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 1  Inflammation, pain Intense pain @ injection site, extreme vertigo and dizziness to where I can't function, thrush, pain & burning in muscles & joints all over; insomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea, feel like I'm in a bubble. Unending flulike symptoms, fatigue, migraines, heart palpitations, BP gone crazy, wheezing. UPDATE: menstrual period now lasting 18 days, esophageal spasms. READ THE WARNINGS! All symptoms I have are in the package insert, but I wasn't warned and doctor denies them. I had a round of Kenalog several weeks before this recent round, thought it helped. The repeat of the injections hit immediately and HARD. Bad vertigo & pain, inability to function, and burning in the muscles I had the shots in for the purpose of STOPPING any inflammation. Burning and muscle spasms all over, actually. Migraines & pressure in the eyes, it is HORRIBLE. The symptoms are actually increasing the further I get from the shot. Doctor says this is impossible, but my pharmacist found all my sx easily, and several ER docs & my GP said this is quite common with steroid overload & that I must just ride it out. I got these shots to feel better, not slip into complete disability, even for a month or two. UPDATE: Now having to have multiple tests for adrenals and all hormones; on day 18 of a very heavy menstrual period with heavy clotting, it just will not stop & no way still to stop the symptoms that continue, muscle and tendon pain, esophageal spasms (1-2 per day) and heavy bleeding. Had to take a med to try and counter these symptoms and NOT happy about that, or the THOUSANDS spent trying to help the pain, run tests, get treatment for symptoms I never before had. Depression unlike anything imaginable, panic & irrational fear, inability to concentrate, FACIAL hair growth (!!). Anything that can wreak this level of havoc on the body shouldn't even be on the market! Terrified tendons could have been weakened to the point of damage beyond the pain alr F 38 53 days
40 mg/mL 1X D

 1  Arthritis on knee Leg muscle/fat atrophy, vein atrophy, collapsed vein in leg on to peroneal nerve. Nerve pain. Extreme heart palps. Poison Burning stinging itching After Ortho PA mis injected carelessly this poison escaped knee and traveled into vein causing chemical burn. Are soft tissue, collapsed vein. Vein now compressing leg nerve. Can't even walk up stairs. Losing thousands in pay wages. Leg went numb at work. Have limp. NO doctors know how to fix. No lawyer will take cause even though every doc says the shot caused and can't be fixed. Need a better lawyer. Need better doctors slso to fix. 45 1 years
 1  injection Horrible fat atrophy and hyperpigmentation along neck and jawline after kenalog 40 injections for what my Dr THOUGHT was scar tissue forming post face/necklift. Kenalog is extremly damaging and dangerous to healthy skin. My jawline looks like chunks of flesh have been cut out of it. Most Dr's do NOT warn of these side effects. This product should be taken OFF the market. I have read post after post of this happening to many people at the injection site of this product with no knowledge of, or warning from their doctors. It appears most Drs don't discuss this or know how to inject it. WHY is this product still on the market. It ruined my skin and messed up a 13,000 surgery. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! This product is POISON!!!!! Would like to file a lawsuit and take this off the market. F 52
4 mg 1X D
 3  knee pain/bursitis Severe stomach pain period came on stayed on for six weeks, discoloration at injection site, headaches,urinating alot doctor said I had a uti.Back pain facial hair. F 51 1 days
 1  SI joint/back pain,hip pain Severe leg cramps, swelling in thighs and ankles, muscle pain, pain in knees, shin pain, racing heart, weakness,anxiety, period started even though I am in menopause. Clots and spotting for days. This is poison! I did research and found out this medicine causes a huge list of adverse reactions. Low potassium is only one. After weeks of excruciating leg muscle cramps I finally went to ER. Resting heart rate was 150. BP was 202 / 112 ! Blood test showed low potassium and sodium. ER doctor and nurse said they had seen many patients with this same reaction to corticosteriods- kenalog. Unfortunately they said Kenalog is long-acting and don't know how long it will take to leave my system . Gave prescription of potassium, Lasix for swelling, and Voltaren for inflammation. Feel much better after only one day of these meds. ER nurse said not to go back to PM doctor who gave the Kenalog injections because he will not admit the side effects were from this medicine. I pray there will be no permanent damage. Do not do have kenalog injections !!! You will regret it . It has cost me months of leave from work, a tremendous amount of more pain and suffering than the original minor back pain ( 2 MRI' s and bone scan all fine) . Not to mention the host of doctor bills piling up . I am furious. F 49 2 months
80mg. 4X M
 4  Allergies and IBS-D No side effects M 50 1 days
40 mg

