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 1  Bipolar Sexual dysfunction, increased obsessive thoughts, 20lb weight gain, other sexual side effects (I began to feel attracted to the same sex when I had previously never had these feelings), anxiety, depression There is research that lithium in lab animals can change their sexuality and reduce fertility F 23 1 years

 2  Maintainance for Depression Depression, Suicidal thoughts, shaking of hands, Mood issues, random thoughts, Sleeping issues, nightmares, *People should not be treated like cats & dogs & given medicine that prevents fertility without telling then; feels like when they are Euthanized. Why do they keep medicines that Euthanize human beings? & worst of all, why do the Doctors lie to the patients about this fact? All a big business, do they even care about the patients Dreams? Doctors should tell Patients About The Fertility side effect orherswise is a violation of Human Rights! Without consent people get tricked into becoming Infertile with Zyprexa & many other medicines like it. F 29 4 years
300 mg

 3  Mood and depression and bpd ok for a few weeks but talked a lot ok for a few months now feel really depressed F 42 10 months

 5  Bipolar and anxiety Poop. Lots of poop. It's probably a good thing, though. I used to poop only once every three weeks. It did make me throw up a bit, but that was because it was mixed with another one of my meds. It's all good now. Um... Since I'm taking Prozac for the same reasons, I can't really tell what med is curing what. Since I can't tell, I'm just gonna say it works pretty good. Just try to drink a buttload of water because 1. Lithium requires you to have plenty of fluids, and 2. Ya maaaay wanna get rid of the slight metal taste on your tongue. F 14 1 years
20 2X D

 3  Bipolar Depression Headaches, nausea, salty aftertaste, dehydration, no sleep, hand tremors, weakened muscles, increased aggression, hallucinations I've only been on it for just over 2 weeks. It's helped keep me stabilized from suicidal thoughts, but the side effects can be pretty alarming. I just started getting hand tremors this morning. My hands and fingers move on their own now, which is sort of weird. The headaches aren't too bad, but I almost can't eat because of the nausea. The salty aftertaste and dehydration can be easily fixed with water. I can't work out as vigorously anymore because I feel weaker and incredibly nauseated. The hallucinations aren't terrible; just a little alarming. The meds are keeping me stabilized however, which I'll take anyday. F 22 2 weeks
450 MG 2X D

 3  bipolar, panic disorder, agoraphobi Nausea, started manic stage right before switching from seroquel & trileptal, mania called down a little but massively tired again like depression, insomnia from mania and nausea when I take lithium. Maybe nausea, salivatinglike I'm going to vomit but don't. I drink my water as instructed and I have incontinence issues. F 41 2 weeks

 4  Bipolar Naseau, vomiting, dizziness, hot and cold flashes F 15 2 weeks

 1  bipolar Dizziness want to throw up stomach upset hot cold hate it F 55 10 days

 3  bipolar disorder I'm starting to have really bad pains in my right side like towards my back. Its starting to get unbearable. F 41 10 days

 4  Bipolar II Zombie in the morning, sort of thirsty, tired F 10 2 days
900 mg

 3  manic episode/psychosis Helped stop the mania but side effects are terrible. Instant weight gain, severe acne after a few months, hand tremors. Made me super self conscious. F 29 1 months

 5  Bipolar I - mania and aggression This stuff saved me. My aggression levels went to nothing after being severely agitated and mixed (then manic) for weeks. However, I had to discontinue due to side effects. I have fibromyalgia and the direct release formula made me have severe migraines so I switched to extended release. No more migraines, but I was constantly nauseous, and I already have stomach problems so I couldn't continue taking it which was a bummer. It worked really well though, so if I'm ever in an emergency situation I would be willing to take it temporarily to reset myself. F 24 3 weeks

 5  Bipolar 2 Initially, I was incredibly, desperately thirsty. This subsided at about three months. All I have now is an occasional fine tremor which worsens if I get hot and dehydrated. Lithium didn't fix me, I'm still bipolar. But it took the edge off both the highs and the lows. My bad wild ideas aren't as bad and my depressions aren't as dramatic and unreasonable. The initial blood tests to find the right dosage are a pain, as are the periodic followups to check your levels- but both these things are better than lithium toxicity, I imagine. F 37 3 years
900MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar Rapid Cycling No side effects as yet This drug has changed my life after many years of being in my own world ,I can know look forward to a normal life again after . Last felt like this good when I served in the Royal Air Force . I am able to love people again. M 59 14 days
600mg 1X D
 5  Diagnosed MD in 1967 and began Negligible F 72 10 years
 3  Diagnosed Bi Polar Over the 30 years that I have been taking Lithium I have had every side effect mentioned ie my nephew died and I did not shed a tear or feel much of any thing no sex drive for the last 15 years then every year or so I suffer from depression mostly life sucks but I'm to be thank full there are no highs F 58 10 years

