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 1  focus, weight loss Shallow breathing (can't quite catch my breath, which leads to yawning, which -due to the anxiety, I can't get the yawn all the way out! Makes me more and more anxious, and my breathing more irregular!) Excessive swallowing (also feels like there's build up in my throat that is interfering with my breathing which ALSO causes anxiety) has anyone else heard of this?? Sometimes I have an overly outgoing personality (can't stop talking, over-explaining, dragging out my sentences. Just annoyingly talkative.), Either that, or I have a flat personality, irritability (from anxiety when ppl ask me too many questions, or talk too much, or won't let me focus on tasks, interrupt, etc.) productive even with things I hate to do (and would not do if it wasn't for the damn pill), OCD, Lack of time management - which causes me to zone out on details, wasting too much energy and time on something insignificant, insomnia, spacing out, distant in social settings, memory loss, lack of enjoyment in things I used to do when I am not on it, increased dosage due to easy & quick tolerance build up. Flu-like symptoms, cold sweats (funny odor), FEVER!!!, heart racing or skipping beats, loss of appetite, blurred vision, increased bowel movements, dry mouth, lack of thirst. Overall, it helped me focus the first couple of weeks, & I DEFINITELY enjoyed my slimmer figure due to the loss of desire to eat anything, however it QUICKLY backfired with dizziness, headaches, and weakness the second I crashed And "Focus" turned into OCD and anxiety. These are obviously easy to abuse and NOT worth. It's clearly unhealthy and hard on my body. I'm just shocked at how fast a good thing turned so bad. F 25 1 years
60-90 MG
 2  Concentration, Focus, Depression Dry mouth, extreme headache on day 2 but now no headaches, lump in my chest/stomach, increased appetite, energy crash after about 4 hours. I'm in my late 30's. I have a very mentally challenging job, with many small details to manage over the course of a month. Been slowly letting projects uncompleted, just too much to focus on. Getting this drug prescribed was a long time in the making. I had to go to three different psychiatrists for them to finally make the connection in my behaviour. I've been taking it about a week now, haven't really noticed too much of a change with my ability to focus and stay on topic. I've had depression for about 3 years. Also take 400mg Bupropion daily. I will try this for another 3 weeks, and talk with the doc, about maybe upping the daily dose. I'm hoping that this drug and its dependency will mellow out over time. About 4 hours after taking it, I crash hard and feel somber, and tired. It's not like a caffeine crash, its different. M 7 days
10mg 1X D

 5  ADHD should only be taken in the morning or else you won't sleep. Become more social I feel the need to talk to everyone in the world. Dehydration is common so drink lots of water. Should only be taken by prescribed patients Adderall has indefinitely helped me concentrate. My grades have improved and I can actually sit through class and be involved, rather than screw around and have no idea what's happening M 24 6 years
 3  ADHD inattentive Blunted emotions when I take it (don't laugh as much), Hard to eat but remember to else you'll crash hard and doesn't work as much, increases addictive behavior such as smoking and a bit OCD when I take it. It's helps when you use it for studying,productivity, etc. but it's easy to loose sight of what you started taking it for in the first place. In highschool I didn't use it as prescribed and grades actually went down. Helps to take it while your studying not before and if you have problems with self control let someone you trust hold it for you. There's gonna be a day where you WILL take 1 or 2 more than your supposed to think nothing of it, eventually over time you'll find yourself running out of your prescription within a week and regretting it. M 20 4 years
30 1xday

 3  ADD slight loss of appetite. Mild crash of energy after med wears off - but that does not bother me. I take 5 (five!) mg, not 10. My doctor believes, as do I, that medications are NOT one size fits all, and that it is always better to take as little as you need. This drug was helpful for my organization, productivity and calming my mind, but I have not taken it long enough to know if I will stay with it or try something else. Some of the "comments" and misc. rambling about this drug are some of the most bizarre that I have seen on this site. Either Adderall truly has some potential to cause terrifying mental side effects, or it just so happens that the people posting comments here have other very serious mental illnesses that they are not aware of… OR people are taking WAY too high of a dose. Or maybe all three. I was prescribed 5 mg, and told to SPLIT THE TAB IN HALF AND TAKE 2.5 mg for a week and gradually increase. I would urge people to NOT take 10 mg at first, but to work your way up, and not to ever take doses as high as 30 or god forbid 60. DOSE MATTERS. Think about how you feel about half a beer or 10 beers. Too high a dose of anything can cause terrible side effects. A smaller dose could be the answer for some. F 49 2 weeks
1X D
 5  ADHD hyperfocus, horniness helps me study M 25 10 years
20 MG 2X D

