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 2  Birth control I am taking Zenchent. I have had many bad side effects and my ob is finally switching me to a different pill after this pack is completed. I have a brown spot on my forehead, unwanted hair growth, weight gain, changes in the way my fingernails grow, cysts on my ovaries, and sometimes I start spotting a few days before my period actually starts. I cannot wait to get off this pill. F 30 10 months
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 4  birth control, heavy period, moodin This is the only birth control that I've ever been able to take without becoming intolerably moody (about the tenth one I've tried). Increased libido. Fuller breasts. I do have some nausea, and slight break outs which I've never had before, but I also have extremely light periods that last four days instead of extremely heavy nine day periods. Very pleased. F 21 1 days

 3  Ovarian suppression, cystic acne Worked well for first 4 months then 6 lb weight gain. Feel depressed, irritable, bloated but am scared to stop due to cystic acne. F 34 1 years

 5  Irregular periods None. I've been taking this pill for over 12 years now. F 26 10 years
35 mg

 5  regulate period and mood swings None I am extremely happy with this pill. I was having very bad mood swings, breakthrough bleeding, heavy periods, bad PMS that lasted all month. With Ovcon, I almost feel like my old self. Due to my age, my gyno is trying to wean me to something lighter but I tried HRT and felt insane and went back on Ovcon for another year. Now I am trying something new but it has less progesterone and I am starting to feel hormonally crazy again. Ovcon has the right mix of hormones for me. F 52 5 years
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 1  birth control & severe cramps Severe depression and fatigue When I first started taking Balziva (generic form), I didn't experience any side effects at all. My cramps were gone, minimal flow, it was great! But little did I know the drug was building up in my body and causing severe depression. After about 2 years, I really started to notice the depression seeping in, it was getting worse and worse by the week. I tried anti-depressants which didn't work with my body. I finally just stopped taking Balziva and within a week I felt like the dreadful cloud of depression was going away. It snuck up on me so quietly, I almost didn't think about the possibility of it being because of the pill. I'm so glad I'm off the pill, nobody's body should have to endure that kind of torture. F 24 2 years
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 2  Endometriosis I'm taking the generic (Zenchent). I'm bloated, I have tender breasts, and have gained weight and I'm still cramping pretty bad-I feel miserable. I may have to try the brand name though. I feel like I have a tire around my belly and think I would rather deal with the pain then to feel this way and get fat. I no longer have a period because I had an ablation but I feel like I'm on my period all the time. F 37 2 weeks

 4  Birth control, control heavy period (Balziva) Occasionally have break through bleeding if I take a pill even 30 minutes to a couple hours late, worsened cramps, lighter periods, fuller breasts, increased/same sex drive Breakthrough bleeding to the point my Dr recommended taking two pills whenever this happened. However I have been on several types of birth control pills, some of which caused extreme anxiety, and this has been the only pill that has worked for me. I do have frequent digestive problems and lack of energy but cannot say whether this is due to the pill or not. Would recommend F 21 2 years
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 3  Endometriosis, contraception Positive: light periods, clearer skin, little to no cramps, birth control, no weight gain Negative: irritability, easily crying, "dull" mood, low libido F 26 2 years

 5  peri menopause The brand Ovcon 35 is the only pill that didn't cause negative side effects & it made my breasts fuller. F 46 1 days

