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 5  degenerative disk disease, arthriti No side effects I take soma 3x a day for my degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis and constant muscle spasms. It has helped me so much. I have noticed that if I miss my afternoon dose my back will hurt very badly and I will get a headache. F 32 1 years
350mg 3x D

 5  instead of vicodine as a muscle relaxant I feel anxiety my moods switch drasticaly Use it but not permanently F 2 weeks
350 2 x day
 5  instead of vicodine as a muscle re I feel anxiety my moods switch drasticaly Use it but not permanently F 2 weeks
350 2 a da
 5  Muscle spasm and disks that are My back does not hurt anymore and I get a great night's sleep!!!! So screw all you drug addicts out there!!! DRUG ADDICT IDIOT... HE GAVE US THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD A BAD NAME!!!. F 40 1 weeks

 1  pain/muscle relaxation Ever heard of Soma Coma? That's what it does. I used to have an Indian Dr (most don't like opiates) who prescribed me 2 350mg tablets 4 times a day! In the 1950's and 60's this drug was used as a Tranquilizer! Soma has NO muscle relaxing properties. ***USE WITH CAUTION*** especially when combined with CNS depressants.* Subject to abuse, dependence, withdrawal and misuse. There is a risk of overdose which may lead to death, hypotension, seizures and other health issues. withdrawal symptoms included insomnia, vomiting, abdominal cramps, headache, tremors, muscle twitching, ataxia, hallucinations, and psychosis. One of Soma's metabolites, meprobamate, (a controlled substance), may also cause dependence. *http://www.drugs.com/pro/carisoprodol.html#S2 Feel free to contact me with Pain related questions or other issues. Mr. Robert N. Davis M 37 2 years
 5  muscle spasms, pain Occasionally Soma will make me loopy but not every time. If I take it after I've eaten it won't do that to me at all. Very rarely I have had a loss of balance, maybe 3 times since I started taking it. I take Soma in addition to Oxycodone and they work WONDERFULLY together for my pain that is caused by arthritis in my spine. This combination actually enables me to function and carry on my responsibilities as a mother of 3 young children, instead of lying in bed with a heating pad all day and crying from the pain I'm in. These two drugs have been a godsend for me. F 44 5 years
350 mg 3X D
 5  fibro/RA sleepy Only Soma Can help me with the pain I have I have been on several meds trying to get relief for 15 years but this is the only one that really helps me I try t only take at night now because It does make you sleepy, I found out that they can be cut in half so I may try that for during the day F 46 6 months
350 4X D
 2  SpasmsContractions-NervePain-Damage Vertigo, not for hypotension patience, vomiting, nausea, stoned, drunken spins, severe constipation, Fainting, tachycardia, no nerve pain, no severe spasms, my completely unmanageable pain is gone. I halved my pills same side effects- symptoms. I am trying a fourth now and will see if that works. It's been 30 minutes feel high and it also give anxiety. Hopefully I can adjust as my options for meds are so limited. DO not suggest anyone with low blood pressure take this. I had to puke and put on compression stockings as well as take other BP meds to raise my BP and stop the spins then passed out for 12 hours. At a full dose I worry that I could be in a coma. Couldn't imagine anyone wanting to abuse this as the side effects are awful enough. Dehydration and headaches also occur. I am hoping this is an adjustment period but will be calling my doctor asap as he suggested. I do not suggest taking with any other sedative/ pain medicine/ almost went to the ER... I do feel out breath a little at a fourth dose. (this is jst 1/4th of a 350mg pill) Please be careful with this drug. I love reality too so only hope to take this as a last resort if I don't stop all together because I feel completely like I smoked pot in space and not connected with the world around me and not in a good way. I ate with this dose and have been drinking glasses of water. Taking midodrine to raise BP. F 26 7 days
350 2X D
 5  Motorcycle Accident 24 fractures Tired in the morning I have posted before about my motorcycle accident. Had 24 fractures and head injury. A year or so later the doc gave me Soma. That was the first good nights sleep I had since my accident. If only people wouldn't take it like skittles,, makes it hard on people that need it for real pain. Keep it down, it will still work, you just don't get that nice Soma hug. I was Rx'd 4 a day, never took more than 3. Over the last 6 months I have cut back to 350 an hour before dinner. Then I take a one at night. It still works after all these years. I bump it with melatonin supplement sometimes. I try not to a lot. It greatly enhances a night with less pain,,, gets you through the night. I only take Lortab (2) during the day. It seems like I wake up in a few hours if I take Lortab at night. Don't give in to that 3 or 4 or 40 at a time. Is that a road you want to go down? It's a Barbituate and very addicting, I know..You will have to pay the piper if you get cut off. So would I at 2 a day. Do yourself a favor and take it only when you need it because your hurting so bad. It will ease your suffering. Funny thing about Soma is that it's a nerve blocker. It blocks the pain signal from getting to your brain. It still hurts but you don't know it. I have had a toothache. Been to the dentist twice. I notice when I take a Soma the toothache goes away. It comes back in a few hours but not as bad.
It's a good drug.
M 60 12 years
350 2X D
 4  need orgasm Euphoric, lets me have good orgasm. Used with Cialis works best. M 70
75mg 1X AN

