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 1  Right knee injection for arthritis to many to list. Went to ER they thought I was having a stroke. I have been tested for allergy to this drug and it is confirmed. It has been over 4 years since the injection was given. and still having many of the symptoms still! Do not take this drug it will destroy your life! this is my second posting and some of the effects are worse not better! M 53 1 days
5mg 1X D
 5  Addison's disease Slight muscle ache sometimes, usually in my arms or wrists. I was put on this medication when I was first diagnosed with Addisons. I noticed an increase in my appetite, but somehow I actually lost several pounds on this medication without even trying. It was really nice because I did not lose weight from Addisons itself, which usually causes weight loss before it is treated. It improved my symptoms completely, I felt normal again, with enough energy to live life! My doctor worked me down to 1 mg a day, and then switched me to hydrocortisone. Since starting hydrocortisone 3 months ago, I still feel normal and energized, but I have gained 30 lbs. I wish I could go back on dexamethasone because it didn't have that side effect for me, but since I have to be on steroids for the rest of my life, I can't (dexamethasone builds up in the body, hydrocortisone doesn't). Anyway, I liked this medication. F 20 3 months
4mg-->1 mg

 3  Hip pain from Bursitis One of my arms will get red and hot to the touch and usually m wrist aches real bad a day after I take the shot. It helps my hip pain great though. It is not for everyone I know, the side effects are little compared to the comfort. F 47 1 days
10ml 1X M
 1  headaches from Spinal Meningitis It made my mania from bipolar so bad I had a seizure. And YES they knew I had both disorders. Plus in 1 week I've gained 7 lbs. And not because of just being hungry and not being able to say no. F 43 7 days
30 mg
 2  Glioblastoma Stage IV (Brain) Weight gain, sweating, severe upper body acne, severe insomnia, cramping in hand-legs-feet, irritability, extreme anger and outbursts, anxiety, thrush, increased appetite/20 lb. weight gain, moon fav, stomach dis tension, the list goes on. Miraculously, the cancer appears to be beaten, for now. Unfortunately, the emotional and psychological effects of this drug has taken a toll on my relationship with my wife, my caregiver. I was never a sweet wonderful idyllic person prior to Decadron, but it did make me unbearable when U was on it. I'm now going off the drug following my successful treatment and hope it will soon be out of my system and I may return to a relative normal. M 51 3 months
2Mg x2

 1  brain tumor that spread from lung Mother in-law took it.it did its job of keeping the swelling in brain down after radiation treatments.she was however never able to get off of it because her body was so used it to it and couldnt adjust to being off of it.when she tried getting off of it all she did was throw up and lost alot of weight. When on it she had major muscle weakness,couldnt get up on her own and could no longer walk.and as it was upped she had halucinations and began to have some dementia.decadron is evil and it kills. I firmly beleive its what killed her because her cancer was responding to treatment.She ended up having no quality of life and died 9 months after starting it. There are other steroids out there, so only use decadron as a very last resort.i wish it was never made and hope one day it is no longer used because all it does is kill you. F 64 9 months
 5  Bronchitis with Bronchospasm I have been sick for 16 days on antibiotics & inhaler but with not relief from coughing & SOB. Had Im injection today & feel 90% better. I can breathe & has helped control my cough..This is a miracle drug...Thank u. F 52 1 days
IM injecti

 1  Brain Surgery I was unable to sleep, I gained 100lbs, I couldnt stop itching, and I was extrememly irritated all the time. This medicine is not worth my $3 copay of lack of causing headaches due to my brain swelling. I couldnt seem to get off it fast enough. DO NOT TAKE if you doctor suggests it, ask for something else. F 29 4 months
2X D
 4  Arthritis in neck Insomnia, OCD behavior, edgy, constipation and dizziness. It took the pain away within 1 day and prior to that I could not move. Worth the side effects. F 36 4 days
4 mg 4x

