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 1  adult add Hyper, felt good in beginning of day. Changed personality didn't want to be with friends. Rash on scalp dry little bumps. Went away after I stopped drug. Definitly kids should not be on it! F 41 300 days

 1  ADHD anxiety and distress. I am usually a happy-go-lucky person and was put on this med for ADHD. Within a few weeks I noticed by midday I was distressed, almost in tears. I didn't link it to the drug until a few days later I forgot my AM dose and for the first time in a while I felt happy as usual. I told my doctor about this and he told me to go back on it and see if I experienced the distress again. I did try one more dose and felt the anxiety coming on again. For me, it was very bad. F 41 3 weeks
 1  Addhd I'm now on non time released and after I take I get extrely sleepy F 41 1 weeks
 1  ADD w/severe anxiety Complete loss of appetite & then gag-reflux even looking/smelling food. I had to force myself to eat, because I became so weak after 3 days. Then after getting my food intake up each day, I still felt truly depressed. I had no memory, no concentration, no desire to speak, began sleeping 12+ hours a day and was even drowsy when awake and had significant body pain. Yes, it was Adderall (the little orange one; the $215 non-generic brand!). A BIG out of pocket ouch!!!! Call me crazy, but my body truly did NOT react the way 95% of everyone has reported (and how I had hoped it would be for me). I was NOT clear-headed or able to concentrate and I quickly couldn't accomplish anything I needed to do & had been doing (let alone all the things I dreamed of if I could just get focused). On Adderall, I lost my sense of humor & care for everything I had previously enjoyed. I felt like a "zombie". Even after forcing myself to eat, I still had little energy or the physical strength to do everyday jobs. Yes, I was calm and my overwhelming anxiety was so much less, but I was not in touch with much outside my totally muted head. I kept reducing my dosage (all the way down to 5 mg) in hopes I could still get some calming benefit (and keep that reduced appetite side effect so I could lose a few #'s). Even with a mere 5mg dose, my breathing is truly restricted and I am so achy and TIRED! Clearly this drug works wonders for lots of people, but for me.... a real trip to the dark side. Please note: I NEVER once felt "up" or had the reported other commonly mentioned side effects of dry mouth, heart racing, head pounding, upset stomach or aggressiveness. NONE! F 41 7 days
20 MG 2X D
 5  ADHD Jitters mainly in the morning More focused, calmer mentally M 42 8 weeks

 5  Attention Defiect Disorder headache F 42 3 months
 5  Adult ADD Inevitable Addiction. In real medical literature, 70% of bipolar people have ADD. So once a bipolar diagnosis is made, ADD is considered strongly as a co-disorder. More women than men, disproportionate left-handed people, and other things. The Adderall will remove ADD from your life for about six months. Then you have a tolerance to it, and find ways to get MORE. You take more to get the same feeling, you become a junkie. It's not a matter of "if" you will become a junkie taking Adderall, it's a matter of how long it takes to become one. M 42 9 months

 5  depression, sleepiness, adult add The first few days there was some euphoria and a bit of dry mouth. Also, insomnia b/c I took it too late in the day (after noon). First two doses I did notice extreme fatigue late in evening, but not after that. Yes, you will notice a decrease in your appetite, but as an adult you will be able to work with that and get your meals in. I am 42 y/o and have tried at least ten or more meds for depression over the past decade. I finally asked for Adderall from my treating physician after I read it helped for those with treatment resistant depression (was taking Lexapro/wellbutrin). I just started taking 20mg once a day along with 10mg of Lexapro and I feel much, much more consistent in my mood -- as other's have said, increased focus, consistent energy (before I would nap up to three times a day--even after 9 hours of sleep) and loads of patience. My mind is much more calm & peaceful. So far I have been able to take it for a few days at a time, skip a day or more without consequence -- I notice that when I'm taking it I feel much more centered, productive, motivated, clear and consistent. I also don't feel overwhelmed by simple tasks and I can sit at my desk and work without getting completely distracted and unmotivated. I don't notice a "craving" for Adderall, or a distinct "crash" at the e F 42 3 weeks

