don't take it more than twice a week, I never have withdrawl symptoms. I usually take it before speaking engagements, or just really stressful days, or when i need to go to sleep. This medication is like any other drug, its great at what it does, just don't abuse it. I've never tried the taking it every day, and I hope I never have to. M 32 8 years
1 to 1.5mg 1X D

 5  anxiety very mild sleepiness-drugged feeling A wonder drug for the anxious person like myself. My profession would not be possible without it-I panic when I have to chair controversial meetings. But if i dose beforehand with Ativan I am in command and I end up looking cool-calm and very professional. The right dose for me is about 3/4 of a 1 mg tab 3 hours prior to the meeting-1 mg and i'm a little too drugged and 1/2 mg is just not quite enough. Many years of experimentation have led me to these conclusions. Another thing it is good for is sleeping on nights when you have a lot of stressful stuff going on and you want to be rested because the anticipatation disrupts your sleep-also useful for major events in life that create a lot of anxiety. The key for me has been to NOT take this drug everyday and so I have never become addicted to it-weeks may go by when i don't need it but when a big meeting comes up or some other very stressful event I have my little white pill which chokes off the part of the brain that gets all worked up over these things and the real me-the personality shines through and I'll say it again-I OWE MY SUCCESSFUL CAREER PROFESSION TO THIS DRUG I'd probably would have had to quit long ago without it. M 57 25 years

 5  insomnia/anxiety somnolence, drowsy's the bottom line: Ativan (lorazepam) is a great drug if you're someone who isn't cursed with an addictive personality or substance abuse issues. I was prescribed Ativan (15 1 mg pills) after experiencing insomnia and anxiety because of work and family related matters, and it worked like a charm! My doc. prescribed some more back in 2007 after my anxiety and stress flared up again. If you treat this drug with respect and only use it a couple of times a month you'll uncover that this is indeed a miracle drug since it will restore peace of mind during situations when racing thoughts and anxiety have hijacked your thought pattern. It works wonders right before bedtime when your mind refuses to relax. M 45 3 weeks
1mg 1X AN

 5  anxiety none. This is a wonderful drug for anxiety, depression, insomnia...all of that stuff. My advice to someone who just started using this drug: start with a very low dose, don't increase it unless you absolutely need to, and try not to take it every day. My doctor started me on a high dose, told me to take it everyday, and I became addicted. There's nothing wrong with being addicted to this particular drug, but it's a lot easier if you're not. So just be careful, and it will work very well for you. M 28 2 years
2 MG 1X D
 5  anxiety some sedation-very mild here is what all people should be TOLD BY THEIR DOCTORS 1. do not take until you try alternatives like therapy/ssri's 2. because the drug is highly addictive if taken daily for a stretch of time-generally more than 3-4 weeks 3. if you only have occasinal anxiety/panic take the drug AS NEEDED if you use it this way it WILL NEVER be a problem as long as you do not take it daily. 4. if you have chronic panic/anxiety and alternatives do not work then consider taking it daily AS PRESCRIBED the drug is relatively safe long term as long as you DO NOT SUDDENLY STOP TAKING IT and the anxiolytic effects generally continue to work indefinately 5. if you need to get OFF ATIVAN refer to THE ASHTON MANUAL-a simple google search will work. A MIRACLE DRUG when used properly. A M 44 22 years
1X D

 5  depression/social phobia/anxiety sedation/elevated mood/calm This is as close to a wonder drug for my problems as I have used.I have been stopping and starting taking the drug for two years with no withdrawals whatsoever. The longest period of use has been 5 months every day, then with a month break, I had NO withdrawals at all!- it takes the edge of racing thoughts/anger/frustration- Do not let idiot doctors or psychiatrists tell you how bad it is.Worst case scenario-you get addicted- who gives a F++K if you have had any serious mental illness-addiction is better than the illness its self. I will try to get scripts for this med for life or until i feel better. PS. if you suffer social phobia-and live in a liberal state/country, consider medical cannabis it is also a wonder drug for panic/anxiety/phobias. M 32 2 years
1mg 2X D

 5  severe anxiety none Had a terrible anxiety problem. This med. helped me tremendously with no side effects or feeling of dependency. M 51 7 months
2mg 2X D

