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 1  Upper respiratory Rapid Heart Rate of 120-160 beats per minute for a week. tingling into my head and spine down arms. ER visit. Will never take shot again. Knew a lady who died from one. Thinking age (41) had an effect with this shot . Maybe related to hormones in women too. I was on a cycle and maybe potassium was low too. Had taken it before with little problems. F 45 1 days
1X D

 5  aid mobility in rotator cuff injury Had a horrible headache for 24 hours; some short term visual disturbances; made me very tired; 5 days later also produced heart attack like symptoms but only once; sped up my heart rate and caused some mild squeezing Did free up the joint; took away my asthma, breathing great and helped my sinuses/allergies clear! F 60 1 times

 1  Treated by dr for pneuomia I was given an injection mix celestone 12 mm & rocephin 5mm the next day I took pill avelox 400mg as directed by dr. I have lost the feeling in my right arm my shoulder and right side of my face, my fingers have feeling, I was taken to the E/R per request from my doctor and had a stroke. I am not sure if the injection that was given to me by the doctors office was the casue of this stroke but I was a healthy 55 man active and no health issues....perhaps this could have cause my illness but I would advise for anyone that might be given celestone to do more research on this medicine. M 55 1 days

 1  injection in back hives all over my body everyday for the past 5 weeks. I had celestone injected in my back and now I break out in hives everyday, it's been 5 weeks. Allergist says you can't be allergic to cortisone but it's an anti-inflammatory and I'm allergic to anti-inflammatorys. How long does it stay in your system. I can't stand the itching and swelling anymore. F 59 1 days
 2  pain in knees I experienced rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and facial flushing. The rapid heartbeat has continued now for two weeks, causing a visit to a cardiologist. F 58

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