 5  ADHD none excellent,more focused, read faster, more alert F 42 9 years

 4  ADD Not sure about some of the posts up here with people talking about feeling euphoric at first. HELLO... if you get buzzed, you probably got mis-diagnosed. I have taken 30mg XR for 3 or 4 years and never felt euphoric or anxious. It just gives me the ability to focus and it's calming. Honestly, it saved my job. I had taken anti-depresants for years and stopped taking them because the depression was gone. What I didn't know is that anti-depressants can help ADD. So when I stopped the anti-depressants, I couldn't focus, and you could ask me a question... and I would know the answer... but not be able to access it. Weird and horrible. Adderall addressed the problem instantly. The only issue I am having currently is loss of sexual appetite, which I hate. Not sure if it's the Adderall or Trazadone (anti depresant) I take at night to help me sleep. M 42 4 years
 4  ADD dry mouth, dehydration, social distancing/reclusiveness, tongue thrusting, occasional feeling of non existent "ticks or bugs" crawling on my back or arms/legs, feelings of paranoia and persecution at work, verbal outbursts, doing all of the talking, but very little listening during conversations, impulsive behavior. It works well if you can recognize and manage the side effects. I have been taking it for about 2 years now. Just last week I decided to stop taking it altogether (because I was taking an antibiotic for another unrelated condition) and I didn't want the adderall to effect the concentration of that prescription (adderall is a stimulant so I thought it could reduce the effectiveness of my antibiotic). BEWARE of withdrawing from this drug cold-turkey after taking it long term!! I had bad headaches, fatigue beyond belief (could sleep 23 hours a day), leg cramps, SEVERE irritability and impatience, and sensitivity to loud noises. I started taking it again because the withdrawal was so BRUTAL! M 42
30mg 1X D
 4  Depressive phase of bi-polar disord Headache as drug wears off; depressed appetite, with nausea if I force myself to eat anyway. Periodically I will develop tolerance (doesn't work as well as it used to); it's best then to take a "drug vacation," taking none for 3-5 days, until my body has time to recover. M 42 9 months

 4  Was diagnosed with ADD Problem sleeping, dry mouth, lack of appetite, lost 6 pounds , dehydrated, head aches. It has helped me to focus, and get a hold of my life. I feel like the majority of the side effects, went away by week three. When i look backward, i wish that i had been treated before the age of 42, i would have probably made it through colllege. Sincerely, M 42 35 days
10MG 3X D
 3  CFS Exhaustion I was prescribed Addarell a few days ago and I admit that I am stalling on taking my 1st dose...now reading everyones description on this site makes me feel even more nervous...I read the good and the bad when it comes to this drug...my question to you all is...do you think it's safe and ok if I only took it when I needed it instead of taking it every day! btw I'm 42 and have had Lupus for 12 years & Fibromyalgia for 5 years. I rated this drug a 2 even though I haven't tried it...I had to rate in order for my post to go through F 42 0 days
15 1X D
 3  better focus Better focus, weight loss, insomnia at times,fatigue at times, decreased appetite,easily irritated, muscle switching in face at night, dry mouth, pressure behind eyes after one hour of taking mediccine. numbness in hands at night my boy friend takes it to. we now fight often. we seem to have no patience for each other or anyone. F 42 6 months