 5  Manic Depression. Some kidney pain in my back. I emailed some of you guys that are on it wondering if you dealt with the same thing. Not going to give up the lithium due to it though. Stomach pain. Low blood pressure. Sometimes confusion when conversing. M 28 10 days
150 mg 2x
 3  bi polar ptsd ocd severe anxiety Tired tired tired headache crying feel sad numb lazy no energy hungry don't like!!!!!! F 28 4 days
 4  Bipolar 1 polyuria, slight tremor, flat feeling at times I've been on Lithium and respiradol for the last 10 years and it's kept me out of hospital, had no manic episodes since except a short term hypomania F 46 13 years
500mg 1X D
 3  Severe Depression and Anxiety Lack of concentration, dizziness, excessive sweating, extreme hair loss, weight gain of 15 pounds in 1st month,and more every month after, extreme thirst (1.5 gallons of water a day easy), dry mouth, and felt like my throat was burning. Also horrible migraines and muscle spasms. I was on this once before for four months and it was amazing. Only side effect I had last time was trouble concentrating and extreme thirst. This time I'm taking it and have really bad side effects. I have been practically stuck in bed all week because I'm so dizzy if I even lift my head I want to vomit. I must have drank at least 12 water bottles in the last 10 hours alone. Every time I run my fingers through my hair so much comes out! I'm not evwn going to mention the fact that my menstrual cycle has stopped for the last four months! The social anxiety has been drastically reduced, but maybe that's because I'm to miserable and foggy headed from the lithium to even think about that. F 24 6 months
300MG 1X D
 4  bp II Hand tremor, weight gain F 48 10 years
900 daily

 4  Bipolar I Immediate weight gain of 15 lbs in a month. Tremors after awhile. Unsure if other effects were from lithium or just the swings of bipolar. Did wonderful when I first went on it. The quick weight gain was unexpected. I took it off but then it came right back. That was not normal for me. Also, after about 8 months I became so weak it was hard to get out of bed. This lasted 3 months until I got on different medicine. They're taking me off Lithium F 43 1 years
900 MG 1X D

 3  Manic/ physchosis Thank god I'm off this medication! Acne everywhere, weight gain (I went from 100lbs to an instant 120), foggy thoughts, I felt like a fkn guinea pig, emotionless, depressed because of my acne/weight But... It did help for the time being! As long as you're monitored you're fine. Can cause severe thyroid issues! F 20 4 months

 2  Bipolar Disorder M 39
1000mg 1X D

 1  Major Depressive Disorder (Add-On) Initially caused nausea, hot flashes, hand tremors, increased thirst. Dose must be slowly titrated and monthly blood tests are required during first several months to determine proper blood levels since their is a risk of lithium toxicity if improperly dosed. No increase in mood for major depression. M 26 6 months
750 1X D

 5  Bipolar type I Made me feel high at first. Then I evened out. M 21 6 months
1200 mg
 5  Bipolar Face felt congested @first, been taking it 18months and stablizes me, to a certain degree! Only medication that has!! F 38 1 years

 5  manic depressive / BI POLOR !@#$ Dry funky mouth, like something done just die up in my s!@t. Foggy thoughts So far I don't feel nothing, Its only been four days. I was able to face my stalker without panik attack. Go home to move my stuff out of my apartment. I did not curse him out, panic or attake him F 36 4 days
600mg a da
 4  Manic depression Feeling sick, thirsty, hard to sleep at night as my arm and leg feel so heavy and uncomfortable I've had hair loss 5lb weight gain F 39 4 months
 2  Mood disorder, depression Horrible acne, huge cysts, anxious feeling, and lots of peeing! F 32 3 months
600 mg

