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 1  UC My father took this medication for 3 years and was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. (Merkel Cell). Please do not take this medication. His doctor did not monitor him very well on this drug because I have the medical reports that state that my father had the flu a lot. At one point he had pneumonia and the doctor never decreased the dose or stopped giving him this drug. We are taught to listen to our doctors but this drug took my father's life. I am learning through these blogs that my father has not been the only one. Please email me. Maybe we can still fight for our loved ones, if we all stick together. I was thinking of passing a law that would require patients to sign a consent form before taking this drug. The consent form would list the known benefits but all deaths that followed after taking this medication. I live in IL. Does anyone know how we can start such a law if we are all from different states? Will anyone stand behind me? Please email me. My father was 79 when he passed away but was given this medication at 73 and diagnosed at 76. Why did his doctor give this medication to an older patient? Why didn't the doctor stop when my father complained of a having the flu? Does anyone have the drug write up from the pharmacy from 2001? I do not think cancer was listed because my father was also surprised to learn he had cancer. M 79 3 years
 1  UC My father took this medication for 3 years and was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. (Merkel Cell). Please do not take this medication. His doctor did not monitor him very well on this drug because I have the medical reports that state that my father had the flu a lot. At one point he had pneumonia and the doctor never decreased the dose or stopped giving him this drug. We are taught to listen to our doctors but this drug took my father's life. I am learning through these blogs that my father has not been the only one. Please email me. Maybe we can still fight for our loved ones, if we all stick together. I was thinking of passing a law that would require patients to sign a consent form before taking this drug. The consent form would list the known benefits but all deaths that followed after taking this medication. I live in IL. Does anyone know how we can start such a law if we are all from different states? Will anyone stand behind me? Please email me. My father was 79 when he passed away but was given this medication at 73 and diagnosed at 76. Why did his doctor give this medication to an older patient? Why didn't the doctor stop when my father complained of a having the flu? Does anyone have the drug write up from the pharmacy from 2001? I do not think cancer was listed because my father was also surprised to learn he had cancer. M 79 3 years
 2  ulcerative colitis I have experienced extreme fatigue to the point that I don't want to get out of bed unless absolutely necessary. The joints in my fingers, hands and wrists feel stiff and like they are on fire at times. I get that achey, eye burning feeling as if I was coming down with the "flu." Was taking it at night and would walk up feeling nauseous. I don't think imuran helped my UC much. I was able to stop prednisone but I think it was just determination, slow taper and diligent use of rowasa. My disease was getting worse on imuran and colazol so (not wanting to go back on prednisone) I started on Remicade in April and I think that has helped. I told my GI how tired and horrible I was feeling and she thought it was just the UC and that as I continue on Remicade it will get better. She was going to take me off imuran in 3 months. So I just saw another GI (a very seasoned and well recommended guy) and he thinks my symptoms are from imuran and told me to stop taking it now. I'm hoping that this will help. I also have insomnia, muscle aches, dificulty concentrating and am going to see a rheumatologist with some expertise in fibromyalgia to see what he thinks. F 53 20 months

 1  Crohn's got Shingles looking at the side effects that people who are pleased with Imuran mentionit makes you wonder I took Remicade and Imuran for 12 months. My Abscesses got worse during the period and I got Shingles I nearly lost an eye. Anyone who is taking this drug and is eligble for the herpes-zoster vaccine is a fool not to take it. It didn't exist at the time for me. My Dr. denied that there was any possibility the Imuran could have facilitated the Shingles outbreak. $100,000 a year for Remicade is hard to pass up. M 62 12 months
 4  UC Hardly see any side effects so far. I have been having UC symptoms for 4 years - acute diarrhea, anemia, hight PLT level. I was diagnosed with UC 2 years ago. I have been taking Imuran for more than a year (100 mg per day) along with Salofalk (3000 mg per day). That was the drug dosage my doctor prescribed to me after I was hospitalized twice in 4 months. Each hospitalization started with 50 mg corticosteroid (Methylprednisolone) and slowly decreasing to 20 mg per day. After that I was sent home with a 'nice cocktail' of drugs including Methylprednisolone, Salofalk and Imuran. I was told I should slowly decrease the dosage of Methylprednisolone (5 mg every 2 weeks) until I stopped taking it at all. I stopped the Methylprednisolone 8 months ago and I have been taking only Salofalk and Imuran now. I do blood tests each month and I am watched closely by my doctor. My blood results are good and I have been feeling well. I have not had symptoms for 8 months since I started taking Imuran. I realize it is a risky drug but my doctor says I can stop it when my disease get into remission. F 29 8 months

