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 5  Anxiety None that I know of. This has been such a tremendous help, I tried so many other drugs and had awful side effects and still had anxiety. I feel like my old self again, I am now employed and even going to school. I'm suppose to take 0.5 mgs twice a day, but usually only take one, depending on my schedule. F 40 35 days

 5  anxiety and insomnia Not sure of any. Maybe have less energy. But without it I wouldn't get much sleep. Have slept well ever since the first time I began taking this. I take half of a .5 in the morning and .5 about an hour before going to bed. I used to have major problem getting to sleep. I can go to sleep very easily now. My brother has taken Klonopin for several years and it has helped him greatly. He too can sleep very well every night. F 60 2 years

 5  Severe anxiety and sleeplessness I experienced NO side effects at all. I have been taking Klonopin twice per day (once in the AM and once in the PM). My prescription is for .5 mg and I take one pill or 1 1/2 pills depending on whether or not I need it. Perhaps I just have an extremely non-addictive personality, but this drug has been in no way addictive. I feel better than ever, as my crippling anxiety has disappeared and I sleep very well. I do not get a "high" from the pill nor do I ever experience problems. I drive daily and experienced no dizziness or ill effects. This was the only drug that worked for me after several others failed. Please give it a try before discounting it altogether. F 37 4 months

 5  Panic Disorder Some days I feel tired I have been taking klonopin for 12 years. I had panic attacks and agoraphobia most of my life. I had not been out of town for 15 years and could not go anywhere alone. Love my new life. I have traveled all over the U.S. by auto. I also go and do things by myself again. I fell normal. I am planning a trip to Seattle in Sept. by air. This is my final challenge. Has anyone ever flown with klonopin? F 68 12 days
 5  Panic attacks, anxiety disorder none This saved me. I was taking Xanix for a while, but when it wears off in about 3-4 hours, you crash and shake. Klonopin has a wonderful calming affect with a very long rate of action about 8 hours, and best of all you do not feel it wear off. I was on 20mg of Paxil combined with 0.5 mg of Klonopin during the day and another 0.5 mg of Klonopin before bed. Still on both, have not had a panix attack in over 13 years. Klonopin is a controlled substance and should never be stopped cold turkey. The withdrawl symptoms are terrifying, and can be critical!!! I took both meds during my second pregnancy after confering with the OB/GYNS and no birth defects. Had a completely healthy baby girl who is seven years old today. I wish you well! F 46 13 years

 5  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder No negative side effects! I LOVE THIS DRUG!!! I got cancer while my son was in Iraq. The chemotherapy caused me to have a very rapid menopause. Developed constant "free floating anxiety" & massive frequent panic attacks. Was emotionally crippled. Took .5 mg four times a day along with Zoloft 100mg. I WAS IN HEAVEN!!! Took this at bedtime, so it helped me sleep. Woke up feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. Have been on this for 3 1/2 years. It got me back to work within 6 weeks. I work a 24 hr week as an R.N. I line dance two eves a week. I have a new granddaughter! I am in love with life! I now take only .5mg ONCE a day at bedtime with 75mg of Zoloft. Yes, I am probably addicted to it. But, WHO CARES? Without it I would be like a diabetic without insulin. I plan to stay on this dosage until the day I die. Which doesn't appear to be any time soon. I am positive this medication helped get me into remission from my cancer. It gave me a positive attitude and sense of we F 60 3 years

 5  Anxiety disorder 1mg makes me sleepy, but 0.5mg just relaxes me. I started Klonopin along with Zoloft 50mg years ago when I developed general anxiety disorder. With in a few weeks I was back to my old self! I maintained that schedule for approximalty a year. I now only use the Klonopin when under unusal stress such as flying. The 0.5mg relaxes me, and lets me just be me. I will say that I have used meditation along with the meds, and believe this has also helped. F 43 10 years

 5  Social Anxiety Disorder Energized feeling, especially after having caffeine. - maybe false euphoria. Skipping even a dose or 2 I feel unpleasant withdrawal effects. The only real side effects for me are when tapering off the drug, nothing troublesome when on it. Helps me alot with panic, social situations, depression. I prefer this too Ativan so I will continue with it. YES it is addictive. F 31 90 days

 5  Anxiety, palpitations IBS No side effects except for a little sluggishness. My symptoms have gone away since day one. That is pretty impressive for someone like me who has been taking herbal/holistic remedies for over 6 years and they no longer work for me. I had to switch to western medicine and I am grateful I did. I feel like I can get my life back again. F 51 4 days