 1  Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Terror, unbelievable fury, body sensitivity to contact, felt like I was living in the horror of a live nightmare where I might die. When my dauhter-in-law saw how ill I was she comforted me by saying she wished she was having the treatment for me because she was so much stronger. I forced myself to not attack her and I've never felt anything like that in my life. When I returned the next day for my second day of chemo the nurse asked me what I was feeling and as soon as I told them I felt like I was dying THEY KNEW it was Decadron and removed it from my treatment. I gradually felt better within days but I was told I had the opposite reaction to the drug that was supposed to give me euphoria. I also have the opposite reaction with other steroids. Once with a frozen shoulder I received a steriod shot for pain and the following pain was truly unbearable for days. At that time that doctor told me I was in the 2% that react the opposite with some drugs 59 1 days
IV /chemo 1X D
 1  glioblastoma ( Brain tumor ) Depression, Irritable, cruel, loss of interest in everything, weight gain, Moon face, Over time lost of balance and strength in legs. Blood pressure issues, Very low hearth rate ( under 50 while sitting). Fog minded This is my DAD. My mom is the main caretaker. The main issue was the jekyll and hyde like switch of the person. When the steroid hit his system he became Mr Hyde. A completely different person. when the dose was reduced to 1MG a day be was then become like a very old 90 year nice man that just sites and watches TV only of others turn it on first. Also the lost of balance stopped and he whent from a whell chair to slow walking with no help. Now with a new treatment they have infected him with more steroid with the other chemo and again Mr Hyde is back and mean as ever. Now that we know what is causing the issue we will be looking into stopping the steroid use. My dad is completely incompatible with the hellish drug. Better to live a shorter life as you really are then live longer has a different person and a stranger to the family M 65 7 months
2MG 2X D
 5  hip pain interfering with walking none I got an IM injection of Decadron 10mg and my hip pain(which was there for over 2 months) is now gone in less than 24 hours of receiving the shot. F 23 1 times
10mg 1X O
 2  TMJ Anxiety, headaches, blurry vision, dizzyness, Don't know if it helped me, but I feel awful. Not yet finished with dosage. M 44 10 days
.75 mg 2X D

 3  Injection due to back spasms Nausea, headache, mood swing were the side effects, but it took away the spasms in my lower back and burning in my legs that Percocet, baclofen, zanaflex, flexeril, tylenoll 4 could only cure for 3-4 hours. It's been 12 hours so far with no return of symptoms. I guess I can be a bit crabby and feel like crap if I can breathe without feeling like I'm giving birth. M 36 1 days
 1  brain tumor Can't walk!!!! F 29 3 months
 1  Brain tumor I was starving and HAD to eat every hour on the hour and I ate anything I could get my hands on. Had terrible night sweats, changing 2-4 times a night. My faced Deformed so that it looked like it was turned inside out, had 3 chins, gained 40 lbs. I lost 25 of the 40 lbs, but am stuck and can't lose anymore. Anyone have any ideas about losing the rest of the weight? My face is back to normal, though! F 65 3 months
2 mg 1X D
 1  right knee injection post surgury I am allergic to this drug. The side effects were to many to list but here are some of my least fav's. Burning, Loss of sleep, Loss of peripheral vision, Pain and numbness in all body parts , 80 pounds of weight gain, Permanent loss of Gait control, Sevier sweating, loss of sleep and oh the number 1 is a headache which feels like some one is ripping off the top of my head, which has lasted since November of 2010! dont let them give it to you! M 50 1 times
injection 1X AN
 3  Bee Sting - intense swelling Agitation/Anger/Rage My 14 y/o son was given this medication through injection just above he buttocks to help with swelling and pain from a bee sting. He seemed crabby on and off all afternoon, but by about 8:30 that night he was beyond aggitated. He got mad about not being able to watch a movie and flipped out. Screaming and yelling and babbling about things that made no sense. My son NEVER behaves this way. I thought almost immediately that this had to be a reaction the that shot. This fit lasted about an hour, to the point that I was about to get him in the card and take him to the ER. He got himself so worked up that I was certain he was going to pass out because he couldn't breathe. When we finally were able to calm him down and get him to catch his breath, we settled him into his bed and I listened to him cry himself to sleep. This is not normal behavior. I called the Doc's office this morning and was told that it was, indeed, a reaction to the Decordron. M 14 1 days
1 Shot 1X D
 1  Cancer My mother was on this drug for 2 weeks after receiving radiation treatment for a brain tumor. She had stage iv breast cancer that had spread to the lungs and then the brain. Up until she took this drug she was her normal, wonderful self. Decadron robbed my family of the final 2 weeks of my mothers life. She became the EXACT OPPOSITE person. Yelling hateful things at us, acting crazy and refusing any help. She was a strong Christian and on this drug as she was praying she would pray to the 'dark power' and ask for the good to be overcome by evil. It was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced. Months later I researched and found countless other similar stories, including many here. There are better options and this drug should be taken off the market. I hope my writing this saves at least one person from the same torment that my precious mother, and our family, went through. F 59 2 weeks
20 1X D
 5  Pulled Back Muscle First, let me say I am an RN and if I decided to develop a drug habit, this would be my drug of choice. I was given a dose pack of several pills on the first day with reduction through out the week. Loved every minute on this drug. Negative - Taking this medication on a busy day at work when you can't eat. Your blood sugar will drop suddenly and you will have to stop and eat. Pros- No pain anywhere on my body. I organized my house and cleaned it from top to bottom, manicured my yard at 3:00 am with a flashlight in hand. I had the energy of 10 people and got more done in that one week on decadron than the whole year off of it. This drug was like an energy pill for me, physically and mentally. I am not disagreeing that other experienced side effects but for me, it was wonderful. F 28 1 weeks
10mg 1X O
 4  Allergies/ sinus infection Had the shot this evening around 4 feeling a lot better, now it's 12a.m. Only side effects are: pain at the site from injection site, and abdominal pain. F 34 1 times
1 shot