 1  Crohn's Disease Severe body aches, joint pain, abdomenal pain, fever, mild pancreatitis, elevated liver enzymes I was taking this medication for mild Crohn's disease and started experiencing side effects after 3 weeks at 50mg daily. I spent 2 days in the hospital with elevated liver and pancreatic enzymes. My doctor did all of the appropriate blood work to make sure I could metabolize this medication, but this doesn't mean you still cannot have a hypersensitivity reaction, which I did. F 37 3.5 weeks

 4  Crohn's Disease only side effects seem to be some mild acne (whiteheads) and low sex drive. although i'm not 100% sure if it's hormonal issues or the medication. recently noticed some lower back discomfort, i am overdue for my blood work, but i hope there's no issues with my kidney it took about 3 months before this medication was completely effective in controlling my symptoms. F 29 5 months

 1  Autoimmune hepatitis Skin discoloration, hair loss, rashes, nausea, hand tremors I'm still waiting for my skin to go back to its normal color. M 32 2 months

 1  UC Very sick, vomiting, severe hair loss, roseaca, fatigue M 31 3 months

 1  UC A tumor I think the tumor side effect is more common than people think. When you think about the side effects listed for drugs, remember that the sample size for the studies are often not large enough to truly decipher the drug's true dangerous...But ultimately, you should know that this drug CAN and DOES cause tumors and various forms of cancer. I never would've taken it had I known that. I would never recommend this drug to anyone. There are better treatments in the pipeline, and UC might one day be cured; imagine if you take this and get cancer...and then UC is cured...this is a very shortsighted treatment, considering its risks. F

 3  Dermatomyositis diarrhea, nausea, stomach pain, anorexia (loss of appetite), hair loss, fatigue. The worst of the side effects is the nausea. I can compare it to "seasickness" that comes in waves. Constantly feel like I could vomit. Very little appetite. Some days are better than others though! Seems to be keeping the DM in check, Dr. wants to switch to Myfortic instead. We'll see :) F 35 7 months

 1  UC Flu-like symptoms, thinning of hair, vomiting, warts F 8

 4  Crohn's & Autimmune Hepatitis Bruise and bleed easily; fatigue remains, but could be due to complications experienced with prednisone. Will be finally weaned off prednisone and completely on Imuran soon. Imuran increased from 50mg/day to 150mg/day to do so; however, have not seen improvement with Crohn's. AIH is well under control with Imuran. F 38 9 months

 3  ulcerative colitis severe joint pain, rash, roseaca, fatique, wieght gain I took Imuran for 5 years and when the joint pain became so debilitating I went off it. Imuran was great for getting the UC in remission. When I went off it I made sure I was symptom free. I had always taken a good multi vitamin and omega 3 fishoil. I added 300-600mg Bosweilla(ayuvedic med) and 1 oz pure Acai liquid. When I think I am heading to a relapse I cut the Acai and if I see blood I take acecole for a few weeks (I only did that when I first went off it). No sugar, no wheat, no dairy, no nuts or seeds. Tricky but worh it. Been healthy for 1 year and can once again walk and workout. Have had UC for 18 years. F 56 5 years

 1  UC Yellow skin, extreme fatigue. It didn't help me at all; all it did was severely suppress my immune system, giving me infections and making me sick. M

 1  Crohn's Tumors. Apparently the risk of tumors and cancer are increased when the patient is a teenager or a young adult. "Azathioprine, is already known to be a toxic drug, and to up skin cancer risk." "A Cancer Research UK team found the drug alters DNA, which can trigger cancer when a user is also exposed to ultraviolet light." "Patients on this drug should take extra care when in the sun." "When azathioprine interacts with UVA light it forms a novel photoproduct which can't be repaired." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4248356.stm M 19 4 months

 1  Crohn's Hepatosplenic lymphoma, my son died 5 weeks ago from this side effect of Imuran after taking 150 mg daily for 4 years. Never explained to us that this was a potential side effect! M 19 4 years
 5  Crohn's Disease Fatigue Definitely notice improvment in Crohn's symptoms. This is the only medication that has obviously helped my symptoms, even steroids were not helpful. It causes mild fatigue, so I take it before bed every night, and feel fine during the day. M 50 2 years

