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 1  low thyroid It seems either this drug is heaven to some hell to others. In the 3 months I was on it had extreme rash & itching. Little bumps on both breast & legs. Extreme swelling of legs, ankles & feet. Hair in front fell off! Gained 20 lbs in 3 months. Brain fog. Thank God for this forum. After reading some of the bad comments here I realized all my symptoms were due to Cytomel. From the day after I took myself off I got relief. It's been 2 weeks & I'm 95% clear of all symptoms. Some dried up bumps here & there & mild itching every now & then. Lesson learned..listen to your body. Cytomel may work for everyone else but you may be the one it doesn't work for. I forgot to say I was taking Cytomel and 50mcg Syntroid combo. May you all be healthy. F 61 3 months
5mcg daily
 5  Graves disease Periodic heart flutter This drug saved my life! My joint pain and depression were getting the best of me. I feel like a new, happy woman! F 41 1 months
5 mcg 1X D

 1  t3 1 days

 4  Hypothyroid/thyroid cancer Added to synthroid. As long as I take a small dose I don't have palpitations. Otherwise cytomel helps with fatigue. F 36 5 years

 5  hypothyroidism from radiation i've had hypothyroidism for 15 years due to radiation treatment for hodgkin's lymphoma. i've been on synthroid for the same length of time but in the past year my 125MCG hasn't been cutting it. i had been sleeping up to 16 hours a day (not great with three kids and a small business). within three days of starting cytomel i had dramatic improvement in fatigue and concentration. now, after almost a month i've noticed huge improvement in mood stability, energy, dry skin, snoring, dandruff…everything. i hadn't realized how much my mood had been affected but have also noted a marked decrease in anxiety, depression and anger. i can function again. F 32 1 months
25MCG 1X D
 3  partial thyroidectomy Skin was very dry prior to starting cytomel, noticed a significant improvement within the first week. Also helped with extreme belly bloating. Only negative is the tiredness i esperience mid day F 36 2 months

 4  depression agitation Still trying to find the right dose. 12.5 seemed to help a very severe depression (I was hospitalized) so gradually increased. But at 37.5 mcg I was super-agitated with my TSH<0.01. Dropped to 12.5 and my depression resurged. So increased to 25 which I'll try but worried that I'm getting agitated again. I had normal thyroid levels before the med. Agree with others here that it has a rapid response and feels like a life-saver for severe recurrent depression. For me it is augmenting an SSRI. F 46 4 months
25 mcg 1X D

 5  Augment Antidepressant Maybe some slight anxiety at first, slight sweating. Not many adverse side effects noticed. So far, Cytomel has worked tremendously for my treatment resistant depression. I was prescribed a small dose of Cytomel to help augment the antidepressant I had been taking but seemed to no longer work. I tried the generic form of Cytomel and had anxiety, more tearfulness, I just felt awful. The doctor then switched to brand name and those symptoms totally went away. Within about three weeks time I noticed a tremendous difference in my depression. I was far less anxious and that terrible feeling of dread/impending doom was gone. I because more interested in things again and within two months of taking it I am back to myself again. I was having some symptoms of hypothyroidism but my tests always came back within normal range. I was losing hair, gaining weight, the outer third of my eyebrows were gone. My hair and skin were dry. Many of those symptoms I still have, but the anxiety and depression have gone. I sure hope that this post helps somebody else who has been struggling. F 49 3 months
12.5 mcg 1X D

 5  thyrolar was unavailable Wonderful energy increase with no side effects except great mood and happier days.take synthyroid125mcg also.. F 51 2 years

 5  Hypothyroid More energy every day. But have to take late afternoon dosage or burning sensation returns. Taking 50-75 mcg every day may need more. Still trying to find the correct dosages. Also gone off synthroid for last two days to see if more energy comes back. On 75 mcg synthroid for 4 1/2 years high TSH. 15. Doc guilted me into continuing the synthroid. Synthroid completely exhausted me. Took all of my energy away and couldn't hardly get out of bed I was so tired. Doc said due to depression not synthroid. Took Prozac and did nothing. Had to get off synthroid to get any energy back. Got back on synthroid when symptoms came back each time. Discovered first doc only testing for TSH. Not t3 or t4.looked at two endos that couldn't help. Strange, I think they might have been diabetes endos not thyroid endos. When new doc tested t3 and t4 both at the very lowest level in each range. OnInternet looked up books written by Mary showman about thyroid. This is where I found cytomel. Have new doctor the last 6 months. Who also put me on provil upon my request and saved my life. Now has me on cytomel. And finally getting my energy and health back. Feeling like I actually want to live again F 63 1 months
25 mcg 3X D

