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 4  for Parkinson's I get spells where my jaw gets stiff, my hands get stiff, my toes curl up, I have difficulty walking, my blood pressure goes up, i sweat and have to lay down. Doctors can't figure it out. I was doing okay until I got the flu last January and have been miserable ever since. One doctor went so far as to tell me I don't have the disease because my brain MRI does not indicate such. F 76 14 years
25 - 100 9X D
 4  Dopamine responsive dystonia None at first as dose was increased slowly. Main side effect now are sickness and yawning fits. It stops tremor, releases tension in neck, stops twisting of foot, takes hand out of a dystonic hold. Allows me to function without my body feeling it is 100 years old. Must be taken on time with no gaps. Downside was i could never get them out the packet as they were so small. Dosage increased so now take co careldopa. F 38 2 years
 5  dopa responsive (partial) dystonia Nausea and feeling rotten when first taking in morning, coming off effect, however if you take them correctly and with having something to eat (do not take on empty stomach) it's fine. It's been a great medicine for my family and I having a dominant gene. If we didn't have this medicine we would probably not be able to walk and be in much more terrible pain. F 37 1 years
 4  Pd Confusion joint pain sleepless constipation greed impulsive M 55 2 years
 1  Restless leg syndrome Addiction, acute anxiety, suicide ideation, Augmentation, severe dyskenesias, weight loss, weakness and muscle loss. She became a shadow of her previous self. This drug should never be prescribed at This dosage to elderly. No help from her docs weaning her off so I moved in briefly to get her off it myself. A nightmare drug! F 88 1 years
 1  PD My father was prescribed this medicine for PD. Within 48 hours of starting to take this, he started hallucinating. He couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't real. He was convinced the police were coming to force him back to the hospital. He was up for over 30 hours conversing with people who weren't there. When I talked to him about what was or was not happening - he would sometimes say "so this is all fictitious" but then go right back into that world I couldn't see. It was horrible. I took him off the sinemet. Within 8 hours the hallucinations were completely gone. M 75 2 days
3X D

4X D
 1  Parkinson's Terrible hallucinations, paranoia, weight loss, thirst for cold water, crazy dreams, anxiety, aggressiveness. After 3 years Sinemet has made my husband insane! If I up his dose even a little he says he feesl like he wants to crawl out of his skin. He feels like my son and I are his enemies when all we are trying to do is help him. Most of the time he can not be reasoned with. His doctors are not helpful. Life is a living hell! M 61 3 years
10mg 3X D

 1  Assumed Parkinson's M 74
1X D

 1  parkinson like symptoms Was taking 3 half pills a day, did stop the tremors, then DR upped it to 1 full pill 3x a day, started suffering from extremely detailed, terrifying hallucinations, confusion, tremors, complete madness, seemed like living in a parallel universe where no-one could hear me, had to throw myself on the floor to make sure I was awake, couldn't take care of myself, tell what time of day it was, talked to my dead wife's ghost, people were sitting on my bed talking to me that no-one else could see. Stopped taking sinemet, dr prescribed it for minor tremors and stiff gait, have none of those symptoms currently, no longer hallucinating, no longer confused, no tremors, able to function far better than before I started taking the drug - will not take it EVER again. Went against Dr's orders to stop taking the drug, and glad that I did. M 69 5 months
10mg 3X D
 1  My brother takes it for Parkinson's My brother has been taking it for several years. I'm not sure of the dosage but he's 65 and has had Parkinson's since he was in his mid thirties. The side effects are terrible. He's convinced his house is full of rats - big fat ones. He's convinced people are in the garage at night starting the lawn mower over and over again. He sees people in black leotards in the hallway at night. When I try to rationalize with him that this isn't real, he just gets mad at me. M 65
not sure 5X D
 1  Parkinson's Disease Absolutely horrible nausea all the time. Neurologist tried adding Lodosyn to reduce nausea with no luck. Also weak with profuse sweating. Tried everything to get rid of nausea - ginger products of all types, eating protein 30 minutes after med. Nothing worked. Had to be taken off of it. I'd rather shake than be so nauseated I'm dysfunctional Would not recommend unless you like being nauseated all the time. F 53 1 months
25/100mg 3X D