 4  mood disorder NOS thirsty at first, frequent urination I have tried every antidepressant except the tricyclics. They work at first then stop. My new PDOC suggested a trial of lithium which was scary at first because I didn't want to be "that crazy". I has really mellowed out my moods and curiously called my anxiety. My irritability has almost disappeared. I feel a little flat but this might be what "normal" people feel-not high not low. Also notice impulsivity is a lot less. Will talk about the lingering depression at next visit. F 52 2 months
300 MG 2X D
 5  Bipolar | I did experience one side effect and that was depression but I smoke weed to reduce my depression. Lithium otherwise saved my emotional life as well as my home life work life etc. I love it. F 18 1 days
 5  Bipolar II For first 3-4 months I got little pimples on forehead, I gained about 5 ibs of water weight, increased thirst, bloated, hand tremors. It all went away after 3-4 months. I have not had a side effect or problem since. I have been on Lithium 5 years. Lithium with Lamictal has saved my life. I take it with 150mgs of Lamictal and the combo works great for my mood disorder. 5 years on both meds and no problems. I tried every anti psychotic drug and they either made me gain a lot of weight or I couldn't stand up b/c I was sooooo sleepy. I had very little side effects on Lithium. They went away soon after I started Lithium. Lithium took about 6 months before I felt its full effect, but was worth it. I feel like me again. I didn't think I was ever going to get better. I felt so hopeless. I didn't want to try Lithium b/c of side effects. However there are side effects with all meds. I am so glad I tried it. Blood test doesn't bother me. I take twice a year. Just make sure you drink a lot of water. F 33 5 years
900 3X D
 5  Type II Bipolar Disorder Hand twitches 12 hours from time of dose (If I'm using a calculator, I'll hit a button twice by accident). I take it at night, and the problem is gone by noon. Caffeine really exacerbates the hand tremors. I once thought it would be a good idea to drink a big coffee before an exam and my hand was shaking so bad that I couldn't write. I take this with 1500mg Trileptal and 400mg of Lamictal and I take them all before bed. They do make me very tired, but by the time I wake up I have no other side effects. Lithium was the "game changer" when my doctor and I were working on an appropriate "cocktail" for me. It won't be a sudden change, where all of a sudden you feel great. The only noticeable change I could observe myself is the obsessive suicidal thinking toned down significantly. After 2 years of treatment, I still don't "feel" like the drugs work. I think It's sort of like if you look in the mirror every day, you wont really notice you gained 10 lbs. However, my friends and family have noticed a significant change in my mood and attitude (they don't look in the metaphorical mirror every day). I have also been able to successfully stay in school and hold down a job which was impossible 2 years ago. Even though I don't "feel" different, my life has changed for the better. Everybody is different chemically, and lithium may not be for everybody, but don't write it off just because you don't "feel" a change. Give it some time first. M 27 2 years
1500 1X D

 2  Bipolar type 1 psychotic feat. Headache, extreme anxiety, lethargy, depression, tiredness, a lot of acne, amenorrhea, weight gain, hunger, thirst, mental fog, anhedonia, sluggishness, flat feeling, no emotions at all It slightly reduces racing thoughts, but I normally can do that on my own.. I really don't feel any benefit from the drug.. The sedation is so extreme I only felt this when I was in my teens. Ugh. F 24 4 months
600 1X D
 5  Mood swings None so far, all good, dont feel so tired, more energy so far so gud, this as been a miracle, and only been takin for a week F 44 1 weeks
400 mgs

