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 1  Migraines Was given IV reaction awful and the hospital acted as if I was faking F 16
1X D

 1  MIGRAINE HALDOL IS TERRIBLE! WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD DOCTORS GIVE THIS TO NORMAL INDIVIDUALS WITH MIGRAINES??? Doctors really scare me now days! I have suffered for over a week because of this drug that was given to me. I have also encountered multiple doctors that do not understand why it was given to me in the first place! Haldol is dangerous and an old antipsychotic that should not be used. I had the gitters as SOON as it was injected into my body. I had multiple reactions from it that caused me to miss college for days. I am still having a high pulse from it, a week later. Haldol is very scary and I am now suffering health problems from it. Not to mention the look that doctors give me when I tell them that I cannot have it. Please do not let anyone give this to your child or anyone you love. Terrible drug!!! F 21 1 days
30MG 1X D
 4  Schizophrenia Little bit of jaw clenching, slight restlessness. I am on a small amount for voices and paranoia and it works. All the atypicals caused me severe weight gain and I am staying thr same weight on this. If I had started on this one first of all I wouldn't be the fat cow I now am. This works great for me and no weight gain so far. F 49 3 months
3mg 1X D

 1  Migraine Verrry sleepy but could not sleep. When I was sitting still, I felt like I had to get up; when I would get up, I felt like I had to lie down. No way to describe other than very uncomfortable. This medicine did nothing for my headache. I literally drank buckets of water to try to flush this mess out of my system. I felt extremely depressed for days after taking this medicine and I wish I was never given it. When they first put the medicine in my IV, I felt an instant panic attack, like I was going to go crazy if I didn't get out of that bed. Thank God my husband was there. This is yet another medicine that will go on my "do not administer" list, along with compazene and reglan. They should blacklist all of this stuff. It already sucks to go through life with excruciationg head pain, but to have to be treated like a guinea pig is even worse. F 35 1 times
5 MG 1X D
 1  schizophrenia I can't believe they still use this. Very old medicine for schizophrenia. Better stick to the atypicals. M 1 days

 4  Intense Status Migraine I felt warmth throughout my body immediately, but it went away within the hour. Today (five days after the injection) my hip is still very sore, but I will take a sore hip over a full-blown migraine any day. The injection (I don't know the dose) killed my migraine in less than 45 minutes. F 34
1X D

 1  anxiety I was fiven haldol in place of my xanax because my panic attacks were getting worse. It made me tired n I slept like a baby till the next day I was out of it and my neck was forcing itself to the left in a way the neck isnt supposed to and my jaw went left and started bleeding I believe from my tooth cutting my cheek. It felt like my jaw was getting ripped off. This was feb 6th and today is the 24th and evrr since a part on that side of my face is basically numb. Its been almost 3 weeks an its still numb. I do chew tobacco and hope its not that but it happened the day after I took the med and after my body acted the way it did I figured it was that but I cant find anything on the numbness caused by this. Try something else not this. I couldn't walk strait and it started while I was driving. I actually had to turn my body sideways while driving so I could see because I could nt turn my neck. My fanily thought I was having a stroke at 28. If anyone knows about the partial face numness please let me know. M 28 1 days
 1  Cyclic Vomiting-nausea/stomach pain My husband was given one low dose of haldol when he went to the ER for a cyclic vomiting episode. It helped his stomach and just made him really tired at first. The next day was awful though. About halfway through the next day I noticed he couldn't speak very well. He sounded like he had something in his mouth or like his tongue wasn't moving. He said his jaw felt weird and it was hard to talk. Within the next few hours his jaw got so locked up he couldn't close his mouth! His mouth was wide open and would not close. Then his neck started getting stiff. We rushed to the hospital and he just kept getting worse while we waited. Eventually his jaw started forcing itself to the left then it would start shaking really fast and just keep pulling to the left. It got so bad he felt like his jaw was about to break and he was bleeding in his mouth! He used all his strength to force his jaw closed and hold it shut with his hands cuz it hurt so bad but it couldn't be kept closed for long. It was absolutely terrifying to see his jaw basically try to rip itself off from his face like it had a mind of its own. The Dr. said it was a side effect of haldol. It was called a dystonic reaction. They gave him benadryl and some other type of medicine that stopped the side effects thank god. I can't believe doctors give people this junk without at least a warning. I bet people have broken their own bones from the forceful muscle twisting. M 24 1 times