 3  parkinson M 59 2 years
25/100mg 3X D

 1  PD This drug combined with depression causes many problems with my mom. I feel the Dr. over prescribed this drug and my mom became addicted. She was obsessed with getting her pills on time. The hallucinations this drug causes for my mom are horrible. She is like a schizophrenic now thinking that everyone is out to get her. At 62 my dad did not want to take care of her so she ended up in a psych ward at 62 and than a dementia nursing home ward. STAY OFF THIS DRUG AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. F 67 10 years
10X D
 5  PD Provider reduced sinemet while in hospital from 9 pills/day to 4. Side effect is inability to stand or walk, very unstable blood pressure. it keeps abnormal thoughts to a minimum in combination with seroquel at bedtime. While sinemet is working, thoughts are normal and able to function F 83 2.5 years
25-100 3X D
 1  Parkinson's Disease Dystonia in left leg, with toes curling, foot twisting at the ankle, aching leg, cringing feeling in ankle/foot and difficulty walking. I had very minor Parkinson's symptoms. After about 3 months the dystonia started. I thought it was the Parkinson's worsening. The neurologist suggested increasing the dosage and it seemed to make things worse, and I started noticing the dystonia would come & go depending how long it had been since I'd taken the medicine. The doctor suggested botox injections in my leg which didn't appeal to me. After much research in books & on the internet, I began to suspect the medicine was causing the dystonia. I told the doctor I wanted to stop the meds & got instructions on how to stop it. The dystonia is gone and I feel great. It was much worse than my current symptoms. F 60 7 months
25/100 3X D
 2  Parkinson's Disease "On" time (when it works) gets shorter and shorter, excess sweating when it stops working, also excess hand and arm shaking when it stops working. I have been taking this for tremors of my right hand (now arm and leg) supposedly due to Parkinson's Disease for one and a half years. For about 3 months it worked (meaning I had no tremors) and gradually the "On" time became shorter and shorter. The doctor increased the dosage and the "On" time increased slightly. I was also taking Azilect but discontinued to see if it was interfering with the Sinemet. Was also on REQUIP but it caused a number of side effects of it's own. The doctor increased Artane and it caused hallucinations so I discontinued using it. I think I may have been misdiagnosed as having Parkinson's Disease and will be tested for other causes. F 61 1 years
25/100 4X D
 4  parkinsons I have so far Gained from this medicene. I do find myself bored alot. but I live in the country an its quite here. F 52 3 months
10/100 4X D

 1  Osteoperosis My father has been taking Sinemet for 5 years. He has experienced dreadful hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis. Shocking visions of ugly monsters and people trying to murder him and his loved ones. If he had alcohol at his disposal he would have become an alcoholic too, there we're signs of additiction type of behaviours. My father began taking this drug at the age of 80 and we believe he was overmedicated by the nursing home he was living in. This high dose has now caused terrible mental problems for my father that he would have been better off without it and at least sane. M 86 5 years
250mg 4X D

 4  Sinemet weight gain, sleeping problems Works well for me so far. I also take Mirapex so don't know if Sinemet is helping or not, but with the minimal side effects, I will continue taking it. M 59 6 months
25/100 mg. 3X D

 1  help with dystonia of left foot Tingling in my head and irratic heartbeat. It makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure and or heart attack. F 23 2 days
10mg 1X D
 1  parkinsons hallucinations...confusion..joint pain.. upset tummy..depression moody sickness insomina nightmares my dads been taking these meds for 3 yrs and has ended up in a terrible state constant hallucinations..sickness somnia depression his had to stop driving and hasnt been out of the house for a year... also i find theres not much help out there within the nhs for people with parkinsins his had parkinsons sine he was 53 12 yrs now its a horrible diesease that slowly takes the person u onced knew and loved x M 65 3 years
3X D

 3  Parkinson Pins and needles in my feet making it hard for me to walk. Feeling sick. Sleepless nights. I think that Sinemet should be taken off the market.It is clear that it is making people more ill than better. My brother took sinemet unfortunately he passed a away in February age 46 he been taking Sinemet for 10 years he always said that they were making him feel a lot worst,but he would not stop taking them because the doctor told him to take them,and my brother always said that the doctor knows whats best.He sufferd. F 47 2 years
62.5 3X D
 1  Parkinson's disease Hallucinations, bad dreams, nausea, pain and itching in limbs. These are side effects described by my mother. She was diagnosed with PD just a few years before her death. She said it stopped her tremors for a while, but shortly this effect waned and the side effects remained. She wanted off almost at once, but took them for some time because of the doctor's persuasion. F 76 6 months

 3  Depression/Anxiety/OCD a weird burny feeling in my chest, worsening of OCD symptoms, a little bit more anxiety than before, i take half of a yellow 100/25 pill ........overall, this medicine can help a little bit or a lot with the depression, but it makes anxiety and OCD worse, obviously. if u have no other options this can help with depression, but u should take it with an MAO-B inhibitor (such as selegiline or rasagiline) to prevent possible neurotoxic damage caused by the dopamine matabolism in the brain. M 18 2 days