 5  anxiety None Ativan has given me the ability to control my very severe anxiety. My quality of life has improved exponentially. M 59 7 months
1 mg 4X D

 5  Panic Attacks and Insomnia No SIgnificant Side Effect of ANY Kind! This is an extraordinary medicine, with absolutely no noticable side-effects at all. The "panic attacks" run in my family, as does severe insomnia. My Mother and all of her sisters took this as well and for over 20 years easily. I would have to say (my personal opinin of course -- just to be clear I am no MD but I am a scientist and am no lightweight at objective analysis) that this is a truly magnificent drug with a long history of success! M 41 2 years
1MG 2X D
 5   Nothing but slight sedation Don't listen to fools who abuse this drug and then come on here and complain about it! Dont take it everyday-period!!! Lorazepam like many drugs causes the body/brain to become dependent if taken all the time. This stuff is GOLD for those of us with anxiety/panic disorders-but please treat this drug with the respect it deserves-learn to only use it when absolutely necessary not because you feel a little edgy. And to the docs out there- please tell your patients to use this drug properly. M 60 30 years
1 1X D

 5  Anxiety/insomnia We all know this stuff is physically addictive, so only take low doses and do not take it every day. If you follow this advice, there should be no problem whatsoever. That said, this drug worked miracles for me: it dispersed anxiety so I could work, assisted with social anxiety, insomnia, and shut my mind off when it wouldn't quit. I have a history of drug addiction and have had no problems with abuse, for one simple reason: it doesn't get you high. Rather, it's medicine, and if you treat it with respect, it will help you. M 34 7 months
1-2mg 1X AN

 5  Panic Attack None In my 30s had severe panic attacks when having to give speaches..I had never had this problem job was giving I found Ativan..this drug kept me from having panic attacks for 30 years. I watched the amount I took and was careful never to exceed 3 mg 3 pills in the morning. I never fet I had to take more than that. It takes sometime to get off Ativan. It does not cure panic attacks. It keeps you from getting them. After 30 years I decided I wanted off these pills and I would drop the dosage down to 2 then 1 then off..I had no more panic attacks maybe due to my system changing over the years. The problem that it did cause was that after stopping this drug I would develop heart dysrhythems. They felt pretty severe so I went to the cardiac Dr had many tests and nothing was found..the skipping stopped as soon as I began the Ativan. So now I take 2 mg to 1 mg every day. This will stop your panic attacks..I found nothing else that did the job. I run 3 miles a day and have for adverse affects..good luck with your panic attacks..they themselves can be life wrecking.. M 63 30 years
3 mg 1X D
 5   None M 68

 5  Panic Attacks/Anxiety Sedation, fuzzy feelings, relaxation and some inhabition. It has helped me during panic attacks, when having problems sleeping and during travel by car and air. M 23 3 years
1mg 2X AN
 5  Anxiety .panic attacks None....just sleep M 28 1 years
 5  temporary stress none I find it helps me have a good nights sleep and stops me worrying.I only take i tablet 5 days a week. not on weekends. M 61 120 days
 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks drowsiness I can't imagine my life without it. Prescribed 1mg, three times/day. You build up a tolerance to the drug quickly. In order to avoid that, I only take 1 or 2 mg on "normal" days. On days where anxiety/panic attacks will be likely (for me it's public speaking) I will take 3 to 4 mg about 1 hour before the event. It works great if used in this manner. Don't bother taking this medication long term if you can't do this (regulate). You must be willing to use it on an as needed basis, but you will still need to take some each day (lowest possible dose) to prevent insomnia (when I take just 1 mg I take it before bedtime). M 49 3 years