 1  Migraine I was given Haldol IV in the ER as treatment for a migraine. Immediately after being dosed I felt as if I could not breathe and started sweating profusely. I was given benadryl IV along with the Haldol to "prevent any adverse effects". It took probably 30 minutes for the symptoms to calm to where I didn't feel like I was going to completely freak out and after that I couldn't keep my eyes open but I couldn't sleep either. It did nothing to relieve my headache or nausea and they ended up giving me IV Zofran for the nausea. I lied and told them that my headache was gone just to get the heck out of there and went home and took my home meds to sleep. It took 2 days before I felt somewhat normal and not edgy and shaky anymore. I think this was a horrible treatment for a migraine and felt like hell on earth. F 38 1 times
Unknown 1X D

 1  Forced and restrained in E.R. This drug was forced upon me in The E.R. To calm down from a migraine. The next day I would begin sweating uncontrollably with jaw locking. My neck twisted so far to the right up I felt like dying and my head would never be the same... Most scariest thing I have experienced... Went back to another hospital and have been on valium and Benadryl to counter act which works but have missed a week of work now because of this... DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! M 28 1 days
inject 1x
 1   M 77 1 days

 1   DO not take This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! F 46 1 times

 1  Calm me down for brain wave test About 3 hours or so after being given the haldol by a psychiatrist, my brain felt like a near vegetable. The only words that could come out of my mouth were, "I can't think...I can't think...I can't think...etc." Soon after, my head tried to physically twist around on its own like the Exorcist girl. I had to use my hand to keep my head from twisting. The physical pain in my body, coupled with my brain's near vegetables state was so horrible, I started crying, and punching these sofas to deal with the pain. Some time has passed before psychiatrists came back into the room I was in to give me a "haldol side effect releaser", which was an injection. They took me to my bed, told me to sleep, and when I woke up they said I would be better again. I had to sleep on a certain side of my face to keep my head from turning. I went to sleep. When I woke up, the pain was gone. However, I suffered from severe depression about a year later that lasted for two years. Als Never accept this drug. When the psychiatrist first wanted me to take it, I refused. I then decided to take it, thinking I was giving the psychiatrists a hard time. Worst mistake I ever made. Never let anybody give you this drug. I will ruin your life. M 37 1 days
small cup 1X O
 3  Psychotic thinking, anxty, paranoia Feel sedated, "like jelly", basically unable to work physically, very hard to do tasks around the house May be responsible for 20-30 lbs gained, when I went off it last year I lost about 15 lbs before being put back on, helps with irritability though. Also taking Depakote with Haldol. M 27 7 months
2mg 1X D
 1   It was hell, I had a nervous breakdown and then was put in a hospital and I was having crazy thoughts for like 2 weeks straight until I flushed it all out of my system. I would rather go to prison then be subjected to a headhelllike that again. I was telling the doctors and nurses constantly I needed my nerves calm and just to get some sleep and they kept saying ok you justhave to take your haldol. F 41 5 days
1X D
 3  hearing tings I tinks its just okay. my xanax make me feel sexy and all that but hadol shuts it down. M 44 1 years
2 mg daily 1X D

 3  Paranoid Schizophrenia Increased anxiety, stiffness of muscles, restlessness (I can't go to sleep because of this) Helped me with my hallucinations but the side effects are killing me. Abilify didn't work on me so I changed to Haldol. F 21 2 months
2mg 1X D
 1  UTI-caused delusion totally halluciative-could not speak - like a living hell! Afetwards leg problems and after this event had an axiety attack and was on the edge of delusional - a year later the axiety and fear of which normally would not bother came again-they put in a pych ward and that was hell for a week but not like the Haldol-took no psych meds that week-was diagnosed bipolor due to my agitation for being put in the psch ward-they said that was a symptom of bipolar-but all ever had was #1 time a breakdown from an enormous amount of stress and no sleep and the #2 time lost job and it was exactly a year later-maybe ghost type of symtoms-fear of being crazy - took a vacation and will be broke when return home but hoping to relax from all the stress of being locked up involuntarily as they did the same thing to my dad 31 years ago, I never knew him as after he took his life-seems it was fear of ever being locked up again or being put on that Haldol-Haldol is a nighmere within itself nothing compared to any symtoms of a nervous breakdown or psychosis(delirious or demenia symtoms for UTI or no sleep for 3 days) it definelty need to be off the market and when a person is not harming themselves or others leave them alone-they do not need involuntary hospitlazation to meke them crazy with all the zombie drugs and lonliness-shipping them off to a hospital far from famly and friends-really lost without the numbing drugs-but made it through the week and got a bi polar diagnosis-probably the most sain person of all Iknow by the way-don't even think the doctors could stand that torure- F 31 1 times
5 mgs 1X D

