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 5  To concentrate in college 4 months
3 20mg a d



 5  Idiopathic Hypersomnia/Narcolepsy weight loss, urge to smoke alot, some visual disturbances (aka floaters and visual snow), rapid heartbeat, minor OCD I finally know what it's like to be awake. Started from 10mg's with short duration, and now on 20mgs with a little more duration but less harsh of a comedown (I don't feel the need to nap when it starts to wear off) The only annoying side effect is minor OCD moments. I feel like I have been born again and being is the most novel thing on this earth. 2 months

 4  ADHD Increased attention to detail. Desire to be focused on something interesting. Feeling of happiness and excitement for the day. Loss of appetite. Desire to solve big problems. Increased care for hygiene. Increased worry of leaving a personal belonging behind. I started taking Adderall Instant Release after switching from Adderal XR 20 mg. It is WORLDS better for me. I mainly take the drug for studying purposes (a student at Michigan State University). It works perfect for me because if gives me 6 hours to be perfectly focused out of every day. I hated the intense crash from XR. Instant Releases hit you much harder, but don't cause a fraction of the side effects that XR did for me. I feel a bit agitated and "Zombie-Like" when it completely wears off, but this is just minor compared to the way I used to feel coming down from XRs. 21 1 months
20 MG IR 1X D

1X D
 3  Better focuc (at work, home) ADD Ability to focus, weight loss (about 25-30 pounds so far while on low carb diet too, penis shrinkage has been moderate while flacid and mild while erect, premature ejaculation, loss of sex drive, episodes of paranoia (thinking girlfriend is cheating & spying on her), inability to fall asleep but can stay asleep. Sleepy during the day. Desire to rely on energy drink to either offset the lack of sleep or enhance weight loss. Too many energy drinks causes significant loss of focus, and multiple day insomnia, and lack of sleep mania and mania induced paranoia. Also taking 200-250mg lamital (over 1 year), 200mg topamax (>1year), and 10mg (2 months) uroxitral (for difficulty urinating). 3 months
 3  add deppression, anxiety confusion, inability to think iv been takking adderal since 1st grade im in ninth now. it was great and helped me alot but the past 2 years on it have been hell.i quit feeling emotion for others and only cared for myself i began to remove myself from my friends.this was on adderall xr wich iv been taking sinc middle shcool.i woke up angry and depressed.i dont take it over the weekends or during the summer. and dont experience withdraws, but the 1st week of shcool when getting back on it was hell i had panic attack and mood swing couldnt think about anything.i dont reccomend this for kids 14 8 years

 1  ADHD long term use of ADHD medication, from 1st grade to the age of 19 (12 years). Hard to determine natural development from effects of long term use. Long term negative effects seem to be: low energy; violent, extreme mood swings; cardiovascular problems including very high heart rate; depression; anxiety; periodic withdrawals from society/life/friends; possible increased risk of addiction; inconsistent sex drive; and a myriad of other conditions I could list. Short term (daily) negative effects: numbness, especially in face, impotence, sullenness, listless. Little history of mental disorders exist in my family (I believe an aunt may have an undiagnosed disorder). I started life as a fairly normal, if disobedient, child. Up to 5th grade, ADHD medication enabled me to get good grades in school. After 5th grade, my grades declined, at the dismay of many teachers who considered me an avid student. I believe my diagnosis of ADHD and the subsequent medication masked and compounded other disorders that surfaced as I grew up. Little attempt was made at psychotherapy: however, my physician readily increased the dosage of adderall several times, with no appreciable positive effect. 21 9 years
 5  duped the psych come-down sucks when I happen to be feeling depressed and/or anxious. need to defecate 30min. after ingestion (rather pleasant!), thirsty, loss of appetite. The BEST side-effect: HIGH! I LOVE it. It's a great, fun, creative, stimulant, awakening, drug! The only prob is that I can't take too much otherwise come-down sucks and heart palpitations become too noticeable. 20mg in a day is all I can do, and I'm lucky if I can do it the next day without compounding the unwanted peripheral nervous system stimulation. F 20 5 months