 4  sciatic nerve pain Despite being loopy it truly helps with spasms. Dont drive til you know how it effects you. But overall a very good med. F 36 4 years
 5  recreational barely tried one :o kinda nervous M 17 1 days

 5  six herniated discs throughout back Sleepiness demotivated-overall my experience taking soma has been a positive one.relief for me stats almost immediately which is convenient since I only take at bedtime and have 2 small kids.this drug helps me get the relief I need enabling sleep to come much easier and doesn't leave me waking up groggy in the morning unlike other muscle relaxers...I am highly satisfied. F 26 6 months
350 mg
 5  muscle spasms due to car accident Only side effect that Soma caused was some drowisness if taken on empyt stomach,but after eating or drinking cup of coffee symptoms would decrease F 57 10 years
350 '^
 5  spinal stenosis,muscle cramps sleepy when taken on an empty stomach This is the only muscle relaxer that works. I now vary from one to two pills a day taken in the early evening and at night. The first pill is the most effective. There is no addiction since I have quit for long periods when not in pain with no side effects. M 66 20 years
350MG 3X D

 5  Unbearable menstral cramps Sleepy- but it is the only medication that helps with the cramps F 30 1 days
2 to 3

 5  Pain and Help Sleep I think it has taken my desire to do things away. Broke 24 bones in motorcycle accident, collapsed lung, closed head injury, fractured pelvis and scapula. I had never heard of Soma. My GP thought Flexeril was making me depressed and wanted me to try Soma. He was writing 4x a day with 11 refills for years. I never took 4 a day, at one point I was taking 3 a day. Have cut back to 1/2 of a pill early evening and one around 10-11 pm with no problem. This last 1-1/2 is going to be rough to get off. My back was broken and neck injuries make it so I have to sleep on my stomach. Soma takes pain away like nothing else I have tried. I take 2 Lortab during the day but it hardly touches the pain. I don't drive on Soma, don't feel it is safe because it does make you loopy on one pill. Now after 11 years I feel like I need to stop taking it. I didn't know that a good portion of it metabolizes into metrobromate, a barbituate that makes it hard to stop. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard spot. I want to get off it but I keep taking it due to my dislike for pain and enjoying 8-9 hours of sleep. After I take the night one I stay up for hours because it is the first time of the day I am pain free. It is definitely a double edged sword. I don't know if it makes you sick to stop completely, I have never tried. The pain keeps me coming back every night, even though I am completely unmotivated. I feel like Soma is robbing me of a life. I am content to watch tv all day, every day. Maybe from the wreck, or my age but in my heart I know it' M 60 11 years
350 2X D