 1  Because my dr said I had add and insisted I ask disturbing questions online that I don't think when I'm not taking it and some are so bad it's just wrong . Also porn is all that I want to watch till I get scared the cops will come because I'm not a sicko just will stop now and go see a lawyer or check into a clinc like my local DePaul center M 25 3 years
30mg 3 day

 1  add This is a story of my soon to be ex husband. I hope that after reading this someone, who might be in a similar situation, will get a better understanding of how horrible and life destroying is this drug. My husband one day just decided to go to a doctor and ask for rx to treat ADD, because he had problems concentrating on daily tasks or work. Let me mention, that he did so without my knowledge. Only months later I found out that he got on some meds, after his behavior became completely insane. when I say insane, here's what I mean : We have a house in the city, on a very busy street, next to a small unoccupied parking lot, obviously a lot of cars pull in there just to turn around. One morning when he was leaving for work, a car slowly turned around there and left. When he came home, he accused me of cheating, saying that when he was leaving someone was waiting for me outside and when they saw him, they got scared and drove away. I couldn't believe this nonsense!! I was trying to reason with him, but the whole situation escalated to a scandal with him cursing me out and breaking furniture: he broke two dinning room chairs, turned them into chips!! I didn't know what to do, cause I couldn't understand then why is this happening. Next he developed a massive porn addiction; he got on adult friend finder, Craigslist casual encounters and other garbage saying that I must be on those sites and he will find my profile. When he'd think he "found my profiles" M 39 3 years
 1  AHDD Social anxiety, brutal loss of appetite, obsessive compulsive behavior, suicidal thoughts. It's pure poison. I got off the medication because I ran out the day I was going on a 3 weeks long trip overseas. After the first week off the meds, every single symptom I had just disappeared and I feel like myself again. Not unhappy, not obsessive, not explosive, not hyper, no insomnia or anything even close. M 38 12 months
30 MG 1X D
 1  High school Very OCD, depression, loss of sex drive, impulsiveness, any symptom you can think of I had while taking this medicine. I have serious heart problems, social anxiety, rice developed an eating disorder, lost every friend I've ever had from isolating. I don't feel like a human being anymore, nor do I remember how to live a normal life. I permanently feel bugs crawling on me and have destroyed my skin from the length if time on this drug. I am a pretty girl but adderall has ruined my appearance more then you can imagine. It's great at first, your on top of the world but it doesn't last and it is NOT worth what I've been though with health problems the past year linked directly to adderall. I use a breathing machine 4 times a day because I can hardly breathe. If you give this medicine to your child at a young age, do your research. ADHD can be treated other ways. I wouldn't wish what I've been through on anyone. The last week on this medicine I didn't sleep for 5 days, at work I started hallucinating and my face swelled up, I couldn't move and it landed me in the hospital. (Not the first time) this drug has completely ruined my life and without my fiancée help doing everyday life things, I don't think id be sitting here typing this right now. They need to ban this drug. F 21 5 years
 4  ADHD combined type At first I had many side effects including light-headedness, shortness of breath, and racing heart to name a few. After a few months I learned to pay more attention to my eating habits. Most side effects from Adderall are caused by not eating. Other than that I have no complaints other than the teeth grinding. M 20 8 months
 4  to offset other bipolar meds None worthy of mentioning I've been diagnosed with ADD and Bipolar I. I currently am on 4 other meds. Adderall has helped my focus which is great because i can write again and i love to write. It has stopped my 4 hour 'naps' but i still sleep well unless i take it late in the day. My doctor dropped Lithium from my combo recently and I had to drop my dose from 60 mg to twenty. I was buzzing like a chainsaw. I like it. M 60 8 months
20 MG 3X D

 5  At first to study in school. nothing bad! Wow, I might not have ADHD but does that stuff work! I'm euphoric, but not inappropriately so. Horny as hell, and it kills my appetite and makes me smoke weed and cigs like a chimney. I love it. The best. M 23 5 years
30 mg 3X D

