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 4  Contraception Period came when I had still one week to go on the pill lasted almost two weeks very light spotting occasionally I would have a break out of one or two spots but other than that is a great pill. F 34 2 years
 5  Birth control Only side effect for me is a positive one, I get no period on my "off" week. Being on the same pill for 15 years when it was no longer available my Dr switched me to this & I wish I was on it sooner. I love not getting a period. F 39 1 years

 3  Pregnancy prevention Nausea, extremely tender to the touch breasts, uncontrollable crying I've been taking it for a while now, and it seriously makes you feel pregnant. Which of course makes you worry that you are pregnant 99.9% of the time. haven't gotten pregnant, but my boobs hurt so badly that I get sharp sharp pains when the move. I get nauseous all the time, and dizzy every so often. This is the first pill I've tried and I may switch, it is just very uncomfortable to live with F 18 2 months
1X D

 1  Contraception Uncontrollable anger, severe mood swings, anxiety, paranoia, vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive This is the worst pill ever! I started taking Loestrin for contraception after having my second child. I became easily agitated and as soon as I started stressing it would feel as though my blood was boiling and I couldn't calm down. With a two year old and a newborn I was often stressed trying to get other things done but It was the utter rage I felt about everything that frightened me. If 2yo asked for something I would get angry and shout at her to wait, then my heart would beat so fast and the only way I could get a release was to punch something or swear profusely. This happened all day long. I would also b ratty with my husband and constantly snap for every little thing, i had no interest in sex, and still dont, and began to get paranoid that he and all my friends didnt actually care about me. I became so depressed and anxious I lost all my confidence and felt I was rubbish as a wife and mum, I wanted to run away and leave them all. I thought I had post natal depression but was too scared to go to my doctors incase they feared for the safety of my children - in turn I never went to get my next prescription for Loestrin. I am so thankful for this. I instantly started feeling better. Within a week my husband said I was like a different person. I began to sing to myself while bathing my baby (something I hadn't done before) and felt I could cope better when things weren't going to plan. A month on from stopping this pill I am beginning to feel better about myself, my confi F 28 5 months
 1  heavy periods itchy dry vagina, painful intercourse, itchy scalp, extremely dry eyes, irregular heart beat, lethargic, uncontrollable crying, irritability, vivid dreams This medication has not helped my heavy periods at all...and has caused major problems with intimacy. I'm calling my doctor today for a change. F 38 3 months
1X D
 5  I was perimenopause. I have had no side effects. this is the dance to and I don't know what to do for so long to find help. I am so happy with it. I am so glad my doctor prescribe me this for me it took about 2 months to get my period regular but now I am so happy and so pleased. I feel normal again my parents were rather seem like the whole month before going on the medication. before I acted like nothing I didn't know what the details about the bank it was painful and now I am so happy with this medication thank you God. F 55 3 months

 1  Birth control Deep cystic acne began to develop, entire left side of face became swollen, including lymph nodes and loss of motion. Also extreme anxiety and depression. Was taken off after a week by doctor because of intense reactions and put on antibiotics for a month to counter the facial infection. Then the panc attacks started, up to three a day. Had never had any of these symptoms before in my life. F 24 7 days

 1  for dysmenorrhea Almost immediately after taking lo estrin, my libido started to decline, after about a year and a half, I completely lost my libido and ability to orgasm. A few months later I switched to lo loestrin and stayed on that for 3 months. I saw no difference in my sex drive or ability to orgasm so I decided to stop birth control pulls altogether. It's been 10 months since I stopped, and I still have no libido and anorgasmia. I have a super healthy relationship with my husband - we are crazy about each other and he is very supportive and understanding. I have no unusual stresses in my life, I eat healthy and get enough sleep. I also want to note that I have not been hard on myself for this, I've really tried to stay positive and tell myself that it will take time to come back. I know stressing over my lack of sex drive will do no good! I spoke to my gyn and she said it is not from loestrin and recommended I see a sex therapist to find out what's going on. I am extremely frustrated that she would write off birth control's responsibility for this so quickly. I will take her advice and see the therapist because I will do anything at this point to fix it, however I have a hard time believing loestrin did not cause the problem. To say I regret taking loestrin is an understatement. I would take the worst cases of dysmenorrhea any day over a long term anorgasmia & loss of libido. Before loestrin, I used to be able to orgasm doing sit-ups! Please think twice about taking loestrin F 26 2 years