 4  Knee muscle spasms Sleepiness, loopiness, nauseau It helped the muscle spasms stop. and i don't feel like i will develop an addiction, i'm also on pain meds, a really low dose for my knee(i've had 3 knee surgeries) and it really is helping me. i would not recommend taking this drug for a long time because it is meant for a 3 week period at most. i would recommend only to those who honestly need some pain relief from an injury. Not for 'recreational use' F 23
350 mg 4X D
 5  arthritis stiffness and pain a little constipated and sleepy if I wasn't doing something. Worked very well. Don't get why people say this is addictive as I get it through the VA and because of that they frequently miss getting my medicine to me when there suppose to so I have many times been without it for extended periods of time after taking it for months and had no withdrawal effects. M 64 3 years
350mg 2X D
 5  fibro/ chronic pain I'm in pain 24/7 I've tried every natural thing I can think off PT accupunture exercise (makes my pain worse next day or later that day) F 30 6 years
3 350
 5  back pain -lower sciatic sleepy feeling, this is ok because I take it before bedtime to relax sore back. I could take it up to four times a day but do not like the drowsy feeling. M 75 2 weeks
350 1X D

 5  SEVERE FIBROMYALGIA/hip replacement No odd side effects ever. only blessed pain relief. I tried many muscle medications attempting to help the with severe muscular issues, from a lifetime of injuries and illness. This is the only medication that actually REACHED my pain and dealt with it well. I have no side effects, and have been taking Soma for 7 YEARS....AND THE SOMA STILL WORKS WELL. I'VE BEEN ON THE SAME DOSAGE for 7 years!! Still works well. Have not changed the dosage or frequency. I Pray someone out there will support NOT TAKING SOMA OFF THE MARKET IN THE U.S. It certainly does much more good than not. AND as for the abusers.....they ruin it for REAL PATIENTS IN REAL PAIN!! F 60
350 mg 4X D

 3  Fibro Bad headache w shooting pain. Also severe atypical migraine where i couldnt move or speak for several hrs F 58 10 days

 3  ddd, fibro, spinal & cervical steno I have been experiencing a headache since I started the very first dose of this med. Has anyone else experienced this in the beginning and then after your body got used to it your headache stop? F 36 1 days
 5  Fibromyalgia I have no side affects from this drug. I have had fibromyalgia for over 16 years. It is a miserable disease and the only thing that has even eased my pain is SOMA. I had no adverse reactions from it and was actually able to sleep. If this med is taken as prescribed and for what it is needed, then there should be no problem in taking this drug. As far as addiction, I don't believe it and I will tell you why. I was on this drug for about five years and I then moved. Once I had new doctors, they refused to perscribe it to me and I was shut off cold turkey and has no reaction. They have no chosen that I see a pain specialist for my pain and they all have no problem prescribing me narcotics and opioids which are so addicting that I can't understand what is happening here. I hate them, I feel like crap taking most of them and they just don't work after a while. I have to take doses that are strong enough to knock a horse over to get any relief because my body has gotten use to them. I wish people would fight more for SOMA as it is one of the BEST meds out there. I am sorry for the few that I have read that lost someone to soma but it makes me wonder if they were taking way more than they were prescribed? These people that have a hell of a lot of nerve to come on here and think it is funny to write about you high experiences should be shot! This isn't the purpose for this medical rating. It's people like you that ruin it for the people that need it for real medical issues. F 52 5 years
350x2 1X D
 5  Broken back-25 years ago None Soma is the only med. that I have found that helps me & believe me, I have taken just about every prescription med. out there. After 5 back surgeries, Soma is the only thing that helps M 55 25 years
350mg. 8X D

 5  neck injury It worked great. she prescribed baclofen this time and it is not doing a thing to relax my neck pain. F 44 8 days
 5  back scar tissue from four surgery Tried all the other muscle relazers and Soma really helps. No adverse reactions. Take one three times a day. M 68 60 days
3X D

