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 4  School I put a 4 for Adderall because it certainly does its job. Not only does it help you focus INTENSELY, but it keeps you wide awake and makes you excited to do things you would otherwise put off. However, with that said, this drug is very dangerous. I do not have ADD, and I started taking it to study harder and do better at school. I never had problems concentrating, but it made me concentrate even more, which was great (at first). It lifted my GPA from a 3.5 to a 3.8 after only two semesters. But my body quickly developed a tolerance to it, so I had to take more and more to get the same effect. Eventually, it felt like it was doing nothing, until I was literally OD'ing on it and ended up having panic attacks while on it. I was also picking at my skin constantly, lost a ton of weight until I looked sickly, and was getting no sleep. After a few months of this hell, I flushed all the pills down the toilet. It was difficult to stop using, because I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do a F 18 1 years

 4  ADD + Depression Dry mouth (which I fix with lots of water). Insomnia: I can't sleep for a LONG time after taking this. Teeth grinding or I tend to bite my lip abnormally a lot. Zombie-like state after taking for awhile. Addiction: self-expl. Temp. change: I'M ALWAYS FREEZING when I take it. ZERO sex drive. Severe mood swings/depression when not taking daily dose. Increased heart rate. Never hungry, but am still made to eat. Detachment from life in general. I was fine all throughout mid-school, but when I got to high school my parents noticed my grades were slipping and my attitude was going downhill...fast. Earlier on, they thought it was just because I was a teen...yaddayaddayadda. We took some(SEVERAL) tests and showed I had severe ADD w/ signs of depression. Started taking it (a little too late in my high school career) and started to get my life on track. My grades were good but I felt like I was starting to get addicted and felt like a zombie more normally after taking it. So I decided to take a break from it for a month, and in that month I was more depressed and irritable than I had been in my whole life. So much so, that I got kicked out of school, 3/4 way through my senior yr. Needless to say, I'm back on it and am currently working towards my diploma:) F 18 11 months
30mg XR 1X D
 4  ADHD Sweating, rapid heartbeat, weight loss, cold hands & feet. F 18 2 years
20 MG
 4  ADD The first thing I noticed was my loss of appetite. I ate a lot less than I usually did and that caused me to go from 170 lbs. to 114 lbs. in a little over a year. I was on 30 mg. at that point. I also saw a gigantic change in my grades- for the better. I was able to sit down and do homework for hours on end. In many ways that was good, but the Adderall XR really took a toll on my heart and I ended up in the ER with chest pains. They told me I had tachycardia and it was most likely caused by the medicine. So I was forced to go through the process of finding a different dosage all over again and ended up at 20 mg. It doesn't work quite as well for me and I've gained some weight, but I guess that's the best I can do right now. There might be a possible lower sex drive. I say take it if you need it, but if you don't- don't bother. I get frustrated here at college because people are always talking about how they are using Adderall all the time and blah, blah, blah... Fortunately I haven't told many people that I use it because if I did they would be banging down my door. Use Adderall if you actually have a clinical issue. Don't abuse it because that's just dumb. F 18 2 years
 4  ADHD dry mouth, loss of appetite for the first few months, and also tremors Adderall Works well, but like all addictive substances, your body builds tolerance. I felt that after about 4 month the dose i was on was not enough. It can be difficult to find a dose that works effeciently F 18 10 months

 4  ADHD irritability, thirst/sour taste in mouth, sweaty palms, no appetite, drowsiness. I was just recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I have been taking Adderall for a week. My doc started me on one 20mg pill in the morning each day; the first two days I took it were intense...it was like being high on cocaine for 48hrs straight. This is evening out as my body builds up a tolerance, it just gives me the boost in the morning I need to get out of bed and apply myself in school. The improvement in concentration was immediate. The downside? I'm very irritable, I can't eat (expect substantial weight loss), and once it wears off I'm very tired. Also, which is kind of weird...when I'm on it, I have no desire for sex. But when it wears off I CRAVE it! Has anyone else experienced this? F 18 1 weeks

 4  ADD Headaches when it starts to wear off. Adderall and my birthcontrol pills contributed to me having a severe migraine that appeared as a stroke and put me in the ER. Weight loss. Constant coldness. Feeling tingly all over. Eyes feel glossy towards the end of the day. Decreased social life. Dizziness. Not being able to function at all in class unless i have taken the medicine. My grades improved dramatically. But, i went from being a very social well liked person to pretty much not having any friends at all. I can't really stand social situations anymore, especially in school because I just want to focus and get my work done. Even though it has pretty much murdered my social life, it has changed my life for the better, especially since im a senior in high school and need to be focused on school right now. It really helped me realize that i am a smart person and that i am capable of doing well in school. F 18 2 years

