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 3  Vertigo Sugar high 73 1 weeks

 3  Vertigo 1 days

 2  for dizziness and allergies Extreme dizziness F 56 3 days
12.5 mg

 1  motion sickness This medication was a total waste of my money. It simply didn't work at all for me. Plus one of it's top side effects is dizziness. And, it did cause slight stomach upset for me. It contributed to me feeling a bit lethargic as well. This pill definitely was not the answer for helping to treat my problem with motion sickness. For me, it was nothing but a waste of my money. I do not recommend this pill for treating or even preventing motion sickness at all. F 38 2 days
25mg 2X D

 4  Vertigo I have a few more pills to take and won't be sure if what I'm feeling is a side effect of the pills or a symptom related to the virus (?) which ostensibly caused my severe vertigo attack. However, since my vertigo cleared, my balance is precarious and I walk as though I were drunk. I see that meclizine can impair "motor skills", which would presumably include walking and I'm hoping that once I stop taking it, my balance when walking will return to normal. My vertigo (the room spinning, nausea, etc.) seemed to clear up nicely within two days of my first dose of meclizine. I was told to continue with the 25 mg. dose until my symptoms cleared up completely, and I've not be sure if the balance issue is a symptom that has not cleared up yet or a side effect of the drug. I guess I'll find out tomorrow! F 62 6 days
25 3X D

 1  extreme vertigo EXTREME fatigue, couldn't even FORCE my eyes open. Fell asleep in the tub. My eyes kepg rolling and going cross. Felt like I was in a complete fog and I couldn't even think straight. The Dr. gave me this med in the ER. I asked if it would make me feel funny (I do not like taking meds but I was so tired of the dizziness that I was willing to try it) and he said no. I drove home 2 hours after being given the Antivert and as I was driving, I was literally scared. I couldn't focus, couldn't concentrate and was afraid I was going to have to pull over. I made it home safely. After a few hours of not being able to shake the feeling, I decided to take a bath. Thankfully my cat likes to sit on the side of my tub while I bathe because I think she saved my life. I dozed off at least 4 times and every time I was awaken by my cat patting my arm. I probably would have drownd and not even cared. Dangerous drug, if you ask me! F 36 1 days
25 mg 3X D
 3  lightheadedness, dizziness,vertigo? repetitive and cyclic dreams, dizziness Only think it helped one morning. Otherwise, couldn't tell the difference between the disequilibrium and the medicine. Not sure why doctor prescribed only 3 days usage (coupled with Ciprodex) M 51 3 days
25 mg 3X D

 4  seasickness Drowsiness, dry mouth and grogginess on waking. Made me drag fairly badly for the first three days, but after that I seemed to develop a tolerance to the side effects. Was effective at preventing motion sickness as long as I took it a while before the motion started. Being draggy is much better than feeling gaggy, but this would not mix well with driving. M 31 30 days
25 mg 2X D

 5  Vertigo caused by inner ear problem Extreme sleepiness Good stuff! Works extremely well. Was prescribed 25mg - too much. Functioned much better on 1/2 pill. Also, take it in the evening preferably before bed. M 49 1 weeks
12.5 1X D

 1  Vertigo Extreme tiredness, unable to think clear, dizziness I cannot take this drug during the day because it knocks me out so I tried taking it at night and I felt drugged the next morning and couldn't function. Not sure why doctors prescribe this since it does not treat the Vertigo and it just make me so sleepy that it's like torture, I'll I wanted to do while on this pill was sleep, not good when you work full-time. F 42 30 days
1X D

 3  sinus infection F 32 5 days
12 1X D
 2  dizziness & vertigo made me very sleepy; seemed to wake up in a sweat at night (and during naps) on the days I was on this; it didn't really help the dizziness much--I didn't see a noticeable effect. My vertigo/dizziness was suspected to be caused by a virus. F 31 3 days

 5  migraine and vertigo Sleepiness Works well to deter nausea, I can usually get away with taking 1/4 to 1/2 of a 25mg pill to avoid the worst of the drowsiness but it'll definitely knock you out at higher doses. As an added bonus it seems to help with the confusion and anxiety that I sometimes get with migraines. F 32 3 years
 2  Vertigo I just took my first one while I'm at work thinking it was a non-drousy thing. Right now I could take a nap on my desk and I feel nauseated. This might be good for nighttime, but I don't think I can take this and work. I'll just have to live with the extreme dizziness and nausea while I"m work. F 58 1 days

