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 5  yeast infection The first day it burned like crazy I thought I was going to have to wash it out .then the other 3 days nothing at all im clear going to finish the product tho F 21 4 days

 4  Yeast infection Took monistat 7 for the first time. Keep in mind that every body is different. Day 1 did not burn much but it itched like hell for about 30 mins. Same thing happened on day 2 on day 3 it burned and itched a lot so I was freaking because I had never had a yeast infection and I was not sure that's what I had.. No I did not go to the doctor... Day 4 I experienced itching and burning after application same thing day 5th and 6th on day 7th I experienced itching and burning but very little the next day i still felt uncomfortable but by day 8th I was completely clear. It's been 3 weeks since I used monistat and I am completely clear F 26 7 days
 3  yeast infection Ok ive never taken anything. But I know I have a yeast infection. Shpuld I try monistat or what? Someone please help me F 16 7 days

 5  Yeast infection Starting from first application, yes it will itch and burn but thats only because its working to help the infection. The yeast infection itself itch and cause pain.So I suggest anyone who uses Monistat 7 give it time to work .It will cure most yeast infection if you use it for 7 days.Really did wonders for me.I always use this product and I would recommend any woman to give it a try and see how good it works. Any medication will cause some kind of symptoms at first but over time it is worth taking especially Monistat 7. F 37 7 days
 4  yeast infection I didn't exactly know what was going on at first. Though I talked with many females and looked up the side effects it was clear I had an yeast infection. The infection wasn't unbearable but it does make the very uncomfortable and makes your body feel way different.I bought monistat 7 after 3 days of the infection once injected I begin to itch like crazy I rolled clenched my legs and it itch so much I couldn't help but to touch I fell asleep about 20min later then woke up morning at 7 feeling a small itch and went back asleep once I woke though I was nervous to walk I begin to get comfortable and felt normal like myself but even though it's start s with crazy itching if you bare it it will be worth it cause when all is done it will be great. F 20 7 days

 4  yeast infection The first night I had intense itching and burning and the second night I had the same feeling the third night it eased up a bit but on the fourth night I stop using the external cream and I feel great no more itching and burning I think it was the external cream clashing with the internal cream that made it itch! i had some bleeding but i think its because my period is coming! i would recommend this product just dont use the external and internal cream at the same time! im using monistat 7 btw F 16 4 days

 1  yeast infection After insertion the burning started and then a few minutes later the worst itching sensation ever. I have to squeeze my legs together because that's how bad the itching is. The directions say take right before going to bed, make sure that's an hour or two earlier because you will not be able to sleep feeling this way. Tomorrow morning I'm having my doctor call in a diflucan, no pain and works immediately. F 28 1 days

 5  yeast infection I've been reading all these reviews, and my experience is no where near every one else, I hope I'm not speaking to soon, but this medicine is outstanding! It has helped me out a lot, no more itching or burning! everyone body is different so take that up for consideration, good luck and I hope this helped :) F 19 5 days

 5  2 month yeast infectiin. I didnt want to take monistat at all just cause i read eventually it would pass, but it got really bad and i gave in. The first time day was horrible. I nearly wanted to cry, but it was my fault for rubbing and scratching. It was burning itchig for a hour. Then it stopped and i ouldnt even tell you how happy i was. Second day yes a bit burning, itching bit it went away, and all fay i was clear. So far im in my third nigh and same thing. But i know in the morning, im bot regretting it one bit. I am 34 weeks pregnant. This is my third pregnancy amd like my 5th yi... so its safe, just tuffin up the first day. i F 28 3 days

 2  Yeast infection This is my 2nd Y.I. I never used Monistat before, or any other antifungal cream for that matter. The first time I got an infection was 4 years ago, and it went away on its own. This timw, it's been 2 weeks so I finally decided I need to get this under control!! I bought M7 and used it at night, like it says, I layer down for about 10 minutes...OHH MY GOD!!! the burning was like no other, and then the burning lessened and the itch factor came. It's my first night using it, and the side effects are bad, but after reading these reviews, I might stick it out and hope it gets better by day 2-7... F 22 1 days

