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 3  lose weight 1 days

 4  Weight loss for daughters wedding No side effects but also no energy Trying to loose 30-40 lbs before daughters wedding In Oct. Really praying these things work. Won't get on the scale unless my cloths seem to get more loose. I've alway enjoyed a very healthy/conscious meal and I usually eat 1-2 meals a day. Problem is, I've had surgeries, neck and spine surgeries (5) and I couldn't do an exercise if you held a gun to my head. Any other suggestions on how I can ensure weight loss even though I can hardly move sometimes. Like I said, I've only been on them for a week, I'm just worried they won't work for me and my daughters wedding is the most important thing in the world to me. F 49 1 weeks
25 mg 3X D
 5  Weight loss I am down 22 lbs in 6weeks i do however eat only 600-1000 calories per day and work out 6 times. Week with at least an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training. I did the same workout routein and diet before taking tenuate and no weight loss occurred. F 26 2 months

 2  Weight Loss I've taken these pills on and off for 15 years. I began taking them at my jerk doctor's advice when I was 21 years old. A short time later I ended up with bulimia. This drug taught me to like hunger pangs. This drug caused mood swings that worsen as I stopped then began taking it, pain and swelling down my left arm, confusion, mild hallucinations (corner of your eye phenomenon), depression, anxiety, and more recently heart palpitations that can last for months. I am not a fan of doctors who so eagerly give these drugs to patients. The weight loss is temporary. The eating disorders are longer lasting and potentially more dangerous to your health. Beware of diet pills. While tenuate dospan has been around for a long time, the last thing you want to do is become part of a trial for some that have resulted in death (Phen fen, Meridia). F 36 15 years
75 MG 1X D
 5  To loose weight Want to loose weight Could someone please tell me where I can purchase this from? Thanks F 32 6 months
75mg 1X D
 5  Obesity More energy, accelerated weight loss and feeling happier because of the better energy levels and buying smaller clothes! I lost 3.5 stone in 4 months I first took this drug about 10 years ago - I would like to take again but cannot find it easily online to buy in the UK F 37 4 months
75mg 1X D
 4  weight loss Increased energy & focus (but no exhileration), decreased appetite. First few days was about psychological hunger & habits when not actually hungry. Last few days have been about no hunger feelings. Take early as possible (6-7am) & a very light breakfast....an apple at lunch & a child portion of food in evening (which is more than enough) with masses of water in between has resulted in 5lb weight loss in 1wk. I have not exercised so I should imagine this will be more if I do. Craved chocolate in the evenings but overcame this. Easter lunch was the biggest hurdle where I had traditional veggies piled high. I have had diarrhoea (manageable) throughout week & today the veggie binge has given me tummy ache that is related to the runs. I was 16s 7lb on 25/03/2013 & on 31/3/13 I weighed 16s 2lb. In an estimated projection,it will take 12weeks to lose 4 stone & get down to my former weight of 12s 6lbs.Although this isnt as superskinny,it is a weight where I look & feel amazing. Im gonna do it. Good luck guys x F 32 1 weeks
25mg x3 da
 5  weight loss at first i had a little trouble getting to sleep but that wore off after a week also i had a dry mouth and felt the need to drink more but this was probably a good thing i lost 3 stone over 4 months and have been weaning self slowly off taking the tablets so far its all been good F 44 120 days
1X D
 4  weight loss Weird feeling, not quite sure to early to tell. F 35 1 days
 5  Weight Loss Focused/Concentrated; Anxiety; Occasional irritability; Dry mouth F 27 6 weeks
25mg 1X D

