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 5  absense seizure My 6 years old son is taking Zarontin and had no very significant side effect; maybe a little loss of appetite and slight head hache. It is a great medicine for children and has stopped completly the seizures in my son. M 6 8 months
 5  absense seizure My 6 years old son is taking Zarontin and had no very significant side effect; maybe a little loss of appetite and slight head hache. It is a great medicine for children and has stopped completly the seizures in my son. M 6 8 months

 5  absence seizures Seemed to conflict with vyvanse for ADHD so switched him to a different ADHD medication. Only 7 months and test showed no seizures. Started with just 1 pill daily because made him sleepy. During summer increased to 2 pills and no seizure activity noted! M 9 7 months
250 mg 2x

 4  absence seizures slight loss of appetite and headaches approximately 3 times per week. Once my son started taking this medication, the seizures were completely gone within the first 2 weeks. After a little over a month, the seizures have come back. While they have been reduced from 50 times a day to 10-20, they are starting to occur again. We're going back for a follow-up appt tomorrow. M 6 3 months
2X D

 4  Absence Seizures Until stabilized my son has difficulty with concentrating and moods fluctuate. Presents as being depressed if medication is not administered on time daily. At higher doses he had bigger mood flucuations and difficulty with reading. At the lower level he is still seizure free and is doing so much better at school. Completely eliminated absence seizures although it took years to figure out the proper dosage. If there are huge behavior changes I would suggest slowly lowering the dosage while ensuring seizures are gone. M 6.5 3 years
3 mls 2X D
 4  Absence seizures My son has been taking this for quite a while. Initially it was a godsend. He has always had memory problems and tiredness with it. We weaned him off recently to see if he had outgrown his seizures, which he had not. When we put him back on it the memory and tiredness problems seem more significant. It may be because when he was off the medication he noticed a big difference in how much better he felt physically except for the seizures. I was relieved to see others have had the memory problem. Our doctor said it wasn't the medication and he must be having breakthrough seizures even though the EEG didn't show any. M 16 4 years
250 mg 2X D
 4  childhood seizures for 4 yr old Loss of appetite and drowsiness. On full dose detrimental.. grinding of teeth, twitching....child had recurrring seizure activity and insomnia. On half the reccommended dose ..excellent control! M 4 25 days

 3  petit mal sizure easily bruised, lack of apetite, stomach ache ocasionally, tiredness, difficulties focusing and follow instruction, memory problems, anxiety M 10 6 years
250 mg 2X D
 5  absense I lost alot of weight and had problems with coordination and agressive behavior. It cured my seizures completely. F 17 7 days
 5  absent seizures My 10 year old daughter has taken 1250 mg for the last 21/2 years. She has struggled with schooling. I don't know if this is a side effect or not. Her memory is not too good. She has not had any seizures since taking 1250 mg per day. F 10 2.5 years

 5  epilepsy F 52 35 years

 5  absense didn't experience any as you can see am using it for almost all my life, including during pregnancy. for 15 yrs 500mg per day, for the last 15 yrs. 250 mg per day. F 48 30 years
 5  absence seizures (petit-mal) my daughter (14) suffered from absence seizures for many years, 5 to 10 times hourly, awake and asleep. The first neuro she went to prescribed Lamictal, which I later found out is not usually the first line of defense for this type of seizure. After reading up on it, we decided to just deal with the seizures! Then went to another neuro, who told us that Zarontin (ethosuximide) is generally what is prescribed for absence. I went home, did my research, and decided to give it a try. It has been an answer to prayer for our family! She has been seizure free since the first week with minimal side effects. A little sleepy sometimes and some hiccups the first few weeks. And she did not have to go up to the 500 mg 2x daily that is usually done. We continue to pray..... :) I should add that I was terrified of the chemical side effects and we as a family, very rarely take any prescriptions at all. Hope this blesses someone and helps them with their decisions! F 14 9 months
250 mg 2X D

 4  absence seizures Headaches. Aggressive behavior. Normally a sweet girl, she has taken to cursing and throwing things at me. My 13 yr-old daughter has only been on her full dosage of zarontin for two weeks(titrated up while zonnegran was titrated down). However, zarontin has been at a significant level for about 4 weeks. While not completely elimnating the seizures, they have been GREATLY reduced. F 13 4 weeks
 4  Absence seizures Headaches, upset stomach, inability to focus, some aggressiveness and irritabilty noted. She is having a hard time focusing on her school work and instruction. She also has difficulty socializing. Has seemed to eliminate her seizures but an upcoming EEG on 10/19/05 will show the results. Must be taken on a semi to full stomach or she will vomit. Can cause severe headaches. F 7 1 days
 4  My daughter has absence seizures In the beginnng there was irritability and some aggressive behaviors. Her 'normal' side effects are still being a little more tired than the average kid, but not a big deal and headaches. Zarontin greatly reduced my daughter's absence seizures but did not eliminate them altogether. It's better than it was and the side effects seem less scary than with other medications for the same affliction. F 6 6 months

 4  Absense seizures loss of appetite, heart burn (especially if not taken with food), insomnia has really helped control my seizures- noticed an improvement within the first week F 23 21 days
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