 1  Ruptured Disc - Surgery Increased appetite, weight gain (moon-face, abdominal area), extreme muscle loss, mind foggy, depression Hate, hate, hate this drug!!!! F 29 3 weeks
4mg 3X D

 1  cold symptoms and trouble breathing increased appetite,heart palpitations, massive hot flashes,bad insomnia, jittery, feeling of a panic attack( but I had history of panic attacks),energetic, I did not like the way this drug made me feel but I had a total thyroidectomy when I was like 24 so that is why I was told I felt the side effects really worse but not sure. Personally through my experience I didn't like it one bit and I would never take it again!! And its been two days and i'm still wheezing and my chest still feels tight hopefully tomorrow I will feel better... F 30 1 days
4mg 1X D
 1  Brain Tumor I was on it for 3 weeks when I started to snap. I decided to stop and now I can not walk. My muscles hurt, i cant taste my food, im eating like im starving, my face is swollen and i cant seem to get it out my system. F 29 4 weeks
4 mg
 1  brain lesion shakes,weak, hungry all time, joint pain to the point can,t walk,trouble breathing, chest pain,angry all the time. Bad stuff be sure of side effects before taking. I told Doctors I couldn't take they insisted I had to have it.I'm coming off it don't know how long before it gets out off system maybe never.Two days before I was put on this drug I walked six blocks at a fast pace after 20 days on it the only way I can get around is on a walker not very well at that.This is a bad drug needs to be off market. F 71 30 days
8mg 1X D
 1  brain lesion shakes,weak, hungry all time, joint pain to the point can,t walk,trouble breathing, chest pain,angry all the time. Bad stuff be sure of side effects before taking. I told Doctors I couldn't take they insisted I had to have it.I'm coming off it don't know how long before it gets out off system maybe never.Two days before I was put on this drug I walked six blocks at a fast pace after 20 days on it the only way I can get around is on a walker not very well at that.This is a bad drug needs to be off market. F 71 30 days
8mg 1X D
 1  Croup December 24, 2011.. My 2 year old was given for croup. He had extreme rage, tantrums, hallucinations, and psychosis. It's been almost a months since he had it and he still has episodes. As a parent, I wish I was given the side effect info and was told how powerful this drug is. My child still hasn't recovered from this drug! He will go in spurts, hitting, biting, yelling, tantrums. This is NOT my child..... He changed completely after this drug. Went back to his dr and he suggested he might be autistic and this drug activated something that was underlying... going to a behavior specialist. Come to find out, this drug's effects can last up to 90 days in your system... we were told up to 5 days, which is NOT TRUE! PLEASE, PLEASE, NEVER give this drug to your children! This drug should be taken off the market! F 2 1 days
8 mg 1X D
 5  Pneumonia Increase in energy, slight moodiness, slight insomnia, made me feel much better, was extremely tired r/t pneumonia, helped with congestion. F 40 1 days
20 mg

