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 1  Trying to be a responsible teen INFERTILITY,pre cancerous cervical cells, migrains, debilitating joint pain, hair loss, depression, insomnia, growth of body hair, weight gain, unexplained vision problems I was 15 when I started Depo and was on it for roughly 7 yrs. I was told that it was just as safe and effective as pills, the only real side effects I would have to worry about were weight gain and absents of my period. I went in to change my birth control after meeting my husband and discussing the the possibility of wanting childern in the next few yrs to come. I didn't want to have to wait once we had decided that the time was right for childern. I was meet by a new doctor that reviewed my chart and replied "Oh my, you've been on this for 7 yrs? I would say it's definatly a good time to change contriceptives". She then proceeded to tell me how it was bad for me to have been on the shot for so long. Now I am 26 married and wanting childern. I have been off the shot for alomost 6yrs and I still don't have a period. I started going to the doctor after having been off the shot for six months and still not having a period. The only thing I was told was to give it time to get o F 26 7 days
 1  Birth Control Daily headache, dizziness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, irritability, nausea, loss of sex-drive, weight issues. I could not figure out what was wrong with me. I'd had the Depo shot prior to having my son, for about a year with no complications. I also have a thyroid disorder, and have had seasonal depression (Nov-Mar) for years, but this was entirely different. Only until I started reading these comments did it begin making sense. The headaches are unbearable and difficult with a six-month-old. I'm constantly down and unmotivated. And I haven't GAINED weight because I've been working extremely hard to lose weight, but to no avail, this prevents me from losing anything! It's a real gamble to take this shot, because I would have reccomended it before, but just the CHANCE of it doing to others what it's done to me is enough reason to STEER CLEAR. I'm not getting it again, and I'm going to hope it will clear itself from my body and the side effects will go away, because it's made my life hell. F 26 4 months

 1  birth control I had one shot about 4 months ago... Since then I have suffered from insomnia, extreme depression leading to self mutilation, hot and cold flashes, anger, lack of concentration, development of allerigies (I did not have any before), amoung other things. I am getting my master's and this has pretty much ruined my life. Now I have to see a detox specialist and am seeing a therapist for depression (that was never there before). There are no outside influences that could have caused all this, and although ti was a relief to find out that I wasn't going crazy, now I have to deal with the consequences... DO NOT TAKE THIS (if you like your life the way it is now) F 26 1 days
 1  to prevent pregnancy depression, major increase of breast size, breast soreness, heavy irregular bleeding, night sweats, hot flashes, major mood swings, 30lbs.weight gain, growth of facial hair, acne, blurry vision, leg cramps, joint soreness, loss of sex drive, no menstal cycle, yeast infections, bad headaches, i have not taken dep0-provera for 2 years now and I am still experiencing severe side effects. ( I have not taken any birthcontrol in 2 years) Anytime I do any extreme physical activity that causes my body to burn fat, it releases the drug back into my system. It then causes my menstal cycle to go away for months. I do not recomend the use of this drug to anyone. I was 14 yrs old when a school nurse recomended it to me, thats how i got started. I am now 26yrs old. If anyone is experiencing the same grief as I am, please feel free to contact me by my e-mail, as I would really like to talk about this with others that are going through what I am. I also would like to add that anytime I have brought these issues up with nurses at my clinic, they informed me that I was too young to be experiencing any side effects and brushed off my pleas for help. They tried to just give me birth control pills and said it would get rid of the problem. I tried it for 3 months and it made effects way worse. F 26 8 years
 1  birth control I have migraines with aura so am unable to take the pill. The Dr. told me to go on depo, and told me NOTHING about the side effects. I spent 3 months in deep depresion, extremely decreased sex drive, gained about 15 lbs,had a massive increase in the severity and frequency of my headaches, as well as a non-stop period for the full three months. Once stopped the periods stopped, but I have not had one for two months! This Drug is BAD! DO NOT TAKE IT! F 26 3 months

 1  birth control at the time it was great. but now tring to have a child. been off of it for 5 yrs. and at first couldn't get prenant and then had 4 miscariages. it does something to your progesterone with out progesterone you can't carry a baby don't use it if you want more kids F 26 4 years

 1  pregnancy prevention I had extreme bleeding for weeks when STOPPING depo, I have bled through my pad in a 1/2 hour,serious lack of libidio to the point of wanting to throw up when being touched, aggression/depression, hair loss, speech problems Please do not take this drug it isnot worth it, I used to love depo when I first started taking it, now I'm just scared about how long it will be before I can go on with my life F 26 3 years