 5  ADD/ADHD Helped me a ton with school and work. I haven't up'd my dosage in a handful of years, but I will say it can cause dependency. I'm trying to regulate to a lower dosage now and it's started to lose it's effectiveness. However if I skip a day or toe when I take it again it's very potent. F 27 10 years
20 mg RX

 4  Attention Defficit disorder According to my husband I have a ton of side effects, but I do agree that I have a couple of them but I'm also pretty sure that a lot of it is exaggerated by them as well IDK. My husband wants to argue with me about a lot of stuff so it's makes a lil hard for me to talk with him regarding the adderall :( but he says that my personality has all together changed, and that Things get me angry that wouldn't before , that I'm less affectionate now way less , that I fight about little things and that I even blame him as the one wanting to argue ?, he tells me I am not close to being as positive like I was before the taking the pills ? And a lot more Lol F 33 5 months
60 mg day

 5  add,cfs Started taking due to cfs following a long battle with pneumonia that antibiotics couldn't rid my body of, but after taking it for some time with much improvement in many levels asked for a referral to psychiatrist to be "officially" diagnosed with adult add. I, of course, began researching into add symptoms after taking it because of my overall life improvement. I am of the age before they actually gave the condition I've suffered all my life a name. If I was born later, my psychiatrist stated the system would have found it sooner! Sad to me now, but so glad I do have treatment now. It has been a rocky road though. There have been some quality control issues with the med over the years and it's not as good as it once was, but is still better than not having it at all. You can have a GP manage your medication AFTER you receive your diagnosis from a psychiatrist. I specifically asked the psych for adderall to try, and they had no problem with that. Good luck to all, it is a very helpful mefication if taken properly(as prescribed). F 43 6 years
30mg 2X D
 5  I was diagnosed with ADD at 14 Cold sweats (funny odor), heart racing or skipping beats, loss of appetite, blurred vision, increased bowel movements, dry mouth, lack of thirst, flat personality, overly outgoing personality, productive even with things I hate to do (and would not do if it wasn't for the damn pill), insomnia, blacking out while drinking (even small amounts), spacing out, distant in social situations, memory loss, lack of enjoyment in things I used to do when I am not on it, increased dosage due to tolerance, loss of appetite, insomnia I was diagnosed with A.D.D. when I was 14 or so, my whole family was actually. To this day I wonder if that was true. My dad eventually quit taking medication for it, my brother should take medication for it, and my mom eventually started using illegal amphetamines when her doctors stopped prescribing her "enough" do to hypertension and high blood pressure. As for me, I have taken it off and on over the years, I find the times in my life when I take it, I am I can tell through years of taking it that my brain goes fuzzy when I don't. Even now when I'm on it I seem to have trouble with my memory. When I mix it with alcohol (horrific mix) I only need a drink or two before I blackout. I fear telling people when I do because I don't want to know what I said or did. Lately, I have been having bad insomnia. I've taken this for years and didn't have this problem until recently. I'm trying to get my life together, doing things I don't want to do, which this pill is good for, but I'm starting to think the physical side effects and long term damage aren't worth it. So then what? Fuck off my life until I give in and start taking it again? I've seen this medication do wonders, I've seen it wreck lives. I don't really know where I fall in this spectrum, but I know this stuff is nasty... super bad for me, but I depend on it now. I truly wish I had never taken this stuff. Parents or people considering taking this drug, seriously reconsider. This is a life long decision with a high potential for negative outcomes. I think you should allow yourself or your children to be the way they are, and find social, mental, physical outlets and ways to be accomplished and successful without the drug. Also research what it does to your dopamine stores in your brain. Coming off of it after years of use can lead to a pretty lack luster view of life. That being said... time for another dose. Sigh. F 25 16 years
20 2X D
 3  ADHD dramatic appetite and subsequent weight loss / sleeplessness / intense thirst / agitation It's tricky, because Adderall has done some wonders for me, but not without it's heavy price. Most significantly: I am much, much more antisocial when I take Adderall. I used to be a hard partier, going out four nights a week. Now I go out once a month. I've lost touch with many friends. I get irritable or uncomfortable around people. I get very paranoid. I have a hellish sleep schedule. I was always lean, but I've lost about 20 lbs. I have to force myself to eat. And I crave liquids, especially sweet things like soda and energy drinks. I've become reckless. And it's addictive as all get out. There are many days I find myself taking twice my dose. If I run out early, I count down the days to my refill, finding myself incapacitated otherwise. But - I'm a junior at a prestigious college and I have straight As. My teachers rave about my work ethic and my dedication. It's boosted my sex drive significantly, as has my confidence. I juggle a full school schedule with several internships, side projects, a boyfriend, etc. My focus is often streamlined and my the work produced is high caliber. Ultimately - it's a double sided sword. Has it helped me? Enormously. Am I a different person than when I started taking it? Unquestionably, almost unrecognizably transformed. So seriously weight the consequences before you start. Because no matter how strong you think you are, the drug will suck you in. Some days, it's beyond worth it. Some days i'm in hell. M 20 1 years
20MG 2X D
 1  ADD Extra energy, dry through M 15 2 months