 1  Chronic pain from fibromyalgia Golf ball size indentation in my right buttock. I was told it would be permanent. I'm very unhappy. F 46 2 months
40 mg

 1  herniated disc and bulging disc Blood clots and anxiety and blurred vision and I will be on blood thinners the rest of my life 9 milligrams of warfarin! I have never had health issues in my life! I took the epidural once a week for three weeks and than I was hospitalized with 7 blood clots 3 in my leg and 2 in each lung! 44 3 weeks

 1  Allergy Irregular Period, headaches, blurred vision Doctor never informed of side effects F 36 2 months
40MG 2X O

 1  Allergies I got the kenalog injection because I have severe allergies, I ended up noticing a golf ball size indentation in my right buttcheek I was on my period for 2 months straight and no one knew why. I have a pain where the indent is on my buttcheek it's embarrassing to even think about bathing suits. Going to doctors for a sports physical tomorrow. I'm going to bring this up I am not happy at all. F 14 1 times

20 MG 6X O

 1  Severe allergies Primary care dr TAMARA LIEBERMAN IN PHOENIX AZ gave me this shot AFTER I told her I had recently had terrible side effects from newly tried nasacort and have been having. Allergic reactions to several drugs and foods etc the past year. Got shot then ten mins later got weird tickling coughing in back of throat for about 5 minutes. The next day felt great! And I could actually smell things again and eyes weren't puffy anymore. Then first couple nights had weird feeling upon laying down to sleep followed by ten or so days of shortness of breath insomnia debilitating depression palpitations etc that got so bad I had to roll fire to my house. Fire guys Terrified my 7 year old daughter tested me for everything but said all vitals were 100% but suggested I go to ER because something was definitely wrong with me they just didn't know what. They said it probably wasn't the kenalog because I didn't have a rash.....so spent 7 hours in severe distress in ER WHERE THEY RAN All possible tests plus brain MRI etc. Again all came back normal even my pulse and blood oxygen levels were great. ER doc said if it was kenalog I would have to wait the approx 8 weeks for it to run its course....returned to incompetent primary care doc for other reasons and brought with me the printed version of FDA website list of adverse reactions because I couldn't speak due to constant breathlessness and didn't have the energy to convince the idiot that the symptoms I've never experienced until after the injection F 43 1 days

 5  Crohn's Disease, Joint Pain Mild anxiety, bloating, headache, extremely tired day of injection, a little moody This has been a Miracle drug for myself as I have a horrible sensitivity to meds! Doctors kept giving me stuff that was making me super sick & tons off different daily pills! I then went to my family doctor and cried about what I'm going through and how sick i was! He at that time put me on Kenalog!!! I haven't looked back! I can say my Crohn's at this time is under control!!! Yay! I will deal with side effects to have my life back!!! F 36 2 years
 5  Asthma and severe allergies Facial redness, tachycardia only the first night. Thank gosh for Kenalog, my asthma is crazy in springtime AZ....I am so used to mouth breathing since my sinuses are so clogged, eyes reddened, another benefit is I have less IBS type symptoms and almost zero migraines. As a nurse, I hate taking meds, but this is a steroid, yes, but my reduction of symptoms and meds needed on a daily basis is AMAZING! Even less age related pain in my joints, back and feet... F 52
40 1X AN

