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 2  Carpal tunnel Never worked at the non prescription 400mg to help with my carpal tunnel syndrome. So I started taking 800mg and it helped but not very much. After a while of taking it my stomach would get upset and I would get worse acid reflux so I desided that since it barely worked that I would only take it when my wrists hurt too bad to do things like chopping veggies and brushing my teeth. M 15 10 days
400 to 800
 4  in pain + needed to sleep The first time I started taking Motrin PM, under my parents consent, I started having really vivid dreams. by the third night of taking it, the dreams turned into nightmares and they were SO VIVID, I woke up with the sweats and crying. I went off of it after about a week, but I decided to take it again, not knowing that the medicine itself caused the dreams, and some say I experienced "inception." And for some reason, the drug also gave me premonitions. These premonitions, I didn't know we're premonitions until the next day. Well in my dream, I was dreaming, and I had a premonition, so I woke up inside my dream, and what I was dreaming about in my dream happened in the dream I woke up to, and that's when I realized I was dreaming, and it became a lucid dream. I probably will take it again, mainly because I like the feeling of being afraid, but if you get really worked up over nightmares, this will let you live your greatest fears, so I do NOT recommend. F 16 1 days
76 MG
 2  joint pain from old sports injury I've taken Motrin in the past and don't remember any problems. But this time around, I had nightmares so vivid that I forced myself awake and had a slight anxiety attack. The worst part is that the pain is now back. I won't be taking this again. F 24 1 days
 5  knee pain and swelling none Very helpful reducing swelling in my knee and therefore reducing the pain M 61 7 days
800mg 2X D

 4  Tonsillectomy Slight constipation M 23 2 weeks
800 MG

 3  pain Leg cramps F 51 1 days

 5  kidney pain from caylceal diverticulir I take Mortrin only when pain is horrible. Works better than anything else. Love this medication. F 37 6 years

 5  Pain in back Sleepiness I love Motrin and will take this whenever I have any sort of pain. Why are people rating this so poorly? It works great, no side effects, except for sleepiness because the pain was keeping me awake. I ahev alot of back problems and it helps. F 18 5 days
600 2X D

 1  Hip pain Extreme Stomach cramps, bloating, constipation Helped with pain, side effects weren't worth it :( perhaps because I took it without food. F 31 3 days
400mg 1X D

 3  shoulder pain I could not figure out why I had sudden water weight gain, to a shocking degree. I found this site here where others report the same issue. I will stop motrin today. It helped only slightly with pain management. F 35 3 days
600-800mg 1X D

 1  Torn ligaments,Swollen knees Extreme Fluid Retention, Wheezing, Acid Reflux, Anxiety, Depression, Nightmares and Panic attacks Okay...allegedly this drug is supposed to aleviate pain and reduce inflammation; however, it did none of the above. In fact, I quit taking the motrin 800 and began taking the standard excedrin (I had some pre-recall excedrin left) and it worked wonders. Anywho, since ceasing motrin 800 my body has naturally began relieving itself of access fluid and my ligament pain isn't as agitated anymore since it isn't experiencing pressure from the swelling anymore....well maybe the celery and dip I've been eating has helped aleviate fluid retention since it is a natural diuretic. Best wishes to you all for a speedy recovery. M 32 8 days
800 mg 2X D
 1  headaches I got asma. After I stopped taking motrin it went away. If you are allergic to motrin it can cause asma. F 65

 1  pain after breast augmentation *severe* and painful constipation I never normally have constipation. Once I worked out that the ibuprofen was causing it I immediately stopped taking it; other pain medications work just as well without this side effect. F 36 14 days
200 mg 1X D