 1  strep throat EXTREME ANGER/RAGE!! Within an hour of getting this injection at local clinic, my pet dog barked near me, and it set me off. I shoved her roughly and injured her. I've never acted like that before. I scared myself and my husband with my behavior. The only explanation was the decadron injection--which kept me angry and hostile for 24 hours. This drug may be okay for others. But I definitely had some type of reaction to it that I will never take it again. I do have allergies to penicillin and sulfa drugs. F 56 1 days
injection 1X D
 5  low back surgery (fusion) Absolutely None! I had no feeling in my legs, and could not move them. After 2 days on Decadron, it all came back. No side effects at all M 43 3 days
160 mg / d 2X D

 4  uvulaitis Pain in buttock from injection, very high energy level, non stop talkative, insomnia and it has been 22hrs since the injection and I still feel very energetic and my face and neck are red like I have a sun burn.. It defenitly took the swelling in my throat away. F 26 1 days
 1  Brain tumor - inter cranial fluid This medication is the devils cocktail. I experienced the following symptoms when taking dexamthasone. Hair growth on face, 75lb weight gain, steroid acne on chest and upper back, moon face, hump in upper neck, loss of bladder control, got sick very easily (immune system is depressed when taking this med), loss of period completely, a certain smell to my sweat, swelling in joints, loss of muscle mass in thighs and calfs. When I had the brain tumor removed and started to taper off, on the last day I experienced pain and was unable to look at light. The following day the pressure in my eyes increased and they started to bulge and I almost went blind. I had to take this med to keep me alive long enough to have surgery. If I ever god forbid get another brain tumor I will not take this medication. Oh I almost forgot, this medication caused osteonectosis aka AVN of my hip, knee, and ankle joints. I have had 2 bone surgeries to date. F 26 2 months
12mg a day
 5  arthritis/inflammation hip and back Insomnia but worth it. My back and hip.pain is greatly reduced! F 45 2 years

 2  Asthma pain at injection site (upper arm) which remained sore for about an hour. I am now 9 hours post injection and my breathing is actually worse, so it didn't help that at all. It DID give me a raging headache, the joints in my legs and hips are incredibly painful...this pain seems to be working its way up my torso as i type this, and my skin hurts...as if i have a 2nd degree sunburn all over my entire body and like every single inch of my skin is bruised (reaction i've had to oral prednisone, so i was prepared for this discomfort)...it hurts when anything touches my skin, clothing, the sheet, everything... side effects would be ok IF the medication made it so i could breathe... F 29 1 days
injection 1X D

