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 5  Chrohns Disease and Athritis When I went in for my first treatment I had not been able to eat harldy anything, and had severe cramps for about 5 weeks. After only two treatments I was able to start eating without any cramps. It was unbelievable how quick and effective this treatment was for me. F 41 2 years

 5  Crohn's Disease Nothing so far (1 month, 2 infusions in) Felt better within 3 days when steroids, 6MP, Pentasa did nothing for 4 months. I thought I was never going to go into remission and Remicade seems to be doing the trick - was using the bathroom 5-10 times a night; now down to 0-1 times. 100% satisfied, no more Prednisone! M 21 4 weeks

 5  Crohn's Disease I have not noticed any side effects. I was having severe diarrhea and after my second dose of Remicade it stopped that day. But, I was also on low dose of Prednisone and had started Imuran. F 34 7 days
 4  reactive arthritis I have had seronegative rhumatoid arthritis for 23 years. I have had reactions such as becoming flushed, drop in blood pressure & trouble breathing. Then they give me oxygen and I'm OK. This happened 4 times in 5 years. No problems with my first infusion. Subsequent infusions left me with chills, fever, aches, insomnia - Tylenol PM helps - up to 3 days after the infusion. 1st day after infusion is the worst. I take prednizone & allegra 3 days prior & 6 days after Remicade. Remicade day take benadryl, Tylenol, & decadron. Side effect: soreness, like exercised too much, in the back of legs. Unable to stand in one place Touching the bones on my face hurts. However, this time is different. I had my Remicade infusion about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I experienced side effects as usual then I was fine. Four days ago I started experiencing my usual side effects legs hurt when I stand in one place, I feel flushed, I can't sleep - figity, and my face and neck are so It works great for elimating nearly all arthritis symptoms, however the side effects are troublesome. F 48 5 years
 3  UC None that I can pin on Remicade Additional Meds: Asacol / Azasan Benefits: Seems to be less blood in stool Continuing symptoms: 10+ trips to the bathroom/day, loose stools/diahrea, feeling of urgency, I have lost 30 pounds (~140) over the last year. My schedule: Dose 1 Dose 2 - 2 weeks after dose 1 Dose 3 - 4 weeks after dose 2 Dose 4 - 6-8 weeks after dose 3 Dose 5 - 6-8 weeks M 33 6 weeks
 5  UC/Crohn's None that I can pinpoint. Has completely worked for me. Have had a flare-up of UC/Crohn's (they still can't determine which it is) for 2 years. I think I have tried every medication. Finally had to go into the hospital to get Remicade because I was too sick to get it on an out-patient basis. It took 3 days to start feeling the effects. I feel great now! Why didn't I try this sooner? Have had 2 infusions so far. F 34 5 weeks
 2  UC My D stopped within one week, but I did have side effects. A bacterial infection in my tooth canal. An abcess that infected my entire shoulder and neck area that required a surgeon in the ER. Severe and crippling muscle and joint pain. I obviously had a bad reaction to this drug, but it does work for others. If you feel you have had a reaction after your first dose, you can be tested for antibodies to see if yo would react again. F 36

 3  Crohn's I've had no negative side effects. The infusion process is pleasant (I sleep through the whole thing) and I've had no negative reactions at all. The drug works like a miracle. My most recent flareup--the worst of my life--was not responding to any other drugs, even massive doses of prednisone. I was in agony from the cramping and from a fissure. I felt some relief within a day, significant relief within a couple of days, and 70 percent relief within a week. The problem? I've had three doses so far, and with each dose the relief has only lasted about a week or slightly more, after which the problems come sliding back, until now, 6 weeks after my most recent infusion, things are almost as bad as ever. I get another dose tomorrow. One of these days I hope the relief sticks. M 45 3 months

 5  Crohn's disease upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, strep throat. Just more susceptible to colds. I have been recieving this for Crohn's since October and although it took until the 3rd infusion I am feeling great from it. I had to have my tonsils and adenoids out this feb. because of all the throat infections and strep I was constantly battling. Other than that it is glorious! F 21 6 times

 5  Crohn's None, I think. I have noticed my scalp has gotten dry and my skin has had some dryness/flakiness problems, but it may not be related I call it my scheduled every-ten-week spa treatment. With all the things I've had shoved down me, shoved up me or in me, this is a piece of cake (though not cheap - oy!) Infusion is easy and restful. It has done the best job by far of keeping me painfree and off prednisone completely AND out of the hospital. Love it. F 43 1.5 years