 4  manic depression: bipolar only side effect is the inability to lose weight: initially lost 60 pounds on haldol after I did not lose weight on abilify. may try to taper off drug and see if i can lose the 30 lbs. i have been wanting to lose. M 44 3 years
1-2 mg 1X D
 5  I was very violent in psych ward. I just remember having lock jaw a lot and being very very drowsy. I was known for having very violent tendencies towards staff and myself. I don't remember what was given to me to stop the lock jaw.I just remember being very uncomfortable with the lock jaw. I felt like if I had to live this way I would rather die. This medicine is NOT used for migraines!! What a stupid ER doctor for giving this woman this medication for it!!! ESPECIALLY IF SHE NEEDED TO FUNCTION DAILY TAKING CARE OF HER CHILDREN!!! F 33 1 months
not sure
 1  Headache Sleepy in a coma like state for 2 whole days before experiencing uncontrollable tongue and leg movements, and severe confusion. I was given this medication in the ER for a HEADACHE. I have what is called scapula thoracic creptius/burstitus and snapping scapula syndrome from a car accident back in 2010. I get frequent neck spasms, shoulder pain, headached..etc from nerve compression where my muscles tense up. Even chest pain known as costochondritis. I went in complaining of a migraine for 6 going on 7 days.. they gave me an injection of phenergan for the nausea (already have an rx for this, it was unneeded) and for the Haldol. I have never in my life felt so bad. I was unable to move for two whole days, and I have kids to take care of. I wanted to do nothing but sleep. When I came out of my "coma" I was anxious and my tongue was tightening up and rolling back, my legs wanted to move and do something.. I was confused. I asked my kids "what do I normally do this time of day". My youngest is 18 months old, I nearly dropped him TWICE. This to me is considered medical negligence because I was not given a list of side effects, this is an ANTI PSYCHOTIC. NOT headache medicine. I am LIVID, to say the least. Now I have to take Benztropine, and Valium to feel halfway normal because I am on day 4 since taking it and my legs still try to move all the time, it's uncontrollable. This drug is DANGEROUS!! I will NEVER take something again from an ER or any Doctor for that matter unless I know what it is. This is insane!!!! F 32 1 days
1X O
 1  Headache Sleepy in a coma like state for 2 whole days before experiencing uncontrollable tongue and leg movements, and severe confusion. I was given this medication in the ER for a HEADACHE. I have what is called scapula thoracic creptius/burstitus and snapping scapula syndrome from a car accident back in 2010. I get frequent neck spasms, shoulder pain, headached..etc from nerve compression where my muscles tense up. Even chest pain known as costochondritis. I went in complaining of a migraine for 6 going on 7 days.. they gave me an injection of phenergan for the nausea (already have an rx for this, it was unneeded) and for the Haldol. I have never in my life felt so bad. I was unable to move for two whole days, and I have kids to take care of. I wanted to do nothing but sleep. When I came out of my "coma" I was anxious and my tongue was tightening up and rolling back, my legs wanted to move and do something.. I was confused. I asked my kids "what do I normally do this time of day". My youngest is 18 months old, I nearly dropped him TWICE. This to me is considered medical negligence because I was not given a list of side effects, this is an ANTI PSYCHOTIC. NOT headache medicine. I am LIVID, to say the least. Now I have to take Benztropine, and Valium to feel halfway normal because I am on day 4 since taking it and my legs still try to move all the time, it's uncontrollable. This drug is DANGEROUS!! I will NEVER take something again from an ER or any Doctor for that matter unless I know what it is. This is insane!!!! F 32 1 days
1X O
 3  Voices Extreme long and short term memory loss, sleeplessness, insomnia, diarhea. I've always prided myself on my great memory, untill I began the Haldol. Since I began taking it 7 months ago my short term memory has gone all to heck, and gotten worse, I have trouble remembering things I did the evening or day before, though long term memory is still intact, but who's to say when long term memory kicks in? But, the benefits of Haldol far outweigh the negative, the voices are gone (for the most part), and I do sleep better, when I'm not suffering from insomnia, my sleep patterns are far from normal, I'm either up all night or sleep like the dead for 12 hours, I slept 14 hours yesterday. I also have a decreased appetite, I forgot to eat yesterday, and that's not the first time that's happened. I realize I don't have the severe reaction to this drug that other people have, but as I said, the benefits far outweigh the negative. I would reccomend this drug for those people suffering from schizophrenia, voices, and anger issues, since I began the Haldol my anger issues have disappeared, which is why I can see it being prescribed in a prison setting. M 45 7 months
4mg 1X D
 1  forced outpatient "treatment" I was lobotomized, akathisia, metabolic problems, no sense of self or feelings or likes or dislikes or opinions -- nothing. It was a nightmare. It took a year for its effects to get out of my system. It is pure poison. It was in fact used in the Soviet Union to break political dissidents. Awful that psychiatrists in apparently good conscience consider this medicine. F 45 8 months
40mg 1X M