 2  Rheumatoid arthritis & Fibromyalgia Water retention in my legs that was so severe that when I elevated them to alleviate the swelling...the water pooled around my heart and landed me in the ER with arrhythmia and sky high BP! This happened to me several times before I realized that the cause of my edema was NOT any of my health conditions but rather was caused by my pain medication. Thankfully I finally made the connection and have had ZERO edema since stopping the motrin. I am currently relying on hot baths, Traumeel and the occasional Tylenol to manage my pain. While this medication is, without a doubt, one of the best I have found for pain it also comes with a large kidney insult as a price tag. I won't ever take it again. F 47 3 years
400-800MG 3X W
 1  arthritis raised blood pressure, relief wears off after 2 weeks Natural cures are better; apple cidar vinegar can effectively cure arthritis and headaches; vitamin C crystals can help pain at high doses; see doctoryourself.com. Hyaluronic acid cured my sprained ankle which I believe happened due to a lack of synthovial fluids in our joints as we age. 'Just say no to drugs' (Nancy Reagan). M 56 15 days
600 3X D
 1  sciatica pain wasn't effective treating pain and woke me up in the middle of the night repeatedly (about every hour) with major anxiety and panic attack. racing heart, loud sharp ringing in ear and nightmares. never will use again! F 29 3 days
38 1X D
 3  Level 2 to 3 Ankle sprain Ringing in the ears, like when you put a sea shell over your ear. Very Vivid dreams, no panic attacks, but I'm susceptible to them. Dr. doubted me when I told him about noise in ears. First time I've had the dreams, but don't generally take Motrin. Glad I found this site, today is the last day, will switch to Aspirin tomorrow. M 57 15 days
600mg 3X D

 1  headache Stomach cramps, bloating, panic attacks, anxiety, weird dreams depression. I usually take Equate Ibuprofen but in hospital they have MOTRIN. Same medication supposedly. It made me have cramps and still have them over a week later. After the 3rd pill I found myself being nervous, then panicky, then anxious and when I went to sleep I had weird dreams. I finally had the nurse walk me up and down halls at 2:00AM because I was so figidity. Since I can take ibuprofen brand Equate without this happening, Motrin must have an additive to make patient feel good so they'll use it but it made me a psychological mess. No more Motrin. I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who had psychological problems from this medication. Try Walmart's Equate brand. F 73 3 days
3X W
 1  Tooth pain Dizziness, heart racing, felt like I was having a heart attack. I took Motrin regulary for at least a year for bad tooth pain. Then I started having these "panic attacks." I made the connection - on days I took Motrin, I would have a "panic attack" that night. I quit taking the Motrin and I haven't had another "panic attack" since then. Also, I have two friends who had been taking Motrin for long periods of time for back and neck pain. BOTH of them started having "panic attacks," and their doctors said they needed anti-anxiety meds. Both of them stopped taking Motrin, and no more "panic attacks." Doctors need to be informed about this side effect so that they won't be prescribing anti-anxiety meds unneccessarily! F 51 1 years
1X D
 5  for pain after surgery, etc. Never experienced any bad side effects, but you have to follow directions and take this medicine with food or milk, to prevent stomach upset. I have always been exceedingly happy with this medication, it works better for me than any other pain reliever. After I had my children, it was the only thing that could take away my pain. I had tried darvocet, tylenol 3s, vicodin, and others but only ibuprofen eased my pain and never made me feel loopy. F 22 2 years
800 mg 4X D

 3  Degenerative Disc Disease,Migraines I developed severe GERD, with esophagitis This was prescribed in a formula with 30mg of Codeine, It works good for me for moderate pain, but I developed severe gastric problems because of it that took 6 months of Prevacid and complete abstinence from Ibuprofen to heal. I now take it ocassionally (1-2/day, 2x per week) with Prevacid and have had no side effects. M 48 2 years
400 3X D
 4   Stomach pain F 38 3 weeks
800 3X D
 5  back pain and skin ulcer none yet great releif for my terrible back pain. couldnt walk when i got home from work and now its not a problem for me to lay down and get back up like it was before. very soothing for my inflamed skin F 30 2 days
800 mg 1X D

 5  Chronic Back pain There was a time that I stopped taking Motrin and when I went back to it, it gave me small bumps under my cheeks. They went away after 1/2 hour. I surf every weekend and could not if I didn't take Motrin. M 49 20 years
600 MG 2X D