 5  lupus It helps me move. everything else hasn't help as much as Soma. now they are talking about taking it off the market. F 38 4 months
350 mg
 4  fibro Some sleepiness, nothing a cup of coffe couldn't cure for a bit. I can take with or without food. I do not drive however within 30 minutes of taking any dose, after 30 minutes any lightheadedness subsides and I'm good In conjunction with my Lyrica, it has helped me function with only dull pain (most of the time), by keeping me loose and directly addressing my pain. I have been hurting excessively and these two drugs have helped me make a huge turnaround. I don't always take all 3 and sometimes I split the first one in half and take those halves as dose 1 and 2...but sometimes the breakthrough pain is simply unbearable. also helps me sleep at night because I can relax, which can be hard to do when you hurt! I am so sorry to the people who have lost loved ones because of this med, but I have also lost people to substances which were addictive, and abused, because they were adicts. choose to treat the addiction and the pain and try to always choose moderation. this med has saved me and I would fight the *&%#! who would have me suffer like I was before! I have kids and an elderly parent to look after. I have a job, bills to pay, and serious obligations to fulfil.I would lose all that, which is literally my life. depriving me of that is very similar to actually killing me, except that would be better, because me family would get my life insurance pay-out; otherwise I am a drain on everyone, even society. F 36 30 days
250mg 3X D

 5  Right Lateral Thoracotomy w/ T6 Fus Metallic taste in my mouth after 20-30min. NO BUZZING What people rarely know about this medication is that a schedule II anxiety medication is a metabolite of Soma. If you were to have a blood pharmacology done, you would find that Meprabomate reveals itself at as much as 7 times the amount of the actual Soma. Also, if you have been taking it as long as I have, you may also find that your body isn't metabolizing it as it used to. I take this as prescribed and do not have a problem with it. But in researching it I find that many people abuse it. I guess you might say it's like what you hear about those who do hardcore drugs and get that overwhelming euphoria the first time. Then they continue looking for that same result but cannot find it again. So they do more and more and more. Eventually they wind up either jailed, or it's always their first priority to obtain and take. If you are prescribed this medication (and it better be for a darn good reason [pain, spasm] do exactly what the doctor says. Don't take it to look for some forget the world feeling, because the world will be right there on the other side. M 53 11 years
350mg 6X D
 4  Fibromyalgia Nightmares!!!!! Drowsiness, and a slight buzz when taken on an empty stomach. I like this medication because it does not make me feel dependent, and having a condition that is usually treated with highly addictive pain medications I try to avoid those at all costs. Unfortunately, since I have been taking this medication I have been having very intense nightmares. That is my biggest complaint and it makes it hard for me because I have to decide what is more important, to get to sleep and have nightmares, or stay awake in pain. This medication is only used when my symptoms are light, not for my more severe episodes. F 30 8 days
350 mg 3X D
 5  For lower back pain. Sleepiness, relaxed, Great relief, helped my pain very good. its the greatest medicine to treat pain.... it has worked very good for me... M 25 1 months
350mg 2X D
 3  Two back surgeries in four months. Mild headache, extreme hunger, euphoria, blurred vision. being a recovering alcoholic, I knew there was a reason I liked this drug, it containes a barbiturate. I started taking one at a time, then when I took two, I was in a slight coma. I am now down to 1/2 in morning 1/2 at night since my doctor has cut me off. I will say it worked, but, maybe, a bit too much. I did also gain around 15lbs cuz of the extreme munchies. I will miss it, but, I know I need to move on. F 53 6 months
350 4X D
 1  Cervical Dystonia I felt like I had an "out of the body" experience. I remember walking downstairs from my bedroom and wondering later how I got there. This drug did something to my mind at that time and I decided to never go on it again. I had a bad experience with just one dose of Soma and never went back on it (see Side Effects). Some people call the "coma-like" state it can induce, "Soma Coma". I don't plan on ever taking it again due to my negative experience. M 49 1 days
250 MG 1X D

 4  Herniated Disc in Neck Tiredness, Dizziness Soma worked very well for the first few months, then I built up a tolerance. My muscle spasms would be so bad it would cause my neck to flare up causing severe nerve pain. Soma would help the muscles relax so the neck pain would not flare up. I stopped taking this right before my surgery, and after my surgery my surgeon put me on a different medication. It wasn't working as well by that time anyway. If you do take this medication be sure you do not drive, especially for the first few times and also if you are taking any pain medication with it. F 24 4 months
350mg 1X D
 5  carpel tunnel,neck spasms I fall asleep about a half hour after taking it.I cannot take it during the day.It has helped my arm and neck tremendously. F 35 7 days
350 mg 2X D