 1  BRUTALLY, UNJUSTIFIABLY FORCED swollen face, severely restricted breathing, panic, anger, dizziness, shaking, muscle rigidity and pain, made me suicidal. THIS DRUG IS ATTEMPTED MURDER!!!! This should be considered attempted murder because of the severe degeneration in quality of life it causes. The fact that it is being forced to people against their will is disgusting. I was taunted by medical staff until I became annoyed. They then used my annoyance as a false reason for physically beating me and administering this. It left me shrieking in agony and swollen everywhere. It made my heart beat too fast and immediately gave my a panic attack. My condition immediately declined 3000% after being given this. It has ruined my face by stretching it out and I had trouble speaking for months after. It closed my throat so badly I could not breathe and feared for my life. This will haunt me for the rest of my life. I am suffering post-traumatic stress from this and I have nightmares about this vulgar poison that nurses use because they are too lazy to do their jobs. I contemplate suicide because this drug and the deranged nurses who gave it to me have ruined my life. This drug should be illegal. M 21
1X D
 5  many things, especially schizophren none! I agree most nurses in the psychiatric ward are dumb when it comes to knowing about the effects of varying doses of Haldol. Haldol should only be given twice per day with a maximum single dose of 2 mg!!The way I'm taking Haldol is almost like a miracle. It increases my appetite, TAKES AWAY dry mouth, diarrhea, severe anxiety, suspiciousness, violent racing thoughts and impulses, OCD and worsened schizophrenia symptoms associated with a really bad rejection from a really sexy girl who I was dangerously in love with, and my tourettes. I really, really, really hope Haldol is never taken of the market! The answer is MODERATION. I really hate reading peoples negative and ignorant comments about Haldol, Haldol cam absolutely be abused by dumb or in fact EVIL nurses. 2mg Ativan comes down anxiety restlessness and panic that Haldol causes especially when Haldol is used in an intelligent and responsible manner. I strongly disagree with chemically restraining people with massive doses or even 5mg of Haldol. The key is prevention using Haldol safely and smartly, not abusing Haldol and torturing a patient after the poor person's mental health has been ignored, just for the convenience of hospital staff. 0.5 mg Haldol decreases the amount of dopamine binding to the D2 receptors through out the brain by 50% which is a very comfortable feeling in the state of a mental illness episode and mental illness. I am disappointed to hear all of the negative news about Haldol. M 21 2 weeks
0.5 mg 2X D
 1  Paranoid Schizophrenia None This medicine was like eating an empty pill. Absolutely no help and did not feel like I'm on the drug like I've felt with other meds. No difference. Hallucinations still going 90mph all day every day all night every night. F 26 2 months
1 mg 1X D
 4  Suicidal,homicidal thoughts,voices, muscle stiffness, brief pains and shocks when moving, tremors, slur , double vision The drug helps, but get ready for some major side effects Severity of side effects depends on dosage and frequency i was an inpatient mental health ward at the local hospital F 28 2 weeks
30mg 1X D
 3  Stops me from hearing voices Hard to get to sleep, constipation when going to the bathroom. M 39 1 months
5 mg

 3  uncotrolled movements not sure if possible to have side effects after being off the meds for years but I was curious to know if any one has experinced fog like state of mind but after being off it for years not while on it .... F 33 7 days
 5  Paranoid Schizophrenia None Spectacular in helping a floridly psychotic patient stop climbing the walls, and settle down and be coherent 20 minutes late. I was one of those patients. Haldol does not cause me EPS like a lot of other people here. M 30 1 years
20 1X D
 1  ADHD/ aggression My son took Haldol for December & January. He can not speak anymore & has dystonia. He is constantly stuttering & his eyes roll into the back of his head, we've had several ER visits in the past month. I highly recommend NOBODY takes Haldol. M 10 1 months
 5  Agression, racing thoughts A bit tired, need to sleep 14 hours a day (a small price to pay) I was a danger to myself before - probably because of long-term cannabis abuse - now i finaly feel the peace i need to make progress (without cannabis) I can say for sure that Haldol saved my life! M 30 3 months
1 mg/day