 1  My Dad had Parkinsons. Please see my orriginal note on 8/6/2008. I have included my email address. Dad became very delusional and we were afraid to keep him at home. He rarely slept and was combative all the time. He had me take him to the hospital so they could terminate his life. Dad would rip out his IV's at the hospital. We couldn't keep him at home like this, so Mom and I decided to take him off the Sinemet. He was acting so paranoid and aggressive he would have to be locked up. We refused to do that. Dad became much happier and like his old self when he went off the Sinemet. We were able to keep him home until he died on Feb 1st of this year. This drug works great at first, then seems to build up and turn on the patient. In my opinion, it should be taken off the market. Find something else! I am putting my Dad's gender and age down. Take care! ALso...the neurologists were useless. They are bored with Parkinsons patients and keep pushing the Sinemet. It's up to you to find what works. M 81 1 years
 3  I have MSA with Parkinsons symptoms Hallucinations and after 10 years my front teeth are cracking. Sinemet helped with movement. I take 1/2 a pill twice a day. M 73 10 years

 2  parkinson headache M 66

 1  PARKINSONS to help tremor restless leg syndrome, insomnia, increased tremors Initially I had a tremor. Prescribed sinumet and took for one month. I started having rls and insomnia after three weeks on med. Even after doctor weaning me off Sinumet side effects continued. Searched blogs and tried several ideas from them which included increasing protein in diet and avoiding citrus. In my case this worked and the side effects disappeared. F 83 1 months

 4  Parkinson's Initial nausea, burning and bad taste in mouth, and some trouble sleeping. HANG IN THERE if you can. Sinemet did improve my PD symptoms but it did take about six long weeks to get passed the nausea and some of the other side effects...I had to give it (Sinemet) a chance and just put up with the bothersome side effects for a while. I did find that taking the pills with a full glass of warm water and not taking them on an empty stomach did help. Sugar-free hard candy also helped with the bad taste in my mouth. Currently, I am in the process of adjusting the dose and adding an agonist (Requip) at bed time to find the right combination and dosages to best address my symptoms. Summarily, response to this medication appears to be variable just like the symptoms of PD. M 62 5 months

 2  symptoms after Keppra increase muscle weakness in both arms and legs within 36 hours; inability to stand or walk without two large people helping to lift him up, in doctor's office, fatigue--whereas prior to drug he could walk slowly to bathrooom with a walker just fine. (In short, same results as when he tried this same drug in 2005) It concerns me that the neurologists keep pushing Parkinsons meds like this one and Mirapex on my dad. An 84-year old man with a prior cerebral hemorrhage from a vehicle accident, who's on increased Keppra dosage needed to avoid new seizure problems, plus BP meds, cholestrol drugs, Terazosin, Plavix, Zoloft and others, who also has neuropathy, severe sleep apnea and no CPAP yet (getting retested) could have increased slowness, problems walking and falls for a number of reasons. I am guessing that treatment via Parkinsons meds for symptoms of slowness and falls is likely a standard AMA protocol once someone is in their 80's, even if other causes are a possibility, especially since Parkinsons diagnosis is limited to observing visual symptoms. Therefore neurologists are afraid not to prescribe Parkinsons meds? A respected Chicago hospital had already declared my dad does not have Parkinsons disease; only features of Parkinsons (shuffling, etc.), yet once we come back home, that's all we get from the local neuros. All I can say is beware: consider looking at other causes of the symptoms AND getting other opinions before using this drug--every article I have seen written by patients/families on the internet seem to contain a number of horror stories about this drug. I'm adding ours. Our loved ones deserve better. (Time length taking Sinemet in 2009: 2 days. In 2005: about a month) M 84
 2  PD My mother took her first pill this morning and then I discovered this website and after reading several posts, I'm not sure if I should proceed with Sinemet. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or recommendations. My mother has what I would describe as "light" tremors in her hands which is a problem when she's eating. She also has problems walking sometimes. What's most important to us is that she has good quality of life. The comments about not sleeping, nightmares, nausia, etc. from taking this medication concerns me. F 75 1 days
 4  Restless leg syndrome I would take one pill 3o minutes before bedtime and sleep for a good four or five hours. Then I could not get back to sleep. Now I seem to have restless legs during the day instead of just at night and on airplane trips. I like the medication for what it does for me at night but can't help but wonder if I am addicted to it inorder to get to sleep - and wonder why my legs are so antsy during the day - off and on. F 56 40 days

