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 4  MS Flare Metal taste, sleeplessness, accelerated heart rate, severe increase in blood pressure, hot flashes in face and neck, sweating, joint pain, head aches... pretty much all the standard ones. Have had MS for 8 years now have nave spent a lot of time doing 5 grams over 5 day runs. I rated the drug a 5 for the fact that it is effective, but it is not the silver bullet for MS... it simply relieves some swelling in a hope that will help your symptoms. M 37 5 days
1 gram 1X D

 2  Peripheral Neuropathy All the standards - weight gain, anger, mood swings, dizziness, spike in blood sugar, insomnia, feeling plain lousy I'm halfway throgh a 12-week regimen in hopes of slowing down a very agressive form of neuropathy. I'm virtually insensate below my knees - so I'm hoping the side effects are worth the possible positive results. So far, no improvement at all, however. F 53 12 weeks
1 gram 1X W
120 1X M

 2  optic neuritis, diagnosed MS Horrible awful yucky taste-smell.Ew ew ew! I tried gum the second day it helped, byt for the rest of the week everything tasted off. "Hot flashes" to my face and neck. The nurse had to slow the drip down because it was hurting my vein near my shoulder, slower helped. I had these done in the evening(5pm) and then couldn't sleep. During the day I was confused, emotional, kinda' whacky. Extreme mood swings!! My husband and children were very supportive throughout, and believe me, they had to try hard. Words wouldn't come when I needed them. The solumedrol didn't work. It has been three weeks and my vision in my right eye is no better. It did nothing for me but waste my vacation time and put my Crazy Hat on. F 31 5 days
100 1X D
 3  Dermatomyositis, overlap syndrome 70 pound weight gain; hyperactivity/insomnia night of treatment; veins difficult to find for infusion; metallic taste during and rest of the day of infusion; increased agitation, mood swings. This drug, like ANY OTHER DRUG, comes with risks. There is a risk of kidney failure if you take too much Tylenol, so with something like this, you have to take the good with the bad. The drug company does make this information available; it's the responsisbility of the health practioner prescribing and/or administering the drug to discuss the risks with you. If your doctor recommends a corticosteroid, ask for this instead of prednisone - prednisone may be a "wonder drug", but the side-effects are horrendous. Because I've been on Solu-Medrol for so long, my veins have become increasingly unusable (collapsing, blow out, disappearing, etc...). I'm unable to lose any weight. This drug is just keeping my symptoms at bay. I've tried it in conjuction with a few DMARDS and IVIg, without much success. The next step is Rituxan - if I pass all the screening tests. I'm simultaneously scared and eager to try it. F 39 4.5 years
1g 1X W

 3  MS related Optic Neuritus Weight Gain and Bloating, Metallic Taste, Taste "off" for about 1 week after completion, Confusion, Leg Cramps, Unsatisfied hunger (which didn't help the weight gain and bloating), Tearfulness, easily angered/upset, high blood sugars (I am not a diabetic but had to take insulin), terrible acne, jittery feeling/ felt like muscles in my hands and arms were buzzing, and pshycosis, I have taken solu-medrol twice and each time have hated it. Yes, it has helped with the optic neuritus both times but the side effects made me feel like I'd lost my mind. The first time was the worst (I took for 5 days then), but that could be chalked up to the steroids plus the emotional whirlwind of just being diagnosed w/ MS. Second time wasnt as bad, but I am still feeling the side effects. Both times I haven't felt quite "normal" or like myself for about a month after and then I have to work hard to lose the weight they put on me (both times about 13 lbs). I have heard of people loosing weight while on them, and I envy them! The side effects suck, but I think they are worth it in the long run to have my sight back (I saw improvement in my vision by day 2 of solu-medrol and by the end of my 11 day prednisone taper my sight was almost completely restored) F 25 3 days
2X D

 3  1st Documented MS Attack-RR Flushed purple swollen face, aggitation, impatience, extremeties felt hot, metal taste (nothing could fix it); Day 1: Felt ok, but much better day 2. Felt like my old self again, but I over did it and felt exhausted and achey day 3. Day 3 didn't care I was a bit achey, energy was back and wanted to get things finished; which I did, but over did and felt like I got hit by a bus. Day 4 couldn't recover from being hit by the bus. Definitely slower today, right thigh and knee swollen, face swolle, blisters/acne around mouth and jaw. Legs look like they lost muscle mass. F 36 8 days
1 g 1X D