 1  regulate period Constant bleeding.. No sex drive.. F 32 4 months

 2  pms and contraceptive Have been on it for 3 months, i experience a period every other week with mild cramps. And have also gained weight by taking it. F 21 3 months
1X D

 1  Cyst Control Extreme itching from head to toe that has not been controlled with Benadryl in the past 12 hours. Do not plan to take another one. F 43 1 days
1 MG 1X D
 1  Birth Control I HATE this birth control. I've lost so much weight and broke out in acne all over my forehead and I normally have really good skin. My sex drive is no longer there and I can't orgasm. My boyfriend thought I was cheating on him or something was wrong with him because I didn't want to have sex THAT RARELY. I have an appointment with my doctor this week and I can't wait to have her get me off of this drug. From reading the other reviews, it all makes complete sense to me. No wonder I could barely eat and have tons of anxiety. The only good this is that in the beginning, it did make my boobs bigger, but that didn't last long. F 22 2 years
20 1X D

 1  Irregular periods extreme anxiety, panic attacks, extreme mood swings, depression, weight gain, crying a lot, suicidal, angry all the time When I originally started this pill I was fine, but over the last month or so I have felt like I am going crazy. I cry for no reason at all and snap at people because I am angry all the time. I feel sad all the time and not at all myself. I have thought about suicide with this pill. This pill gives me massive panic attacks where I shake and end up not being able to breathe. After reading what everyone else has been through I now know I am not going crazy! I am getting off of this pill immediately. F 17 4 months
1X D

 1  Prevent pregnancy Mood swings, felt easily agitated and fatigued. Nausea was unbearable with vaginal dryness not able to have an orgasm. F 34 10 days

 2  Pregnancy Prevention Long frequent periods, emotional issues, bloating. Although I feel as though different birth control works different for different woman, I strongly discourage anyone to take Loestrin FE 1/20 or the generic, which I was on, microgestin fe 1/20. I started at 17, it was the first birth control that I was put on and for an entire year it was the worst experience ever. The worst thing was the fact that my period was on 20/30 days of the month. It would come on the second week of the pills and last all the way to the end of the brown pills. I was moody, depressed, anxious and bloated A LOT. I don't know if the emotional issues was due to the birth control or PMS since I was bleeding all the time due to the pills. The period's were very painful too, and heavy. The only thing that it helped with was acne. Now I'm on Trinessa (generic for ortho tri cyclen-lo) and I'm hoping it'll be better. F 18 1 years
1X D

 1  Acne, hormone control Omg, I've only been taking this for a month but I've already gained weight, my breasts are so tender I cannot sleep on my stomach, acne hasn't cleared up at all, cramps are worse than ever, insomnia, headaches. Hate this drug, quitting as of this moment! F 27 1 months

 1  Pregnancy I was taking this for a year and it was horrible. For an entire year, my period came on every two weeks, the cramps were horrible, and I was always very bloated and tired. I was always angry or upset and tired and lost my sex drive. The only good thing was that it was the only thing to help with my acne. F 18 1 years
 1  Contraceptive Nausea every single day, absolutely no sex drive, acne breakouts on normally clear skin, awful mood swings/anger. When I was on this pill I didn't feel like myself, I've been off of it for a few days now and I feel 100% like myself again. F 20 1 months

 1  Contraception Extreme anger. Weight gain. Constantly hungry F 41 2 weeks
 2  Birth controll Anger, Weight changes (unable to lose OR gain), no interest in sex whatsoever, tired all the time, depression, anxiety, lots of anger, dull headaches that last for several days, did I mention that I was angry ALL THE TIME? I was switched to this after the loestrin in my area was discontinued. I loved the loestrin! this is NOT loestrin, or even close to it! my dr said it was the generic version and i wouldn't have any problems, not the case. Worst birth control experience so far. My poor husband is all I can say. Giving up and looking into tubal litigation now. F 29 6 months
1X D
 1  Period pains, irregular periods Severe anxiety, panic attacks, severe thrush, bladder infection, acne breakout, weight loss, dry skin, this drug is dangerous!!!! F 40 8 days