 5  depression and severe panic attacks When I first started taking Ativan, the only side affect I experienced was getting drowsy. Now I don't have any side effects from it. The drowsiness side effect only took place during the first few weeks of taking Ativan. From personal experience, be careful about taking cough and cold medicines with Ativan, because the side affects from the other medicines will be twice as bad. Or maybe that is just me... Anyways, the anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, are because I have a hard time dealing with my disabilty, and perhaps partially because I have problems with my spinal cord. (Ankylosing Spondylitis with Osteoporosis, and suspecting also Stenosis). I find Ativan to be a safe drug, and non habit forming even if taken on a regular basis, but it may be habit forming for other people. If I can always forget to take them, that must mean that I am not addicted to them. I was first perscribed .5mg, 3 times a day, now I am pescribed 1mg, 3 times a day. Ativan has kept me out of the emergency room from having severe panic attacks, and it also keeps my AFIB-RVR heart condition in check. I think Ativan has been a life save M 35 7 years
 5  pseudo seizures insomnia, psuedo seizures during withdrawal Do not take this medecine. Ativan is addictive big time M 30 11 months

 5  pseudo seizures insomnia, psuedo seizures during withdrawal Do not take this medecine. Ativan is addictive big time M 30 11 months

 5  severe anxiety / derealization Only side effect I have noticed is a mild hangover feeling in the morning. I have been taking Ativan for 9 months on the days I really need them.It has really helped me deal with this derealisation. I am a stay at home dad of a 2 year old and six year old. Ativan has helped me get through those really horrible days. Only using when I absolutely need it has helped me not build up tolerance to the drug.I take 1mg when I require it to bring me back to reality.Iam very thankful I found something to ease the symptoms. M 36 9 months
 5  panic/ high anxiety sleepy 1st few times wonderful M 25 30 days

 5  GAD, minor panic attacks, OCD Slight drowsiness at first. Went away after a few days. This is a great drug if taken properly. I started out taking two .5 mg a day--one at night and one in the morning. Then I backed down to one during the mornining, when my anxiety levels peak. Now I'm down to one two or three times a week. I'm also seeing a therapist to work out my anxiety issues. I think you must combine therapy with any anti-anxiety drug for a permanent cure. But I see nothing wrong with taking Ativan as needed, even every day. Should diabetics feel bad becasue they need insulin every day? There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel normal. I hope my therapy lets me stop Ativan totally eventually, but in the meantime its helping me get through the tough times--stops the racing thoughts and just chills me out without making me feel doped up. M 46 1 months

 5  anxiety/ocd Slight drowsiness I'm thinking maybe some people who dontl like Ativan had an "allergic" reaction. I took Serzone for about a week a few years ago and it casued all sorts of nasty side-effects--vivid nightmares, feeling doped up during the day, etc. I switiced to Ativan and no probelms. If you look at the Serzone section on this site, you'll find a lot "5" ratings--people love it, but it wasn't right for me. I just had a bad reaction to Serzone, just as others may have ahd with Ativan. You have to find what works for you. M 46 1 days

 5  Panic attacks, social anxiety None. I need a relatively high dose of this medication for my particular symptoms of panic/anxiety. SSRI/SNRI's do not do ANYTHING...and I have an ongoing worry generalised. I take 6 mg everyday. And to be honest, I love it. I'll take 2-3 if I need to calm down before a test, but its so much fun and addictive. I feel all aroused at 10 mg (max), a little loopy, but functional, not drunk in the least. I'll just lie in bed enjoying myself...and then conk out. Word. M 19 5 months

 5  anxiety and panic Minor drowsoness I have GAD and Ativan helps calm me down so I can get a grip. I usually take .5 mg in the morning, maybe another .5 at night if necessary, which is rare. I'm also seeing a psycologist to help get rid of underlying anxiety issues so I can stop the drug. But it has been a lifesaver through the bad times. So far, no tolerance issues. I think its great as part of a larger drug/therapy treatment. M 46 2 weeks
 5  For help sleeping after Migraine No side affects very good drug if used properly. Ativan is a very affective drug when used for stress and relaxation... Its very important not to take everyday or even every other day .. space out your dosing and you cant get addicted and wont build up a tolerance ... Its nice to know its there and you have a way to relax but you must be very responsible with this drug.... people that rate this drug bad because of addiction have to hold themselves accountable for not being responsible with the drug.... YES ativan is addictive but so are alot of drugs if you over use them.... BE RESPONSIBLE....If you having anxiety everyday then talk to your doctor and get a new gameplan ... dont take ativan everyday ... its not made for that.... M 37 15 years
 5  Anxiety & Akathisia None This drug has changed my life. Akathisia and anxiety is gone. I now only use it as needed so I don't get hooked. M 38 14 days

