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 5  Depression NONE M 37 10 years
60 1X D
 4  PTSD with anxiety severe Hate the weight gain of 185lbs to 225lbs since Aug 2014 to present. Seems like it happened over night. Enjoy weight lifting, but now ! Today cardio is a Must ! If weight not checked have to ask for parnate the orgasm problem is also A bad deal for me really ! Gonna have to try some new tricks, ask my doc about. Gonna ask Dr about Dostinex. Maybe try yohimbe. Being married doesn't go well on a half erection and no release ! How Long And not become a monk ! Or try that penis extraction or ?? I need to have a release soon. Tried all other antidepressant meds with negative results. Nardil works all my Pscye issues View well. Depression, anxiety, rage, all very well now but.I Feel really bad with no orgasm and I've tried the hottest porn you can imagine, have imagined the finest just to get a half erection and no release. Any ideas, please share.Pauly. M 60 5 months
90mg daily
 5  Depression. Social phobia. Insomnia Dry mouth and nose. Works great for me. All the other types were tried. Nardil (Phenylzine) worked within 3 weeks. Phenylzine costs much less than Nardil, but the same drug. M 63 23 years
60 2X D

 1  Depression Nervous Paranoia, not able to think clearly This can be a very valuable drug for depression and even personality disorders but be careful if you have schizophrenia. M 50 7 days
15 MG 1X D
 5  depression panic attacks severe No side effects. Saved my life. I took every medicine available and was severely limited to staying inside from panic attacks. Paid people to stay with me. Scared of everything in life. No life until Nardil. Now I go cross country in Big Rig and no fear and with no anger. I feel like a child having so much fun! I would rate Nardil with 100% perfect for me. F 61 20 days
15mg 2X D

 5  Major depression weight gain, insomnia It's the only medication that has worked after 21 years of trying different drugs. It took five months to kick in but was worth it. There was such a profound change in my mood that I almost didn't recognize myself - life has been so much better. F 51 8 months
15 3X D
 5  major depression Sleep chopped up in "rem-packages" i.e. 1.5 , 3, 4.5 or (rarely) 6 hours portions. On 3x15mg orgasm possible. On 4x15mg very rare. Nardil saved my life as dozen's of other medication failed on my way down during 2005-2008. Considering this, its almost silly to list "side-effects". Two issues thou: -The "sexual climax wall" turned out to be easily fixed with a ridiculous small increase of my testosterone level. Libido as well. -I have never experienced any high blood-pressure episode on N. I eat and drink without restrictions. Everything. The beta-blocker gel in my wallet I keep for the possibility of an Thyramin episode is still the same as in 2008... M 53 4 years
15 4X D
 1  Major Depression Dizziness, Extremely Low Blood Pressure/Fainting, Severe Constipation w/ Anal Fissure, Anxiety Attacks, Abnormal (for me) Thougts/Writing, Weight Gain, Night Terrors so frequent and traumatic that I became sleep phobic. Feeling psychotic. My tme on this drug was the worst six months of my life. Over time the psychiatrist was prescribing so many other drugs to combat the side effects; Florinef to keep my blood pressure up and stop the fainting, Sleeping pills and anti anxiety pills so I could sleep, vitamins for my electrolytes that were tanking and finally an anti psychotic! I became more sick on this drug than without it. After passing out and not coming to this time I was rushed to the hospital. I saw a psychiatrist there who told me that my dose was too high and I was having a toxic reaction, not becoming psychotic. He took me off the drug and while I still had to deal with the depression, all the side effects vanished and I didn't need all the other drugs. I was 19 years old and on 75mg per day. F 19 6 months
75 1X D