 1  Bulging discs in lower back I had one injection for lower back pain after suffering from 3 bulging discs i was told to expect a flare up of pain & then to be pain free for at least 6 months this wasn't the case i had no flare up after but i was only pain free for 3 weeks. What i wasn't told though was that my periods would be so badly messed up i bled from december 2 days after the injection until february i then missed march & have had light spotting all through april & may its a nightmare when you are trying to conceive aswell!! F 25 1 days
 1  Severe allergies Severe anxiety, palpitations, menstrual cramping, headache, shortness of breath, depression. I had just finished taking 5 days worth of prednisone (60 mg) a day for a "asthma cough." My doctor already knew I hated steroids and the way they make me feel but I couldn't stop coughing and wanted it to stop. Then my allergist basically talked me into getting the kenalog shot saying it was nothing like prednisone. Although I was hesitant I ended up doing it and am so upset with myself that I did. Two days after the shot I ended up in the ER with a 159/118 blood pressure reading and 120 pulse. F 26 1 days
 1  hip pain Thrush anxiety flushing F 50 1 days

 1  Cervical Epidural in Neck C5-C6 PLEASE READ...I was told the possibility of side effects from using Kenalog for a cervical epidural was zero. HUGE MISTAKE on my part to have this done. I have very horrible pain so I went through with it. I'm 30 and have always had a normal period. I started bleeding 2 days after the injection and bled for 3 solid months..yes, 3 months! I noticed various size clots as well. I have been extremely tired since the injection and hungry. I also have grown facial hair (so mad about this one).....I am so upset other this injection. It has caused permanent damange that can not be changed. PLEASE do not let Drs use this on you. F 30 1 days

 1  right knee pain I don't even know where to begin. I've had cortisone injections in my knee years ago with no side effects. This was my first kenalog injection I have ever received. The doctor did not warn me about the possibility of any side effects. I asked him and he said as long as I was healthy I would be ok. I felt like a million bucks after receiving the injection. I felt like I could do anything. Then I got my period 1/20 and it lasted until 2/13. And I had clots of all sizes, then just spotting. I had severe anxiety that mimicked heart attack symptoms, feeling of despair and a level of depression that I didn't know was humanly possible. Aches and pains everywhere, horrible muscle spasms in my left foot, tremors, blurry and dimmed vision, adrenal rush, ear popping, eye pressure problems, head pressure problems, sensitivity to medications I have never had problems with previously, cysts on my right ovary, and I also discovered that I have a fatty liver which I never had before. Bleeding gums, strange and painful sensations in my head and ears, back pain, worsening of knee pain, new joint pain, GI issues and the list goes on. I have been to 3 different hospitals in 6 weeks apx 21 times. Most MDs refuse to admit that this is from 1 kenalog injection but luckily I have cone across a few older doctors who have the experience to tell me it is likely that my problems are from this shot and that I should list it as a medical allergy. I am having some improvement aside from still hav F 36 1 days
1x 80mg
 1  injection for shoulder pain Within 5 days of the injection I experienced symptoms that I believed were a heart attack. BP was elevated an my heart was beating out of my chest. Contacted my dr and was told it was anxiety and was put on a beta blocker to. bring my heartrate down. It has been a month since the injection and I wish I had never done it, would rather deal with the pain. Would not recommend to anyone F 52 1 days

 1  shoulder pain one shot in radiology by dr. was like poison to my body. everything much worse all over. stiffness and pain. and this is 7 weeks later. 83 1 days
1X D

 1  Sacroiliac inflammation Very heavy and painful menstrual bleeding for 24 out of the last 38 days. I have never, ever been irregular in the last 35 years. Also, increase of preventricular contractions which are stronger than prior to the shot and frequent cramps in both feet. Called the doctor who said that heavy cycles like this aren't caused by this drug. Just irregular periods. Then why are so many women having this trouble? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23816843 F 46 1 days
40mg 1X AN
 1  back injections Facial hair growth Do not take it at all !!!!! F 2 days