 5  11 Weeks pregnant Yeast Infection Difficulty in sliding in tube after 3rd day. i love this stuff! Honestly, a life saver. I was so embarrassed to talk about my yeast infection to anybody!! but now that im pregnant i knew it was time for that talk with my OBGYN and ofcourse i wanted to prepare my body for the babys welcoming. this is my fifth day using the medicine that was prescribed to me by my doc and i felt the infection clear up by the second day!!! of course theres a bit itching but my doc said that just means the medicine is working but honestly its not an itch i cnt handle its so light! ALSO, wear a mini pad to absorb any leakage cus you will have some!! and try to lay down as soon as possible it really helps !! the ONLY thing is. after the 3rd day its getting harder to slide in the tube. i would use lube but afraid it will interfere with the meds! anyways im so excited to stop using the meds and be NORMAL AGAIN!!! Having a yeast infection is so annoying! highly recommend this product! F 21 5 days
100 MG 7X D
 3  Yeast Infection! This is my second time getting a YI, first time I got it I used Monistat 3. Which was one of the biggest mistake every. I was on fire down there. And it never went away. On my second dose I went and washed it out with cold water. Now I'm currently using monistat 7. First night for about a hour it was extreme burning and itching. And I almost gave in an washed it out but I was like my health is important be strong! Now I'm on my second night. And it's not as extreme as the first night. It's very light. Just hope my third dose doesn't have any effects at all. It feels like the days are going by slower! F 21 7 days
 3  Was taking antibiotics I truly believe that everyone's body is different therefore everyone will react to this product in different ways. I'm glad I didn't research reviews before I took monistat 7 because I would never took it. The first day I inserted it it felt funny and then the mild burning combined with the itching began but it quickly subsided within an hour and I felt no itch at all and a barely noticeable burning feeling. Slept like a baby and the next day there was no burning or itching at all. Took it again for tee next dosage and it was the same as a day one. The burning was tolerable and this is coming from someone who has a VERY low tolerance for pain. Seriously, I'll cry if someone kicks me but this product was very tolerable but annoying at the same time. I will continue to use this product for the full seven days. F 21 2 days
 1  Yeast infection Extreme itching and burning, lasted hours, i had to take two tylenol 3s just for the pain to go away F 16 1 days
30 mg

 4  BAD yeast infection I just did my day 3 and I started to feel more intense itching after insertion, no burning thankfully. It's been about 10 minutes past and the itching is getting a little more tolerable. Very uncomfortable at first but the symptoms of my yeast infection are gone so I'm sucking it up! 4 more nights! F 24 3 days
7 days

 1  yeast infection Please get a prescription from your obgyn or only use the CVS labeled one. CVS one is mild and from my experience, the CVS one doesn't cause reactions. DO NOT BUY Monistat and also please check label ingredients on any product you use for your skin or body. I've had twice the mistake of pur chasing Monistat because CVS isn't close by. Please check with your doctor. F 28 3 days

 5  I had a yeast infection Yes it does itch/burn in the first few days, but if you continue to use it throughout the SEVEN days, the itching and or burning Is gone. Your infection also starts to clear up F 20 7 days

 2  yest infection itching and burining F 19 1 days
1X D

 2  yeast infection Extreme itching after inserting I though something was wrong until I read the reviews F 18 1 days
 1  yeast infection Omg! Not 5 minutes after inserting this I had burning so bad I was in tears. Feels like a chemical burn in the worst place. Can't see how this is legal to sell if causes this much pain. Never again!!! F 37 1 days

 4  yl I have always used m7. And yes it burns inside and out because the infection is drying me up and im raw. So I started putting a bit of ky on the tube to slide in and help my burning the 1st few night's. And yes this has always made a huge difference. The 1 and 3 kills me too strong. F 34 7 days

 1   Don't use .. This product brought me to tears. Burning n itching worst then my yeast infection. F 32 1 days

 1  YI Horrible burning as soon as inserted. Still hurting a day later. F 41 1 days

 2  yeast infection Monistat 7 use to work great on previous yeast infections...but...the first application caused extreme burning and itching! I wiped as much as I could off with cold cloth. No more for me! F 50 1 days
100 mg

 1  Vaginal itching Itching like crazy didn't know what to do!! F 40 1 days
 1  Yeast Infection SEVERE burning and itching. Unbearable....I literally cried it was so bad. I don't know what the company has done to the formula....probably changed it to save money! I used it several years ago on a few occasions with no problems whatsoever. I would NEVER recommend this. The pain is not worth it. F 37 7 days
1X D
 5  vaginal itching and discomfort First day I took the dosage it burned so much I washed it off and the itch did increase for a min but by the 4th day everything was way better. Definitely don't use monistat 1 or 3 the dosage is way too high! F 18 7 days

 4  Yeast Infection This is my second yeast infection that I treat. The first I used canesten 1. My yeast infection was much worse then so I thought why not try something a little more gentle since the itching and burning wasn't as intense. As soon as I inserted the capsule and applied the cream I felt a mild burning. It's more like a really warm feeling but it doesn't bother me. I just saw some of the reviews and I didn't have the intense burning, it's pretty tolerable actually. I'd say the discomfort is a 2 out of 10. I just hope this works!! Good luck to everyone F 19 7 days