 3  Brain stem gilomia I have taken this drug off and on since 1990 I agree it is a evil drug and I let myself get pretty bad before I allow the drs to start me on it. I just changed to avastin and after second tx had the worst ha of my life couldn't stand and couldn't keep my eyes open. Each time I have to start them I try to start with the lowest dose and add if I need to. As low as 2nd a day as much as 16 mg a day. F 50 21 days
2mg 1X D
 1  metastatic brain lesions Face, stomach swelling. Ache on face. Muscle loss in legs. Loss of taste, ulcer like feeling in mouth, indigestion. Worst of all -- pscyhosis, hallucination confusion-zombie like periods. My wife is taking this drug for brain swelling due to lesions. It worked in that it took away her headaches and dizziness. She completed whole brain radiation a few days ago but now she had an aggressive-psychotic break last night, recovered and is in a kind of dump stupor at the moment. Rad/onc said to taper faster. She was given haldol to take to counter hallucinations. I'm wondering how long this will last. This is not my wife and it is terrifying. This drug is a beast and it seems like some of the three doctors she has seen would have said something like this was possible. F 34 4 weeks
4 4X D
 1  glioblastoma multiforme stage 4 swollen face, neck, ankles and feet. Weight gain, increased appetite. Total loss of muscles in arms and legs. My dad can no longer walk and is bedridden in a nursing home! Thinning skin on arms...purple marks all over arms...easily bruised. This drug is pure evil....I can't believe that my dad has been on this drug since March and every time they try to wean him off of it they end up having to put him back on. He is so far gone and even the doctors admit it is the decadron. They say his MRI for his tumor remains unchanged and that he is okay in that respect. It's not the brain cancer killing him...its this god awful drug! Hopefully we can get him back with the help of an endocrinologist. My dad was a strong man with no health issues before this. M 63 6 months
4mg 1X D

 1  Stubborn Rheumatoid Arthritis flare RAGE! Irrational behavior, edema of feet/legs/hands, moon face, uncontrollable shakes, blurry vision, racing heart, dizziness, numbness in extremities. This stuff is horrible. I've never experienced so many side effects from any medication I've ever taken. After several weeks of progressively worsening symptoms, I stopped taking the drug and went back on plain old prednisone, after I realized that I could kill someone and it wouldn't have bothered me. It's starting to work its way out of my system and I hope it hurries! F 57 6 weeks
4 mg 1X D

 3  Migraines shakes, anxiety, panic attacks, confusion, cold sweats, hot flashes, thrush, swollen gums, face and tongue, GERD, acid reflux, sore throat, tingling sensation in hands and feet, high blood pressure and pulse, heart racing, dizzy, fatigue, asthma, racing thoughts, loss of taste, painful to touch skin mostly in chest, neck, shoulder & head areas, on and off blurry vision. Had incredibly high blood pressure & pulse on 5th day of taking the medication. Stopped the medication on 7/20/11 & that night ended up with terrible acid reflux. The next morning started to experience the pain normally associated w/withdrawal of steroids but had terrible sore/lump in throat & starting signs of thrush. Sore throat, lump & overall steroid pain diminishing by the 23rd but by then lost taste & looked like the center on my tongue was scraped off. It's now the 26th & I am still experiencing high anxiety but am taking xanax to counteract that, & medication for thrush. I still feel completely out of it at times. F 32 5 days
4mg 2X D
 4  Brain Tumor ICP brain swelling Hot flashes, severe "moon face" appetite increase, insomnia, joint pain, shaky all the time, heart palpitations, can't even hold a fork right without tremors, eye dryness or pressure I never experienecd the euphoria some people reference, but it does help with the swelling significantly. The pain experienced with it is definitely unpleasant but trying to manage. The tremors are constant and the moon face is surprising although I monitor my diet and haven't gained as much weight, but cravings are unbelievable....difficult to manage and make sure I don't go overboard on things. Often hungry during sleep even, have woken up from pain in joints/muscles and struggle to fall/stay asleep. F 30 30 days
12mg 2X D
 4  Brain Tumor Radiation/Chemo Swelling in knees, ankles, face. Unrelenting appetite which led to weight gain. Acne on chest, back, upper arms, and face. Racing heart, jittery hands. Impossible to get a full night of sleep (3 uninterrupted hours was a GOOD night). Decadron was a necessary evil. If I hadn't been taking this nastiness, my brain would have continued to be inflamed, causing me more massive headaches and making my life hell. I would say the worst side effects were the appetite/weight gain, swelling, and the acne. No 29 year old wants to look like they're 16 again! M 29 2 months
3MG 2X D

