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 5  PMS Anxiety I have taken Ativan sporadically over the years as needed, during times of intense anxiety (usually when my PMS clashes with difficult relationships). I just started taking it again after about 7 years off and I'm noticing some fatigue, lack of ambition...but I think my adrenals and nervous system are already really depleted and Ativan's anxiety reduction is just putting me in touch with how tired I really am. I absolutely LOVE Ativan. Life can be really hard sometimes. I am an advanced meditator, yogi, and holistiic healing professional, and I know that there are many ways to deal with stress...but sometimes life gets the best of me and when PMS stacks up against PTSD with a big heaping dose of relationship drama or family drama, I have a really hard time keeping my cool. I have had such bad anxiety attacks that I feel like I can't breathe and that I'm having heart palpitations. When I feel the ice cold hit of cortisol hitting my bloodstream in an intense relationship argument or situation, I know that it's all over for the day and I'll be just trying to hang on by my fingernails to be able to cope with the day. Ativan changes all of this for me. I only take a half dose, as needed. My prescription says to take 2 a day, but I only take about 2 or 3 a week during even the worst stretches of anxiety. One half dose just stops the physiological stress reaction in it's tracks, and allows me to process the situation with a calm, cool and collected mind. The heart palpitations and overwhelm vanish, and I can see the problem clearly and deal with it rationally. Lately I've noticed that I seem to be feeling pretty tired after taking a full dose, but it's not any more tired than I would have been had I been dealing with an anxiety attack all day and night. I love Ativan and I like to have it available to me when I need it. I've never been inclined to abuse substances, so for me, it's a wonde F 40 10 years
1/2 dose 3X W
 5  Panic Disorder None I was on this short-term until my SSRI kicked in. It prevented panic attacks and stopped one that was already occurring in its tracks. If taken before bedtime, it also helped ease me to sleep. M 29 2 months
0.5MG 3X D
 4  insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety rebound sleepiness in day, loss of energy, increased appetite, gained weight, dependence, sometimes insomnia if on it for so long, and eye blurriness once in awhile, after 8 months panic attack came back. I have been on lorazepam almost a year for panic attacks since January or March of 2014! I also was on it for insomnia, and social anxiety. I had on and off times where I tended to struggle with more depression when got on it and didn't realize it cause more depression and not heal that but it did help some panic attacks for awhile until now. It stopped working sometimes and I think it has me tolerant or dependance on it that gets me overwhelmed so slowy getting off of it since now on clonazepam see too if that helps or not. But these are very dangerous and must be cautious at all times. Lorazepam made me gained more weight too and increased appetite, and sometimes made me cry more even when it help me sometimes sleep. I just hate struggle with panic attacks. I tried antidepressants like Paxil and Prozac but not good either. I felt very sad and hopeless since I have not many to talk to. I also have no friends too so this makes me even more worse. I am trying to withdrawal lorazepam nice and slowly hope it goes well and clonazepam. I started 4 days ago hope it helps cause it slowly process one. I know known of these are long term use but they are just only thing that can try to help me. I have mild aspergers, and have phobia of large crowds, and bright lights, and hate loud shouting. F 26 1 years
5 2X D
 5  Anxiety/Panic Attacks This is my first day on it and I feel fantastic!!! I went from having several full- lown panic attacks a day to have zero today. Plenty of things happened today that would have normally triggered my attacks, but I wasn't even phased. :) I feel cool, calm and collected. First thing that has EVER worked for me in 17 years! I'm hoping it stays this way! So far, it is AMAZING! F 31 1 days
0.5 MG
 4  anxiety
1X D

 5  Social phobia, anxiety, panic Half mg dose as needed for panic/anxiety Slight "buzz" high as med settles in. The hangover after it wears off causes mood swings, fatigue and grumpiness. After more than 20 years fighting for the right medication and a second opinion that involved a lengthy dsmv appointment, i am finally satisfied and can control my panic and anxiety moments. I am grateful for this old class of drug! You need a very strong will to not abuse this drug, and need to understand its meant only for the extreme moments.... But i would recommend to those that the ssri type medication really mess them up, to talk with their mental health caregiver about it. F 36 8 months
Half mg