 1  Plantar fasciitis DO NOT TAKE THIS MED... I had 1 shot(40mg) for pain in my heal... Side effects continue after 8 weeks.. Namely, heart palpitations, night sweats, anxiety, depression, leg cramps etc. visited the ER at 4 weeks post shot for severe palpitations. I would NEVER EVER recommend this poison to anyone!. F 42 1 days

 1  Treating Discoid Cutaneous Lupus Dents at the injection sites, achiness throughout my body on the day of the shot. Menstruation cycles have been out of control..I've been bleeding non stop for three months now with no end in sight. Doctor refuses to acknowledge that this drug is the cause. I will NEVER use this drug again and have warned others against ever using it. F 35 2 years
 5  scar tissue none i felt the exact same before and after the injection. there was noticeable improvement in my scar tissue after each injection F 31 1 days
no idea 1X M

 1  Allergies Thin skin, would get little 'blood blisters' if I even bumped my arms, my dog could lay open my skin with a gentle swipe of her paw/claws. Constant bruises. Huge pits in both hips. I had one injection that hurt so bad that I still have pain (it was over a year ago). The pits are so deep and hurt. I've gotten even thinner hair, and have lost about 25 pounds since I stopped getting the shots. Fast forming/degenerating cataracts. I took these shots years ago for allergies and noticed that they also helped relieve the inflammation in all my joints, and with my degenerative disc disease, I'd feel a relief of the pain that I have everyday. I started taking the shots again when my allergies were really bad. This time around, I started seeing the really thin skin, but my doctor kept saying it couldn't be the shots. When I stopped the shots, my skin (mostly on my arms) don't bleed like they did over every little bump, but I still get the 'blood dots'. I'm going in for cataracts that formed quickly (in less than 7 months). I'd really like to see if there is some way to fix these pits in my hips. They hurt, and I've literally got no butt left. I've lost about 25 lbs in the last 4-6 months since I stopped getting the shots. F 56 2 years
1X O
 5  rheumatoid arthritis Its a wonder drug...within hours I was totally painfree! 1week after the injection and all is well! F 29 1 days
 1  bronchitis Grunting,tightness in chest, sucidal thoughts, brain fog, pounding sound in left ear, a feeling of adrenal rush for a month. Potassium and vitamin d deficiency...its been 3 months still auguring from pounding in ears .. F 34 1 days

 1  Cervical Pain Heart palpitations, low blood pressure, pupil dilation for extended periods of time, leg cramps, night sweats, extreme migraine, moon face, thinning skin, distended abdomen, facial hair growth, severe hair loss on head, fatigue, anxiety, arms and legs atrophied, seizures I was give an injection for cervical pain after an accident. Within 5 days I was in the ER feeling like I got shot in the head. After 9 days, I was diagnosed with migraines and discharged. I continued to worsen and could not get any answers as to why "Not the Kenalog" was all I heard. Finally, three months after the injection, three hospitalizations later an Endocrinologist diagnosed me with Exogenous Cushings Syndrome as a result of the injection. My initial symptoms persisted for well over a year. Today I suffer from partial and gran-mal seizures. This drug has ruined my life. I am no longer able to function as a mother or employee. I am 36 and feel like someone in their 80's. Do not take this drug. It is not worth the risk. F 36 1 days
?80mg 1X O
 1  shoulder pain My email address is noodlz37gogetta@yahoo.com- i have posted previously and wanted to update. 7 months since my one & only injection. Still losing hair, having trouble sleeping w/ night sweats, anxiety & everything else i metioned along with low bp but rapid heartbeat. I encourage everyone to email me. Lets help each other!! F 28 1 times