 3  Lose Those Last 15 Pounds Difficulty concentrating, restlessness, heart palpitations, mild anxiety F 2 months
.25 MG

 5  lost 40lbs using tenuate dospan No real bad side effects, but plenty of positive ones Took Tenuate Dospan 25 years ago and lost over 40lbs,kept it off for 11 years, unfortunately due to losing my daughter, drinking too much and eating badly, I gained loads of weight, got this originally from a private slimming clinic which is not operating anymore, would love to purchase some more genuine Tenuate Dospan 6 months supply would be perfect I guess, anyone any suggestions where I can get it online or in UK, doctors won't prescribe M 56 6 months
75mg 1X D
 5  Lose weight Some slight menstrual disruption I was always skinny growing up, and then all of a sudden, I was up to 179 pounds, which is huge for me. Along with anti-depression medication and hormone balancing, Tenuate, has been a DREAM come TRUE! My doctor tells me I'm the poster child for Tenuate. I lost a total of 45 pounds! I have been off of it for a week or so, and I haven't gained the weight back. I'm still trying to eat 1200 calories a day, because I do NOT want to gain it back. Try it, and you'll LOVE it! F 35 1 years
25 3X D
 5  WEIGHTLOSS Dry Mouth Started in Mid-March, I have lost 35lbs. I use in combination with a low calorie diet and moderate exercise. I have never been able to lose weight before now. I have no appetite...so at times I have to make myself eat. It's amazing how easy this has been so far. I just hope it will continue. I still have a ways to go. F 42 3.5 months
75MG 1X D

 5  Weight loss Lost weight immediately. Finally, I can work at losing weight though diet, exercise and Tenuate for support! Dry mouth, no appetite, lost 21 lbs in 2 months!!! F 44 3 months

 5  Lose weight Dry mouth, anxiety , I lost 13lbs and have no cravings for sweets or food, I have to force myself to eat. I love it. F 37 1 months
75 1X D

 2  loose weught dry skin, and nose bleeding,some headaches. first time ever of using medication to loose weight. i lost 10 lbs. its not worth it for me with this side efects that i have experienced. I will never use any other medication to lose wight, i am excercising and eating healthier now instead. F 37 4 months
1 1X D

 3  Control cravings. Major headaches. Doesn't give me energy. Sometimes it controls cravings. F 29 7 days
25 1X D

 5  Weight loss Dry mouth Tenuate has decreased my appetite. I sometimes have to force myself to eat. I used to have a sweet tooth and would always want to eat desserts. I have found myself no longer craving sweets. I love this pill. F 36 15 days
75 mg 1X D

 3  to loose weight so far nothing well i have taken my first pill today i have been on phentermine for 7 months and lost 20 lbs the first few months now im loosin nothin it made me feel jittery didnt like it...so my doc prescribed tenuant i hope i can get 35 to 40 lbs off before my hubby comes home from deployment F 30 1 days
75 1X D
 5  To lose a third of my body weight Dry mouth, more energy, relaxed mood, prone to day dream or become fixated on a thought from time to time. I forgot to take the tablet one morning and got a headache. I took it at midday and the headache disappeared within 30 minutes. I have read that it is addictive. I have been taking this drug for 11 days now. I lost 14 pounds in the first week without doing any exercise. This encouraged me to go to the gym and start walking. I can't wait to weigh myself again. Work colleagues asked me if I had lost weight after three days! I eat less and I am able to think about what I want to eat and when. My sweet tooth has gone and I haven't drank Coke for 11 days, which is a record for me. I tried some chocolate yesterday and it tasted bitter. I worry that when I cease taking the drug the pounds will pile back on. I need to learn how to eat more healthier. I am considering seeing a life coach who will adopt NLP techniques so I can maximize my prospects of success. F 42 11 days
75mg 1X D
 5  losing weight cos of seroquel none so far Because of the Seroquel to assist me to sleep the side effects cause one to eat too much and have cravings. I see that this medicaiton is very good, also if you half it and take it no later than 4pm. Seems to make one a bit agressive. Much better than Duromine. F 35 2 weeks
75mg 1X D
 5  Weight Loss dry mouth, sleeplessness at first, later on a little short of breath at times. I have lost 47lbs in a year, with moderate exercise and eating right along with taking the medicine, I am now in a normal weight range but have not quit taking them wanting to take off another 5lbs. They don't seem to work as well now as they did the first 6 mos I was taking them.I think it is time to take a break from them and see if the weight stays off. F 36 1 years
75 MG 1X D

