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 1  Diarrhea following change in meds Severe stomach cramps and bloating because I'm now so constipated. Would rather have let the diarrhea work itself out. Do NOT recommend this drug. F 61 1 days
2 tablets

 4  ibs d I take imodium almost every day.I have to take 8 pills to make my ibs d stop.after that I dont go to the rest room for a day.but then the 2nd day i go normal most of the time.start at 1 pill and work your way up.its good stuff just be careful with it .its good for people with ibs ,dont have to worry about where the rest rooms are and we all know public rest rooms are gross. M 45
8X D
 4  Ibs Helps stomach gas bloating and etc. F 26 4 days

 1  Diarrhea from taking the prevpac There is nothing worse than constipated diarrhea. Smh! My dr told me to take modicum for diarrhea and now I still have diarrhea it just isn't coming out!! Worst feeling ever!!! It's rolling around my tummy like a thunder storm and nothing I can do about it!!! F 35 1 days
2X O

 3  Ibs Fatigue and malaise, constipation I take imodium regularly for my ibs symptoms, but sometimes it isn't strong enough. My main issue is the fatigue and malaise I feel while on it. It is an opiod, but does not have the analgesic effects. F 25 1 days
1 2X D
 5  IBS no side effects. Works perfectly for me. I still go about twice a day but it is normal. I tried prescription drugs for IBS but they didn't work for me. F 66 3 years
100 mg 1X D

 1  Intestinal virus/diarrhea I was sick with an intestinal virus that caused fever and diarrhea. An NP recommended Imodium which I took on Sunday afternoon. I've been exhausted, increasingly nauseous, have a low constant abdominal pain, and I am unable to have a bowel movement since then (now Tuesday morning). I would have rather dealt with the diarrhea and now my discomfort has been prolong thanks to this drug. Avoid at all costs IMHO... F 28 1 days
2 1X D

 5  diarrhea no side effects this drug is available OTC as Immodium AD. It has made my life bearable. I can leave the house with some sense of security and has helped me live a normal life. M 59 3 years
2 mg 6X D

 1  Travel very bad stomach cramping and unable to have any bowel movements for 2 days now. It completely shut down my colon but now I am having very bad stomach pain. I would rather have kept the diarreah. I would not reccomend this at all as it is always best to just let your system empty out naturally. Definitely stops diarreah or the feeling of having to go to the bathroom, but it also does the opposite by eliminating any sort of bowel movement- not just the dirreah. F 31 2 days

 4  IBS none I take it prior to social situations or travel; need 9 tablets divided into 3 doses. M 55 2 years

 1  Reduce frequency & urgency Severe cramping and constipation. Reduced dosage from 2 pills to 1 pill to 1/2 pill. Ended up in the ER for dehydration and constipated after 4 days. Was vomiting even water. Switched to Lomotil and have had no significant problems. F 50 1 months

 4  IBS No bad side effects I have to take 7 to 9 pills a day to assure it will work, but it works well at that dose. M 33 2 years

 4  severe IBS dizziness, fatigue I have suffered from IBS for almost 9 years now. I used to take Lotronex until my new doctor advised me that it is not worth the potential risks of it. Instead, he told me to take Imodium every day if need be. So for the past 7 months I take an insane amount of Imodium a week. However, I have built a serious tolerance to it. I now need to take 18-20 pills before going out to a social event (in the past i need 8-12 to do the job). It does the job, but I feel like it is unhealthy to take up to 50 per week. Also, because I have such a severe IBS case I never become constipated. I usually have a bowel movement within a day or two. F 25 7 months

 3  IBS-Diarrhea Triggered By Anxiety Mild fatigue I began taking Imodium because I get diarrhea whenever I'm in a social situation, even if it is something as simple as taking a five minute trip with a close family member. At first, the Imodium worked like a charm. Over the course of a few months, however, I built up a tolerance to it and it completely lost its effectiveness. Bear in mind that I had to take it every day. M 22 4 months

 5  IBS/alergic colitis Colon can shut down for 1 or 2 days. This medicine helped me make it through college (exams, etc.). M 40

 5  Diarrhea No bad side effects. Only relief! I sometimes take this product before going anywhere or when I'm under stress and know that I might need the extra help when the diarrhea hits. I experience IBS-like symptoms (cramps, diarrhea, and the anxiety that goes with it like fear of having an accident), and my digestion process often doesn't do well, this product takes care it! It's amazing! F 44
 5  diarreah on morning none at all marvalous stuff makes my working life much easier on morning with peace of mind.i work 3 days a week so i have to take 1 tablet 3 days a week as i have diarreah or loose stools nearly every morning. F 37 8 months

 5  diarrhea None Both my wife and I have used Imodium from time to time for many years and it is always effective without side effects when taken as instructed. We have never experienced problems with this drug. It almost always takes only one day, very occasionally two, to work. M 60 1 days

 3  Stomach gurgling, diaherrea Constipation It works too well sometimes. M 34 1 years

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