 3  Major Depression Weight Gain, Constipation, Sexual Side Effects, Insomnia I have been taking Nardil for almost three years - it made me gain about 30 pounds and I have trouble sleeping (I wake up 2 - 5 times per night). However, it is the only drug (out of about 30 of the SSRI's, SNRI's, tricyclics, atypical antipsychotics, etc.) that has worked satisfactorily for me. M 26 3 years
30 Mg 3X D
 5  Atypical Depression/Social Anxiety Anorgasmia, constipation, insomnia, dizziness, weight gain. All of these except the weight gain went away after 2 - 8 weeks/ For crying out loud if you have tried and SSRI, SNRI, and Wellbutrin read as much as you can about aytypical depression. If you truly beleive that you have it then you owe it to yourself to try Nardil. Side effects except the weight gain and some mild constipation have all resolved. This drug has helped me get my life back and given me the energy and mood stability to get into therapy which is making an additional world of a difference. Depression is 90% gone and social phobia 65% gone with Nardil Alone. I can get out of bed and naturally start thinking what I want to accomplish today. My motivation to do things is back. Nardil vs. the 8 other antidpressants I've taken is no comparison. This drug is awesome. Working my ass of with an expert therapist I'm getting both of these to near 95% gone. MAOI diet is outdated. Read the articles from the researches in Toronto who researched the tyramine levels these "restricted" foods using modern day food hygine production. Never had any issues and I eat whatever I want except any smelly aged cheeses, soy sauce, tap beer. I make sure to stay away from the contraindicated medicines that you can't take with it though. Don't be an idiot and you'll be fine. I had to bounce around psychiatrists and had to be assertive with each one to make my case for Nardil. I finally found one that would work with me and we eventually tried it. Thank God I did. If you have trouble getting someone to write it keep trying and boun M 33 7 months
90 3X D
 5  panick attack, agoraphobia constipation, urine retention I feel so much better, i try few antidepressants,it's the bestt one. At start I feel lazy now i'm full of energy, I can drive almost anywhere, I stay alone at home with no fears. WOW, I loose 8 years trying to find the good antidepressant. I eat what I want, any cheese, meat... My heart beat is 80 instead of 120 beats per minute. My pressure is very good. Only panick attack per month instead of 5 every day. Thanks god i feel alive!!! Find the good dosage and be patient it take 6 weeks to work or little bit more... F 34 2 months
60 2X D
 1  Severe depression/social anxiety Other than wanting to violently kill myself, none I was so disappointed. I was so pumped to try Nardil but it gave me strong suicidal urges and I had to stop after just 8 days. :( Big downer. M 19 8 days
15 2X D
 4  Anxiety / Depression Insomnia for about 2 weeks, which went away. I began taking this when all other anti-depressants failed, and I could no longer tolerate the mental fog and apathy that Lexapro caused. It has helped a lot with taking the place of Lexapro for panic attacks and general anxiety, and has given me some energy back so I can work normally again. It hasn't been what I had wanted in an anti-depressant. I still feel emotionless and dull most of the time, with brief instances of feeling. I am planning to go up to 30 mg BID soon to see if this helps. M 32 9 months
45 1X D
 3  Treatment-Resistant Depression Severe swelling of legs & feet; chills; insomnia; blood pressure in the 70/40 range; frequently close to fainting I recently ended up in the ER as I fainted upon getting out of bed in the morning and did not come to for over 20 minutes by which time my husband had called an ambulance. It was determined by consults with both psychiatrists and internists that this episode was caused directly by the Nardil and it was imperative I begin weaning off of it as it was far too dangerous for me to be on with the way I responded physically. My heart rate was in the 40's and blood pressure when going from lying down to stand was in the 70's/40's. A month previous to this I had lowered my daily dose to 45 mg and the swelling became minimal but the other issues remained. And my mood and ability to function also decreased very noticeably. So I am beginning to slowly taper off with no idea what I will try next as i have been on just about every other drug in every conceivable combination and dosage. F 4 months
30 mg 2X D
 5  social phobia/depression the insomina made me give up, which i regret to this day , thast why im going back on it again, unable to orgasm, light headed first few weeks, staggering when walking sometimes was the most amazing med ive tried, i have tried a lot this med at the low dose of 45mg per day brought me back to the young woman i once was, maybe even better, besides the side effects i was happy every day, i was confident, i looked forward to everything, i could do all my house work & felt good doing it, went off it and in a space of a month to this day im miserable. F 36 3 months
45mg 1X D
 4  Major depression Weight gain, nausea, horrible taste in my mouth due to change in coating in 2003, dry mouth. Four hypertensive crises in 30 years due to eating spoiled chicken and/or ketchup. The doctor who prescribed Nardil saved my life. I had been having panic attacks, deep episodes of depression, and heavy depersonalization. I have been on as little as 60 mg, but mostly maintained on 90 mg. I would be lying if I said that it made me feel 100% better; it's more like 65-70%. The panic attacks are completely gone. I do suffer insomnia, however, and even moving the Nardil to earlier in the day has not helped. Yes, it took about 4-6 weeks to kick in. The way my doc described it was that my "depressed palor" had disappeared, but the greatest relief was that I no longer had severe panic attacks -- and those had been the worst of it. You have to be very committed to taking this drug because of all the food and drug interactions. There is a steep learning curve, but once you experience feeling human again, having to remember a lot becomes easier. If you're just starting on Nardil, please give it time. I promise it will work for you. If you need to, put up a wall calendar and mark off days. By around 4 weeks, it will start to kick in because the blood level of the drug will be growing. Remember, it IS worth the wait, and YOU are worth the time it takes -- even if you have to take a leave from your job or your life. I'm a cheerleader, but I hate Pfizer for changing the coating because it's cheaper to make that way. F 55 30 years
45 mg 2X D
 3  Social Anxiety I really can't tell if it is helping, or not. I hoping it will kick in soon. F 35 7 weeks
60 MG 1X D
 5  Depression Slight weight gain (easily counteracted with exercise); mild fatigue (again, exercise); constipation in first couple months (eat fiber). Saved my life. When Prozac stopped working, Nardil proved to be a miracle drug! Not only did it allow me to have a normal, outgoing personality, but allowed me to date, build relationships, and live a normal life. This drug is the reason I can live like anyone else.. I can live without the fog of depression. Each day feels like a positive, new day. And yet, it doesn't dull the emotions. I still feel great music, still have strong emotions, etc... it just takes away the awful, awful depression. So sad doctors know little about this drug. If only more people knew about Nardil.. if only. M 27 2 years
60 1X D
 5  Depression, anxiety agoraphobia Nausea on starting low blood pressure I was originally on nardil in the 1980's they changed my life completely. Now just gone back on them only been on 3half wks still feel nauseaus but hopefully that will cease soon! F 49
30mg 2X D
 1  Severe Post Traumatic Stress/Depres As I increased dose fainting and seizures started becoming a problem. Ended up in the Emergency Room after having 2 bad episodes in the space of 3 hours. I naturally have quite low blood pressure 120/50 but my blood pressure was dropping to under 90. In the emergency room, through consultation with my GP and Psychiatrist it was agreed to drop dosage down to 30 mg twice per day. A week after being in the ER I had an unstoppable seizure, went from arms, legs and head flailing about uncontrollably to being stiff as a board, neck back. An ambulance was called, they were unable to stop the seizure so called for a second ambulance. They put a breathing tube down my throat in case everything seized up. By the time I arrived at the hospital I was unable to breath and the seizure contunued. I was placed in an induced coma in the Intensive Care Unit for 2 days and then was placed in the Critical Care Medical Ward for a further 2 weeks. I had one more seizure while undergoing rehabilitative Physi Prior to all the horrendously bad stuff happening, when I was taking my full dose of 90mg per day I was feeling the best I had ever felt, certainly not 100% but soooo much better. When the dosage was dropped to 60mg per day, I noticed a considerable downturn in my mood and behaviours - Binging on food, feeling miserable again, terrified to leave the house, buying random things uncontrollably. Would I recommend Nardil? Yes I would, the things that happened to me was not the norm and before it happened I was feeling better. I had taken so many different other types of anti-depressants before this but nothing helped me. F 42 6 weeks
45 mg 2X D
 5  severe anxiety nirvana tried every med known to man. was ready to give up then tried Nardil M 55 1 years
45 3X D