 4  Crohn's and reactive arthritis Acne, achy joints sometimes, tiredness and jumbled brain (difficult to tell if side effects caused from imuran or life!) At 100mgs a day my crohn's has been pretty stable. I've been on it 1.5 years now. I really wish I wasn't; I still think it is dangerous! But without it life was intolerable. Because I'm always freaking out about being on such toxic drugs my gastro tells me I can reduce after two years but he keeps asking 'what's the alternative?' I think that if a person can tolerate this drug and the use is well-monitored by a competent doctor the benefits can be worth the threat of potential side-effects. F 36 1.5 years

 2  autoimmune hepatitis Was on prednisone for two horrible weeks and liver enzymes down a little so started Imuran and Ursodiol .. very very nauseated, hot flashes, perisistent headache... felt TERRIBLE. Traveling for two weeks so stopped until we can reassess. F 61 4 days

 1  UC A break out of warts (like a dozen or more of them on my face) - It lowers your immune system and can do weird things like this. I didn't know that. Also: acne, nausea, and yellow skin. M 18

 5  Crohn's Disease Never really had any side effects. I am having a very hard time losing weight, but I really don't know if is caused by Imuran or being postmenopausal. After having two resections in five weeks in 1998, I was put on Imuran. My liver counts have remained normal, and although I do have a flare occasionally and have to take prednisone for a couple of weeks, the Imuran keeps me stable. I also take 2250 mg of Pentasa a day. I tried going off several years ago, but started to have problems. On 100 mg per day and my gastro Dr. thinks I will need to take it as long as it continues to work. F 60 11 years

 4  crohn's mild nausea for about two days and since then I have been totally fine. Don't take too high a dosage. I am a small person, and I am on 100 mg. Worked well for me. F 63 3 years

 1  UC Skin cancer tumor, acne, vomiting, and extreme fatigue. M

 1  UC Vomiting, acne, hair loss It didn't work for me. M

 1  RA & Crohn's Disease Low platelet count resulting from pernicious anemia and the combination of these drugs and infection. I was having Remicade infusions while on it and picked up Mono b/c of my low immune system. I wound up being hospitalized, having bone marrow biopsies to rule out lymphoma and then 3 transfusion for having a platelet count of 5. I took 6 months to recover and am already at the point where I am on both drugs again. I am scared to death that I will get sick again. Mostly I'm afraid of it actually being lymphoma next time. I wish there were better drugs out there for me, but there just aren't. F 26 3 years
 4  Myasthenia Gravis Fatigue, joint pain (shoulder/arm), insomnia, some hair loss, and liver problems. At 100 mg a day, liver counts are fine (AST/ALT levels). At 150 mg/day, all levels very high. Higher dose was prescribed to lessen my need for prednisone. Also taking Crestor for high cholesterol. M 66 14 months

 4  Crohns Occaisional "tired" days, some skin tags, mild groin rash. Diagnosed with Crohns @ 48 after years of vague symptoms culminated in total blockage - not fun. Resections 1991 & 2003. 50mg twice daily. Certainly better than the steroids which made me fat and grumpy... Best additional med is Questran Lite (think liquid concrete) which reduces the BM's (2-4 daily which is bliss for Crohns) AND lowers your cholesterol (bummer!) Dr has me on Vit D, B12, Folate and Calcuim supplement to keep bloods OK. Tests every 4 months. Told the authorities all about it and I still have a Class 1 Aviation Medical... M 61 6 years
 1  UC acne, fatigue, yellow skin, nausea, hair loss, lowered white blood cell count (had to find this out on my own, my doctor was too stupid to know he was supposed to be watching for this.) My doctor was a moron and had me on a really high dose relative to my age and weight, and I think that's why I had strange side effects like yellowing of the skin. If you have a good doctor who knows what to watch for this is a safe drug. If you have a bad doctor though this is an extremely dangerous drug. M 9 months

 4  Crohn's Disease No side effects that I'm aware of. My dosage had to be adjusted at the beginning due to my white blood cell count getting low. Also, it hasn't helped to heal my fistulas. Otherwise, quite happy with it. F 34 10 years