 5  diagnosed with ADD Initially, first two weeks or so, I had difficulty sleeping and little appetite. Side effects lessened considerably after this time, though, and now I suffer no noticable side effects. Diagnosed with ADD in August. Started on Adderall once a day, went to twice a day and have a much easier time in general. The benefits were noticable immediately. I felt coherent, was able to leave the house without forgetting sunglasses, cell phone, directions, water bottle; no more trips back into the house, less running late. Enabled me to pick up the phone and make those tedious phone calls, pay bills, answer emails, just see to life in general without the usual agony. Additonal benefit: I found I was less anxious. Talked with my psychiatrist about this, and he suggested while there was no physiological reason for this, likely my anxiety was being fed by my lack of focus and the repercussions of that, trying to keep everything together. Despite all the negative feedback I've read, I can say that for me it's really working well. Don't hesitate. Give it a try for 2-3 weeks, and if it doesn't work for you, try something else. F 40 5 months

 5  Adult ADD Dry mouth, constipation (both went away after 2-4 weeks), nervousness (went away after a month). *Most side effects you get used to or they go away after a few weeks. This saved my life! My body couldn't take Ritalin--I have Adult ADHD and mild Anxiety so Adderall, combined with a good antidepressant is a good combo. I take two 15 mg XR's. The IR's gave me the "sweats" and made me a little agitated. Adderall is the best thing that has happened to me. I wish I had it when I was in high school and college. I am an editor and I can actually sit for hours without going crazy. F 34 10 months

 5  Adult ADHD Slight headache towards the end of the day (latent and not painful; more annoying than anything)...overall no issues at all... taking Adderall XR 10mg M-Fri for concentration at work... works GREAT! Makes me productive (not spun out like some of you) and positive and energetic and I utilize my time more efficiently and can focus MUCH BETTER than before. Alot of these ppl on here are taking this for the wrong reasons - I think some are not chemically compatible with it and others are taking too high a dosage. I have never had ANY issues with it at all, minus a very miniscule headache at the end of the day that is easily fixed with a little (small!!) amount of caffeine. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG UNLESS YOU NEED IT OR YOU WILL BE HAVING SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS! THIS IS NOT A DRUGE TO ABUSE - USE IT FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE ONLY!! F 26 32 days
 5  Adult ADD/ADHD Positive: Loss of appetite, weight loss, increase in sex drive (my husband loved this), NEED to be productive - had difficulty sitting still Negative: If something made me angry it could escalate quickly, more road rage, attention to detail on EVERYTHING wasn't always the best, some days I didn't want to be social I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until I was 24. I responded well to very low doeses of Adderall - 5 mg twice a day - which my doctor was pleased with. 10 mg of Adderall XR taken at 7 am was keeping me up until 3 am the next morning. I tried 10 mg in the morning and would "crash" in the afternoon, feeling really run-down. 5 mg twice a day is perfect for me. What has changed: I no longer begin one thing, get distracted and then wander off, only to come back to find, for example, the dishwasher half-unloaded and all the cabinets open in the kitchen an hour later because I didn't complete the job. Forgetfulness subsides, much better attention to detail, ability to work quickly to finish everyday tasks that just felt so horrible to force my self to accomplish before (like cleanng out closets or writing long papers). The anti-social side effects are real but I found that skipping my afternoon medication allowed me some flexibility. I could be productive in the morning and early aftern F 26 2 years

 5  ADD anxious feeling, mild headaches, loss of appetite. It has really helped me. being diagnosed with add at such a young age was quite hard. I have been on everything. I first started on ritalin, then moved to amphatemine, then amphetamine salts, then to adderall, and now adderall xr 30mg. I am able to focus, and be able to get things done. I am a completely different person when I am off of it.(i have a tendancy to go kinda loopy)alot of people take it for the wrong reasons, and claim they have "add". well I have a test for you "fakers". ..... does caffine have a tendancy to make you tired, but sugar keeps you wired for sound? well there you go. you might have add. when people have add, any caffine product of any kind will make us quite drowsy while sugary products give us energy. look at what adderall is..... its basically speed. its PURE caffine. so it slows those of us with add down enough so we have the ability to concentrate. I love it. without it I have no idea how i would have been able to get through school. i F 18 14 years