 5  anxiety weight gain miracle med M 55 7 years
45 1X D

 5  atypical depression weight gain Nardil was not used during WW1 because it was not invented yet. Nardil only came into use in 1957--long after WW1. Nardil is however, used extensively for fear states. M 44 1 years
45 1X D

 5  depression none why are doctors not prescribing this more. saved my life. M 33 4 years
60 1X D

 5  Anxiety and severe depression It's been so many years taking Nardil I believe there were no side effects. Nardil was the drug of choice by doctors during WW1. Soldiers riddled with fear couldn't return to the battle field.. The drug gave instant relief of fear. Nardil should be taken with a benzo. to stablize chemical imbalance. F 65 40 years
15 4X D
 5  Depression extreme constipation Nardil may have saved my life. I was extremely depressed and suicidal. After 4 weeks on the drug and the addition of abilify, I have zero thoughts of self harm and can engage better with others. I have taken ssris and snris for years with very little results. F 29 7 weeks
15 mg 4X D
 5  Depression One bad episode eating non-pasteurized cheese. BP to 220. Nothing else. I drink wine, eat chocolate and just about everything else on the warning list. When my doctor put me on Nardil the day before I had been sitting in the batroom with a 357 in my mouth. Seeing the doc was my last chance. The drug gave me a complete recovery.It took two weeks. From that day on I married, had a family and built a very lucrative business. With all the potential side effects it is worth it as I was 24 hours from eating a 357 magnum.I am now doing public speaking and wowing the crowds. If they only knew my secret. M 51 25 years
60 MG 2X D
 1   DEATH (friend of mine made a suicide after a year on this drug he couldn't stand side-effects anymore). THIS IS BAD, OLD AND DANGEROUS DRUG. The ratings with this drug (as with many psych drugs) is WRONG. Psychiatry is full of lies and don't blindly trust anything you read from internet. M 30
1X D