 1  Birth control while breastfeeding Complete loss of libido. Sore, almost painful sex. Approximatly 10 lb weight gain per shot. High depression. Very low self esteem. It worked as a birth control in more ways than one. I was so depressed and sex was so 'not' fun that my husband and I had sex less than twice a month for over 9 months and those were only for him. I have been off it for a month and though I haven't lost the weight I gained, I feel so much better overall and actually have a sex drive now. F 26 3 times

 1  contraceptive method Taken for 3 years - never had any STD'S, been tested every year & negative. Then, eptopic pregnancy, PID,then Infertility!! It sounds great. No pregnancy & of course the real reason women take this contraceptive..no period. In the long run, not so good. Definately not recommend taking this drug! F 26 3 days
 1  Birth Control Gained 15 lbs, Swollen Feet and Hands, Hair Loss, Crying Spells, Ab-Normal Moods (up one moment and sad the next), loss of energy. I am a very active person and eat healthy. I box 2 days a week, run at the track 3-4 days a week, work full time, own a all natural bath and body products biz and am a mother of a 9 year old son. So I should not have any reason to gain this much weight in 5 months (cloths do not fit) or to become depressed, Iím also a naturally positive, active and happy person. This shot should not be called Depo Provera it should be Called DEVIL Depo! This has got to be taken off of the market. There are too many uses for it and it was never fully approved by the Government. This is the same drug they give to repetitive convicted sex offenders...this is the same drugs the "experts" say "there are many uses for Depo Provera". I would strongly suggest that women NOT use this as a form of birth control. My doctor warned me, but I am so open minded that I had to learn for myself, and I thinks itís one of the worst choices Iíve ever made for my health. Never again! F 26 5 months
 1  Birth Control I was moody and cranky a lot of the time and those around me said I was almost unbearable. I am normally easy going and get along well with everyone. I also bled for a month straight in the third month both times I took it and had to get on birth control pills to stop my period. It may work for others, but i think it's awful and does not work well for me at all. I wonder if I may have had an allergic effect from it that induced the bleeding. F 26 6 months

 1  dr recommended numbness in face, arms. legs, shakiness, tight chest, rapid heartbeat, burning sensation im my stomach it is horrible and should be taken off the market asap. anytime there is no reversing a drug that does this much harm it is dangerous! F 26 40 days

 1  BC while i was nursing MAJOR weight gain, loss of sex drive I started the shot 2 months after I gave birth to my son. It was the only hormonal BC that is safe while nursing an infant. When I started the shot I was back to my normal weight, 120lbs(at 5'2 tall). After the first shot I noticed a slight but steady incline in my weight, then all of the sudden, almost over night I seemed to gain 25+ lbs. I know this isn't due to poor diet or lack of exercise. My husband and I are very active at the gym and eat very well. Recently I went to a new general practiner(we moved to another area) who seemed certain the weight gain was from the shot. He told me I didn't have a lot of body fat and that it was water weight that should come off once the shot wore off. My last shot was due over a month ago and needless to say, I didn't get it. Now I'm just waiting for my period to restart. My doctor told me once I get my period that's a sign the depo is out of my system. Although he did advise me it could take several months. F 26 8 months