 3  Subluxated spinal injury I took this once last night around 9:30. It is now 9 a.m. and I am light headed and dizzy, I keep falling asleep sitting up, my head feels very heavy and it's hard to keep my eyes open. On top of that I have the worst headache. Drunk and hungover at the same time is the only way I know to describe it. Sadly, I kept waking up over and over last night for no reason other than I felt like I was falling off the bed. When I got out of bed I was actually afraid to walk through my own house. Not because of running into something or stumbling but a "little kid, nightmare" kind of fear. It was extremely abnormal. IF I EVER take it again, I'm going to cut it into 4 pieces and try that. IF I EVER take it again F 33 1 days
350 mg 1X D
 5  fibromyalgia Very sleepy after taking it, so I have to take it before bed. Some mouth dryness. This is the first med I've ever taken that actually helps with my fibromyalgia! If I take one pill before bed I sleep well and wake up with very little pain. However, during a fibro flare the pain will come back after I'm awake for a couple hours. I don't get any of the "high" feeling others describe because it just puts me to sleep. I notice that I can't fall asleep without it anymore, so I don't know if I'm becoming dependant on it or not, but I have no desire to take it during the day. F 37 6 months
350MG 1X D
 1  upper back pain I couldn't walk, I felt in a cloud for 20 hours, hallucinated, will never take it again. This is my experience only. I take flexeril 10mg 3x daily and I love it!!! Just body chemistry and genes, I guess I flushed all mine down the toilet and glad i did it. There are only two people i can think of i would want to feel like that, haha F 56 1 times
350mg 3X D

 5  Migraines/Daily tension headaches Slight sleepiness. I was prescribed this drug once per day, at bedtime. So, the slight sleepiness it caused me was actually welcomed. I was taking Flexeril 3X daily to keep me loose during the day. It was a little hard to function doing that, but a lot better than debilitating headaches! I did not find the Soma to cause any "euphoria" or "giddiness" for me. It just helped the pain. had to stop due to pregnancy, hoping to re-start after weaning baby from the breast. F 33 2 months
250mg 1X D
 5  back surgery Fell asleep quickly and become light headed if I don't fall asleep Took after my back surgery and really helped with the combination of perks that I got from the hospital after surgery. For the people with all the negative effects from it make sure you read ALL the side effects so you know what you might be in store for and if you have any call your doctor ASAP. This is a VERY powerful drug with MAJOR side effects and yes it is possible you can die but that is very rare but can happen and it can be VERY addictive so take with caution...this information is not from some normal person I am a RN that works at a hospital. Please don't abuse this drug which most deaths from this drug is because of the toxicity of this drug and mixing it with alcohol which is the worse thing you could do so DON'T DO IT!!! Again it's a good drug to relieve some things but can be very dangerous so take with caution and make sure you know all the possible side effects before taking. Hope this helps. M 21 2 months
350 MG 3X D

 4  neck sprain insomnia I have noticed that Soma makes most people drowsy and when my husband had to take it, he was asleep within 20 minutes. It has the opposite effect on me, I seem to be only able to sleep about 3 hours at a time. It does help relieve the muscle tightness in my neck, but no feelings of being "high", etc. F 47 1 weeks
350mg 2X D

 5   I experienced no side effects whatsoever , other than a little tiredness on a 350 mg dose I had major pain following foot surgery , mainly on most of my toes ( hammertoe and bunions ) on both feet ,possibly nerve related post surgical syndrone and had tried darvon and fiorinal with limited success . I also had 60 visits with a PT where e-stim , ultrasound , contrast baths and 830 cold laser therapy was of some help but disregaurding any pain meds the SOMA seems to help relax the nerve impulses , which cause pain, numbness , tingling and lack of focus due to these stimuli . SOMA seems to block the nerve pain , at least after these other treatment modalities have maxed out their progression anyway . I may possibly have perephial neuritis / neuropathy or compressed nerves . At this point in my follow-up therapy it takes my mind off my feet and gives me more focus and allows me to be in the game again . I can actually hold a conversation without the distraction of pain , which occured sitting , standing, walking , or even sleeping , and my wife doesn't have to watch me move my feet constantly while we are just watching TV and I am once again able to feel like more of an asset around the house and more capable at work . luckily I am a lab technician at a major factory or I might not have the 33 years seniority I have at my still young age , and would maybe have to retire !! I am thankful for where I am and not remorseful as I once was thanks to some progress and SOMA to relax my neurological symptoms !!!! M 51 2 days
4X D