 4  Bi-polar Vomiting, extreme thirst all the time stomach pain Loss of bladder control I take two 300mg of lithium at night, I sleep off the "Zombie" effects and it has stabilized my bipolar symptoms F 27 4 months
600mg 1X D
 3  Manic depressive paranoia Sleepiness, dizziness, mild hand trembling, difficulty concentrating/thinking, metallic/sweet taste in my mouth, and difficulty driving (hand in hand with the sleepiness). After years of anger management type issues, I visited a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with manic depressive paranoia disorder and he suggested that I start taking Lithium Carbonate. He started me at 600mg a day and then upped it to 1200mg a day (extended release tablets). He also put me on Seroquel (200 mg a day) to help me sleep and to act as a piggyback drug to the Lithium. My side effects have been odd and they fluctuate. I'll go a week feeling like the meds are having zero effects. Then I'll have a week of bad hand trembling with the taste in my mouth. Then I'll have a week where I'm nearly comatose (driving is really fun then). Then I'll have a week where I'm feeling all of them, etc. The meds do feel like they have leveled me out (most days), but reading all of the various internet pages talking about how bad it is really has me wondering about it. M 39 2 months
600mg 2X D
 1  bipolar and borderline disorder Severe shaking (not fine tremors) my whole body shaking and hands shaking like I am withdrawing from alcohol/drugs. My throat burned and severe dry mouth (must drink lots of water). "Medicine Head" feeling. But, the shaking is by far the worst! Cannot even put on mascara! Embarassing when paying at stores, the money exchange is very awkward. I feel like I should disclaim to clerks why I am shaking so bad, but what do I say? "btw, I am shaking like this because I was put into the psych hospital for 10 days as I was suicidal and having a bipolar episode, and my borderline almost got me killed in a road rage incident...." Yeah, that would help alot... This medicine is apparently dangerous. I would think, anytime a medication regiment that required that "lithium levels" be checked, you are not taking something that's necessarily great for you. The psychiatrist in the hospital told me "Well, the "SIDE" effects happen, before the "GOOD" effects do"... BS! I cannot function like this. I quit taking it, now I am seeing that quitting cold turkey acts as an antagonist to perpetuate the side effects even worse. So, now I'm shaking all over my body. I wish I knew when this would stop - I know I have mental problems so this is likely a statement in redundance, but "I FEEL LIKE I'M GOING CRAZY!" DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE!!! If you are one of the fortunate that this medication helps, kudos, but, if you've never taken it, I would not if I were you. Ask the doctor to give you something different - and, if you feel the shaking coming on... (it came on me gradual and progressively worsened)... call your dr. ASAP. F 37 11 days
300mg 3X D
 3  Bipolar I Really bad hand tremors, muscle weakness, some lethargy, trouble concentrating, increased appetite and some weight gain. Also taking Abilify 10 mg qd and Divalproex 500 mg qd. Wish I could go back to Lamictal. M 35 9 months
900 mg

 5  bipolar very thirsty and urinated a lot. slight hand tremors Works great for mania but not depression. It does however keep suicidal thoughts and behavior away. F 45 8 weeks
1200 1X D
 3  Bi-polar disorder acne, weight gain, lower energy levels, emotional stability, increased sensitivity to enviroment After being hospitalized after an episode, I spoke to a patient who was recovering from alcoholism. He recommended using lithium, so I decided to try it after doing some research. Lithium made me feel high the first time I took it. I have tried to smoke weed while taking it but the high was too intense, it felt like my first time again. This medication makes all my senses seem heightened. I feel less social anxiety now. M 18 5 weeks
600 mg 2X D
 3  bipolar disorder i peed alot. other than peeing a whole bunch, i ddnt notice anything. However, i am stopping this drug b/c of a hairloss sideeffect M 29 3 weeks
900mg 1X D
 4  bi-polar Thirst; morning sickness F 28 2 years
900 mg

 2  Bipolar II / Mood Disorder NOS Tremors, muscle twitching, lethargy, poor concentration and memory, hypothyroidism, and slight weight gain. M 40 1 years
1200 MG

 1  Bipolar Shaking, anxiety, social phobia, obsessive thoughts, sweating, panic, feeling like a zombie, hostile, out of touch with reality F 19 8 months

 1  For mood swings Messed up my menstrual cycle, gave me headaches, stained my teeth, made my hair and nails look awful, catapulted me into hypothyroidism I do not recommend taking this medicine for mood swings related to depression. I turns out that I never needed to begin with since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after being on this for 3 months. Once on Synthroid, I didn't need this anymore. I was glad to get off it. I've been off it for over 2 months and my menstrual cycle is still messed up. I missed it for those 2 months and it's longer than usual. I just couldn't handle the side effects anymore. I took myself off it and will never use it again. F 29 5 months
30 mg 1X D