 4   weight loss F 47 3 months
30 1X D

 5  weight loss I love this drug. It gives me energy, takes away the urge to overeat, and gives me the strength to make good dietary choices. I really haven't had any side effects. I've lost close to 15 lbs. in three months without feeling like I was starving or working out for hours. F 35 6 months

 4  to lose weight, was obiese Dry mouth, Insomnia, would wake very early and find it hard to drift back, more energy, Racing heart rate, but nothing that a good workout would bring on anyway, More confidence, more chatty than usual was worried my work colleges would notice Started off a right fatty, 17 stone 8 bs, went on the tablets in may last year, only my partner knew because i didnt want anyone to judge me, at first i lost about 4 lbs a week had more energy and was really focused, started walking n the treadmill 3 times a week for about 45 minutes each time, by October i was down to 13 stone and then i hit a plateau but each week i still lost about a lb, i never gained until Christmas, when i decided to ditch the pills and go alone, have actually gained back abut a stone due to really poor eating habiits, but i am now into my 2nd week on them again and ive already lost 5lbs of that... the tablets are great at first but then you do need to introduce moderate exercise and healthy eating, i always have 1 day off usually a Saturday where i will miss the tablet and eat my favorite food and have a glass or two of wine, on the whole i would say be prepared to put the effort in, and you will get the results you want, im aiming for 10 stone by summer.... F 35 8 months
 5  Weight loss Nothing bad enough that I notice. Works great. Was pre-diabetic and diabetes runs strong in my family. Have lost 22 pounds so far, but more importantly have learned how to eat correctly. Started out walking every morning, gradually increasing to jogging. Quit eating refined sugar and white flower. Started lifting weights again or probably would have lost more weight. Not as concerned now with losing alot of weight as long as I am fit and healthy. M 40 40 days

 5  Sick of being so fat Some Headaches, Depression, Heart Palpitations (not sure if its from the pill ) I have lost 65 lbs and kept it off for a year I dont take pills on the weekend .Im thinking of taking a few months off to give me body a rest from meds F 35 15 months

 2   Palpitations, anxiety, worsened mood and depression I just can't take it, even a small dosage. It makes my anxiety worse F 48 2 weeks

 3  Weight Loss 1st time: Weight loss! Very little appetite. 2nd time: Ran into a problem. The first time I took this drug, was great! I had energy, but no jitters or felt like my heart was gonna fly outta my chest. Almost no appetite, I had to make myself eat sometimes. and I lost weight. Quit taking them for financial & other reasons. I kept eating healthy and working out 95% of the time; Didn't gain any weight back! The 2nd time I took Tenuate starting in Feb. 2008, has been not so satisfying to my dismay. This time taking it was to help with the energy and to lose the remainder of my weight. I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster! The slightest thing and I'll start crying. I have the worst headache, I thought was due to sinuses but even taking my allergy medicine didnt make a dent in the headache. I just feel sad a lot lately. My mother had to quit taking the tenuate for the same reason. So I tried not taking them for a few days, and after two days of no tenuate I felt better- Not nearly as emotional and especially over the littlest things. Then I decide I' F 24 2 days
 5  Weight loss dry mouth, depression for first day, weak at first I have found tenuate dospan to be a great help in a jumpstart to my weight loss. I gained 20 lbs in the past two years and I just could not cut the weight. Without working out and being on the pill for two weeks, I have lost 10 lbs. I do not get hungry until around 5 pm everyday and when I do eat I get full a lot quicker. This pill is great to start a diet and get used to eating less and then start working out after side effects fade and body gets used to the pill. F 21 14 days