 5  couldn't concentrate/ anxiety Loss of appetite at first. M 25 1 years
 4  Adult ADHD Tachycardia, Loss of Appetite, Adrenaline Burst, Constipation, Nausea, Sleep Deprivation, Muscle Aches, Saliva Production Greatly Reduced, Dry Eyes, Sore Throat, Sore Mouth. In my case when the effect is wearing off i get in slow like motion and get woozy. I was diagnosed at the age of 6 and since then Adderall Generic and XR, has helped me in inexplicable ways. I've left the pill for months and semesters but I start going back to my old self, irresponsible. When I started taking it again I felt normal again, I couldn't control my thoughts instead of trying to do 100 things at the same time and failing all of them. I've taken all the pills that are for the treatment of ADHD and none of them had the same effect that Adderall XR had on me. Sometimes the side-effects are tiresome but for a user that has 15+ of use the side effects are permanent, at least a couple of them. Since I started taking Adderall again, I auto dosed myself cause I know myself better than my Psychiatrist and I'm a Certified Psychologist on my way to my PHD in Clinical Psychology. Adderall has helped me work better, be more than 500% responsible than I was before. For finishing if you're reading this ADHD is incurable, medicating yourself is the best way to go, trust me on that I've had hard times because I did not wanted to take it. The pill with years and time of use creates a self-replicating effect on your body that can help you a great deal, but once you take it for more than 1 year the side-effect tend to get a little annoying. If you want to talk about your condition, the side-effect, or anything related on ADHD or about any prescription medicine for the treatment of ADHD feel free to email me at (ADHD_Psychologist@yahoo.com) M 22 15 years
60 MG 1X D

 3  Supposed ADD Insomnia, flushing of face, anxiety, sweaty at random times, back pain, teeth grinding, depression, Loss of social interaction I only took this drug because I felt pressured from how my grades were and my parents when I was a freshman in high-school, my grades went from d/f's to B's and A's feeling like I was on-top of the world(especially after the first couple of months).. now a senior I feel like I'm really depended on it, this drug has messed my life up in every way possible. Yes I got those grades, but is it really worth it to now have anxiety, depression, dependents on adderal, secluding myself from society?... It's funny I talked to my doctor who prescribed me adderall and I told him I was addicted to it and that I want to get off it. All he said was that I couldn't get addicted to adderall and if my grades are good, he sees no reason to get off it... Advice, don't take more than your prescribed, even if you have to cram for an exam, trust me you will become dependent on that. Give your body a break from adderal, especially if you haven't been sleeping, sleep does wonders on your mood. Sometimes you have to say screw school and worry about yourself and your health. I mean you do live only once right?... M 18 3 years
 3  Adult ADD headache, jittery,eye pain/heaviness ups and downs. frustrated,angry,nervous, back pain, muscle tics,want to rip my brain out or jump out of my skin,swearing,sleepy but can't get comfy. restless legs, pain in legs. The first day I loved it except headache, 2nd day still liked the concentration, focus, desire to participate in conversation, 3rd day felt like crap. Pharmacist stated it is now in my system. Irritable, tired,hungry, side effects are so severe today that I don't feel like getting out of bed or reading,focusing on anything. I know I have to give it time for my brain and body to get used to it. I will try and take it day by day because I liked the way I felt after my first day. I got out of the house and shopped, organized, cleaned, cooked and could communicate with my husband and son. I will give this a good 10 days for the side effects to go away or I will discontinue due to the side effects. Kids should not be on this period. It is like a 1980's cocaine feeling which I hate. F 45 3 days
15 EX 1X D
 3  To focus at school Loss of Appetite Headaches Frustration & Aggravation Addiction Insomnia Depression (mild-moderate) Anxiety Increased Blood Pressure Back pain M 16 4 months
30mg XR
 5  ADHD and OCD Depression , dry mouth and sever sweating F 33 10 years
20 mg