 1  pinched nerve and fibromyalgia' After the injection in my left buttocks, I started getting a hole caused from atrophy. It's now the size of a golf ball! Excessive sweating, racing heart, large ovarian cyst, period for 3 months straight, vomiting/upset stomach, vision problems, loss of all motor skills and feeling in my right arm, and now I'll need surgery to stop the atrophy from eating it's way to my pelvis bone. I've never had so much pain in my pelvis to the point it's unbareable. I have a product liability lawyer who is working on my case. If anyone would like to contact me back or consider a class action lawsuit, please email me back. It's been 3 months and I've heard horror stories as well as numerous class action lawsuits that were all won! Unfortunately, they still haven't taken this drug off the market!! F 31 1 days
 1  Bulging Neck Disc Bleeding, bleeding and bleeding! I took 2 shots 80mgs one week apart during the first two weeks in November. Started my period 4 days late on 11/25 and it's 12/21 and I still have my period with heavy bleeding, cramping, depression, IBS flare ups. I specifically asked my doctor were there any side effects and he said no. When I called back complaining about prolonged periods he suddenly remembered it was a side effect for women. This has shattered my life and I warn you not to take it. Deal with the pain or try alternative meds. I am so depressed, tired and irritable from such a messed up cycle. Doctors and pharm companys needs their azz whipped for this! F 37
80mg 2X M
 1  Back pain epidural injection 3 days after body weakness no sleep confusion fluid retention very bad leg pains and body pains.Hyper alert too much cortisone cushing rapid heart anxiety All symptoms got far worse Drs no help.8 months later my life was ruined.Sleeping is difficult I have stomach bowel gallbladder problems damaged a tendon in my foot as even my feet were full of fluid.I can''t eat healthy foods infarct there very little I can eat without pain, my bowels don't work.I still have burning body muscle pain. It has taken my life away from me and gave me many health problems I didn't have before the drug.Not worth risking you health to be one of the unlucky one's that have problems cause by a drugs that can be to toxic for your body.It destroyed my health.Nealy 3 years since I had it and my body is destroyed I know if I had not had it I wouldn't have any of these many health problems. it destroyed my whole body system. F 51
1X D
 1  chronic pain and inflammation in kn It was an injection by the doctor of Kenalog and 2 mg od lidocain . within 2 hours I had severe pain Worse pain than IVE ever had! It INCREASED not decreased the Inflammation in not only my knee but my quadricep mmuscls and calves. The pain was so severe, I couldn't walk or stand. Range of motion decreased significantly more tha 80 %.I felt pain in my bone of the knee cap. I could not completely straighten my leg or bend it more than 30 degrees. Headachwe and nausea. I would never recommend this to anyone. Very dangerous with many adverse affects from taking it one single time. I am still waiting to see if an infection occurs and how much worse the swelling becomes ot how long it will take to have the intended eff3ct of DECREASED INFLAMMATION and pain. F 48 1 days
 1  inflamed sinus 1X SEVERE SINUS DRAINAGE, WENT TO EMERGENCY ROOM TWICE DUE TO ALLERGY TO YEAST INFECTION FROM SHOT AND PANIC ATTACKS. RAPID HEART BEAT AND HIGH PULSE. DIZZINESS VERY DANGEROUS DRUG. Please please read all info before considering taking. Hopefully more will speak up so that the doctors are not as quick to give! F 63 11 weeks
40 mg 1X D
 3  surgery scar on abdomen longer menstrual cycle, developed 9cm ovarian cyst some skin atrophy; bleached skin around scar area the scar flattened F 34
1X D
 3  Sinus infection with inflammation Continued, heavy menstrual bleeding with clots and cramping. Likely cause of an anovulatory cycle resulting in a 4 cm+ cyst. Prior to injection cycles normal every 28 days, predictable to the hour and last 5-7 days, with second day being moderate flow. Normal period started on time 3 weeks after injection. Stopped for a day and started again, getting progressively heavier. Blood loss was significant enough to cause dizziness and paleness. Went to OB/gyn - pelvic US done. Birth control pills have slowed down the bleeding, but it continues after two and a half weeks. F 43 1 days
1X D