 5  Prevent pregnancy I actually love this pill. I had not been on birth control for a year prior to starting this. Before starting the pill I had was experiencing fatigue that made it hard to get through the days, and crazy PMS. After the first week on the pill my energy levels increased significantly! No more mood swings either :)- no sure if this means I had low levels of estrogen to account for lack of energy? F 31 1 days

 5  pregnancy prevention honestly none- I was so worried and read all of these exact horror reviews. first pill I've ever taken and I love it. I haven't gained any weight, my skin is clear, and moods seem to be normal. my boobs did get bigger but no weight gain. also, my acne got a little worse when I first started but disappeared after like 2 months. F 19 1 days

 3  Birth control I was taking it for 6 months without having side effects then all of a sudden I got my period out of no where, my boobs started hurting everyday & I got a cyst the worst part is I always felt like I was pregeant F 6 months

 1  birth control breast growth, severe acne, vaginal dryness, dry mouth, lethargy, 15 lb weight gain Honestly, the WORST thing that could have happened to me. The first side effect I noticed was the vaginal dryness. Sex became uncomfortable immediately. This worsened until sometimes it was just unprovoked pain. Then…the boobs. As a B cup I though "oh wow nice." I went up to a full C in weeks and they look super perky. Unfortunately this was accompanied by a 15 lb increase in weight and a huge belly. I did not change my diet or fitness routine and yet my body completely changed. I honestly look like I AM pregnant. On month three I went from having perfect skin to having the worst acne imaginable. The cystic acne is flakey and persistant. ALL OVER MY CHIN. All of those symptoms made me miserable. 1 week afar stopping everything started to go back to normal. Crazy. F 3 months
1X D

 5  Endo/Adenomyosis None that I can definitely blame on the pill Love this pill. Cured my chronic and constant pain from endo/adeno literally overnight, periods almost nonexistent and pain free when before I was unable to function. Remember a lot of people post when feeling negative about a product. We're all different, it's worth a try with the oestrogen level so low! F 40 1 years
1X D
 3   nausea 37

 5  Birgh control OKAY, GILDESS FE IS NOT THR SAME AS LOESTRIN! no matter what the stupid companies tell you. I was on loestrin, switched to godless when it was discontinued. My body freaked out right away. Bad. I got cystic acne all over my chinn and forehead. From the moment I took it I never had a clear face. One pimple would leave and two more giants would appear. I was so moody and hated the world. Mostly my boyfriend. I went to a new doctor and she said it was NOT me and 100% the pill. She said she had heard this from multiple women and to stop taking it. She switched me to yaz and my skin stopped breaking out within a week. I am waiting to have an iud put in to end all this shit. IUDs are becoming more known as a safe and NORMAL option for women who haven't had kids yet. They are safe effective and release so little hormone that they don't make you a lunatic. Look into mirena ladies! F 22 3 months

 2  prevent pregnancy Ughhhhh!!!! I hate this pill... I have itchy skin all the time... My breast have gotten bigger... I have very bad mood swings... I have vivid dreams... I eat alot crave everything.Im just 20pds lighter from when i was pregnant..I cant loose weight on this pill....Its real easy for me to snap on anybody. Although my periods are alot different. I barely had a period this monthit lasted about three days bt it was very light. That would be the only thing i like about this pill. It does regulate your periods. Other then that I feel sad all the time. Always in my feelings. As far as my sex drive I dont think its changed none. I still like sex. Uhm, I may end up switching sooner or later. But im still taking it. Other reviews ive read has been worse than mines. But im still not satisfied. Blahhhh to this pill!!! F 22 3 months
 3  pms, bloating, highly irregular cyc stopped period entirely from the outset with no spotting; tender breasts all cycle become excruciating for last week; increased breast size from 34dd to 34 g in 2 months. Gained only 4 lbs, but went from a size 4 to a size 8 jean. Greatly helped me with severe cramping and I no longer have unexpected or wacked out periods-- in fact I get none at all-- breasts are very sore for half the pack; severe bloating for the last 10-12 pills in the pack-- enough so that I wish my perid would just start so I could get some relief. (have to order 34g Wacoal bras from macys online). Also went from a size 4 to a size 8 jean, but I only gained 4 pounds. Feel hungry all the time. Still, I will take these for at least another month to see if symptoms improve. If my breasts weren't so terribly sore, swollen, and weighty for the last 10 days of the pack, I think it would be great. F 43 2 months
1/20 1X D
 3  birth control, to stop heavy period No orgasm, don't even get wet anymore. I barely sleep at night, I have vivid nightmares, I get dehydrated all the time, need to pee way too much, I'm overemotional, boobs are sore to touch, period stopped completely though, and it does work well as a contraceptive. I would not recommend this unless you have no other option. I don't, but I suggest you try to find every other possibility of things you could try first before you use this to stop periods/as a contraceptive, as the side effects are far too high. F 14 8 months
1X D
 2  Contraception and Painful Periods I have been on this drug for almost three months and I have insomnia, anxiety, weight gain (despite working out 5 days a week), and headaches. The only good thing is that my periods are barely there with no pain. My skin also looks pretty good. But Im not sure what to do because the negative side effects are pretty major. F 37
1X D