 5  Crohn's Disease None! I was hospitalized, put on steroids, Pentasa and Imuran. None of those helped me. Then I was put on Remicade and it was a miracle drug. The IV is easy and I usually just sleep through it. I feel fine afterwards to go to work or usual day activities. I get an infusion every 6 weeks, but I have noticed it starts to wear off around 5 weeks. I would be so sick without this drug. F 25 1 years

 5  Crohn's Disease None! I was hospitalized, put on steroids, Pentasa and Imuran. None of those helped me. Then I was put on Remicade and it was a miracle drug. The IV is easy and I usually just sleep through it. I feel fine afterwards to go to work or usual day activities. I get an infusion every 6 weeks, but I have noticed it starts to wear off around 5 weeks. I would be so sick without this drug. F 25 1 years

 5  Chron's None really, other than sometimes my teeth and gums get really sensative like the two weeks before my next infusion. Usually the two weeks before my next infusion, my symptoms start coming back, not as bad, but I have to start using that wonderful place called the bathroom like 3-4 times day. They are going to either change the frequency or the dose. But is really has been the miricale drug for me. F 33 7 months
 1  Crohn's Disease hives, racing heart, throat closing up, inability to breathe, bright red skin, eyes protrusion, sore joints, vomiting, constipation after infusions...all occuring during or a few hours to days after infusions Had 6 infusions, become more and more allergic to the drug after each infusion. Almost died from the reaction the last infusion I had. Can't take this drug anymore. F 21 6 months

 1   Remicade Linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome

 5  UC None, maybe some breathlessness but big deal, after prednisone for 3 years Remicade is like a dream come true Ummm, yeah, so if you experience severe allergic reaction within the first infusion, YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IT! This is not the drugs fault, your doctor should not have kept you on it, thats just stupidity, people can be allergic to some medications. When I brok out in hives from infused iron we stopped and I never used it again, doesn't mean it's not a good drug. My UC is so severe that remicade only helps to keep it bearable, but thats amazing for me because I rather have something keep my under control than to go through all the pain and steriods or even surgery. I have been having the treament for 5 years(I was the first in my area to have it in the US for UC) and I am doing fine. Honestly for me and my doctor, the possible side effects(even lymphoma) are outweighed by my need for this drug. Steriods are more destructive anyways. There are possible side effects that should be considered but there is a risk in taking any medication F 21 5 years

 3  Crohn's Started in August, got DVT in right knee in early October. Another infusion in May - had stroke and multiple hepatic vein thromboses in June. Not sure if Remicade is responsible for the abnormal clotting but be careful. Unfortunately, I am stopping the drug although it was the only thing to bring me into remission and give me my life back. Got rid of my symptoms immediately when nothing else would even come close. Minimal side effects except the ones listed that may or may not be associated. Had infusions every 6 weeks and usually lasted approx. 4 weeks with no Crohn's symptoms. Was great while it lasted! M 22 1 years

 5  Crohn's disease No side effects & no allergic reaction I have been on this treatment for 5 years and after the first two infusions it's like I never experienced the disease. Luckily I only need an infusion every eight weeks. I'm 52 and have had Crohn's since I was in my twenties. Going through steroid treatment and multiple resection surgeries Remicade was my last hope. I weighed 110 and looked anorexic I'm 5'6". Now for the first time in years I'm a healthy 140. Pinching an inch is the least of my worries. I am literally a new person and feel like I've been given a second chance. Hoo-ray for Remicade. F 52 5 years
 3  ulcerative colitis Extreme fatigue, severe joint and muscle pain, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing beginning shortly after treatment and lasting till next one Diarrea and intestinal discomfort ceased almost completely after 1st treatment. F 69 10 days
 4  UC None, so far. Just got my first dose of Remicade 2 days ago. 2 hours and relaxing. I've been tapering prednisone for the last month and am currenlt on 15 mg. I feel good, fewer trips to the bathroom (3-5) in the last 2 days as opposed to 4-8. Seems to work. Thank the Lord for benefits through Manualife.(Canadian over the counter cost would have been $4,000 or $3500 USD) M 33 2 days
 5  Crohn's Disease a slight headache and joint aches 1-3 days after a treatment. Then it goes away. I love Remicade! I has changed my life. Last year I had lost 80 lbs and ended up in the hospital with a ruptured colon because my other drugs weren't working well enough. They started me on Remicade and now that is the only drug I am on. I works wonders. F 35 1 years
 4  Crohn's Other than some minor leg discomfort, my only other complaint is fatigue - seems to get worse with each treatment, I can expect to be down for at least a day after an infusion. Still beats chronic pain and constant diarrhea. Remicade truly changed my life. Two years with excruciating abdominal pain before finally getting a crohns diagnosis. Pentasa worked for a year or so then symptoms returned. Bad reaction to prednisone - makes me way crazy :P. Was taking fairly high doses of methadone to deal with the pain when started first infusion; by the third infusion I was nearly pain free for the first time in over four years (methadone withdrawls were a bummer..) On 6 week infusion schedule, had only one flare up since starting. M 37 6 months
 3  Ankylosing Spondylitis The downside to Remicade for me is chronic sinusitus and constant infections. I am only able to tolerate 1 vile and must be infused slowly or I get severe migraine headaches. For days after the infusion I am very tired and ache in my joints. It also wears off before the next infusion.I wish I could tolerate a larger dose for additional pain relief. Remicade is the only drug that has eased the intense muscle, ligament and tendon pain I have but I will switch drugs when another drug that does not surpress TNF gets approved for my disease. F 59 3 years