 5  rheumatoid pluracy none M 69
1X D

 3  New MS diagnosis Slight metallic taste. Burning in the injections site. Uncomfortable feeling in my legs and lower back. Restlessness and slight agitation. I just finished my last day of treatment. Im scared to see what happens. I kinda hurt and i have been told that the worst is to come. Although, my vision is slightly better and i do have high hopes that this will help after the side effects wear off. All and all it hasnt been too bad, yet. we will see how the next few days go. F 24 3 days
1000mg 1X D
 2  MS exacerbation Almost immediate metallic taste in mouth, was worse during the first treatment, abated somewhat during following treatements. Side effects didn't kick in until several days after treatment ended. after 3 infusions, I was feeling okay and thought I was not going to have any side effects...until 24 hours after the last treatment. I was slammed by insomnia, I was wired and couldn't sleep despite being prescribed Xanax for that purpose. Sheer exhaustion, but couldn't sleep if my life depended on it. Then came the tears, I was weepy for 3 days, and miserable. I could not catch my breath. I have asthma and thought I was having an asthma attack. It turned out I was having anxiety attacks, which I've never had before. My heart was pounding, I was sweating like a lumberjack and I could not relax. I had a huge spike in neck and shoulder pain, with burning sensations in my shoulders and neck. I didn't notice much improvment in my leg weakness, which is why I opted for the infusion. Seven days out from the last infusion, and I'm not convinced it did much good. F 47 3 days
1 gram 1X D

 4  CIDP metallic taste in mouth, insomnia, hot flashes, redness of skin, severe muscle cramps in calves, intense agression and irritability, weight gain, made me really hungry I have lives with intense chronic pain for 3 years, and being recently diagnosed w CIDP I was curious what they could do. I have bveen living with severe joint pain that cause difficulty walking even and after 3 days iv solumedrol i squatted to grab something from a bottom shelf in store. With much less pain! amazing! it wasnt cure but it helped enough to make me hope the effects last. Also suffer from a discoid rash like presents in lupus and it is completely gone. Thats a blessing. F 32 3 days


 4  mixed connective tissue disease metallic taste in mouth, flushed face and hot flashes, hyperactivity day of treatment, restlessness night of treatment, body aches day of treatment,weight gain and inability to lose weight, abdominal bloating and gas Compared to Prednisone, Solu-Medrol is a gift. I didn't end up with 'moon face' or the sharp mood swings / aggressiveness that I experienced on Prednisone. And as weird as this sounds, when I was taking Prednisone (a pill), I felt like there was poison running through my veins; I don't have that feeling with Solu-Medrol (which is truly running through my veins). I was on Solu-Medrol for three years, tried to go off of it, and now, three months later, I have to go back on it. It is inconvenient to have to go to a clinic and have a nurse set everything up, poke a vein once a week, miss time from work etc...., but the relief it provides me is worth it. Like any medication out there, there are always risks associated with taking it. Before starting it, patients should ask lots of questions, research articles online etc.... As with any corticosteroid, be sure your doctor also gives you a prescription for calcium with vitamin D - like Fosamax, which can also be purchased in generic form. It's very important since cortisone eats away at your bones. Try to get your clinic appointments in the morning so that you can burn off some of the 'energy' during the day. This will suppress your immune system - try to stay away from people with colds, flus, etc.... A Medic-Alert bracelet is a good idea in case you are ever incapacitated. The fee is minimal and worth the information it will provide health givers in an emergency. Anyone with a serious illness should have one. F 38 3 years