 4  contraceptive purposes F 19 3 weeks

 1  birth control/irregular cycle Extremely itchy skin, skin redness, rashes that look like mosquito bites, raised red whelps on skin, headaches, foggy feeling F 35 17 days
1X D
 1  PCOS/hormonal reasons I cry all the time for no reason. My family doesn't want to be around me. My period won't stop, and I feel anxious and tired all the time. My boobs are normally a 34DD but my bras won't even fit the whole boob anymore. Terrible cystic acne on my normally clear skin. I have no sex drive. I hate everything. This is awful. Can't wait to quit this pill. F 28 10 days
 3  cyst control cramping, but can be contributed to the cysts. no period controlled my hot flashes that were being induced by the mirena. gyno put me on it to control my cysts, as the mirena only worked for my endometriosis. overall this is a great birth control option that has little to no side effects for me, and I've been on them all. really effective low dose that works amazingly. F 20 45 days
1 mg 1X D
 3  prevent pregnancy, regulate period Insomnia!! Exactly between 2-3am I would wake up for NO reason at all! Tonight, even though I stopped anything caffeinated after 12pm and took a benedryl before bed, sure enough, like clockwork, I'm up at 2. I finally made the correlation between my bouts of insomnia and the pill cause right around the same time taking it, I started having sleep issues. And I've never had sleeping problems ever. I've also been experiencing vaginal dryness too! After one episode of sex, it was so painful I couldn't do much the next day. It even hurt to urinate. Lastly, my poor boyfriend has been getting the grunt of my mood swings. I am a fairly outgoing person but since I've been on this pill, I've been much more withdrawn and really don't want to be around people at all. Ironically enough, I came to this conclusion tonight while tossing and turning...as I have been for two months now! F 30 1 days

 3  Hormonal imbalance / irregulacycle Less cramps I would have labor pain cramps monthly often twice a month but very emotional F 32 2 weeks

 2  Birth control I have never felt more anxiety in my life. The first few nights, I couldn't really sleep. Now I feel my heart beating heavy. Mood swings - check. Depressed yes. Maybe my priorities are off, but worst of all - I have no sex drive and I used to be horny all the time. Never again. F 30 17 days
1X D
 4  Prevention and cycle regulation The first week was terrible, I had severe mood swings and cried alot, abnormal bleeding, food cravings and I got hungrier more than usual, I also had a sensitivity to smell. This week, my boobs have dramatically increased in size (I'm nearly a cup larger) and they are very tender but I don't mind that much. All other sides effects have gone away. F 16 2 weeks

 5  2x period a month, hormone imbalan So far I have experienced no negative side effects. I was so hesitant to take something, afraid of weight gain or mood swings but so far nothing! I have had more Energy then I have had in years!! I would say give it a chance like my dr told me for 3 months. Everyone is different! F 26 1 months

 5  heavy period, extreme cramping Bigger boobs/butt, always hungry but no weight gain, high sex drive. F 18 3 months