 2  ADDHD extreme dry mouth, jaw pain M 42 14 days

 1  Edema in feet, fatigue, no concentr HORRIBLE side effects, pounding heart, high blood pressure, headache, magnified panic/anxiety attacks, chest pain, racing pulse. I tried it the first time and immediately had BP problems, skipping beats, racing and panic/anxiety attacks because of heart racing. Doc had me "wean on" taking 1/4 of a 20 mg. tab 2 x's a day. After 4 days went up to 1/2 of 20 mg. tab 2 x's a day and the same thing happened with raised BP, heart racing/flutters/palpitations, it was HORRIBLE. I will not dare take this medicine. Never found out if it "could help" because I had reactions every time I tried to take it! PLEASE BE CAREFUL. I really thought my heart was just going to explode at one point. I swore I was dying. BE CAREFUL F 42 1 days
 5  Adult ADHD Recent Diagnosis Loss of appetite, insomnia if I take after 3PM. I've probably been grappling with inattentive ADHD since I was a kid. Well, I know I have, now. I wish I'd known about ADHD and this drug 20 years ago. I'd have saved myself a lot of pain in life. I've struggled with fatigue, absentmindedness, procrastination, guilt, inability to finish projects. I was always waiting for my employer or coworkers to "discover" what a half-ass I was at work. Anyway, the Adderall is making such a difference in my life. About an hour after I take it, I feel it kick in: Normally I am jittery, irritable, stressed, and my mind races constantly from topic to topic, and I have a hard time getting started on anything. Once it kicks in, I am calmer. I feel like the world is an okay place and all the things I worry about are going to be just fine. The lack of anxiety and absence of racing thoughts really helps me concentrate, and I can get a normal amount of work done in a day. I am less irritable, more focused, and generally happier. The effect lasts about 4 hours, then it wears off. I know others experience a significant comedown. I just feel kind of tired, like you might after a long day of working. As long as I take my last dose before 2PM, I have no problems sleeping. So far, so great. I feel like such a burden has been lifted from me. F 43 5 weeks
10 2X D
 5  ADD dry mouth, nerviousness, dry mouth, insonomia, dry mouth, tight chest I have found adderall to be the best treatment for my ADD. I have had ADD my entire life and did not realize it until a doctor tested me in 2002. Since then I have tried many different medications. Many of the SSRI's did not work for me. They made me tired and I gained weight with them which did not sit right with me. Ritilan worked, but the waves of up and down througout the day were too difficult to deal with. I take Adderall XR 20 once a day in the morning. My doctor has said that I can take up to 2 a day. If I do this for multiple days, I cannot sleep and by day three or four I am VERY anxious. Also I can develop a tightness in my chest that I know is because of the tension and anxious felling that I am experiencing with this medication. I have taken the medication for about 2 1/2 years and I have developed dry mouth with the medication. Throughout the day, it seems I cannot quench my thurst. My mouth seems raw and things have a metal taste at times. Never in my life ha M 43 2 years

 5  add,cfs Started taking due to cfs following a long battle with pneumonia that antibiotics couldn't rid my body of, but after taking it for some time with much improvement in many levels asked for a referral to psychiatrist to be "officially" diagnosed with adult add. I, of course, began researching into add symptoms after taking it because of my overall life improvement. I am of the age before they actually gave the condition I've suffered all my life a name. If I was born later, my psychiatrist stated the system would have found it sooner! Sad to me now, but so glad I do have treatment now. It has been a rocky road though. There have been some quality control issues with the med over the years and it's not as good as it once was, but is still better than not having it at all. You can have a GP manage your medication AFTER you receive your diagnosis from a psychiatrist. I specifically asked the psych for adderall to try, and they had no problem with that. Good luck to all, it is a very helpful mefication if taken properly(as prescribed). F 43 6 years
30mg 2X D
 4  ADHD at first it can make me kind of sleepy I only take 10 mg up to 4 x a day-I have had ADHD my entire life and man I wish I had taken this drug earlier. I had no idea it wasn't normal to constantly walk around with a maelstrom of thoughts in one's head. This drug also saved my job-was told by my boss that I was the most intelligent person in my dept but had the highest error rate...since taking the med (4+ years) have not had one error. I take an occasional 'vacation' to purge it from my system which can be mildly unpleasant but not immensely. This med can cause issues w/ bp-so if you're older, you need to be aware of that and if you have blood pressure issues, probably don't want to take it. If you are getting high from this drug, then you are most likely misdiagnosed. One good thing about this med is its action is highly manageable...if you know you are going to be doing something needing concentration, you can take the med maybe 1/2 hr before and are good to go... F 43 4 days

 4  adjunct to antidepressant meds jaw clenching Adderall XR much better than regular Adderall for me--smoother action, no rebound reaction. Works better for me than ritalin. With Adderall, I immediately felt calmer and more focused. I take it to boost the antidepressant effects of my AD meds and also to counter the 'fuzziness' side effect of my AD meds. Only problem is the jaw clenching. F 43 6 years

 1  non-hyperactive ADD I experienced every side effect that I have seen here. Eventually my "specialist"/ M.D. had me up to 120 mg's per day, stating that I was still at a sub-therapuetic dose. After 6 months or so, on the emotional roller coaster, which the "specialist" tried to mitigate with Lexapro, I had a complete melt down. This was 5 months ago and I still am not right. The depression I went through, I would not wish on the devil himself... Yes, I experienced productivity, and sustained energy, but it was obsessive and exxaggerated my vices (pot and alcohol)to the point that I was self medicating to take the medicine. I DID NOT KNOW ANY BETTER! I had never experienced such productivty and I trusted the Dr. TRUST YOUR GUTS! Ask your friends how you are behaving, ask your self,and family. We ADD people are renowned for a lack of self awraeness. Only you know how you feel. Remember, you are in control of the experiment, no one else. M 43 6 days
 1  weight loss Rage. It didn't help me lose any weight and I felt so angry on it; I stopped taking it over the week ago and I'm still angry. How long does it take to get back to normal? I even smacked my cat on the damn stuff. He was climbing where I'd asked him not to and my hand shot out and just smacked him, no thought at all. I didn't hit him hard; I had wits enough not to do that. I didn't hurt him; I immediately flushed all the damn pills down the toilet and he was coming around for cuddles before I even got back. Still though, I don't hit. What right do I have to hit another creature except in self defense? I hate Adderall. F 43 3 days
10 2X D