 3  inflammed trapezius muscle Severe discomfort of upper abdomen and extreme bloating. Could not wear my normal clothes without extreme discomfort. Clearly no digestive issue; but did not know what it was until recently The doctor suggested I take anti-inflammatory meds for my muscle problems. I will now discontinue using Motrin and try to find a substitute F 56 60 days
220 mg 2X D

 5  FOOT BONE SPURS NO SIDE EFFECTS I literally could not walk without Motrin. M 67 20 days
800 3X D
 4  Back pain; anti-inflammatory Stomach pain; ulcers This stuff is HARD on my stomach. I have to take omeprazole to protect it when I use Motrin or Advil. But it really is effective for my sciatica and as a general anti-inflammatory. M 45 2 years
600mg 3X D
 5  pain, inflammation None until I over-used it, and now if I take it my guts are sore for three days afterward. Ibuprofen is the best NSAID I have used. Unfortunately I over-used it (in an anti-inflammatory regimen on the recommendation of my doctor) and developed a sensitivity to it so that if I take more than 400 mg or so I have lower abdominal soreness for three days afterward. I still use it occasionally for severe pain as it's the only OTC painkiller that I can count on to really knock out the inflammation. F 23 10 days

 4  depression Helps boost my Zoloft response for depression without triggering anxiety unresponsive to Zoloft. I would take Cymbalta, which works similar to NSAIDS, but that would make me too hyper. I take a small dose of Lithium Carbonate at night to make sure the Motrin doesn't give me the stomach nasties and to make sure the Motrin doesn't turn up the borderline hyperthyroid and make me anxious and nervous. I do have back spasms. That's why I discovered how Cox-2 inhibitors are serotonin and norepinephrine enhancers and actually boost an antidepessant's effects. No wonder I had a depression-free summer. I was taking Motrin for back spasms and was wondering why I was feeling better than I have had in four years. For those who have anxiety, depression, and mood swings, please keep in mind that Motrin can deplete folic acid and that *can* lead to depression. You may try folic acid rich foods to see if that may be the problem. Over time I eat lots of folic acid foods but find that they make me hyper, so I also get a plus from Ibuprofen's anti-folate effect. I have high blood histamine that is worsened by folic acid. F 45 5 months

 3  Severe Menstrual cramps from IBS none. It helps some of the pain from severe cramps but that's it. F 26 7 days

 2  back/neck pain I had an increase in gas/bloating, hemorrhoid pain, and bruising. I've had bouts of vertigo, ringing in the ears, and nausea. F 48 10 days

 3  inflammation post hysterectomy After taking for 3 weeks it as prescribed 3x daily after a total hysterectomy, I developed significant stomach upset and chronic heartburn (which I've never had before). I did not how hard Motrin can be on the stomach until I looked on the web. Wish I had known. I don't think my post surgical pain was much from inflammation, so I could have stopped it sooner, or just taken a lower dose, like Advil. F 51 25 days

 5  rheumatoid arthritis malabsorption, pernicious anemia, GERD I have taken 800 mg 3x a day for 27 years-yes,27. From time to time the doctor would make me try another NSAID but Motrin has always been by far the most effective w/ inflammation. I would sometimes forget I had arthritis (dx'd at age 16) but if I didn't take the motrin, after a couple of days literally could not move. Never had any obvious side effects-HOWEVER...recently after long and winding series of tests discovered I have GERD (no heartburn, didn't know this was possible, but diagnosed via endoscopy) which caused complete lack of B12, neurological damage in legs, and various other GI issues including slightly enlarged liver (and I am a non-drinker). Who knew? Sad, though because now I have to find another NSAID and Motrin just worked so well. F 43 27 days

 2  Severe Lower Back Pain Headache and stomach pains I've been taking 800mg tablets and as the medicine starts wearing off I get a headache that doesn't go away untill I take another tablet. I also get occasional stomach pains that come really fast and go away really fast. It's odd. F 39 4 days