 1  Birth Control/Endometriosis This pill came straight from HELL. I'm the angriest person alive. You could say hello and I'd snap. Do NOT recommend. Getting off this tomorrow!! F 30 1 months

 1  Painful periods, dont want baby Mood Swings, tiredness, tender breasts, very very bad acne on face and back. Loss of appetite, after eating i throw up cry for no reason. F 22 2 months
20 1X D
 4  PMDD/birth control Insomnia. This pill has balanced my moods quite well. The higher estrogen pills make me feel insane and cause weight gain. This pill hasn't. F 32 2 months

 3  Hormone imbalance/period 2x a mon Bloating, headaches and rash on face and acne that developed the 2nd week I have a hormone imbalance since a tubal ligation - having a heavy period every 2 weeks and one huge acne pimple that comes back in the same spot. My hair has atleast stopped falling out and I'm crazy horny. I did lose 2 pounds but the rash on my face hurts. I'm trying a few things to make sure the rash is not an allergic reaction and related to the pill. I also now have small white heads all over - I think I rather have a clear face with one pimple than this rash! M 37 2 weeks
1X D

 1  Acne, even out mood swings severe depression, panic attacks, anxiety, left arm numbness, severe fatigue, acne I'm 17 and got put on Lo Loestrin Fe to even out my mood swings and control my acne. It did exactly the opposite. I have a history of depression and have been taking Prozac since I was 8. Overall though, I am normally a very bright, awake, optimistic and grounded person. This pill has brought out the person I was when I was 8. I go to sleep so early at night (which is incredibly rare for me) and wake up feeling worse than when I went to sleep. I'm constantly tired, constantly dizzy, and always feeling ill. My arm will go numb at random points in the day and my mood swings are out of this world. I cry at least once a day, have on average three panic attacks a week and cannot focus at all, which has also produced anxiety. My school work has dropped considerably and I've missed more school in the past month than ever before. I My friends are seriously worried about me and have noticed the change in me. I do not recommend this pill for anyone who has a history of depression or anxiety. I am stopping this pill in the next two days because that's when this month's dosage will end and I'm counting down the seconds. This has been one of the worst months ever. Can't wait to get back to my old self! F 17 25 days
30 MG 1X D
 2  birth conttol purposes No period, No sex drive, weight gain, no orgasm, moodiness, suicidal thoughts, extreme vaginal dryness - to the put it was painful to have sex. I have tried many type of B.C. - the Nuvaring, ortho tri cycle, Implanon, Yaz, Yasmin - NOTHING has ever effected me as bad as this pill. I feel like I've lost my mind and a month and a half after stopping I STILL have no period! F 33 1 months
1X D
 1  Prevent pregnancy massive anxiety, depression, hopelessness, fear of going crazy, hair loss, extreme fatigue, lack of concentration, paranoia, decreased sex drive, chest pain and pressure I have been on this pill for almost two months. MY GOSH I am glad I found this website and I don't feel like I'm a lunatic anymore. Granted, I am going through a stressful time in my life and would consider myself somewhat prone to anxiety pre-pill but NOT LIKE THIS. since starting this I have fallen into uncontrollable anxiety, fear and depression. I feel down all the time, in the past my anxiety was limited to things that well, make sense (health issues, work, etc.) but on a beautiful sunny day I feel like I am LOSING MY MIND. seriously, earlier today I was practically convincing myself I was going to become schizophrenic and lose my family and boyfriend until I found this stuff. Omg. I think I am going to wait it out the one week I have left of active pills so I don't mess up my cycle too badly but that is it. This stuff is the devil. I have been resorting to xanax the past week because I have hardly been able to function..just crying for no reason and plagued by massive 'worst case scenario' routines running through my mind. Honestly, unlike some of you I do have a history of worry and anxiety but not to this extent. Honestly, I have never felt worse..and I have to say..about hormonal birth control in general..it makes sense that this stuff occurs...synthetic hormones inhibiting your body's ability to make its own..no wonder we're all such a wreck and divorce rate is so high. Good luck to you all... F 22 2 months
30 1X D

 1  Reg. cycles, prevent Endometriosis Insomnia, eye dryness, upper respiratory infection, fatigue, mood swings, depression. F 36 1 weeks
20 mcg