 4  Anxiety/(Dis)stress/Insomnia Some withdrawal effects i.e. increased aches and pains; feeling slightly drunk with thick tongue and slurred speech. Overall, this drug has been very good for the anxiety and distress I was feeling; I also had a stiff neck which wouldn't go away; this drug is relaxing, and I sleep great on it; no real hangover effect. I take only as needed PRN; I feel I could get addicted to this and don't want to take it everyday; I take it when I am really stress out to the max and/or haven't been sleeping well or having anxiety attacks on a regular basis. M 45 2 months
0.5mg 1X D
 1  anxiety and chemo I was depressed to the point of uncontrollable crying, daily suicidal thoughts, not talking to best friend for 6 months, brain fog, flu-like feeling, difficulty breathing, fatigue. I thought it was from the chemo. Not True It caused neuropathy in my fingers and toes to not go away. It can take up to a year to get mental function back, if ever. Takes 6 weeks to clear body. Addictive. I stopped due to news about Ativan and dementia from long term use. My brain felt better in 3 days. The 5th day I thought I would die from the withdrawal symptoms. You can go into convulsions I found out later. I wanted to die every day. I prayed for it. I stopped on September 10, 2014. I read it is more difficult to get off than opiates. F 66 2 years
1 1X D
 3  for panic attacks Lightheaded tired shaking dont wont to go anywhere M 34 7 weeks
 5  Panic Attacks I rated Ativan on this site some 4 years ago. I have taken this medication for some 35 years for panic attacks. For 30 years I took 3 mg a day slowly cutting back to 1 mg. They did the job. Never had a panic attack again. I have never had any reaction at all. I have flown airplanes, jumped out of planes, scuba dived for 15 years with over 500 dives, rode Harley's for 20 years and gave over 1000 presentations, and have been a lead medic on an ambulance and have never had any side affects. I have my blood checked every 6 months and have no ill side affects. I do work out every day running walking and lifting weights. If you have any questions please ask. M 66 10 years
1 mg
 1  Nausea Developed tolerance after taking it for a few months. My initial symptom (nausea) was getting worse. New symptoms emerged: anxiety, tremor, irritability, restless, palpitation, sweating, insomnia, fatigue, dysphoria, throat tightness, headache, racing thoughts and speech difficulty. Still experience some symptoms (primarily anxiety and headache) after tapering off 4 months ago. Be very cautious if you are taking ativan long term (>2-3 weeks). It did help my nausea in the first few weeks, but it made me feel worst when I was trying to get off this medication. Avoid benzo, it's highly addictive. M 34 4 months
1mg 1X D
 1  anxiety. I was simply put, stupid. Hair loss! Strengthened anxiety(worse) after its affect going out of your body; addictive; joint and muscle pain. Anyone had hair loss because of it? And did it grow back? F 28 1 years
 4  PTSD /sleep None I take Ativan sublingual and not generic named Lorazepam. I was told by a pharmacologist that many people can't take generic due to liver enzymes being different in everyone. I tried generic and what a difference between the two, many side side effects I read here. If you can permit yourself the trade names, it's worth every penny. While trade and generic names and their active ingredients are the same the other components aren't, and that's why people react to most of them. Email me with any question. I have a no substitute rule on meds. F 4 years
1mg 1X AN
 1  remeron withdrawal dizziness, anxiety, nervous, nauseaus worst crap ever! I got dependant on it in 1 week. now im in interdose w/d and no doctor will help me. I am not joking, stay away from this horrible stuff. If anyone knows of a good doc to get me off this stuff, plz email me. thank u so much F 48 1 months
1mg 1X D
 3  stroke and health issues causing an None but scared to take more F 46 2 days

 2  anxiety none-- however, the drug did NOT help with my anxiety AT ALL. It would be as if I had taken nothing at all; I know this is likely due to the fact that I'm accustomed to alprazolam (xanax) for anxiety, however, which is a more potent drug and has always worked wonders for my severe anxiety. For people with more moderate anxiety, ativan is likely a good/better choice as it is milder than other popular benzodiazepines with less noticeable side effects, generally. Simply not for me. F 23 1 days

 1  anxiety It seemed to help me calm down and sleep but the next day I was totally out of it. Felt very tired, down, wanted to cry, couldnt handle work, incoherent, had to go home and drinks tons of water but little appetite. One time i took as directed...any time...in the morning and had a nervous breakdown. I think kolonopin might be better for me since I have tried it but I dont remember how much anxiety I had then. I wont ever take larazepam (same as ativan i believe) again. Ill just take a sleeping aid. M 57 3 days
I think 30