 5  Hypothyroid Question, the first time I Took this High a dose (100mcg a day) was back in 2006. I felt superhuman. The first tie in my *LIFE*, I've felt so good, my energy was what I considered normal, I was in the Gym daily, etc. *NOW*--2013 (since 2006)--have been on low dose 25mcg?50mcg maintenance. However, was uppped back to 100mcg---it's acting like a SEDATIVE!!! Not kidding, I take it and fall back asleep for HOURS after doing so. Any suggestions???? M 40 7 days
25mcg 4X D

 3  Hypo Helped mood but no weight loss F 35 8 months

 4  Hypothyroidism I have lost 11lbs since starting the drug. I need to loose 14 more lbs to be at my regular weight. It does make me more hungry. But I work out 4 days a week cardio and weight training. T3 directly affects the metabolism. I take 5 mcg twice a day. After I eat breakfast and after I eat dinner. It will make you loose muscle not just fat, so you need to weight train if you don't want to look flabby. Take it the same time everyday. If you don't exercise regularly, then don't expect it to help you loose weight. F 37 4 months

 4  hashimotos thyroiditis I have a t4 conversion issue so synthroid was not working. begged endo for cytomel and felt fabulous! no side effects until last year. weight gain, forgetfulness, hair falling out,shortness of breath and heartburn I loved cytomel and had NO problems at all...until last year and my last blood test showed low t3! How can that be? Im practically mainlining the stuff! Ive gained at least 20 lbs and I eat like a bird! I sound hypo and my dr just upped my meds to 75mcg. I feel a little better, but just a little! This is crazy! What do I take now? F 56 14 years
50-75mcg 1X D
 4  Total Thyroidectomy 10 years ago my dr just prescribed me Cytomel .I am on synthroid for 10 years due to thyroidectomy.I have been so sluggish tired and foggy and a little depressed.All my lab work is fine but he feels this will help boost my energy. Im a litle nervous to take this medicine.Any advise F 45
25 1X D
 5  Hypothyroid Mild increase in heart rate for first 20 minutes. After 13 years of Synthroid only (total thyroidectomy) I feel like my old self. I've cried countless tears in the last week....tears of joy. Lab were always "normal" but I always complained of not feeling sharp, happy, capable, friendly, kind to family/friends etc. My career is back on track. I take 137 mcg Synthroid which is still excedingly valuable to keep a nice base, then this Cytomel bump to get me the rest of the way back to myself. Otherwise I get too cold at night when the Cytomel wears off; fyi, it only is in your system for 6-8 hours, then it's gone. Thank you Jesus. M 41 6 days
2.5 mcg 3X D
 5  hypothyroid for the last 14 yrs No side effects. Its all good! F 57 10 months
 5  Hashimoto's Mostly none but sometimes feel very slightly shaky "inside" but with no outward display of shakiness. Absolute miracle for me. I take 25 mcg on waking and 12.5 around noon (or six hours later). Without the second dose I'm tired and become negative/slightly depressed. After years of wondering what was wrong with me, I now think I was hypothyroid for a long time, maybe 20 years. I am a different person, more alert (no more brain fog), more confident, with much more stamina and energy, losing weight I couldn't lose no matter what. I don't feel like hiding anymore. Am taking Paddock brand. F 64 120 days
37.5mcg 1X D
 5  sythroid levels were too high only positive effects, more energy, clear thinking, no more constipation, no more headaches, skin improvement, no need for afternoon naps. great addition to synthyroid., as the synthyroid alone did nothing for my hypo symptoms. F 52 60 days
12.5 3X D

 4  weight gain, bery tired and sluggis A lot of energy and very hungry. I eat what I want and haven't gained any or lost any weight. I do have a problem falling and staying asleep once in awhile but after having a few alcoholic drinks, I might as well forget about sleeping. Feel very alert. Sometimes I feel shaky but it goes away after I eat. I like cytomel a lot better than synthroid. F 28 3 weeks
5 mcg 2x d