 5  Adult ADD Low grade headache the first day, no appetite, weight loss, constipation(?) I take 10 mgs of the XR each morning. It has been great. I am an MSW and knew I had ADD, just did not want to take the meds. I finally gave in and am sorry I waited so long. Higher level of concentration, much less fidgeting and wandering thoughts. I am able to work the entire day and stay focused. Awesome! I don't know if I am constipated or just having less movement because I am eating so much less. I have no desire for any of my vices (drinking, smoking, schmoking then binge eating). I am hoping I can maintain these results without increasing the dose. No more headache, appetite is returning, and my sex drive is back! F 39 21 days

 5  adult add, sleep disorder unable to get to sleep for at least 12 hours after taking a dose; if i take it for more than about 5 days in a row, i start to get anxious/twitchy and have more trouble sleeping. works wonderfully to help me get out of bed and moving, helps my concentration, and helps to ease my depression if i take it more than 3 days a week. i take it 2-5 mornings a week. F 27 3 years
 5  severe depression dry mouth, appetite loss and subsequent weight loss, occasional difficulty with sleeping, coming off this drug has been difficult for me I take 20mg/day and have noticed a significant difference in my mood and my ability to return to functioning normally. I was previously experiencing a severe depressive episode and adderall initially helped to boost my mood while the other drugs took their time to kick in. I have taken adderall since and really, it's the only drug that's helped with my mood disorder for a consistent period of time. I am able to accomplish much more, be there for friends and family and succeed in the workplace and at school. I have had a great deal of difficulty though when I do not take adderall for a long period of days; I'd say I pretty much depend on this drug. Like it or lump it, that's the way it is. F 23 6 months

 5  ADD I had none, not even withdraw when I stopped taking it cold turkey after I found out I was pregnant. I took 30 mg of the XR daily and it was a life saver. I was so productive and just generally felt better about life. However it did not taking away my compulsive habits like spending, smoking etc.. F 28 4 months

 5  ADD Dry mouth, decreased appetite Adderall XR so far has been great. I took 10mg for 2 weeks & it did nothing. I now take 20mg & finally I can tell it is there. I'm still not sure if it is to the effectiveness I would like. I may bump up to 30mg. The side effects are so minimal. Dry mouth here & there, & a decreased appetite, my hearing is sensitive sometimes as well. This stuff is changing my life. I listen better, I can actually watch movies all the way through! I don't feel as overwhelmed, & can finally get work done. I don't get angry as easily, & now I finally feel like I'm happy again & can put my life in order & have control over myself. It is expensive even w/ my insurance, but well worth it! F 26 1 months

 5  Depression, excessive sleepiness No real bad side-effects, just loss of appetite, some shakiness. The only bad thing is coming down. Adderall has been a life-saver for my depression and excessive daytime sleepiness. I've had a lot of good luck with this medication to help me focus and get things together. The only problems are withdrawal when off the med, and coming down. I have to take it twice a day at 30 mg in the morning, and 30 mg in the afternoon. Overall, it's been very helpful. F 26 4 months
 5  severe ADD - also on straterra chatty, dry mouth, insomnia (on ambien to sleep) i love it. it has helped me to focus and do really well at my new job. i split the pill and take 1/2 in AM and 1/2 with lunch so it lasts through the day but wears off by night. taking ambien helps with the sleep issues. sometimes it bugs people that i chat so much but, hey, i need to function so get over it! anyone who says they have major withdrawals were probably taking too much or didn't wean. i've taken it for a while and sometimes forget to get my script and have no issues. please talk to your doctor before stopping - he'll tell you how to wean. low doses shouldn't matter, but higher doses need to wean. F 32 1 years
 5  To feel goooood Wanting to talk to EVERYONE! Dry-mouth (helps to chew gum). Jaw pain when eating, but that barely happens cause I have no appetite. Get really hot, and motion sickness. Fun to do with friends, and before a test you did not study for! F 17 2 months

 5  adhd at first I had some side effects while my body adjusted: shakiness, hyperfocus, ect. But they went away. The drug does what it is supposed tp do, very well. I am more focused, but it doesn't do it all for you. You have to have some motivation and discipline to get started. For the first week, I would be careful and not take the side effects too seriously as it takes your system a bit to get used to. It also helps with my shyness as well as my lack of interest in school. It is important to remember to take as directed and never more than. Be sure to stay hydated and drink lots of vitamin water or poweraid and keep mints or gum handy since the cottonmouth can be bothersome. F 26 1 months