 5  Anxiety..Clinical Depression None It gave me back my life..a wonderful a pillow and comforter in the middle of a war zone..I can cope again..this drug saved my life! M 45 6 years
 5  Loss of wife through illness None, but looked forward to relaxing or lying down. If it wasn't for this drug I never would have gotten through the unbelievable stress, grief, pressure, that I endured in watching someone disintegrate in front of my eyes. I look back on it now (4 years ago) and am amazed that I was able to function through it. All the Ativans in the world could not get me to do it again. But as I said at that time there was nothing else I could turn to independently without showing to the rest of my family how really weak I was. I did not realize later how difficult it was to stop the drug, you definitely have to go very slowly or you'll be experiencing other symptoms. Even now, I always keep them around as safety crutch. In summation, thank you Ativan, the side effects were insignificant to the actual benefit I received at the lowest point in my life a truly horrid time. M 58 6 days
 5  anxiety None at all. Seems to effectively relieve anxiety without feeling drugged. I take it only as needed (maybe a couple of times a month) when I feel stressed and anxious. M 47 2 years

 5  GAD/OCD None I've written before about how well Ativan works for me. My doctor prescribed .5 mg three times a day, but I never had to take more than two. (so far, I've taken less than a quarter of the number prescribed since mid-October). I haven't needed any for over two weeks. I have TMJ and its finally gotten bad enough to see my doctor. He gave me a prescription for Naprosyn (500 mg); one of the side effects is a racing heartbeat right after you take it. I took my first dose last night and got hit by the heartbeat, whihc triggered an increaser in anxiety, so I took an Ativan this morning and it calmed me right down. An added benefit is that it relaxes ou, which should help me get over the TMJ a little faster. There is no shame in taking it as needed so you can function. I have a wife, child, and a job and they have to come first. I can't afford the luxury of sitting at home a bundle of nerves evey time anxiety hits me. M 46 2 months

 5  insomnia, some anxiety none. Felt agitated when I took it for too long and then stopped. Excellent and useful drug. Use carefully, however. Regularly take a break from it or you'll develop tolerance. Breaking that WON'T be easy. M 37 2 years

 5  GAD, anxiety attacks, insomnia Sleeping through alarm, very slight memory loss, frequent drug cravings (which may be my subconscious response to the fact that it works very well and I am very anxious) I usually take 0.5 mg orally or sublingually on an as needed basis, though I have also taken 1 mg. I have used lorazepam up to 7 times in one week, but I try to rely on it less. When I have a very bad anxiety attack, it seems to take forever to kick in, sometimes more than an hour. It always works eventually, and it works quite well. I have taken it before final exams and long drives with very favorable results - both of those things used to give me panic attacks, and both of them require an alert mind. It is not really sedating for me, unless I have been unable to sleep for the past 36 hours because of anxiety. The cravings are very troubling but I always successfully resist them, and I haven't noticed any withdrawal effects. M 20 7 months

 5  fear and anxiety and depression none. Allows good sleep in 30 minutes, if I take it when I cannot fall asleep. But I take 0.5mg in the am, to stop my anxiety and chattering teeth symptom. Then I feel strong and positive. The best miracle drug for me to solve my life crisis fears. I take many other physical medicines (not for anxiety) M 66 9 months
 5  Anxiety & related insomnia None Very helpful over short-term. Calms anxiety and helps sleep without feeling drugged. I took 1-2 mg./day for 3 months 10 years ago and had no problem stopping when issues were resolved and prescription ran out. Recently I was on 1-1.5/day for 4-5 months and tapered off after reading many of the withdrawal horror stories on the Internet. I would recommend using only as really needed, not on a daily basis and working on the underlying problems with a therapist or other means. Tapering works...I tapered off over a period of a few weeks until I was down to .25 mg for sleep and then stopped completely with no side effects. M 51 5 months