 1  ADHD many of the symptoms of Prostatitis. Initially, Adderall worked well for me. However, when I had been on Adderall for about two weeks I started having many of the symptoms of Prostatitis, to the extent I went to a doctor and got a comprehensive (including prostate) exam and everything. I never thought to mention I had started Adderall and he didn't ask about any new medications I may be on. After the doc could find nothing, I went online and read that several other men had the same symptoms when on Adderall. I stopped Adderall, and within a couple days, no more prostatitis symptoms. M 43 14 days

 5  AADD Loss of Appetite, It increases my ability to stick to tasks, increase short term memory, Prioritize work functions, assures completion of tasks, Less irritable, people don't get on my nerves - especially co-workers, I do not lose track of large spans of time, M 44 7 days

 5  Extreme difficulty focusing. I have very slight joint pain, and sometimes I get headaches. But I get headaches a lot, and it's hard to blame the adderall. I have bouts of insomnia, but again, I had them before the drug. I wish I'd been able to admit my focus and concentration problems were serious years ago. I have been more productive in the past three months than in the past three years. My main fear was a loss of creativity (I am a writer as well as a programmer), but I seem to be sharper and more creative. My professional and hobby work has both benefited greatly from this. I see no signs of addiction -- I am not yet done with my June supply, despite using it mostly-daily. It's very easy for me to not take if I know I won't need to focus on work -- I don't take it unless I have work planned. M 44 90 days
 5  treatment resistant depression dry mouth, euphoria (initially),increased heart rate, insomnia if taken too late in the day (second dose), thirst, heartburn -- sometimes a bit of impulsiveness -- I just remember I'm on my meds and wait to react at a later part of the day -- Also, a positive side effect I noticed someone else mention - a lot of patience -- very low irritability (except right around my period). I have been taking the same amount of adderall for 18 months now-- half a 20mg tab in the morning and the other half after lunch. This is the only medication in combination with Lexapro (10mg) and HRT that has worked on my depression. I was previously on Wellbutrin (150mg/d)and Lexapro 20mg/day. Prior to that: Celexa for a short time, Cymbalta (60 mg/day -- that was a train wreck!) and previous to that Prozac -- lost a lot of weight on Prozac and developed a tremor. Always though, even with the Wellbutrin/Lexapro combo, had to take multiple naps a day and had very little motivation, but a lot of internal restlessness. The Cymbalta was probably the worst in terms of side effects for me -- made me not care at all and very loopy...difficult to work. Adderall has really given me my patience, motivation, desire, happiness and sense of positive well being back. I would also recommend any woman with depression get their hormone levels checked -- Estrogen balance is key to serotonin balance. As with any drug like Adderall, communicating with your physician is essential as is taking care of yourself with exercise, nutrition and good sleep habits. I was very nervous about being "addicted" to Adderall, but a year an a half later I'm still on the same dose and can go off of it when I want to (sometimes I do around my menses b/c I WANT to take a nap). F 44 18 months
10 2X D
 5  depression slight nervousness The best medicine i was ever prescribed,wish i had known about it years ago.Helps to motivate me to do things i usually did'nt care about,that i needed to do. F 44 2 years
20 MG 2X D

 5  Depressed, couldn't focus Dry mouth, euphoria, catch myself grinding my teeth or making sounds with mouth that only I can hear. Without this drug I had no desire to go to work (and I own my own business) I'm on morphine sulfate for 3 herniated disc so the pain meds are required, but they drain me. I have no problem sleeping because I take my dose at 4:45am. It helps me to stay busy I don't get distracted as much as I used to and have an optimistic out view. This med can be hard to get because of what it is but there are some good doctors that see the benefit over the side affects. M 44 3 months
40 1X D
 5  ADD/depression My doctor started me out on 20mg and that was way too high for me. I quartered the pill, taking 5mg and felt great! Not like bouncing off the walls or anything but I could focus! I felt motivated. I hadn't felt this way in, well, as long as I can remember. This med has changed my life. I have since got with my Dr and am now taking 5mg pills. F 44 1 months
 5  Concentration=ADHA Dry-mouth, red face, always hot. I have found this to be wonderful. I am able to multi-task again, and get through my day without losing blocks of time. I am responsible for millions of dollars a day and I can function now without second guessing what I already did. F 44 45 days