 1  endo Weight Gain, Abdominal pain, acne, thinning hair, mood swings, swelling I started taking this medication 6 years ago for endo. I worked extremely well in the beginning. The pains subsided and my period completely stopped. After about three years the weight gain came and I have a hard time keeping a steady weight. The pains from endo persisted after some time and also grew in time. I have struggled with acne forever and the shot never helped. Looking for a new help with the endo I came across a Dr. Albee and read about his clinic and found out stuff that my doctor never mentioned. We talked about how the shot decreases the bone density and there is a risk that you will not ovulate again, that chance is rare but it is a possibility. I am now off the shot for about a week and nothing has happened. I don't know what to expect. Took a pregnacy test, it's a negative so here we go with not knowing what to expect. F 26 6 years
 1  Heavy menst cramps & Birth control Bloating (Belly, hands, feet, thighgs) numbness in right hand and right foot, EATING EATING EATING!! Moodswings, crying, bleeding non-stop, no sex drive I have found this website cause I was trying to find answers on my side effects. Okay, If Depo causes all of these, what is a girl to do? I thought it was great for the 1st 2 months and then I bloated like a balloon and gained 15 lbs in 2 weeks and I am bleeding for 6 weeks non stop. What can we use instead of Depo that doesn't have these side effects? -Dont they all make you gain weight? I am so unhappy, boyfriend's unhappy with me and I am not gonna have my next shot (unless someone can convince me its gonna get better) Can someone pls email me??? I have to get my 2nd shot in 8 days. F 26 3 months
 1  Birth Control Weight gain (14lb), Agression, Painful breasts, Racing pulse, loss of sex drive and dryness. The first time I took it I had no side effects appart from no period which at the time I thought was great. I took it for about a year and stopped when I split from my boyfriend. My periods returned after about 3 months. A year later I started having the shots again and recieved 5 before i decided that the weight gain was intolerable and had lost my sex drive anyway so saw no point in continuing. My real problems started then. It took just over a year for my periods to return and they have been irregular ever since. My breasts are continuously swolen and painful and I am finding it impossible to lose the weight I gained. I am worried about the long term effects now that I am aware they haven't really a clue about the likns with cancer and ostoperosis. i wasn't given enough infomation before I was given it. I hope also that it won't effect my chances of concieving. Slowly with healthy eating and so on the side effects are wearing off but I regret not being properly informed before I took it. The idea of not having a period is so appealing when you are a carefree adolescent you doin't think about the possible conciquences. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. F 26 15 months
 1  birth control heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, weight gain-5lbs in less than a month, extreme fatigue -sometimes, very low sex drive,headaches,bad thoughts-almost like hallucinating,muscle and joint aches, shaky sometimes,spotting after intercourse, stomach cramps after meals,mood swings this was my first time taking this drug and my next shot will be next month. After reading what other patients have gone through i think , depo is not for me , it may be making me sicker everyday. i will not take it again, am going to change to an alternative BC. i opted for it because of the hassle in remembering to take pills. i just had a baby and i wanted to make sure i don't get pregnant in the near future.i didn't know about the calcium deficiency and all those other serious effects, thanks people! this is it, no more of depo!it should be off the market... F 26 2 months

 1  Contraception Depression, Rage, Outburst, screaming, crying, loss of sex drive, weight gain (85lbs), Panick attacks. Morphed into another person! THYROID DISEASE! HYPOTHYROID DISEASE! This drug obstructs vital hormones that you need to be a normal person. This drug gives your thyroid a disease and makes your hormones go wacky in return making you not fertile or have a sex drive. May want to get your thyroid checked out! IF you are tired...it has messed up your thyroid! When I was 18 yrs old I went to a doctor's appointment at a clinic. I don't remember what the original appointment was for but it wasn't for birth control. The doctor practically forced me to get a depo shot and lured me by saying that I would'nt have to remember a daily pill. I was 18 yrs old and pretty stupid at that time in my life! I wasn't even sexually active, still a virgin, but she talked to me like I was a slut or something!!!!!! So i felt like i should get the shot, just in case. But anyway, I ended up bleeding for a YEAR! I morphed into this entirely different person. Ladies, DON'T GET THIS SHOT! I have never had ANY kind of birth control since and I never will. I was blessed to be able to get pregnant with one child, after 4 years of trying! Now my thyroid is messed up and my hormones will not go back to the way they were. I think it's the governments way of depopulization!! I have Hypothyroidism. And it makes you infertile because of this shot!!! DON"T F 26 1 times

 1  Birth Control Weight gain, nausea, depression I took my last shot 4 months ago. I was on it for almost 8 years. I thought / and I was told that side effects would go away after a few shots. I was fine the first few years but found I was getting weepy or hungry before the shot was due. I went off for a year and lost a lot of weight. I then got back on thinking that with diet and exercise I would be fine. I was wrong and gained about 1lb a month for the next 3 years. Now that I am off I am experiencing what I can only assume is withdrawl. I have had nausea all day for almost a month, my breasts are sore. I feel like I am stuck in first trimester pregnancy. I have noticed that even with all of this I am not depressed though. So in summary it was good for a while, but I would not suggest for long term - also I would suggest people to really pay attention to how they feel when on the shot. The depression really snuck up on me. F 26 7 years

 1  Hassel to remember to take pill The year I was on it I didn't get my period once! When I decided to go off it I got my period for 6 months straight! That was pure hell! Yeah, DON'T GET IT! F 26 1 years

 1  Contraception, Control PMS and Heav Weight stabilised - I couldnt lose or put on any weight. No periods throughout taking it for approx 2 years. Periods have not returned 2 and a half years later - am I infertile!?! I loved the idea of this injection, it would stop my periods and control my PMS and as a sufferer of depression which was hightened around the time of my period, I thought it was a fantastic idea. I couldnt put on weight or loose it for the 2 years I was on the injection, which was frustrating because I needed to loose a bit of weight, but also good at the same time because I couldnt put any on either! However after coming off the injection 2 and a half years ago my periods still havent returned and Im having regular blood tests and scans, yet finding no other reason for what I can only refer to as my infertility than the depo injection. I also put on 3 stone within 3 months of coming off of it. My original plan was to come of the injection to try and loose weight, instead it had the opposite effect, even though I was eating less and exercising more than normal which is bizarre! My moods have also changed, I was never a particularly angry person, yes I suffered from depression, but I w F 26 2 years