 5  Hiatal Hernia, Panic Disorder Mild depression, muscle fatigue, heartburn. I've tried just about every drug out there for panic disorder and Ativan is the only one that really works for me without any significant side effects. So what if it is addictive, the benefits are outstanding. I can live a normal life without the fear of having a panic attack or insomnia. It is a real life saver!!! Anti-depressents were horrible in treating my panic disorder. I hate those type of medications. M 45 21 days
 5  GAD/OCD None I just wrote the entry below. For added perspective, I read an entry on a site for chronic pain sufferers, about the danger of "addiction" to pain killers. The writer pointed out a true addict takes something whether he needs it or not, and will do anything to get more of a drug. I think most of us who take Ativan, even every day, are not addicts--we'd love to be rid of the condition that requires us to take it. I've notcied a lot of contributors to this site are seeing therapists, (including me) so obviously we're trying to cure the casues of our problems so we won't need Ativan anymore. If we were truly addicted, we'd be seeking ways to take more, not less! M 46 3 months
 5  Generalized anxiety disorder-Panic M 18 6 months

 5  OCD anxiety My 16 year old son took it and had absolutely NONE Ativan is a wonderful drug. I would recommend as low affective dose as possible. This stuff gave our family back our lives, more importantly my son. This is NOT ADDICTIVE if used to bring yourself up to normal levels. It is ONLY ADDICTIVE if it goes beyond normal levels and is used for a M 16 1 days

 5  w w w M 2 days

 5   shakes, benzohead, breathlessness, jerks. I have on 3-4 mg of ativan per day for 2 years. I am not bashing the med. I worked really well in relieving the anxeity/panic disorder. I tried stopping this medicine recentely and had horrible withdrawl symptoms. I am now trying to taper real slow off of this stuff. M 44 2 years
 5  anxiety/panic attacks None that I can think of. This drug is AMAZING!! It has literally saved my life. It cuts right through anxiety and panic attacks. You can even let them dissolve under your tongue for quicker absorbtion. They are great when you need just a pinch of a tranquilizer to get you through the day. M 28 4 months


 5  Anxiety, IBS,Panic Attacks and HBP None.....Miracle drug...onset of 20/30 minutes, peak of 1 to 3 will erase your memory if u take it in large doses...made that mistake once..Been on and off of it since 2001. I don't get addictive to it. I only take .05 2 x a day for controlling High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and IBS..I sometimes can get away with breaking the 0.5mg down into 4 equal doses..READ ALL COMMENTS>>>>>>>>>> GREAT FOR INSOMNIA......Great for Manic stages of Bi-Polar..It's really is the only drug I can take without any side effects..I cannot even take asprin without feeling it..I have OCD and have severe sensitivity to meds, this one is great.. M 37 6 years
 5  Panic Attacks mild tolerance Excellent drug! It works better than Valium (Diazepam) but be warned it is addictive. Did you know that 1mg of Lorazepam is the same as 10mg Valium? So the people who are taking 5mgs Lorazepam are actually taking the equivalent of 50mgs Valium!! It also helps my OCD. M 16

 5  Anxiety/Panic disorder This pill helps me a lot. It calms me and takes away my wild thoughts. It starts working in 15 minutes after I take one. I did take 2mg for awhile but it made me sleepy. I take 1mg per day only when I need it. There are times I do not take any for several weeks. I do not need this pill all the time, but when I do it works wonders. M 67 18 years

 5  Panic Attacks Sleepyness I am taking this med as a PRN for panic attacks. I don't need it every day, but it is a great help when I do need it. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to take affect. It has really helped me live a happy normal life. M 42 3 years

 5  panic attacks a little giddy until it kicks in been a wonder drug! M 30 1.5 years

 5  Prostatitis\Pain I'm not sure why but this drug is really the only drug that stops the pain associated with Prostatitis. There are times when I'm in so much pain I can't do much of anything but this drug lets me sleep. I try to keep is down to ONE pill in 24 hours at most but God knows it lets me sleep and forget about the pain for a little while. It also allows me to urinate if I run the shower and let the water splash on me. This drug works but it frightens me half to death! I think its a narcotic. I have always taken pride in the fact that I have stayed away from drugs like this but now I just sit in pain and wait for 12 mid night when I can take this thing. The pain is bad enough where it takes this drug about three hours to work but once taken I get relieve for about 12 hours. Once this drug wares off I then use Ibuprofine then a Vicodin to keep me from being in total pain. One good thing, I've lost weight and I look like I did in High School! I know I'm in big trouble here because there isn't a cure for Prostatitis type IIIA and the pain can drive me up the walls, can't eat or drink much. The last time I couldn't urinate they used a catheter! Being that everything down their is very inflamed the experiance was horrible. So if anyone has any ideas I'm all ears. I'm hoping that if I only use the Lorazepam once a day I'll be OK for a while. The Doctors just keep feeding me AntiBiotics but I don't think they are doing anything at all because type IIIA doesn't have infection associated with it. They did a urine test and culture. I have a little blood and a few white cells and the culture is clear. So I have no idea what they are doing. M 50 12 days
 5  sleep helps tremendously with sleep. no side effects for me and i've been on the same dose for several years. M 41 5 years