 5  anxiety & Bipolar I I get alittle tired if I take it at the wrong time. I have been taking 1mg twice a day for a while now. I have panic attacks when facing social situations or any kinda of meltdown type of thing. I have other medications that help but they have side effects like loosing hair. This seems to help better and I don't loose my hair lol. I can actually function at my son's school events and it helps with my rage from the Mania of my Bipolar. I know that some people don't like it but for the moment and what I use it for it is better than alot of other options. F 25 6 months
 5  severe insomnia/fibromyalgia Some dizziness, occasional drowsiness during the day.Have to go through a "mini" withdrawal every six months or so. I am a person who, for whatever reasons, cannot sleep more than 3 and a half to four hours a night without help. Sometimes I don't sleep at all. I even went to a sleep clinic; their diagnosis? "You don't sleep." Thanks, guys. My rhuematologist first recommended Klonopin (after trying multitudinous other approaches, natural and otherwise) to treat what had been diagnosed as fibromyalgia pain. The pain turned out to be directly related to the sleep problem. No sleep = lots of pain. Klonopin worked like a miracle. I can't take opiods, so whether they would be better is a non-issue. I don't like the mini-withdrawal I have to go through every six months or so to keep the dosage in check, but 10 to 11 months of feeling mostly normal is worth the six or so weeks of "hell" I have to go through to keep the dosage between the .5 and 1.5 milligrams I take at night the rest of the time. I increase it gradually as I need to, and then decrease it gradually to .25 ml over 3 to 4 w F 61 15 years

 5  RLS NONE NONE NONE this works great for RLS. I have not experiencec ANY side effects and have only ever had to take a maximum of 2mg at night..I can go down to 1mg easily with no side effects...i can even take it 5 out of 7 days and it works perfect. F 45 2 years

 5  panic attacks, acute anxiety Drowsiness, euphoria. None others, but I do NOT take this drug consecutively. I take it as needed, as people should be taking it. Any doctor who gives this drug without a plethora of warnings should have his/her license removed. Klonopin is a highly addictive and dangerous drug, and benzo withdrawal can ruin someone's life (as it has ruined peoples lives here on this board). For acute, severe panic, klonopin is awesome. It helps me sleep at night, it calms me down and takes away my ability to lose it. It mostly helps with my nausea, which is always associated with panic/anxiety. Like I said, before you put ANY chemical in your mouth, you should educate yourself. Doctors don't know everything, and esp. mental health doctors don't know how you feel. These drugs effect your brain, not theirs. Be conscious of side effects and addiction and so forth -- klonopin is dangerous and addictive, and if you do take it, you must take it responsibly. I've been using this drug when needed (once to twice a week or less) for about 5 years now, and it has done very well for me. I also use as needed: Xanax, Ativan, Dalmane, etc. Klonopin has been the best. F 23 5 years

 5  Generalized Anxiety Disorder Initial slight cognitive impairment. Taking .5mg BID. This drug is often grouped in with benzos (xanax, valium, etc.) but it's different because it also works on your serotonin receptors (which gives it antidepressant effects). I switched over to this after years on Lexapro (which was really hard to get off -- and took 4 months). I lost 25 Lexa-pounds, felt mentally better and also physically better than on SSRIs. I believe pharma companies positioned SSRIs as safer (less-addictive) to encourage SSRI use. I've also come to believe that the risk of addiction is a small (and manageable) factor compared to the benefit of a simpler drug. Having said that -- if you've had issues with addiction in the past, don't take this drug. Or, if your dose stops working after 2 months -- klonopin (or other benzos) are probably not for you. One last note. If you are switching directly from an SSRI to klonopin, you may not be able to fairly evaluate klonopin. Going off an SSRI (after prolonged use) means you've trained some of your F 40 10 months

 5  anxiety a little sleepy i loved it when i was on it because it was quick to help with the anxiety whereas ativan didn't seem to heplp at all. no major side effects with klonopin- i really liked it. it helped quickly and greatly. unfortunately i'm an addict and klonopin being addictive, i don't know if the doc will be willing to put me back on it. hmmm... F 32 2 months