 1  To control lengthy periods Absolutely ZERO sex drive, depressed, terrible mood swings, nausea, acne, HOT FLASHES. At the beginning I took this shot b/c I was having periods that lasted 3 wks a month and they were VERY heavy. I stopped having periods all together and thought it was great. I am now 26, the gynocologist told me that my body had ZERO estrogen b/c of the depo shot, so it was like I was going thru menopause. Sex is very uncomfortable while on the shot since your body stops producing estrogen, you cannot "lubricate" on your own. My new gynocologist immediately took me off the shot and was shocked that I was on it for so long. She said, "hopefully your ovaries will start workin again... we'll have to keep running tests". So now, I'm having to go back to the gyno on a monthly basis to get blood work done to see if my estrogen levels are going back up and to see if my ovaries will "work again". I was shocked and saddened by this b/c I do want to have children some day. I have been off the shot for almost 3 months and still have not had a period. My gynocologist F 26 7 years
 1  Birth Control Ovarian Cysts, bleeding ovaries, pelvic pain. This is the worst medicine I have ever used, it has cause me to develop ovarian cysts and infertility, try anything you can besides this horrible medicine. F 26 1 years

 1  afraid I would forget pill so far extreme hairloss, weight gain, moody, depressed, angry, tired all the time, neck,back,leg pains, sick feeling all the time, sleep problems, teeth breaking away, no sex drive at all. I want to put this in for anyone else that is thinking about this stupid shot. I am suppose to get my next one in 4 days.I'm not doing it especially after reading all this. I started the shot in 97 because I knew I would never remember a pill. I gained some weight and stopped having a period all together, which is nice. In the last 2 years I've noticed alot of things changing for the worst and think that this shot may be the reason for them along with losing a bf of 7 years. I have kept an extra 50lbs over the 9 years that I thought I can deal with. But now all of these other problems have showed up. I hurt all over from aches especially my neck and back. My hair is about three times as thin as it use to be which really is bothering me. I have bald spots when I pull my hair back. I'm crying alot over stupid things and also getting extremely angry and violent over small things. Its affecting my work, my school, and my new boyfriend which is really supportive.I have to make myself have F 26 9 days
 1  birth control Severe anxiety, panic attacks, abdominal pain. I will never be the same I want to sue bad F 26 1 months
 1  I was taking depo bcuz of bad cramp My top stomach is extremely hard. the first two weeks I had sore breast. I started my menstraul a day before inject. Bad abdominal pain/cramps. My stomach feels like its grown. I see stretch marks on my tummy. My tummy itches sometime. Im barely hungry but feel a tight stomach all the time. My.breast are fuller. Icrave chocolate a lil bit. Im tired alot but not sleepy jus lazy alot. Out of breath often. Forgetful and lost. Mood swings to the point I hate when someone starts to talk or ask a question irritated alot. Back pain mild and twitchy like. Wierd dreams. I grew hair I guess becuz I hav dredlocks. When im gassy I take exlax or other laxatives and it still takes awhile to have a bowel movement and I still feel extra bloated. Everone says you feel prego o/ depo but I never been prego in my life. I only was sexual active with three guys only three times in my life (once each guy) I took prego test for two month blood and urine all were negative so im not prego. I also get chest pains dont know if its heartburn or jus rrgular chest pain. Every woman is different but I had all side effects. Does anyone feel the same F 26 1 months
 1   I took Depo because the doctor told me it was the last possible treatment for my debilitating endometriosis after having undergone at laporoscapy and lupron injections for 2 year. Within one week I was irritable, angry and easily upset. Within a few weeks I was having difficulties controlling my emotions. I started my period when having the 1st shot which lasted a 1.5 months until the doctor decided to inject me again to stop the bleeding. My moods went even more out of control and I ended up int he hosptial a few weeks later for suicidal ideation. I've had headaches, dizziness, depression, suicidal ideation, back pain and so many more side effects. This drug is going to kill more people and it needs to be taken off the market! Depo Provera has already resulted in numerous deaths! Do the makers of this drug feel guilty about their product or can they find an excuse as to why someone has taken their life? It must be some other reason right? No this drug is deadly! F 26 6 months
1X D
 1  My mom made me take it Weight gain, abnormal periods, excessive bleeding when I was younger around 14 I started taking depo I got off of it around 16 I was a small gurl until I got on the depo I gained over 30 pounds or more sence I got the shot my dr told me to watch what I eat but I never paid it no mind but here I am 26 and I still have no periods I have a period once every 6or 7 months my dr recommend to take birth control pills to regulate it I took it for about 4 months and I stopped to see if my period would come on by itself it did for a month and after that no more until months later I Dnt kno were to go to get checked out to see what else I can do about it now I'm bleeding but it's dark brown not heavy I wear a pad but ninthin on it only when I wipe myself I Dnt know wat that could mean. do not take depo I want kids and now I fear I can never have them because I haven't got pregnant yet sence taking the depo F 26 1 years
 1  Horrible period and cramps Mood swings, never happy anymore, yeast infection that I cannot get rid of, constant UTIs, hair shedding A LOT more than usual, anxiety is over the top, rapid heartbeat everyday to where I struggle to catch my breath, chest pain, abdominal pain, etc! Just doesn't end! And I think it's horrible that when you tell your doctor what's going on, they say it has nothing to do with the shot! Really?! I find it odd that these symptoms didn't happen till I started this stuff! All the doctors told me were possible hair loss, weight gain. That's it! What a croc! F 26 6 months