 5  ADHD tachycardia, initial drowsiness 1 1/2 hours after taking, dry mouth, I take Adderall XR 30mg once a day along with 15mg IR in the evenings. It helps with my adhd however, I've begun taking magnesium (500 mg daily), calcium, and tyrosine to counter tolerance to the drug. I build a tolerance very quickly and have had to increase my dosage considerably. Helps me to focus and remain awake to be able to accomplish many tasks. Sometimes it keeps me awake but most of the time I sleep very well. I think the most important thing is not to build a tolerance. Never eat a high fat meal and always take vitamin supplements to help tolerance levels. Also I take take drug holidays, sometimes a week at a time if I don't need the adderall. Check with your doc about other meds you take, as well. Adderall XR works better than IR. The IR makes me irritable and edgy. XR is smoother and lasts longer. F 44 3 months
 5  ADD, fatigue, exhaustion Dry Mouth. Helped a great deal in making me feel "normal" again. I can concentrate on tasks, multi-task, stay organized. It totally eliminates the fatigue and exhaustion and restores my motivation. Only negative is that when the effects start to wear off, they do so rapidly and I drop like a stone off a cliff. M 44 9 months

 4  lack of response to antidepresants Sweating, clammyness. Also some obsessing over details. Helped a lot with lack of will, motivation. I feel good about accomplishments. F 44 6 months

 4  ADD None really at first, I was taking w/prozac and one or the other or both really screwed up my sex drive. Now been on for adderall for three years (now with Wellbutrin XL) and am having episods of memory loss, (I mean no recollection of events type loss), or my wife is playing games with me. For the past year have been times of confusion lasting a week or two, not sure if that is from the drug but that's about all I can think of that could cause it. The most irritating thing is some short term menial task related memory loss, like not remebering if I showered, fortunately I shave when I shower so I often have to touch my face to see if I have or not, not as disgusting as it sounds I manage to check my face every day (LOL). Actually it tends to work in my favor, I am the kinda who runs fingers through his hair after the shower and hit the road, sometimes I don't see the mirror, and yes, the other menial task I most often forget? To shave Having infrequent bouts of rage, (n Ok, now here's the thing I am on 120mgs a day. As I have searched the web recently I don't see numbers like that thrown around too much, don't think I am proud or bragging, read on. So I really like the drug, but am growing concerned about some of the recent issues and if they are related to Adderall, my wife thinks I should quit, (and I know she's right), says she would rather have the old dreamer starving artist than a maniac (or baby sit a drooling bonehead, I guess). Now here I am crusin' my way through the Information Highway reading horror, I mean serious HORROR stories of people going through literally months of withdrawl, (sleeping 2-3 days at a time, manic depressive episods etc...), these same people are taking 30-60mgs a day and some of then for less than a year. At 120mgs I am as worried about the withdrawl as I am the side effects. By the way, one draw back has been since I started taking anti depressants and Adderall, what used to be a very vivid and creative m M 44 3 years

 4  ADHD bad breath, jittery, shortness of breath, thirsty, feeling weird in the head(tingling feeling or light headedness), weight loss(which I love), increased sex drive(my husband is loving it). Overall the drug is really helping me to concentrate!!! I'm getting things done that I usually "put off" or "start one thing and go to another without finishing the first task". I've been organized and on top of my game. F 44 35 days
20 MG ER 1X D
 3  ADD Took it for the first time today and was waiting for the rush and the euphoria that I've read about and that the dr warned me about. Nothing. I was wide awake but that's really all I felt. Even took a nap about 5 hours after taking it. Will continue on with it and see what happens. F 44
10mg 1X D
 2  ADD Loss of appetite Slight occasional headache on morning dose Lethargy until second dose of day On 60mg/tid, switched to Adderal because 60mg/tid Ritalin was wearing off too early in the evening, it simply did not work for me. 20mg morning dose had little effect, after second 20mg noon dose imparted a feeling of energy without focus, which was useless. In my case Ritalin works much better, but the required dose to cover a 16 hour day isn't safe. Still searching. M 44 4 days