 1  taking it for depression, agression I had uncontrollable movements from head to toe. Very bad headache and stiff all over. Jaw and mouth movements with extreme rigidness and stiffness. Pain. Unable to sleep at all. Drooling excessively. Did I mention my muscles were so tight that they started hurting really bad. Still get mild flashbacks of symptoms 4 months later after stopping the medicine, Thank God. I will never take this medicine again. I've learned my lesson about this medicine and I have learned that doctors and nurses will not tell you what medicine they are giving you, they just give it to you. Just to say I took this medicine a while ago and had these horrible side effects when I was 18 years old and I'm 30 years old now. Had to go to the hospital for depression not too long ago and they just injected me with this crap without telling me what it was and once again the horrible, painful, sleepless, side effects. From now on I am asking what every medicine is the doctors or nurse try to give me and if they say that it is Haldol, I am gonna snap and tell them to take it and see how wonderful the sleepless, stiff pain is from this horrible awful medicine is. I felt like I was almost dead when I took this crap. Feel like a stiff dead person or something. Just awful, awful medicine. Do not take this medicine people. It's not worth the bad risks that come along with it. Plus this medicine did not do one bit of good for me, just stiffness, pain, and uncontrollable odd movements in my whole muscular system and very painful. Had many a sleepless nights before I found out it was this medicine doing these bad feelings in my body. All I know is I was so relieved when I found out it was this medicine doing these bad things to me I wanted to jump for joy. I really thought something serious was wrong with my body and it would never be cured but thankfully it went away when I stopp F 30 30 days
1mg 1X D
 1  schizo episodes since ptsd I have Complete back pain, neck pain, find myself with a clenched jaw. I am always tired, zombie like thinking meaning sllllooowww. I was unable to go to work today because I couldnt get out of bed and stop sleeping after already having 9 hours of sleep. I called my doc twice today with no response (yet at least). I am glad I found these postings because I thought my physical pain was from stress I store. F 23 6 days

 1  Sexual advances-wife/Alzheimers As a disabled RN, I know that Haldol is detrimental to our individual's (ESPECIALLY to our elderly population). Recently, my dad was at deaths door due to Haldol's side effects. Haldol causes tardive dyskinsia (muscle stiffness, alterted range of motion, etc). This week, I moved my 90 year old dad from a Rehab/nursing facility in NC - (I am dad's POA & Health Care Surrogate). The physicians knew that they were NOT allowed to prescribe ANY medication for dad unless I was notified. I was horrified when I took dad from the facility in NC and discovered that they had been "zoning" him out with Haldol. (I thought that his memory and mobility problems were due to the his aging process). Haldol has too many side effects to even be on the market. I took dad home to FL (mom passed away a few months ago, so it was time for a move for dad). Dad's legs were so swollen that they were purple: I immediately discontinued the Haldol. He was so ill from Haldol that the VA in Tampa had to a M 90 365 years
1 1X D