 2  Unknown Auto Immune Disease I don't think any side effects from Imuran. I'm on 100 mg daily. Using to enhance or to lower prednisone dosage(15 mg daily) I have been on Prednisone for almost a year. The only side effects from Pred are insomnia (occasionally) and hot - cold sensitivity to teeth. I really don't think Imuran is helping because I have had to actually increase my prednisone from 10 to 12.5 to 15. Crazy, huh? M 67 2 months
 1  Crohn's Severe vomiting, lots of hair loss, bad acne, a rash on my face, WARTS, major fatigue, fever. I basically felt like I was dead. Once I got off it, I felt much better, but I don't think a Dr. could burn off the warts because there's so many of them. I hope they go away eventually. F 20

 1  Ulcerative colitis Skin discoloration, yellow eyes, hair loss, warts, acne, severe nausea, flu-like symptoms, infections...and no positive effect whatsoever...Gee, what a great drug. Never in my life have I felt worse than taking Imuran. Maybe it works for some, but it can also be extremely dangerous to many others. Make sure your doctor knows that. There are some bad, incompetent doctors out there. You can't assume your doctor knows what's going on. The field of gastroenterology is filled with the absolute worst of the medical profession in my experience, greedy people just interested in money, people who have no integrity about doing their job properly, people who care not all if you have good outcomes or not. M

 5  crohns diease severe neusea, vomiting, fatigue, fevers, After being on high dose of prednisone for many years with little results. While first taking Imuran I was also reducing my prednisone weekly with horrible side effect. And the Imruan together I spent 6 weeks on the lounge with my head in a green bucket I had to dropped out of Uni for one tearm and stop working as a nurse for 10 weeks. But it get better once all the side effects were gone Iam no in 95% remission. I do however still get joint pain and feel fatigued at times. F 46 3 years
 2  ulcerative colitis I took Imuran 100mg. per day. A rash appeared on my torso, front and back. These rashes itched terribly. Then the hair fell off of both of my legs. I discontinued taking Imuran. I'm taking Humira in place of the Imuran. The Humira is an injection. M 3 weeks
 4  Autoimmune Hepatitis fever, joint pain at higher doses (100 MG/day) none at lower dose (75MG/day) Have been on the medicine for five years and it has controlled my aut hep for the most part. Dr increased dosage last year to 100MG and I started experiencing some bothersome side effects-namely fever and feeling like I am coming down with the flu. Severe joint pain and achy feelings. Dr has lowered me back to 75 and am already feeling better. F 53 5 years

 5  NSIP, fibrotic So far, so good. Have been on imuran (150 mg) for about 5-6 months for suspected NSIP (along with 20 mg pred). No side effects from the imuran. Prednisone is a different story. I feel better than I've felt in months! Record is 11 hospitalizations since 9/08 and almost 20 since 2/08 for pneumonia/exacerbations. Rarely went more than 20-30 days between hospital stays...usually 2-3 weeks was the average. I broke my record! I've now been pneumonia/exacerbation free for FOUR months! F 57 6 months

 1  UC Skin discoloration, warts, acne, vomiting, hair loss, fatigue Got much sicker when I took this + other weird side effects. Skin discoloration has never gone away.

 5  UC Extreme fatigue. mild hair loss at first, very stiff hand,knee and feet joints. lower back pain. nausea for most of day. weak grip in hands.disturbed sleep.eyesight has worsened on third prescription for reading glasses in 12 months. I was prescibed azathioprine in may 2008 after suffering from sever uc for about 7 months. prednisolone could not control it even when administered intravenously in massive doses when I was hospitalized. I found the secret to overcome the fatigue and nausea was by taking the azathioprine after my evening meal instead of in the morning, this way I slept through the symtoms overnight.I have been in remission now for about 6 months. I also take Asacol, 6 tabs daily and alendronic acid once a week . My only other option was surgery as the whole of my colon was affected. So as long as I stay in remission and my regular blood tests are ok I will stay on the drug and will have to live with the stiffness in my joints. I did loose a lot of weight at first but have now returned to my normal weight, but still have a fat stomache which hasn't gone down, I suppose this is due to the steroids I was on for so long. Good luck everyone and do try taking your aza in the evening, it worked for me by stop F 64 10 months

 5  Ulcerative colitis Rash,some acne This drug combined with asacol has put me in remition I am so thankful for it. F 36 3 months

 2  Autoimmune hepatitis I was fine when I was taking it with Prednisone (but had major side effects with that).. then took it alone, and had major pain in my body. Went to the ER and was told I had pancreatitis due to the drug! Was immediatly taken off of it. F 30 6 weeks