 5  anxiety/panic disorder none I very suddenly developed severe almost hallucinogenic panic attacks when I was 14 or 15, in 6 years I've been on almost every antidepressant/antipsychotic/anti-anxiety under the sun excluding prozac and lithium,(I also had depression and PTSD) but klonopin was the first and only real thing to work for my panic attacks, not even xanax worked. I know people sometimes buy klonopin to get high, but I was on .5mg for 6 years, and even when I first started taking it never had symptoms, never even got high off of it, and occasionally during extremely bad panic attacks would take up to four .5mg pills at once. Klonopin is a wonder drug to me, before it I was afraid, and wanted to kill myself, but now I am fine and drug free, and I believe Klonopin helped greatly. I switched antidepressants constantly, and Klonopin was the only constant during those 6 years. The best thing was that it worked almost immediately, no waiting 3 weeks for it to get into your system. F 21 6 years

 5  anxiety NONE EXCELLENT! The best anti-anxiety drug ever and I have tried quite a few! F 54 4 years

 5  acute anxiety,panic disorder can't describe any side affects. Was diagnosed with mononucleosis same week I started taking Rivotril. IT SAVED MY LIFE. I spent about 19 yrs seeing psychiatrists,psychologists,behavioral therapy,hypnosis.Tried many different medications.NOTHING WORKED..Referred to a psychiatrist/drug therapist who gradualy brought me to 3-2mg rivotril a day. After mono subsided I felt normal for the fist time since my symptons started. No side effects. Afer about 10 yrs reduced myself to 2-2mg/dly. After a few more yrs. reduced myself down to 1-2mg/dly.Never had any symptoms of withdrawal.Holding on to the last one,I think,as security blanket. Never regretted taking it. F 57 20 years

 5  Anxiety, Panic attacks I have been on this medicine for many years. I have no side effect problems and I can't say that about many drugs! it helps me in so many ways. I can actually go places now and enjoy life. I used to take Xanax but got addicted to it so I finally got off of it. If I miss does of Klonopin, I don't even notice it. F 47 10 years

 5  GAD, Panic Attacks, Insomnia None 15 years of battling these disorders and now I've had 1 month of being "cured". I'm absolutely amazed. .5 mil 3x a day. Not a moment of anxiety or even a hint of a panic attack since the first day, even in the most stressful situations that would have sent me reeling before. Of course I worry about the side effects of withdrawal, but I'm gonna enjoy my freedom while I have it! F 33 30 days
 5  GAD/panic disorder no side effects until I went off of it Klonopin helped me greatly with my constant anxiety and frequent panic attacks. I began with 1.5mg/day and ended with 4mg/day 2 years later because I had built up a tolerance. I used to take Ativan which I found to be extremely addictive and was switched to klonopin which, for some reason, was not addictive for me. The bad news is one day, about 2 weeks ago it seemed to just stop working out of the blue. I had raging anxiety and I overdosed on klonopin by taking around 60-80mg. Nothing happened and I had no relief. THANK GOD I did not die, go into a coma or end up in the hospital. My psychiatrist was shocked that I had not fallen unconscious. I abruptly stopped taking the klonopin and was put on Librium. For the next week I had horrific withdrawal symptoms. Severe depression, suicidal thoughts, horrible anxiety and panicky feelings and general physical discomfort as if my skin was crawling. It has now been 11 days since I stopped taking klonopin and I am finally beginning to feel better. It is possible I had a bad withdrawal because I had overdosed. It's possible other people may come off of this medication just fine. F 31 2 years

 5  anxiety / panic attacks No initial side effects other than it worked to help me get to sleep and keeps the racing thoughts at bay. After taking this med (or other benzos) for 20+ years I know I am addicted. I have taken the same dose every night and never upped it. I don't take it during the day. If I can't sleep after taking it, it makes me irritable and tired. It did save my sanity at the time I started it, but I know that if I ever try to go off it, I may likely go insane or worse, so it is hard knowing that I'm addicted. I also believe it has gradually caused other health problems but would not know for sure unless I went off it. What I hate the most is that someday I may go through hell trying to withdraw and it scares the hell outta me. My advice is to try every other non addictive anti-anxiety med you can before you end up on benzos. They save your life in one way - but destroy it in another. F 53 20 years

 5  Panic Attacks and Anxiety A very slight and temporary forgetfullness, like I acted a little slower than usual to answer questions and remembering things took a couple of minutes. Took this med for about 1 year for anxiety along with Serzone for Depression. Doze of Klonopin was 3 pills a day. Was off of it for some time. Still take 1/2 pill ocasionally here and there for a couple of days and it seems to work. I thank my psychiatrist for this treatment. It is stronger than Xanax so if you haven't tried any of the two try the mildest first, however for acute and recurrent panic attacks it works the best when taken between 6 months to a year, otherwise don't bother. You got to start on a small dose, 1/2 pill and increase it over a week, otherwise it won't work if taken too high of a dose at first it can aggravate your panic attacks and anxiety and so you think it won't work on you. Not meant to be taken for over a year I would say. It's not so addictive that you can't take it off. Unfortunately for people that are anxious by nature is a chronic disorder comes and goes with Stress! Yes you can keep it under control when you go off the med by identifying y F 39 1 years