 3  bipolar-manic Extremely tired after my monthly injections of 100mg. I have no ambitions and all i want to do now is sleep. Due to my mania this was the only thing to slow me down after a 4 month manic episode. This drug saved my life, but now I question it's side effects??? M 39 3 months
100 mg
 3  Schizoaffective w/ Bipolar Subtype Just switched from Abilify to Haldol D. Loved Abilify (on it for 2 years), becuase of the low side affect profile, but just can't afford it anymore. Starting out on 25mg injection that lasts 2 weeks. Will see how I do, then increase the mgs and get shot only once a month. So far after only 5 days, I still feel as calm as I did on Abilify, but now my jaw clenches to the left really bad, and was asleep for 2 days after getting the injection. Shoulder very sore still where injection was given. Mild increase in paranoia. Hope the jaw clenching goes away, and that the paranoia will decrease after raising the dose. I am on the very lowest dose to start due to severe side effects to other drugs like Zyprexa, Risperdol and Seroquel. F 35 5 days
25mg 1X O
 1  shoulder pain my jaw almost broke of how much it was it was drifting the left side, all my bones were cramping up, and my eyes automatically rolled up by them self... F 19 1 days
not sure
 1  for depression I had extreme reaction from taken Haldol, I would look out of space, my speech was slur, started gaining a lot of weight. I gained about 125 lbs. from taken this drug. I would not recommend no one to take this drug. I always had to go in and out of the hospital too from taken Haldol, and started to get depress all the time. F 43 10 years
80 2X H
 1  forced because I took melatonin Simple, It makes a completely normal person that never had a psychiatric problem turn into a zombie and erratic nutcase. Great for the business of the psychotic and satanic medical professionals who make new customers for their wallets. Medical professionals fully are a aware of the harmful and extreme side-effects of this drug. These medical professionals are professional torturers and murderers for a fee. These highly educated medical professionals are fully aware of what they are doing and they need to be dealt with in a severe manner. M 56 1 days
10MG 1X D
 1  locked up almost died but hard to prove only in my head i no i am different if any body know a lawyer in hawaii please call me i hate this drug we need to sue to save others M 27
1X D
 1  Dementia My 75 year old mother was given this drug and went from a healthy strong woman who did have a lot of anxiety and liked to walk around a lot to a comotose person who can't even hold her self up any more and is now in a weelchair. This drug is terrible for elderly people with dimentia and should not be given to them for any length of time. My mother was thrown in a psych ward after less than 1 week in a memory care unit. They didn't want to be bothered with altering her medicine or dealing with her minor outbursts from being in a new place. After 3 months I removed her and placed her somewhere else but she is a completely different person now. F 76 3 months
1 mg 2X D

 1  Agitation, Mania Extremely dry mouth, muscular contortions, unintelligible slurred speech, drooling, inability to urinate, elevated heart rate, over-sedation, incoordination, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, tremors I don't recommend haldol. This is an old, outdated drug with a multitude of harmful side effects, and there are much better drugs now that are far more effective. These days haldol is used mostly to treat agitation in prisoners and psychosis in mental patients. It Is like a chemical straight jacket, or at higher doses, it is more like a lobotomy. I was given haldol in 1976 when I was 17 for agitation, a horrible experience. I lost muscle control on one side, couldn't walk, couldn't pee, felt agitated but could hardly move or function, also caused drooling and uninteligable slurred speech. I was started on 10 mg and the dose was reduced to 1 mg. The side effects were still very problematic on 1 mg of haldol. The medicine for side effects was not very effective. Haldol is not for use in psychotic conditions related to dementia and may cause heart failure, sudden death, or pneumonia in older adults. During his end stage cancer, my father at age 79 was on 1 mg for nausea and did not look at all peaceful on this drug. He looked very uncomfortable, was unable to speak and his mouth was sandpaper dry. My grandmother age 93 was given 5 mg for agitation, and was barely able to move or speak, and she looked very uncomfortable. Her heart rate became so elevated her doctor worried that she would have a heart attack. A younger friend of mine took haldol for schizophrenia which helped, but not without disturbing side effects like tremors and tardive dysconesia. F 53
1mg-10mg 1X D
 1  ER injection to calm down HALDOL is HORRIBLE!!!!! My 17-year-old brother was brought into the ER for being disorientated and uncontrollable at the time. The ER doctor gave him an injection of Haldol saying that it would calm him down. We were in and out of the hospital for the next 3 days because my brother was having such a horrible reaction from the side effects of Haldol. The following day after thinking he was getting better my brothers neck twisted to the right side and he was gazing up to the ceiling- his arms and legs were bent in weird positions and he was not responding to us at all. It was a nightmare. He could not talk to us his heart beat was out of control, he was sweating profusely and shaking uncontrollably. This drug should not be used on anyone let alone a 17-year-old kid. He is still having to take benadryl around the clock to make sure he doesn’t have yet another dystonic reaction like that-not to mention he is paranoid its going to happen again. He was given it on a Tuesday and suffere STAY AWAY FROM HALDOL!!!!! HALDOL HAS VERY DANGEROUD SIDE EFFECTS!!!!! M 17 1 days
1X D
 1  bipolar Akathisia-is a syndrome characterized by unpleasant sensations of "inner" restlessness that manifests itself with an inability to sit still or remain motionless. Akathisia is most often seen as a side effect of antipsychotic medications. M 31 1 months
Injection 1X D

