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 1  Birth Control Anxiety (paranoid), depression, mood swings I started taking the depot shot when I was a teenager. I have been off and on the drug since. Though it is worth mentioning that I have only been off it a total of 2 years in the entire ten years I used it. The first time I went off it it took about 4 months for my period to come back. It was only slightly more uncomfortable than I remember. However, I am now in my late 20s and I know that I need to take better care of my body if I want to have babies some day, so I have been off the shot since August 2009. Mind you, this is when I would have been due for my next shot. It is now going into May 2010 and I still have not had a period. I fear that I may have done damage to my fertility! This drug should be marketed as a short term solution not a long term method of birth control. No one should be on this for more than six months. I am relieved to know that I am not alone. As women we should speak out against these horrible drugs. I thought I was the only one with anxiety and depression from birth control. It's the big elephant in the room! Remember when post partum depression wasn't a common conversation topic? Now it's common knowledge! Let's bring these issues to the forefront of our health care! If we don't we will continue to suffer in silence. F 26 10 years

 1  birth control no period for three years, vaginal tissue was destroyed, initial penetration was enough to put me in tears and tear me inside, frustration I was on depo for three years. my sex drive gradually decreased during this time. Also, sex started to become painful. It ended up so bad that I would be torn inside after anything went in there. My last shot was due in July of '09. I decided not to take it, thinking it might be the lack of periods causing it. My OB took one look inside and said my vagina looks post-menopausal. I am 26. He prescribed estrogen and it helped a little initially, and then it stopped helping. The thought of sex puts me in tears. I'm a newly wed and cant enjoy it because of this nasty piece of medicine. I still haven't had a normal period and we wanted to try for a baby soon... I have an appt. with the OB (6th one since quitting depo...) on thursday. I'm going to request the pill to see if it will kick start me into a regular cycle, which would hopefully mean more natural estrogen to aid my poor vag at least. F 26 3 years
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 1  Birth control, stop period pain No sex drive whatsoever, depression, anxiety, moodswings. Depo is the best birth control in the world, as basically I can't bear for my partner to even hug or kiss me, let alone have sex. I force myself to have sex with him twice a week, but it makes me feel sick and I dread it when I know the time has come. Also, my periods totally disappeared for the first year, now I have been bleeding for 2 months. Moodiness and depression and crying for no reason. I can't wait to come of it. Men complain that using a condom doesn't feel nice for the few minutes they have to use one, well try feeling like crap every single day for a year!! F 26 1 years
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 1  BC loss of about 1/3 of my hair lost 10 lbs in fist month (went from full B bra size to A) to much to list...... 1 shot feb. 2nd 09 (1year 4mts ago) OMG PLEASE HELP!! when will this END!!!! lost 10lbs first month of taking it and lost a full cup size! I have gained the 10lbs back but my breast did not come back w? that!! periods are still all messed up, my hair still falls out, I run 3x a week to stay active and tone up but my body just wont tone up... my breast are still @ a A cup but Im always still so Fatigue..... when I wake up Im sleepy, I need a nap @ about 1 pm and 6pm..... I noticed all this about a month after I got this shot! If you have any advice please let me no..... I've tryed talking to my DR but she blows me off and says it will get better BUT WHEN???? I don't no what to do any more I don't like living like this! I have a 6 year old little boy who wants me to play w/ him and I just can't Im always so sad and angry (oh yeah mood swings to) And my little boy says mommy why are you always so mean) yep thats how I know its the depo!! HELP PLEASE! F 26 3 months
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 1  to prevent pregnancy Anxiety nausea headaches cramps heart palpitations high blood pressure low energy I would not recommend this medicine after a wk n a half the anxiety which was the worst side effect set in I feel like I'm goins crazy I've been to the hospital twice in one wk where they took all test they could think of only for every thing to come back normal. Every one including my self felt I was going crazy until my husband said u where fine until u took that shot. Did my research n read other peoples comments which made me positive the depo is making me feel this way. When it where's off neva again F 26 1.5 months

 5  birth control I started taking depo because pills were causing yeast infections. The infections stopped shortly after. The first year I experienced mood swings, depression, some weight gain, and frequent spotting. After the first year all the side effects disappeared and I now work out to control any weight gain the shot or aging may cause. I also take a calcium supplement as recommended by my doctor. F 27 6 years
 5  Birth Control Spotting alot in the first month, spotting/bleeding after sex-3 months on is still happening, slight increase in acne, (but far less acne than the week around my period when i was taking the pill). All in all so far I'm pleased with Depo. Yes there are side effects and I understand that the severity of the side effects depends on person to person. The spotting/bleeding after sex is the worst thing I've experienced so far (try explaining it to your boyfriend!)My docor says that within the first 3 injections these side effects will stop, I do hope so! F 27 3 months