 5  Lower Back Pain. S1/L5 Removed. High. Happy. Light Headed. Drunken Feeling. But all these feelings go away once you build a tolerance. Weed in a pill form. Warning! Dont not take with any depression medication or aniexty medication will make soma a gateway drug to dangerous narcotics and overdosing. Also may lead to self inflicting pain, such as cuts and burns since you it blocks pain receptors and maybe depress you. Best taken on an empty stomach for the first 20mins to get you relaxed. Then eat a very small meal or snack to avoid from having stomach cramps and heart burn because there is so much sodium in the drug. May want tums or antacid on hand to avoid heart burn. Stop use if you experience increase heart rate or shortness of breath and contact your doctor. If after 1-2 weeks the pill doesnt seem to be effective stop taking for 1-2 weeks then start again while using advil or such in the meantime. Enjoy. I know I do, its hard enough being a 21 year old with a disabled back from a bad car crash from a person t-boning my show car...but things like soma help me do things i enjoy and be happy. :) M 21 6 months
350 3X D
 5  tmj I generally take this only at bedtime and have not really noticed any side effects unless it kicks in before I make it to bed,then I get a bit dizzy feeling- but not always. It has been a lifesaver for me!! Before Soma I suffered with headaches almost daily and only slept about 4 hours because I'd wake up hurting with head,neck and shoulder pain.With the Soma,my headaches are minimal and pain at night is much improved allowing me to sleep longer periods. F 52 3 years
350 1X D

 1  Muscle pain One did me in! This is a dangerous medication..very dangerous! Felt nothing, like going into a small coma! Doctor's are idiots! F 35 1 days
1X D

 1  Lower back pain Sweating, flush face, fast heart rate, slowed thinking, nausea I was prescribed to take this 3x a day. I only managed to take one. Within 10 minutes I was sweating so bad I had to take my shirt off, sweat was pouring from my forehead. My face was so flush. My heart beat started to race, my thinking was slowed, and I felt like I had to vomit. I've never taken anything stronger than tylenol 3 when I had my tonsils out 10 years ago. I don't know why the doctor gave me such strong medication but it is too much for me. I don't understand how people can take these and feel like this. I was ready to drive myself to the emergency room cause I was getting paranoid. F 28 1 days
350 3X D
 5  neck pain/spasms every other muscle relaxer is junk besides this one. if they could make this pill not make you feel high, they would. but hey, cant have it all. and when you have been taking the medicatation for more than a few days you do not get the high effect anymore (if taken as perscribed). and FYI the high only lasts for about 20 min followed by the munchies. but guess what, i can turn my head for the next 4 hours which is why they are awesome. sorry if some people like to take too many and die. every drug and even alcohol has it's dark side. just like with vicodin. I take those as well, AS PRESCRIBED! just because some people OD does not mean the thousands of others should have to suffer if they decide to pull this medicine. if i dont have my soma's i would be in the hospital 3x's a week getting pain shots. no thanks. love it F 28 10 years
350 2X D

 5  several neck surgeries If taken more than precribed - slurred speech, can't walk Awesome muscle relaxer, if used like it suppossed to be!! The best around! F 37 5 years
3X D

 3  L4 L5 herniated disks drunken feeling, relaxation, good spirits until it wears off this drug for some reason makes me have pain in my esophagus...not sure if it is an allergic reaction or what. I notice if i take some before bed but dont get enough sleep I feel as if I have been hit by a truck in the morning. If you dont get enough sleep it wrecks your world and I cannot function normally, feel so down and tired and unable to function.....make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep after taking it at night....it is easy to take more than rx because it gives you a warm relaxed feeling. F 37 1 years
350 3X D