 4  A D D major weight loss, loss of appitite, irritable, moody, addictive. Adderall has really helped me, espically when I was in middle school. I went from failing most classes to having A's and being on the honor roll. Adderall has also helped me all through high school and has helped me maintain the good grades. But I have been noticing for probably the past year in a half that I'm really not myself when I'm on it. I'm not very social and I just dont really talk to anyone, I get sad and people say I'm very unapproachable. When I'm off the drug people love to be around me and they dont understand why i'm on it in the first place. Its hard to explain but when i'm off of adderall i feel great. I laugh and I'm very social and I love it but if I'm off of it for more then a couple of days i start to freak out and feel very anxious, like I cant control anything... Adderall is very addictive and I wouldnt suggest using it, only if you really need it. F 18 6 years
 3  ADHD Oh god where to begin. BAD: Irritability, aggression, mood swings, severely sensitive skin, tension, TMJ from clenching my jaw, NO sex drive, Severe Sleep Deprivation, Hallucinations because of Sleep Deprivation, Further Exacerbated Dermatillamania, and Other OCD tendencies, feelings of "not being there", dizziness, lethargy, loss of personality, loss of short term memory, I feel dumb or stupid when coming off of it, Loss of motivation when coming off of it. Dependency! When coming off of it, I feel starving, and I believe has helped to create an eating disorder. Paranoia (but that's always been there), teeth problems, it messes with my SVT causing bad heart palpitations, hurting behind the eyes, if feels as if there was a wool blanket or sock rubbed against your brain; everything feel fuzzy GOOD: I can focus sometimes, except when I'm coming off of it, WEIGHT loss (as long as you take it everyday), OCD (in cleaning, getting something done, It's not so much that you h Really, with any medications you have to weigh the pro's and the con's and if you really think that you may be ADHD/ADD and need something that is this strong (for a lack of a better word) you should study and become more aware of the effects that it has on your body. F 18 2 years
25 2X D

 3  focus on school work Extreme insomnia, light headed, heart rate increased, suicidal thoughts, depression, numbness in hands and arms, hard time breathing, irritable, crying I'm not prescribed. About 6months ago I took 100 mg of adderall around 7pm, yeah. Not a fantastic idea. I had complete insomnia. I read an entire textbook (which took me 7 hours)! I was fine throughout the day, I was only hyper and very twitchy. Later that day, I decided to look up symptoms of adderall because they were lasting longer than I was told they should. As soon as I started reading the side effects, I immediatly felt light headed, started to black out, and ran into my bed. I started having a bad panic attack. My vision became blurry. My arms tingly and numb. Heart racing. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I waited it out ater trying to eat something and slept it off. But it was a crazy experience. F 18 1 days
50 MG 2X D
 3  ADHD loss of appetite, fatigue, dizziness,flat personality, irritability, focus, motivation, increased sex drive, tearfulness (depression?), tic started taking regular adderall in 2nd grade. xr later on. stopped for 2 years in high school. now im in college. i stopped taking adderall because i was very depressed, possibly bipolar. i had poor relationships, i found myself aggravated towards everyone. i was cold towards people. i would come home everyday, get through all of my homework perfectly. then cry and not really talk to anyone as it wore off. on days i missed it i was extremely hyperactive and obnoxious, i was called out in class a number of times. i developed a vocal tic. i hated myself. my grades were good. when i stopped taking it i felt so happy i had alot of friends alot of confidence, i was my old self. however it would take me hours tto write even one page of an essay, and i literally could not focus enough to read anything at all. i was extremely regretful to start taking it again but my grades are at their lowest of my life. im on the generic. its been less than a week. its not that bad. its kind of the same. although the bad stuff more and the motivation less. F 18 12 years
 3  Supposed ADD Insomnia, flushing of face, anxiety, sweaty at random times, back pain, teeth grinding, depression, Loss of social interaction I only took this drug because I felt pressured from how my grades were and my parents when I was a freshman in high-school, my grades went from d/f's to B's and A's feeling like I was on-top of the world(especially after the first couple of months).. now a senior I feel like I'm really depended on it, this drug has messed my life up in every way possible. Yes I got those grades, but is it really worth it to now have anxiety, depression, dependents on adderal, secluding myself from society?... It's funny I talked to my doctor who prescribed me adderall and I told him I was addicted to it and that I want to get off it. All he said was that I couldn't get addicted to adderall and if my grades are good, he sees no reason to get off it... Advice, don't take more than your prescribed, even if you have to cram for an exam, trust me you will become dependent on that. Give your body a break from adderal, especially if you haven't been sleeping, sleep does wonders on your mood. Sometimes you have to say screw school and worry about yourself and your health. I mean you do live only once right?... M 18 3 years
 2  ADD Overemotional. Cry all the time. Can't sleep, but then, once I finally do fall asleep, can't wake up the next day. Loss of appetite. Weight loss. Stomach pains. Stomach growling for food, but absolutely NO appetite whatsoever. Anti-social. Depressed. This medication was a mistake. Only sometimes did I get my work done. It didn't do what it set out to do. I lost a bunch of weight. F 18 8 months