 5  depression, sleepiness, adult add The first few days there was some euphoria and a bit of dry mouth. Also, insomnia b/c I took it too late in the day (after noon). First two doses I did notice extreme fatigue late in evening, but not after that. Yes, you will notice a decrease in your appetite, but as an adult you will be able to work with that and get your meals in. I am 42 y/o and have tried at least ten or more meds for depression over the past decade. I finally asked for Adderall from my treating physician after I read it helped for those with treatment resistant depression (was taking Lexapro/wellbutrin). I just started taking 20mg once a day along with 10mg of Lexapro and I feel much, much more consistent in my mood -- as other's have said, increased focus, consistent energy (before I would nap up to three times a day--even after 9 hours of sleep) and loads of patience. My mind is much more calm & peaceful. So far I have been able to take it for a few days at a time, skip a day or more without consequence -- I notice that when I'm taking it I feel much more centered, productive, motivated, clear and consistent. I also don't feel overwhelmed by simple tasks and I can sit at my desk and work without getting completely distracted and unmotivated. I don't notice a "craving" for Adderall, or a distinct "crash" at the e F 42 3 weeks

 5  ADD, Chronic Fatigue, Depression None. Currently on 15 mg 3x daily of the generic... doc upped to 10 mg 3x daily of the XR and added 25 mg of Lamictal. After years and years of anti-depressants, my doctor put me on Adderrall. Never thought I had ADD as portrayed in the mainstream... in other words, I was not a spazzy child (rebellious, brooding yes, but always got excellent grades). However, I've always been prone to racing thoughts, talking too much...chalked it up to being creative. But after years of treatment, trial and error, etc., we came to realize that maybe ADD was to blame. Where was I going with this? (Er, must be time to take the meds). Oh yeah, hallelujah! I can get out of bed. This drug does not give me the jitters... and sadly, no weight loss (damn it), but I'm lean anyway... so, I guess that's OK. Thank you doc. Thank you Adderall. You're giving me my life back. And, my boss loves me. F 36 4 months

 5  Adult ADD Euphoria, increased sex drive, energetic, able to complete tasks, weight loss, appetite loss, dry mouth, want to smoke ALOT. I am a 30 year old working Mom and needed something to help me focus. This was prescribed and I am very happy with the outcome. the minor bad effects are just that. Minor!!! F 30 3 months
 5  Narcolepsy Only side effect was an increase in my panic disorder. I take 10 mg twice a day (20mg dose), once when I get up and once about 3 hours later to keep me up. It has helped although it's made me increase my xanax for my panic disorder. It also doesn't hurt my college life that I can concentrate better while staying awake and not having to nap all day. F 21 2 years
 5  ADD I've always had insomnia so I can't say it was a side effect, but it definitely got worse. My only real complaint is extreme loss of appetite and weight. I've been on the medication for two years. I lost 20 pounds the first year, gained most of it back over the summer, than lost it all again this year. I'm a 5'1 girl, and I weigh 91 pounds. This is not healthy and i do not like it, but no amount of food can make me put on weight while i am on the adderall. I can gain weight over the breaks, but when i start taking the medication I immediately drop any weight i've gained. Despite the annoying weight loss, adderall saved my life. I was drowning under my workload at school and adderall was a miracle drug for me. It gave me security and the ability to succeed. F 18 2 years

 5  recreationally intense focus especially on very small tasks, like making countless LISTS, making everything- even the mundane- seem worthwhile and enjoyable, very closed off- want to be alone, time races by, total loss of appetite, powerful sense that you can get anything done, productivity, creative ease, bad skin, VERY dry mouth, not knowing how to interact normally with people, insomnia, extreme bodily temperature fluxuations; basically, it makes you a bit superhuman- you don't need to eat or sleep and you can do anything. but when it's gone it's not so pleasant... i've been taking Adderall for about 2 1/2 years- always recreationally. i've gone through periods of wanting to give it up, but not feeling like i could. sometimes i feel like i am just in love with it and it does a lot more good than bad. right now i am in a phase of thinking i'll take a small break- mostly because i am about to be out of it. and it's been draining my money supply. but i am sure i'll run right back to it as soon as i can. i'd be on it all day every day if it was possible. F 22 2 years