 5  birth control GOOD SIDE EFFECTS: Extremely light period. Major improvement in menstrual cramps. I have tried 3 different birth control pills before this one and had nothing but bad side effects from them all, including extreme mood swings and depression. I am taking the generic version of this pill (Balziva) for about 2 years now and have NO bad side effects. Different bodies react differently to every type of pill so only way to find out if this pill is for you is to try it. F 23 2 years
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 5  To stop my period Non I use the generic, Balziva. I have had no issue with this bc. I take it non-stop for three months and then off for a week. When I'm off it for the week, my period is so light that I can wear just a panty liner and it usually only lasts two days. F 47 3 years
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 1  hormone inbalance I was on the brand name Ovcon for 3 mths ( pks from Dr) and when the pharmacy filled my rx, they gave me Balziva..this is the worst pill ever. In the last 9 days, yes, just 9 days, I've gone from perfectly fine to a wild raging hormonal freak! My breast are tender, my uterus is killing me, I 'feel' bloated, and I feel like I'm in the middle of the worst PMS ever and I am a full 2 weeks away from a period. I called the pharmacy and they are sending out Ovcan asap, they gave generic because it was free. My sanity is worth whatever they are charging and I can't wait to get my hands on that pack!!!!! Avoid using this pill if at all possible..my dr's office has said they've had many complaints about Balziva and can't figure out why it's still out there. It was on about day 5 I noticed some of these things but thought it was stress from work and the holidays......nope..it's the damn pill...today was the worst day I had in years When I was on the actual brand name Ovcon 35 I never felt better!! I was back to the person I used to be..it was great. But, on Balziva I am a raging bitch from hell with some of the worst PMS like symptoms ever. Thankfully I am getting the brand name in a couple of days..hopefully I make it till then. F 43 9 days
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 2  to lessen cramps, menstrual regulat horrible stomach and bowel issues, middle of the night nausea, constipation i really liked it at first, less bloated, lighter and regulated periods. at the start of my second month i had to stay home from work one day because i had really bad constipation and i felt really off for a week (constant rumbling stomach). at the start of the third month i experienced the same rumbling stomach but had severe diarrhea instead of constipation. i haven't consulted with my doctor, but i stopped taking it a few days ago and i feel a lot better. F 23 2.5 months
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 4  PCOS, regulate periods mood swings during first two weeks, headaches, breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting during first week, heartburn, severe cramping during period. I am sticking it out! I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, with little to no periods. This BC has made me finally regular with a period! So, i will definitely continue taking it! F 21 1 months
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 5  mood swings, heavy periods, misery none Stopped my heavy, clotty periods. Restored hormonal balance. I used to feel miserble all month long, mood swings, very irritable, mentally fuzzy and out of it, was overeating and depressed because of peri-menopausal hormonal swings. Now I feel like my old self- alert, happy, no PMS and I lost 30 lbs and kept it off. F 50 4 years
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 3  regulation of an absent cycle I was prescibed ovcon-35 to regulate my cycle and it did do that. However,in the 2yrs that i have been taking it i have began my cycle on or before day 14.I will continue to have my cycle until I start a new pack. I have lost 50lbs in the last 6 months but thats because I've choosen a healthier life style.I'm not sure if my cycle came early twice because of the weight loss and all the changes that goes along with that.I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I did not have any noticable effects with this medication until now. F 28 2 days
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 2  Pre-IUI cycle Marked decline in energy, low-grade fevers in the evening, awful mood swings, lack of enthusiasm for activities I normally enjoy, breakthrough bleeding beginning on day 13. I'm so glad I only have to take these pills for a month. I could not live like this for an extended period of time. I am counting down the days until I finish this pack. I know every woman is different and these pills may work wonderfully for many, but for those experience the same symptoms as I this is confirmation that you are not imagining them. F 36 15 days
35 1X D
 4  Birth Control & decrease period I haven't noticed anything. I only take the active pill so I don't have periods (ob gyn approved this) I was taking Femcon Fe .35 but it was too expensive so my obgyn prescribed me Ovcon but my walgreens pharmacy gave me the generic Zenchent. Seems to be ok so far. I'm moody because of personal issues and have gained weight (totally my fault for not taking dieting and exercising like I should). Worth a shot! F 23 3 months
.35 1X D
 1  very painful periods 15 pounds of weight gain after being the same weight for years (probably water weight as I am drinking a lot of water - 10glasses a day as well as stopping at water fountains constantly - and my pee remains bright yellow), really moody, crying all the time, fatigue, headaches, slight depression I was on this BC for a few months before they switched me to the generic for it. The generic did nothing for my periods so they took me off of it and I've been on it now for about six months (started in September, it's now beginning of March). The first time I was on it, I loved it, but now I've gained A LOT of weight and my moods are insane. I'm always tired even if I get 10+ hours of sleep. I've been on other birth controls, but have had break through bleeding and such and never had this problem. I'm calling my OBGYN tomorrow to get taken off of it ASAP. F 21 6 months
35mg 1X D
 3  Stop bleeding after UFE failed I am on Zenchent, still bleeding every day, bigger swollen breasts, sleepless and left knee keeps swelling. Weight gain, ever hungry for cabs and tired all day. occassional headache. Still better than Loestrin 24, which drove me to moodiness, crazy dreams and cramping pain I have been using the generic Zenchent and it has made me less moody and more myself than Loestrin 24, which stopped bleeding for a week, but I was dreaming scaring things and wake up sweating with palpitations. With Zenchent, I've never stopped bleeding, its scaring as the bleeding is on, each day (ligther than before), but I cannot have a physical relationship with a man, quite annoying as my breasts are beautifully sexy and I still want loving! My insurance will cover Ovcon 50 so I'll change tomorrow and see. I usually need high doze, so this might be right for me. It was what the doctor wanted me to have, but I was scared of the dosage and had no idea Ovcon 35 was not covered. ALL wOMEN SHOULD FIGHT for INSUrance that wil cover the medicine that works for each individual NOT just the lowest cost generic. IT causes women to suffer and to waste time, money and their youth. I waste so much time awake and then when I use a sleeping pill, the mix with Zenchent makes me very dizzy and forgetful. Also its another drug to confuse my body. F 45 6 weeks
35 1X D