 1  bronchitis Tightness of chest F 34 1 days

 1  shoulder pain Too many to list! The most concerning is atrophy at injection site, major hair loss that is still coming out in clumps, period went crazy i.e. bleeding black blood every 2weeks, depression with thoughts of suicide, insomnia, blurred vision, nerve damage, weight loss, & terrible night sweats. Its been 4 months since my injection and ive lost about a third of my hair and it still continues to fall out by the handful. Does anyone know what i can do to help? I take so many vitamins i cant take them all at once or ill be sick. Doctor never told me of potential side effects and denied that kenalog is responsible for what has happened to my body. If anyone has found a lawyer or has information about a class action lawsuit. Please contact me. F 28
80 mg 1X D
 2  Anokosing Spondilitis I feel really depressed. I was fine and dandy before the injection. I have cronic pain. The Kenolog has not helped me reduce any of my pain and stiffness. M 45 1 days

 1  Back, neck, SI, piriformus Cushings, steroid withdrawal syndrome, orthstatic, hypothyroid, magnesium, potassium, folate deficiency. Tinnitus. Anxiety/weeping. Irregular bleeding. Acne, hair loss, myopathy, myalgias, neuropathy. Rosacia, low BP, burning pain all over. Teeth turned grey. Dry peeling skin. Burning mouth syndrome. Fasiculations. Parathesia. Increased eye pressures. PTC. More to list. F 44 2 months
16 inject

 1  Trauma induced arthritis Abnormal periods just as others described. Dealing with large ovarian cyst on injection side that was never there before, headaches, nausea, mood swings. Some effects are wearing off after 3 months with the exception of painful cyst on ovary. May need hormones to regulate, never had any of these symptoms prior to injection. F 46 3 months
40 mg 1X O
 1  spinal stenosis insomnia, blurry vision, eye pain, lack of concentration, depression, constant menstrual bleeding for 8 months, skin thinning/easily bruising, digestive problems, cramping everywhere, hair loss. all continuing 8 months after injections. To those doctors who claim to have never heard of serious long-term side effects caused by particulate steroids including Kenalog, this is total BS. The documentation is out these, both anecdotal accounts from countless suffering patients and medical papers. Problem is the corticosteroid industry is so massively lucrative, those involved - injection doctors, manufacturers - are part of a cover-up that pretends these drugs are low-risk, essentially safe. It's criminal. For more reviews: http://orthopedics.about.com/b/2008/10/11/side-effects-of-cortisone-shots.htm F 40
80 2X M

 1  L4-L5 Received shot and was told no side effects and would see 50% improvement. I saw zero improvement, now have leg and hip pain that was not present before. Face flushing constant. In 2012 the FDA and the drug manufacturer said NOT to use in epidural shots. The doctors are using this off label. Had I known this I would never ever had this poison put in me. This can be in your body for up to 12 months. Doing whatever it pleases. F 53
1X O

 1  Severe allergies and migraines Please help!!! I had a Kenalog injection in my left hip about 4 weeks ago. It did nothing- except give me hot flashes, sweating, worsening daily migraines- and horrible atrophy. Here's the thing: my RIGHT hip has a peach sized crater and bruise, a crater forming under right buttock, and one forming on the front of my right leg! The left side really hurts and can barely be touched. I have FM and am scared this could disable me! Has anyone else experienced this? F 39 1 times
40 MG
 1  suspected psoriatic arthritis Mood swings, blurred vision, nausea, very heavy and very long menstrual periods, bled for 9 weeks with only a few day break. Had this injection in April, since then almost constant periods, and about a month later very lethargic, tired, depressed, also blurred/irritable eyes. Feeling absolutely fed up. Was given to see if I had psoriatic arthritis, because not worked concluded I haven`t. Feel like I`ve been experimented on! F 36 1 years
1X O

 1  was given in hip for chronic pain F 50 1 days

 1  epidural injections for back pain 7 months later and blurred vision, eyes hurt, rash, constant headache, cramping everywhere, can't sleep. Side effects immediately after injections. When will they go away?!!! Nasty drug. This is miserable. Do your homework before getting injected with this. Manufacturer warns Kenalog not supposed to be used for epidural injections so why do doctors still do this? Check out: http://orthopedics.about.com/b/2008/10/11/side-effects-of-cortisone-shots.htm M 33 1 days
80 mg 2X D