 5  GAD following prostate cancer surge None. Very effective as opposed to 5 SSRI's & 2 SSNI's. M 69 2 years
1mg Dailey

 5  Lyme Disease to brain none I am writing on behalf of my daughter who has suffered from Lyme Disease since the age of 15. I started noticing 3 yrs ago my daughter's mental state changing with high anxiety to the point she would yell and screaml. It was then diagnosed the Lyme had gone to her brain. IV antibiotics started but last year anxiety getting worse and Ativan started, she was more relaxed and it helped alot. Now due to damage to her brain she is on prolixan and ativan. It has made a world of difference in seeing my daughter not as anxiousl. She will never be the same but at least this med is helping her function. F 25 1 years
1mg 3X D
 1  anxiety due to PTSD issues I was never told by anyone about the side effects of Ativan and blindly followed my doctor's orders. It worked wonderfully at first, but then I started experiencing interdose withdrawal symptoms pretty quickly, which I thought were just continuing anxieties about my medical situation. I was taking it "as needed," which I know now to be another path to addiction even though I didn't take it every day. 10 months later, I was out walking and experienced extreme dizziness. I thought I was having a stroke. This happened twice, and searching online, I realized I was addicted. This drug was very difficult for me due to its short half-life and the anxiety it caused (much more than the original anxiety I had), and I chose to go through an online tapering program, Point of Return, rather than up the dose. Best choice I could have ever made even though it was still very difficult on a slow taper, as I switched to Klonopin with its longer half-life. Klonopin caused extreme dp/dr issues. F 61 10 months
.5-1mg. 2X D

 5  anxiety none wonderful med M 44 7 years
2 1X D

 4  anxiety Dry mouth F 24 10 days
3,,mg a da
 4  anxiety None F 38 4 months
 4  Hi heart rate from reflex sympathetic dystrophy None M 53 10 years

 4  High heart rate from reflex sympathetic dystrophy None M 53 10 years

 5  anxiety ans sevear panick attacks I've never had a problem with addiction or withdrawal from them and I've been on them for a long time there are times when my script rus out and can't get to my dr for weeks I take 4 mg a day . what's weird tho is If I take 2 at once the way I'm supposed to they don't work at all if I take them one at a time it stops my panick attacks :) F 31 8 years
2 mg 2xday

 2  extreme anxiety/panic memory loss, increased somnolence, and increased sex drive While the aforementioned side effects were tolerable, Ativan just is not an effective benzo/anti-anxiety drug. Not because it doesn't work, it will sedate you and calm you down, however, it is probably the most addictive for me, as well, the withdrawal is drawn out and miserable. Memory loss is unpleasant, and the ultimate problem with Ativan is that it doesn't kick in right away like Xanax or Valium, and doesn't last nearly as long as Klonopin, Xanax XR, or even Valium. My dosage, as you would read, got way out of control, and I had to shelve the Ativan after less than a year. Look to its competitors for longer-term, more effective relief. M 25 1 years
6 mg 3X D

 1  Anxiety Extreme fatigue, dizziness, off balance, trouble concentrating, short term memory loss, chest pain, piercing burning tingling throughout body. I sincerely wish I never would have taken this. This drug has consumed my every thought And I'm fearful of coming off of it. The Interdose withdrawl are hORRIFIC! Feel like crying all the time and in so much pain. I just want off of this alive!!!! F 29 2 months
 4  anxiety Sleepy sometimes but not tearful F 39 10 days

 1  anxiety over medical procedure nausea; dizziness; drugged, woozy feeling (lasted about 5 hours) only took it one day. Would not take it again. F 43 1 days
0.5 1X D

 5  i am in anxiety ...... 1 days

 1  anxiety Ugly side effects withdrawing. F 36 1 days

 5  anxiety flushing in my face I have never had to increase my dose M 44 7 years
1 mg 1X D