 3  Weight loss left arm feels a little achy,have trouble with word retieval,A little depressed. I took this medicine back in the 70's. I was 40 pounds overwieght and a teenager. I lost 30 pounds on this medication and whenever I would try to go off, and the weight would return. I switched to Ionamin 2 years later and have been on it ever since. Yes, 37 years, except for the 3 times I was pregnant. I loved Ionamin AND THEY TOOK IT OFF THE MARKET.Now I'm on tenuate and it,s too strong. I have no energy, but it's better than phentermine. That stuff made me crazy.I'm trying to slowly wean myself off of them completely and it's very hard. I'm afraid of a heart attack or congestive heart failure from taking it for so long.My father died at 65 from stroke and diabetes. He was on diet pills from his teens also.I have diabetes and obesity on both sides of my family. The bad thing about going off slowly is the water wieght gain. 51 38 days

 5  weight loss dry mouth & extreme thirst at first I have been taking Tenuate for 4 weeks and have lost 28 lbs without much effort at all. Only 22lbs left to go before I reach my goal!!!I have just now this week started walking for exercise, so hopefully that will increase my results. It REALLY controls my appetite. I am taking 25mg 3x's per day. I have tried almost EVERY other OTC and RX med for weight loss out there and this is THE ONE by far. I used it a couple of years ago and it worked well then & kept the weight off until pregnancy. So, I had started it back after baby & I am pleased with my results!! F 31 4 weeks
 5  Obesity Dry mouth, but it encouraged me to drink more water. I lost a total of 107 pounds in 13 months, I loved the medicine, my husband also took and several of my friends, all with amazing results. We all ate much healthier and excercised, I had so much more energy without feeling jittery and NO NEED FOR SWEETS!!!! I never had a craving for sweets but kept the fridge full of fresh fruits. This medicine is great, HOWEVER, there is a very high risk of addiction and I have been off of the medication for 4 months now and have gained back 25 pounds, you have to keep the lifestyle change after the medication is stopped. I was also wondering if anybody else that has taken this medication has developed any stomach problems. F 31 13 days
 3  weigh loss depression, tiredness, blurred vision, and headaches in the beginning it does help curb my apetite. i no longer crave sweets or mt dew. i get full alot easier!!! F 28 8 days

 5  Weight Loss dry mouth that went away in a week its the only thing that has helped my appetite that is out of control since birth, I was hungry all the time, I tried Adipex (sp) and it was awful, I had headaches and felt terrible, tenuate is the way to go, the Generic doesn't work for me at all F 45 2 years

 1   I took this for two years ,it worked ,i lost 4 stone . Since then i have really been mentally ill. depressed,suicidal and nervous. You may be Ok now but this drug will catch up with you. This drug will really mess you up in later life. M 48 600 days
 4  to lose weight A little dry mouth in the beginning. This was the only product that ever worked. In 6 months I lost 55 lbs without really trying. Every month I lost and never gained. It worked great for me, but not for my husband. I never felt hungry, but my husband still felt hungry. F 49 6 months

 5  to loose weight I have not had any ill effects from this medication! I have been taking it for 4 months and have lost over 50 LBS ... I took Phentermine many times in the past but that made me very jittery F 35 4 months
 5  Weight Loss Little dry throat and mouth an hr after taking the pill. Somewhat of a "comedown" around 5 in the afternoon. This is working great for me. I am 5'7' 140 lbs, I have been taking it for a week and have lost 4 lbs already. I have anxiety problems but the medicine doesn't make it worse. I feel normal except more awake and much less hungry. I drink a lot of water with it and I think it helps. No racing heart or heavy breathing, but I would reccommend the 25mg 3 times a day rather than the 75mg in the morning. I get hungry around 5. If you have had any addiction to amphetemines in the past do not take this!!! I can see that is very addicting already. F 22 30 days