 5  cause i'm in college :) loss of appetite, extreme alertness,energy and concentration. I LOVE ADDERALL! i may not be taking it for the right reasons, but I love having it around when I have a huge test coming up or exams to crash for. It works miracles I used it to study for my UC 110 exam..stayed up all night and never got tired..went to bed at 6am and got up at 8am for my exam. and got an A on my exam and in the class overall. definitely worth it and easy to get! F 18 6 months

 5  Concentration=ADHA Dry-mouth, red face, always hot. I have found this to be wonderful. I am able to multi-task again, and get through my day without losing blocks of time. I am responsible for millions of dollars a day and I can function now without second guessing what I already did. F 44 45 days

 5  Lack of "scholarly motivation" OKAY: REAL ASSESSMENT OF ADDERALL. loss of appetite (and queasy feeling when you try to eat), severe weight loss, dramatically higher grades, euphoric feeling within the first fifteen minutes of injestion, then pure attentiveness, insomnia ONLY if taken at stupid hours of the day (like 3pm- TAKE IT IN THE MORNING!) Okay, i began taking adderall when i was 14. i was really confident, popular, etc...i just was so disinterested in school, and a little hyperactive. i never saw an issue with my body, until i started adderall. i didn't really know too much about eating disorders...i was 5'7 and 140 lbs. and fine with it. then, while taking my 25 mg, i slowly stopped eating (little to my knowledge), got compliments from everyone & felt great all while my grades were improving. by the time i turned fifteen the next april, i was a good 123 lbs. then that august, i hit my all time low of 102 lbs. being 102 lbs in a 5'7 frame is not attractive, and the frightening part is that i saw myself as 140 lbs. age sixteen comes along and i was now a full fledged anorexic, obsessed with my weight, constantly counting calories, abusing adderall for the mere fact that i wouldn't be hungry. i'm naturally tan, and i turned pale pale pale from the lack of nutrients. then came the intervention. im a little better no F 17 3 years

 5  Adult ADHD Really bad cotton mouth and loss of appetite. I have lost about 15 pounds in just over 4 weeks This drug has worked wonders for me so far. I have been on adderall for just over 4 weeks. I was put on 20mg a day (10am and 10 at 12) but was bumped up to 20am and 10 at 2 last week. IT has made a huge difference. I am calmer, able to focus, and my mood overall seems to be so much better. I have no had any negative side effect except the cotton mouth. It does not affect my sleep at all. I have lost my appetite and I do have to make myself eat- I went on a multi vitamin to make sure I am getting everything I need daily bc I just have no desire to eat at all. I have lost around 15pounds in about 5 weeks. Overall I give adderall a 10. F 28 5 weeks