 1  ADD Sometimes I think that my attention span is worse now. Yes, I am able to concentrate but it makes me be too much of a perfectionist, so I end up being perfect in some areas and really slack in others. I have always been easy going not I have outbursts of Anger, short temper, more compulsions, hair pulling, loss of memory, they say I have a personality change for the worse. Weight loss (which I love, but I am an ex anorexic so I have to be careful) I have gone from 30 mg to 20 mg to now 10 mg but hopefully can get off soon. I know it is not the drug for me, but can't seem to make myself just stop. I do have attention problems but this just adds to other problems. F 44 6 months

 4  social anxiety disorder dry mouth, teeth grinding, foot cramps, cold hands & feet, weight loss, binge eating at night, caffeine-like nervousness, irritability upon coming down. i was initially prescribed adderall for ADD (inattentive type), but immediately upon taking the first dose, found that it eliminated my severe social anxiety disorder *completely*...so long as i keep remembering to take it, that is! for anyone suffering with social anxiety disorder, i *highly* recommend you try adderall...i'd tried just about everything known to man previously (SSRI'S, SNRI's, anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines, the list goes on and on) - *nothing* helped - but adderall is truly a miracle...i finally have my life back. :) F 45 5 years
10mg 3X D
 4  adhd sleep problems now better I know take 60 mg daily with good effect. I have noticed thta I tend to obsess or perseverate on tasks. M 45 4 times

 3  Adult ADD headache, jittery,eye pain/heaviness ups and downs. frustrated,angry,nervous, back pain, muscle tics,want to rip my brain out or jump out of my skin,swearing,sleepy but can't get comfy. restless legs, pain in legs. The first day I loved it except headache, 2nd day still liked the concentration, focus, desire to participate in conversation, 3rd day felt like crap. Pharmacist stated it is now in my system. Irritable, tired,hungry, side effects are so severe today that I don't feel like getting out of bed or reading,focusing on anything. I know I have to give it time for my brain and body to get used to it. I will try and take it day by day because I liked the way I felt after my first day. I got out of the house and shopped, organized, cleaned, cooked and could communicate with my husband and son. I will give this a good 10 days for the side effects to go away or I will discontinue due to the side effects. Kids should not be on this period. It is like a 1980's cocaine feeling which I hate. F 45 3 days
15 EX 1X D
 5  Adult-onset ADHD Nothing bad at all...a little dry mouth at first and a mild headache once in awhile, but nothing more and not even that much for quite some time now. Started out about 3 years ago at 20 mg once a day...Never have taken the extended release type, only the "regular" version of the med. Now taking 40 mg 3 times per day for over a year and a half and have not had a single problem whatsoever...no dry mouth, no lasting headaches to speak of, no jitters, no weird urges at all,...just calm, level, able to concentrate and focus without effort, no longer "scattery", no more racing thoughts, no longer have the horrible mood swings, no more rapid cycle bi-polar issues, no more insomnia at all (THANK GOD!!!), no problems with maintaining a healthy weight, and I now make much healthier food choices than ever before, now able to work full time again, and the horribly severe panic disorder I once had is almost completely gone! I am much more productive, organized, creative and motivated than I ever was before starting Adderall, and another wonderful little "perk" is that I have gone from being a two-pack-a-day smoker F 46 3 years

 5  ADHD Quiet, almost intoxicated state when medicine first takes effect as if my brain is switched off. Agitation and angry mood when it wears in the evening. Often forget to eat all day and then overeat all night: weight gain. I have ADHD Inattentive type = daydreamy and forgetful with racing thoughts. I take 40 mg extended release at 8 am daily. The initial calm-brain-sleepy effect is so VERY VERY pleasant it scared me when I first started on this drug. It felt like it would become addictive just for that pleasure and relief. I frequently take breaks from using to test if I'm "addicted" and have never had problem doing without it. No withdrawals, no cravings. Now that I am used to the overly calm period, I simply schedule around it. Lasts 25-45 minutes for me so I use that time to meditate, nap, check emails or other "lazy" task. Lowering dosage stopped my nightly temper flares and crabbiness. This drug helps my memory and productivity immensely. Does not give me excess energy, but helps me NOT doze off in class, movies, conversations, or studying. Odd that it 'cured' forgetfulness in everything but remembering to eat... I have experienced a greatly improved quality of life. F 46 5 years
 5  Adult ADD Brief euphoria when I first started taking it and hypersexuality. Both sx have since moderated. This drug completely changed ny life. I no longer feel constantly irritable like I'm about to explode. I can focus and complete tasks, I'm nicer to people. I just had my performance review at work and my boss said my work had been exceptional and wants to promote me to a senior policy advisor positiion. My compulsivity has also been reduced- I don't overeat and rarely drink anymore. I also sleep better and no longer need a sleep aid. M 46 1 years