 5  to focus at school loss of appettie,weight loss, depression,worried,insomnia,angry, M 16 2 months
40 mg

 1  Add Adderall seemed to work for me at first. But it's facade quickly faded to reveal a chain-smoking, binge drinker. I became socially withdrawn, lost my job, & lost my passion for life. Adderall has caused me to lose the best years of my life. I hate this drug with my whole heart. Never ever take adderall. F 29 4 years

 3  A.D.D. The first 5 hours amazing focused and everything, it is unbelievable.... Now coming down from it is a whole different story. I feel anxious, no sleep, shaking, tremors, dizziness, feeling tired randomly , extreme sweating for no reason, fluid coming out of my ears :l , heavy eyes, extreme increase in heart rate! Itchy scalp, teeth grinding,g o from up and happy to down (tired) in 2 seconds! I have felt better not taking this stuff then taking it. It is not worth the few hours you get of being focused! F 21 1 days

 5  ADHD I was strated out on 5 mg and worked up to 20 mg I was like a mokey out of a cage or u can say 24 going on 8 but it works very well in me Iam caim not hyper and I can sit and wach a tv show !!! The only thing bad i went form 155 pounds down to 115 pounds in 30 days I wear a 10-12 in kids cloths F 24 2 years
20 2X D
 4  ADHD It worked well in high school and college I got all A's. The first 3 years I lost 30lbs. After that I was reluctant to up my dose very often even though I could tell I was building a tolerance still had to up it though several times. It has helped me graduate and be successful at my job. Used to not sleep a lot but now I can sleep after I first take it or any time of day no problem. It has negatively affected my marriage and personal relationships. Negatives: severe irritability and anger towards anyone for any little thing, don't want to be touched, kissed, cuddle anything intimate, think others are stupid and you are of superior intelligence to others, dependency, tolerance, bi polar type behavior, come down makes me crave sexual activity, when first started I could not orgasm on it, and it raised my blood pressure and stress level. F 24 8 years

 4  ADHD Itchy scalp, clinching my jaw, headache, slightly sore eyes M 15 1 days

 1  ADD Rapid heart rate, anxiety attacks, nausea, dizziness, feeling like passing out I only took this medicine for two days because of the horrible side effects it had. After taking two doses on day one, I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, I was nauseous, felt extremely weak like I was going to pass out, and was super dizzy. I honestly felt like I was going to die. I stopped taking it since then. That was almost 2 years ago. Now, ever since then, I have random anxiety attacks and episodes where my heart will start racing for no reason and I feel like I'm going to pass out, which I never had before taking this. I would definitely seek out alternatives to this drug because having taken it a total of two times left me with horrible side effects that will probably never go away. M 20 1 days
10MG 2X D