 1  social anxiety disorder/agoraphobia I specifically told my dr.I have alchohol issues. He prescribed me Klonopin. Which I abused. Next visit I said they werent helping so he would stop giving me them. Instead he gave me Ativan and that is a messed up drug. Don't remember three whole days. Had to piece together things by credit card statements. Bought drugs from india and don't even remember. Wouldn't suggest this drug. No criminal record........ but this drug could lead to one. M 40 6 days
 3  sedative This drug is NOT for more than a WEEK or 2. it is a HORRIBLE drug if used long term with many strange side effects To get off this successfully try the following which worked 1-1-1 one month 0.5-1-1 2nd month, 0.5-0.5-1 3rd month, 0.5-0.5-0.5 4th month, 0.25-0.5-0.5 5th , 0.25-0.25-0.25, 0.125-0.125-0.125, 0-0.125-0.125, then 0-0-trace. then one day 0.5 withn the week....slow...coming off this drug works well if done SLOWLY....any abrupt come off and you may DIE..this is a very dangerous cold turkey drug. S L O W please. Good luck M 35 12 months
2.5 mg 1X D
 1  anxiety, panic attacks, nausea This medication made me feel very dizzy, caused stomach upset, and all around unbalanced. This pill actually made me feel worse than better. It did nothing to make my body feel less nervous and anxious at all. I do not recommend using this pill to treat anxiety at all. The only thing it will do is make you feel worse due to the bad side effects it has. F 1 days
2mg 2X D

 5  Insomnia I had no side effects and no withdrawal effects either even after 2 1/2 months of continuous use. This medicine provided me with a good 7 hours of sleep at least. I also abruptly quit taking it since I wanted to know if I could fall sleep without it with no withdrawal effects except for rebound insomnia, but that's normal expectation that only lasted about 3 days. I only have insomnia when my anxiety is too much that I can't turn off my brain at night. I think I am in the category that benzodiazepines don't affect me as far as tolerance/dependence/addiction. M 30 2 months

 3  Sleep People on this site get surprised when they take this drug for 10 years straight and then try and come off cold turkey and get withdrawals.... Do not take more than twice a week and you will be fine. Take it every day and you will obviously screw yourself up. Works great though for sleep. Just be very careful and take as little as possible as infrequently as possible. ANDDDDDD yeahhh. M 16
1X D

 1  Job stress/anxiety. Minor erectile dysfunction, poor judgment/decision making, coordination loss, emotional blunting. DO NOT TAKE ATIVAN OR ANY OTHER BENZODIAZEPINE LIKE KLONOPIN, XANAX OR VALIUM DAILY!!! Daily use is what eventually hooks approx. 60% of us, and the majority of doctors are clueless in this particular area of medicine. Though great in the beginning, I underwent a series of spinal surgeries requiring detoxing from the pain meds as well as benzos, and any detox center that says they can get you off of them in a matter of weeks doesn't know their neurochemistry about benzos. I began the Benzodiazepine (Benzo) Withdrawal Support Group on Facebook three years ago, and of the 500+ members which include doctors, psychiatry professors, lawyers, stock brokers, teachers, and we plain old mom's & dad's, none of us have gotten off without significant symptoms, and usually after only 4 months daily use. As happy as the newbies who just started taking them are, they have no clue what's in store if they ever try to quit. Magellan Behavioral Health Blue Cross/Shield in North Carolina's study states, "A large number (40%-80%) of patients treated with these medications for 4 months or more develop tolerance and can have a discontinuation or withdrawal syndrome. Patients may experience rebound or withdrawal symptoms, which include tremor, anxiety, agitation, and dysphoria." That's not a small risk to benefit ratio, but a huge one!!! My daughter takes a Xanax or two once every few months for long drives due to a panic attack on the road years ago, but it's the daily use that wi M 57 4 years
8mg daily 2X D

 1  anxiety/depression I took 1 mg for ten years and had no problems until I tried to come off. When I had bad withdrawals, I realized I was addicted so I tried to get off it too fast. Ended up at hospital and put back on 1 mg but twice a day now. That sent me in such bad panic I couldn't leave my bed, after about a month that stopped but I wake up every morning crying my eyes out and I am suicidally depressed all day. I am now trying to taper off this poisin again. Do not take this drug...ever. I am so sick I don't even want to live. It is not worth it and if I knew how hard it was to get off of them, I never ever would have ever touched them. I don't know if I will ever be okay again. I wish I could sue the doctors. F 53 10 years
1 mg 2X D

