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 4  sinus infection/uti Back pains tiredness severe gas and bloating headaches swollen eyes I really can't to wait to finish this treatment I never want it again I'm just waiting for my 3rd infection which the yeast smh F 40 7 days

 1  UTI Extreme vaginal irritation and burning on 4th day right after taking the 2nd pill in the evening. Went to the dr's and was not a yeast infection. Burning went away after stopping meds. Horrible! Never again F 43 5 days

 2  UTI Severe chills. Heart palpitations. Fatigue. Upset Stomach. And believe it or not a Yeast Infection. F 35 5 days

 1  leg wound infection Sore throat, headache, fever, joint pain in knees, bumpy rash on elbows. Horrible medication! M 12 3 days
2X D

 1  Uti Horrible stomach pain after the first dose and acid reflux. My dr. Changed my antibiotic to levaquin. F 39 1 days

 1  N/A I am actually an FQ victim who has a post in here...in my Closed Fluoroquinolone facebook group ... Some have taken or given prescriptions of bactrim so doing here and in google. I only post this because you said the Staph is in your blood. I would like to recommend some very naturally that is good for the entire body head to toe and inside and out ... It is collagen capsules our body is primarily made up of collagen. This 100% collagen i have been taking it on and off since last year october 2013, i just discovered that i most probably would have been bedridden or wheelchair if my friend did push me to try it at 6 capsules a day for 3 weeks then to 2-3 maintenance for a few months, then i stopped for 3-4 months and then i took 6 a day started in Sept. 2014 (last month). What happened to me , and this just brief, I developed multiple ailements and dieases from CIPRO XL (family of Fluoroquinolones) for a suspected UTI and i only took 1 pill a day took 9 day...this antibiotic is the worst and they give like candy for minor sicknesses. I took these permenantly damaging pills last April 2013....i was healthy, now i am partially parlyized on the left side of my body and much more. This brand of collagen targets the worst areas that are the most damaged and my pain was 80-90% of my pain diminshed in less then 1 week - i suffered chronically for more than a year since being Floxed. I will be posting my testamonial at www.mycollagen.com. Try one box at least taking 6- F 51 1 days
 1  MRSA Staph Infection I was fine when I was on it but after finishing the doses a few days later I noticed my bowel movements had changed and were not what is normal for me. I also lost my appetite for a few days. I found out later that in order to get rid of my MRSA infection, I needed to cleanse my body from head to toe with Hipiclens which they sell at the pharmacy and I was prescibed Mupirocin Ointment which I applied on my surgical incision where the Staph Infection had occured.... I did that twice at day and cleaned that area with Hibiclens as well. I kept it covered with a gauze and bandage.... That it was dryed up the infection not the antibiotics. I think I was given the antibiotics so the staph infection would not get into my blood stream. I don't plan I ever getting on this antibiotic again if I can help it, after reading everyone's experiences. I am taking probiotics and that seemed to help with my bowels.... F 44 2 weeks
2X D

 1  UTI On the third day I started feeling really ill. I had nausea, hot flashes, fever, dehydration, frequent urination, stomah pain,chills, heart palpitations, neck pain, extreme insomnia, racing thoughts and hallucinations when I would try to sleep. Symptoms started going away a day after I quit taking it. I will never take this medication again. It didn't even clear up my UTI. F 29 7 days
 4  Sinus infection EXTREME fatigue and weakness. The problem is that most antibiotics are going to cause side effects of some kind. Unless you have a severe allergic reaction, NEVER stop taking the meds--unless you get a substitute--because then you're left with the bacteria that resisted the first onslaught of it and then go on to multiple In othe words, you contribute to drug resistant strains of bacteria, which are a much bigger health threat than Ebola. F 52 1 days
 1  absess on breast Abdominal cramps, swollen itchy face,headache F 36 1 days

 2  Urinary tract infection Anxiety, hallucinations, fatigue, abdominal pain, night terrors, rapid heart beat, dizziness, mood swings. F 18 3 days
800 mg
 4  Staf infection Nausea, headaches, frequent urination, excessive gas. F 26 10 days