 3  Vertigo This medicine completely knocked me out. I think I slept for 2 days and nights. It helped the dizziness when and if I could get up F 65 3 days

 4  vertigo some tiredness It works when your head is spinning like a top! F 61 1 weeks

 1  lightheadedness vertigo extreme tiredness and more dizzy than before...seriously i have never felt this tired in my whole life, i cant take this pill anymore, all i seem to do is sleep didnt help at all in the lightheadedness/dizzyness..i find it hilarious that one of the side effects for an anti-dizzy pill is dizzyness. im told if i take it longer i will eventually stop felling as tired and adjust to it. but to be honest i dont want to. its a horrible disconnected fake tired feeling that i dont like at all. its like extreme jet lag. F 25 2 days
 4  dizziness/vertigo a tired, medicine head feeling with 25 mg. dose..reduced the dose to 12.5 and that helped. seems to help a lot with the dizziness. works so far..... M 50 5 days

 5  MS (vertigo/confusion) A bit tired, but tired is so much better than not being able to think or having vertigo. Didn't work for me for the first couple of days, but now I'm a big fan. Am taking it twice daily. F 36 21 days

 1  dizziness Ultra tired constantly. Meclizine/antivert/bonine(all the same) are about useless. I wonder what they use or do in more enlightened places such as europe or japan? M 55 4 days

 5  Dizziness None Took this medicine off and on in 2001-02 while suffering bouts of dizziness caused by stress and a medical condition. I didn't have any noticeable side effects, but it took care of the dizziness. M 19 1 years

 3  Vertigo Tiredness I was just diagnosed with vertigo and I took Antivert for the first time this week. The vertigo seemed to go away, but at the cost of being very tired for about 24 hours. F 25 1 days

 1  After C-section for nausea The medication was administered via IV after surgery because the nurse suggested a "new" medication for nausea.I think she gave me too much medication. I could not keep my eyes open and several times I would wake up from sleep feeling like I would stop breathing. I could hear people talking but I could not open my eyes. I couldn't even nurse my baby because I had no use of my arms. I told my mother several times I was afraid to truly go to sleep because I felt I would never wake up! It took 12 to 15 hours to wear off and I still felt groggy for another day. I would definitely NOT recommend to take this medication! I would have much rather been vomiting than feel like I was about to die. F 34 1 days

 5  Vertigo soooooooo tired. Slept for a day AFTER I stopped taking the medicine BUT the room never spun again Life is full of trade offs, I will take sleep over stumbling around like a drunk and having the room spin M 38 1 days
 1  vertigo Did not help dizziness from vertigo. Very tired no energy, just still feel overall sick. Why is this recommended for dizziness when it causes dizziness? Can someone please tell me if they know of something that does works? F 10 days
 2  Vertigo Did not improve vertigo symptoms at all. No other side effects. M 34 5 days

 4  anxiety cough-recurring great for anxiety, but may have caused a cough M 35 2 years

 2  Vertigo I felt more dizzeness...vertigo got worse at times..felt very sleepy:: when drug wore off..vertigo would clear then return..got constipated when taking drug....felt tense...unable to sleep whne stopped taking drug.. I'm not sure why doctor prescribed a drug that makes you dizzy when you are dizzy to begin with..::.last vertigo attack, in 1996 another doctor prescribed presidone for ten days, also made me sleepy but appeared to stop my vertigo..this doctor told me presidone was a steriod and he wouldn't recommend for vertigo... M 59 4 days

 4  Dizziness/Hives MAKES YOU VERY TIRED. I have 3 kids and I can only take it at bed if my husband gets with the baby! THIS SUCKS! No longer dizzy but Hives came back even after taking this for a week. Hives came while still taking! F 20 14 days

 4  acute labryth.... very tired F 38 1 weeks

 1  dizziness none It did not stop the syptoms M 33 2 times

 5  menieres disease sleepiness i took it as neede for several years when suffering attacks of vertigo F 30 2 years



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