 5  Stress, Panic, Anxiety Relaxes me, Helps me have a fulling night sleep. I was taking Xanax for a while there, but I couldn't stand how tired and agitated it made me feel, so I switched to Klonopin, I love it, because there is no lasting effect with this medication. It has also helped my breathing, which I thought was asthma, but it was due to stress. F 25 1 years
 5  ANXIETY Nothing but positive things to see. This really calmed me down and helped me sleep. F 7 days

 5  Anxiety/panic disorder Forgetfulness, sometimes dry mouth, feelings of overconfidence, muscle twitching I've been taking Klonopin since 1999. I had been experiencing panic attacks and general anxiety that was giving me a nervous stomach/nausea. Took it more to relieve the physical symptoms of anxiety that were causing me to miss work/school. First started taking it twice a day, then once a day, then continued that way only because it was in my system and I was afraid of withdrawal. (Tried that once and it was ugly!) I was gradually able to withdraw from daily usage by just putting off taking it, longer and longer...until I was taking a small dose of it maybe 2 times a month. I will probably take Klonopin the rest of my life, as needed, because it really helps with my anxiety. Now that I take it as needed, I notice that it always puts me in a good mood - then a few days later, my recollections of that day (and sometimes my bold actions!) will be somewhat hazy. (Sometimes even in a "drunk-dialing/did that really happen?" kind of way.) This isn't necessarily a negative thing beca F 30 10 years

 5  panic attacks I never had any side effects. It definately stopped the panic attacks. F 15 years

 5  anxiety, panic attacks Very little side affects, sometimes I get shaky when it is time to take it. I initially started taking Ativan and it did nothing for me. My doctor prescribed with an SSRI and the SSRI put me in the hospital with a fast heart rate. I can no longer take them (effexor, Lexapro). I actually started at 3mg but now take .75 a day. It helps alot since I cannot take the other. I still have some anxiety but this does help. F 37 2 years

 5  anxiety after cancer diagnosis drowsiness. suggest most people are taking too high a dose. I started at 0,5mgs bid but asked to have it reduced to 0.25mgs. Don't want to be totally out of it and even this small dose really helps. F 67 3 years

 5  Panic attacks, agoraphobia, anxiety None I already take Lamictal (for bipolar disorder) and Ambien (insomnia), but 8 months ago my life came to a complete halt because my panic attacks and anxiety were so severe. I couldn't function at all... from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep it felt like my chest was in a vice-grip. I finally relented to my doctor's recommendation of Klonopin (.5 mg/twice a day). Within days I felt like I had gotten my life back! I know there are risks involved with the Benzos, but for me the benefits completely outweigh them... especially since I keep my dose steady and see my doctor weekly. When it is time to come off the drug, I know it will be very important to taper off of it very slowly to minimize negative side effects. F 34 7 months

 5  anxiety, insomnia, nervous Some days tired and some days motivated. Always in a better mood. Since taking this I can now rode add a passenger in a car, I can fly and I don't take my 3 kids and 2 100lb dogs in our 3x5 bathroom during every rain storm now. I can sleep and I don't get angry over silly things. F 27 1 years

 5  Panic, anxiety, insomnia I have had no bad side affects. After the death of my husband I was given .5 mg tablets of Klonopin and told to take 3 of them a day for panic, anxiety or sleeplessness. For about six months I did take 1.5 mg a day and was able to squash the worst panic attacks or get a good restful night's sleep. Then I decided to taper down on the amount I was taking, which I did with the only side effect being a few nights of restlessness and body aches. For the last year and a half I have taken the drug infrequently, for episodes of panic or when I have a racing mind at night. I just did home hospice for my mother, and after she passed I started taking .5 during the middle of the day for anxiety. I have never felt addicted to Klonopin, it has never been hard to stop taking it. I do feel good knowing I have a supply if I have a few bad days. Because I take it intermittently, the very low dose still gives me full benefit. During the six months I took it daily, I noticed no reduction in effectiveness at the 1.5 mg daily dose. Thank goodness for this drug. It has gotten me through some very rough times. This is the first drug of this type I have ever used in my life and I am very grateful for it. When I have mild symptoms I try other techniques to settle myself down, but when nothing else works .5 Klonopin really helps the hell that is panic and anxiety. F 58 2 years
1.5 1X D
 5  Anxiety attacks In the beginning I would feel "sluggish" and would probably sound like I was drunk, but that all stopped after the few week or two. No side effects now, other than mild drowsiness. I am still able to drive/work without any issue. But if I lay down for awhile I might fall asleep. Switched to this after not getting much relief from Xanax, and my anxiety became much more manageable. Even at 0.5mg, it takes effect pretty quickly. I can take one at night to relax and fall asleep better - but generally if I take it during an anxiety attack, I only feel mildly tired, not enough to interfere with my ability to function. And it definitely makes me feel calmer. F 27 2 years
1mg 1X D