 4  Boil/MRSA Have 1.5 days left of my prescription. Only experienced lack of sleep and irregularity. F 30 7 days

 1  UTI BEWARE esp. if you are elderly............my mother had kidney failure from Bactrim combined w/Rx water pills............. can cause dangerously high potassium levels. Had extreme shaking and body pains; still in hospital 3 days now. Kidney Dr. "not sure how well she will recover". Question your Dr. if he prescribes for an elderly person or even maybe if you are not so old................... almost killed my mother and she may never bounce back.................. F 94 1 weeks
2X D
 1  UTI SEVERE nausea, insomnia, dull headache, loss of appetite. F 34 3 days
2x day

 3  staph infection for mos. now, still Have been on it for four months with no results, staph is present in my blood and bones. Went through a lot of nausea and cmited but thatnsusided pretty quickly. I just don't think it's the right medication for this staph infection. I've read that antibiotic combos would be much more helpful. Pretty much at my wit's end. F 52 5 months
two daily
 1  Uti Burning skin,panic/anxiety attacks, depression really bad. I will NEVER take this med again. And it didn't clear the UTI put on another med. F 40 5 days

 1  Cellulitis About the 4th day I experienced nausea, thought I was going to throw up every day. Extreme headache, couldn't focus, shaking, tight chest, couldn't sleep, had to miss a week of school, I felt like I was going to die. I went to the urgent care and had to get the antibiotic switched to Keflex, which is 1000x better. F 18 7 days
 1  Uti Insomnia, flu like symptoms, anxiety, overall slowness, neck pain (severe) I've taken this drug before for another uti and remember experiencing insomnia and other weird symptoms. The side effects are severe F 25 3 days
2X D

 2  uti Waking hyperventilating. Sweats. Pain in bladder. Weak F 40 3 days

 1  dental infection severe lower back pain; eye pain; headache Stopped medicine. Pain was unbearable. F 45 5 days
2X D

 1  UTI My hands jerk and my fingers hurt. Don't sleep well at night. F 46 3 days
2X D

 4  Possible Staph infection Sleeplessness; anxiety Induced terrible anxiety and mild panic attacks. Glad to be off of it. F 50 10 days
400 mg 2X D

 1  Boils Just finished last dose this afternoon around 3pm. At 8:30 a bump formed under my skin on my outer right hand. It is very painful, warm and red. I started itching everywhere. I just got out of the shower and I have welts/ bumps under my arms, between my thighs, and on my hands. I'm itching over my entire body. I just took 3 Benadryl pills. I hope this stops soon. I leave on vacation in 36 hours.....I have no known drug allergies and I drank plenty of water. I also had nausea, fatigue, headaches and heart palpitations but I thought it was my blood pressure and the fact that I was on my cycle. This is really bad !! F 45 5 days
2x daily

 1  infection of a sebaceous cyst Insomnia, bad joint pain.... F 36 2 days

 3  UTI No crazy side effects just a slight headache. But has anyone else experienced being high from this medication? I didn't know this was a side effect when I started taking it. I am on Day 4 and I really notice it now. A dry mouth also accompanies me and it does make me tired. I can sleep whenever I try to. Am I the only one high on Bactrim? F 20 10 days
160 MG 2X D
 1  uti I thought I was having a heart attack or the worse panic attack ever! I did not even think it could be the antibiotic causing it. I took my pill and almost blacked out. My heart was palpitating like it slowed to a stop then pounded back on. I have scoliosis so I have severe back pain...this made it ten times worse.I felt so sluggish and depressed entire time on it. This drug could have killed me I truly believe that! I barely took any of my dose and my uti cleared up none of it was necessary. Its been two days off and I'm still in a lot of pain extremely tired and my heart hurts and palpitates on occasion F 31 4 days

 1  Reaction to wasp sting On third day began sick feeling. Not sleeping well, burning stomach, dizzy, will never take this again. F 49 4 days