 5  Depression, Social anxiety disorder None Stopped taking pristiq and started Nardil 7 days later. I didn't sleep the first night, but wasn't even tired the next day. I feel amazing and have to constantly ask the people closest to me if I seem manic because I feel so good but feel extra talkative. For the first time in my life (without benzo's) I have absolutely no social anxiety. Life just seems amazing now. I was taking Nardil last year at the same time as a strong painkiller and always looked off my face, and had postural hypotension to the point where I kept waking up in cake, on the floor etc. This time around, minus said painkiller, I am experiencing no side effects whatsoever. Unless the joy for life I have really is mania or true euphoria, in which case I welcome it. I am going to tell my doctor to stop prescribing other ad's as this is the only he should really ever use. I've tried everything and this is the only drug where I have seen a noticeable difference. It felt like waking up from a nightmare. The relief is amazing and I truly believe this medication is a godsend. I'm not even sure it has had time to even kick in but if it gets any better they will have to start calling it ecstacy. M 27 2 weeks
90mg 3X D
 1  Depression loss of affect, sleeping constantly, sensation of electrical shock, tardive dyskenesia. I stopped taking it when my arm began swinging out without volition, and the symptoms stopped. F 60 60 days
1X D

 5  Treatment Resistant Depression Mid afternoon sleepiness, weight gain, insomnia, orthostatic hypotension This drug saved my life not once, but twice - and I mean literally. Without this drug, I may have ended up an ECT victim or ending my own life. In 10 years, the MAOI drugs (Parnate, and Nardil) are the only things that have touched my depression. I went off Nardil before due to the weight gain - if this happens to you, I strongly advise you don't do what I did and stop taking it. I am just fortunate it has worked for me again. I tried every SSRI on the market, Effexor, Wellbutrin, Remeron, Lithium, Lamictal - nothing has worked as well as this drug which has relieved most of my severe, treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. It makes me feel normal, feel like engaging in meaningful activity, and returning to work eventually. If you've tried modern antidepressants and they haven't helped, or haven't helped enough, you owe it to yourself to give Nardil or Parnate a try. (I had to stop Parnate because it ended up making me hypomanic - but Parnate had similar efficacy without the weight gain, not QUITE as good for anxiety.) M 29 2 weeks
30 2X D
 5  Major Depression, Suicidal Ideation postural hypotension, insomnia, extreme fatigue, daytime narcolepsy, constipation, weight gain, temporary impotence, difficulty concentrating, and much more! Thanks to this rating site and many other online message boards, I decided to try nardil after failing a couple reuptake inhibitors. I had just transferred to a university and the drug trials were profoundly ruining my life for a year. There is no other way to explain the experience other than mental torture. Nardil saved me. The only reason I had almost every side effect to extreme degrees was because I increased to 90mg/day after only 1 week at a lower dose. Had I known the intensity of side effects it would bring on at that rate, I would have been more patient in reaching my appropriate dose. Most of the side effects subsided after 6-8 weeks. M 23 6 months
30 mg 3X D

 4  Anxiety, Depression, OCD Weight gain, trouble sleeping, sweating, snoring, alternating diarrhea and constipation, flatulence. Since childhood I have taken over 20 medications for my condition, and Nardil is the best treatment. The positive changes it produces often seem lacking or insignificant, but in truth the changes are profound and mean the difference between being hospitalized and having some quality of life. M 26 11 months
120 MG 1X D