 5  allergies/head cold insomnia of course- its a steroid. energy.enthusiasm. great for head colds. I also give one 4 mg tab once a week for my dog with skin allergies.it clears my head up all day and I dont have the cold flu like symptoms until dark. thumbs up. it can be addictive because of its energy qualities. I have to back out at times. it also shuts down immunity so I just take it when I really really need it. F 36 1 years
4mg 1X D
 1  Rads Breast Cancer Mets to Skull OMG, I HATE this drug. My quality of life is zip on it. Felt great before. Feel generally weird on it. Loopy I guess. Blurry vision, feet and leg cramps, severe abdominal bloating and pain, feel like I can't breath, mood swings and bitchiness (roid rage), legs feel like spaghetti, joint pains gone but seem to be loose and weird now, muscle weakness, thought I was having chest pains but then think it's the bloating instead causing it, wake up in middle of night and can't go back to sleep, get dizzy, sweats, headaches, can't taste anything so I feel like I need to keep looking for something to eat because I don't feel satisfied-no taste food causing me to gag, mouth tastes sweet all the time, blood pressure up when never had high blood pressure, wondering about blood sugar levels, probably not drinking enough because of not being able to taste anything. Doctor says I have no choice because radiation can cause brain to swell, which would not be good. Has me on low, low dose now. Decadron is the pill from HELL. If I wasn't worried about my brain swelling from radiation and causing major problems, I would not take the stuff! I am miserable and have 2 1/2 more weeks to take the stuff. No telling what state I'll be in by that time! F 47 3 weeks
2 mg 2X D
 5  Allergies/inflamation Love it. when I get a head cold, I can pop a pill and have energy all day with NO sinues to get in my way.2day for two days then 1 a day for 4 days then 1/2 for two then your off.Love it would recommed for a cold and or allergies or anykind of inflamation especially if you need energy. I give 1 pill a week for my dog for her skin allerigies as well. wonderful drug!! F 36 1 months
4mg 2X D
 1  Glands Swollen and Strep Throat Heart racing, Hard to Breath, Shaky all over...felt like I was gonna die...about 2 Hours after IV push into my IV I HAD NO CLUE THIS STUFF WORKED LIKE THIS ON SOME. When I called they hospital the next am..they said I was sensitive to it and to take 50 mg of Benadryl. Well I called Pharmacy that has all meds listed...as did the ER also...and was told by Pharmacist it is an ALLERGIC REACTION AND TO ADD IT TO THE LIST OF ALLERGIES..they also added to computer. ER nurse said I would be ok soon...NOT TRUE...My eyes are wide open STILL. THIS STUFF NEEDS A RELEASE SHEET TO SIGN BEFORE ADMINISTERING IT In My Opinion.... F 50 1 days
10 1X D
 5  Seasonal Allergie None, other than a sore bottom from the injeciton I've been to see several doctors about my allergies. I have slept all night in months without waking up sneezing - dosing up on nose spray and trying to get back to sleep. 1st day after Deadron / Kenalogg - I slept all night, woke up and so far haven't sneezed at all (fingers crossed) F 40
1X M
 1  brain swelling due to meningiomas Took this drug in 1996 for radiation therapy and gained 60 pounds, ate like a horse, had severe headaches and thought the room only spun in one direction.....fast forward to January 2011 and ended up in the ER and ICU due to stomach flu I couldn't shake due to the tumors. Back on Decadron I go and now after 10 days they have pulled me off of it entirely. Can't focus in the mornings, room is moving, vertigo again, feels like my right side of my face is sliding to the floor and the headaches.....I felt better in the hospital......muscle weakness on the left side. Radiation Treatment due to start in 2 weeks, 6 weeks again.....guess what they want to put me back on. This drug is like a poison. Took me 15 years to get off all the weight, and lose all the side effects of the decadron. F 49 10 days
.75 2X D