 5  to lose weight some dry mouth I have lost 16 pounds in 20 days which may seem a little fast, but I'm sure it will slow down. I was eating a lot before. I'm 5'6" and started at 200 pounds...I'm now down to 184 and people are starting to comment, which is extremely motivating. I eat tiny meals and I don't even have much desire for them. Sometimes feels like I can quench thirst though. Small price to pay for fabulous weight loss. F 36 20 days

 5  Weight Loss Not sleeping, heaving, tongue like a feather duster! Less hunger pains, spooky feeling, wided eyed, dreaming... I really don't care about the side effects as this works and after a week I can already feel a difference. Don't want to weigh myself till after a month being on the tablets, then its a nice surprise. Done these before and the after results were amazing. Keep it up and good luck everyone. F 41 6 days
 5  weight loss same as before plus a little anxious. Got my new scrip! this time instead of 75 in one pill she gave me 3 times a day 25 and thats working much better, some days i only take one at my 'bad' times. its been a week and 2 day and i have lost 7 lbs. Im also exercising at least 30 min a 3 times in a week. good luck to everyone who is trying to lose weight,unfortunately being overweight can effect so many aspects of your life. It sucks being fat. F 42 9 days
 5  weight loss dry mouth, a little foggy sometimes. I took this drug for about 2 years lost over 60 lbs. I loved it, i have never had such control over my eating, it made me think about what i was going to eat, i wasnt compulsive about it, the normal fatty foods grossed me out. I want to get on it again, just had a baby 8 months ago and gained it all back. dr prescribed welbutrin but from what ive been reading it sounds horrible, i havent taken it yet, i think i'll go back and ask for this again. F 42 2 years
 4  to lose weight extreme increase in energy, slight discomfort, grinding my teeth. I have only been taking tenuate dospan for a week, and I have already lost 2 kilos, I dont feel like eating anymore, I use to have around 5 meals a day, I was very unhealthy, with Tenuate Dospan I only eat 1 small meal and a bowl of cereal a day, and I feel great, the only thing that scares me is my heart rate, and my nervousness, but they are only minor side effects. I would recommend this tablet to anyone who is trying to lose weight F 18 7 days

 4  weight loss The first couple of days I had trouble falling asleep. However no problems with side effects. I have only been taking tenuate 75mg once in the morning for the past 4 days now & have lost 3 pounds. I'm very excited about this as I have tried very hard to lose weight for the past several years. I'm starting to have hope again & feel alive . I have 30lbs to lose and would like to know if this will continue working for me as my doctor said I can only take for a few weeks. F 43 4 days
 4  weight loss talking a bit more than usual, more motivated and energetic than usual, more peeing than usual. Maybe I was retaining water and did not know it. I dont fall asleep as easily. This stuff WORKS! I have only been taking it for 4 days * (started on 9/27/06) and I have lost 4 lbs . No craving, no hunger. My BIG concern though is about the possibility of heart valve damage . I took those pondimon, fen-phen weight loss pills back in the 90's and developed heart valve problems and pulmonary hypertension. Both conditions are in the mild stage. I have read that it is possible Tenuate can cause similar damage but not confirmed. I am not sure I want to risk having open heart surgery because of taking a diet pill. I may stop taking this . F 52 4 days
 5  Weight Loss At first a little lightheaded and very thirsty, but this disappeared after about a couple of weeks. Occasional restlessness. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I felt depressed because of all the weight I had gained. I went to the doctor's office to see about participating in a weight loss program. The doctor prescribed tenuate as it would not interact with my synthroid medication. I went to the doctor's office once a month to have my blood pressure monitored and have had no adverse affects. I have now been on Tenuate for 5 months and have lost 30 pounds. I was placed on a 1200 calorie diet and am eating healthy again. Tenuate really suppresses my appetite and has curbed my cravings for sugar. I feel so much better about myself and know that I couldn't have done it without the help of tenuate. Let me tell you, if you have a thyroid problem, it is next to impossible to lose weight! I am now only twenty pounds away from my goal weight. I would recommend this medicine to anyone! F 44 5 months