 1  easy birth control weight gain, irritability, complete mess of emotions, PMS symptoms, depression, crying a lot, had my period for entire three months after first shot, making life changing decisions out of nowhere, made me completely psycho, breakouts i cannot believe this form of birth control is still on the market!!!!! is there anything we can do to take it off? I really feel like anyone who is saying good things about it must be getting paid directly from the company that makes it! i have never weighed so much in my life! i only got one shot and now i have NO PERIOD , 5 months after shot. I had my period the entire time I was on the shot, and once it wore off my period ended come back, and when it did it was HORRIBLE and SO PAINFUL and really, really thick and gross. now i get no period and i have PMS symptoms CONSTANTLY. i do not know if there is ANYTHING i can do to stop this suffering! i really cannot believe this drug is on the market! i also have horrible mood swings and i am constantly changing things in my life. i cannot believe the psychological effects this drug has had on me... can anyone else relate to the life-changing experiences? it has made me so psycho! i am not the same person i was before... F 26 1 months
1X M
 1  Birth Control Amenorrhea (no periods) Anovulation ( not ovulating) Permanent Hypothyroidism Osteoporosis Mastalgia (severe breast pain and swelling) Severe weight gain Ovarian Cysts This drug should be off the market. It is not safe for consumer use. Please sign the petition to get it off the market! http://www.petitiononline.com/depo1/petition.html F 26 3 months
150mg 1X O
 1  Contraceptive Depression, seizure, abnormal cells after 11 and half yrs of bein on the depo injection, i came off of it so my husband n i cld try 4 a baby, this was nearly 4mths ago now, ive jus had my 1st period which lasted 4 ova 3wks, i suffered a seizure las wk which im told is due 2 comin off of the depo which has resulted in me losin my drivin licence for 6mths, im also sufferin frm abnormal cells on my cervix which im now told by my gynacologist is due 2 the depo as the longer ur on it the more prone 2 cancer. This drug is turnin my life upside down, al thats happened recently has made me very depressed....this drug needs 2 b takin off the market now, its destroyin lifes, mine included F 26 11 years
10X AN
 1  Birth Control Weight gain, extreme hair loss, swelling in my feet and ankles, severe head aches lasting up to 3 days at a time, nausea, fatigue, severe mood swings, never happy, extreme anger and sadness at nothing, insomnia, fainting, loss of emotional feeling, depression, severe cramping, chest pains, body aches everywhere, irregular bleeding, severe painful hunger even when full, severe heartburn, bloating, and weird cravings for food. I really don't think this birth control should be on the market. Do your own research and listen to peoples stories on this site and others before getting this shot. DEPO RUINED MY LIFE. F 26 1 years
 1  Birth Control My symptoms include: Dry Eyes/Lips, Itchy Hive/Eczema Rashes, Vaginal Itching/Dryness, Painful Sex, Complete Loss of Libido, Headaches, Back Pain, Psychosis/Emotional Issues - Depression, Fatigue/Tiredness AND Insomnia... This is the WORST drug out there. Please, DO NOT TAKE IT. I have been suffering for a year now, and it's not even close to over. I started taking Depo-Provera after the birth of my first child - my doctor recommended it over the pill because I have had previous issues with hypertension. I am so miserable now, and struggle to take care of my daughter from day to day. This drug should be illegal. The worst part, is that the side effects do not go away once you stop getting the injections - from what I've read, they last up to TWO YEARS afterward. So I still have a long hell to deal with before it's over. F 26 1 years
4X O
 1  birth control Heavy bleeding mood swings the depo shot should be banned!! F 26 10 months