 2  i wanted to get high first couple hours: feelings of intimacy, very social, happiness, loss of apetite, hyperness, motivation. after the first couple hours: depression, anxiety, big pupils, insomnia, deep thoughts about life, cravings for more addies don't fuck around with this drug, it's just legal meth and extremely addicting, plus you'll build up a tollerace. At one point i was taking over 150mg in a day and binging for up to 3 days without sleep. M 18 4 months

 2  Lack of Focus Major Insomnia, Supressed Appetite big time, Blurred Vision, Heart Racing, Cold Sweats, Uncontrollable Muscle Tweaks/ spasms, Depression after about 12 hours. Very Productive during day. Thoughts more clear. M 18 2 months

 1  ADD insomnia, anorexia, depression at the end of the day, exhuasted at the end of the day but impossible to fall asleep. STAY THE F$@K AWAY, unless u plan to become a heroin addict by your mid-20's. This is speed. The medicine seemed like a gift from god at first, getting straight A's, making all-state band, etc. after Few years, I noticed that I was getting depressed by the end of the school day, but never thought to link it to the adderall then. By my 10'th grade year, my brains receptors weren't affected by it any more and I was on the highest prescription dose possible. That was also the same year I discovered alcohol and within a few months i had a problem with it. this is no coincidence. I was drinking as much as possible, in school, after school, you get the idea. by 17 I have already been through several treatments for alcohol with people more than twice my age. This medication will give u tendencies for drug abuse that will last you the rest of you life if you take it during your developmental stages. Dont take it period, ADD is a gift. If u take u will lose charisma, personality Intelligence, b M 18 5 years

 1  Brain Fog, Unability to Concentrate Dizzy, unable to stand Went to doctor on Friday, Feb.22nd. She prescribed med. to be taken morning and at mid-day. Took first dose mid-day Fri. so I skipped the second dose. Sat.Feb.23rd., took both doses 5 hours apart. Had dry mouth and sick tummy. Around 9p.m. started feeling dizzy, unable to breath well and chest discomfort. Took blood pressure at two different stores and was very high both places. Very rapid heart rate also. Got worse very quickly so my friend took me to the E.R. to sse if they would check my BP. I nearly passed out so they put me in the Trauma Unit. After being poked, prodded, blood taken for testing and having a chest ex-ray I was given a bag of fluids for dehydration and a shot of Ativan. I started feeling much better. After being told I had a reaction to the Adderall which led to an Anxiety Attack, I was released from the E.R. with a prescription of 1mg. Ativan pills to be taken every 6 hrs. for the rapid heart rate and anxiety, until the Adderall was out of my system. MY ADVICE.... F 18 26 days

 1  ADD Increased concentration, better memory, dry mouth, antisocial tendencies, depression, change of personality, mood swings, exhaustion, stomach ache, decreased appetite, weight loss I was prescribed to 20mgs addXR a day. At first, it worked out great. My grades imporved, my concentration was great. I was already thin, but lost even more weight. The drug's effectiveness, however, gradually decreased. The comedown in the afternoons got worse and worse. I became antisocial and stopped talking to many of my friends and interacting with my family. My entire personality changed and I was often either depressed or irrationally angy. I became physically unhealthy. My weight got so low that my friends and family became concerned. I began the drug weighing about 120 at 5'7. Two months later, my weight had dropped to 104. My immune system was weak and I got sick all the time. The negative side effects got so intense that I had to stop taking adderall. I have been working on using alternative techniques to concentrate on school work and just finished my first semester of college with excellent grades. I gained a lot of the weight back, and that bothers me at t F 18 6 months
 1  Non-Hyperactive A.D.D. -obsessive tendencies -mental constipation (both fluids & solids) -gain in appetite, then loss of appetite after about 6 months -less satisfaction from sex -penis & scrotum are practically afraid to just hang out or come out as far during sex, resulting in... -smaller penis -anti-social tendencies (due to unnatural worrying about what I'm going to say, how I look when I walk, how my hair looks, etc.) -WAY less interest in sex and girls I read the side effects here, and realized after all this time that the side effects WEREN'T just in my mind. I became really stressed lately because the main way of getting stress out, sex, is usually something I love to do and find lots of interest in, and now, no matter how hot the girl I'm with is, sex just seems boring- and despite that, it's taken from me my long lasting power, making me cum early and lose erections way more easily. If I can't counteract all this crap by getting off Adderall, I don't know WHAT the hell I'm going to do! But today I swore I'd never drop another pill of Adderall again. I feel like a dog must feel after getting two years to get in all the youthful sex it could handle, and then getting fixed. My personality is laid-back, accepting, happy, and, yeah, horny, never thinking too much into things that aren't worth the thought. Nowadays, I feel like I'm not even me. M 18 1 years
 5  ADD, studying Come down bugs me out This med is awesome! I'm all chill and focused and determined. Come down is a bitch but some booze, benzos, or weed almost make it worth it. I feel really elated on this stuff. Makes me horny as hell! That's the best part. M 19 2 years