 5  Anxeity, panic attacks More energy, alittle more tired but thats about it. F 21 5 years

 5  hypersomnia/insomnia A little foggy the next day at times, only thing that would keep me from constantly wanting to toss & turn and readjust in bed. I actually take clonazapam which is the generic- Very inexpensive. Went to Sleep doc- had insomnia and thought I had RLS so prescribed .5mg, then upped to 1mg. Wonderful in helping me relax at night and feel sleepier but turns out after sleep test I have a more serious sleeping disorder. Taken off clonaz and put on Xyrem-- didn't have withdrawal. Xyrem helps me sleep, but bc of how it works would wake me up and didn't help w tossing/turning. Doc added .5mg clonaz and is a miracle for me. I did hear it stays in your system for up to 40 hrs so PLEASE take it lightly...I am going to start not taking it on the weekends. By the time you go off it you may have a TON stored in your system which is why the withdrawal is so bad. F 25 4 months

 5  panic, anxiety, insomnia None except daytime drowsiness, a heavy-lidded stupid feeling. That was no fun. Had panic and anxiety and insomnia (severe) on vacation in a timeshare. After 5 days no sleep, walk-in clinic doctor prescribed 0.5 mg Klonopin at bedtime. He authorized up to 1.0 mg in order to sleep. This did the trick. But I have tapered down from 1st dose of 1 mg to 0.25 over 5 days. Intend to stop completely. Benzos are dangerously addictive and truly a demon if used daily (for most people). I regard this as for emergencies only. (Also have replaced occasional Lunesta with this. Lunesta causes panic in me after a day or two. Klonopin is a better drug for occasional severe insomnia) F 55 5 days

 5  Panic Attacks, agoraphobia Only had 1 panic attack in 15 yrs and that was when my new Dr. took me off it and put me on Lexapro. She said it was safer. I was on Lexapro for 1 yr, had lots of anxiety and couldn't have an orgasm and didn't care about sex. I had bad headaches all the time, sometimes for 2 days or more. Went to another Dr. She took me off Lexapro and back on Klonopin. I take .05 at night and now I can enjoy sex again. I know I will probably be on it forever but my life is great now. Panic Attacks started when I was 19-20. I used and abused Alcohol, got sober and was worse than ever. Went to counceling and all kinds of therapy until my Dr put me on Klonopin. It took weeks before I would take it. I was scared because of addition. Finally I took it. People in AA and my husband even told me to take it. I have been doing things I could never do years ago.I have been sober 25 yrs and feel great. F 55 15 years
 5  anxiety, depression Nothing really Klonopin is the best - 0.5 mg did away with my social anxiety. I take 0.5 mg once or twice a week and I am not addicted. Klonopin also helps with the tremors I get from taking Wellbutrin XL. I don't feel "stoned" from Klonopin, just calm. F 34 7 months

 5  Panic attacks, severe anxiety brain zaps, severe dry eyes, zero libido. but the disappearance of severe anxiety has so far outweighed those side effects. Have been on Klonopin .5 mg/3xday for 7 years. Switched to it after took Xanax for 5 years & began to get narcoleptic. Doctor told me Klonopin would not be as addictive as Xanax. Am now very scared as new doctor has told me of withdrawal problems. The brain zaps started about 2 years ago & have become very painful. My eyes are now so dry that I have to take Restasis for relief & also got my tear ducts plugged. I'm not sure what to do, as I never want to experience the anxiety & panic that I lived with for the first 26 years of my life. Xanax & Klonipin made me able to function in everyday situations without breaking out into sweats, palpitations, and crying jags. But it would be nice to have some libido again. Is celibacy worth it in order not to feel anxious all the time? Worried about the withdrawal issue, as when I've gone off some SSRIs, I've had severe heroin-like withdrawal episodes that have lasted months. F 39 7 years