 1  Possible hypothyroidism Note: Generic Cytomel. Hot flashes and heat intolerance, increased body temp including one or more fevers. First three days, seemed to feel more optimistic. Then for most of past 23 days, irritable, feeling "not right," crying for hours and feeling hopelessly depressed, unable to eat. Getting levels checked today and hope to stop taking it. Been feeling so bad emotionally and unlike myself, but it took me a while to connect it to the Mylan generic drug. It's definitely not for me or the generic is no good. In past learned generic drugs often are dissimilar to the brand names. F 61 26 days
5 mg 2X D
 5  Hypothyroidism I take 88 mcg Synthroid every day and 5 mcg Cytomel 3x per day (15 mcg a day.) My endo told me to space the dosage of Cytomel every 5 hours - EX: 8:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. None!!! I take 88 mcg of Synthroid every day and 5 mcg Cytomel 3x a day (15 mcg a day.) I space my doses out as follows : Synthroid - 6:00 a.m. Cytomel - 8:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. This is perfect for me. I began taking 5 mcg a day and slowly moved up to 15 after about 5 months. I didn't do well on Synthroid alone. Cytomel suppresses TSH, but my endo says that TSH can be meaningless after treatment has begun and he doses based on free t4 and free t3 levels and how I'm feeling. I feel fantastic! No more brain fog and exhaustion. Cytomel completely stopped my hair loss and now it is full and healthy again. This medication totally changed my life and made me feel healthy again. F 43 1 years
5 mcg 3X D
 3  Hypo/hyper thyroidism Feel back to normal after morning dose of 5mg, more energy, clarity. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 28 yes old after my second child was born. Was put on 100 mg of levithroid for 15 years with very minimal dosage adjustments. I did great on it. In 2009, all hell broke loose with my hormones. Went into perimenopause and my thyroid was out of whack. For 3 years I have been suffering with dizziness, fatigue, weight gain, heart palps, irregular periods and horrible pms. Saw a homeapathic hormone specialist the last year and she has been tweaking my thyroid as it keeps fluctuating from high t4to low t3 and reverse t3. She put me on a high dose of t3 compound, for 10 months I was fine on it but the last month has been complete HELL with major fatigue dizziness and heart palps and anxiety attacks. Was finally referred to an endocronolgist from my regular insurance just this week. She put me on 3 days (taper down) of cytomel twice a day 50 mg to 10 mg. Starting 150 levithroid tomorrow once daily. The cytomel feels like a burst of energy to me for about 5 hours, then I plummet into extreme fatigue again be foe my second dose. I hope starting back on the levithroid will balance things back again. I want my life back again. F 45 3 days
10 2X D
 1   At first, my levels were a little on the low side, so my doctor put me on 5 mcg cytomel. After only 1 week she checked my blood again and said that there was no change. I thought this was weird because usually you wait 3 weeks after starting a new medication. She bumped me up to 25mcg. I was on the small side (120, 5'6'') and I thought that was quite a jump. Well after 3 weeks on 25mcg, I have INTENSE chest pains, and diffeculty breathing. And now I am only 112 lbs. My endo told me to stop it right away. I am now on the hyper end for my thyroid, and my endo wants to put me on synthroid. I do not understand this at all seeing as his a hormone replacement, and if my levels are already high, why would he want to give me more? This is the 3rd doctor that has tried to do this to me here. I just feel like death everyday. In and out of the ER. I wish I would have just went with my gut feeling and only took a half instead of the full 25mcg. I trusted doctors with my life, as you should be able F 25 21 days
25 mcg 1X D
 1  my doctor is playing with my meds I have a doctor appt this friday, but might just go off this horrible med myself. I have suffered Thyroid issues for 30 years. The ONLY drug that has ever helped me is Armour. Which in December I was fine on Armour, had NO Side effects, numbers were in the low normal range, but I FELT FINE. My doctor went to some conference, changed all his patients, and now I feel like a handicapped person. The pain in my legs, joint pain, stiffness, feeling like my knees are going to crumble and give out on me is HORRIBLE!! I am depressed, cry every day, and I am miserable !! I HATE cytomel and do not suggest if for everyone. By the way, I am very angry at my doctor for playing with my meds. IF you are a doctor out there reading this, listen to your patients symptoms first before deciding what is the right course of action. I was fine on Armour and never should have been taken off. F 49 21 days
25mcg 1X D