 5  ADD * I've used adderall for 4 years; usually one 25mg dose each morning, and sometimes 5 or 10 mg about 8 hours later; I don't use XR as it puts too much strain on my "metabolism" and wears me out; I'm 46 years old. * I take adderall Monday to Sat., but never on Sunday, to give my body a break. I am totally exhausted--mentally and physically--on Sundays. I usually sleep about 12 hours Sat. night, and another 4 to 5 hours on Sunday afternoon. I often get depressed on Sunday afternoon, but it is always gone by Monday morning. * my experiences with adderall withdrawl, having stopped taking it for 8 days now: lately, on the days I take adderall, I get *very* tired starting early evening, and usually just watch TV. To become more productive in the evenings, I am going off adderall as an experiment. I have not taken it for 8 days now. I sleep about 12 hours every night due to being *very* tired in the morning. I have more energy in the evenings now. I'm not experiencing M 46 4 years
 4  lack of concentration, lethargy Loss of appetite for a few days, heart palpitations,irregular heart rate,dry mouth,and nausea. All the side effect passed within 10 days. Do not feel any of the euphoric or speed type feelings that others are experiencing, possibly why i'm not having the weight loss as well, which is ok since that's not why it was prescribed to me. I take 10mg. twice a day and am very excited about the positive results so far. I have been able to stay awake much longer during the day and definately feel more motivated in the morning as opposed to wanting to sit in the chair and do nothing all day. I do feel more interest in the projects and hobbies that i had lost all interest in with my depression but still find i am not following completely through on anything. I was initially completing projects which made me feel great but that has since worn off. I wish i could keep that going. I am returning to work in 2 days and i hope i will have the concentration and attention to detail i so desperately need. I have high hopes. I do feel i am having very poitive results from this medication so far, hope it continues this way because it feels so good to feel good. F 46 3 weeks

 5  adult add, not able to filter when wearing off hunger, then fatique. usually after four hours. I dose at 8 am and then again at noon. this seems to work well for me. F 47 3 months

 5  ADD loss of appetite (as in, I can eat, but I'm okay if I don't eat.) I tend to want to stay up later at night. After 47 years of dealing with a scattered/slow brain, I was eager to try Adderall. I admit I was expecting a bigger impact when I started taking it, and felt nothing at first. Then after a couple of days I noticed that I felt much less anxious, especially at work. I am able to more easily overcome things that would cause me much stress before, like approaching someone to discuss a work issue. I am also able to more easily motivate myself to do cumbersome (boring) tasks. Things that I would previously stress about or avoid I am now able to do. I am getting things done at home that have been on hold for a long time. I guess I would now say that Adderall is actually better than I expected. Physically I don't feel any different on Adderall, but am finally able to make decisions and get on with whatever task is at hand. Many have mentioned appetite loss--for me this falls right in line with the improved decision making ability because I am able to tell myself that I'm not hung M 47 1 months
 5  Suggested by doctor teeth grinding, if I don't sleep enough the night before, I get sleepy when I take it. Helps with focus and communication skills. No longer considered an "air head" at work. F 47 1 years

 3  ADD, lack of motivation I found I had to break 10mg pills in fourths! If I have coffee with it I am through the roof. I am afraid to exercise because I feel as if I could stroke out! I also experience awful rebound when it wears off. Hot, red, flushed face at odd times. Some disinterest in food, drink or socializing. I also pick at any irregularity in my skin...to the point where I bleed. The inside of one of my ears has been picked until swollen...I am not even aware that I am doing this. I was hoping for more motivation and haven't found it. I am able to stay on task longer. I was on Ritalin for 10 years. After stopping for 6 months I decided I needed it again. Once I started up again it was NEVER the same. The rebound was awful. I had such high hopes with Adderall. I'm afaraid now that it isn't going to work! F 47 5 days