 5  adhd for the first five days or so, it was very hard to fall asleep. but after those five days i began to sleep fine...i started out taking 20mg and was upgraded to 30mg...if you want to eat, eat before you take the pill. if you take the pill before you eat, it will be hard to get anything down, its hard just thinking about eating when youre on this drug. three months ago i was 136lbs now im 112lbs. it has made me more awhere, and i get my work done. i fine school work eazy. although, i do see a change in my attitude...i get angery faster and i have more outburst overall, adderall has helped me. adderall is not for everyone and if you have an eating disorder, it can be addicting. F 21 3 months
 5  Adult ADD metallic taste, heightened emotional PMS, increase urge to smoke, grinding teeth made my jaw ache but this went away after a month or so, weight loss (30 lbs in less that 6 months). I discussed the weight loss with my psychiatrist and he assured me that this is normal and the side effect eventually slows and people stop at their ideal body weight. No more sore, tense shoulders, neck or back that tend to come with anxiety. have set reminders on my BB to ensure I take the doses at the right time. 10mg tw daily. 2nd no later than 2:30PM. This is very important. Am organized & task oriented. Never was b4. Able to break task into steps. No longer have frustration out burst. Caffiene & alocohol must be extremely limited. 1 cup caffiene, 6-8ozs/day NO MORE or trouble sleeping will occur. Alocohol in excess completely x's out the Adderall effects. Social anxiety will always be a prob w/out behavioral therapy. Find myself more receptive to conversations, more tolerant of others, can focus on & retain what I read. Has done wonders for my focus on artwork! But I have to make sure I focus on the right things or I'll end up spending 4 hrs obsessed with a crossword puzzle. My family is amazed at how much improvement they see in me. F 33 5 months
 5  add / adhd jittery, dizzy, dont eat at all never get thirsty, very irritated very easily, mood swings, most of the time im depressed, dont like to talk, i have to do something like draw or doodle. when i take it at night just to keep from eating i stay up and cant go to sleep(only did that once and never do it again)i do my work i blink my eyes alot (i have ocd also which in my case causes that including having to do something a certain amount of times, and evrerything has to be perfect) it makes me ocd even worse. i have been taking it for more than eleven years and none of those things have went away. it is a very good weight loss substance. it is verygood whenyou need to bring your grades up. F 15 11 years
 5  ADHD Quiet, almost intoxicated state when medicine first takes effect as if my brain is switched off. Agitation and angry mood when it wears in the evening. Often forget to eat all day and then overeat all night: weight gain. I have ADHD Inattentive type = daydreamy and forgetful with racing thoughts. I take 40 mg extended release at 8 am daily. The initial calm-brain-sleepy effect is so VERY VERY pleasant it scared me when I first started on this drug. It felt like it would become addictive just for that pleasure and relief. I frequently take breaks from using to test if I'm "addicted" and have never had problem doing without it. No withdrawals, no cravings. Now that I am used to the overly calm period, I simply schedule around it. Lasts 25-45 minutes for me so I use that time to meditate, nap, check emails or other "lazy" task. Lowering dosage stopped my nightly temper flares and crabbiness. This drug helps my memory and productivity immensely. Does not give me excess energy, but helps me NOT doze off in class, movies, conversations, or studying. Odd that it 'cured' forgetfulness in everything but remembering to eat... I have experienced a greatly improved quality of life. F 46 5 years
 5  Adult A.D.D Dry mouth, jaw clenching, stiff lower back and headaches I found that once the medication was into my system on a regular basis the side effects tapered off. I also have a 6yo. son on Adderall XR 20 before school and 5mg. Adderall immediate release after school. The Adderall helps my son get through school and get his homework done without problems with time management. As for me I can actually get things done without getting frustrated. For me it is a lifesaver. I believe that for someone with A.D.D or A.D.H.D it can help. If you don't have these conditions and you abuse them then they can be very dangerous and addictive. I have had people that I work with offer me $20 a pill, this is crazy! I trully believe in this medicine as a tool in my situation. F 32 3 years

 5  Research My company produces television movies among many other types of productions. We are looking for a true story about a teenage girl who abused Adderall for body image purposes. We have a long history of producing critically acclaimed programs, often based on true stories such as these, with a determination to present the material in a dignified and honest manner. If you or someone you know fits this description and would be interested in talking about their experiences, please contact the company at dcpinc2008@gmail.com If we move forward in developing a movie based on the story, the life rights person can be compensated, and we can change names to protect anonymity. Thanks very much, Kelly F
 5  ADD/ADHD Loss of appetite, increased heart rate, clenching jaw, weight loss, insomnia, dizziness accompanied with momentary loss of vision (has happened a lot), occasional blackouts (has happened 3 times) Adderall is very good for helping those with ADD/ADHD. It affects those with ADD/ADHD much differently than those who do not have it. It sort of has the opposite effect. I have taken dosages ranging from 20mg-80mg, and have found that the proper dosage is the key. Try to use as low a dose as possible that allows you to concentrate best without severe side effects. If you smoke marijuana while taking adderall the dizziness/temp. vision loss/blackouts become MUCH more frequent, though this can happen anyway. If you feel dizzy and your vision starts to blot out, sit down and wait until it is over, this is a good way to prevent blackouts. Be sure to eat. F 18 9 years

 5  ADD Loss of appetite (not complaining:), Increased energy, Euphoria, Very easily amused, Able to focus on the most boring task for hours on end. Love love love it. But tolerance set in too quickly :( F 21 4 months