 1  Parkinsons My brother has been taking this medicine and we have had so many problems with him, he is now in fact on remand for a crime we belive was caused by this drug, now he has spent time in a mental hospital he has been taken off this drug and is now his oldself again, This drug is awful and I would love to hear from anyone else that has experienced mental issues whilat taking, we need your help please. PLEASE HELP M 55 4 days
 1  Parkinson's My Husband has been taking Sinemet for about 7 yrs. Over the last year he has been having terrible confusion, insomnia and very bad dreams. We are now finding out the trouble is being caused by Sinemet. We went to a Parkinson's doctor and she told use she has heard the same comments from other patients. She said if it bothers you this much, just quit taking the medicine. So, as of today he will no longer take Sinemet. M 80
 2  undiagnosable progressive paralysis upset stomach, vomiting after dosage, serious agitation, inability to listen, hear's a couple words of sentence, jumps to conclusion (sometimes very unrealistic), initial energy boost, drops a couple hrs later, frequent severe fatigue. This chld doesn't have parkinson's, dosage times must be very carefully monitored, any deviation creates serious problems in physical and mental well being. a snack (not a meal) must be given 15-20 min after meds or vomiting will occur. Initially it did seem to help with fine motor control but I now believe the side effects are not worth it. She can't go out and play much when she gets sick 3 times a day. The agitation during the drop effects everyone in the home. She has always had trouble sleeping it is now much worse F 8 5 months
 1  Parkinsons My Dad is taking Sinemet and it has been a nightmare. He is totally delusional now. He is extremely fatigued and sleeps quite a lot during the day. He is agitated and walks around at night. Normally Dad is respectful. Now he is mean and paranoid. I want him off this drug! Has anyone tried muscle relaxents instead of Sinement? Medical Marijuana? I want my Dad back! Dad is 80 and has been on Sinemet less that a year. F 50 1 years
 3  Parkinson's disease Sleepiness, dyskinesia, mental slowness For those recently diagnosed with PD: take advantage of all you can - you'll never feel better than you do now. I was diagnosed with PD in 2001. I've taken Sinemet for 7 years. After 6 years of relatively good control of my PD symptoms on Sinemet, I began to have dyskinesias or unintentional or dystonic movements and spasms. My co-workers thought I was drunk. But inside I was a mass of clenched muscles, especially in the jaw, neck, upper body. Sinemet kept me going rather smoothly for 6 years, but now I walk a tightrope between PD symptoms and side-effects. Sinemet also slows me down mentally, like I was drugged. (Laugh - I am!) These days I take a nap almost every day, out of necessity, in order to get through a work day, which for me is the evening shift. I'm a musician. M 55 7 years

 4  Young Onset Parkinson's Brief stomach upset when taken in the morning. Dosing is tricky. Restless when taken too much; very evident when it wears off. Flatulence (yuck), daytime sleepiness, nighttime insomnia, and some memory issues. I started tremoring at age 27. I was diagnosed with essential tremor for a long time. My symptoms got progressively worse until it became difficult to function. After suggesting PD to my doctor for over a year, I finally got properly diagnosed. Sinemet has made my life so much better. I'd take the side effects over the inability to write, walk, and engage in normal life activities ANY DAY! F 35 4 months

 4  Restless legs daytime fatigue I've been taking just 4 days, but so far it is a godsend. I was extremely sleep deprived 5 days ago from RLS. My ferritin level is low, so I am also taking iron therapy and the hope is that in a couple months my ferritin level will be up to 50 or 60 and I won't need the sinemet any more. (RLS is rare in people with ferritin levels of 50 or more.) I am on the lowest possible dose, so I don't take it before bed, I wait till the RLS kicks in, then get up and take the Sinemet. I am usually back to sleep in 30-60 minutes. One night I slept 10 hours and it was heavenly! F 51 4 days

 1  suspected Parkinsons Dementia, COD, anorexia Please beware side effects M 75 7 days

 1  Parkinsons Delusions, erratic behavior, disturbed dreams, memory loss, and insomnia. My father was on this drug for two years. He became increasingly delusional and we were told it was because his disease had progressed and that we should put him in a locked unit. After 4 hospitalizations one physician told us of the drugs side effects. We discontinued the drug. Dad is now back in his own home and doing well without assistance. Shaking is better than the suffering he went through. M 77 2 years