 5  Heavy periods None. Before I took Depo Provera I was on the birth control pill. The pill caused blood clots which almost caused my death...thankfully I was saved in time. My reason for being on Depo Provera (and prior to that, the pill) was/is for extremely heavy periods - ones lasting months at a time and causing me to be weak. Also, months of periods over the years ruined many of my clothes... I have not experienced any negative side effects. I haven't gained any weight, and I haven't lost any hair. Maybe I am a lucky one, but I can't say anything bad about the shot. F 27 5 years

 5  birth control No periods:) Yeah!! Cured my migraines!! Minimal decrease in sex drive. Cured my migraines!!This drug is a god sent and with the wonderful side effect of no periods. Have gained 10 pounds over the 7 years I have been on the drug but feel it is due to age related change in metabolism and laziness to activity. This is a wonderful drug if you are a person who is frequently on antibiotics (like I was because of acne) because it does not interfere with the effectiveness of the drug F 27 7 years

 5  to avoid periods moodiness,headaches F 27 5 years

 5  to prevent pregnancy decrease sex drive Depo Provera is a great help in my life. Cramps no more, acne no more and PMS no more. I am off of Depo now for 3 weeks and my acnes already start to compete for places to grow. I cannot wait to be pregnant now that my husband and I are ready to be parents. Hope soon! F 27 4 years
 5  birth control irritability Loved it- no periods, no worries! F 27 2 years

 5  Birth Control only good side effects: not getting pregnant, no periods, no cramps. Also no weight gain. Love it! I've been on it for two years and I would take it even if I could not get pregnant. The freedom of not dealing with cramps, no bleeding, very low risk of getting pregnant, and I lost weight (5Lbs). I have nothing bad to say about Depo. F 27 2 years

 5  horrible cramps and lengthy periods The first shot cause some serious cramping, but by the time I went in for my second one I was fine. My doctor warned me that with this shot you could gain weight because it holds your water weight. So I started drinking 12 oz of water a day and I work out three times a week. Unlike most people I am losing weight on this shot! It is possible not to gain weight, just drink tons of water because it keeps you from over indulging in food and from holding on the water weight!: ) F 27 5 years
 5  it helped stop cramps hot flashes it worked for me it stop my cramps and my periods. and as an athletic person it was very helpful. stop blammimg the docters they tell u the side effects and u chose to take it. everybodys body takes the drug in a different way then others. im just glad it helped me but i will be coming off to let my body cleanse itself. F 27 13 years

 5  To cure painful periods & cramps Increased appetite (can be controlled!) I had horrible cramps on the pill, even though my periods were extremely light. I also had breast lumps and swollen lymph nodes under my arm pits by the time I was 21. Depo took away all these problems. Only symptom was increased appetite, which I learned to control. I had no spotting, and no pain what-so-ever. I just went off of depo, because I have been on it for 4 years, and am not liking the pill! Take calcium supplements with your Depo! Even though Depo was great for me, it is not for everyone, but if you suffer from the same symptoms I did, I highly recommend trying Depo. F 27 4 years

 5  Prevent Pregnancy Weight loss and no periods. i would recommend it in a heartbeat. Although everryone is different this worked wonders for me. Lost about 10 lbs in a year and no periods! More importantly, I am not pregnant! F 27 12 months

 4  Birth Control As of yet, no prominent side effects. Noticed some fatigue this last week but still excercising and staying busy. I've lost 5 lbs, no loss in sex drive, and not pregnant. No depression, but I also started Celexa the same time I got my first shot. Not Depo influenced though. F 27 1 months

 4  birth control spotting/light bleeding in last month before shot needed again, weight gain!,maybe more nervousness but nervous person anyway,no decrease in sex drive luckily!!! I havent got pregnant on it so I will put up with side effects:) They suck but pregnancy is worse!!!! Was on in high school and had no periods but still had the weight gain. Took after I had my daughter and made post partum depression horrible bled for the 3 months after I had her til shot wore off. I dont recommend directly after labor. F 27 6 months