 1  regulation Immediate depression, disconnection from others, bizarre dreams every night, diarrhea, strong irritability. F 27 5 days
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 5  Prevent pregnancy Some break-through bleeding (off and on) This pill has been a great fit for me. I had been on Depo, but it was too strong for me/my body type. I then switched to NuvaRing, which made me depressed. After several months of just using barrier methods, my doctor put me on Ovcon and it has been just right for me. I am now on the generic Zenchent, and have been since my second pack of these pills. F 26 1 years

 1  regulate periods weight gain, insomnia, moody, nauseous I was on Loestrin for two years and decided to get off birth control to get my body ready to start trying for a baby. Well, 5 months after getting off Loestrin I hadn't had a single period. My Dr. tried putting me on 10 days of progesterone but that didn't do the trick. So she started me on a month of Ovcon 35. Only Walgreens gave me the generic Zenchent. I have gained 4 pounds in a week and a half. I can barely get my wedding ring off my hands are so swollen. I'd lost about 6 pounds after getting of Loestrin and now it is all coming back on. I eat healthy and workout at least 5 days a week. I hate this. F 26 11 days

 5  abnormal bleeding No negative side effects. The positive side effect is that it made me less moody. I suffer from depression and have never felt better since being on this new birth control. I was bleeding for 10 weeks straight. After 3 birth control changes and an inconclusive Hysteroscopy, I was put on this birth control. The bleeding stopped within a week, and hasn't returned! F 30 3 weeks

 1  ovarian cysts Severe mood swings, headaches frequently, breakthrough bleeding now for 4 days(taking to avoid period altogether) and major cramping This is the second birth control that I have been put on for ovarian cysts. After I took the second pill, I IMMEDIATELY started feeling depressed and severe moodiness. I called my Dr and spoke with the nurse, whom asked if I was sure it was the pill and not anything else making me feel this way!!! Well, sorry but this actually almost made me feel like I was just crazy!!!! Reading all the comments here sure make me feel better. Got an appointment with dr. in two days. Can't wait to get off this pill!!!! F 30 1 months
 5  Very Bad Menstral pain NONE I love this stuff....I've tried four others before my doctor put me on this. I'm glad that I found one that doesn't make me crazy or have bleeding every day. I am on an extended dose where I take three months of the active pill and then take the white. I have minimal to NO pain with my pill periods and I can function like a normal human being. Even the flow is light, and it is wonderful compared to heavy and painful. I love it and recommend it to anyone that has heavy, painful periods. F 31 2 years