 5  Crohn's Disease Thinning hair I have been on Azathioprine (Imuran) for a long time and take 100mg a day. It is the only thing that keeps the Crohn's stable. Have also had Asacol (didn't do anything at all) and Prednisolone (three courses, only the first of which worked) and Metronidazole (keeps the anal abcess at bay) over the years. This drug takes a long time to get in/out of your system, don't expect things to happen overnight. Also, I was advised to not get pregnant while on it. F 41 12 years

 4  UC Fatigue only. Have had UC for ten years. Well controlled on Asacol until this past year. Went on Imuran 6 months ago. Daily dose is only 50 mg. and have been able to cut back on my Asacol dose to 2400mg. two times a day. Significantly less meds. as I was maxed on Asacol, plus Prednisone, plus Entrocort. Eeek!! So glad to be off steriods, period. Totally normal bowel function now. But do notice I am tired a lot. Find working out more difficult, fatigue much quicker. Presuming it's the Imuran but my physician also blamed it on advancing disease, so could be a little of both. So far have had no problem labs. I am an ICU nurse, take care of the sickest pts. and have not been sicker myself on this med., but am very careful. Overall happy with Imuran. F 44 6 months

 4  polyarteritis nodosa vasculitus fatigue, joint pain in hands and feet. 50mg twice a day. I much prefer Imuran to the prednisone, but the fatigue is starting to get to me. My rheumatologist wants me to wait a year before we evaluate a lower dose. M 43 9 months
 1  Crohn's Lymphoma!! My son was just diagnosed with t-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma with a guarded prognosis! It was explained this was most likely a result of his 4 year use of 150 mg. of Imuran daily. Worked great on the Crohn's but is it worth the risk? M 19 4 years
 1  Crohns massive trembling, severe lower back pain, shivering, night sweats, hot all day long wouldn't care if I was dieing there is no way I would put myself through the 8 days of horror I had taking this drug. Doctor said liver test wasn't too bad so I wasn't allergic to this drug - he said I was having anxiety attacks - funny how I haven't had one since I went off this drug. F 44 8 days
 1  Crohns Fever, vomiting, severe joint pain, low white blood cell count After 10 years on Salozopyrin, doc (quack) decided to switch me to Imuran. Side effects were crippling. Ended up in hospital for a week vomiting everywhere, with ridiculous fever, crawling to the bathroom as the joint pain made it impossible to walk. Didn't go to work for 3 months. Developed an anal fissure (finally resolved with Remicade) and now have cyclical neutropenia that requires weekly injections of Filgrastim to boost my immune system. Why suppress your immune system? It's there for a reason. Now I have to balance an auto immune disease with an immune disorder. It's hard work maintaining a balance. I will never take this drug again. F 40 30 days
 5  cutaneous polyarteritis nodosa Very little side effects. Occasionally felt fatigue, but it allowed me to live a normal life and got my disease into remission. Also helped me wean completely off prednisone. F 55 1.5 years
 1  Crohn's Disease Muscle pain, tiredness, acute pancreatitis with a 5 day hospital stay. F 56 2 weeks

 5  lupus no side effects for me. have been extremely satisfied. imuran also allowed me to reduce my prednisone use to 6mg.have my quality of life back, can do everything i used to do before being ill. only problem i just found out is that my white blood count is getting low F 44 2 years

 5  Crohn's Disease Mild fatigue, susceptability to chest infections, unusual dreams (No concomitent meds taken with Imuran during past three years) I have responded incredibly well to Imuran (100mg qd) and my Crohn's has been effectively in remission for two years. If this medication does not agree with you, stay in the loop and talk with your doctor about HUMIRA. Newer and very promising alternative! M 26 3 years
 3  Crohns Major hair loss, odd skin growth/rash, and acne for the first 3-5 months on the drug. The only remaining side effect that I am certain is due to Imuran is acne that I just can't get rid of despite trying almost every perscription and over the counter acne treatment available. I have been on Imuran for almost 2 years. I started Lialda about 6 months into the Imuran. Together they seem to keep me stable, but I don't know if I can handle the side effect of acne much longer. My doctor perscribed Imuran as essentially a life time drug to prevent flare ups, but I feel like I have a life sentence of acne. It also doesn't help that I want to have children and Imuran is not recommeded prior to or during pregnancy. F 30 2 years