 4  Dr recommended to take an OTC Dr recommended am OTC of at least 5 days as she noticed the beginnings of a yeast infection at my annual Pap test. Day one went by well. No burning or itching like I have read. Symptoms have subsided for now. F 21 1 days

 3  Yeast infection The first day was perfect it made if feel a lot better.... Second day after I used it, it felt kind of itchy and the cream kept leaking.. I'm on the third day now and I am currently lying down trying not to think about the severe itching I am having.. It is definitely helping the infection its just that the side effects are bad F 14 3 days

 3  Yeast infection When first applying I immediately felt a burning sensation. It burned really bad for 10 Mins then began to itch. The burning has gone down now it continues to itch. Not sure if the medicine came out or what happened F 14 1 days

 4  6months pregnant got yeast infection F 30 3 days
 3  Yeast infection Listen up ladies dont let these reviews scare you. This is my second yeast infection and i took one dosage of this 35 mins ago and i feel good but to be honest im confident this will work, cause i just feel a slight itch but its not bothersome. Gooood luck :) F 17 1 days

 4  1st yeast infection im 6 weeks and got my first YI, i didn't know what was going on, but after inserting the meds it burned and itched , hopefully this work bc i dnt have time for this! F 23 1 days
1 tubeful

 5  yeast infection caused by antibioti I read all of these pretty bad side effects for this medication and it was a little scary to use it at first! Thankfully, I experienced absolutely NO burning. No pain at all, actually! Maybe a very mild itching but that would go away within an hour of taking it. And I experienced pain relief from the yeast infection the following morning. F 20 4 days

 1  yeast infection Severe itching - so bad that I couldn't walk or work F 39 1 days
 4  Yeast Infection from antibiotics No severe side effects so far. Just felt warm down there and itches a little bit, but no worse than what it had been. Was a little hesitant about using this because I'm currently 11 weeks pregnant but after reading reviews and talking to other moms-to-be, I would definitely recommend it to other pregnant women with a yeast infection. I got the combo pack with wipes and itch cream, and the wipes were a godsend after going about 3 days with nothing to help. F 26 7 days

 4  yeast infection I love this stuff!! I am 32 weeks pregnant and noticed so heavy whitesh discharge. Sure enough my doctor diagnosed it as a yeast infection and prescribed over the counter monistat 7. Today was only my first day but i can already feel a difference. I didnt notice or have the really bad burning and itching in the first hour at all. I just felt a sense of cool relief for about 30 minutes. Great product! F 22 1 days

 3  Yeast infection First dosage I experienced burning like crazy for the first 10 min then I knocked. I am currently on day 2 and the burning isn't as bad as the first night. After the first night I felt no discomfort in my clothing and had less itching and burning from before trying monistat 7. I'm 23 weeks pregnant with my first yeast infection ever. And it sucks. So far monistat is working for me. F 1 days

 3  Pregnancy Yeast Infection This is my second yeast infection ever. The first time I used Monistat 1 and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made. The itching and burning sent me to Urgent Care. I ended up using prescription medication. This time I'm 30 weeks pregnant and didn't want to risk taking anything without a doctor's advice. They told me that Monistat 7 was the only thing that I could use. 15 minutes after inserting it it was uncomfortable and itched for about 5 minutes, but it wasn't anything I can't handle. I'm more concerned about how it will effect my baby than the burning. So far so good. I'm going to finish the 7 days because the slight itching is way better than the symptoms of the yeast infection. F 26 1 days

 4  Yeast It burns and seems to be working just little bit of bleeding, is this normal F 42 2 days
 2   This is my 4th day and it started to itch and burn F 24 4 days

 3  Yeast FIRST DOES OMG!!!! ITCHING SO BAD RIGHT NOW :(((( ughhhhh I hope it's working F 20 1 days

 3  Yeast infection Well after my first dosage. I am still itching with mild burning . Hopefully after second dosage, It'll clear up F 17 7 days

 4  Yeast Infection I'm still in the first hour of taking it. The itch is unbelievable, but I still plan to go for the whole 7 days. I'm quite curious to see how this pans out. Tip: wear some type of panty liner or pad. F 20 1 days
full tube

 5  Yeast Infection Extreme itchiness after insert. F 17 2 days

 4  yeast infection I have only taken Monistat 7 for one night. The Intense itching was almost enough to make me wash it out, but the next day I could tell it was working, so I'm gonna stick with it. F 19 7 days