 4   I have been on depo for the last 8 years. About 3 years ago I took a break because of the bone density but the test came back normal. Just recently I came off of depo because I was married and my husband wants to start a family. I have a 9 year old son and we are wanting one more child. I got on depo because I had the most awful cycles and I cramped so bad I had to miss days of work. I really enjoyed the no menstruals. My Dr. did say that after coming off that it could take up to a year to become pregnant, which is around the time we are plannig on conceiving. My Dr. told me the first time I got off of Depo that I needed a form of BC to regulate my cycles again, so I got on the patch. I had regular, lighter cycles without issues so I couldn't complain. I just came off 2 months ago. I haven't had my period yet bc I haven't started my new bc patch so I will see how that goes when I begin my bc on Sunday. The only issues that I have had when off is the swollen, sore, itchy breast. It really is a pain and it hurts to touch especially when taken off my bra. I think this is one of the reasons I stayed on for so long because when I missed shots it would happen. I also recently have gained about 30lbs even when killing myself in the gym it will not come off, so I am looking forward to getting back in shape. Would I take depo again after conceiving probably. I really did like it, but I know I can't stay on it forever. IUD is really not an option for me, I hear the side effects are sometimes worse than the product. F 27 8 years
 4  Because couldn't take pills I experienced about 21lbs over 8year period. It's great to have and not have periods.But when you get it off it is so hard to get regular periods back. The flow is extremely heavy. I 'am 27 years old with 1 child I would like to have one more. Being that my thew shot bee in my system so long I believe it's going to take a whle for me to have another child. If you don't want a period I suggest, but you should want your body to have a natural flow. F 27 8 years

 4  very fertile -forget pills- no periods, no cramps, leg cramps, horrible mood swings, migraines, no wieght gain, insomnia, no sex drive This is my 2nd time on the shot. The 1st time was 6 years ago and I had continuous spotting all 9 moths I was on it, but I had no other side effects. I was taking the patch and became pregnant on it. I figured I would give depo one more try. I started having horrible cramps in my legs at night. I do not sleep except for a few hours at a time. I noticed 3 months ago that I was becoming a real bitch at work- I mean A MEGA BITCH worse than any PMS ive ever had. I decided to go online one day when people started actually saying F 27 9 months

 4  birth control spotting, spotting, spotting! Dryness during intercourse (leading to painful intercourse), and reduced sexual drive Although I have experienced reduced sexual drive, and very irksome spotting that has lasted the entire duration of my use of this drug (3 years), at least I have not had the same wild mood swings as I did with the pill. With depo, I've retained my normal, even mood, and I attribute that to my sticking with depo for so long. F 27 3 years

 4  Birth control Weight gain I started this when I was around 17 because it was convenient and it stopped periods which I quite liked the idea of at the time. Only major side effects I had was weight gain - I wanted to eat everything in sight! Stopped it after about 3 years because I wanted my period back. It took about 3 months for my first real period to come back F 27 3 years
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 4  Birth Control A lack of energy Iím commenting because I pray my experience will help somebody. I took depo in my early 20's for a year. If you have an active exercise life before depo (high metab) you will be fine with weight control. If you don't exercise you are going to gain weight and it will be harder to start exercising due to a decrease in energy. My doctors always tell me to take a multi vitamin and a calcium supplement while on depo. I have gotten pregnant after taking depo, but it took one year for my body to regulate from the birth control; compared to before, I use to get pregnant off a kiss. Don't stay on depo longer then what doctor recommends overall I havenít had any problems that I know about with depo. I know that it can cause bone density so if you can try t take a (calcium supplement). This is my own opinion of the birth control and depo has done its job in my case. God bless. F 27 13 months

 3  Birth Control 50 LB weight gain over 8 years, severe acne that didn't even clear with treatment by a dermatoligist, constant moodiness- at times severe depression that I needed meds for. I love the fact that I have not a period in 8 years, but the weight gain (that was a huge factor in my fiancee and I breaking up) that I haven't been able to lose no matter how hard I try (1500 a day calorie diet- go to gym 5 times a week)and the severe acne that has ruined my self-confidence isn't worth it. I just stopped the shot (within the last month) and already my face is clearing up. Hopefully I'll start losing weight soon too! F 27 8 years