 5  Cervical and Lumbar spinal disease Light headed or sleepy if taking two at once. Not a "drunken" feeling as some have said. Soma has saved me from multiple back surgeries. It relaxes the muscle spasms in my spine. I have taken it for 16 years with NO side effects. And, it is NOT addictive, although I probably don't have an addictive personality. Some days I take none, and others I take as many as 6 in a day for spasms. Again, I have never felt any need to take more, or any compulsion to abuse the drug. M 63 16 years
350mg 3X D
 5  recovering from brain anuerysm surg drowsiness - which is good! I am not an addictive personality, and try and avoid ANY medications. However the pain in my head following the surgery I had 18 days ago is incredibly bad. I was given Darvocet and Morphine in the hospital, for 4 days, then Morphine and Soma in the Rehab center for 7 days. I tried some Darvocet a couple days ago, and had severe vomiting. After trying to cope with just Aleve and Motrin, I finally got a Soma script yesterday, and took 1/2 a pill before bedtime. It reduced the pain and allowed me to sleep. I plan to continue with over the counter meds daytime and 1/2 pill Soma at night. F 50 7 days
350 MG 1X D

 1  back pain and spasms This drug is effective, but dangerous. It's like laziness in pill form, and makes me feel like I don't care about anything (including the fact that it's a bad idea to keep taking more of it. Two nights ago I took 9 1/2 pills and ended up in the ICU. I also think it's adding to my depression. This drug is seductive and addicting. F 54 6 months
4X D

 5  tmj disorder slightly drowsey but that doesn't last too long - this is a great muscle relaxer that helps w/the tension in my neck shoulders and back. this is the only muscle relaxer that helps w/the neck should and back pain that tmj causes. i wake up tight and tense and 1 soma in the morning loosens me up enough to get my day started then i take another around lunchtime. I sit at a desk all day and have to get up and stretch as much as possible. I also take Fioricet for the tension headaches and Norco for pain. all those those combined really do help me feel better and I am able to work. My dr told me working out will help w/the stress and anxiety in my life that aggravate the TMJ so I am starting to walk and jog. i hope that helps. F 43 6 months
350 mg 6X D
 5  spinal stenosis No side effects other than drowsiness so I take it one hour before bedtime. I have been taking soma for over a year and I take it one hour before bedtime, so I am not too tired in the morning. It has definitely helped with no real side effects. It does not completely get rid of the pain, but together with physical therapy and accupuncture, the symptoms are kept under control. F 58 1 years
30 1X D

 4  Five fused vertebrae from back fx Difficulty walking/talking, amnesia, addiction I ended up taking more than Rxd due to a compulsion to take them. They are very effective however. I have a very addictive personality and should have never taken this med. They are as easy to obtain as celery! Those who have said it is one's own fault that they have become addicted are ill informed and should not comment on something they know nothing about. It's as ignorant as blaming someone for getting brain cancer! I am getting off of Soma now and luckily I have a VERY supportive husband who is helping me taper off and then takes the bottle to work as I cannot "police" myself. DON'T take this medication if it is not Rxd for you and be cautious with taking too much if your doctor does give it to you. It is effective but can really get you into trouble if you have an addictive personality like I do. F 50 2.5 years
350 mg. 3X D

 5  Severe lower back pain This is STRONG stuff for a muscle relaxer! Flexeril puts you to sleep, Skelatin burns a hole in your stomach, but this stuff messes you up! I, being a psychonaught, took 2-3 pills instead of one and man! It was like a nice relaxed 'drunkish' buzz without that sort of sick, poisoned feeling. Didn't help much with the pain but took away the spasms. M 41 1 weeks
350mg 4X D

 5  to get high i felt pretty good. had a little numbness and was stumbling everywhere lol but it was fun. it was my first time. i only took 2 and i was *** up. lol my friend (who uses them regularly) took 8. we walked around places and had so much fun. but im veryyy scared of abusing pills so im using self control and NOT letting myself get addicted and use them regularly. but its pretty fun when ur depressed. makes u forget alotta ish. F 17 1 days
1X W
 1  back pain tremors, slurred speech, stiffness, difficulty walking. mimics alchol inebriation, stroke. Hiding purchases, hiding pills, buying on-line. Upsetting family. M 60 2 years
50 MG 10X D

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