 5  Depression and Anxiety Insomnia,some difficulty sexually peaking. After trying 10-15 anti-depressants in 12 years, Nardil is The Only Medicine that not only eliminated my depression (crossing my fingers!) but doesn't make me feel like an anxious situation will completely take over my mind and body. I HAD INSOMNIA IN THE BEGINNING- SO FAR THIS HAS WORKED FOR WONDERFULLY: I'll wake up @ 1 a.m., TAKE 45 MG. OF PHENELZINE, AND GO RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP! THEN I TAKE THE REMAINING 15 MG. BEFORE 12 A.M. I DON'T HAVE PROBLEMS SLEEPING ANYMORE! F 41 80 days
60 MG 1X D
 4  Treatment resistant depression Delayed ejaculation, mild erection problems, sleep disturbance, strange ringing in ear when standing (not the normal type), constipation, narcolepsy type sleepiness in the day at times, memory issues, weight gain (about 20% of my weight), some carb cravings. I tried about a dozen different drugs which had little to no effect. Nardil was the first thing that worked. I'm not 100% on Nardil, but very significantly better - I can function something close to normal most of the time. The side effects are worse at the beginning as you'd expect, but they do see to increase in intensity time to time in waves - I'll have a few weeks of bad side effects then a few months of mild. Overall, you'd have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. After years of ineffective drugs, despite the side effects sucking, I can function. M 40 2 years
60mg 1X D
 4  Depression, anxiety Difficulty achieving erection, inorgasmia, occasional down periods, daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Only antidepressant out of thirteen over a 15 year period that has actually provided sustained results. While there are still the occasional down days, I no longer have major depressive episodes. I do often have ADD-like symptoms, but never hypomania, and since I concurrently take 200mg daily of Provigil, the cause has not been attributed to one or the other drugs, or is perhaps a combination of the two. I would like to comment on the diet restrictions: Being the personality type that has to push the boundaries in order to know the playing field, as it were, upon initially taking Nardil I consumed foods from the restricted list, slowly at first until there were no restricted that I don't consume freely. In four years I have had one hypertensive event where I asked my wife to drive me to the ER when my BP meter indicated a BP of 180 over 250. Upon arrival, my BP was normal. I had been told that in an MAOI related crisis, my BP would not have returned to normal this quickly or without intervention. Was it the Nardil? No one knows, although an hour before checking my BP at home I had consumed nearly 8oz of Societe Roquefort cheese and nearly the same quantity of dry spicy Italian salami, so it is probable. My psch doctor and everything I've read had prepared me for specific symptoms that included being nauseous or vomiting, severe headache, etc. The only symptom that signaled concern was an odd feeling that I hadn't experienced before which made me think to check my BP M 62 4 years
45mg 1X D

 5  anxiety and depression I was on nardil for 18 years, this fall I started to have some anxiety. My Doc. took me off of the nardil and we have tried so many different drugs and nothing has worked. If I were to go back on the nardil would it work for me again. F 63 18 years
45 mg 3X D
 5  severe anxiety cant orgasm, insomnia, diet restrictions Why are doctors not using this MIRACLE DRUG more often? I AM CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M 44 7 years
45 mg 1X D

 1  Depression DEATH - my friend died from this drug. My friend was taking Nardil for depression. She had an allergy and took half an antihistamine. Her blood pressure shot up, she got a cerebral hemorrhage and died after being in a coma for 2 weeks. This drug is VERY DANGEROUS and should not be prescribed to anyone. F 32 2 years
15 4X D

 5  social anxiety insomnia,lack of libido,headaches,tremor-all gone now and probably went after i was slowly increased to 45mg a day an excellent drug for social anxiety-when you first take it you are invincible,have verbal diohrea,can talk to strangers about anything(nardil nonsense!)nothing phases you. this eurphoric stage last a few weeks and then you mellow out to a normal stage where the drug just does its job and side effects are then minimal-i have had no issues with any food-i drink alcohol,eat pepperoni,mature cheese in moderation,dont be put off by these very outdated food restrictions M 45 2 years
15mg 3X D
 5  Bipolar 2 & Social Anxiety Insomnia, constipation, low blood pressure, lower libido, in past 5 years, due to Nardil causing high adrenaline levels, blood pressure would spike high after evening dose; that is under control now. To date, Nardil is the only anti-depressant I can take. I have tried many others and am treatment resistant. Nardil has been a life saver for me in spite of some of the side effects. F 45 19 years
30.7 1X D

 5  bi-polar depression lack of sleep and rem sleep, headaches this drug saved my life. i was suicidal and i came out of it in three days with a 15mg dose increase. i was out of all options. even more effective then the ect treatments. The only major stressor is the lack of sleep. But I hope to reduce my dose to a maintenance dose soon. Meanwhile, I am living again and in peace. F 42 1 days
90 mg 1X D