 1  Severe allergies Heavy menstrual flow, large clots, cramps. Ended my last period on 5/16 (for seven days), started again yesterday, 5/23. Started having cramps in my foot after shot, they usually last about 10 minutes, not something I had before. My doctor told me the one side effect would be that it might bring my period down a day or two, that I could deal with. To go from a normal four day period with a normal flow to a seven day, heavy flow is not normal, to have it happen again a week later is not acceptable. For women, I'd think twice about taking this shot and ask your doctor is there is an alternative. F 41
1X D
 1  allergies Too many side effects to list including blurred vision, extreme cramping all over, insomnia, weight gain, hair loss, rashes, menstrual issues - all lasted over a year. The most horrible medical experience. Beware corticosteroids. Doctors pretend they are virtually risk free, but they can cause serious, frightening side effects. F 37 1 days
40 1X O

 5  eczema No side effects, no indentation at injection site. I get an injection once a year for eczema and it is amazing. I am usually itch free for about 7 months. An added bonus is that two years ago when I had the shot for my eczema I had severe pain from plantar fasciitis. A few days after the shot all the pain from the plantar fasciitis was gone. I have an appointment tomorrow. I will get my fourth annual shot for eczema because it is back. The plantar fasciitis has not returned. The kenalog injection has given me back my life. F 63 3 times
 4  severe allergies 30 day menstrual bleed. Some fatigue. Small dent but only twice out of 8 years. F 44 8 years
 5  allerallergies None F 24 2 times

 1  Elbow injection Dizziness, headache, nausea, still continuing after 3wks from date of injection. Pain in elbow is back even more now. First day after injection was amazing, even felt euphoric, then horrible crash with dizziness, mood swings. No mood swings after the first week just left with dizziness and headache and more elbow pain. Can't drive. Was told there are no side effects from this. Had I known I would not have had this done. F 40 1 days
1 cc

 3  Seasonal allergies I got the shot in my butt cheek. The area is still sore after 3 weeks. I am allergy free and tell myself that the sore butt bone is worth it, the doctors don't tell you the side effects so I don't know if i will be sore for 6 months or 2 days! I was told as long as the injection spot looks fine that I am ok F 35 3 weeks
1 shot
 1  lumbar, pain Headache, dizziness, flushing, blurred vision, vomiting, sharp pain s in stomach nauseated, cramping on both feet up to shin. Started menstrual period, after months.. This drug is so dangerous.. How long do these last? F 49 2 days
 1  Knee osteoarthritis Pains in stomach loose stools then constipated bleed after being dry for ten years just never helped me at all F 57 1 days

 1  pulled muscle in neck indentation of right hip, pain, focus problems, depression, and blurred vision 2 days ago I noticed a large dent on my right buttock/hip from 1 injection I had 2 months ago for a pulled muscle in my neck. I have noticed increased focus problems and depression/anxiety but I just thought it was from stress from work and home. Now that the dent appeared along with pain at the injection site and after doing a lot of research, it is ALL related to the Kenalog. I am so frustrated and would have never had the medicine if I was notified of the risks first. F 34 1 days
40mg 1X D
 1  spine injection for back pain Pain all over, insomnia, menstrual irregularities, hair loss, weight gain, dizziness - all persist 6 months after injection. This is a very potent drug w/many potentially serious (even life threatening) side effects. A doctor recently told me that corticosteroids cause more side effects than any other medication. The 11.13.12 reviewer who seems to consider this a miracle drug and says "most of the comments I read are nonsense," is incredibly uninformed and sounds like a rep. for Bristol-Myers, Squibb, the manufacturer. Corticosteroids can successful reduce pain for many people, but many others suffer long-term, debilitating side effects. F 35 1 days
80 1X D

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