 5  Crohns None! Remicade gave me my life back. It's easy and no side effects. Nothing else helped me. F 44 5 years

 5  Chron's None but the benadryl and infusion made me drowsy. Was a holy grail, until my doctor (the head of my hospitals G.I. dept) pulled me off it. Said he doesn't want me to build a tolerance and not have it available for a flare up later. I'd rather live my life now. It was like I didn't have the disease anymore. :( Also to the link to the "syndrome" listed below, the list of possible linked drugs is GIGANTIC. Lawsuits like that don't help people that need this medicine. I'll take the chance of a rash, thanks. M 30 2 years

 5  Crohn's Only once during my second treatment, but I heard that it was a normal thing. I love this drug. Itís like a miracle. I am no longer taking other meds (this of course is against my doctors orders). My GI wants me to continue on Immuran, but the Remicade helps me just fine. Though I think I need to ask him to give it to me more often. I go into the hospital every 8 weeks but I notice I start experiencing the pain and frequent bathroom visits at about the 6 or 7 week mark. I've been on it for about 3 or 4 years and I swear by it. Though the drug is expensive, I will continue to use it. Since getting my infusions I've been hospitalized only once. Before Remicade, I was in there 2 times per year. Its a blessing. :-) F 32 3 years
 5  Ulcerative Colitis Had a headache for a couple of days with the first infusion but no problems after the 2nd and 3rd. After 1 year on prednisone and anti-inflammatory suppositories, I could never get off the prenisone w/o a flare up. I lost control of my bowels, incredible pain/pressure and bloody D. I felt much better within two days of the first infusion. But now two weeks after the 3rd infusion I am having symptoms again. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow-(3rd in a year and 2 sigmos) I hope we can get it back under control. Has anyone else had this reoccurrence during treatment? F 17 2 months
 4  Crohn's disease About 8 days after my first infusion, I awoke with mild arthritis type pain in my left ankle and hip. The arthritis symptoms moved up my left leg, fully engulging my left him, my left shoulder, and left part of my neck. The joint pain then migrated to and included my right side joints. By noon that day, I was on the couch taking hydrocodone for relief. Due to the joint pain, I could barely get off the couch and put a shirt over my head. I called my doctor, he called in a prescription for Prednisone and Tramadol. That worked like a charm. The arthritis began to disappear after the first two pills; then almost totally gone 20 hours later. Hopefully, the arthritis won't return. I took it three times in 2000 to try and close a rectal fistula. It worked like a charm. Six years out, the fistula is still closed, though I've developed colon and rectal inflammation. That's why I'm taking Remicade again. M 43 2 weeks

 5  ulcerative colitis none intermittent recurrent episodes of uc every 5-8 years since 15 years of age and now unresponsive to steroids; hospitalized for colonectomy but convinced doctor to try remicade after I researched the treatment myself(I am a veterinarian); doctor hesitant because drug not approved for uc at that time; full recovery within 2 weeks (I attribute rapid response and healing to prayer); in total remission with low dose azathiopuirine daily and remicade every 60 days; doctor plans to stop remicade after 2 years if uc remains in remission; I also drastically changed diet with aid of "The Maker's Diet"-eat organic unprocessed foods and no refined sugars or flour; I hope to maintain remission with diet--I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel on this diet and how easy it is to maintain my weight M 44 16 months
 3  crohn's constant cold/sinus infection, hair loss?, can't get enough sleep, headache two days after my first infusion I was completely in remission, night after my first three infusions i was very ill feeling with flu like symptoms, by the fourth time around didn't happen since. without a daily drug be warey of antibiotics, advil, and alieve... brings symptoms back for awhile. after a few months side effects started, not sure if side effects are worth it M 22 7 months