 1  Bipolar Disorder dizziness, loss of balance, permanent memory loss, forgetfulness, easily distracted I was initially prescribed this for Bipolar Disorder. At first it was okay, but during the last month of taking it, all the side effects seemed to hit at once. Sleep was a nightmare, getting up and moving about was hard due to the dizziness. I would lose my balance and bump into walls and/or fall down down. In the final week, there was a day when I was standing in front of my closet, staring at my clothes, wondering what they were and what I was supposed to do with them. I had to call mom and she helped me pick something out, but it was worse when I forgot how to get dressed. She had to help me. It was then that I decided not to take it anymore and I never will again. Even now, months later, there are big gaps in my memory that are just...gone... M 34 3 months
300mg 3X D
 3  Bipolar Disorder Dizziness, Headache, thirsty all the time, sweating, bad acne because I never had a problem with my skin til I started taking it. It stopped my menustration from coming on and I have to take birth control just to have a menustration. Overall it helped me get back to myself after I had my first manic attack and found out I was bipolar. F 23 7 months
300 MG 2X D
 2  Manic Depression/Manic Bipolar Hand tremors, thirst, loss of fine motor skills, confusion, hair loss, muscle twitching, and I have also been hearing things. F 18 2 months
300mg 3X D

 3  Bipolar Illness Loss of hair, body acne , muscle weakness, slurred speech (after a while it goes away). Thirst, sweatiness. Some weight gain, 15 lbs. This one seems to control the biploar but after 900mg (at 1200mg), I cant tolerate it make me get sick to my stomach and constant diarreah. At lower doses it is ok. M 41 1.2 years
300mg 3X D
 3  Bipolar 1/OCD/DID Taking lithium makes me crazy nauseas (sp). I tried eating with it, and that didn't help. The only thing I have found to help with it, believe it or not is peanut butter which is a catch 22 because I normally have to get in moods for peanut butter, and now I have to force myself to eat a sandwich every day. Lithium for me helps with the depression, yet not the mania. They've tried me on the gambit of mania meds and the meds pick and choose what they wanna help or I gain too much weight, nothing ever works completely as it should. F 32 6 years
1200 mg 1X D
 5  im bipolar 1 days
900 mg

 5  Bipolar Disorder II Changed the texture of my hair for the first few months, a bit of nausea after taking it at night. Nothing that bothered me so much. I was seriously scared before starting this medication, having read terrible reviews by others. Some said they had a hard time concentrating while on it and that they felt somewhat slow. I didn't need to be scared at all. It works perfectly. I'm currently taking 1200mg. It took a good 3 months and a half to get to the good dose though. I'm a university student and just made the Dean's list for academic excellence. I do not feel dull or drowsy at all, I am me, the normal me without hypomania or depression. If you're struggling with bipolar disorder, please try it. F 21 1 years
1200mg 1X D
 4  To augment anti-depressant thirst Helps my Lexapro work better. I've tried many AD's and had only limited relief. Lithium helped a lot. I am still not where I want to be, but for the first time in years I am not looking to change meds. F 38 6 months
150 mg 2X D
 4  Bipolar Disorder dehydration/ extreme thirst, dazed feeling for at least a week every time i increased dosage, sensitivity to bright light, tremors (especially after exercise or when dehydrated), currently at 1800mg daily which is a relatively high dose- i have to be careful not to get dehydrated, and any alcoholic drinks are totally out of the question overall it has definitely helped my mood and allowed me to be calmer, happier, and less depressed all at once. it has been difficult getting used to it, and going through the nasty side effects every time i have increased the dose. but sticking with it has definitely paid off, and has made a noticeable difference to my boyfriend, family, and roommate. F 20 9 months
600mg 3X D
 1  bipolar 2 legs felt very heavy, came home from work and went to sleep often until the next morning. difficulty concentrating, not sharp or quick at all, no creative energy. really just wanted to sleep all the time. Thank God my family Doctor prescribe Prestik. I have never woken up and felt hopeful before in my life. F 62 3 months
60 2X D

 4  Bipolar Disorder I did feel a dulling to my consciousness and loss of energy. i started taking lithium again after a year hiatus. i am on a lower dose than when i stopped taking it. i experienced lithium toxicity and became acutely ill and required hospitalization. it was an agonizing experience and serves me as a reminder to always, always be aware of my medications and their caveats. iIf you're on lithium, you get your blood levels checked. i am taking lithium again because it is the only medication that is effective in controlling my symptoms. F 29 6 years
900 1X D
 3  mild bi polar lost most of my emotions crying worry ect. long term effects F 54 6 years
600ml. 1X D
 3  Bipolar Shakiness, digestive problems, trouble with toxicity. It hurt my kidneys which I now have to take a pill for. Good stabilizer but in a small set of people it can cause kidney problems. F 5 years
2X D

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