 3  To lose weight, curb cravings tired all the time. Curbs my sweet cravings, and helps me feel fuller. However, I am tired all the time which makes it difficult to get the energy to do my exercises. I am losing weight very slowly. 43 2 months

 3  For being overweight Very lively & full of energy. The tablets also controlled my appetite - at first! With longer use, I found that the tablets weren't working as appetite suppressants, but I carried on taking them because of their incredible feel-good factor. I stopped taking them because I realised the potential addiction. My doctor prescribed 3 tablets a day, which was impossible for me to tolerate. Just half a tab was enough to stem my appetite and give me energy, but I think they should be re-introduced for weight loss, providing careful examinations are given to patients first. I took this medication during the 80's until they were withdrawn. F 51 6 days

 3  weight loss dry mouth, little depression, dehydrated from lack of water intake, slowly losing weight i have been taking tenuate for 3mnths now and have lost 6kgs,while it has helped with my eating habits and cravings, it also helps me feel more alive in the early hours of the morning when i start work.On the other hand if sit down too long i start feeling depressed, it doesnt give u an excellrated energy boost and if u dont drink enough water u get server dehydrated symptoms and constipation.The comments i get about my weight loss give me a boost and i have even dropped a dress size,but u know u haven't put the hard effort in to lose the weight and keep it off. F 23 3 months

 5  weight loss, must lose 36kg Have lost 6kg in one month, very vivid dreams, actually nightmares still after 1 month's use, constipated, otherwise feel fine! never hungry. I think Tenuate is wonderful. F 46 30 days

 5  weight loss- I need to lose 20kgs at first my skin was itchy like hives and i was very thirsty. I also didnt get a period for 3 months but when i stopped taking them it came. I started taking them 4 months ago but had to stop for a month for personal reasons. Before I stopped taking them i thought they had stopped working, I had lost 8 Kgs. When I started taking them again I have found they are working but with no side effects. I have lost 12 Kgs and still going. I did this with healthier eating and a daily walk..... It has been quite easy. I reccomend this drug to anyone trying to lose weight!!!! F 20 4 months

 3  weight loss itchy skin, thirsty- very dry mouth helped me feel energetic and i wanted to exercise. dont feel the need to eat food all the time. F 19 8 days

 5  I need to loose about 60lbs. I have experienced no side effects.i have been taking them 6 days total.I dont feel nerverouslike other pills that i've taken.I have dropped a total 15lbs already and i feel great. F 50 6 days
 5  Weight Loss Dry Mouth, sleeplessness on some occasions. I have lost 17kgs so far and I feel great, loosing the weight has helped my confidence. I actually have started to like my self again F 36 3 months

 5  Weight Loss Very Dry mouth,sleepless the first couple of nights and a bit light headed, not to bad though. I have alot more energy to do things and i really watch what i eat now because i dont feel like eating at all, but i know i must so i have a light meal, like a salad and thats enough. M 27 1 weeks
 5  To lose weight Drowsiness and dizziness It is my first time to use this drug which is a prescription one and it really worked on me. I lost 10lbs. in 11 days but that includes a brisk walk. The drug has stopped working for me now but still has not been back with my appetite although I still eat my favorite foods in kids servings. So far I haven't gotten back the 10 lbs i've lost due to walking and I am still losing the weight! I recommend this drug as a good start in losing weight and it will be more effective with fast walking. F 40 2 weeks
 5  couldnt afford to get any bigger heavy feeling over my eyes has if i was tired for the first 2 weeks i was on them i find them really good for quick weightloss i feel fine on them i go and have bp checked every 2 weeks i feel a lot better it is the best i have done in such a short time i have lost 21lb in 6 weeks F 34 6 days
 4  to lose weight Very dry mouth, higher energy levels, harder to get to sleep and when I did sleep, I had very vivid dreams So far in three weeks, I have lost three kilos which has motivated me to keep going. F 39 3 weeks

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