 1  post cesarean abdomninal abscess I had ongoing abdominal pain after my abscess healed, but kept taking motrin for the pain. After a CT Scan & colonoscopy, it was discovered that the extended motrin use had caused inflammation in my large intestine. As soon as I stopped taking ibuprofen to treat the pain, the pain stopped completely. I felt 100 times better within a week. None of my doctors warned me about prolonged motrin use. I thought it was safer than narcotics with a new baby. I only thought to mention it to my GI specialist after my nurse friend warned me that I had been taking it too long. It is really dangerous to take it regularly for extended periods of time. F 35 5 months

 2  Knee injury the first day or two, just had the water retention, now severe vertigo which can't be attributed to anything else F 46 4 days

 4  Wisdom Teeth and Head Pain Very mild Dysphasia, cannot concentrate on typing that well or any common task, lose track of thoughts easily. Works good and I like how it doesnt give you the high feeling like Vicoden does but the dysphasia bothers me the most but not too much. M 17 3 weeks

 3  shoulder pain, arthritic mild relief in a.m. when it is intense. On motrin 600 mg daily as needed Unusual nosebleeds. Stopped, but will try again. F 70 3 days

 1  pain Anxiety, depression, insomnia. Anger and weepiness. On 800+ mg/day per doctor's order for pain flare-ups. Also taking maintenance oxycontin and oxyIR and Lyrica for osteo pain. Very sneaky drug. Rxlist.com shows 1% or fewer taking Motrin get anxiety, depression, and insomnia. No one would suspect an nsaid could do this, but I finally figured it out. No more Motrin for me! F 54 3 months

 2  plantar fasciitis After two weeks of being on 800mg three times a day I became very bloated. I'm normally a size 6 and had to wear size 10. I was suppose to stay on it 3 X's a day for three weeks, however, I would rather deal with the pain than have stomach problems not to mention I wasn't sleeping well. F 48 2 weeks

 5  broken ribs none F 42 9 days

 4  pain from possible staph infection Certainly nausea, copious gas and I guess accompanying bloatedness; maybe some sleep interruption. Seems surely to relieve the pain and burning sensation at the infection site. So much so that I mistakenly think the wound area is better healed than it really is. Pain relief? Great, so far. Side effects? Jury is still out -- its been only 2.5 days. M 50 2.5 days

 3  fever F 20 2 days

 1  Severe back pain... Terrible stomach aches. After I had my baby, I suffered from severe back pains. I was prescribed this to reduce pain in my back, but it did NOTHING. All it did was give me terrible stomach aches. It didn't touch the pain at all. It was a joke medicine to me. I have switched to Flexeril, which is working wonders. F 22 14 days

 5  Absessed Tooth None-I usually eat before I take it, so I am not sure how it would be on empty stomach. 600 motrin and 500 tylenol killed the pain, exept at night time. If I took it Tylenol PM with the Motrin early enough I can actually get some sleep F 29 5 days

 3  Post-hysterectomy pain Nausea, headache I took 600 mg every six hours for almost six days. The first three days it worked great. Day four I had nausea and a headache. Day five I switched back to Darvocet-N for temporary relief to get a break from the Motrin. Day six I tried the Motrin again -- nausea despite taking with food and the headache was worse than ever. Tomorrow, I'll go without. If I get a bad bought of pain, I'll try regular strength acetaminophen (Tylenol) instead. F 49 6 days

 5  Osteoarthritis Slight stomach upset, slight dizziness Motrin in prescription form is Ibuprofen in a large 800 mg dose. The large 800 mg dose worked well for me but b/c of the stomach upset, I take Advil or Motrin IB over the counter(same medicene, lower dosage). It comes in 200mgs so I can take the smallest effective dose. Taking the smaller dose helps a little with the stomach upset. The smaller dose took away the dizziness as well. F 31 5 years