 1  Nausea and vomiting worst WORST experience of my life, I can't begin to describe it. Tremendous restlessness and anxiety, paranoia, feelings of impending doom/death. I "knew" I was going to die. And the whole time I knew what was going on. let me assure you, there is NOTHING and i mean NOTHING more terrifying than losing control of your mind... I didn't sleep for 36 hrs and i LOST A DAY. by that I mean one second it was friday and the next it was sunday. then, my tongue swelled up which was also terrifying! it started to become difficult to get air, I went to the ER and got a shot of benadryl which was miraculous! the relief that came over me was amazing. Worst experience of my life because never before or since have i had such a paralyzing fear... As if that weren't enough, haldol has an extremely long half life of weeks sometimes. My symptoms kept re-occuring for over a month. I had to take benadryl constantly to ward them off. it was a nightmare. NEVER take this medication for nausea! I am a nurse and I questioned this prescription at the time but the ER doc was very reassuring. Knowing what i know now, i would also question it's use in a psychiatric setting. the risk of severe psychosis is too great. F 40 1 days
30mg 1X D
 1  To get high Immediately I got lockjaw. Every time I'd try to talk i'd feel like i was choking on my tongue or tongue was twisting in my mouth I just took it becaue i thought it would be like klonopin. But immediately thought i had cotton fever or was withdrawing. I was in an awake nightmare, and my tongue swelled up. I'd say two words then choke on my tongue and face would contort to one side. M 28 1 times
5mg 1X D

 1  Mental Hospital I was forced medicated under an illegal commitment warrent NMS set in and I was incapacitated. I have been suffering ever since.I wish i knew Mental Health Laws. One of the most dangerous drugs on the market. It will give you problems for the rest of your life. M 49 14 days
50 mg 4X W

 1  forced to Brief tardive dyskinesia. Mental decline, cognitive problems. This thing is PURE POISON. NEVER EVER USE THIS - EVEN IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SUICIDE AND SUICIDE YOU WANT TO DO AFTER USING THIS. M 28 1 times
? 1X D