 5  Treatment Resistant Depression, GAD Excessive sweating, carb cravings After two years of trying every anti-depressant known to man, my P-Doc mentioned MAOI's as a last resort. He said they were not prescribed often because of the dietary restrictions, but I was desperate for relief. Nardil has been a wonder drug and a savior-My anhedonia has been replaced by motivation and enjoyment and I don't need Klonopin to battle anxiety. The dietary restrictions are so minimal I can't believe that anyone with depression would not make the trade-off. Full relief in exchange for no aged cheese, pepperoni and soy sauce is a no-brainer in my book. I can't recommend this medicine enough. M 55 1.5 months
60mg 1X D
 2  Atypical Depression Repeated fainting/falling upon standing that didn't seem to go away with time resulting in many bruises & bumps to the head. Tiredness during day. Complete lack of headaches (good). Wanting to sleep all the time. Super low blood pressure even after activity. General coordination problems at 60mg which I was only at briefly-even trouble staying in lane while driving. I think it was helping with my depression, but the low blood pressure/fainting/falling was too dangerous & unnerving to remain on a therapeutic dose. I am on 22.5 mg now just to get by till my next dr's appt. Parnate is next. No food interactions, but I stayed away from restricted foods. Still feel it is worth trying for anyone that hasn't responded to other meds. F 35 90 days
15mg 3X D
 5  Migraines and depression Insomnia, euphoria, weight loss, possibly tardive dyskinesia I've taken 4 courses of Nardil over 15 years. It quit working after 1 year except this time. Works extremely well for both migraines (the only prophylactic treatment that has) and depression. Staying hydrated increases effectiveness markedly - at least 1/2 gallons of fluids a day, 3/4 is better. Keep Nardil "foods, meds, and supplements to avoid" list readily available for family, friends, doctors and ERs. [***You may contact me for very complete MS Excel worksheet***] You literally can't be too careful. While being prepped for a procedure the OR clinician decided to use lidocaine w/ epi (epinepherine) as opposed to the lidocaine I had approved, on the spur of the moment! I intervened and he argued with me!! Had to get the doc to confirm my wishes. Review & insist on approval for all meds to be given in a hospital/ER setting. M 55 2 years
30 2X D
 5  In the 1980's for Major Depression My side effects were mostly all GOOD with Nardil when I took it back in the mid-eighties for a major depression. No other meds at the time helped me..of course now in 2010 they have a lot of other meds..but none that I have taken have helped like Nardil did. I did have ONE High BP episode when I ate a very small piece of Kilbasa (my mistake). Headache for hours b/c of a spike in BP..but it went away. I also lost weight due to the strict dietary requirements, so that was a plus. I wish I could take it again now (2010) for depression, but b/c of some health problems that I didn't have years ago, the doctor won't give it to me. That drug saved my life. I told the doctor at the time who prescribed it that I would walk out in the AM and hear the birds singing..things were SO CLEAR. Amazing..and powerful drug. Within 3 mths of starting Nardil, I had a job, lost weight (I needed to lose a lot) and had more energy than I had in years. I thank God for my doctor at the time for trying this drug on me. Please becareful of the dietary restrictions and OTC meds you can't take with it. :) Take Care. F 48 15 months
15-20? 1X D
 5  Treatment-resistant depression Side effects I have are weight gain and insomnia. Nardil is the only med that worked. (I take Abilify and others, too). I can't get the weight off no matter what I do. I eat like a bird and exercise (not enough, I guess). HAS ANYONE HAD SUCCESS LOSING WEIGHT AND TAKING NARDIL?! PLEASE ADVISE. Thank you. Otherwise, it's been a great med for me. F 57 4 years
15 mg. 4X D
 4  Dysthymia and Social Anxiety Weight gain, constipation, lowered libido, insomnia if I don't take olanzapine. Very pleased with, reduces my social anxiety and depression. Combined with olanzapine it is powerful, only have a few depressed days a month now instead of constant dysthymia. Social anxiety is lowered but not eradicated. Better than any other antidepressant i've tried, inc SSRIs, SNRI, NASSA, tricyclic, reversible MAOI Moclobemide. F 32 20 months
 5  depression,anxiety, social anxiety weight gain, constipation (stopped after a while) anorgasmia (stopped after a while) This drug is a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Before i had this drug, I couldn't leave the house due to crippling anxiety. It destroyed all anxiety and all depression... It made me feel normal, and not so extremely self-conscious and shy The SSRI's are useless when compared to this wonderful medication Thankyou Nardil!!!!! M 31 8 years