 1  Prevent ovarian cysts I was given Loestrin to prevent ovarian cysts...I would rather have cysts than take this medicine, it's horrible. First, this medication interacts BADLY with many other meds, and no one told me this ranging from the doctor to the pharmacist. Please go online and save your life by researching this, since no one else gives a sh*&t about you except you. Second, I have had, from day 1, dizziness, light-headedness, fatigue, panic/anxiety attacks in the morning, nausea so I can barely eat at all, mood swings so bad that I can't get out of bed. This medicine is a perfect example of how the drug companies experiment on women. All I wanted to do after taking this is either puke, cry, or scream. F 40 10 days
20 mg 1X D
 1  birth control mood swings, depression, low sex drive, no periods, hunger, tender breasts, breast growth I've been on this pill a little over a year now. I have had all kinds of issues throughout the year. Most recently for about 2-4 months, extreme unhappiness. I have days where I don't want to talk to anyone. My boyfriend and I are having issues, I'm mad at him all the time for no reason. I have no sexual feelings. I have not had a period in a year, which my doc says is OK, but I think its odd. My arm goes numb on occasion. My breast are bigger, which is great, but they are very tender to the touch. I feel like I could eat all day long, and have slight weight gain. Once this cycle is over I'm getting off this pill. Rather not be on any pill, but I don't want to get pregnant right now. F 32
1X D
 2  birth control Migranes, severe cramping, bloating, weight gain due to constant hunger, depression, mood swings, vivid nightmares, suicidal thoughts I am a normally happy person, and I was depressed and contemplating suicide 4 weeks into taking this medication. I was also having emotional outbursts and anger issues, which are not common for me. Perhaps a good pill for others, but my body did not respond well to it. F 27 1 months
1X D
 5  birth control Completely lost period, no spotting even, immediately, for TWO YEARS. MAYBE a decrease in libido. POSITIVE: eliminated mood swings, greatly eased anxiety and depression. Previously, I had taken Ortho-Tricyclen Lo for a couple of years and switched to YAZ to help with bloating and mood swings. I was pretty happy with YAZ until my doctor heard about some of the increased risk for blood clots and refused to prescribe it any longer. The minute I switched to Loestrin FE, my period disappeared and I lost weight rapidly. I went to the doctor for a full checkup because I didn't immediately connect that with the new pill. After realizing I was healthy, I stayed on the pill for two years until the complete absence of a period began to make me and my husband nervous. So.... my doctor was going to switch me back to Ortho-Tricyclin Lo, but there's no generic, so I had to take Trinessa (regular ortho generic instead). And Trinessa has been miserable. My insane mood swings, depression, and anxiety as returned, my periods are all over the place. I gained weight and retain water. I want to go back to Loestrin. I don't think I need a period. :-) F 26 2 years
1X D
 3  prevent pregnancy extreme anxiety attacks like never before, tinnitus, vagina dryness, continuous bleeding, weakness, confusion, hyper vigilance, increased breast size, completely cleared my skin of all acne, first 3 days taking it I felt very emotional and vulnerable easily brought to tears but then that subsided, heart palpitations, general zoning out... F 28 27 days
1X D
 1  regulate period Palpitatons, chest pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, loss of sex drive F 32 4 months
 5  Prevent Pregnancy No major side effects noticed. This is the only BC pill that has worked for me (I have tried a few). No depression, no headaches, no anxiety at all. I LOVE this pill. I don't even know I am on it, except for the fact is has cleared my skin and caused me a little bit of weight gain, but we're talking maybe 5 lbs. F 34 2 months
1X D
 1  Cyst and cramping Spotted the whole first month. Tender bigger breast, cramping, Back aches, no period after that first month, anxiety F 37 7 months

 1  Birth Control Increase anxiety, panic attacks, depression, no sex drive, headaches, migraines, spotting I just stopped this pill a week ago and feel MUCH better. I typically skipped the placebo's to not have a period, but one month decided not to and for that one week I felt great. I started taking the pills again for the new pack and felt horrible. I am so glad I stopped taking them!!! F 31 2 years
30 mg 1X D

 5  to prevent pregnancy well not really had any othet that i stopped having a period and difficulty sleeping 17 2 years
1 mg

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