 1  birth control Nausea, panic attacks, heart palpitations, nervousness, sadness, tingling (circulation), troubled breathing, major dizziness,,jitters, stiff muscles, lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks, abdominal pain, major headaches, sleepiness, insomnia. I started taking this horrible medication back in September. The first three months were not so bad. I had some headaches and major fatigue. I was always sleepy but that is something that is easy to deal with because you just go to sleep. One week after my second shot in December I ended up in the hospital because of a major panic attack. My faced turned numb and my blood pressure rose pretty high. Ever since my life has been very difficult. I would have major panic attacks every day in December and most of January. It has been about two weeks since that has been better. I have a month left before it is out of my system so I hope things continue to get better. The only symptoms I still have is some jitters, nervousness, and major dizziness at times. I hope I can get back to normal since this medication even led me to quit my job. F 26 150 days
150 mg 1X M
 1  prevent pregnancy Greasy skin and aggressive like a male. This changed my personality from mean to meaner. I'd fight with anyone any time a yelling match anywhere and my thinking was obsessive. F 26 2 years
10X AN

 1  prevent pregnancy This shot made me extremly depressed. Thoughts of suicide major mood swings. Before i got the shot my husband of almost threee years and i got along great and after he threatned to leave me because he coulc not stand my mood swings all the time. I swear this shot makes you bi polar. I would not recommend this shot to anyone i got on it because it was the easiest method of birth control but I would get my tubes tied before even thinking about taking this shot again. THIS SHOT SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER! This shot made me extremly depressed. Thoughts of suicide major mood swings. Before i got the shot my husband of almost threee years and i got along great and after he threatned to leave me because he coulc not stand my mood swings all the time. I swear this shot makes you bi polar. I would not recommend this shot to anyone i got on it because it was the easiest method of birth control but I would get my tubes tied before even thinking about taking this shot again. THIS SHOT SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER! F 26 3 months

 1  Birth Control Serious weight gain, loss of sex drive, bloating, what I can best describe as a "false pregnancy" almost At first I loved this drug. I liked that I didn't have periods on it, it's very inexpensive, and you only have to think about it once every 3 months. However in the 4 years I was on it I gained 40 lbs. and I have no doubt it was the Depo's fault. Not only did I gain weight, it was IMPOSSIBLE to lose until I went off of it even with dieting and exercise. I went from a size 5 to a 12, which is just ridiculous. I had absolutely no sex drive. So if that's the "birth control" it offers.... LOL! The once a month bloating was terrible. Made my jeans fit even tighter, thus depressing me. The final straw was the pregnancy symptoms I got. Breast tenderness, mood swings, and morning sickness. I wasn't pregnant but I sure felt it! I'd never recommend this to anyone. It also depreciates the calcium in bones, which I think is reason enough to have it pulled off the market since it is for women. I now take Orthocyclen, skipping the placebo/spacer week (as directed by my OB/GYN) so I still don't have periods. I have none of the side effects I had with Depo and have finally started to lose the weight I put on. F 26 4 years
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 1  Birth Control Anxiety (paranoid), depression, mood swings I started taking the depot shot when I was a teenager. I have been off and on the drug since. Though it is worth mentioning that I have only been off it a total of 2 years in the entire ten years I used it. The first time I went off it it took about 4 months for my period to come back. It was only slightly more uncomfortable than I remember. However, I am now in my late 20s and I know that I need to take better care of my body if I want to have babies some day, so I have been off the shot since August 2009. Mind you, this is when I would have been due for my next shot. It is now going into May 2010 and I still have not had a period. I fear that I may have done damage to my fertility! This drug should be marketed as a short term solution not a long term method of birth control. No one should be on this for more than six months. I am relieved to know that I am not alone. As women we should speak out against these horrible drugs. I thought I was the only one with anxiety and depression from birth control. It's the big elephant in the room! Remember when post partum depression wasn't a common conversation topic? Now it's common knowledge! Let's bring these issues to the forefront of our health care! If we don't we will continue to suffer in silence. F 26 10 years