 5  to get my life in order ocd, addiction, moody, bad taste, dry mouth, small appetite, insomnia adderall is the best thing man has created. i dont mind the side effects in comparison to the benefits of the drug. it helps me be more motivated and focused. i multitask now and am more creative. i write poetry and am constantly thinking of new ways to improve my life through organization though sometimes obsessive. i have used it recreationally for a long period of time and had a good time until my prescription ran out. now i take it as prescribed and suceed one day at a time. there is a substantial change in the way i think when on this med. it is definatly a more rational way to think and through all the bullshit i deal with in my life(id rather not get into it)i somehow continue to strive to increase my quality of life and always try to optimize the situation. adderall is a miracle and i would give it to everyone if i could. i honestly think everyone can benefit from the experiences on adderall. ive done a lot of researching and a lot of experimenting with high doses for days till the point of confusion, psycosis, paranoia, and hallucinations of psychedelic nature. and still i say this drug has wonderful theraputic properties. try them today ask your doctor about a trial. its your life and you can take control but watch addiction it will be there waiting. 40 mgs per day reguardless of when i take them gets me through any day. F 21 7 years
 5  ADHD, Depression, Weightloss Dry mouth, insomnia, irritability, jitters Since I've started taking Adderall, I've been doing much better in classes, but I'm starting to find myself confused about the social life aspect. My best friend and I have been kind of distant for the past 4 months, and I used to be heartbroken, but now, I'm not caring as much. Also, I find myself caring less and less about having friends/hanging out/etc in general. I focus on my grades more. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm really confused. Please e-mail me!!!! F 16 2 months
 5  A friend let me try it Unable to sleep if too close to bedtime. I was doing some homework and my friend let me try one to motivate myself. Wow, this stuff is great. I am usually pretty fatiqued and unmotivated. This gave me a kick and I was so into it.I took it one more time and it really makes me a different person, more sociable, intimate, etc. I am unsure how to get my doctor to prescribe it for me though. I think it would help every once in awhlie though, I wouldn't want to take it everyday. Just when I need to be focused. F 24 2 days
 5  Attention Defiect Disorder headache F 42 3 months
 5  low motivation dry mouth, sour taste in mouth, jitters, complete loss of appetite, insomnia kicks ass F 19 2 months

 5  not concentrating insomnia, appetite loss, jittery feelings, sore jaw from clenching really helped me concentrate and absord information, but i was never hungry, and couldn't sleep F 18 1 months

 5  adult add, not able to filter when wearing off hunger, then fatique. usually after four hours. I dose at 8 am and then again at noon. this seems to work well for me. F 47 3 months

 5  ADD Loss of appetite, weight loss (which I did not mind at all), jittery, and a bad taste in my mouth. Happy with the results, everything has gotten better. My grades are ALOT better and I feel that I have more of a social life. I have tried Concerta, Ritalin and Straterra and Adderall is the only one that has worked for me. F 18 4 months

 5  Low motivation,excessive sleepiness Rapid weight loss, but I needed to lose it anyway... :) Best. Medication. Ever. ^_^ F 19 6 months

 5  To lose weight. F 23

 5  adult ADD dry mouth, loss of appetite It really helps me out during the day, but tolerance sucks.. F 20 6 days

 5  ADD Weight loss It's an amazing drug. i went from failing the 6th grade 4th semester when i first started on it to getting a's in all my classes the last semester. There's a huge difference between when I do and don't use it. I'm more motivated to do things when I've taken it (even things like cleaning my room I don't need to be told to do). ADD drugs are fickle though so what works for one person may not for another. Doesn't mean you should give up though if this one fails there are others out there. The dose did have to be increased as i got older because naturally i grew so the same dose had a lesser effect on my 18 year old body as it had on my 12 year old one. :D F 19 7 years

 5  Adult ADHD Dry mouth, "crashing" at the end of the day, loss of appetite, ability to lose track of time when working on something. Started this medication after being diagnosed with adult ADHD at age 27. At first, I felt a little wired from the medication, but after a few days my body adjusted. The work I used to despise and put off (both professionally and at home) is now a lot easier to tackle. I have patience and an attention span much greater than before and can deal with boring tasks. I blurt things out without thinking much less than I used to. I've also lost about 15 pounds because I'm not so fixated on food when I'm bored, and my skin has cleared up, probably because I no longer touch or pick at my face like I used to when I had a zit here or there. People have actually commented on my appearance and how I look different and better, which is something I've always had issues with. I feel more confident with this medication, it gives me the boost I really wanted, and makes me focus on things at work that I generally hated before. The only issue I really have is that I seem to "crash" at the F 27 6 weeks