 5  Ulcerative colitis none that i know of I wrote in Oct-it turned out when they did my colonoscopy that my UC was in total remission-no inflammation or bleeding. I need to be more careful on my diet to add more fiber so I don't get D from fruits and veggies. But it was difficult in the 7th week to make it to 8 weeks between treatments. My Doc tells me that 8 weeks is best and that I can't stop treatment or my body will develop antibodies to the Remicade and I won't be able to use it again. I wonder if I'll have to take it forever. But its only been since August and I can function and go to school without having D accidents. If anyone here has developed antibodies against remicade, please email me. Without this drug I was homebound, afraid to leave the house because I needed to be near a bathroom, just in case. If you know of chat rooms or support for this disease, please email me. I live in California. Thank you. F 17 4 months
 3  Crohns No side effects during first year, but now I take every 8 weeks and I have horrible pain in my shoulder and hip. Same spots each time. M 29 2 years
 5  UC After the first infusion, I had the night sweats and felt very tired the following day. After the second infusion, this did not occur. I will be getting my third infusion in a few weeks. I am 34 yrs old and was diagnosed at age 13. I have pancolitis that is difficult to treat. When I flare, I only respond to prednisone but have difficulty tapering. Was on imuran for 2.5 yrs but it unfortunately stopped working and I went on Remicade. So far, it has given me my life back after battling a flare for 9 months. I am extremely happy so far. I hope I continue to respond for many many years ahead. F 34 1 months

 3  ankylosing spondylitus just got my first dose on friday thats 3 days ago i feel very uptight fidgity and agitated thats the only side effect it had suffering for 12 years with my condition been on the other anti tnf treatments remicade was the only one to give a good relief of pain M 40 3 days
 5  Crohn's None other than the norm except I've been taking Remicade for four (4) years but for this past year I've had twitching in my fingers and other parts of my body. My cousin also has been taking Remicade for Crohn's for a few years and has also experiencing twiching in her fingers. We both thought we were getting Parkinson's disease. We're sure seeing that we both take Remicade the twitching has something to do with that. F 45 4 years

 5  Psoriatic Arthritis Maybe a little tiredness. Sometimes headaches during infusion. This rhuematologist always has the patients take Zyrtec + I take Tylenol before infusion. I had to go up on my medication late last year when the effects came back in 6 weeks. I take the drug about every 8 weeks - 5 vials right now. I weigh about 200 pounds. This really cleared up my swollen fingers and feet with the first and second treatment. The small areas of psoriasis that I had cleared up. Recently my the psoriasis came back stronger in my scalp but the arthritis doesn't seem to have returned. I don't really seem to catch many more colds or flu than before. I had trouble with my sinuses before so it's tough to tell if that has changed. M 48 14 months

 5  Ulcerative Colitis No side effects I wrote here last in November, I've been on the drug for 7 months. I feel normal again w/infusions every 8 weeks. I wonder if I'll have to do this forever-I hope they come up with something less expensive! I thank the scientists that came up with this drug for giving me my life back. I hope it lasts. F 18 7 months
 3  Rheumatoid Arthritis My first infusion the only side effect was some mild post nasal drip. My second infusion I had a severe allergic reaction. Nausea, dizziness, blood pressure went thru the roof, I got the shakes bad - my Doc called them "rigors" - and almost passed out a couple of times. Making it worse, I can't take steroids so all they had to calm my symptoms was IV Benedryl and that stuff knocked me out cold! I do think Remicade might have worked for me if I were able to take a loading dose of steroids before each infusion. F 38 2 times

 5  ulcerative colitis Headaches after 1st use, nothing else really. It works for me! I was on and off prednisone for the past three years, I could not stay in remission. Doctor was recommending surgery but decided to give this a try first. Two days after 1st treatment I stopped bleeding and was actually constipated for a day or so, then went back to normal. This week I ate a handful of popcorn, nuts on a carrot cake, and had 1/2 cup of milk I was okay. F 43 3 months

 3  UC dry, flaking skin around eyes (esp. eyelids), and on scalp. Some "honeycrusting" in nostrils. taking remicade and 6-mp, I was able to stay in remission for a year. When the flare-up came back, it seemed more manageable--less urgency, less blood--although I still needed prednisone to get it under control. M 42 12 months