 5  ADD/ADHD I made horrible grades in high school. I Graduated with a 2.4 GPA and once I got to college I was prescribed to Adderall and after my freshman year of college was over I now have a 3.66 GPA. I am also a college athlete and I didn't like taking adderall before intense wrestling practices b/c it causes fast heart beat and shortness of breath. But as far as helping staying focused there couldn't be a better drug. Can be hard to sleep at night when you first start the drug. M 19 9 months

 5  low motivation dry mouth, sour taste in mouth, jitters, complete loss of appetite, insomnia kicks ass F 19 2 months

 5  Low motivation,excessive sleepiness Rapid weight loss, but I needed to lose it anyway... :) Best. Medication. Ever. ^_^ F 19 6 months

 5  ADD Weight loss It's an amazing drug. i went from failing the 6th grade 4th semester when i first started on it to getting a's in all my classes the last semester. There's a huge difference between when I do and don't use it. I'm more motivated to do things when I've taken it (even things like cleaning my room I don't need to be told to do). ADD drugs are fickle though so what works for one person may not for another. Doesn't mean you should give up though if this one fails there are others out there. The dose did have to be increased as i got older because naturally i grew so the same dose had a lesser effect on my 18 year old body as it had on my 12 year old one. :D F 19 7 years

 5  ADDDDDHDDDDDD Fast heart rate, Keeps my focus away from unproductive activities, I last longer in bed, I make a lot more money. Quite the drug... I personally think that they should put this shit in the water. M 19 5 days

 5  ADD Euphoria, increased socialization, increased sweating and heart rate, major production Doctors said I had ADD in elementary school but my parents never put me on ritalin or adderall because they didn't believe ADD existed. After 19 years of being without it I also believe ADD does not exist, however I will say this drug definately does make you more productive. It's effects are somewhat similar to ecstasy (MDMA) except a little less intense. M 19 1 weeks

 5  college upset stomach, extream focus, difficulty sleeping, cognative thinking is increased this helps when it comes to studying now i'm hungry but it doesnt bother me i did three, five page papers tonight it seems difficult to multitask because i focus on what i'm doing i consumed the pill at about 1pm and now its almost 4am i recoment taking it early in the day about 8am M 19 1 days

 5  ADD Dry Mouth, No appetite. I've been diagnosed since I was 16. I used to take Vyvanse, but switched to Adderall. I like it so much better. I take it every morning before school and sometimes half of one right before dinner so I can sneak a quick meal in and then go finish homework. College classes are easy peasy. I am focused and organized. I always have my work completed and mostly correct. Adderall makes it easier for me to reach my goals without the struggle of not being able to concentrate in my classes and on my major. I used to daydream in class k-10th grade. Now I'm doing well in college! I'm happy. And my excessive eating is controlled and I've lost 11lbs so far :] F 19 2 months

 4  experimenting Very alert, lots of talking, baggy eyes(from loss of sleep) loss of appetite, smoke alot when on it, fast movements in perifrial vision, sensitive eye sight, piss alot, ability to focus My buddy asked me if i wanted to buy some so i did to check it out. I took about 40mg throughout the day i was very very talkative to my friends and they pointed it out to me, had an easy time driving my car, towards the beginning was feelin highish but as the day went on each pill felt like the effects were weaker (wasn't a bad thing, prolly shouldnt have been doin it like that) I could not sleep at all!!!! i got bags under my eyes the next day from the lack of sleep but felt fine the day after. I could see how this helps with studying and school but its just a lesser form of speed All those on this pill she have highly monitered doses. Not something id do again but was pretty fun. M 19 1 days

 4   I experienced a shrinking of my penis and testicles. In addition, during sexual intercourse I experienced pre-mature ejaculation every time. However, I have never felt more focused and attentive to my partner's needs. I highly recommend it. M 19

 4  Test Anxiety, Concentration Mania within the first hour of taking it, dry mouth, "crash" periods after 5 hours or so, headaches, loss of personality, addictive, teeth grinding, talkative at first, sweating immediately after taking it, I-N-S-O-M-N-I-A, etc I have been taking Adderall 30 XR for three years. I recently increased it to 35mg, where I take the extra 5mg in the afternoon. No doubt it helped my grades - went from a 2.0 in high school to a 3.8 currently in my sophomore yr of college - but recently (prob the last year) I am starting to feel depressed, moody, and really all of the other side effects people listed below. I almost think TOO hard and TOO much when taking it sometimes which is actually distracting. If you already have trouble sleeping before taking this drug--I suggest looking into a sleeping aid. I currently take Ambien XR which works fine. Overall, I hope I never have to come off of this drug, but then again I also wish I never would have taken it in the first place b/c of some of the side effects. F 19 3 years