 3  Just had 2nd child My husband complained my sex drive went down. I had painful intercourse. I gained about 50 lbs and still have not been able to lose it. I feel it is perfect for women who have no desire to have children, but for those who do I do not recommend it. I stopped taking in oct 2002 because my doctor said it should take about a year to get pregnant after stopping. Well it is now Sept 2004 and I still am unable to get pregnant. I had been on it from July 1998 until Oct 2002, so I do not know what all the effects it has had on my reproductive system, but I am praying that it has not permanantly effected my system. I long to get pregnant now, and I still have not. It took 1 1/2 years for my period to come back, even after my periods have returned I still have not been able to get pregnant. F 27 4 years
 3  Birth Control I have experienced many of the side-effects. I did not educate myself well enough beforehand to be aware of them - But I had unexplained lower back pain, acne as an adult that I never suffered from before, skin irritation, severe mood swings and major disinterest in sex. While I didn't gain weight at first, I later gained about 10 pounds and have major carb cravings. The shot did stop me from having a period which initially is very nice. But after a while I felt I needed to get back in touch with my natural cycles. It just seems so unnatural to not have a period at all and then have all the side effects as well. I plan on detoxing to try and clear my system. I wouldn't do the shot again. I encourage anyone considering it to seriously weight the pros and cons. F 27 2 years

 3  birth control osteoporosis, no sex drive, I liked depo provera. I had minimal side effects, but had a dexa scan 2 years ago and I have severe osteoporosis. A tscore of -3.3. I've been tested for thyroid problems anything you can imagine and my endocrine dr came to the conclusion that it was the depo. I've been off of it for 15 months and the bone denisty has gotten better, but I took fosamax in that time frame and I was off depo. Would not recommend either drug. stay away from prescription drugs if you can. I don't know if I will have any permanent damage from these drugs. It's not worth it. F 27 5 years
 3  birth control/stop heavy bleeding I really did not have any side effects while on the Depo, but when getting off of it to gain fertility agan to try and conceive is when the problems started. If I were warned about the side effects going off of this I would have never taken it for the five years.I would have rather had heavy bleeding. If you are on this drug, my advice to you is get off of it as soon as possible. It has been two months since I was to take it, and I have had the most horrible side effects which include: nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, shaking, tingling, and just such a horrible feeling all the time. I will definately not consider this drug ever again!! F 27 5 years

 3  birth control small weight gain, acne, very tired, loss of sex drive I cannot take the pill due to migranes, but am becoming increasingly concerned about possible long term issues with hormone related birth control. My husband and I do not want kids for at least three more years so I'm pretty confused what to try. Any ideas? F 27 6 months
 3  Contraceptive Progressive weight loss. Loss of libido, dryness contributing to loss of libido. Initially heavy bleeding for first 3 weeks, then no period or on rare occasion spotting. I used to have bad PMS, so having no period helped control my mood swings. My problem is not with being on Depo, but when I decided to come off it. I'm one of the unusual tiny percentage that actually lost weight on depo. I was on it for 2 years, and by the end of the 2 years I lost about 8 or 9 kilograms! I did not change my eating habits or appetite, nor did I increase exercise. I was taking no other medication so can attribute the weight loss to the depo. I thought this drug was a god-send with regard to having no periods and much better moods. However, I when I decided to come off the injection I suffered some uncomfortable symptoms. After the first missed injection (3 months after the last one) and progressively over the past 12 months since my last jab I have gained back weight no matter how hard I try to keep it off. I still have not had a period, however do have pms-like symptoms every month including bloating, tender breasts, headaches, back ache and insomnia - however no period follows all these symptoms! I understand it takes up to 18 months and sometimes 24 months for fertility to return. It has been just over a year and still no period! I'm almost tempted just to go back on depo to lose weight again.. but really want fertility to return so I can start a family soon! I guess my overall comment is that as a contraceptive it is extremely effective. A bit too long term though! Hard to gauge how one's body will react to getting rid of the chemical over time and how long it'll take for fertility to return. F 27 2 years

 3  Painful periods Acne, 60 lb. weight gain, moody, depressed, absolutely no sex drive, loss of period (happy about that one) I got my first shot in April 2008 because my period got so bad I was willing to try anything to stop it. No doctor will perform a hysterectomy because of my age so I tried the shot. It worked, I never had a regular period after that. I would have spotting but that's it. Now, 9 months after my last shot I still have not had a period. I stopped getting the shot because I gained 60 pounds. My poor husband has stood by me the whole time even though I know it's been miserable for him because of me not desiring sex at all. We were both miserable. My sex drive is still low but it's better than what it was. I developed another symptom early in 2009 but I'm not sure if it is because of the Depo or not. I began having these tics and was referred to a Neurologist who thought that it could perhaps be Adult-onset Tourette Syndrome but now he's thinking Dystonia. I'm supposed to see a Movement Disorder Specialist later this month to see if they can come up with something. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? F 27 1 years
 3  Birth Control/Avoid Migranes Nausea, hot flashes, extreme anger (especially with my boyfriend), weird psychological episodes, weight gain (about 15 lbs), fatigue, lack of motivation, some acne episodes, a general overall feeling on 'unwell'. Basically, not feeling like myself. I cannot express enough how happy I am to have found this website. I was truly beginning to think something about me had suddenly gone wrong and that I was developing a mental disorder! Seriously! I have experienced many of the same side effects that most other women have on here, especially the hot flashes, dizziness, weight gain, fatigue and the psychotic episodes. I am normally a level headed person who is mature enough to handle most any situation. But since being on the shot, I started in May 2008, I have almost lost the ability to keep my cool! Especially when it comes to issues with my boyfriend of two years. It was recommended that I go on the shot because I was suseptible to migraines. The only thing the doctor told me was that I may gain weight as it increases appetite, and I would not have a period...yeah! NOT! I am due for my next shot this week, but I will not be getting it. I am going to go back on the regular 'ol pill. I am so upset with myself for not researching this drug sooner. I had no idea my physiological as well as psychological changes were due to taking this drug, not to mention the possibility of sterility! I feel hopeful about getting off it and getting back to myself again. I will try to update. F 27 1 years