 1  anxiety still suffering Memory impairment after 35 years Got addicted to Ativan, due to lack of awareness whilst taking the drug took 12 instead of six tabs daily. suffered horrible withdrawls (under doctor supervision) forgot friends names. Still have a messud up head 35 years later have to ask people to remind me of their names (they all remember me). NEVER TAKE THIS DRUG M 57 7 months
30 3X D
 1  PTSD This pill felt like a wonderful drug @ first, Relaxed, Worry free sleeping good. Life was great the first week.. (Short lived) My initial dose was 1 mg a day 'quickly built a tolerance wasn't Feeling anything. Psych upped my dose 👿I quit after feeling like crap already Cold turkey ended up in the psych ward countless times. Symptoms: psychosis, high blood pressures heart palpitations, mania, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, muscle twitches, panic attacks, still suffering @ 25 months out! This pills a nightmare along with Ssris! Not anti pills but anti bullshit! Consider Magnesium & a clean diet, You'll be better off F 26 4 months
3-4mg day

 4  anxiety, PTSD It makes me drowsy and a little euphoric but the one that bothers me is the bad taste that coats my entire mouth. What causes this? M 33 3 years
2.5 mg
 1  ATIVAN Never take this drug.......Drug from hell...Only 3 weeks of taking this shit and I dont know what the fuck happen, started waking up trembling, vibrating, sweating, lose of breath, higher anxiety, dizzy, light headed, very very blurred vision, all dam day ever since I took this med. It hasnt stopped yet.....Dont wanna go any where, stressing out people around me its jus pure hell........CAN SOME BODY TELL ME HOW TO GET OFF THIS MED ALIVE.... M 33 3 weeks
 5  panic attacks/ anxiety great for panic attacks for short term use but very addictive and harmful for longer periods. I became dependent on this drug for every problem in my life and sleep that i took it more than prescribed. works great as I said but for short periods of time. F 23 6 months
0.5mg 3X D

 1  Some dangerous doctor knew how dang Horrible anxiety, impulse control horrible , withdrawls lasting 2 years lost my job this is a very dangerous neuro toxin. It causes brain damage. M 50 1 days
 4  Anxiety The side effects described below are very minimal, in my case: Vision problems; trouble focusing my eyes. Dull Headaches. Lack of energy; sleepy I started taking Lorazepam prescribed to me for (slight) anxiety. I was prescribed 1 mg but I cut it in half and only took prior to bedtime. I ended up using it for sleep instead as my anxiety wasn't really a problem during the day; only in the evenings so it made it hard for me to get to sleep. I actually didn't have any problem with it, but I can understand how one could get hooked easily. Just the .5 mg made me feel so relaxed and at peace which was nice. This is the very first prescription drug I've ever had in my life, btw. F 37 40 days
.5 mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety This medication was ok at first but I developed tolerance after about a month which in return caused horrible inter dose withdrawal. Needless to say after 3 months of dose adjustments and other benzos tried I ended up severly depressed and had to do a rapid detox. I have been benzo free for almost 5 months and suffer from post acute withdrawal syndrome which haunts me every single day. This medication will destroy your life!!!!! F 33 3 months
2 mg

 3  Anxiety Cold sick F 38 1 weeks
2 mg
 5  Epilepsy Drowsiness, slight fogginess I've not had any problems with this medication and have been prescribed everything from 2 mg every day to taking the medicine just as needed. I've not had any withdrawal symptoms, but I've generally tried to take one day off a week of this medicine to keep from building tolerance. It helps stop the seizures, but doesn't cure them. F 31 5 years
.5 2X D

 4  GAD, Panic Attacks I haven't really experienced any bad side effects from Ativan except maybe some drowsiness about 30 minutes after taking it. I do worry though about withdrawals if I decide to stop this med. F 43
1mg 2X D

 1  Perimenopausal Anxiety Anxiety worsened the longer I was on the drug. By month 3 I was suffering headaches, dizziness, coma-like fatigue, body tremors. Check Physician Desk Reference and you will see all of the above are the result of being on the drug. The body builds up tolerance and then demands more. Avoid this drug like the plague. Once I identified all of my illnesses in January were because of Ativan I began a slow taper. You must not stop this cold turkey or seizures are likely. It will take months before my central nervous system repairs itself. Doctors should not prescribe this drug. PDR says it is short term use only - 2 or 3 weeks. My doctor is still filling the Rx as I taper because they are ignorant. F 48 4 months
1 MG 2X D
 1  for situational insomnia. Panic, anxiety, insomnia, interdose withdrawal, lost all physical sensation, could not feel hot/cold/pain, lost sensation of hunger, no sensation to thirst Nasty withdrawal. Protracted after taking for 5 months, now 26 months off and not taking any other drugs. Was addicted in less than three weeks, withdrawal beyond description, welcome to hell. Not able to work ever since. F 54 5 months
0.7 mg 1X D
 1  anxiety Hellacious anxiety,constipation, protracted withdrawal syndrome including suicidal impulses, severe depression, severe insomnia, inability to work, rage, inner trembling, hyperacusis, tinnitus, electric shocks, psychosis, and much more...for 26 months severely. Sx became bareable but some still present at 39 months off ct. Drug from hell. M 48 5 months
.5 mg