 1  birth control no period for three years, vaginal tissue was destroyed, initial penetration was enough to put me in tears and tear me inside, frustration I was on depo for three years. my sex drive gradually decreased during this time. Also, sex started to become painful. It ended up so bad that I would be torn inside after anything went in there. My last shot was due in July of '09. I decided not to take it, thinking it might be the lack of periods causing it. My OB took one look inside and said my vagina looks post-menopausal. I am 26. He prescribed estrogen and it helped a little initially, and then it stopped helping. The thought of sex puts me in tears. I'm a newly wed and cant enjoy it because of this nasty piece of medicine. I still haven't had a normal period and we wanted to try for a baby soon... I have an appt. with the OB (6th one since quitting depo...) on thursday. I'm going to request the pill to see if it will kick start me into a regular cycle, which would hopefully mean more natural estrogen to aid my poor vag at least. F 26 3 years
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 1  Birth control, stop period pain No sex drive whatsoever, depression, anxiety, moodswings. Depo is the best birth control in the world, as basically I can't bear for my partner to even hug or kiss me, let alone have sex. I force myself to have sex with him twice a week, but it makes me feel sick and I dread it when I know the time has come. Also, my periods totally disappeared for the first year, now I have been bleeding for 2 months. Moodiness and depression and crying for no reason. I can't wait to come of it. Men complain that using a condom doesn't feel nice for the few minutes they have to use one, well try feeling like crap every single day for a year!! F 26 1 years
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 1  BC loss of about 1/3 of my hair lost 10 lbs in fist month (went from full B bra size to A) to much to list...... 1 shot feb. 2nd 09 (1year 4mts ago) OMG PLEASE HELP!! when will this END!!!! lost 10lbs first month of taking it and lost a full cup size! I have gained the 10lbs back but my breast did not come back w? that!! periods are still all messed up, my hair still falls out, I run 3x a week to stay active and tone up but my body just wont tone up... my breast are still @ a A cup but Im always still so Fatigue..... when I wake up Im sleepy, I need a nap @ about 1 pm and 6pm..... I noticed all this about a month after I got this shot! If you have any advice please let me no..... I've tryed talking to my DR but she blows me off and says it will get better BUT WHEN???? I don't no what to do any more I don't like living like this! I have a 6 year old little boy who wants me to play w/ him and I just can't Im always so sad and angry (oh yeah mood swings to) And my little boy says mommy why are you always so mean) yep thats how I know its the depo!! HELP PLEASE! F 26 3 months
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 1  to prevent pregnancy Anxiety nausea headaches cramps heart palpitations high blood pressure low energy I would not recommend this medicine after a wk n a half the anxiety which was the worst side effect set in I feel like I'm goins crazy I've been to the hospital twice in one wk where they took all test they could think of only for every thing to come back normal. Every one including my self felt I was going crazy until my husband said u where fine until u took that shot. Did my research n read other peoples comments which made me positive the depo is making me feel this way. When it where's off neva again F 26 1.5 months

 5  birth control I started taking depo because pills were causing yeast infections. The infections stopped shortly after. The first year I experienced mood swings, depression, some weight gain, and frequent spotting. After the first year all the side effects disappeared and I now work out to control any weight gain the shot or aging may cause. I also take a calcium supplement as recommended by my doctor. F 27 6 years
 5  Birth Control Spotting alot in the first month, spotting/bleeding after sex-3 months on is still happening, slight increase in acne, (but far less acne than the week around my period when i was taking the pill). All in all so far I'm pleased with Depo. Yes there are side effects and I understand that the severity of the side effects depends on person to person. The spotting/bleeding after sex is the worst thing I've experienced so far (try explaining it to your boyfriend!)My docor says that within the first 3 injections these side effects will stop, I do hope so! F 27 3 months

 5  Heavy periods None. Before I took Depo Provera I was on the birth control pill. The pill caused blood clots which almost caused my death...thankfully I was saved in time. My reason for being on Depo Provera (and prior to that, the pill) was/is for extremely heavy periods - ones lasting months at a time and causing me to be weak. Also, months of periods over the years ruined many of my clothes... I have not experienced any negative side effects. I haven't gained any weight, and I haven't lost any hair. Maybe I am a lucky one, but I can't say anything bad about the shot. F 27 5 years

 5  birth control No periods:) Yeah!! Cured my migraines!! Minimal decrease in sex drive. Cured my migraines!!This drug is a god sent and with the wonderful side effect of no periods. Have gained 10 pounds over the 7 years I have been on the drug but feel it is due to age related change in metabolism and laziness to activity. This is a wonderful drug if you are a person who is frequently on antibiotics (like I was because of acne) because it does not interfere with the effectiveness of the drug F 27 7 years