 3  Didn't want to take pill every day. Constant period (although light) for up to 4 weeks, OR no period at all for a month or so... totally irratic & could get period at any time. Put on over 14lbs in weight. Lost sex drive completely. The only up-side is not having to worry about missing a pill etc. Been on it for about 2 years but am coming off it this month to go back on the pill. F 27 2 years

 2  birth control Spotting nearly every day for 6 months. F 27 6 months

 2  birth control i had bleeding or spotting EVERY single day while i was using depo. other than the bleeding this drug was great. i didnt have to worry about taking a pill every day and i didnt gain any weight at all (in fact, i lost weight). but the bleeding was annoying and unbearable. i put up with it for an entire year hoping it would go away because the other people i knew who used this said they didnt have a period at all (which would have been nice). F 27 1 years

 2  prevent pregnancy I started taking Depo after I had my son 9 years ago. I was off and on (mostly off) until two years ago. Since taking it regularly, I have been experiencing the following symptoms. Weight gain, lack of sexual desire,insomnia, constant headaches, hot flashes, muscle and joint pain, and anxiety and heart palpatations. After various tests returning normal, I started researching side effects for Depo and I am convinced I am one of many experiencing similar issues. It may not be bad for everyone, but I would suggest taking the time to research it. F 27 9 years

 2  birth control Depression with no history or family history and no external reason, 55 lb weight gain in 2 yrs. Can eat and eat and eat and you never feel full. Don't take it! F 27 2 years

 2  Birth Control Exceptional mood swings the week of shot. Just realizing it is drug-related. I'm normally very even tempered and thought I was just living through stressful times (coincidentally week of shot). Now I that I realize it is drug related I will stop taking it. Was exceptionally emotional and stressed at work recently (2 days after shot), made an emotional idiot of myself and now I am probably being fired. I have never come close to this in a work situation (more well versed in the art of promotion). This is horrible. Losing my job before Christmas, not knowing if how I feel/what I say is really me or just a drug side-effect is not worth the benefit of not having a period, not being pregnant, no cramps etc. F 27 9 months
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 2  birth control Anxiey,headaches,mild yeast infections,leg cramps,mood swings,constipation,stomach cramps,weight gain,mild acne,feeling bloated.. F 27 6 months