 2  Insomnia At first it would work great and I'd sleep well and not wake up groggy. Now I have to take Benadrly and Ny-Quil with the Ativan just to fall asleep. And now I have the hardest time getting out of bed and I don't have any motivation to do anything till it's almost time to take my dose all over again! F 28 4 months
2mg@ bedti
 1  Fear of flying, panic attacks Paranoia, rage, snowballing emotions, loss if short term memory F 38 3 years
 4  to make me sleep slight drool in corner of mouth and lately some depression but think other reasons for the depression. I am also having trouble with my vision. I use the computer a lot. I am or was an active Realtor until My son was injured very bad in an accident and then my daughter.The doctors did not think my son live but so far he is with us but not ok. My daughter had broken foot and wrist. I am really bad depressed at times and am wondering if maybe since I take such a small dose of ativan that my depression is due to the things happening in my family and I will very soon be having serious money problems and may loose my home. should I stop taking ativan. I do not take any other medications and take such a small dose of the ativan. I do not take it regular and have gone as much as 2 weeks without taking any but lately I am taking 1/2 of .5 every night to help me sleep where as before I would take maybe 2 or 3 times a week in the middle of the night. F 80 18 years
1/2 of 05 1X D

 1  Anxiety/Stress Extreme side effects. Stomach, cognitive, panic attacks, seizure I am convinced that this class of drugs is the most significant addiction problem facing America and perhaps the world today. If you are taking any Benzodiazapine (Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin etc) you must do your research on side effects and withdrawal. I'm convinced that the suicide problem for returning veterans can be directly attributed to these drugs and the health care professionals are convinced that they are helping. There should be a major investigation into this. M 50 8 months
1mg 1X D
 4  Taken for recreational use I had just started taking it. Before this, I was an Ultram user. I was up to 450mg per day, which was almost 5x regular dose. I'm 16 and unfortunately I like to experiment with these drugs, The ironic thing is, I want to be a Pharmacist. Anyways, Ativan has made me feel very "light" and I had some very weird dreams. It makes music sound better. It's not too great really! I'm not going to continue taking them, or anything else. But for you people looking how the recreational usage is, then i'll tell you. If you have no tolerance, honestly just try about 2mg. If you have tolerance, take 4-6m. If you don't feel as good as you want, you can SLIGHTLY increase the amount (.5) I hope you enjoy. Just remember, drugs don't need to make you happy. I got a gf last week, quit Ultram, and I feel awesome. M 16 3 days
6mg 2X D
 1  Anxiety Within in minutes of taking it felt a surge of rage then a floating feeling. Real groggy. After that racing heart rate, fear, anxiety, vertigo, horrible thoughts, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, and the list goes on and on I actually posted my experience on this drug from hell two years ago but got an email this morning asking me about how I got off of this roller coaster called Ativan. I will say this again... This drug for me was the drug from hell. My situation did not call for medicating any form of anxiety but it was the Doctors that opted for this method. What I got was a boat load of horrifying symptoms that this little pill is suppose to fight against. I begged the Doctors to do research on why I was falling a part after starting this pill but they refused. Within a day I was experiencing severe interdosal withdrawals. In two months time I had lost nearly 40lbs and was a mess. Since the very community that is suppose to help me wouldn't I decided I'd get off that pill myself and did the following... keep in mind although my side effects were severe I'd only been on this for 2 months. I tapered a 1/4 every three days. But I found that 10 mg of inderal once a day just as the withdrawals would get too severe would help me edge off that horror for a few hours. After the final 3 days on the last 1/4 I stopped. For about 7 days the intense withdrawals slowly got less and less. After one week I felt a bit more like myself. I continued to take only 10 mg of inderal in the evening for one additional week and then stopped taking it and there were no continued problems. M 37 2 months
.25 3X D
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