 5  ADHD untreated as a kid/adult ADD I had ADD as a child all through school . I was diagnosed with it in the 2nd grade & 5th grade . In the begininh of the 80's & late 80's adderrall or ritalin then was considered a "boys" medication & I was going to grow out of my jittery "talks too much in class" & "distraction of peers " comments on my report cards...I was a chatty girl that's all theysaid even after the diagnosis .."lets see how she handles a class room with less of her friends " and avoid the ritalin/adderrall. So my parents & doctors did just that. I struggled and made it through. I went to college and never ever used it for recreationalreasons and it was hard . Once the panic attacks hit & the anxiety hit I tried to mellow it all out with becoming a personal trainer in woman's weight lifting for the local gym. It worked ..took my mind off my anxiety & I was a gym nut 7 days a week...until I got injured at work in 2003 & ruptured 8 discs , dislocated & seperated my shoulder & eventually lost my high profile career as a manager just 2 days before christmas 2011. While home my anxiety became overwhelming , to the point of dry heaving before any appointments or events. My drive for projects were never completed & my attention span was shot..I never finished any project and to sit through a movie was hard to focus on & do. I would get bored fast & walk away when the movie maybe had 20 minutes left. So I finally let it F 36 1 years
50 Mg
 5  ADD/depression My doctor started me out on 20mg and that was way too high for me. I quartered the pill, taking 5mg and felt great! Not like bouncing off the walls or anything but I could focus! I felt motivated. I hadn't felt this way in, well, as long as I can remember. This med has changed my life. I have since got with my Dr and am now taking 5mg pills. F 44 1 months
 5  ADHD Slight diarrhea in the beginning. Was drinking too much water. Everything's fine now. That's it. Always have known I suffer from ADHD. This was a drug I was very afraid to try. I suffer such horrible anxiety and insomnia that I thought I would never tolerate this. Turns out a chunk of my anxiety was caused from my ADHD. Xanax had been the answer before. Then I tried Adderall IR. My mind was more at peace than with Xanax. I time my last dose to wear off before bed, so I use the "crash" to go to sleep, although it's not really a crash, and sleep like a rock. I'm much more calm, more pleasant to be around. Stress doesn't seem to bother me as much and I don't procrastinate. All the possible negative side-effects I have not experienced. No insomnia, irritability, weight-loss, (maybe 4lbs in 3 months), BP and heart rate are also @ or under 120/80. My only complaint is how this med is so affected by stomach/body pH and the things I can and can't eat/drink while on it. M 36 3 months
15mg 2X D

 1  Addhd I'm now on non time released and after I take I get extrely sleepy F 41 1 weeks
 1  ADHD Migraines, upset/nervous stomach, anxiety, permantly high heart rate, tensenes. I have been on adderall for 13 years. I was on XR for the longest only recently switching to the regular dose because the XR kept me up all night. I take it only for school, so I'm off in the summer, I was off for about 3 years when I was working and having a baby. I started college and began using it again. It halted all digestion. I would get shaky and light headed because I wasn't eating, but if I tried it felt like my stomach and throat would close up. I did fine on the XR as a teen, I don't know if it is because of my age, the switch to regular adderall, or the length of time I've been on it, but it is horrible now. Even when I was off for 3 years my resting heart rate was around 80, despite being in the army and VERY physically active. F 25 13 years
20 2X W
 3  Add F 1 days

 4  ADD Right away I noticed that I had to remind myself to eat. It's been about a week and I notice that it's not as strong as it was even a week ago. I am on college break so I haven't tested it out on studying yet but it's helped me stay calmer in situations that I would normally be overwhelmed in. I also notice that my stools are looser (sorry!) and if I take it too late I can't sleep. My house is a bit cleaner since I've had no motivation to do anything before I started. I'm wondering if I'm on the right dosage and how would I know? I'd like the appetite to be decreased like it was the first few days since I also have like 15 more lbs to lose. I also feel a bit calmer since taking it. Is this normal? How do you know you are on the right dosage? Emails welcome! I start back to school in Feb and am nervous about being on the right dosage for me to do well in school. F 35 6 days
20mg 2X D
 5  ADHD Used to have decreased appetite along with some anxiety, now only positive effects. Increased attention span, organized mind, higher motivation, etc. miracle. F 18 2 years

 4  ADHD Makes me very agitated during the day, little things make me mad. I have to make sure it wears off before I want to sleep or I'll be up until daybreak easy. But also makes my anxiety decrease greatly And focus a lot easier, also you aren't lazy anymore! M 20 2 months
25 xr