 2  Prevent Pregnancy I got the shot in the hospital right before being discharged after having my baby boy. I wanted to be protected until I was able to get my preferred b/c. I had never had the shot before but heard it makes you crazy and gain weight. I didn't go psycho or balloon up...I lost interest in sex. Seriously I am so anti touch/kiss/hug/sex. So ironically it's great birth control because it kills your sex drive. I haven't had sex with my husband for going on 14 weeks now. Will not recommend for people in an active sexual relationship. F 27 3 months
 2  prevent pregancy I have been taking the depo shot for 7 years. I have experienced the weight gain, no periods, and mood swings. I have also had digestive problems. I have become sensitive to caffiene. From the depo shot? I don't know. But it was all of a sudden, and it started about 8 months ago. Doctors can't find anything wrong and told me to stop drinking coke so I did and when I do I get terrible stomach aches, chest pains, belching, which I never do, and have been diagnosed with acid reflux which I have never had in my life. The depo shot was great at first. No period. No babies. No worries. But now, I think I am going to stop recieving the shot to get back to normal, to get my life back. F 27 7 years
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 1  Birth Control Depression, Anxiety, Anger/Mood Swings, Insomnia It is 5 AM, and I'm exhausted but wide awake in fear. I have only been on this for FIVE days, and it is a nightmare! I got the shot w/ great enthusiasm that a birth control lasts 3 mo.. the last I was on was the ring 5 years ago. Also, I took emergency contraception, which the nurse said was a fine combo. When she was going over side effects, the only one which concerned me was the weight gain, but she said, all you have to do is control your eating, as if no big deal. I said I was on the ring before and a side effect was feeling a little emotional.. is this a side effect of this? She replied, well any time you alter your hormones in your body, it could affect that, but basically dismissed my fears and made it seem like that shouldn't be a concern at all! The day after the shot, I felt depressed, didn't leave my room all day, and cried twice.. I don't even know about what. The 3rd and 4th days, I experienced uncontrollable rage or snapping at people, all over minor things. I didn't even realize it at first either. I told two friends.. and also said I felt concerned enough I should go talk to the doctor by 4th day (I didn't cuz I thought I was still OK). (cont in next review) F 27 5 days
 1  Birth Control see previous review, this is a continuation (cont) I have been eating UNCONTROLLABLY (although this side effect I can perhaps attribute to a placebo effect, as the nurse had mentioned it and I was concerned about it). I have gained a solid 6 pounds already, which is a HUGE change for me. It's not that I necessarily would say I feel hungry.. it's more that I can't stop eating because I feel stressed. Also, I noticed I was gradually sleeping less each night.. waking up earlier and earlier in the morning, but I didn't think it was insomnia or anything related to the shot. Now, on the fifth day, I experienced the same anger during the day. At around 12:30 am, I lay down to sleep. I can best describe the next 5 hours as a nightmare.. I felt unsettled and unnerved despite being exhausted from a long day. A million thoughts were anxiously racing through my mind and I couldn't stop worrying. Then, I had what I can best describe as a nightmare while awake- a sudden thought in my head of me driving a car into a bus at full speed. At that point, I felt terrified. My room is cold right now since it's winter, but I was getting hot flashes. I felt terrified, helpless and 'crazy.' Around 5 AM, I couldn't take it anymore and started Googling side effects of Depo-Provera. Knowing other people have these side effects, however, has not lessened how I feel right now.. if anything, I feel very scared and alone.. I suppose because the hormones are already in my body for at LEAST 3 months.. seems like it may be much longer th F 27 5 days

 1  ease of use, the idea of no period Anemic,period with no end,slight weight gain,tired all the time,loss of sex drive,headachs At first I loved this form of birth control,and then the bleeding started,for 6+ weeks now I have been bleeding non-stop some days light(brown)and the next heavy bleeding,cramps come and go but are more like contractions than cramps,I actually went to the dr because I was so anemic(dizzy almost to the point of fainting and vision would go black)I have headaches that just won't go away,can't even tell you what desire to have sex is anymore(this is getting worse with time)and all I want to do is sleep.Which is not me.Don't want to scare anyone but please do your homework before getting this shot.Will not continue use and hope that this crap leaves my body quickly.Very diaspointed I got this form of BC. F 27 3 months
1 shot 1X O

 1  prevent pregnancy, bad periods 75 pound weight gain,high blood pressure,severe depression/anxiety,irrational thinking,vaginal itching, complete period loss,hot flashes/night sweats, back and body pain, oily skin, acne,extreme darkning of the skin esp. on my face,crazy mood swings,hair loss,breast tenderness and enlargment,bloating,migraines This drug should be taken off the market!I put on 70-75 pounds in less than 2 years. My skin has become so dark on my face in certain spots that it has become impossible to find a makeup that actually works, also it has become very oily, and I experience bad acne. I now have high blood pressure and had 2 be put on a medication to help kinda control it. My depression and anxiety has become so severe that I have been near suicide, and have been put on 2 different anti-anxiety/depression meds and still I have irrational thoughts and depression. The first couple months after I got on the shot I experienced extreme vaginal itching, and have not had a period since Christmas '09. I'm very bloated EVERYWHERE, I experience hot flashes that r OUT of this world, and sometimes night sweats.My neck, back and legs are in extreme pain almost ALL of the time.My belly has become so large that it actually looks like i'm in the third trimester of pregnancy and my breast have also become very enlarged and painful I had 3 pregnancy tests and 2 ultra sounds because of suspition that I may be pregnant because of the massive belly weight they were all negative,I can't walk up the stairs without getting short of breath or even put on my shoes and breathe at the same time because of the massive weight in my belly.My hair sheds tremendously and has become very thin, I get migrains at least twice a week now.This drug is VERY dangerous!! I wouldn't reccomend it to ANYbody!! F 27 2 years
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 1  birth control Loss of hair, weight gain, rash all over my body, anger, sometimes feel depressed, no sex drive Right after taking shot my hair started to just fall out all the time all day, started my period a month and a half later with blood clots, i get angry at my 2 yr old girl for stuff i wouldnt have before, out of nowhere i broke out in a rash all over body nothing i can do about rash just has to run its course, will never take shot again, if anyone had an all over rash(small bumps)let me know F 27 2 months
1 time 1X AN
 1  To prevent Pregnancy Thinning and loss of hair (bangs area), severely dry scalp, acne, numbness in hands and feet, irritable leg syndrome (that's what I thought), restlessness, joint ache, and numbness in face (was numb once for three days, doctor's were baffled. Even went to a neurologist). Started the shot after having my first child. Was on it for four years. No side effects. Stopped taking it, it took me 8 months to get pregnant. Had my baby began taking it again because I had not had any side effects the first time. It has been six years now. The side effects started with the Irritable Leg Syndrome and numbness. The hair loss just started a year ago. And the acne has started just about three months ago. What's next? F 27 10 years
? 1X O