 5  anxiety immediately felt much better==amazed M 52 6 years

 5  treatment resistant Depression At first I fainted a couple of times when I got up quickly. Even after a year I am more clumsy than I was. My blood pressure has got down, which was a good thing. I am taking nardil (75m per day) along with wellbutrin. Wellbutrin helps me to make plans and get things done. Nardil greatly reduces the pain and anxiety. F 54 1 years

 4  OCD and anxiety Wieght gain, excessive sweating, also taking Zyprexa that causes wieght gain. This drug was a miracle drug! Tried all kinds if SSRI's with zero success. My OCD was out of control and this medication gave me my life back. Now I'm looking to get off of it because the side effects are getting to be to much to handle. M 29 1 years

 4  Atypical depression First 10 years, postural hypotension, constipation, very dry mouth. Feel warmer than most people all the time. Weight gain of about 20%+ of my body weight from when I started. Crave carbohydrates. Now I wonder if hair loss is from taking Nardil for so many years, but I have no options. Treatment-resistant depression. Treatment-resistant depression. Docs always seeking adjunct med to add to Nardil. Have tried Lamictal, Trileptal, Topamax. Either the side effects were horrible, or they didn't help. Now my doc is thinking of Abilify, which scares me to death. Side effects can be really bad. Nardil helps my depression only about 75%, and no one has found the drug to enhance that. In 2003, Pfizer changed the manufacturing facility and the coating was changed. The pill looks different and the coating has a horrible taste, which never really leaves the mouth. Many people have complained to Pfizer that the drug is less effective than it was pre-2003; don't know the sites, but if you Google Nardil 2003 changes, you'll find message boards. I also have trouble finding a new psych who knows how Nardil works and really about drugs that don't interact. I have to take Yohimbine HCL 5.4mg twice daily to maintain normal blood pressure. Otherwise, it's VERY low, like 75/50. M 52 28 years
 5  Depression and anxiety None. I strictly adhered to food list given by doctor. Only anti-depressant that worked, even better than shock treatments providing I took them regularly. It was my wonder drug. M 78 3 years
 5  Migraines Weight gain, carb cravings. Mood swings if I miss more then 1 dose. Hospital trip expected if I stray off diet. Hard diet because no leftovers over 2 days old + no cheese = my not eating enough protein. I eat a lot of eggs - luckily, I like them and have a good source. This is the only medication that helps me maintain "low pain" headaches instead of 2-3 Migraines a week. It was given to me after 3 years of failed "migraine regimin" drugs. F 41 4 years

 5  Anxiety Occassionally some stimulation, anorgasmia Best psychotropic for me so far M 52 16 years

 5  muscular/neurological problems Sleepiness, hot spells, nightmares (but no REM sleep). I had several very bad reactions to food. Blood pressure sky-rocketed, severe headache, nausea, pain in left arm, heart palpitations. I've been to the emergency trip several times. Once after a reaction I was hospitalized because my blood work showed signs of a heart attack. Apparently I've had many more problems with interactions with food and drink than others. I recommend following the food restrictions carefully, except for those on avocados, soy products, and bananas. F 47 23 years

 4  Dysthymia + Major Depression On dosage c.40mg: short term memory loss (not listed as side effect in literature), slowed digestion, increased appetite - especially for carbohydrates, After trying a series of SSRI's, tricyclics, SSNRI's etc I tried Nardil and it has worked well. Dietary restrictions are not a concern for me and occasional alcohol, cheese etc are fine. I split dosage into 3 times/ day. Can be a hassle to travel with as you are meant to keep them refrigerated. M 36 4 years

 5  Depression Weight gain, occassional dry mounth, insomnia, occassional Postural hypotension I was suffering from a debilitating depression. The pain was constant and unbearable. I felt worthless and hopeless. None of the new class of drugs worked. I had taken Nardil in 1987 to lift me out of similar depression and it worked so my doctor and I thought we should try it again. This time it started working after about three weeks. The drug hasn't solved all my problems, but I couldn't expect it to. Right now I feel the absence of depression. I feel much, much better. M 43 5 weeks

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