 5  hypothyroidism occasional headaches I felt horrible on T4 alone but since T3 was added, I feel great, have lost 9 lb (in 3 wks) and my mood has entirely improved. I also suffer from low progesterone so I have been taking DHEA and Prometrium as well. F 32 3 weeks
2.5 mcg 1X D
 5  Hypothyroid Cytomel in combination with T4 has been extremely helpful to me. But I also made sure that I was taking vitamins that supported my thyroid including magnesium, iodine, B vitamins and most importantly a good multi-vitamin and Vitamin D. Most of my research shows that a good endocrinologist will treat with a combination on T3 and T4. If yours is saying no, and you don't feel good on T4 alone, demand that they let you try the T3. If they still say no, write the head of the hospital where they work, or find another doctor. It is your life! Make sure you feel good and demand answers if you don't! F 45 14 days
5mcg 1X D

 2  Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid) Generic version (12.5 mcg – half of a 25 mcg. Tablet) – Experienced fatigue and sleepiness along with some very slight burning in my nostrils. I also felt a little “foggy-minded” and dizzy. I don't think I even needed this and that the initial fatigue I had with the Levoxyl was due to my body having to take the time to convert the T4 to T3 (since I stopped the Armour Thyroid and it had T3 in it already). [Note: I was taking Armour Thyroid prior to this and it didn't seem to do much]. M 49 7 days
12.5 mcg 1X D

 1  Depression Tremor, forgetfulness, slight weight gain, really messed up thyroid, shortness of breath I recently went to my primary doctor for my quarterly checkup and he told me that when he saw my blood tests, they read that my thyroid was "really out of whack" and recommended I stop taking it. He was also going to send the recommendation to my psychiatrist. I took his advice, threw the remaining pills down the toilet and will seek an adjunct antidepressant. It also did nothing for my depression anyway. F 48 3 months
25 1X D
 2  hypothyroid; reduced T3 Started at 1/day and had increased appetite and weight gain-- 5lbs the first week. My MD told me to up to two times a day if I wasn't feeling relief from my symptoms(always cold, tired etc) and I did that about 3 weeks ago. My appetite normalized BUT I have gained about 8 pounds in 6 wks. I still feel cold, tired and "brain fogged". F 34 45 days
5mcg 2X D
 5  Hypothyroid, Deppression, & Fatigue Much less Agitation and nervousness than in the past so far My personal experience has shown me that the benefits of taking T-3 far outweigh of side effects of T-4, If T-3 is started at very low doses (5 mcg) and is gradually increased over 2- 3 Months. I remember what the agitation was like when I tried to increase my dose to 25 mcg. of T-3 too quickly. I started my dosage at 5 mcg/day and then up to 5x day at 3 to 5 hour intervals. I then increased my dosages up to 10 mcg 3X day. Sometimes the afternoon doses can be reduced to 5 mcg.for the entire day. For about a year, I needed 30 to 35 mcg. of T-3 a day to prevent real nasty depression and to avoid memory loss associated with Hypothroid. Thyroid Resistance may be the issue in my case. I've been very blessed in the last 3 days in that I seem to be holding out on just 15 mcg/day(5mcg at 7:00, 11;00 & 3:00) believe that it's possible for some people on thyroid medication to have more complications with T-4 than T-3. You might want to check out Dr. Lowe's website regarding this: http://www.drlowe.com/ If you find that T-3 works better than T-4, you will probably eventually have a suppressed TSH(in taking at least 25 mcg. which is normal & temporary although endocrinologists don't like the notion When taking T-3, you really have to adjust your dose and ask yourself which is worse: a little nervousness or more depression, poor memory& focus? Very small amounts of the right tranquilizers can offset the nervousness.I am only partially in agreement with Wilson's Temperature M 62 16 months
5mcg 3X D

 4  Depression Perhaps increased appetite This is an update to when I first started taking Cytomel and experienced extreme anxiety. That has abated, thankfully, and I'm 150mcg synthroid and 25 mg Cytomel. It hasn't quite cleared up my depression yet, nor my afternoon fatigue, but at least I can get out of bed in the morning. I'd give it a 5 if my depression and fatigue were licked; maybe I need to give it more time. F 48 2 months
25 1X D
 4  Hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue Blood pressure increased. Finally I have some energy and brain fog is reduced after adding 15 mcg cytomel to 50mcg dose of synthroid. On synthroid alone my labs looked good, but I felt tired and foggy-headed. Cytomel reduces that tired foggy-headed feeling. My blood pressure got high when I experimented with a 25mcg dose of cytomel, so went back down to 15 mcg which is bringing my blood pressure down some. F 53 2 years
15mcg 1X D
 5  Depression Felt a bit nervousness/increased anxiety at the start (first 2 days). Adjusted med (5mcgs)to take 1/2 pill in the am and the other 1/2 in the pm and this helped decrease side effects. Slight nausea, but this two subsided. It's done wonders for me. On the third day, I felt more alive. I'm actually getting used to feeling so good since it has been awhile- I know that sounds "odd" but after feeling lousy for so long, it is an adjustment! F 39 1 weeks
5mcgs 1X D