 1  UTI INSOMNIA, ANXIETY, persistent headache, loss of appetite, flu like symptoms. F 25 4 days

 1  UTI Went to doctor for urinary burning and foul odor of urine. Prescribed Bactrim. Took intital dose that evening and AM dose the next morning. Returned from school lobster red from head to toe, itching all over, and nickel sized hoves all over my body. Mom's a nurse. Gaveme Benadryl and stopped use. Signs and symptoms resolved within 24 hours. F 17 1 days
 1  UTI I developed a condition called DRESS Syndrome that nearly killed me. Apparently, I cannot metabolize sulfa drugs and they circulate in a toxic level throughout my body causing a major inflammatory response and affecting my CBC. After just one dose taken at 10 pm - I woke up at 3am with severe muscle aches, nausea and chills. I somehow fell back asleep and woke up at 7 am with a fever of 102.7, bright lobster red skin on my face, neck, torso, arms (reticular pattern on arms, and severe swelling on my face (doubled in size, lips swollen, eyes swollen shut). I went to my PCP and they immediately put me in their urgent care and started me on IV fluids, Benadryl and Zofran (I was vomiting bile at this point). I survived and have had to be followed by Dermatology to see if I am now goingbto develop SJS (which is also very dangerous and can follow severe reactions). Luckily, that has not happened and my blood work has reurned to normal. I am still feeling the affects - I had a lot of h F 46 1 days

 1  I went to the er for a headache I went to the er last night for a headache and they gave me bactrim in a iv and so far it has made me feel so weak and like I'm not in the moment and I have had a headache from it and joint aches and just all over body pain.. And had a bad exioty attack last night from it while I was there but they sent me home anyway..I would not recommend this drug to anyone..it makes you feel way worse they when you go into the er..or drs. For now on I will refuse this drug. F 17 1 days

 4  UTI insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Some anxiety starting on second day. F 72 3 days
2X D

 3  Cystic Acne/dermatitis just a bit of a dry mouth While I've never had acne in my life, due to my autoimmune disease and the hormonal changes, I have developed acne on my jawline and cheeks. Recently, a cyst the size of a dime popped up on my jawline and my dermatologist put me on Bactrim. The first thing she asked was if I was allergic to sulfur. I knew that I wasn't because of the sodium sulfacetamide cleanser I had used in the past for dermatitis. What surprises me the most is that the people commenting on the side-effects obviously were not asked about this allergy by their doctor. I'm sorry to hear the pain it caused so many of you but thought it might help to know you very well could be allergic to sulfur - it's the main ingredient and the pill form of the cleanser I mentioned above. Hope that helps! F 37 12 days
800 2X D

 3  Abscess Extreme nausea (almost like stomach flu), headache (responded to one Advil), fatigue. I have only been on the meds for two days, and yes my infection is clearing but after today I'm done with this medicine. I couldn't function after going to work out! It was horrible. I will be going to my PC for something else. F 22 2 days

 2  abcess Insomnia, body aches, head aches, fever. Was told by my physician today to stop the Bactrim. I will never take this drug again. I feel worse than when I had the infection. Tried ibuprofen and acitomeniphen and neither will make the pain go away. M 44 7 days
2X D

 1  inflammation in testicule hand tremors, insomnia, depression. I stopped taking it on the fourth day but hand tremors continue. will it stop?? anyone had the same experience. Please help I am feeling so depressed. M 76 3 days
2X D
 1  UTI Bactrim nearly killed me. On day 3 of the drug, I started itching behind my neck. I took a Benadryl. One hour later, my entire body was red like a lobster and my lips and tongue swelled resulting in the first trip to the ER on Friday. Benadryl cocktail by IV and they sent me home. Within 2 hours of being home, the itching was so insane, I could have killed myself and the lobster red, hot skin was back and swollen lips, tongue, throat was back.. Then I started getting big purple bruises on my legs, which led me back to the ER. Another Benadryl cocktail and a RX for steroids. I was unable to sleep the next 36 hours and wanted to itch off every inch of my skin. The purple bruising continued. Long story short, I had a 3rd futile visit to an inadequate ER at which I passed out at the front door and finally found my way to an awesome dermatologist on Monday who gave me proper diagnosis and treatment. The purple bruising on my legs was diagnosed as acute allergic vasculitis (blood F 48 3 days
1 pill 2X D
 3  Folliculitis On the first day I experienced horrible stomach pain accompanied with nausea and watery diarrhea. The second day was better but the third and fourth day I experienced headaches after taking it. My infection cleared but the side effects are making me miserable F 22 7 days