 4  ADHD sweats, mild headache, physical crash at the end of the day (never depressed though), weight loss, memory trips Overall, it has done wonders. I started on XR 20 and I'm now up to 30 (have been for the past 5 months). I was diagnosed with ADHD around 8 months ago but my parents and teachers had always suspected it but never bothered to get me tested. Since being on adderall, my focus is unbelievable and my impulsivity has subsided a ton. The only downside is its potential abuse- I have had an issue with eating disorders in the past, and while it has helped with bulemia, I feel like I HAVE to take it so I don't over indulge. But then upon taking it, I don't eat for the rest of the day. I'm 5'11 and 130 lbs now, and at one point I was 113lbs. During my highschool years I was steady around 150. Way too many young women are taking this for weight loss and there needs to be far more discipline for perscription, it's getting tossed around like candy. Also I have found if I need to finish homework or a project, I'll purposely take it later in the day so I can stay up a little later (NOT GOOD!). The othe F 19 8 months
 4  Depression, Bipolar Disorder, ADD. Hair thinning/loss, weight loss, insomia, mood swings, emotional dependency, feeling hopeless, severe anxiety, teeth grinding, acne, irritability. 8 months of taking this medication and my life has gone down hill. At first, I felt motivated to reach my dreams, start a career. That ended after i had to keep taking more and more doses to get the same effect i got the first day i took adderall. im prescribed 20 MG twice a day, but i take up 70 Mg daily & am left without them for a few days until my next perscription is filled. It helps my ADD, but nothing else. I have developed severe anxiety, I can't even walk in public alone, I'm scared to drive, Im nervous to see anyone from my past. I weighed 218 when i started, Now i weight 157. never had acne, now i do. what was once my beautiful thick hair is now thin and brittle. When coming down off it, i get headaches. feel sick, i get really thristy, grind my teethso bad that their damaged and is now gonna cost over $3500 to fix. I obsess about everything, and i always wanna pick at my skin. I get irritated and i'm impatient. This isnt who i am, I'm trying to slowly ween myself off and my mother has my pills locked up so i can't abuse them. What started off to be something to help me concentrate on my college work, and help with my mood swings has fastly become a terrible unhealthy addiction. I'm not healthy anymore, This has taken over my life. i'm only nineteen, and i hate everything this pill has turned me into. I used to be so strong minded, Adderall now has a hold over me. Hopefully i can completely get down to 30 MG a day in the next few weeks or months. Wish me luck. F 19 8 months
20 2X D
 4  supposed adhd insomnia,euphoria,intense sexual desire,limp dick,paranoia,aggitation,blurred vision,social conduct disorders,altered state of self, the more adderall does for the indvidual, the worse off their are. to sum this amphetamine cock-tail up, it psycologically stimulates your brain, creating massive releases of serotonin,ephedrine,dopamine, and all those rewarding good feeling natural chemicals.there for causing effects such as euphoria,good sense of self/well being, sublime,"up",positive,motivational determination, and socially able to control social situations and life, in the manner of your intentions...what the problem is with humans and chemicals is, its all artificial, the brain loves it, thus making you an addict if you already werent, being it releases motivational chemicals in your mind 40 times faster than your brain can naturally release it overtime..makes for stormy weather.just be sure to refrain from ignorance and truely monitor any changes that hinder who you really are.not the induced you. M 19 3 years
30mg daily 4X D

 4  college restlessness, paranoia, euphoria, back pain, chest pain, heart palpitations, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks, sexual dysfunction, compulsive behavior, elevated heart rate, numbing of extremities, poor circulation, shallow breathing, aggressiveness, fatigue, flushed skin, cravings, exponential tolerance, severe comedown, dependence, extreme hot/cold sensations, insomnia, tremors, teeth grinding, biting gums, appetite loss, picking at skin, increased libido, sweating, dry mouth, agitation, excessive sleeping, minor hallucinations M 19 200 times
20 1X D