Injection 2X O

 1  agitated in ER paralyzed legs, neck stuck in position as if looking at ceiling, loss of speech and loss of ability to swallow, limited use of arms, fever, sweating drug apparently has benefits for some when given in small dose. Should not be used in ER just to subdue patient F 73 1 days
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 1  given in emergency involuntary mouth movements, tongue curling, teeth chewing and cracking, headaches, jaws closing tight as lock jaw and could not open mouth throat closing up and could not swallow. drooling, voice sound muffled and could not speak clearly. haldol is not a safe drug and should be taken off the market. It also seems to be misued by the some health care profesional. My son was given the drug Haldol when he was taken to the hosiptal for a head injury after being hit in the head at a gas station. He was drinking and not being coopertive with the emergency room staff so they decided to give him a double dose of the drug through I. V. and an injection. They didnot let a family member go back there with him and didnot let us know that the drug was given to him after discharge, they told us that he was given another drug and it wasn't until he had to be taken to another hosiptal because of the side effects that we learned that he was given that drug. M 30
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 1  ER after car crash to calm me down 1-woke up with a twitch on the left side of my face 2-was quickly discharged after being fed a benadryl 3-severe confusion 4-sweating profusely 5-insomnia 6-neck was stuck in the position cocked-almost trying to turn around at a 180 degree angle 7-my jaw was clenched 8-my tongue twitched 9-severe thirst 10-eventually could not open my mouth to speak 11-constant thought that my life was ruined and contemplated violent suicide 12- walked bowlegged and hunched over sideways 13-began to cease and entered a catatonic state Two years ago, I was in a terrible car accident. I had brain hemorraging and a severe concussion. When arriving at the hospital I was very out of it and anxious-seeing that my family had not been contacted (while I was a minor) and it had taken four hours to arrive at the hospital ten minutes away. Despite the damage done internally, i apparently was given an injection of haldol. The nurses claim I was being combative and my memory of the entire event has been erased. Even when I was discharged, there was no knowledge that I or Any of my family had that I had been given an antipsychotic. That night, when I began to have seizures, I went back to the hospital(in the pediatric unit this time) and was told that I was having a dystonic reaction from an injection of haldol given to me the night before. I remained in the hospital under survaillence for days. It has now been a year and a half since this injection. Ever since, I have had consistently a high blood pressure and pulse rate. In the past couple months, I have began having severe chest pain. Recently, I was, yet again, rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack. I am nineteen years old. Before being given haldol I had never had a health concern. They cannot figure out the cause of all of my medical problems now. I am going to have to have open heart surgery soon. This drug has ruined my life. I am just now putting the pieces together of what this drug has done to me. I am currently getting my bachelors degree-p F 19 1 days
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 1  manic depression Speech problems and increased anxiety. I cannot even believe this drug is legal! I was forced to take it while hospitalized, and it made/makes me speak like a complete idiot even after I have been off the drug for a couple months. One gentleman I talked to can barely speak after even being off haldol for a year- I am a bit worried considering I have to be able to make a living off of being able to talk correctly. I am strongly pursuing the idea of a lawsuit for being administered this drug, after reading reactions of so many other people, I am sure there have been many filed. Do not take this, and if you are on it- get off of it as soon as possible. M 28 3 months
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 1  p. schizophrenia Furious this drug is still on market. My mother had severe and continuous hallucinations even being prescribed an anti-hallucinagen back in early 80's when Haldol first surfaced for mentally ill patients as the new go-to drug. Mother on the surface seemed to be getting better but still suffered dillusions, had sleeping problems, all the same issues prior to Haldol. Run from this drug. My mother committed suicide unexpectedly as we thought she was getting better meanwhile the anti-hallucination med wasn't working like we thought. She was leaving hints to my father and others and I didn't put the pieces together until after she died. This happened in Feb. 1982 and one year later, Haldol was supposed to be taken off the market due to the ridiculous number of suicides in a small amount of time over a year. How the drug company kept this drug active is beyond me. This is not a new drug and most Drs. don't even know how dangerous this drug is. If it wasn't for the greedy drug companies, this drug would not have been used for psychiatric patients and taken off the market. I don't even know what the physical ramifications were for my mother as she wasn't communicating her issues after taking this medicine as many mentally ill patients don't always. I was 8 months pregnant and lost a lot. Be careful with this drug and don't use it unless absolutely necessary. There have been many many people who have committed suicide after taking this drug quite unexpectedly. In 1983, when I heard how dangerous Haldol was on the 6:00 national news, I was shocked! Assuming the drug would be discontinued as the newsreport suggested it would, I never checked on it until someone told me her elderly grandmother is currenly taking this drug for Alzheimer's in 2010. Unbelieveable. Her grandmother has been in bad shape and continues to decline. After reading some of th F 48 3 months
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 1  a drug rep told my doctor to Rx it I was swallowing my own tongue. What more is there to say? The first antipschotics were marketed as "chemical lobotomies". Read Mad in America by Robert Whitaker. I had a right to bodily integrity and Haldol took it from me. M 27 7 days

 1  senial dementia This drug almost killed my 85 year old father.He had been on it for a few weeks when he started getting rigidity of arms, legs,could not speak clearly,and was incontinient.To top it all off, we went to hospital and he was given 4 times the amount he had at home, landing him in a nursing home.They realized he should not be on haldol and was overdosing and they started cutting the amount down to taper him off the drug. The Dr. at another hospital told us to take it away immediately, which we finally insisted on when we found out how harmful this drug is. With physical therapy for a month and a half he has improved and now knows most of the family. He is in a nursing home now using depends because he cannot always make it to the bathroom. He also wanders and we are afraid he will leave the house and get lost. He has severe night sweats also. This is a horrible drug that almost killed my Dad. It should be banned!!! Why is it still allowed on the market? A harmful,useless drug... No one needs this drug. It is harmful! M 85 2 weeks

 1  Schizophrenia Painful neck paralysis and swollen tongue. The nurses just laughed and said I was faking it, so I had to wait hours before somebody saved my life with Cogentin. M 24 1 days

 1   this drug made me realize I need to stop taking any medications..before I look at the side effects. This was the most scary situation I have ever been with. The Haldol made my muscles tight..my face went to one side my muscles in my face all stopped being firm, my hands started curling in. I thought I was dying in the middle of a stroke. My husband took me to the ER, and I was assisted immediatly without delay. The Nurse who waited on me before going back to a bed in one of the rooms, diagnosed it as I was having allergic reactions, or side effects of a drug I was taking. I told him all. Then I mentioned to him my dr prescribed some for me. The nurse practitioner said..THATS IT! I was amazed he diagnosed me..Dr came in because I started crying..Help..Help..someone help me please. My tongue was so swollen and my head turned over to my right shoulder. I thought I was going to die! I wouldn't ever recommend this to anyone. The nurse gave me a shot of conginten. Which is also has lots of s F 42 2 days
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