 2  Narcolepsy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome weight loss, lack of appetite, rapid heart-rate, failing vision, bruxism and resulting tooth fracture, gum recession, personality changes, seasonal depression, anti-social behavior, bipolar & borderline personality disorder tendencies, hair loss, decreased libido, insomnia, poor short term memory, headache, hyper-focusing on unnecessary tasks, dry mouth, increased thirst, rapid decline in BMR (basil metabolic rate), cold hands and feet, abnormally low body temperature, overall detachment from the natural 'cadence' or rhythm of life. I went from being a A+ college student with a full ride scholarship to flunking out of my major. I lost every last one of my friends, my 3 roommates, & my boyfriend left me because I refused to leave the house. I lost 30lbs in 3 months, gained 45lbs back 5 months later, & now no matter what I do I can’t lose weight. I fell into a deep depression & could barely recognize myself – I couldn’t eat, sleep, I stopped talking to everyone around me, I became obsessed with miniscule tasks, & I completely lost sight of my education. People who were once close to me say that I’ve changed and the sad part is that all this happened while I was taking my prescribed dose. I started gaining weight even though I was barely eating. I had my BMR tested during an overnight sleep study & it turned out to 608 calories! My Dr. said that your body is like a balance or scale; when you start taking medication you start to tip the scale. After a while, your body will start to fight back in an attempt to tip the scale back in the other direction. The harder you resist, the harder your body will fight back in order to return to its previous state. When I first started taking Adderall I lost 30 lbs fast because I lost my appetite & had increased energy. So, my body slowed down my metabolism & stopped supplying me with energy to prevent me from losing anymore weight. My Dr. told me that the bright side was that people with slow metabolisms live longer &am F 24 5 years
20mg 3X D
 3  ADHD Positive: increased focus, decreased appetite, i felt like i could accomplish anything, negative: headaches,increased heart rate, extremely dry mouth, excessive thirst, limb numbness,teeth chattering, always cold and clammy limbs, extreme cigarette crave, towards end of day blurred vision, very agressive anger outbursts, insomnia, highly addicting!! F 19 1 years
20 mg

 5  ADHD/ADD and depression If you truly suffer from your disorder, this medication works wonders. Addictive or not, it does its job and has improved the quality of my life entirely. I had to give it at least 3 months to get rid off side effects such as trouble sleeping, additional anxiety, elevated blood pressure and overall feeling weird. I did loose my appetite and have not been able to regain it ever since i started taking it and lost tremendous amount of weight which was very beneficial since I had to shed baby fat after having my third child. It will only cause harm to the ones who was possibly misdiagnosed and need reevaluation. I stay focused, sometimes over-focused, at work, able to finish al tasks at home, it calms me down and helps with social anxiety by boosting up my confidence. However, I can see how this could be an unpleasant experience for certain individuals, but still worth giving time to get used to it. F 30 1 years
 1  Focus in school WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TAKING!!!!!!! Im 23 and a college student. I have always had trouble focusing in class. There were for test in most of my classes, first two (without adderall) got a 78% and 46%. Second two test with adderall I got a 95% and 90%. Helped me focus while on it so much. Gave me extreme energy, extremely productive. Usually lasted about 5 hours or so per pill. While on adderall everything was perfect. I thought it was a miracle pill. What was bad is after those 5 hours. I would go crazy and almost rip out my brain. I became Bi-Polar, moody, crazy depressed, cried all the time. I ruined friendships, my relationship. I had no idea it was even the adderall doing it to me. I just thought I was going through stuff. My sis, my best friends, my parents all told me I was acting funny. Later on my best friend called my sister and then my sister called my parents because they were so worried about me. I dumped it in the trash. Wont ever take again. Messed w M 23 4 months
10mg 2X D
 5  depression and ADD Dry throat and hotbot addictive M 34 6 years

 2  ADHD Inattentive I thought the Adderall 10 acted to fast and hard to spread out the medication through out the day. (3 times a day). Highs and lows not regulated enough. I'm now on Adderall XR 25 mg. what I would do instead complain about the effectiveness of your perscription is to talk to your Psychiatrist and explain your reactions. Every body is different. If he or she doesn't Help you, find another. Took me 6 months to find the right dosage and med. Focalin, Concerta, Ritalin. Each has a extended release. More controlled for me. M 68 2 years

 4  Need to improve focus Extremely tired in the evening. No appetite. I had been having a problem with focusing on the job prior to adderall. If it wasnt directly effecting me, I would find myself zoned out. I would find myself not able to finish a book or project with ease. I would miss important details. I mean I can go on and on. With adderall, its helping me stay focus. Sometimes too focused. I dont eat like I used too. However I havent lost any wt either. F 34 40 days
15mg 1X D
 1  Supposed ADD Became very agitated, negative, angry. Took sleeping pills to sleep. Adderall to get up, Ambien to sleep. My anger got so out of hand my wife left and filed for divorce. Now I'm reducing my dose and trying to get off this stuff. I work constantly, employer loves me. I'm losing everything but my job and now that I'm coming off this stuff, I may lose that, too. Be careful taking this stuff. M 60 8 days
40 mg 1X D