 3  Newly Diagnosed MS I experienced a bad taste in my mouth during the treatment.I felt the alertness (not Hyperness) about 5 minutes into the treatment. My muscles in my legs ached later each of treatmnent but was easily resolved with some bananas. My face cleared up but my neck, back and chest sufffered mildly. 1g X 3 I was lucky to take the advice that was given by other patients from this site. For heart burn that sometimes happen a prilosec OTC pill helps if you take it 1.5 hours before each time before treatment if your doctor allows. Caramal and Chocalate parfait nips candies are really good to suck on during treatment to curb the bad taste. Tums also helps with breakthrough heartburn and can be taken with the prilosec,with your docotors approval. Doing the treatment 1st thing in the morning helps with the potential for sleep problems at night for the duration of the treatment. You should check with your doctor if you are concerned about to much hyperness as a result of the steroid and he might be able give you something to help you. I was fortunate to have xanax prescribed for me by my Doctor and it helped. The best advice is to know your body and to ask questions about this medication and what you can look for in side effects. Everyone is so different. I was able to have an experience that was not unbearable. GOOD LUCK F 32 3 days

 4  Optic Neuritis I am a Type 1 Diabetic x 24 years, just diagnosed with Optic Neuritis. Doc told me that the IV solumedrol would help but increase my sugars. After first day of treatment my sugars went into high 300's. I had to give myself manual injections as well as normal basal rate thru my pump. The only other side effect during treatment was the horrible metalic taste in mouth. Just chew gum and you'll be fine. However, now I am on day two of completeing the medication and I feel as if someone has taken a baseball bat to my neck, throat, and trunk. Im not in pain persay, just very sore. The way you feel after you've been in a car accident...very odd. Both the doctor and pharamacist said that was not a listed side effect. It has helped with the eye issues which is wonderful. No more double vision, thank goodness. F 30 3 days

 4  MS exacerbation Side effects totally different with each round (totaling 15 rounds for past 10 years.) If there's a side effect, I have had it...but not all with every round. Worst ever was SEVERE heartburn (2x) & extreme Psychosis (1x) & I can handle the rest. I did swear for awhile after the psychosis I would NEVER do again but I did after a 3yr break. But I have lost weight/gained weight...swelled badly/no swelling...insomnia/can't stay awake...high blood sugar/normal sugars. I always have SEVERE neck/back pain along with sudden drop in blood pressure if I don't taper (won't make that mistake EVER again!! It seemed to have the most positive/immediate results with the initial doses 10yrs ago (and they are ALWAYS 5 days + taper.) I think your body gets "used" to it and mine just reacts so differently every time...I never know what to expect but i am aware of all the things that COULD happen and knowledge of all of these possible side effects is the key. Always be aware of any changes going on and tell your Dr. immediately...even if you think it's minor. He can't do anything or make changes if he isn't aware of it!! Remember...YOU are your best advocate!! M 37 5 days
 5  MS Exacerbation Slight headache, metalic taste within 15 minutes of IV start, lights appear brighter, lots of energy This is my 3rd round of Solu-Medro-1 gram IV for 3 days for MS exacerbations. Although the side effects are not pleasant, the end results are worth it. No more pain in joints, hands, feet or legs. All three times I've taken the IV's I have LOST WEIGHT because my appetite just goes away...I count myself one of the lucky ones! I take 2 Prylosec at least 1 hour prior to start of IV to prevent heartburn and it works, I highly recommend doing this. About the only this that does not have a severe metal taste is Orange Sherbert. I also suck on Carmel Nips to cut down the metal taste. I do get extremely thirsty and urinate frequently, but this only lasts for 3 or 4 days. If you can tolerate Solu-Medrol IV, I highly recommend. Although it's not the most pleasant experience, it does calm the inflammation. F 56 3 days
 1  Aalborg Hospital I lost my daughter in November 2006. She died of Solu-Medrol due to a anafylactic chock. Pfizer were aware of the side effect but it was not informed in Denmark , F 15 1 days
 4  Transverse Myelitis Worked VERY well for me, but the second three day dosing I had brought my pulse down to 49. Eat potassium rich foods and monitor your pulse. Don't leave the IV room without making sure you get a pulse reading, which they are supposed to do anyway. In the room I had 51 and the nurse thought that was great. It was not. EAT potassium rich foods. that is what I want to get across to y'all! (I had two three day dosing IVs, two months apart for different TM episodes.) F 50 3 days
 5  MS exacerbations Once I was prescribed 750 mg. every 2 weeks vs 1000 mg. once a month and I had port put it, ONLY side effect was metal taste for a few hours. I'D RECCOMEND THIS THERAPY VS LAST ALTERNATIVE...A CHEMO DRUG WTH MANY SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS. F 65
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