 1  Sinus Infection I had a delayed severe allergic reaction to Bactrim. After day 12, I began having trouble breathing and had terrible anxiety. Also ha heart palpitations, Loss of appetite, overall shaky. At day 19, I developed a severe head to toe rash (red bumps and white hives). Doctor stopped Bactrim and was given a six day course of Prednisone and Benadryl, The heart and breathing issues cleared immediately. The rash raged even harder -- constant intense itching and burning of skin. Could not sleep. Topical creams, etc. did not help. Cold compress did help for a short while. Day 25 the rash began to ease. I had never had an allergic reaction to anything before. Will NEVER take sulfa drugs again!!!! There are other antibiotics that could be prescribed. F 52 30 days
800 2X D

 1  Impetigo/MRSA Extreme nausea, stomach ache, stomach cramps, excessive urination, migraine headaches. This is getting rid of the lesions and scabs on my leg, but I'm MISERABLE. it's doing the job and I can't wait till the next week is over F 19 10 days
 1  toe infection I feel stressed out to the max! I thought I was losing my mind. And yes, I too smell what seems to be my own body odor when normally I don't. Insomnia...when I lay down to try to sleep my whole shoulder and arm jerks about every minute. And if it doesn't jerk, I "feel" like it should. How wacked out is that? Severe anxiety. Chest feels heavy. Trying for the life of me to figure out what in the world is wrong with me. Mentally I am hanging on by a strand. I hate this feeling! I took a pill this morning and had 1 more day left to take the medication but since I did some digging and found out why I feel so terrible I will not take anymore. I feel shaky and just mentally out of it. Its miserable. F 58 8 days
2X D
 1  UTI This morning was my fourth day taking the medicine. Last evening a few hours after my second dose of the day, I felt anxious and my whole body was shaking. I went to bed feeling like this and woke up feeling better. I took another dose this morning. A few hours afterwards at work, I had the most severe anxiety attack - pain in my chest, racing heart and shaking all over. This lasted for 2 hours. It was the most horrible experience I've ever had taking a medication. I was very close taking myself to the ER. I would not recommend anyone taking this drug. It seems like all antibiotics nowadays have terrible side effects. From now on, I will definitely do alternative remedies like cranberry, vitamin C, etc. The horrible side effects of Bactrim are not worth the risk. F 31 4 days
2X D

 3  UTI Today is day 8 out of 10. Day 1 - Day 6 - severe stomach aches, diarrhea; Day 6 - sore lymph nodes; Day 7 - lymph nodes now very swollen, hurts to turn my head; Day 8 - my lymph nodes today were so swollen they can be seen by the naked eye; my UTI is definitely gone, but I now have a mild fever and trouble sleeping; 3 lymph nodes on each side of my neck are the size of quarters, and two on the back of my head are even bigger, they feel like horns. F 20 10 days
2X D

 1  abscess Weakness in my limbs can't sleep head hurts and feels fuzzy chills lack of appetite and nausea. I been taking it for four days i have lost four pounds the side effects are way worse than whAt I'm taking the pills for. I would not recommend taking this F 34 2 weeks
 1  Spider bite from a Wolf Spider Insomnia, joint pain, muscle pain/aches, clumsiness, inability to follow conversation, occasional feeling of not being 'all there'; bloodshot eyes; slightly sore throat; throat closing-up with hard coughing as if I had asthma. Found this site at 1:00 in the morning when I finally realized that maybe the Bactrim was causing insomnia - which I have never had before - then found other symptoms I shared with several of the posters. I was spilling things, felt like I was missing every 3rd word; had to ask people to repeat themselves. I thought it might be poison from the spider bite - was so worried about getting necrosis at the wound site. The bite is on my face, and the swelling has gone down, but I can't tell if it would have done that on its own or if the Bactrim helped. Will use the old-school penicillin from now on. F 53 5 days
2X D

 2  UTI INSOMNIA!!!!!!!!!!! This is my second day taking this drug and I have gotten little to no sleep. Miserable. F 21 5 days

 1  Ear infection I took bactrim for 10 days for a ear infection,1 wk after taking it I had hives all over my body ,my dr put me on steroids after my first dose of them days later my hives came back worse,I'm afraid to come off them now in case they come back,this has been a horrible experience F 53 1 weeks