 5  Severe Depression Slight anxiety upon starting. Small dose of diazepam helped. This is truly a miracle drug. Have tried (literally) every SSRI, SNRI, MAOI, RIMA, Tricyclic antidepressant medication ever made over ten years. None of them helped me. Cytomel made my depression disappear in two days. It was like someone turned on the life switch. My thyroid tests were normal, and remain normal. Do not start this drug higher than 5 mcg's! That's "micrograms." move to 10 mcg's maximum for depression. You will feel what it is like to be alive for the first time in your life. Normally "alive", not medicated numb by useless antidepressants. Thank you Cytomel! M 39 6 months
5 MCG 2X D

 2  To augment Wellbutrin ANXIETY!!!!!!!!! It may have been because my pdoc didn't reduce my dosage of Synthroid, which is 150mcg, but the first time I took 25mcg it did absolutely nothing. The second time I took it, it took eight valium tablets, four propranolol tablets and four over the counter sleep pills to even begin to calm me down. After that I slept forever, but I was up at 1 this morning and, like a fool, took another pill and went through this all over again. How long does this last? Can I cut the pills in half? Can I take them later in the day? I was so counting on this to help me with my treatment-resistant depression because I had tried everything and my bed and pillow have become my best friends. F 47 4 days
25mg 1X D
 1  RT3 issues Horrible, anxiety, depression, crying, feel out of control emotionally. Panicky, feeling very sweaty and over heating. very rapid pulse, high b/p swollen feet and hands. headaches. all this on only 2 days on this drug. I thought it was going to be a miracle drug for my severe Reverse T3. it's been nothing but a nightmare. I am using the generic form of cytomel by Paddock Labs. I may (if I want to continue) try the compounded T3 or ask my doctor for the real thing. Generics have fillers and this one has talc in it too. and to think I am supposed to raise the dose? I don't think so. I want to stop but I don't know if you can just stop. I have only been on it for 2 days and it's been a real nightmare. Oh, did I mention insomnia too. I would think twice before taking it. F 55 2 days
5 MCG's 2X D
 1  Low Thyroid Low T3 Severe weight loss - BMI is now 17. Deep depression. Anxiety. Sleeplessness. Nausea and no appetite. Feelign very unwell. Severe hair loss. This drug has been a complete nightmare. Be very very careful when taking this drug. I do not have a thryoid and have been on Synthriod for the past 18 years. I was feeling very tired and T3 levels were very low so my Dr. prescribed Cytomel starting with 5mcg then to 25 mcg. Immediately I had nausea and could not eat. I lost 10 lbs in two weeks and my bmi in now 17. Anxiety levels were very high and I could not sleep properly. I have discontinued the drug and finally am able to eat a meal and enjoy it. Also had severe hair loss. I feel that this drug has taken away my life for the past 7 weeks. F 45 35 days
25mcg 1X D
 3  Hypothyroid I am taking Levoxyl 75MG and Cytomel 5MG and I'm experiencing a all day headache on my left side, other than that , I'm feeling good some days a little tired, weight has come off a little. If I didn't have the headaches I think I would feel like a million bucks. F 47
5MG 1X D
 5  Hypothyroidism None. More energy but that's a good thing :) After years of living in a fog I was prescribed cytomel. I was previously kn levothyroxine and tried armour... Adding cytolmel to the levothyroxine helped tremendously. The first day I had a headache but the day after was the best day I had had in years. Every once in a while I'll feel sluggish again but nothing compared to the suffering I was experiencing prior to cytomel. Also, I was prescribed cytomel 5mg 2x daily... For the first few weeks, I only took 1/day. When taking T3 it is important to start at a low dose to avoid heart palpitations and chest pain. I saw a few of you posted about that along with anxiety. Try starting out with a very small dose and gradually increase it. Hope this helps :) F 24 2 months
5mg 2X D
 1  Hypothyroidism ANXIETY!! No relief from hypo symptoms, total loss of appetite, weight gain, nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, irritability, nail ridges, painful menstrual cramps, suicidal thoughts, depression. Despite a super low freeT4, my endo gave me cytomel thinking I would go hyper on a T4 drug. First week felt more alert and energized. After that it was all down hill from there. After 2 blood tests and a list of horrible symptoms on this alone my doctor was finally willing to prescribe me armour since cytomel suppressed both my TSH and T4 to almost 0. Cytomel will naturally suppress your t4 because it is replacing what your own thyroid does. This drug should only be used if someone has a hard time converting t4 to t3. I am now on Nature-Throid which is another brand like Armour Thyroid. It has alleviated most of my symptoms, but still working on finding the right dose. If your doctor is not willing to prescribe it, I would recommend changing doctors. F 24 12 weeks
25mcg 2X D