 1  knee, hip and back pain SEVERE stomach pain. Ringing in ears. Some dizziness, but the worst was the stomach pain and nasea. This isn't fit to take. All docs want to do is push medication, rather than actually fix the root cause of the problem. I never didn't take the med, even after the doc prescribed because I don't like to take any sort of medication. But the pain got so bad, I gave in and took one 800 mg. pill on a full stomach. Was fine for about 8 hours, but then had horrible stomach pain and nasea for 20 hours-plus after taking just one pill. F 45 1 times

 3  Shoulder strain/injury Bad constipation, gas. I had to to take Metamucil. A high-fiber diet did not do the trick. I was prescribed 800mg to take 3 times a day for 2 weeks. It took a week before I felt some relief. With what sounds like a high dosage, I expected it to work better. My first time taking it was over 25 years ago (I believe it was pretty new on the market then) when I got severe menstrual cramps. Back then, I would have rated it a 5. It worked FAST, and I don't remember side effects. But I just took it the first or second day of my cycle, and I think I only took one each day. About 6 years ago I was prescribed Motrin to ease the "killer cramps" I got occasionally which was related to a previous major surgery even years earlier. It was like eating candy. It did NOTHING. I would have given it a 1 for that. My doctor gave me Vicodin instead when I said Motrin wasn't strong enough. (Vicodin WORKED) Also, since the cramps were so bad, it'd make me throw up. That would make me not only throw up the food I was to to take Motrin with, but up would come the medication as F 46 2 weeks

 5  Menstrual cramps none Motrin tends to work better than Tylenol for menstrual cramps. F 18

 1  Rheumatoid Arthritis. joint pain high blood pressure Never had a blood pressure problem until I began taking this drug on a regular basis to control pain/inflammation. This NSAID is definitely not for me! F 45 4 months

 1  plantar fasciitis severe cramping in upper abdomen After taking 800mg motrin every 8hrs for two weeks, my plantar fasciitis was better but I developed a severe pain in my right upper abdomen. So severe that I went to the emergency room and ended up having my appendix removed and IT WASNT MY APPENDIX!!!I will never take a drug again unless it is a life threatening reason to do so. F 50 2 weeks

 4  fever peeling of skin on hands after 6 days of giving my son motrin for a fever noticed skin was peeling from his hands. Bottom of the soles of his feet also very dry. M 7 5 days

 5  tendonitus bursitus shoulder If I take 800mg on an empty stomach it will give me a bad stomach ache. Motrin is better for me than even any perscription painkiller I have taken. It reduced the inflamation in my shoulder enough so I could sleep at night and have so far avoided surgery. After suffering with debilitating pain in my shoulder while 9 months pregnant I was thrilled when I had my baby and could take Motrin.(You cannot take it in the third trimester of pregnancy due to blood thinning) F 33 2 months

 4  Severe migranes upper stomach (ribcage) type pain, bloated feeling, gas - very uncomfortable. appitite gain, depression Worked great, but 6 hours later left a feeling of nausea or pain in abdomen and stomach. It brought back my feeling of depression. F 15 2 weeks

 1  Absessed Tooth Horrible Cramps, Gas, Diarreah, Vomiting, Nausea, Headache, Neack Ache, Sleeping Problems Horrible drug, Destroys the stomach. F 15 2 days

 3  severe menstrual cramps none Worked well with my cramps, but I didn't like that it only lasted 4-6 hours. This meant I would be waking up at 1 or 2 in the morning with pain. Not fun! F 15 4 days

 5  herniated disk in my neck, hedaches On an empty stomach, some cramping, I love this! Nothing else helped with the pain. Would not go back to anything else.I've been taking this form 6 years. F 44 6 years

 1  Back Pain I took one 800 Mg Motrin for 2 days and it greatly relieved the pain of a low backache. On the 3rd day I begin to get a very sick background headache. On the 4th day, it was horrific, far worse than the debilitating back ache. Can anyone explain to me why a medication that is suppose to relieve pain, even headaches, causes such a terrible "explosive" type of headache...........not a "pounding" headache? F 55 4 days

 3  menstral cramps headache F 38 3 days

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