 4  ADD GOOD: A great increase in my attention span. Gradual weight loss with out really trying. Increased productivity. My house has never been cleaner. BAD: Terrible dry mouth. Easily irritated. I've been incredibly satisfied with Adderall. Before I felt like I was constantly missing something. Like everyone had this great work ethic and I'd just missed out on this gene.. not anymore. I'm constantly doing something. Cleaning, studying, organizing. School's great. Work's great. Over three weeks I've lost a little over 10 pounds. I'm hardly ever hungry and really have to make myself eat. I know if I'd add some exercise to this, the weight loss would be greater. On the other side, the dry mouth is almost more than I can take. I brush my teeth at least 5x a day because I can't take the terrible taste. I've noticed I'm a little bit more easily irritated. More so it seems to make my PMS worse, but when it's not that time of the month it's nothing that I can't handle after I recognize myself getting angry, and remind myself that it's the medicine, I'm able to reign myself in. All in all, Adderall has been great for me! F 19 3 weeks
30 MG 1X D
 3  ADD better concentration, energized, loss of appetite, irritable, sever anger outbursts, depression, paranoia, emotionally unstable. I am a nineteen year old working college student. Adderall helped me alot with being able to concentrate and pay attention when people talk to me. I have so much more energy when I take it unlike before I started taking it which consisted of me being tired all the time . Along with these affects I seem to have many negitive side affects. I get irritated easily and will freak out for no reason. I have the worst anger outbursts which will come and go. I am so emotionally unstable and have sever depression. I had susidal thoughts many times and its almost impossible to control this. I cry everyday for no reason what so ever. It's hard for me to tell someone how I am feeling because they have no idea what it feels like. It seems like I never go out with friends anymore because everything seems so boring to me, even though I just end up sitting at home doing nothing anyways. I still take allerall everyday and just hope the negitive effects will go away over time. F 19 4 months
30 mg 1X D
 3  ADHD pounding and racing heart, 15 pound weight loss in 1 month, poor circulation (purplish fingertips and legs), insomnia I've been taking ritalin or its like since firt grade when i was diagnosed with ADHD. Over the years i have developed a tolerance to most such drugs and higher doses cause side effects like head aches and racing heart. When i first took adderall it worked wonderfully, i could concentrate in classes and to do homework, and my grades went back up (i attend a very competive college and had been struggling with getting all my work done). I could also get to places on time and do things without taking exorbitant amounts of time. It took a little while for side effects to develop to where i noticed them. I don't want to stop taking it because it controls my ADHD but i'm affraid to keep taking it because of the side effects. I want to ask my docter to reduce my dose. F 19 1.5 months

 3  ADHD/bpd/binge eating At first, felt very motivated, elevated mood, almost euphoric, slight headache, no appetite, difficulty sleeping, social anxiety decreased, stable moods, felt I could do anything. I started on 20 mg xr. After a few days these side effects, including the benefits, decreased and my tolerance rose. I started feeling irritable, fatigued, appetite came back. The feeling you get on adderall is 100% addictive. Even the negative ones. So then I started breakig open capsules to add a little to my dose. I began noticing I was sweating more, urinating and defecating A LOT more, slight heart rate increase, some social withdrawal, short term memory started going a bit, strange taste in mouth, insane obsessive skin picking, paying too much attention to details that don't matter, odd body odor, nightmares, insane cigarette cravings, OCD behaviors, cold feet and hands. Soon this wasn't enough and I decided to take a drug holiday. During this, I was lazy as hell, binged almost 15 thousand calories, super depressed, very tired. I've worked my tolerance up to 40 mg xr at once, and then another 20 mg a couple hours later. Lately my side effects are lack of motivation, intense heart palpitations, very high heart rate, difficulty paying attention to more than one thing at once, obsession with working out, shaking hands, always cold, jaw clenching, social anxiety, not feeling human/myself, sleeping problems, paranoia, headache, rambling speech, weight loss (15 pounds in a month), cold feeling in ch F 19 1 months
20-60mg xr
 3  ADHD Positive: increased focus, decreased appetite, i felt like i could accomplish anything, negative: headaches,increased heart rate, extremely dry mouth, excessive thirst, limb numbness,teeth chattering, always cold and clammy limbs, extreme cigarette crave, towards end of day blurred vision, very agressive anger outbursts, insomnia, highly addicting!! F 19 1 years
20 mg

 3  ADD Dry mouth, emotional instability, decreased appetite, crash when off for more than a day, oiler skin, and inability to sleep. I have been taking it for 7 months, after 18 years of being unable to concentrate fully on my tasks and "flitting" all over the place. It seems that at first I had a fabulous reaction to the drug, getting everything done and feeling more alert. At this point I feel like I may be taking the wrong dosage, 20 mg to 30 mg a day. It's almost my college's winter break and so I plan to experient a little more with my psychiatrist with different dosages and working on my own scheduling. I'm torn at this point, because I feel that I don't want to let it go in case it will help me if done correctly, but I get insane mood swings. For example, I'll be in a lecture and feeling perfectly fine, and all of the sudden, BOOM, something hits me and I feel depressed. This feeling is VERY unsettling and so that's quite possibly the biggest problem I am having along with a TERRIBLE sleeping pattern. F 19 7 months
 3  add loss of appetite but it does help somewhat but Ive just recently looked into the drake institute for biofeedback and don't need the medicine hooray! No one should have to be on the med if there's something else out there that is med free! F 19 3 months