 1  A.D.D. Mood swings, anger, sleeplessness, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, isolated myself from the world and the ones I loved, agrued frequently, depressed, sadness. I've lost almost two years of my life all the while thinking Adderall was helping me.I had a false sense of security and didn't realize what Adderall was doing to me.I was a single parent and I shut my beautiful child out of my life and hurt her.I have to rebuild that now for the damage I did.I tried to do the same thing to the love of my life and because she loved me she stood up to me and helped me realize what I was doing.I had NO clue I was even being mean,angery,shuting out the world, and damaging relationships.I really thought it was everyone else.Until someone loved me enough to grab me the by the shirt and tell me what I was doing and not let me continue to ruin my life and others lives.I really believed I was fine and I was good to go.This poison makes you think you're invincible and it completely shut off part of my brain.I lost two good years of my life and I can't lose anymore.I have to wean off or Adderall slowly because I am on a high dose.I will not let this beat me!I will not let this destroy the ones I love anymore.Get help!Get off Adderall NOW!There's other ways to get treated for ADD and fatigue.Don't be a victim.Be a survivor! M 47 2 years
25 mg xr 3X D

 4  M.S. W/brain lesions Can't tell. B/C I am on other meds for M.S.,,,long list Adderall 10mg was added on to AdderallXR 20mg. I take XR @ 5:30 A.M., and was recently prescribed 10mg as needed for "Breakthrough fatigue". @ 12 noon. It helps. I install doors/windows m-f., have long list of to do on My house and 5 acres. Diagnosed ADD symptoms after neurophych. evaluation. All of this from brain damage from 12 brain lesions/tumors(?)shown on MRI in Aug06...Brain biopsy and ever test to rule out everything, execpt possible AtypicalM.S...Very long story. M 48 6 months
 3  ADD/word finding difficulties sleepiness. I have not yet found this to be helpful. I'm in my second week and I sometimes feel like I am MORE disjointed and scattered than I was when I wasn't taking it. I am also sleepy. Am going to stay with it for the first month but am definitely talking to my doc about the fact that I feel more scattered and less focused -- although it does seem to have helped with my word finding difficulties when speaking. F 48 14 days

 5  ADHD Depression when medication wears off. Tolerance. Overall it is a great medication. Unfortunately, I developed a tolerance to it and had to keep increasing my dosage to get the same results as I did previously. I have been able to focus and stay motivated. M 49 3 years
20 MG 4X D
 5  ADD Lack of appetite. I have a slight headache but don't know if it's the drug. I have NEVER written a review here before but have read many for several different drugs. I just cleaned the #@%* out of my house. We're talking mopping, windows, closets, boxing stuff up for Goodwill. The whole nine yards. I can't remember the last time I have done something like this. Maybe never. I don't feel 'high', I just keep doing stuff. I rewired all my electronics and put my Tivo,Surround sound system, and PS3 INSIDE my Entertainment center as opposed to having it on top. THEN I decided to write a review. Crazy. Me likey. M 49 2 days
10 2X D
 4  I'm NOT on Adderal 10. ADD diag. forget to eat or drink anything. Am 5'10" and have gone from 149 to 143 in a month (don't want to get any thinner!) Really have to remember to eat. Occasional mild dry mouth I'm COLD. My normal blood pressure and resting heart rate & body temp are low. (96.7 at Dr's yesterday) May be related to low weight? THought low blood sugar but eating hasn't seemed to help. I'm participating in a clinical study that's testing a new version of Adderall that has an enzyme so you can't overdose on it because your body will only absorb so much at a time. Blind study, so don't know my dose for first 3 weeks Could have been placebo, but I suspect 30 mg. Last week was 30 mg. Today is my first day of 60 mg. I'm 49 and had never been diagnosed with ADD- so never been evaluated or on drugs. More the "paralysis of will" thing than hyperactivity. Seemed much worse in ast few months (menopause, maybe?) Then got laid off w/no warning & just STOPPED. I don't have kids, husband, etc. to force me into motion. I've NEVER felt this drug "kick in" & fall asleep immediately (always have). It may "knock me out" once a day. Notice this wk I've sat wkg at computer fo 4-5 hrs w/out getting up (not good!) Since it doesn't prioritize you, I can get "lost" working on something unimportant (like this) for way too long. Haven't notic F 49 8 days
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