 5  anxiety, rls, insomnia, panic The side effects? No more anxiety, panic attacks, rls and insomnia. It works. Try to stay on regular dosage - usually when there are side effects, its a dosing issue. More is not always better. In my case, I have steadily stayed on 1 mg per day at night. No problems other than a little less energy and need to take a nap during the day. You must determine when you start this med that you will continue to take it for life. Honestly. I look at it ths way - if you had diabetes you wouldn't just decide to quit your meds, would you? Its the same with this - you have to keep taking it or realize that your old symptoms will still be there. Living a good quality of life with no more anxiety or panic makes it worth the price of taking the pill each day. What we need to find out is why are so many of us having such anxiety and panic that we need to take meds! F 58 9 years

 5  insomnia none I developed severe insomnia during treatment for Hepatitis C. Ambien stopped working, I was put then put on Dalmane which made me more depressed. I went to a sleep Psychiatrist who put me on Klonopin 1 mg at night. After about 2 weeks I started sleeping regularly. Once a good sleep pattern was established I weaned off very very slowly. I was very afraid I would have terrible withdrawal but I didn't. I just took it slowly (it took me about 6 months) and really didn't have a problem. My suggestion is that instead of cutting back "cold turkey" which can be scary, alternate a smaller dose with your regular dose for a few nights then stick with the smaller dose once you are comfortable. Worked for me, and I was terrified I'd never sleep normally again after what the HepC medication did to me. F 45 8 months

 5  panic attacks, severe anxiety completely no panic attacks, combined w/ lexapro anxiety is down to level where i understand what "normal" is supposed to feel like and i am so thankful to be thriving as a person. It's a Godsend for me to have the right brain balance. i had misfortune of running out due to mail order pharmacy issues. had to get emergency temp refill. because i lost the steady consistent dose i had i got unbearable slammin head and ear pain on one side, leg cramps and diarrhea stomach ache about 2 days after unintentional taper. if i ever have to switch or discontinue i'll have to go to detox facility or something. F 37 6 months

 5  anxiety,depression,insomina a little more tired nothing to much tho I LOVE THIS PILL HELPS ME A GREAT DEAL F 21 4 months

 5  anxiety and panick attacks none I am shocked about all the horrible comments about withdrawal and medical conditions. I had no idea people were having this much trouble on the medication. I hope this doesn't happen to me though I feel I will alway have this medication on had. I got it for panick attacks / anxiety moments with dosage of .5 mg twice a day. However I have never taken two in a day except when i have had a migraine. I have tried so many migraine meds and none work. I took the klonopin once when I had a migraine to possible knock myself out of my Missouri and hopefully wake up without the headache. I was surprised to find the headache went away and instead of going to sleep I went to the beach with friends...a little sluggish but it beat a migraine. Other wise I only take it when I feel a migraine coming on and it stops it in its tracks. i take it when i get a severe anxiety attack which is only once a week or once every two weeks. I have gone sometimes three weeks without taking one. I don't know if this makes me different than people posting here or not. I dont feel any withdrawal when not taking it for two to three weeks and since i have it i am able to do things that I never did before. I didn't even realize how bad my anxiety to certain situations was until i began this med. I am more active than ever. I travel all over the place by myself and do adventurous things i always wanted to but was to scared. I'm backpacking through central america and volunteering there which is som F 40 1 years
.5 2X D
 5  Anxiety/Insomnia I have not really experienced any negative side effects of this drug. In fact it is THE ONLY drug that has relieve my long standing anxiety and insomnia. I don't think I had had a dream in years and years, and with this drug I have dreams again, which to me signifies that I am sleeping more deeply. I wake up feeling well rested, something that I also had really never experience before either. This drug can work wonders when taken correctly under an experienced physicians care. When and if I come of of Klonipin my Dr. has already talked to me about withdrawal and the need to taper. The withdrawal is manageable and doable when done correctly. Find an experienced Dr. and there should be no issues!!! F 29 6 months
1mg at bed 1X D
 5  Anxiety/Depression In the beginning very drowsey. Although it was a good thing to have the med. slow my brain down to relax. Very satisfied with Klonopin. I take .5 mg in am and 1.0 mg in pm. Prefer this med over Xanax or Ativan. F 29 1 years
 5  General Anxiety, Panic Disorder None It's been almost a year since I started Klonopin and while I always read the bad reviews just to make sure I'm informed, I have had a very excellent experience with this drug. I have been anxiety an panic free since day one, and I haven't had to increase the dosage at all. I went to the shrink when I thought I was going to lose my job because I was unable to perform some of the more social and stressful situations at work. The drug worked from day one, and I got promoted this year. I just wanted there to be another nice story up here instead of all the horror. F 34 1 years
.5 mg 1X D
 5  Periodic Limb Movement Disorder I take Klonopin one hour b4 bed. Only side effect now: slight dizziness. I have been on the same doseage for over 5 years. However, while gradually increasing the dose from .25 mg to 2 mgs over 4 years, I noticed a daytime drugged feeling that didn't wear off until noon. Now that I am steady on 2 mgs for 5 years, I have no daytime drugged feeling. No need to increase the dose. 2 mg does the trick for my PLMD, all night long. NEVER just stop taking this drug. I could not cut back anymore than .25 mgs at a time, and had to give my body a week to get used to the lowered dose b4 cutting the dose again Never experiment with the dose day-to-day. While finding just the right dose, I was at 4 mgs for awhile---way too much. I was seeing double, which is listed as one of the side effects of higher doses. I cut back by a whole milligram and I thought I was going insane. BIG psychological problems associated with cutting back too much too soon. This drug saved my life by addressing my sleep disorder when I found the right dose for me. I'm addicted, but I sleep. Wouldn't be without it. F 56 10 years
2 mg 1X D

