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 1  diabetic neuropathy pain Suffered from a-fib after taking the mediciation. It almost killed me! M 60 6 months
650mg 2X D
 1  night leg pains itchiness, hives. tight throat come on this did nothing. asprin worked better F 52 4 days

 1  neuropathic pain Nausea, anxiety, gastric distress, vomiting, headache was first given this for my chronic neuro pain when doc did not want to give anything stronger. I had such a bad time with it I thought it was going to kill me and I only took 3 pills. I have since been moved on to roxicodone 30mg and now pain free. M 33 2 days
 1  Knee pain due to loose ligaments Feelings of euphoria when taking more than prescrcibed or mixing with alcohol This drug SUCKED! I was taking them for knee pain, but they weren't working. I was taking so many that I was getting high! My Dr. switched me to Percocet, and now I only have to take one every so often when the pain gets really bad and I can't sleep. F 26 8 days

 1  For HA No side effects that I could notice Many doctors and dentists prescribe propoxyphene (Darvon, Wygesic, Darvocet) for pain. As a dentist myself who experiences debilitating migraines 1-2 times a month, this drug is no better than 650mg of aspirin and this has been proven.

When I prescribe a pain pill I generally use hydrocodone (Vicodin, Lortab, Anexsia) which is far superior to codeine and propoxyphene. I have also head success with oxycodone (Percocet, and Percodan), and pentazocine (Talacen). Talacen provides excellent pain relief and is under utilized in the medical profession. I also use butorphanol (Stadol) which when used properly gives excellent pain relief. Honestly, I rarely have had anybody who gets relief from propoxyphene.

As a side point many doctors and dentists have been using ketorolac (Toradol) for acute pain. This medication is not only usually ineffective for neural pain, but can destroy the kidneys. It is extremely toxic, avoid it at all cost. Doctors are afraid to use narcotics because of addiction but they must think its alright to destroy their patients kidneys!, L Sanderson, DDS

M 30 1 times

 1  Back/neck pain Nausea, motion sickness, panic attacks, severe gastric distress This medicine is absolute garbage. Two regular strength aspirin work better on pain than this crap. Way too many side effects and it can easily kill you via an overdose. It should be taken off the market M 33 2 weeks

 1  Migraine/Headache Zero. No effects after taking 200mgs. 6ft 200lb male, prescribed 100mg tabs with 1-2 to be taken every 6 hrs for pain relief (migraine). First time used, I felt absolutely no effects while experiencing a horrible migraine and having consumed 2x100mg. M 26 1 days


 1  severe spine damage i felt like i was outside my body, very dizzy, almost called 911 i was so scared. vomited horribly, and was absolutly sick until drug wore off it may be just my reaction, but i'm glad i can share it with others so they know when talking to thier doctor about pain management M 33 1 days

 1  Lower back pain flu like symptoms. F 31 3 weeks

 1  lower back pain experienced severe chest pain. pharmacist said it was a heartburn like reaction. Never took it again. It did nothing for the pain. Patient should keep track of what works and what doesnt and let the Dr. know. M 46 1 times

 2  e4w44 fw tbtre t44 4 rhh M 75 5 days

 2  pain 49 2 days

 3  facette joint damage, deg. disc de mental foggyness, poor concentration, anxiety, nerviousness, cronic fatigue, paranoia, lack of interest in almost all activities. want to be alone....Really changed who I "was" at best I would say it "dulled" the acute pain, but how I explain it... "The pain is still there, I just don't care" because I'm stoned, but I also can't do anything because I can't focus on anything. M 43 3 years
 3  tooth extraction Slight dizziness, feeling of euphoria, sleepiness My oral surgeon prescribed this drug for me because all opiate derivatives such as hydrocodone make me violently ill. It helped for the 3 days of intense jaw pain I experienced and I did not feel nauseous or vomit from it. F 45 3 days

 3   M 30 90 days


 3  Ovarian Cyst ruptured -Tiredness/Fatigue -Gitters/Shakes -Upset stomache (due to the fact that I am having problems keeping anything done) My doctor switched me from Tylenol 3 w/cod, as the stomach upset was unbearable and the pain was still quite intense. F 29 4 days


 4  Periphreal Neuropathy Constipation Started to take after B12 deficiency caused neurophysiology in 2004. Greatly improved pain, but might be a psychological effect or adding B12 to cure that deficiency. M 21 6 years
100/650 1X D

 4  Migraine None Darvon N has helped me to control my migraines for years, without "rebound headaches" or stomach upset. I am able to take it while I am working, which I could not with other medications. What works for some people, does not work the same for others. It is very important to find a doctor with some training in pain management, and whose job is to relieve patients' pain, rather than live in fear of the DEA. M 51 5 years