 5  ADHD Dry mouth - Increased body temperature - Anorexia I have been taking adderall for about 6 months, and it is literally the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I take it every day as recommended at the same time, and i only take the pre. dosage. I dont feel that i have to take it everyday, but my grades have increased dramatically, and the only depression that i have experienced is the depression facing the countless years i struggled with school work prior to Adderall. To bad im just now making the deans list, and i hate to think of how much better i would have done. Any drug has the ability to become addicting if you make it that way, and i hope that all of those who have addictive behaviors stray from adderall, and drugs all together. Dont ruin it for those of us who benifit from it. F 23 6 months

 5  ADHD tachycardia, initial drowsiness 1 1/2 hours after taking, dry mouth, I take Adderall XR 30mg once a day along with 15mg IR in the evenings. It helps with my adhd however, I've begun taking magnesium (500 mg daily), calcium, and tyrosine to counter tolerance to the drug. I build a tolerance very quickly and have had to increase my dosage considerably. Helps me to focus and remain awake to be able to accomplish many tasks. Sometimes it keeps me awake but most of the time I sleep very well. I think the most important thing is not to build a tolerance. Never eat a high fat meal and always take vitamin supplements to help tolerance levels. Also I take take drug holidays, sometimes a week at a time if I don't need the adderall. Check with your doc about other meds you take, as well. Adderall XR works better than IR. The IR makes me irritable and edgy. XR is smoother and lasts longer. F 44 3 months
 5  ADD Dry mouth, increased desire for nicotine, increased sex drive, sweating, diarrhea once initial effects take place, hot flashes, freezing cold hands and feet, loss of appetite (lost 15 lbs.), get extremely tired after 4-5 hours, but exhaustion only lasts about 30 minutes and then I feel fine. Adderall is the best thing man ever invented. I only wish I would've started taking it in high school. I have an extremely obsessive personality and I excelled in things that I enjoyed and were extremely important before taking adderall. Today, I excel at everything I do whether I normally would consider it boring or mundane. I painted our entire house (@1600 sq. feet) in one week and had never even painted before. I would paint for 10-12 hrs. a day all by myself. I redecorated and rearranged the house and it now looks awesome and I love being at home. I am an amazing worker now and I get excited about going to work. I look forward to doing things that used to be a chore such as; cleaning the house, washing my car, laundry, dishes, and organizing everything. I am more prepared for life and can handle anything that comes my way. I find that adderall enhances my creativity b/c I write down every single new idea I have and actually follow through with it. I am constantly searchi F 28 2.5 years
 5  extreme fatigue loss of appetite (beyond that from prozac, which is saying something), weight loss (noticeably within a week), difficulty sleeping (which was good considering I was so tired people thought I had mono), stomach ache (if I eat past about 4pm), increased energy/contentment, diarrhea My psychiatrist prescribed Adderall because she believed I was being sedated by the Prozac I was taking along with Wellbutrin XL (10/450 respectively, for depression); she reduced my Wellbutrin, increased Prozac, added Adderall (300/15/5) and now I feel pretty good. Keep in mind that I have a long and significant history of anorexia nervosa - so I flat out refuse any antidepressants that might cause weight gain. If you're wondering why anyone would prescribe this med for someone with an eating disorder (whose BMI was 18 from the get-go), honestly, the fatigue was 10 times more debilitating than the weight loss (and I'm not counting calories, surprisingly, just forgetting to eat). I would say this drug has worked very well so far; I do NOT have ADD in any way, shape or form and it still helped me focus. But if you have no valid reason to take it, DON'T. Beyond a certain point, I've found I somewhat miss sleeping and eating... being addicted to or dependent on this stuff would kill F 15 2 months

 5  anxiety,ocd dry mouth, loss of appetite, 8 pounds lost in 5 days. i just started 5 days ago and it has helped me so much. i have a very stressful job at an ambulance, so it has helped me relax more and stay awake. i also love that im losing weight because im getting married soon. =) F 21 5 days

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