 5  to avoid periods moodiness,headaches F 27 5 years

 5  to prevent pregnancy decrease sex drive Depo Provera is a great help in my life. Cramps no more, acne no more and PMS no more. I am off of Depo now for 3 weeks and my acnes already start to compete for places to grow. I cannot wait to be pregnant now that my husband and I are ready to be parents. Hope soon! F 27 4 years
 5  birth control irritability Loved it- no periods, no worries! F 27 2 years

 5  Birth Control only good side effects: not getting pregnant, no periods, no cramps. Also no weight gain. Love it! I've been on it for two years and I would take it even if I could not get pregnant. The freedom of not dealing with cramps, no bleeding, very low risk of getting pregnant, and I lost weight (5Lbs). I have nothing bad to say about Depo. F 27 2 years

 5  horrible cramps and lengthy periods The first shot cause some serious cramping, but by the time I went in for my second one I was fine. My doctor warned me that with this shot you could gain weight because it holds your water weight. So I started drinking 12 oz of water a day and I work out three times a week. Unlike most people I am losing weight on this shot! It is possible not to gain weight, just drink tons of water because it keeps you from over indulging in food and from holding on the water weight!: ) F 27 5 years
 5  Birth control Weight loss, no periods I loved being on the depo. I did not have breakthrough bleeding, and my periods stopped all together. I lost weight. I did not experience any emotional side effects. No loss of bone density (tests completed), and I took calcium and vitamin D daily while on depo. My sex drive was not affected. The only reason I have stopped it is to better plan for pregnancy in the future. Irregular periods after stopping the depo. F 27 8 years
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 5  it helped stop cramps hot flashes it worked for me it stop my cramps and my periods. and as an athletic person it was very helpful. stop blammimg the docters they tell u the side effects and u chose to take it. everybodys body takes the drug in a different way then others. im just glad it helped me but i will be coming off to let my body cleanse itself. F 27 13 years

 5  To cure painful periods & cramps Increased appetite (can be controlled!) I had horrible cramps on the pill, even though my periods were extremely light. I also had breast lumps and swollen lymph nodes under my arm pits by the time I was 21. Depo took away all these problems. Only symptom was increased appetite, which I learned to control. I had no spotting, and no pain what-so-ever. I just went off of depo, because I have been on it for 4 years, and am not liking the pill! Take calcium supplements with your Depo! Even though Depo was great for me, it is not for everyone, but if you suffer from the same symptoms I did, I highly recommend trying Depo. F 27 4 years

 5  Prevent Pregnancy Weight loss and no periods. i would recommend it in a heartbeat. Although everryone is different this worked wonders for me. Lost about 10 lbs in a year and no periods! More importantly, I am not pregnant! F 27 12 months

 4  Birth Control As of yet, no prominent side effects. Noticed some fatigue this last week but still excercising and staying busy. I've lost 5 lbs, no loss in sex drive, and not pregnant. No depression, but I also started Celexa the same time I got my first shot. Not Depo influenced though. F 27 1 months

 4  birth control spotting/light bleeding in last month before shot needed again, weight gain!,maybe more nervousness but nervous person anyway,no decrease in sex drive luckily!!! I havent got pregnant on it so I will put up with side effects:) They suck but pregnancy is worse!!!! Was on in high school and had no periods but still had the weight gain. Took after I had my daughter and made post partum depression horrible bled for the 3 months after I had her til shot wore off. I dont recommend directly after labor. F 27 6 months

 4   I have been on depo for the last 8 years. About 3 years ago I took a break because of the bone density but the test came back normal. Just recently I came off of depo because I was married and my husband wants to start a family. I have a 9 year old son and we are wanting one more child. I got on depo because I had the most awful cycles and I cramped so bad I had to miss days of work. I really enjoyed the no menstruals. My Dr. did say that after coming off that it could take up to a year to become pregnant, which is around the time we are plannig on conceiving. My Dr. told me the first time I got off of Depo that I needed a form of BC to regulate my cycles again, so I got on the patch. I had regular, lighter cycles without issues so I couldn't complain. I just came off 2 months ago. I haven't had my period yet bc I haven't started my new bc patch so I will see how that goes when I begin my bc on Sunday. The only issues that I have had when off is the swollen, sore, itchy breast. It really is a pain and it hurts to touch especially when taken off my bra. I think this is one of the reasons I stayed on for so long because when I missed shots it would happen. I also recently have gained about 30lbs even when killing myself in the gym it will not come off, so I am looking forward to getting back in shape. Would I take depo again after conceiving probably. I really did like it, but I know I can't stay on it forever. IUD is really not an option for me, I hear the side effects are sometimes worse than the product. F 27 8 years
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