 4  Granuloma Annulare Headache but it is also starting to be allergy season so hard to tell since I've only had one dose so far. I've has granulona for about 20 years and within the last six month it my GA has gotten considerable worse and it is effecting the quality of my life. I have no alternative but to try this drug. The cost is too high but I have no alternatives treatments left to try. F 59 3 days
 5  Crohn's One 5 yrs ago itchy burning feet. I am 32 and have been on Remicade for 7 yrs. Before normal meds with no luck. I say taking my Remicade is like winning the lottery! I could not live without it. The only downfall is it is expensive but worth it. F 32 7 years
 5  crohn's disease The only oddity I noticed was some joint pain in my knees about 4 days after my 1st infusion. It lasted for about 2 hours and occurred for 2 consecutive days, but nothing ever since. 1 1/2 weeks after my 2nd infusion and I feel so great. I think my inflammation was bad enough that it has taken a couple of infusions to get back to feeling almost normal. No blood, no cramping, solid bowels 2-3x a day-- as opposed to full flare a month ago in the hospital. It's also allowing me to taper off my oral prednisone now. F 27 24 days

 5  ulcerative colitis tired for a couple days after. Maybe because of my anxiety from the week before stressing about the first infusion. Had to take xanax to calm down I have been living with uc for 16 years, progressively gotten worse. in the last 2 years pretty much constant flare. couldnt leave the house, pred wasnt really working for me anymore. after 1st infusion, felt INCREDIBLE! cant even ever remember feeling this good. feel like a normal person. still on 15mg pred, colazal, azasan. will see how the taper goes. F 36
 2  Crohns-UC Joint and muscle pains. It worked perfectly for the first few months and after 6 months it stopped working. F 39 8 months

 5  Neurosarcoidosis Chills after each infusion. (Never said anything because I did not realize that it was a reaction to watch for.) They are not bad, just a day or so. This drug has been great for me so far. It appears to have stopped further nerve damage. I go every 9 weeks now, we tried longer times between infusions, but I began having symptoms and eye problems (usually my first symptom of a problem). Reading through some of the rest of your problems is mind opening. Since my last infusion, 3/16/07, I have been having muscle, joint and bone aches & pains. I also have 2 ear infections and a bronchular infection. This is the first time I have had an infection since I began Remicade in 2/04. I will let you all know how it goes from here. F 49 3 years
 5  Crohns I feel drowsy during the infusion. I feel hot flashes shortly after the infusion. But feel fine the next day. Remicade stopped my fistula but returns when the drug wears out. M 22 2 years

 4  Crohn's Twitching, bad headaches usually a day or two after infusion, mild joint and muscle pains which usually go away in a day or two, strange piercing shooting pains anywhere from lower back to neck and arm, and most recently hives which may or may not be attributed to the Remicade 7 years diagnosed with Crohn's. Remicade has dramatically improved the quality of my life and helped to maintain (not fully close) a perianal fistula. Also taking Pentasa and occasional rounds of Prednisone. Most recently 4-5 days after my 7th infusion I began getting chronic severly itchy hives on my face. They have persisted for 8 weeks now. Still determining whether this is from the Remicade (having Serum/HACA, ANA, and anti-dnsDNA blood tests to detect anti-body to the drug or possible DIL syndrome before having next treatment). Otherwise I feel the best I have felt in 7 years since being diagnosed. F 30 1 years

 5  Crohns Nothing intolerable. Feel tired and sluggish for about 2 days after the infusion. Feel hot and my face feels flushed. The day of the infusion my appetite increases. Miracle drug. I pray that it will always help me if I need it. M 27 2 years