 5  Panic attacks/ Insomnia None. It's been a cool drug so far. i take 2mg's of it a night to sleep and 2 mg's whenever i get a panic instantly knocks me out.. M 27 9 months
 5  panic disorder You can experience withdrawal symptoms and mistake them for a panic attack. Ativan does induce sleep. Ativan is a god send. It stopped my panic attacks in their tracks when I first got them. Now I take Ativan as needed, maybe 0.5 mg once per day, if at all. Never take Ativan the day you intend to have a drink, it puts you over the edge. You might be surprised but 0.5 mg of Ativan is very effective. M 56 6 years

 5  anxiety None Works For Me M 60
 5  anxiety / depersonalization Tired; drowsy; slightly depressed I was prescribed Lorazepam(Ativan) in 2003 during a period of intense anxiety and insomnia; in 2005 when I ruptured my Achilles tendon and was stressing out being in a cast for two months; beginning of 2007 due to work related stress. Every time the doctor wrote me a script I only took about four to ten pills (0.5 mg)during the course of six months and I only took them on an as need basis. I do not find this drug addictive at all but it's a wonder drug for removing those anxious / nervous butterflies in your stomach and it also work great as a sleep aid. This drug is a wonder drug IF you have a non-addictive personality and can take it on an as-need basis because all benzos are designed to work as temporary palliative measure. Anybody who takes any benzo for weeks or months consecutively is just asking for trouble. M 42 14 days
 5  Anxiety Slight euphoria, but nothing serious unless you take substantially more than you should. Ativan has to be one of the best anti-anxiety drugs going. It works every time, it doesn't have many negative side effects for me (and I'm mister experience all side effects usually). However, you have to be careful coming off of it as it doesn't like letting go. This is one seriously difficult drug to stop cold turkey. Just reducing it by half a mg took me three months, any quicker and I'd really notice it. M 44 8 years

 5  Anxiety "out of it" feeling after taking it 1MG It worked. I really liked it. I took it AS NEEDED becuase of the addictive properties. M 17 3 months

 5  Social Anxiety Disorder maybe a bit lazy at times... but then again I think I was like this before Antivan... I am SOOO tired of hearing how ADDICTIVE this medication is on here... I would rather be addicted to something that actually helps me live a "normal" life rather than staying at home and screaming "Hurray!!! at least I'm not addicted to anything!!! yay me!!!" Idiots... You know something else that is very addictive, meat... can't get enough of it. Am I going to become a vegetarian because of my addiction? fuck all! I've been on this for just about 3 months at 1mg at night and it's worked miracles for me. Count me in as one happy dare I say ADDICTED customer... M 34 90 days
 5  anxiety, panic drowsiness my dosage is 0.5mg, symptom triggered. I have never felt that I was addicted and only take it, at most, twice per week despite the prescribed twice per day. Works great at calming me down and reducing my anxiety M 36 2 years

 5  General Anxiety/Panic Disorder None, except slight drowsiness with first few doses. This drug is basically saving my life and marriage. For those like me who suffer from extreme anxiety, this drug was made for you and can help you. For those who just take it "when needed" because you don't have extreme cases of anxiety, it can still help you - but other side effects/addictiveness may become a factor. When all other medications failed, this one was the miracle worker for my anxiety. 1 mg twice daily (if even needed twice a day, sometimes not necessary) is working wonders for me. This also helps me to get to sleep at night, which is great because I don't have to take Ambien which scares the hell out of me. M 35 1 years

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