 2  Heavy and Painful Periods Moodiness all the time. Depression, Anxiety, Tiredness. Weight gain of 10 pounds. Weird food cravings during period. I would not recommend this pill to anyone. Extreme clotting and periods that last for seven days. Very painful cramps. This was supposed to lessen my period, but did not do it. I am always moody and always depressed for some reason. F 21 1 years

 5  BIRTH CONTROL none really- was switched to it from another kind that was making me cry all the time- no probs w/this one but I take the name brand one- I am going to stick to it bc I have had probs w/other generics in the past and come to the conclusion they produce worse/more side effects- so I'm too worried about trying the generic version of this- (esp reading other reviews on Balziva) unfortunately it is very expensive & the price keeps going up- my insurance will only pay for the generic which I'm afraid to try d/t side effects- it's costly but I guess worth it to avoid any terrible side effects F 37 1 years

 5  birth control For first three months experienced about 5 to 10 pound weight gain, breast tenderness, bloating. After that the weight came off and any other weight gain was my own fault (meaning I could exercise it off). After almost 9 years I barely have a period at all and often completely skip it altogether. This does make me buy more pregnancy tests which are always negative but rather pricey. Very satisfied for the last nine years, even after switching to Balziva, which I was very nervous about since Ovcon had always been perfect. I will be stopping it soon and am nervous about all the withdrawal effects I have been reading about on the internet. I seems like people only report the negative. So I will then be able to determine if how I feel on the pill is different then off the pill. F 28 9 years

 2  prevent pregnancy breakthru bleeding, tender/sore breasts, mood swings, very emotional Have had breakthrough bleeding before my period. My actual period lasts about 2 days then stops then goes for another day. My breasts are very sore/tender. I'm much more moody and emotional. F 26 2 months

 5  birth control none I started taking Ovcon about 5 years ago, and I switched to the generic Balziva. I love this pill! I only have a period once every 3 months, and when I do have a period it is so light, and lasts only 1-2 days. F 36

 4  endomitriosis no crazy side effects. i wasnt anymore moody than i normally am, i think i have an increase in my sex drive but mostly because i think my old BC decreased it down to nothing. sadly my breast size has remained unchanged. and i did not gain any weight. the only thing i can think of that may have been related to this pill was that i was having a bit of joint stiffness the first week or two of taking it. it was more annoying than anything. i was put on ovcon to stop my periods after my surgery for endo. the last pill i was on was unable to do this and i was on my period for a good 3 months straight. finaly after maybe a month and a half of taking ovcon it has stopped. as with all medication, every persons body reacts differently, and it may take a while for your body to fully adjust for it to start working properly. do not take this pill for one week and then give up on it. it may work for some and not work for others but you have to take it for a few months to let your body adjust. so far this one has worked great for me :) you just have to find the right mixture of hormones for your body. not everyone is the same F 21 3 months

 3  to help control my period I was very emotional, cried a lot, very depressed, gained weight, had loose bowl movements, and nausea, I am 38 and my period went crazy, had it for 6 weeks with heavy bleeding and clotting. My obgyn put me on this 5 weeks ago, and over the last couple of weeks I've noticed the weight gain and my mood swings, crying all the time, and don't want to be bothered by anyone or do anything. I stopped taking it today after looking at this website, will call the Dr. on Monday to prescribe something different F 38 5 weeks

 1  To stop breakthrough bleeding I took two months of Femcon Fe and had my period the entire two months, I never stopped bleeding once. I had cramping, bloating, back aches, head aches and fatigue for two months straight and my period was the heaviest it had EVER been. I had never had problems sleeping before and suddenly found myself restless every night. I stopped after the two months and decided to let my own body take over. May try another pill later in life if needed but don't plan to use Femcon Fe again. F 34 2 months