 1  Strep Throat EXTREME mental changes, sweats, shakes, dizziness, fogginess. NEVER, EVER take this drug. I don't understand why it is not illegal. It is pure hell. The first day I received it through my IV I had no side effects whatsoever. But yesterday i went back to get my 2nd and 3rd dose and it made me absolutely bat shit crazy. It's been 12 hours and the side effects still haven't worn off. I was screaming and cussing like there was no tomorrow, and I never behave that way. It's repulsing. My sore throat is gone but I would gladly welcome it back if my side effects would disappear. I suggest asking if there is ANYTHING else you could possibly have in place of decadron because you WILL be miserable. I feel like i'm in hell and when my mom reported it they said it can stay in my system for up to 10 days. I honestly feel like there's no possible way I'll still be even the tiniest bit sane after all this for 10 days. F 17 2 days
1X D
 1  GMB / Stage 4 Brain Cancer racing thoughts, my type A personality got uncontrollable, demanding 10 things at once, major anxiety attacks mostly in the morning when the drug was wearing off and I could'nt function well, face and neck swelling, gained 25lbs first month, not controlling the swelling in my brain still numb on the right, with blurred vision- probably from cancer. Trouble sleeping through the night, always hungry, my legs are starting to get weak- my nurse brought a walker to my home today, I feel out of it- disconnected when it is fully in my system but have trouble functioning without it at times. I hate it! If my life didn't depend on this dumb pill I would stop taking it today. M 54 4 months
4mg 3X D

 2  back pain-bulging disk eye pressure-blurred vision-irritability-appetite increase ,cold sweats ,swelling face,gums,mouth,nose ,tingling hands feet insomnia sore throat inability to recover from flu like symptoms extreme chest pain also loss of appetite confusion depression extreme fatigue i cant say enough bad about this drug . i started 4mg 4x daily ,reduced to 2mg 4x daily after 4 days . then 1mg 4x daily for 4 days .i never finished the 1mg . the last night i layed in bed thought heart was about tot explode ,cold sweeats ,very bad acid reflux ,all foods tased like garbage . ive been off for almost 2 days now and all i want t o do is sit , sleep . cant work . back pain is better but would have dealt with to avoid how i feel right now . im a very healthy active person ,and this scares the hell out of me . i feel like im in a fog that i cant shake avoid this drug unless death is the alternative . i fee ldead inside this is pure hell . i will gladly update when this is out of my system . i pray this helps one person avoid what im experiencing . normally i am a sharp ,quick witted person always joking and i cant carry a conversation and feel disconected from my entire body and mind M 32 10 days
4mg 4X D
 4  strep throat None really. Took a while for swelling in throat to come down, as what they gave me the shot for. Bad diarrhea, not 100 percent sure caused by shot because I am also on an antibiotic. Day two swelling is a bit up but not as bad as originally. F 25 1 times
shot ??mg 1X O

 3  Edema due to benign meningioma Insomnia (averaged 2 or 3 hours a night in spurts), insatiable appetite, moonface, skin eruptions, irritability, "crashing" (cease to function and have to lie down immediately), increased thirst, "froth mouth" (all beverages tasted "frothy", major OCD, mood swings, racing thoughts (sometimes irrational), extreme fatigue at times and extreme energy other times, craving for sweets, dry mouth at night, the list goes on . . . I am sure that the Decadron assisted with swelling post-op and for that I am grateful but I could not wait to get off of this drug. As I tapered off, I would have an hour in the early morning when I felt like myself. I would wake my husband and say "Say hello to your wife before she's gone again". Once I took the Decadron, it was only a matter of time before I crashed and became agitated. My last pill was 6 days ago, skin eruptions are much better, I am sleeping again (for the most part), moods are much better, energy level increasing, OCD calming down A LOT, "froth mouth" gone, decreased appetite and thirst, still have moonface and have now developed stiff neck and severe headaches over the past 48 hours. Trying to get into see doctor because the headaches aren't being relieved by Tyelnol. I also think I have found a "nodule" at the base of my skull and it's very sore. :( F 44 5.5 weeks
4 mg 3X D

 3  Multiple-Myeloma Taken in combination with other drug (200 Mg Tholidomide) net effect was to bring the myeloma under control but at the expense of loss of muscle; especially losses of the gluts, dorsi muscles, thracolumbar fascia,hamstrings and network of back muscles. Trying to rebuild muscles with stricter excercise regime. Moving onto next stage - steam-cell replacement therapy. M 44 4 months
10 MG 1X W

