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 1  Osteopenia Itching & sores After a double mastectomy in 2008, I began taking Arimidex in 2009. For years my oncologist wanted me to take a bone-strengthening medication and I refused. In March 2014, I gave in to Prolia. Two weeks after the injection, I began to itch at my mastectomy scar. I ignored the itching. Two weeks later when I removed my bra, the right side was soaked in pus. After investigating further, it appeared to be from the injection. Meawhile, the itching spread from my chin to my waist. Saw a dermatologist who agreed it was the Prolia. It is now seven months later and I still apply a prescription cream at least twice a day. The fluid-filled sores were taken care of within two days of using the cream, but the itching continues with less intensity. NEVER will I get another injection of Prolia. F 67 1 times
1X O

 1  Osteoporosis, severe Felt a little flu-like for the first 48 hours, then the whole body pain set in. Much worse than flu all over pain. Then blood showed up in my urine. I was so sick, I could not tell my husband how sick I was. The symptoms lasted 48 hours. I reported issues to doctor's office, but got no response. I've changed doctors since then. I cannot recommend this drug to anyone. F 60 1 days
1X O

 1  Osteoporosis After the first shot my left ankle was very painful but I didn't make the connection. After the second shot both ankles are very painful and at night I have restless legs and burning ankles. Also have hip pain and have hardly slept since June 2. Also no pain medicine helps. I wasn't given any information about this and unfortunately didn't research it first. There will definitely not be a third shot and I tell everyone about my side effects. Since the shots are given every six months I am hoping and praying that it will be out of my system at the end of the year. F 73 9 months
? 1X O

 5  Osteoporosis None Have rated 'very satisfied' as I have had no side effects. Cannot rate its effectiveness until next DEXA scan, not due for 2 years. F 74 2 years
60mg subq. 2X O
 1  Osteoporosis I got extremely lightly headed about an hour after I took it. I almost passed out. I have have back pain and been verry lethargic I woke up today with extreme hip pain Has anyone had a hip fracture ? F 45 4 days

 3  Osteoporosis and severe Osteopenia I felt very tired after taking the injection the next day and have had stomach pain and neck pain. I am young to have Osteoporosis and am having a difficult time finding anyone my age to find out the effects of taking Prolia for longer periods of time while still having a mensus. I also have Short Bowel Syndrome and Crohns Disease. F 40 1 times
60mg 1X O
 1  Osteoporosis diagnosed 17 years ago Swelling of ankles and feet, pain all over body as if bruised, cramps in feet, feeling confused, general tired feeling and lethargy. Started feeling poorly after 3 weeks of the shot. I have taken all the other meds over the years and this was my last chance. I really hate to decide between this terrible situation I now experience or the chances of a broken bone. 66 5 weeks
1X O
 1  osteoporosis; post-menapausal A few weeks after receiving my first injection, got bad back, hip, shoulder, leg pains. Also have had sores on my scalp, headaches that won't go away, insomnia, swelling of abdomen, ankles and feet. I am suffering from fatigue. I still work and walk my dog every day, but am not the same person I used to be. All of a sudden I feel much, much older than 63 years old. I will not get another injection. F 63 3 months
60 1X O
 5  Previous hip fracture Only side effect so far is a bladder infection. No pain, no rash, no jaw problems. Next injection is January 2014. The injection was completely painless. I also enrolled in the Prolia Patient Support Program and now get periodic emails with information on exercises and resources. I also received two telephone calls letting me know that I might be eligible for free injections. But my insurance company pays 100% of the cost so I paid little attention to the information. F 64 3 months
1X O
 1  osteoporosis I have chronic pancreitis, and this stuff has REALLY made my pancreas hurt. It is swollen as is my whole belly. Plus, at three months my hair began to fall out and is is totally ruined now. I have approximately 1/2 left and what is left is porous and straw-like. I have also experienced very high anxiety. If you have other health problems, I do not recommend you take this drug. This drug actually changes your hormones and 'shuts down' the body's natural sloughing of bone cells. The idea is to stop the sloughing, but not the making of new cells. Anything that works in this manner has got to affect other hormones. I'm scared of it. I will NOT do the second shot. The choice is brittle bones and my sanity or stronger bones...maybe....and I die of pacnreatitis or otheer problems. No thank you. F 5 months
shot 2X O

 1  osteoporosis No negative side effects with first injection. Side effects with second injection started one week after the injection and lasted about two weeks. The side effects were heartburn, vertigo, blurred vision. I visited my doctor and ophthalmologist. I didn't put the side effects together with the Prolia. After the third injection I had heart attack symptoms, Costochondritis (swelling of rib and sternum), pain in limbs. This is a wicked drug. My husband finally realized that with each injection the side effects were getting progressively worse. It helped the osteoporosis but I will not take any more. Frankly, another injection would probably kill me. I don't know what to do about the osteoporosis. My doctor is suggesting Evista but the reviews scare me. F 55 2 years
 1  osteoporosis after one injection I have been diagnosed with BONJ F 53 1 times

 5  Osteoporosis Dosage: 2 sub-Q shots per year. I had one shot 2 months ago and haven't had any side effects at all, thank God! I hope it continues to be side-effect free in the future. I am almost 51 and I have osteoporosis. I broke my ankle a few years ago just by rolling it off a sidewalk. It was very painful with a long recovery. This medication is supposed to increase bone density. There are also risks for one's blood calcium to decline while taking this medication. F 50 1 times
2X O
 3  osteo I'm looking for anyone whom may have taken this injection. My doctor wants me to get the injection after trying Boniva and 2 other osteo meds that made me very sick. I'm a bit leery so am interested in any one that had side effects; good or bad. F 57 0 days
1X D
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