 5  birth control none I was on Ovcon and switched to Balziva. After experiencing severe depression and anxiety for the first time in my life, my doctor switched me to Yaz. I got melasma and then she switched me to ortho tri cyclen lo... and I got more melasma. I want to switch back to ovcon 35, but am now wondering if it is no longer available? I was also wondering if anyone has switched to ovcon from a lower dose pill and had melasma not worsen? any info would be appreciated! F 26 2 years

 2  Yes aka Balziva Bleeding did not stop, just got a little bit lighter. Weight gain is very noticeable. Tenderness in nipples. Sexual drive is a zero. Swelling in hands and feet also very noticeable. Have at least 1-2 major headaches (or tightness around the back of neck area) a day. Fatigue (tired during the day, but restless at night). Daily body rashes appear and disappear. Depressed. I've been on this medicine now for a little over 1 week and I can see all of the above side effects taking a toll on myself physically and emotionally. I did not get on this medication by choice nor am I taking the medicine to avoid pregnancy. I recently turned 28 and for the first time in 16 years, my period decided to go berserk on me. I had an abnormal heavy clotty period that lasted for a month and my doctor (not OBGYN) prescribed this med for me. At first she stated it would stop after 1-2 days of taking the med...this did happen, but then on the 4th day...my period came right back. Called doc back who advised it can take up to 1-2 WEEKS to stop or regulate my cycle. After reading some of the comments about this med, I am seriously having 2nd thoughts about continuing this med...I am not sure what is worse...having a heavy/clotty period or all of the side effects I've listed. F 28 7 days

 5  Birth control Dampening of sex drive, otherwise very little or no periods. I took Ovcon-35 for about ten years before being forced to a generic due to insurance limitations. It was very effective. I maintained a healthy weight the entire time, I did not feel sick like I did with higher hormone pills, it kept my moods level, and my periods almost entirely disappeared. I only lament that it pretty much destroyed my sex drive (so, why take birth control if you don't want to have sex?!). F 35 10 years

 1  avoid pregnancy feel so disconnected. extreme depression and so moody. I have felt as though i have the flu. breast enlargement and missed periods. Im so tired I feel like I can barely get out of bed and go to work. I think this is the worse medication I have ever taken. F 30 2 times
 1   Weight gain up to about 15 pounds after years of always being the exact same weight. Awful mood swings that made me irrationally angry, depressed and often really paranoid. All of this went away almost immediately after I discontinued use. I strongly urge women against taking this method of birth control. F 25 10 months

 2  birth control weight gain, EXTREMELY tender breasts, spotting (which I've NEVER had before), incredible cramps (also which I've never had before), amplified back ache I'm on the quest for a new pill and this is the third I've tried. At first, I thought I had found the one, now three months later the truth is revealed. I will be switching ASAP. F 31 3 months

 2  birth control Breakthrough bleeding the entire 1rst month and off/on for 2nd month, weight gain, breast tenderness, headache and fatigue Switched from Yasmin to Femcon Fe(same as Ovcon-35)to help w/ breakthrough bleeding. It got worse. Plan on switching back. F 38 2 months

 2  Period Regulation I started off by taking Yaz, which just didn't cut it to regulate my period. So my ob/gyn switched me to Ovcon, for about a month it helped me by regulating my period then the other side effects started. I couldn't sleep during the night, then I was tired all day. I had horrible cramps during my period and major mood swings. Also, I had a strong feeling of nausea before my period started. It really helped me by reading other women's comments about the effect of this pill because at first I thought it was just me. So now I'm calling my ob/gyn to find out what would be better for me to take. F 4 months

 2  birth control It was great at first. I had been on the patch but had gained sooo much weight that I had to switch. Ovcon was great, and switching to Balziva I thought was great too. The side effects rear their ugly head after about a year. NO sex drive, and terrible mood swings. I have an appt to try something else tomorrow. F 23 1.5 years