 5  Yeast infection DO NOT LET THESE OTHER NEGATIVE POSTS SCARE YOU!!! After reading ALL the negative posts on here I was very reluctant to even try Monistat but it is so true that we are all different! I bought the Monistat 7 combination pack and had zero bad side effects! I'm done with the pack today and I'm back to normal! This worked wonders for me. Don't be afraid to at least try it especially if your symptoms are as bad as mine were (itching, burning). Also, do not try to rush it by getting the monistat one day or three day. Those may be too harsh! Everything takes time and 7 is best! Good luck to all you women out there & I hope you feel better soon! F 28 7 days

 5  Yeast infection This product was awesome !!!!! loved it don't let the negative reviews make you not buy it I almost did !!I'm only 5 days in and will countine the full 7 days and yes after the 2nd application everything cleared up as far as burning with the product goes I had NONE the first hour it was a little tingly but no where near burning i slept like a baby and have every night since but again everybody is different but since then everything is smooth i have not had one negative side effect the only thing I would say is wear a light liner at night beause the stuff does leak out but I was spotting because of birth control during this time so I had to use one anyway because it says not to use tampons the application is effort less its easy to use it can get messy but if u have your period every month this is nothing in comparison so I would buy this product again it was only 10$ at my local Walmart which isn't bad I got the simply cure version came with cream and 7 applicators pretty self explanatory however I did not go to the doctor for a diagnoses on the infection it's not only far for me but expensive as well i already owe them money and even tho I have a appointment a month from now for a check up i had no option to move it up and i wasnt about to wait a month the infection was making me uncomfortable so I bought the vagisil screening kit it test the ph level down there mine was 4.5 which is normal but it says if I was having symtoms of a yeast infection F 22 5 days

 3  Yeast infection Intense itching after inserting cream. It subsides after a while, though. No burning as others have described. F 27 7 days
1X D
 4  Yeast Infection Second yeast infection ever. Used vagisil on the first one and it burned so bad. I'm using Monistat now. The first dose made me a bit uncomfortable with mild itching but not burn. The fan helps though! 2ND day today very little itch no burn. It's working!! F 19 7 days

 3  YI It's my first day using it,I applied it about 30 minutes ago,it was fine until about 5 or 6 minutes after I have applied it and then it started burning an itching like crazy F 16 7 days

 3  yeast infection First day burned, by second day was ok! Pregnant and have bad yeast infection. We'll c if it gets rid of it. I pray! So uncomfortable! F 35 2 days
7 days

 3  Yeast infection So this is my first yeast infection ever and is not pleasant but i got it right in time. So i was preferred monistate 7, boy the first time using it was harsh. First the itch then the burn but i was able to sleep. Now day 2, and it itched for 5min or so and no burn. Hope it's killing it. F 27 2 days

 3  Yeast Infection BURNING with the first dose and swollen! F 26 1 days
100 mg

 3  Pregnancy 25 weeks First treatment...Intense burning & itching aprox 45 mins after inserting cream! Uncomfortable for approx the next 4 hours! Not looking forward to Day 2 & onward! F 36 7 days

 1  Yeast infection BURNING AND ITCHING! Extreme discomfort. F 18 1 days

 1  Yeast infection On the first day I inserted the applicator and have the absolute worst burning and itching for hours. I also started to break out in cold sweats. The next morning I woke up sick to my stomach. I read reviews and found it somewhat normal so tried again the second day and it wasn't any better. I had to wash it out. Which even after washing it out it still burns. I'm not sure if I'm just allergic to it or what. But I will NOT be continuing the treatment. F 20 2 days
 3  Yeast infection due to antibiotics So this is my forst yeast infection since i was an infant. and i could no longer take my vagina feeling like razor blades when i wiped not to mention the intence itch and burning so i went to walgreens and got monistat 7 combination pack with itch relief cream. the first applicator i put in. i instantly felt relief then about 3 mins later fire. but i took it as its killing the yeast. and then i woke up and ran to the bathroom 2 hours after insertion and it started to drain out and this was the worse pain i have ever felt in my life i couldnt stand it amd tried to wash it out. and i waited a few hours amd i went ahead amd iserted another one and i feel fine. . but it was 17 $ so im finishing it. F 16 2 days

 3  Yeast infection I tried this medicine for the first time last night and had so just discomfort in the first 10 minutes. The itching and burning was so awful I ran to the bathroom to get it out. I'm hesitant to keep using it but will try again tonight. F 19 7 days

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