 1  Responsible Married Woman During: nausea, headaches, excessively tired, bled for 2 of the first 3 months, acne and eczema increased, reduced libido After: no spotting or period at all since the end of the shot (it has been a little over 2 months), acne and eczema extremely unbearable, joint pains especially in jaw joint, greatly reduced libido, full body aches, random skin rashes, bloodshot eyes that will not go away I am a 27 year old at 5'7" 130 lbs. and healthy with the exception of this dreadful Depo in my system. This is the worst thing on the market for people trying to be responsible about having children when they still want to have children someday. I only see one reason to take Depo and that is to treat PCOS or for sterilization. My husband and I want to have children someday. I took the Depo because I wanted to be period free during our one year wedding anniversary in Mexico. Now, I have had no menstrual cycle and am concerned that I may need hormone therapy if we ever want to have a child. HOW TERRIBLE THAT THIS IS APPROVED SAFE!! SAFE!??? Really? From all these experiences, I would never imagine to call this SAFE. TAKE THIS OFF THE MARKET AND DOCTORS, PLEASE FULLY EDUCATE YOUR PATIENTS AND TALK THEM OUT OF THIS POISON. F 27 3 months
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 1  avoid getting pregnant PANIC ATTACKS! I am now 27, I got a shot of this when I was around 20. Shortly after I got the shot I remember I had shortness of breath quite often, which led me into having panic attacks and hyper ventilating. I went to the E.R. 2x in one week. I'm so glad I came on here because I was about to go on this again, thinking the panic attacks were coincidental....now I remember how much I hated the shot and couldn't wait for it to leave my body. I remember not being myself at all...locking myself in my room and sleeping all the time. It was horrible. Actually think I'd rather get pregnant than go through that hell again. F 27 3 months

 1  Contraception Bleeding almost constantly since about 2 weeks after my first injection, sometimes quite heavily and with bad cramps. Anxiety, depression, moodiness, tearfulness, almost felt hysterical at times - this has caused me to have to take time off work as I felt incapable of doing my job when I would burst into tears for no reason, and I've felt lower than I ever have, but haven't been able to put it down to anything going on in my life. Do not have this poison injected into you! I had my first jab in December 2009, after trying a few different forms of the pill and finding that none of them agreed with me (either tearfulness/anxiety or bleeding before I finished the pack). I had previously had Depo when I was 18 or 19, and found that it stopped my periods, but was hell when I came off it. I bled pretty much solid for six months when I stopped it the last time I tried it. This time, I knew I wanted contraception for a few years and knew my experiences of coming off it wouldn't happen again for quite some time, so I decided to try Depo again. How wrong was I?! I started bleeding a couple of weeks after my first jab four months ago and haven't stopped apart from maybe 2 weeks during that time. Emotionally I've gone through hell too, feeling like I was cracking up and unable to go to work for a couple of days because I felt so hysterical one minute and so low the next. I can't wait for this to get out of my system; I've read it will take at least 6 months. There is no way of getting it out of your system any quicker, it's not reversible if your experience of depo is as hellish as mine. Think very carefully about having this, even if a previous experience of Depo was okay, it seems it affects your body differently as you age, as well as it affecting different people in different ways. F 27 4 months
 1  ovarian cysts Headaches,losts of spotting, no sex drive, vaginal dryness, mood swings, depression,aching bones,when sleeping at night, wake up in sweats, feet,fingers and arm numb,knees throbbing,panic attacks,back pains, when I run I feel like my legs are breaking in half. I feel so weak and lifeless.DO NOT GET THIS SHOT!!! I would never take this Again! This is the worst I ever felt. I am NEVER getting another shot. I would love to feel normal again? This drug should come with a Contract... No it should be Ban or Illegal!!! F 27
1X D