 3  TT/Thyroid Cancer Very tired, foggy, general lack of energy or interest to do anything. Hair is falling out continuously and my very think hair is now noticeably thinning. I am sleeping throughout the night, but not rest went I wake up. hands and feet are warm, after several years of them being ice cold. Taken off the Synthroid and placed on cytomel while waiting for Radiation treatment. I suspect that I need have the dosage of cytomel adjusted F 41 8 days
25 2X D
 1  hypothyroidism I have large bruises on my forearms ever since I have been taking Cytomel. Only on my forearms. Not painful. Easily bruised. It took almost 7 months for a doctor to finally find out why I was bruising. F 54 8 months
5mcg 1X O
 1  Hypothyroidism The second day of taking Cytomel, I started moving around the house more, doing things and sat around less. I had lots of energy and ambition. I also started waking up at 6am, which I don't normally do because I never get to sleep til about 3am. I couldn't get back to sleep, so would get up and constantly putter around doing housework, etc. I also remember that I would wake up during that short period of sleep and take things off my nightstand, sometimes knocking them to the floor. I've never done that before. By the 6th day, I woke up at 6am again and felt like I was on a bad trip of some kind. Hyperness, fearfulness, paranoia and my bp was up to 136 and it usually is around 110. I stopped taking Cytomel immediately, yet still had problems on and off throughout the day, feeling weird, wired, antsy. Now, a week later, I have bouts of depression that usually start about 4pm and last until I go to sleep about 2am. (sometimes a normal feeling comes over me and lasts a few minutes, then F 59 6 days
5mcg 1X D
 3  Hypothyroid Since adding the Cytomel, I am having shooting pains in my muscles. It seems to bounce all over my body. Recently I am having rapid heart beat and terrible chest pain. It is weird because, they are not all at the same time. One day the shooting pains, the next the chest pain. Maybe I need to decrease the dosage?? I will do blood work in a couple of weeks. A little scary though, keep thinking I am having a heart attack! F 37 3 weeks
25mg 1X D

 3  Hypo/Bi-Polar Depression Difficulty getting and staying asleep, mood swings I had heard this was a good drug for people having adjustment problems with T4 only for hypo. My psych was not happy with mood and other hypo symptoms (the usual ones) and my TSH level being stuck at 3.8 (0thers were in range). He talked with my GP and they agreed to try T3, 5 mg per day. First few days were really great; mood picked up, constipation gone, energy up and weight loss was good (12 lbs in 2 weeks-had been 3-4 lbs a month). But, maybe due to the low dose, had horrible depression and other issues after 4 days. However, I know this is confusing (at least to me) I suddenly seem to be feeling a bit better than prior to taking T3. From what I see so far it seems that a dose increase might be in order here. Was wondering how others out there had experienced with their initial T3 dose and how the treatment has panned out for you. Thanks. One more thing, my hypo kicked in last April, about a week after I quit smoking (35 years). It took my GP until August to finally agree to test for hypo, where my TSH was 10 (other normal). He sent me to a Endo (short for that long name I can't spell) who put me on T4 25 umg a day. By October I was totally bonkers and felt like I was going crazy (in addition to a lot of other symptoms) and got my GP to increase the dose to 50 umg. My TSH had gone up from 10 to 17 taking T4. By Dec the endo has increased the T4 to 8 50 umg tabs weekly, which again didn't do it. So, I again increased my dose, this time to 75 and then 100 um M 55 30 days
5 1X D
 2  Symptoms of hypothyroidism I take the tablet in the morning & by about 5pm I'm sound asleep for 1-2 hours No other side effects I thought this would help with the sluggishness I've been feeling but it just makes me sleepy!! F 49 7 days
5mg 1X D
 5  Hypothyrodism None Have Hypothyroidism, in the UK the docs only like to prescribe T4(levo thyroxine). I explained to the doctor, in Canada I was on T4 and T3 (cytomel), was advised not available in the UK. I did some research switched doctors and was given a prescription for T3 as well. Currently on 25mcg cytomel and 50 mcg of T4. Still chilly in the morning so I have increased the cytomel and now I feel better. (ONLY YOU KNOW HOW YOU FEEL) M 43 8 months
25mcg 1X D