 5  birth control and period regulation migraines I've taken alot of different birth controls and had many different experiences, this being the best. I mostly wanted to say in response to alot of comments that one birth control may not work for you but may be a godsend for another. We all have very very different bodies. I'm sure glad they didn't take this one off the market because it is the only one that has been able to regulate my bleeding and keep me from being depressed thus far. It's your ob-gyn who will ensure you get the proper bc. My first ob-gyn basically told me to suck it up. I saw this dr and she was wonderful and helped me with my bc and constant bleeding issues. I have to be on a bc or I will constantly bleed. F 25 1 years

 1  Birth control I took Ovcon-35 for about 5 years and then went off for 2 years because I wanted to give my body a break. I went back on 3 months ago and have experienced much of what has been described here: anxiety, fatigue and moodiness. I am easily frustrated and angry. I have also experienced a full on period after taking a pill 12 hours late once. Problems sleeping and heaviness in my chest have also been prevalent in the past 2 weeks. I am going off- better just to use condoms. F 36 3 months

 4  preparing for Invitro fertilization nausea at beginning, spotting 1ce, on 20th day and experiencing cramping and feel like going to start period early. I have always been regular and seems to really be screwing up my normal cycle. Seems odd to be on birth control to try to get pregnant but this is how the drs keep you on their schedule to start fertility drugs. I feel I would have been better off keeping on my natural schedule since I will have to put off another month starting my treatment because of starting period early. I feel calmer than normal and less anxiety which is great; however, after reading all the comments about hair loss I definately wouldnt stay on this if I had to take birth control on a normal basis. Maybe cramps by this times normal however I havent experienced it at this time in the month off bc. Seems like by reading all comments there are too many side effects, but, like many others I am on the generic too. F 31 20 days

 1  Birth Control Worst cramps of my life, Depression, non-stop crying, thoughts of suicide(I've NEVER thought about before), heaviest bleeding I've ever experienced and lots of clotting (gross- but it takes effort to push out the large clots- almost like a bowel movement but with blood out the vag... sorry gross huh?!), hormonal imbalances and mood swings when I'm usually fine and even tempered. Take it off the market. I have never felt more abnormal in my life. I only took pills once a day for 4 days- thats it! I will stick to condoms until I find soemthing better. F 27 4 days
 5  ovarian cysts,fibroids first month some nausea, bloating nothing major i think this drug works better over time i have been on it for 2 years now and i feel good my periods are non existent or very light hopefully i can stay on it through menopause getting off would be scary my anxiety has lessened and i feel calm.. F 32 2 years
 2  birth control severe bloating, maybe weight gain, my body just doesn't feel like myself. it sucks. this pill makes me feel sick a lot. F 20 1 months