 1  To prevent pregnancy/easy to use I am a 27 year old healthy female and I have been on the shot at least 2 years altogether, off and on. The first time I took it, I was about 22 and I did it because I was taking Accutane for my acne and was forbidden to get pregnant while on it! It is easy to take (once every 3 months), and prevented my usual PMS acne flare ups so I thought it was worth it. So wrong. Each time I have taken the shot, it has made me depressed. I suffered major mood swings and crying fits. I went through a lot of fatigue and had frequent, random cramping and spotting throughout the three months. This time I even experienced a harsh full-fledged period that lasted off and on for almost a month! I also put on at least 10 lbs this time around, even with a good diet and exercise. My sex drive was completely gone and the shot negatively effected my relationship with my boyfriend because of my erratic behavior. Now that I think about it, it affected me this way at 22 as well but I just thought it w I would not recommend this product, however, I do have a friend who is taking it and her only complaint is weight gain around her midsection. Every woman's body is different, but nothing you put inside you should change who you are as a person and how you treat the people who love you. I get bad PMS when I am on my regular period so I'm hoping the pill works to balance me out. F 27 2 years
 1  birth control I m no longer able to have children without a very expensive surgery due to the depo shot. My eggs are all stuck and will not release without surgery that I cannot afford, I have been off the shot for 4 years. I no longer am a happy person, and I cry everytime one of my friends get preg or have a baby. I m so lost, I don't know what to do. This is poison, DO NOT GET the depo shot if you want children in your future. F 27 4 years

 1  prevent pregnancy/ stop period ALWAYS angry, irritable snapping, weight gain, pain in my leg and back, slurred speech, depression, spotting for 2 weeks. the symptoms do not wear off until 3 months after you missed a shot. i was constantly angry on this drug. i knew that bc could give you mood swings but i was expecting that...swings...not to wake up every single day and just be pissed off. at first i thought that i was angry because of things going on in my life but then i read a little bit more about the other symptoms and low and behold i had those too. i did not know about them until after i took the shot which at that point was too late. i had pain in my leg and back that were at points excruciating. i found myself tripping over my words a lot and i am actually pretty eloquent. slurred speech is another side effect. i gained 15 lbs and have since lost that and my bad attitude. the thing is, you can look at all the medical websites in the world and they will only give you the physical side effects and will say "mood swings" or "change in mood". they do not tell you that you will become a heinous b##### F 27 3 months
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 1  Prevent Pregnancy Depression, Anxiety Attacks, Body Ache, Exhaustion, Acne This is the second time I have tried Depo. The anxiety I am having is unbearable. I'm having obsessive thoughts, mood swings that I cant control and am so tired I cant function. I feel like I have lost all motivation to do anything and feel depressed. I am also breaking out like I am a teenager. I would not reccomend this drug at all! F 27 2 weeks
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 1  birth controll I never had severe pms before i took depo, that was almost ten years ago and I still suffer periods that are so emotional, every now and again they are so bad I remember how I felt for almost a year after getting the first shot. I went from being careless and easy going to an insecure emotional reck. my breast got huge and I put on 15 pounds and my poor boyfriend ws the one to tell me that he'd done research about the shot and these were side effects other women experienced. I was young and hadn't even associate my problems with this one little shot, I thought I had lost my #$%* mind. shame shame shame on the industry for so many reasons! F 27 1 days

 1  Birth control Mood swings,acne, weight gain, no interest in sex, cramping, and feelings of depression. I would never take this birth control again. i took my last dose over a year ago and ever since my period has been crazy. Apparently i am going thru withdrawal from it so now i am on provera to try to bring my period back. F 27 1 years
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 1  Birth Control Nausea, EXTREME FATIGUE, low sex drive, headaches, dizziness, HORRIBLE HOT FLASHES, severe moodiness/anger, constant bleeding, cramps I was on this shot when I was 16 until 19. I am now 27 with a child and just started depo 2 months ago. IT IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. The only reason I went back on is because after having my son, all the pills made me terribly nauseous. Well, I would rather deal with just that, rather than all the stuff this shot does to me. I can't wait till its out of my body, and I will not be going back for my second injection. I want my life back :( F 27 2 months
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