 3  Total Thyroidectomy None Started at 25 mcg 1x per day for the first few days after the surgery and found I was exhausted/sleepy almost all day. Now up to 2x per day am starting to feel a bit more normal but still slightly more sluggish and hungry than I was previously. May need to go slightly higher in dosage. M 43 7 days
25 mcg 2X D
 4  Hypothyroidism, depression Sometimes I have strange throat spasms soon after taking it. My heart occasionally races as well. Also, very fast weight loss. I started taking cytomel because I suspected hypothyroidism. And although I am not "technically" at that point, my levels are high enough so that I feel off. Within the first two weeks I lost eight pounds and had more energy, but it hasn't helped enough with the depression. I may try to have the dose increased soon. F 21 3 weeks
25 MG 1X D
 1  Hypothyroidism Hypertension, depression, mood swings,nervousness, anxiety attacks, feeling chilled, tingling in left side of face and left fingers. I once had an unexplained thyroiditis for 3 years that ended about 4 years ago and returned. The thyroid fluctuates between hyper and hypothyroidism and can be very frustrating. I had been taking 50 mcg of generic Levoxyl and yet the TSH level dropped lower. My endocrinologist suggested we could either increase Levoxyl to 75 mcg or stay at 50 and add T-3 (generic Cytomel) so I went along with Cytomel. For the first 2 weeks, I felt fine, but then the terrible symptoms started in. The first was tingling in the face and left fingers, then blood pressure of 165/105. Some days I might feel OK and then symptoms would start again going from anxiety attacks to bouts of anger lasting over an hour about once a week. Every couple of days, I spent hours feeing chilled from the inside out. Once I went off the drug, it took a full 6 weeks for all the side effects to abate. My primary care NP said Cytomel has a long half-life and, therefore, takes a long time to be completely excreted from the body once it has had a chance to build up in the blood. This was a nightmare experience that I would not want to repeat. During the early phase of the side effects appearing, I ended up in the Emergency Room to be sure I wasn't having a stroke. CT was normal and, later, after a referral from a neurologist, an MRI was also normal. F 54 2 weeks
5 mcg 1X D
 5  hypothyroidism sleeplessness, brief diarrhea So far I have noticed some increased energy. I was taking 300mcg of synthroid. Levels weren't right so doc sent me to endocrinologist. She lowered my synthroid to 175mcg and 2 clytomel tabs 2 X a day. I have been a bit depressed feeling today. I was up for over 36 hours the first day I took it...whew....Hoping that everything evens out. I'm tired of being tired and tired of being in a fog. I'm also tired of gaining weight. Hoping cytomel will help with that too.... time will tell. F 43 3 days
2X D
 1  low T3 lab value Anxiety, depression, tension, neck and shoulder muscle pain, trouble falling asleep. I was told I needed Cytomel because my T3 lab value was below normal range, plus I had fatigue. Initially, for about a week, I felt euphoric taking 5 mcg a day; then palpitations set in plus heat intolerance and being overly "amped up" with even one panic attack. I dropped my dose to 2.5 mcg. Even on this lower dose, I began having horrible chronic daily headaches which never went away, and I had more migraines than usual. I had to take a beta blocker to calm myself down and help dull the headaches. Finally my lab values were normal after 7 months of taking Cytomel. My doctor said it was okay to stop taking it as other labs showed that my thyroid was working better than before. It took 2 weeks to return to what I call "normal", and my headaches have improved a LOT. I feel calmer, get tired at night like I am supposed to, and I hiked 6 miles this weekend, so I have enough energy. I feel much better off of Cytomel! I was also told that taking Cytomel would cure everything from low libido to a bad lipid profile. Nothing changed in either case, and my lipids are even worse. I guess I had to take Cytomel because my T3 was low, but I am thankful that the nightmare is over. F 54 7 months
2.5 to 5 1X D
 4  Graves > RAI >Hypo If there were any, they were superior to what I was experiencing earlier!! Diagnosed with Graves in early 2001. Hyperthyroidism was great (yes I'm Type A). Problem was my body was burning up and in Texas this is not comfortable. Had the RAI and transitioned to Hypothyroid. My Internal Medicine guy (an extremely sharp guy) listened when I told him Synthroid just wasn't cutting it. He recommended an Endocrinologist (she's sharp too) who gradually reduced the Synthroid to 100mcg and immediately placed me on 5mcg Cytomel tablets twice a day. That was literally "just what the doctor ordered" and helped tremendously. She also encouraged me to develop patience for this process and I've been on this regimen for about 10 years. I perform the blood test once a year and we shoot for the lowest value in the tolerance range possible. Yes, weight is a battle but I learned to eat and exercise better. Also, I get cold, even in Texas. I tolerate that so I know what to expect with everything else associated with this battle. I can tolerate Colorado ski slopes, I can tolerate this. Another benefit of keeping my weight down, I don't have to take meds for high blood pressure or diabetes. It's bad enough having to rely on thryoid medication, I would hate to think what those would make me feel like. Good luck to you all! M 54 10 years
5mcg 2X D