 1  birth control headaches,mood swings, feel fat and depressed F 39 3 days

 3  Birth Control/PCOD I had been on Ovcon 35 for a few years with no problems. I lost weight, had barely noticeable periods, and never eperienced any side effects. However, my insurance "made" me switch to the generic BALZIVA. I now have horrible PMS: mood swings, minor depression, sore breasts, and periods about 3 times heavier than with the name brand. I didn't make the connection before, but I have had some horrible heart burn since taking Balziva. I will definitely switch back to Ovcon once I change insurance companies. I spoke to my gyno about the mood swings , heavier periods, etc. that I was experiencing with BALZIVA. She explained that generic birth control pills can have up to a 40% difference in absorbtion rate as compared to the name brand. It was her opinion that the side effects of Balziva are due to inconsistent levels of absorbtion from month to month F 26 1.5 years
 4  birth control i have been on ovcon for seven years, and in the beginning i thought it was a GOD SEND. it leveled out my mood, i lost about seven lbs, my skin was clear...i had tried a lot of pills and this was the one for me! however, sadly, it seems that the bad side effects start to increase the longer you are taking it. for me my main side effect is hair loss. now, i never had jessica simpson hair to begin with but i have a sneaking suspicion that over the years this has thinned my hair dramatically. i went off it briefly last year and noticed that my hair was growing back, but ultimately after six months went back on it for birth control. i have definitely become more moody too, over the years, and noticed a lot more bloating and easier weight gain. oh, and lack of sex drive. if anyone who reads this is experiencing hair loss/hair thinning please contact me at saavy77@aol.com i am curious if it is just me!!!! never had any issues with spotting/nausea. always got my period on time. for all the girls on here, reading this, IF YOU ARE SPOTTING or HAVING YOUR PERIOD MORE THAN ONCE A MONTH while on OVCON, then it is not strong enough for you and you CAN get pregnant. if you notice on this board, the girls who report the side effect of bleeding during their cycle, heavy spotting, etc. those were the ones who got pregnant. be careful...the doctors don't warn you about this for some reason... F 30 7 years
 3  Control menstrual cycles and cramps Nausea, diarrhea, insomnia. I have been on birth control for roughly 7 years, and on Ovcon 35 for at least 3 years. If I miss a single pill or take it more than 12 hours later, I most likely get a period with full flow and cramps. If I try to make up for a missed/late pill and take two within 24 hours, I am awaken at night with nausea, diarrhea, and anxiety. I have found that when I start a new pack/month, my digestive schedule is thrown off track. I will wake up at night to defecate, and may be constipated in the following days. Ovcon has been the most effective birth control I have taken, making my periods lighter with generally less cramping. However, I took two pills 12 hours apart yesterday (to make up for a missed pill) and I have been up since 5am on a sunday, been to the restroom 4 times in 3 hours. Not fun! F 22 3 years

 1  birthcontrol BLOOD CLOTS - PULMONARY EMBOLISM, LUNG INFARCTION Please be careful. If you take any BC containing estrogen, do NOT smoke. F 27 2 years

 1  Birth Control My pharmacist gave me the generic brand of Ovcon-35 which was Balziva because it was covered under my insurance for alot less. I would say that I've been taking it for abount 8 months but I finally stopped because I believe it has made my hair brittle and has made me loose alot of my hair. I'm not taking any chances and I will never take Balizia again because I would rather have my hair. If I do start to take birth control again I probably would take ovcon-35 and not it's generic brand. I have been on birth control pills for 25 years and I was given ovcon-35 when my other birth control pill was discontinued. F 45 8 days

 3  control bleeding Switching to balziva ive gained 15lbs, i get nausea and heartburn constantly, my cramps are the worst I switched to Balziva because its now the generic. Since the switch Ive gotten the worst cramps, heavy clotting and bleeding still, Ive gained weight and have not been able to lose it, i get frequent heartburn and nausea after taking the pill and i feel bloated. The only good part is my period only lasts a week now. F 17 1 years

 4  birth control and lighter cycles I didn't have any noticeable side effects from Ovcon-35 I was taking Ovcon-35 until my insurance company stopped paying for it. I was given the generic, Balziva, and it SUCKED!!! I started taking the Balziva about 2 months ago and I started experiencing all types of side effects. Nausea, altered sex drive, hair loss and frequent headaches are just a few of the side effects I experienced. When I say I loss my hair, I am not exaggerating! I had healthy, long, full hair and now I may have to cut it and start fresh due to this drug! I didn't have any problems like this with Ovcon. You don't have to worry about me taking Balziva ANYMORE!! I took that mess back to the pharmacy and told them that I wasn't going to take it anymore! F 30 2 months

 3  birth control I thought none, until I stopped taking it. When I missed a pill or it was the end of the pack I had bad mood swings and cryed alot. But I thought it was normal. I almost thought I was better because of the hormones. Its been 5 weeks since I've been off ovcon and my mood is much steadier. I guess your body readjusts. I just never relized how ot was controlling my mood and my life. I was so young when I started taking it. F 28 8 years

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