 3  ADD better concentration, trouble sleeping, tweak effect I take adderall XR 15 once in the morning on school days, monday through thursday and sunday if I need to study or do a lot of homework. It says to also take one in the afternoon, but I can't go to sleep until 3 or 4 AM if I do. Yesterday, I had to study for a test so I took one at 7 AM and one at 3 PM and didn't go to sleep until after 3 AM. It has helped me bring up my grades because I can concentrate better now. If you need it to concentrate at school or work use it otherwise don't. It can also get depressing as it wears off. I don't see how this is medically legal and marijuana isn't. Adderall is much more addictive and dangerous in general, and even worse if abused. Definately don't take too much; I would say it is not something to fuck with. M 19 3 months

 3  ADD EXTREME loss of appetite, less social, I would find myself very tired but when I would lay down to go to sleep I couldn't fall asleep I see a great improvement in my focus. F 19 150 days

 2  ADHD Exhuasted, had no energy. No appetite. Throat felt swollen constnatly. Dry mouth. I just got put on AdderallXR 15 mg. and it doesn't seem to do a thing to me except make me tired. Maybe it's because I'm working a lot, but I know for a fact when I tried my friends 20 mg. I felt like a God. I had the confidence to do everything I wanted and could do it pretty damn well. Maybe should I tell my doctor that I need to increase the mg.? Would 5 mg make that big of a difference, I can't think of any other reason why the 15 mg. makes me so tired yet the 20 mg. I was bouncing off the walls. Please e-mail!! M 19 2 weeks
 2  ADHD I have literally created two different people- Cari on Adderall and Cari not on Adderall. It has robbed me of my emotion, creativity and personality. Yet I have become so dependent on it to curb my appetite and help me complete mundane tasks that I can't go over a week without taking it. Listen, if you have ADHD, embrace it rather than putting this shit into your body to "cure" it. All that the adderall has done is create made me unhappy. The past four years have been terrible- I used to write beautifully... now, not so much. It is so hard for me to form any close relationships with anyone and I'm always thinking ahead and living in the future. Sure, I go to one of the best schools in the nation... but at what cost? my happiness. Don't do it. It's not worth it. F 19 4 years
45 1X D
 1  adhd dry mouth, not hungry, panic attacks, nose bleeds, bad temper, extreme deppression.The first few months it was fine but it slowly kreeps up on you. i cant remember a lot of things and i used to have a great memory. I have been taking adderall for 6 years and it has done more harm than good. I became very violent with my self and others. I became bipolar and very depressed, i would cry over anything my main issue was thinking i wasnt loved when i was but this medication just changed my persononality. I am a very fun loving outgoing person but on this medication i am shy, and distant. I would not recomend this to any one it does more harm than good. I dont know what to do now because i am scared of what it has alrady done to me. i dont know if it will mess me up even more if i stop taking it F 19 6 years
 1  ADHD light headed, dizzy, crying a lot, anxiety, very itchy nose I have been on Prozac, Celexa, and Adderall. I've had two different doctors and am currently visiting my third one now. The Prozac made me literally suicidal. The Celexa made me really happy. The Adderall, it's made me crazy. I have been on two anti-depressants and a stimulant for anxiety. These doctors don't listen and they prescribe anything to anyone. The Adderall has made me cry everyday at least five times a day. When I woke up this morning I didn't take the Adderall until like twelve and about twenty minutes after I took the pill I was at work and was dizzy and overwhelmed for at least three hours. My anxiety has definetly worsened. Believe it or not, I've been taking it for FOUR DAYS! And this monster has already totally worsened me as a person. Do research on these drugs and report ANY side effects from this drug F 19 4 days
10 2X D
 1  A.D.D Depression. Mood swings. stomach pain. phycotic episodes. Suicidal thoughts. I was a bad student my entire life until I was prescribed to Adderall. I went from a 2.0 student to a 3.5 and it got me into college. At college I realized It was altering my personality. It would made me antisocial and weird in an social situations. I am usually outgoing, love to laugh, fool around and easy going. Adderall made me someone im not and stole my soul. It would made me depressed to the point where I actually debated suicide and that would be crazy to anyone who knew me off the drug. Finally I had a complete phycotic episode thought I was dying and freaked completely out. This drug is so bad. Don't take it if you want to keep your sanity. Even if you think your ok now, things can change quickly. You will get the grades but at what cost? M 19 1 years

 5  add My liver hurts a lot. My heart beats fast. Sweating,dependency loss of appetite. Blurred vision *** PLEASE READ**** Been on some sort of a.d.d medication sense i was 5. Yes it is very helpful and and i am very focused when on it. I do believe it helped me get threw high school and into college but there are long term side effects. I started wearing glasses at age 14. No one in my family wears glasses. Even stopped growing at 16, Now at age 19 i started havening liver and heart problems and i sweat when it's not even hot, only when I'm on it. Honestly I'm not sure if it was all worth it, but i am were i am today because of it. If you do have any question about this drug please email me and i will help as much as i can M 20 16 years
 5  duped the psych come-down sucks when I happen to be feeling depressed and/or anxious. need to defecate 30min. after ingestion (rather pleasant!), thirsty, loss of appetite. The BEST side-effect: HIGH! I LOVE it. It's a great, fun, creative, stimulant, awakening, drug! The only prob is that I can't take too much otherwise come-down sucks and heart palpitations become too noticeable. 20mg in a day is all I can do, and I'm lucky if I can do it the next day without compounding the unwanted peripheral nervous system stimulation. F 20 5 months