 4  shoulder pain itchiness worked well and didn't upset my stomach F 54 3 days

 4  I have a blatter disease called IC Dry mouth It also makes me stay awake. It doesn't make me sleep. It wires me a little. Darvon-n does help me I have had this disease for about six years and since this is a cronic disease doctors don't like giving pain medication. This disease is very very painful. Though Darvon doesn't take away all the pain it does help. My only conplaint is that their is not a genaric so my insurance doesn't pay much of the cost. F 35 3 years
 4  pain none M 68

100-650 1X AN

 5  bone cancer i absolutly feel no side effects while taking,however,i definetly know when it wears off! so it does work for me. the cancer drs. tell me im crazy,that darvon cant possibly help.well i have been in pain most of my life, began taking darvocet 30yrs ago. it however made my kidneys hurt so i knew it was harming me but it did work.thts when my family dr found darvon for me it worked just as well but w/out the 650mg of tylenol.folks are right though you do build a resistence.i began with breaking in half a 100mg then gradually adding 50mg a time til i got to 300mg. this is a dangerous amount!do not attempt it.but understand i have a baseball sized tumor growing out the top of my skull,its in my neck vertabra,left shoulder cheast wall,both femurs,pelvis,goiter,4 of my back vertabra are completly black on x-ray,one being fractured,the others are bulging ever which way into my spinal cord,my sacrum is unrecognisable as a bone,spots in lungs lastly another baseball sized tumor growing through m i have winged myself off many times and tried whole heartly to take other kinds,but nothing works as well for me as the darvon-n 100.even w/drs telling me i cant possibly get relief w/it. DUH! im the one in pain!dont you think i would take something else if it worked better!? i belive the answer is that we are all different individuals, fearfully & wonderfully made.and different things work differently for each of us.what works for me may not work for you.they should quite trying to put us in the same cookie cutter.so dont be so arogant as to say this drug is garbage & useless.you may have had a negetive out come w/ a product,hey share your story but dont think its the same w/everyone.i have to listen to my body it tells me what works or not. listen to your body. F 50 5 years
150mg-300m 3X AN
 5  Migraine headach Slight and short-lived euphoria but not debilitating. Pain was 90% contained within an hour and totally gone in 2 hours. M 74 3 years
 5  Acute Rhumatoid Arthritis None, this is a great drug. Was taking codine, which made me a mean bastard. Even I knew I was being a bastard but couldn't seem to help it. Then started taking darvocet, which worked on the pain but I was taking almost 3 grams of acetaminophen along with it. My liver was getting fried. I asked my DR for straight darvon because it had more of the propoxyphene (100mg) and no acetaminophen. I take 200 - 300 mg day, and feel great. Slight euphoria 1 hour after taking it, but not stoned by any stretch. M 43 1 years

 5  Moderate arthritis in hip None I have read all this about Darvon not working any better than aspirin and that is totally not the case with me. It works like magic. I get a slight euphoria from it for about 1/2 hour, but not to the point that I can't concentrate. It takes the edge off my pain so I can walk without a limp and pain. I am getting a hip replacement in a year or two....so this is holding me over until then. I have had no side effects and so far no addiction. I take about 4 pills per day. I have tried everything else and this works the best without the mental confusion the other drugs caused me. F 36 6 days

 5  Lower back pain Slight dizziness sometimes I found this very good. I got an ulcer from anti-inflammatories and then was switched to codeine based medication, which made me sick. I find Darvon N great. I never feel sick and it very effective for me. My doctor (who has been practicing for 50 years)says that people either find it fantastic or like water. F 30 2 years

 5  Low Back Pain - 2 Buldging discs None. This drug is very helpfull with controlling my pain. Works as good or better than Ultram and Darvocet, without the stomach ache that those others give. I personally Take 1 every 4 hrs. and this lets me continue my day to day activities. M 38 1.5 years
 5  I am a post-polio I get a little sleepy, but after you take Darvon-N for awhile it wears off. I would say that Darvon-N is the best pain pill out today. When I was taking Celebrex (and I took it for almost 3 years), I felt good but I was getting blood in the stool. Celebrex does this. It is a damaging pill. That is why I switched to Darvon-N. I read so much about it and then asked my Dr. if it were a possibility to change to Darvon-N. She said OK and I have been using it ever since. I feel better just knowing that I'm off Celebrex - a medication that can give you bleeding ulcers and who knows what else. F 75 2 months
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