 5  ADD Dry mouth Appetite Insomnia (TAKE MELATONIN!) I take it for ADD and it's the best thing for me because I can actually succeed in school. I went from a D/F student to an A/B student! I would take it 30-45 minutes before school and then it'd kick in right in time! M 16 3 months
15MG 1X D
 2  Narcolepsy None that I can say was 100% the addy. I take 60mg & can be asleep within an hour. F 35 3 months
 5  To concentrate in college 4 months
3 20mg a d

1X D
 4  ADD/ Anxiety Dry mouth, Decreased appetite, sweating, mild dehydration, dizziness. F 33 6 days
10 mg IRtwice a day

 1  Migraines Weight loss, obsessive compulsive tendencies, inability to maintain personal relationships, loss of appetite, sleeping only 4 hours every other day. This medication almost ruined my life. Adderall was amazing, for the first 6 months. My migraines went away, I started working out, lost 30lbs, became very productive at work and home - it was a miracle. However the longer I took it the more I wanted and sought and the worse my life got. I started sleeping only every other night, I became so obsessed with all the things I "needed" to get done that I stopped hanging out with friends or family because I didn't have time for them. I would obsessive over certain things, like cleaning or organizing my house, but then other things I wouldn't do at all, like pay bills because, in my crazy-obsessive mind, they weren't as important as having a clean floor. Adderall changed my entire personality, I began seeking more and more of the medication because I needed more energy for all the things I "needed" to get done. I became a liar and cheater, lost touch with friends and alienated family, most especially my husband. If my doctor hadn't finally realized that I was also getting Adderall from another doctor and they both refused to give it to me anymore I think I would have lost my husband, my family, my house - my whole life. Coming off Adderall sent me into a massive depression but 4 years later I am so thankful to be off of it. I still miss the extra energy and despise the 30lbs I've gained back but realize that the 2 years I took Adderall were the worst 2 years of my life. Adderall was the worst thing that ever happened to me. Please be very careful with F 34 2 years
20 1X D
 3  ADD Took it for the first time today and was waiting for the rush and the euphoria that I've read about and that the dr warned me about. Nothing. I was wide awake but that's really all I felt. Even took a nap about 5 hours after taking it. Will continue on with it and see what happens. F 44
10mg 1X D
 5  adhd I have been on this for 10 years and I will tell you this. If you have these feelings your dose was too high. Any good doctor will start you on a low doseage (about 10mg) and then slowly bump you up depending on your response to a question sheet. This is something that is slow and about once every 30 days. The other reason for those feelings is that you are taking the instant release. Those are horrid. The xr (extended release) is what is usually given by a docs now. It is taken once. It goes all day and gradually leaves your system so you do not get a crash. If you have bad feelings on a dose smaller than 20mg you should,d know within a month. That means it is not for you or you can try a non stimulant. If your doctor is not doing these things before prescribing this, and your first dose is more than 20mg, get a new doc. Side note..take at least 10hours before you go to sleep. If still bad, you are either not adhd or you just cant do stimulants. Also, ADHD should be diagnosed by a It took me a year to get up to 60mg(which is really the limit.),and I know most people won't ever got to 60mg but my case is a little different because I have an unusually aggressive adhd (yes that exists).the average dose is from 20-30mg. I love this drug but I do agree that this is not for everyone. I also have been taking anti anxiety meds for about 11 years so that helps too:-) good luck guys and dont worry there are about 6 other drugs that can help you with this that dont feel like adder all. However, that being said , NEVER TAKE RITALIN. THAT IS MADE BY DEMONS AND APPROVED BY SATAN. :-) (and that is coming from someone on 60mg of addys lol. I took 20mg of ritalin and i almost ripped my brain out and cried for 3 hours . F 28 10 years
60 1X D
 1  ADHD I am going crazy. I dont sleep, and if i do i am thrown into terriable horrifying nightmares that i only wake up from by screaming myself awake. I hate being around people, i have shut everyone out of my life because im afraid of how they will affect my plans and my future. Always observant, but this causes aniexty. I dont eat, ever. Maybe one time a week. They say it will take me a year to get back to normal, but i cant even remember what normal for me is. Plz stay away from this drug, it only brings depression, hullisionations, thoughts of sucicide and anger. M 20 1 days
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