 5  adult ADD dry mouth, loss of appetite It really helps me out during the day, but tolerance sucks.. F 20 6 days

 5  staying up at parties Energy to stay up without the speediness.loss of appetite loss weight. concentrate at work for over 10 hours straight (no breaks or lunches at all. the big side effect that made me stop taking for a while was impotence. great just the impotence part ruins it for me, if not i would be on it all the time. first took it a party to stay up and gave me a great euphoria taking it with alcohol. later took it at work and gets me through the day. M 20 2 months

 5  ADHD Anxiety. Headache and anger as medicine wears off. I was diagnosed with ADHD my second year of university. My doctor prescribed Adderall, and I immediately noticed a difference. Adderall helps me start my day, and helps me remain attentive and focused in class and when working on projects. My social life has also improved, and I feel more outgoing. Sometimes I get mild anxiety from Adderall, as I also have panic disorder. I also get annoyed easily as the drug wears off in the evening, but it generally hasn't been a problem. Overall, my experience with this drug great and would encourage anyone whose doctor recommends it to give it a try. M 20 12 months

 5  Lack of motivation Increased face and skin picking, increased finger picking, restless legs, increased talking and a lot more socially open. Feels like you can accomplish anything for about an hour or two. Generally in a happy mood throughout the day. Gives me energy and motivation, makes me confident. Loss of appetite, weight loss. Slightly irritated when I come off the drug at night. Adderall overall makes me happy in general and I feel like I can do anything, and it makes me excited to be alive. The only thing that angers me is that my OCD has increased a bit.. I'm destroying my face by picking at pimples that don't even really exist. I usually have a fairly clean face. F 20 2 weeks
20 MG 2X D

 5  ADHD Faster heart rate. Adderall helps me a lot. It helps me get started on things around the house and be more into conversations with people without getting distracted. F 20 2 months
10mg 2X D

 5  AD/HD + recurring major depressive Increased focus/Attention span, continually reducing anxiety and depression, able to think and react as opposed to simply one or the other, things i "just couldn't do" before are becoming doable, social situations and crowds are easier to manage. also slight loss of appetite, but it's returning; occasionally get over-defensive when presented with a negative stimulus, but no sleep issues or energy issues. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for years and years. This past year i was diagnosed with AD/HD Inattentive Type. The way it is explained to me and from the way i understand it from my own experiences, the inattentive type is harder to spot, as the overflow of sensory and emotional stimulus is internalized continuously (as opposed to externalized with the hyperactive type) - commonly leading to things like anxiety and/or depression. Adderall is there to speed you up, and grant you the capability of taking in this overflow of information and being able to sort through it, making everything from big life events to small everyday happenings easier to manage. It is NOT a cure... it is a treatment - and it's important to note the difference. But for people like me, it changes lives and sometimes saves them. That being said, it is worth any negative that I have come across so far, and it seems to me that most of the mental side effects that are mentioned above and below should and can be handled by the person. Adderall is there to help, but you have to adjust your own mindset as well if you plan to continue taking it. Also, someone above said that AD/HD isn't real. That makes me a sad panda. Behind depression, it IS one of the most overdiagnosed psych disorders out there, but for some people it is very very real and very very detrimental. You shouldn't try to discourage people who need their medications from taking them, it's not your place - it's theirs. M 20 5 months
20 MG 2X D

 5   Erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive, bi polar, profuse sweating, nervousness, dry mouth, loss of appetite, back pain, frequent urination, self esteem issues, M 20 1 years
30 mg 1X D
 4  ADHD Makes me very agitated during the day, little things make me mad. I have to make sure it wears off before I want to sleep or I'll be up until daybreak easy. But also makes my anxiety decrease greatly And focus a lot easier, also you aren't lazy anymore! M 20 2 months
25 xr

 4  Tiredness. ADD Dry mouth, cant stop doing stuff like working which isnt a bad thing. a little anxiety. GENERIC IS NOT THE SAME AND CAUSED ME TO HAVE A ALLERGIC REACTION I started this med and it does help me. i can do more and concentrate great and it gives me energy to some point. ive been prescribed XR as well but i like the IR better. i have to get the brand name which is expensive but it does do its job. i have alot of depression and anxiety problems and it helped my depression somewhat but makes me a little jittery but it take xanax and inderal with it so it works out. M 20 2 months
10 2X D
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