 1  renal disease-mesoangiocap type 3 I wasnt on Decadron but similar- Over the 18 days on Prednisolone (Panafcortelone) treatment my symptoms varied- started on 100mg every 2nd day for 4 days then because of side effects went to 50mg every day- the worse was the intense cranial pressure (felt like my head was in a vice), Blood pressure out of control, face/lips numb, shakes, unconrollable crying, nerves shot, jittery, unsteady on feet. Then once bp was controlled with cocktail of other drugs came the neck pain (felt like head was too heavy for shoulders). Lying down was only relief. Massive abdominal oedema where I was hungry but could eat as it hurt my stomach. Depression, mood swings. Insomnia was actually a relief as after 3-4 hrs sleep I'd wake feeling not bad. After morning medicine things would go down hill... If you feel like your body is having a bad reaction it probably is... see your Dr (again and again if necessary) F 52 18 days
50mg 1X D
 2  brain tumor/after surgery hallucinations, insomnia, increased appetite, fear, heart palpitations, losing control, anxiety, sweating, rash, vision problems, M 16 16 days
4mg 4X D
 3  Pneumonia/ seasonal allergies 1st day great. First time I could breath again in years. Notice arthritis went away to. Felt great UNTIL day 2 them OMG shakes, nervousness, depression crying and anger. Insane feeling,no sleep,shaking, leg cramps, major body aches, out of control feeling, bad itching all over. On day 6 and not getting better I went in for pneumonia and they mentioned this shot cuz of my allergies as well so I figured why not. No side affects were mentioned. It did clear me up and I have never felt so good from joint pain and can breath great BUT will never take again as side effects are to bad. Lost a week of work, a trip to see family and more. The doctor should make this clear and clearly did not. Everything you read on this drug is that it is very strong. Crazy they would give at a clinic so casually. I hope this helps someone and wish I knew beforehand. I am an advocate now t at least beware of what can happen. It may be needed but should be well thought out first. M 42 1 days
8mg inj 1X D
 1  post brain surgery glioblastoma severe swelling of face and neck, leg muscles weakened so much he could not walk, extreme restlessness up every minute to five minutes to 30 minutes throughout the night, incontinence, blood sugar became uncontrollable--- went so high it was out of range. This beloved man could not tell us what he was experiencing after major brain surgery but as care giver this is what I observed. I believe the drug just weakened his legs so severely that he could not walk. And that it just wore him out completeley, as well as those who were privileged to care for him. I would never recommend this drug, I believe it contributed greatly to killing him. The doctors say it is now in my blood also. Be sure to wear gloves if you have to handle the bed clothes and undergarments of a person taking this drug. I also feel very strongly that oral Temodar for chemotherapy is a cruel, painful, dangerous, ineffective way to treat brain cancer. They don't even know if it passes through the brain/blood barrier. The doctors and hospice people tried to convince me this is a good drug, but from my experience with it 24/7 for 4 months I just can't believe it. I think it is very destructive and dangerous. I would not take it. Neither would I take Temodar. Thank you for the opportunity to express my views. It helps the heartache if I can help someone else. F 67 3 months
4mg 3X D

 5  allergies, asthma, bronchitis None really, I feel better within minutes, maybe tend to urinate more for a day after This drug has helped me immensely throughout my life. My GP gives me one whenever I have a sinus infection or bad allergies, which happens about 2-3 times a year. F 31 30 years
32 mg 1X D

 5  Wheezing due to asthma The only downside I have experienced with the decadron is joint pain for a few days after the shot. The pain is tolerable though. Without this medication I would probably be dead by now. I have severe asthma with chronic bronchitis. I use an albuterol inhaler and a 6 times a day albuterol breathing treatment. When the bronchitis starts to worsen the medications start to lose effect. The decadron kicks in within hours and lasts for a month or so. Very effective. I even sometimes put some in my breathing treatment, because breathing it in is better, it goes directly to the source. F 23 15 years
2 mg 1X AN
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