 5  Chronic Insomnia Taken only at night no side effects experienced other than calming sensation and ability to sleep. Have had insomnia for 30 years, have tried several anti-depressants, which worked for awhile until tolerance built up and weight gain. I was given Klonopin as a "parachute" to use 1 or 2 times per month during bad insomnia cycle. I have tried all sleep meds and herbs, plus I do yoga 3 times per week plus walk 3-4 miles per day. Klonopin use has increased to 0.25 to 1.0 mg per night depending on insomnia sleep cycle. For me, dependence on Klonopin is just a part of my life; all sleep meds lose their effectiveness, or cause nausea or morning headache and just don't work for me. After reading so many negative comments, I realize tolerance is different based on age, activity, anxiety, depression, and what's going in their life. For me, it has been the only constant med that calms and lets me sleep. Increasing and decreasing dosage has worked for me with no ill side effects. I work with a sleep doctor who wants to put me on other RLS meds, I won't do it as I don't want to deal with other drugs.Yes, sometimes, during insomnia cycle where I can go over a week without much sleep even with Klonopin, I will not add more meds, eventually sleep cycle returns. Klonopin works probably for older patients better? F 65 5 years
0.50 mg 1X D

 5  anxiety/insomnia none in combination with talk therapy and life lessons, pretty much eliminated my generalized anxiety disorder. in combination with earplugs, helps me sleep great. i loves me clon! F 32 5 years
.5 1X D

 5  Restless Leg Syndrome Can cause dizziness if taken too long before retiring. Has really helped me sleep and addressed the problems with restless leg syndrome at night. F 56 5 years
0.5mg 1X D

 5  Panic Attacks Calm, quiet, sleepy Initially I was to use this with Zoloft. I found this to be too much for me. So I stopped taking Zoloft but continued using the Kolonopin. I have found no major side effects and can not believe some of the negative comments listed. I really trust this drug to help me calm down when I start having racing thoughts. Sometimes I start to worry about bills, or work, but as soon as I start feeling anxious I just take one pill(sometimes just half of one) and I will start to feel more calm but NOT sedated. I can still focus and this will last throught the remainder of the day. I do not recommend taking more than 4mg a day... I can see where people can start feeling numb or addicted. If you take the least amount possible it WILL work! I sleep better too. When I know I'm running low I start taking less as needed. When I run out I can wait till I go to the doctor. It's not a MUST have and I don't feel addicted. You have to be responsible with this drug. I'm suppose to take 2 a day but I don't. I just take as needed, some times I only take half and some days I take 2, some days I don't take any. I really feel Klonopin can help a lot of people if you take it properly. I know of a couple of people who should take it as well, lol. My suggestion is to try it. Give it a month, then judge for yourself. F 30 2 years
1mg 2X D