 4  sympt of hypothy dspite norm tsh after 30 years of life "as a slug" and begging doctor #8 to try t3, i am finally feeling close to what i think others feel! Praise and Thanks be to God! F 42 1 years
2.5 2X D

 5  Hypothyroidism Sleeplessness and occasional headaches when dose was higher I am taking the generic Cytomel in addition to my Synthroid. I was on Synthroid only for several years, feeling OK until suddenly started experiencing joint pain, brain fog, hypothermia, fatigue, weight gain. TSH and FT4 tested within normal range, but my FT3 had droppped below range. Feeling 100% better since adding Cytomel, although at first with dose at 25 MG along with my Synthroid, I had some sleeplessness and headaches. Lowering the dose to 12.5 MG made symptoms go away. F 49 6 months
12.5 MG 1X D

 5  fat loss, belly fat loss, weight lo No major side effects apart from fast fat loss from cytomel. All in all I was happy with liothyronine sodium. The cytomel t3 or cynomel as it is called in USA did it's job and than some. :) It's a very effective weight loss drug. In my experience only clenbuterol was more effective regarding weight loss. Cytomel is a good option for fat loss. F 39 90 days
20 mcg 2X D

 5  thyroidectomy Prior to cytomel I was on Levothyroxine 137mg. Physically I felt ok, not great, but ok. Mentally and emotionally I was coming undone. I felt disconnected and in a fog. My doctor put me on 12.5 mg cytomel and reduce the levothyroxine to 88 mg. The first day I took it everything changed. I felt clear, energetic, and happy. It took me about a week to get over the over engergetic feeling and heart palpatations. But I will never go back to just thyroxine. I would never recommend this medicine be taken at night. Unlike levothyroxine, cytomel is fast acting. I can feel a difference within forty-five minutes. F 45 2 months
12.5 mg 1X D

 3  Hypothyroid Insomnia, sweating, weight gain, depression, indigestion. I was taking 131mg.Levoxyl when my endo put me on Cytomel. He lowered the Levoxyl to 125mg. and added 5mcg. of Cytomel. First few days I was more alert but not energetic. Couldn't sleep, very sweaty, lots of indigestion. After 7 days, intense depression.After gaining 15 pounds after diagnosis two years ago, I had started to lose a few pounds a month. But I gained a crazy 4.5 pounds in 15 days after starting Cytomel. Day 17, I'm starting to feel better and more like myself. Hair still shedding like crazy, though. F 54 2 weeks
5 mcg 1X D
 5  total thyroidectomy absolutely none! Had total thyroidectomy 3-2009 was given .112 Synthroid by my Endro. Then went to .1. Now am at .88 w & taking .5 Cytomel-all due to bad blood results. Cytomel is a wonder drug and seems to be working and is what I've needed all along! I already feel a difference in my body and I have my energy back! I love life again! F 48 5 days
5mcg 1X D

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