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 4  Essential thrombocythemia Very little now, except very dry hair and skin, skin has aged very quickly but better that than platlet count through the roof. Do have concerns about long term effects on appearance, vain though that seems, but more about how much I have to take, currently platlet levels not responding as well as before so dosage increased. F 49 4 years
 4  essential thrombocythemia initially, experienced fatigue for approx. 2 weeks once I started taking it but this has passed. Diarrhoea and occasional nausea. I am concerned about long term usage, however it seems to be the only drug to keep those pesky platelets under control. F 49 4 years
 4  essential thrombocythemia initially, experienced fatigue for approx. 2 weeks once I started taking it but this has passed. Diarrhoea and occasional nausea and a few mouth ulcers If I "over-do" one day, I find myself quite tired the next day I am concerned about long term usage, however it seems to be the only drug to keep those pesky platelets under control F 49 4 years
 4  essential thrombocythemia redness of the skin, nausea I think it is a dangerous medicine that can cause leukemia. I don't like taking any medicine for my condition and wonder why a cause cannot be found for it. Hydrea only numbs the effects of what is wrong. F 49 3 years
 3  PV I have extremly fatique as hell in the morning. Neuropathic pain right shoulder better with neurontin. Fatique symptom gets better in the afternoon. Sometime I think I'll quit it and don't care for the blood level anymore. F 49 2 months

 3  Essential Thrombocythemia Experiencing extreme fatigue, not sure if it is the ET or the Hydrea. Mouth ulcers that are very painful. Having a big problem getting and keeping platelets within the normal range. My hem is constantly adjusting my dosage, I find this extremely frustrating. I've been going for blood tests once a month and to the doctor every 3 months for 2 1/2 years now. I can't imagine living the rest of my life like this. F 49 2.5 years
500 3X D
 4  Thrombocytocis No side effects apart from feeling a bit tired. M 47 6 months
1000mg 2X D

 4  Essential Thrombocythemia None noticed Platelet counts have gone from 2100 to 1100 in 2 months with no noticeable side effects. F 46 2 months
1000 1X D
 4  essential thrombocytosis tired..... F 45 2 weeks

 4  essential thrombocytosis tired... headaches... not sure if from hydrea or nexium... been on it almost month.. 1500 mg daily.. would like to know if I can take lower dosage or not at all for sometimes F 45 1 months
 4  Polycythemia Vera I notice that I get tired more easily. One day of increased activity such as shopping, leaves me very tired the next day. The medication really helped my numbers. The doctor adjusts the dosage as needed. I worry about the long term effect also. F 44 5 years

 4  ET-PV nausea when first started - fatigue- chills Have been taking it for 7 yrs. - dosage has increased over time due to symptons. Have many concerns. F 44 7 years
 3  JAK-2, Essential Thrombocythemia At least once a month I experience such fatigue, dizzyness and nausea that my manager sends me home. I've been alternating the drug 1000mg and 1500mg but this doesn't seems to be helping although my platelet count is stabilised I really don't want to feel like this for the rest of my life :-( F 43 6 months
 5  Essential Thrombothycemia Light headed at times, occasional mouth sores I have taken this drug since age 23, it saved my life. I presented with clots in Hepatic veins in liver and platelet count of 1.3 million. Now at 600,000 have had doses of 500 daily, 500 alternating with 1000 and now trying 1000 daily with 1500 Sat. and Sun. Side effects definitely tolerable considering alternative. Also taking warfarin since diagnosis. F 42 20 years
1000 1X D
 3  Essential Thhrombocytheamia Stomach discomfort and fatigue for first month which subsided later. Just had dose increased from 500/day to 500 one day and 1000 the next as platelet count started to go up again 3 months ago and has continued upwards. Never been below 600 yet. I Do worry about condition turning into Leukeamia especially as I've started at a younger age than appears typical (42). I also take cholestorol lowering meds, blood thinners and somrthing that makes the platelets slide over one another more easy (Lipitor). Heamo says the other drugs significantly lower my chances of another stroke. M 42 10 months
500/1000 1X D
 4  Polycythemia Vera none that I know of, maybe some heartburn if I don't take it with something to eat, but I can't say that for sure. F 40 4 years

 4  essential thrombocytosis none yet It has worked very well to lower my platelts to a normal range, without any side effecs.I am worried about long tern use though as I am only 38. F 38 4 months

 4  Polycythemia Vera Nausea is the big one, diareah at times, itchy skin at times, sores on my scalp at times, sometimes mouth sores. I find that if I take my hydrea through out the day, and drink lots of water, the sideeffects are less. For nausea, I have found that "seabands" for the wrist work great. F 33 6 days
 4  Essential Thrombocythemia Mild pain near the rib cage, fatigue, weight loss. Currently skin discoloration on hands and feet. Skin atrophy. Helped with the platelets. Was up and down, but in a "good" range. Wish there was another drug I can try. I am told this is the only drug left. F 31 4 years
500 2X D
 4  Essential thrombocythemia Intermittent but severe fatigue. Dry, itchy skin, rosacea. Constipation. Occasional nausea or lower leg pain. Wish I didn't have to take it, but one of the only treatments for ET. Could be worse. Do worry about long term effects, though an oncologist said this drug has been around for a long time with no proven long term danger. F 31 6 months
500 4X D

 4  essential thrombocythemia I have done this testimonial before ( you can read where it says 21 year old girl who lost 6kg). I have to say the first year was the worst, now the only symptoms I have are fatigue and sometimes dizzy / hard to breathe. I think the body gets used to it. Symptoms are getting better each month now. I am also taking 3x 500mg so it is a high dosis, only on higher dosis I get more tired. I was initially put on 8x500mg a day and it was too much for he body to handle. Hydrea does a good job controlling platelets and compared to Interferon or Anagrelide it is def. my first choice. I am concerned about long therm side effects but I drink milk thistle tea to protect my liver and other organs from being harmed. F 23 3 years
500 3X D
 4  Sickle cell anemia (HbSS) fatigue, deterioration of hip joints, extreme cycles of constipation and diarrhea, extreme weight gain (roughly 30kg or 66lbs), skin darkening, mouth ulcers, joint pain, increased risk of infection this drug is supposed to substantially improve my longevity and overall quality of life. however, after having been on this medication for 11 years, i'm not sure how well I will be able to manage this for the rest of my life. I'm only 22. M 22 11 years
2000 MG 1X D
 2  Essential Thrombocythemia Very tired, feeling drugged, pain in ribcage, numbness of arms and legs, neurological symptoms (probably got worse because I was on alfa interferon before), very weak, anemia, dificult breathing, in the begining large black bruisings on legs but I was taking 6-8 pills a day! Weight loss (6 kg) and hairloss with bold spots. Back pain, strange spleen sensation and enlarged spleen. In the begining trombophlebitis, putting legs higher then rest of body helped. Muscle pain and very nervous, got better after a few months. I was also on Anagrelide and Interferon, Interferon was terrible, I had alucinations and thought cars were chasing me...Pain in the bones and very depressed. F 21 1 years
500 3X D
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