 5  Insomnia / Anxiety Some drowsiness which was what I desired. The comments about Klonopin that I have been reading on here are really surprised me. I have safely and effectively used it for years. I have taken many medications for chronic pain and depression that have had some bad side effects, but Klonopin has been so mild. It makes me wonder if other people are mixing it w/ alcohol? too many other medications? taking too much of it? It just doesn't seem like a drug that warrants labels like "Evil"...and so much anger. It has really helped me and w/ none of the hangover effects of other sleep meds. My insomnia is so severe many other meds don't work at all. I'm sorry that other people have had bad experiences w/ Klonopin-I still am curious about it. F 46 3 years
10 mg 1X D

 5  Anxiety/Insomnia Drowsiness, decreased anxiety and worry. If you take this drug correctly and are monitored closely by any competant Dr. you should have NO PROBLEMS. The only times problems arise is when people begin abusing this drug and stop being honest with their Dr.s and themselves. There isn't a Dr. out there that would not warn you of the addiction and the side effect you would have if you suddenly stopped. Klonipin is a narcotic, don't kid yourself. If you have been on this for years and just think you can stop taking it, I apologize but your are simply not smart. Research what you are taking before taking it!! Klonipin works and is a wonder drug for millions of people who know how to take it correctly. F 29 2 years
1mg 1X D

 5  sleep myoclonus I was unable to sleep due to the severity of my sleeping disorder. Unfortunately no other medications would work. I wish I did not have to take medication to sleep but there is no cure for my disorder and the cause cannot be found. Without clonazepam I would not be able to function. F 42 3 years
.5 mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia, anxiety, teeth grinding no bad side effects I have anxiety, insomnia, & clench and grind my teeth at night. I had tried Ambien, Ambien CR, some terrible drug that begins with a T that gave me night terrors!! All of these did not help me sleep much, if at all. I did an internet search and found Klonopin could help with the teeth grinding. I asked my doctor for it and VOILA! it WORKED! I sleep through the night, maybe getting up once to go to the bathroom, but I fall right back to sleep. I take Buspar 7.5mg three times a day for my anxiety. Doctor wants to take away my xanax which I used for my panic attacks. Not sure what's going on there. I will be talking to her tomorrow about it. I think she believes that if I am taking Buspar and Klonopin, I don't need xanax. But what if I have a panic attack? Will the Klonopin stop it? I've read it does, but more slowly than xanax. If she takes away my Klonopin, I am going to a different doctor! NOTHING has worked for my insomnia except for Klonopin!!!! I am going to pray extra hard tonight! F 42 6 months
.5mg 1X D
 5  Anziety I have been on this medkaton fer 20 years and t worcs fine no side affects none as i can see. I do have a cognitive funkiION from it but i'm ok i guess is it normal to start having seizures while on it a LOng time and feel like you are nott you? no no side affekts i do not think/ works wel, i just take it like my doc tells me too, altho i have developed seizures and a problem of not underztanding stuff, anyonee else do thatt? it's a good drug, why not givee it a 5? F 45 20 years
2mg 1X D

 5  Panic Attacks Difficulty waking up in the morning if taken at night. I take this drug as needed for panic attacks which has been VERY effective. I only take it when I feel a panic attack is about to occur. I could see how dependency could occur if taken every day. I recommend taking this drug only as needed. F 29 1.5 years
.5 1X AN

 5  Panic and insomnia Klonopin has helped me throughout the past 20 years. I am now 47. I would not be able to sleep if it weren't for this drug and would of had to suffer with panic attacks on certain occasions if it weren't for Klonopin. I take .5 once before bed every night. LIFE SAVER! F 47 20 years
.5 1X D
 5  severe (major) anxiety, PTSD, OCD a little more tired, if i took it before bed, it was a little harder to wake up, but nothing serious Ive been down the benzo ladder and back up again! after the death of my son in 2003, ive been on Klonopin, ativan, xanax and valium, not to mention some liquid (non addictive stuff) as well. at first the ativan worked ok, but about a yr later (as with all of these meds) I found the effect had stop, so the doc would switch me. xanax works great for in the moment anxiety but not long term and it was a horrible to come off! valium and the liquid stuff didnt work at all...so ive been between klonopin and ativan for some time now. ive come to like klonopin better because it does last longer. if i take one at night im good through the next day. i even cut them in half a lot of times. i know some people had had issues coming off this med, but ive been off ALL benzos twice in 7yrs and never had any issues, however i came off (prescribed) opiates and that was HELL ON EARTH! Any way, i highly recomend this medication for people who suffer with severe anxety...that feeling sux and this med has helped me regain my life and not live in fear:) F 31 7 years
1mg 2X D

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