 1  Post bilateral breast reconstructn Was instructed to take 1 tab 2x day for 3 days. I developed an allergy to Keflex after my previous surgery so this med was the next option. On the 3rd day, with just one dose left to take, I woke up from a nap with 8/10 lower back pain. Never experienced back pain in my life so this was alarming. Went online, read the side effects of Bactrim and immediately d/c'd. On day 4, back pain was still very present, no relief with Alleve. Today is day 5 and I'm still with severe back pain, AND now with a body rash too. Drinking gallons of water trying to get this med out of my system. BTW, absolutely no pain from the breast reconstruction, just this dibilitating back pain. F 47 3 days
800 mg

 1  UTI and Skin Infection Shaky hands, migraine headache, feeling cold all the time, stiff neck, nausea, loss of appetite, feeling of not being in the moment, like spacing out, forgetting things, daydreaming, racing heart, high blood pressure, bad dreams, diarrhea, gas, bloating, uncontrollable itching, dry mouth and throat, red eyes, smelling like my deodorant isn't working even though it always has before, stomach cramps, anxiety, feeling like my skin is crawling...by the fourth day my blood pressure was up to 158/130 and it is usually very low like 100/60 and so I went home sick and forced myself to eat even though I was so exhausted from shaking all day. That is the last time I will ever take this horrible medication. Bactrim should be taken off the market. It is a POISON F 40 4 days
DS 800-160 2X D
 3  mild UTI discovered during physical Developed hives starting later in the day after I took the last dose in the morning, By the next day I had welts all over my torso and thighs, some of which turned to bruises. It took 3 full days for them to subside. Not sure it was worth it - there are other meds that work without this mess. F 56 5 days
2X D

 5  axillary staph infection Cleared up an ongoing swollen painful staph issue in my armpit, I believe it would've progressed to cellulitis if it weren't for Bactrim. It is great for skin infections. Everyone on here complains of headache/dizzy/backache, but try not being able to shave, wear deoderant, wear a bra or a shirt because your arm is swollen and raw from staph! I'll take the aches, thank you very much! It vastly improved my quality of life. You must drink lots of h20 with this med as well as a lot of activia yogurt to keep good bacteria in your gut. Thank god for this med! F 34 10 days

 3  UTI Extreme insomnia; extreme fatigue; nausea; severe headaches; anxiety; emotional F 34 5 days
800-160 ta

 3  UTI Horrible leg and foot cramps. Any time of day but most severe at night. F 49 7 days
2X D

 1  Ear infection I had severe diarrhea and was tired and dizzy. But while shopping for groceries became very dizzy and felt faint and thought I was going to faint. I thought it was because my blood sugar was too low. So I told my husband that I had to sit down and we headed to the snack area of of the store By this time I was shaking all over .. Could not control it at all.. I was scared.. My husband happened to see an EMT at the deli counter and he asked him if he would take my blood pressure..He did and it was 160/102. And my heart was racing and pounding.. I was sure I was having a heart attack. The EMT called an ambulance to check me. They checked my sugar.. It was normal . My lungs were fine but my heart was going crazy and bp was up and down .. Dont take this stuff .. It can kill you! I am better so far.. Quit taking this and I will do whatever it takes to see that no one does. It needs to be taken off the market. F 63 3 days

 1  Throat infection Felt so sick for hours then spewed up heaps so harsh on the body F 19 1 days

 2  Sinus infection Allergic reaction, had to go to hospital due to rash covering my entire body, muscle cramps, couldn't sleep F 21 8 days

 1  Uti This drug is horrible!!! Terrible rash all over with burning pain. This started 2 days after finishing a 7 day dosage. F 39 7 days

 1  Staph infection Bactrim DS prescribed 2pills twice a day!! Gave me a severe burning sensation which was unbearable. Pain in all my muscles like someone sticking me with a knife. Very cold chills and high blood pressure which is always normal.This all occured after taking for 8 days. Went to hospital to counter act the reaction and still just miserable cannot sleep from pain in my back and muscles and all the burning. They gave me benadryl , zantac, muscle relaxers, steroids, demerol, saline still no relief!!!! Sent me home with all the above. They said all test CBC, urine test etc. came back normal just stop medication. HELP! M 31 8 days
bactrim DS 2X D

 3  infected pilonodial cyst Profuse sweating, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, sore jaw; cleared up the infection in 4 days, my dose might have been overstrengthed causing my side effects to be more pronounced and horrible. But it did work for the infection. M 27 6 days

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