 4  Crohn's/Colitis Does anyone get itchy when out in the sun? I have sun sensitvity and it makes my lips get red and itchy and my body gets itchy too, but not red. I'm sure this is from the Remicade since I have never been allergic to anything in my life before. Other than that, I sleep the day of the infusion. F 36 1 years
 4  Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosed Dec 2001. Taking Remicade for a little over a year. Some reactions have been getting warm/sweating, sharp pain in lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, throat closing and not being able to breath. These severe reactions were controlled by having a steroid injection through the IV 30 minutes before the Remicade infusion. Lower back pain, joint pain in knees, usually disappears by the next day. Recently I have gotten Itchy skin, itchy bumps on face. Sensitivity to sun and tanning beds. I wouldn't get any color but the itching was horrible. Please let me know if you have found anyway to stop the bleeding/bloat entirely. I feel I am so close to remission. Not sure if Remicade is still working 100%. I was not able to reach remission. Every time I went of Prednisone I flared. Asacol didn't seem to work anymore. Was hospitalized a few times and 2nd time I had no choice but to take Remicade or lose my colon. When I first started infusions I had horrible reactions. The first 3 or 4 went fine but then out of no where I started having severe reactions that almost forced me to stop treatments, but we figured out what caused it. Examples include....getting warm/sweating, sharp pain in lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, throat closing and not being able to breath. They would stop the infusion and the side effects would be gone within 30 minutes. They gave it to me slower and I was able to make it through. Later we realized that I had been on steroids before and that is why I had not bad reactions. These severe reactions were controlled by having a steroid injection through the IV 30 minutes before the Remicade infusion. I have had no other problems with the infusion process since then. After F 25 1.5 years
 5  RA no side effects Miracle drug. Was taking 8mg/kg and have decreased to 6mg/kg. Have tried alot of other medications for RA and this is one of the few that works for me. F 55 6 years

 5  crohn's disease Tiredness(unless from Mercaptopurine I am on) Joint pains, headaches, thinning hair(but was on Methotrexate for 2 yrs so could be that) itching - either remicade or mercaptopurine????? Does anyone else itch??????? This drug is excellent for severe Crohns. I had 5 major and 1 minor op over the last 5 yrs with major complications and two ops to save my life. This drug has kept me out of hospital since. I just worry it will become less effective over time. F 30 18 months
 4  Crohn's Disease During my first infusion, I had chills and nausea. Afterward, nausea, fatigue and flu-like symptoms (having to go D a lot) for about 2 days. About 72 hours after the infusion, the side affects went away. Been a Crohn's sufferer for about 10 years, and been on every medication you can think of: Prednisone, Asacol, Reglan, Immuran, 6mp, Methotrexate, and everything in between. Remicade is pretty much the end of the line before Humira. I've only had 2 infusions so far. It's best to have the infusion over a longer period of time if you experience any side affects DURING the actual infusion. Also, I find it helps to bring someone with me during the infusion to keep me company and drive me home afterwards because I am always so tired after the infusion. It is hard to sleep during the infusion because the nurse is always taking your blood pressure! I am hopeful I will see positive effects from this medication soon, as others have, as it does take a few infusions to feel the full effects of the medicine. F 27 3 weeks

 4  Crohn's Disease Tiredness? (on Other meds too which may cause this) Gut ache for around a week after infusion. This is the only drug that has had reasonable control over my Crohns disease...I have had Crohns for 11 years and had 5 major ops in the last five years, two of which were emergencies and one op saved my life. I don't believe my Crohn's is in remission, but this drug has managed to keep me out of Hospital & I have been able to go out to places I would not have felt well enough to go before. F 31 16 months

 4  Crohn's I have not had many side effects - brief bout with hive/rash on neck the day after the first two infusions; some tiredness I have been on remicade since Dec 06 and it has been wonderful - no more pain when eating. I was wondering if anyone else felt like they retained fluid/became very bloated and had breakouts on the body (not on the face-almost like bites)around the time of the next infusion? I will be getting my next infusion in a few days and in the past week or so I have experienced these symptoms. F 41 7 months
 4  Crohn's Disease Joint pain, redness of the face with swelling, back pain so sever that tyhe infusion had to be stopped (these when I have a reaction). Otherwise, a little joint pain for 2 days Beats the heck out of a flare up though. I have had Crohn's for 10 years adn 2 small bowel resections. The 1st time I did the 3 remicades, it did nothing. This cycle (about a year or so) is the best it has worked and it is working. My infusion nurse now starts me at 25ml/hr and slowly gets me up to 125. The slow start seems to keep symptoms down DURING infusion, but I still had some for 2 days after. I would like to try Humira but wonder why I'd switch to reduce some symptoms and risk a flare-up. What do you think? M 46 1.5 years

 4  crohn's redness, like a sunburn. no itching, just the redness in face,neck and chest area. I've taken almost every drug for crohn's and it was getting to a point where nothing was working. I take Pentasa daily and the remicade every 8-12 weeks. It does work. I've had crohn's for alomost 35 years. F 59 3 years
 4  UC Taking my first dose today I was diagnosed with UC in 2004. I have taken steroids, 6mp 12 asacol a day, enemas, and a slew of other drugs since 04. I am worried about the long term effects of taking remicade. I have little anxiety about this first infusion. F 25 1 days
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