 3  Restless legs Syndrome Brief night time hot flashes. Sinemet was great for two years - one pill before my bedtime did the trick. Then, RLS started during the day at work, and my night time doses had to be increased so that I could sleep. Now, I have to take one pill before bedtime, a second pill after three hours, and a third pill after three more hours. I am experiencing general insomnia - just cannot sleep well. F 54 2.5 years

 2  Parkinsons Anxiety attacks, irregular heart rhythms, severe on-off effects with trembling and a feeling of having your stuffing knocked out , addictive, and forces the body to give up production of its own dopamine so that without it you have no mobility. Starts off promising, with light doses and pleasant results. However eventually you have to keep increasing the dosage to be able to function -then you pay for it with the side effects. A vicious outcome you would not wish on anyone. M 55 4 years
 1  Parkinson's When it kicks in, I feel great, but after 2-3 hours it starts to wear off and I go crashing. I have what I can only describe as severe drug withdrawal symptoms. I get the worst butterflies in my stomach and I feel the need to keep moving because of the overwhelming crawling feeling in my legs. It's awful. This pretends to be the best medication for PD but it's actually the worst. There has to be a better solution. F 49 5 months
 5  Restless Leg Syndrome Works wonders. After 2 years use, I now need two tablets instead of one, but no noticeable side effects. M 63 2 years

 3  parkinsons terrible stomach discomfort and constipation as far as i'm concerned it does what is expected providing.relief of strong tremor and a somewhat sense of well being.However the accompaning stomach discomfort more than makes up for the good.Kindly respond if you've experienced the same discomfort. M 73 1.6 years
 4  Frequent, severe muscle cramps Mild constant backache/night sweats Don't like the backache or the night sweats, but so far, this is the only thing that has helped alleviate most of the cramps I was getting in the muscles of my legs, feet, arms, and hands. F 57 10 months
 3  Parkinson's Disease Extension of fingers; cramping of fingers; headache; dizziness; tightness in shoulders. Tricky to dose; hard to distinguish the side effects from the disease it treats. When dosed properly, it's wonderful, making me able to be almost "cured." M 64 3 years

 4  PLMD after about a year, I have experienced heart palpitations\irregular heart beats M 47 1 years

 3  PLMD Extra involuntary movements. Upset stomach. Extremely agitated sleep if also had caffiene or cold medicine. Neuro doc changed me to Mirapex because he said Sinemet should be saved for latter stages. If all other meds have ceased to work and Sinemet is the best choice, remember that eating protein interferes with its absorption, as does eating on a full stomach those foods that take long to digest. F 54 4 years

 4  Parkinsons None noted. F 66 4 years
 5  Parkinson's None cause I started very slowly with much less than prescribed to allow my system to get used to it. Very good / very bad. Classical situation where a drug seems to address exactly what is going wrong in the Parkinsonian's brain and that is the diminishing capacity to make our own levodopa (which is what sinemet is). Levodopa in a healthy person is made in our bodies from basic nutrients. Levodopa, in turn, is converted to Dopamine, which in balance with two other neurotransmitters, acethylcholine and GABA, provide for smooth and controlled movement. Throwing ready-made levodopa into our bodies causes a well known pharmacological effect called F 48 7 years

 5  restless leg syndrome possibly night sweats, they started about the time I started the medication. The sweats could be from thyroid. Before I started taking Sinemet, I could not sleep for all the jerking motions of my legs. That problem doesn't exist with the medication. I take one every night 30 minutes before going to bed. F 47 7 years

 5  Young Onset Parkinson's Occasional dyskenesia if I dont dose correctly, ON/OFF periods Saved my life! I medically retired at 33 from the Air Force. SINEMET is the medicine that helped, all the agonists had extreme side effects. SINEMET has allowed me to go back to work as an IT specialist. M 38 5 years
 2  Parkinson's Extreme on off dyskinesia, dystonia, Cognitive problems of all kinds. Cramps, joint pain, muscle and soft tissue damage from dyskinesia. If someone had only told me that I would be totally overdosed and become addicted to this drug! What I thought was Parkinsons's disease is nothing more than the ravages of sinemet addiction. How do I decrease dosage and get back to normal Parkinson's disease and symptoms? M 55 5 years

 3  Parkinson's Helps with freezing, limited side effects F 70 12 months

 4  parkinsons wearing off F 10 months

 4  Young onset Parkinson's disease It is the Gold standard of PD drugs for me, it helps tremor or the lack of movement, it is a good drug but it has an = on /off phenomena after 3-6 years, to much can be as bad as not enough. Sinemet is a good medication for me, yet it is not a cure. F 37 7 years

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