 3  auto immune hepatitis Loss sex drive aches and pains trouble breathing when walking or doing exercising joint pain I am taking 150 Mgs of Imuran for AIH and feeling like I have very little energy. I am very short winded. I am having joint pain which I did not have at lower levels. Like the previous gentlemen I also have no motivation. My sex drive which has always been high is non existent M 56 3 years
 3  auto immune hepatitis nausea, appetite loss, hair loss, general feeling of unwellness, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation I have not had any flare ups with my liver. I'm experiencing some joint pain and a lot of fatigue. My "get up and go" got up and "went!" Climbing stairs is a killer (only 13 steps). I'm generally in very good condition and I also wonder if these symptoms are side effects of the Imuran as well. F 47 18 months

 4  Crohn's acne, skin rash, disturbed sleep i was initially on pentasa and entocort. they stoped working for me and after a massive flare up and hospital stay, i was put on prednisone and imuran. i gained back all the weight i had lost during my illness (pentasa never helped me gain my weight back.) i came off the prednisone after 2 months. Im still on the imuran (5 months now). it has helped me SOOOO much. For the first time since i got diagnosed, i actually feel normal again. Im at a healthy weight, eat normal, no cramps and only 1-2 BM's a day. After 3 months of being on it, i started experiencing some acne, skin rash and disturbed sleep. I reduced my dosage by half a pill (went from 2 pills to 1 and 1/2). im using a acne gel for my face and its much better. The benefits outway the cons. It feels good to feel normal. I can always pay more attention to my face and use acne gel to clear up my skin. F 23 5 months

 5  myasthenia gravis Bad nausea at first which lessened after around 6 weeks. Now - loss of appetite, slight nausea, very slight hair loss. Pain in several joints but not confirmed yet if this is caused by the Imuran. Started on Imuran after 2 years on prednisone. Now taking 150 mg per day plus Mestinon. I have good days and bad days but generally speaking I feel a whole lot better. Have regular blood tests but no problems so far. The pain in my hip and knee is troubling but I'm not sure yet if this is a side-effect as it could also be linked to prednisone withdrawal. Loss of appetite is a bonus(!) after putting on so much weight with prednisone! F 52 6 months

 4  Ulcerative Colitis Fatigue, loss of interest in most things, really bad headaches and migranes, short term memory loss, joint pains (especially in elbows and knees), mood swings (nasty), dark urine, and trouble loosing weight(from prednizone of course). I've been on 300 mg per day for 2 years. I also will take this forever over prednizone. No problems with alcohol. Mostly fatigue, headaches (migranes), memory loss(maybe from the heaqdaches) and lack of interest in things is my biggest problem. I get some pretty nasty mood swings, but people SHOULDN'T TICK ME OFF! :-) M 31 2 years
 1  Crohn's Tumors, skin growths, yellow skin, acne, vomiting I had no idea this drug can give you cancer. My doctor, Bushra Sulieman, repeatedly told me it was safe. Well, now not only do I have cystic acne scars from prednisone, I have a large surgical scar from having a TUMOR removed on my face. These scars will NEVER go away. Facial scars are devastating to a person's body image. I don't even want to leave the house. F 17 6 months

 3  IPF Pulmonary Fibrosis Hard to say whether it's the Imuran or prednisone. Major hair loss, still falling out after 7 months. Itchy skin, bitter taste in mouth (wine tastes terrible) joint pain, tired, disturbed sleep (even with a sleeping pill). Never had any stomach problems or nausea. No acne either. I was diagnosed 06/04 with IPF. Started on prednisone 01/08 @ 25 mg. weened down to 10 mg a month ago. Started on Imuran around May @ 50 mg daily; now at 150 mg daily. The Imuran is supposedly helping me stay on a lower dosage of pred. Is it helping with the way I feel; not really. Symptoms are all still there and slowly getting worse especially on exertion. Progression of the disease. At least I don't have to increase the prednisone, yet...tomorrow is another day. F 53 7 months
 3  cryoglobulinemia/vascultis Not sure what to blame or praise this drug for. If I can figure out how to get off it, I might discover what it is or is not doing. I want to wean off this drug but there is no information about the process. I called Glaxo and they have nothing in the drug info about weaning, which I find scary. There should be some kind of guideline. If the people who make it don't know how to get off it, how is a doctor supposed to know? F 54 8 years
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